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Science & Beyond! (Part 1)

The more I know, the more I realize what I don't know. Bizarre how that works?
I'm taking a break from all the political nonsense and change direction. As I tried to follow the conversations, my thoughts extended beyond my previous understanding and it felt like a feast upon the world of science. I had abandoned science for many years, too many to mention, and recently indulged and enjoyed reuniting with some familiar thoughts on science and beyond.

Einstein Vs. Newton on Space and Time  
Published on Aug 3, 2015
Albert Einstein's theories shook the very foundation of reality, challenging the Newtonian view that space and time are absolute. Science historian David Kaiser and physicist Fay Dowker set the stage for this evolution of understanding about time in this clip from the 2009 World Science Festival program "Time Since Einstein."

Brian Greene Hosts: Reality Since Einstein  
Published on Jul 23, 2015
In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Einstein's general theory of relativity, leaders from multiple fields of physics discuss its essential insights, its lingering questions, the latest work it has sparked, and the allied fields of research that have resulted.

Time Since Einstein  
Published on Sep 11, 2014
Albert Einstein shattered previous ideas about time, but left many pivotal questions unanswered: Does time have a beginning? An end? Why does it move in only one direction? Is it real, or something our minds impose on reality? Journalist John Hockenberry leads a distinguished panel, including renowned physicist Sir Roger Penrose and prominent philosopher David Albert, as they explore the nature of time.
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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Corruption Everywhere. Lock Her Up!


"Lock Her Up" Say Rand Paul, Judge Jeanine, and Judge Napolitano! Corruption Everywhere!  
Published on Aug 12, 2016
Now it’s not just Trump supporters saying “Lock Her Up”, It’s a major US senator and two Judges. We have the DOJ saying they won’t allow a Clinton Foundation probe, FBI Comey wanting to indict on the Hillary emails but then doesn’t, new email leaks by Judicial Watch that show ambassador Steven’s schedule was hacked from Hillary Clinton emails, emails leaks that led to the assassination of a scientist and undercover agents, and Clinton Foundation ties to the State Department. Come on now!!! What does Hillary have to do to get indicted and prosecuted. Like Trump said earlier in his primary run, I could short someone in downtown NY and they would still support me. That’s the extent of criminality going on with Obama and the DOJ, as well as, Comey himself. The gloves are now off and the media and some politicians are turning against Hillary in a big way. The reports of her health issues are everywhere now. Unfortunately Trump needs all the help he can get, because he keeps stabbing himself in the back. Can either of them actually physically or mentally make it to the finish line? What if they both drop out?

Hillary Clinton will lose the election if this video goes viral!  
Published on Aug 11, 2016
If there is one video that every single Hillary supporter NEEDS to see before throwing the future of the USA away by voting for this demon, its this one! All of hillary clinton's lies, her schemes, her crazy rants and hate filled speeches, all of them compiled into this 40 minute long video.
Trump adviser Al Baldasaro: Hillary Clinton should be shot for treason, not assassinated
By  Shira Schoenberg |
August 16, 2016
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump listens at left as Al Baldasaro, a New Hampshire state representative, speaks during a news conference in New York, Tuesday, May 31, 2016. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)
CAMBRIDGE — An adviser to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump doubled down Tuesday on comments he made saying that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton should be shot for treason.
But New Hampshire state Rep. Al Baldasaro, a Republican who co-chairs Trump's national veterans' coalition, stressed that he was not saying someone should assassinate Clinton.
"The liberal media took what I said and went against the law and the Constitution and ran with it, and they said that I wanted her assassinated, which I never did," Baldasaro told The Republican/ "I said I spoke as a veteran, and she should be shot in a firing squad for treason."
Baldasaro first made the comments in July on the "The Kuhner Report" on WRKO-AM Boston, when he said, "Hillary Clinton should be put in the firing line and shot for treason" because of her use of a personal email server when she was secretary of state.
Trump himself recently made headlines for saying that "maybe there is" something gun owners can do if Clinton gets elected president and appoints Supreme Court justices. Trump's campaign later said he was referring to political organizing, although critics said his comments could incite violence against Clinton.
A reporter for The Republican/ asked Baldasaro on Tuesday, after an unrelated event in Cambridge, whether he still stands by his remarks.
Baldasaro said his comments were in accordance with U.S. law establishing the death penalty for treason. He suggested that Clinton's use of a private email server could be considered treasonous.
"That's aiding and abetting the enemy by those emails on letting (out) names of Secret Service special agents, our veterans, on those emails," Baldasaro said.
Asked if he was concerned about the impact of his rhetoric on someone who might take it upon themselves to act violently, Baldasaro said, "No. ... Americans are better than that."
"What you in the liberal media consider rhetoric, I consider freedom of speech," Baldasaro said.
Baldasaro said if people are worried about the impact of him talking about the law on treason, "Maybe they need to take it off the books if they're that worried." He compared it to someone saying a person who killed a police officer should get the death penalty, which is the law in New Hampshire.
Asked whether he had spoken to Trump about his views, Baldasaro said he had. "Donald Trump, he might not agree on the way I said it, but I said it as a veteran," Baldasaro said.
Baldasaro said the law is "in black and white."
"If people are that stupid and don't understand, that's not my fault," he said.

FBI Clinton Notes To Be Sent To Congress, Not Made Public  
Published on Aug 16, 2016
A senior official said the FBI planned to send members of Congress the notes from its July interview with Hillary Clinton about her private e-mail server. The notes will be sent on Tuesday in response to requests from House Republicans.
They will not be released to the public.
Clinton was interviewed by five or six agents on Saturday, July 2nd at FBI headquarters in Washington. Days later, FBI Director James Comey announced that the FBI would not recommend prosecuting her.
On July 7, Comey testified to a House committee. When members asked for a copy of the interview notes, he said "We will provide you with whatever we can under the law and under our policy."
FBI Sends Hillary Clinton Interview Notes to Congress
by Pete Williams
Aug 16 2016
Responding to requests from House Republicans, the FBI sent members of Congress the notes from its July interview with Hillary Clinton about her private email server Tuesday.
"The FBI has turned over a number of documents related to their investigation of former Secretary Clinton's use of a personal email server," a House Oversight committee spokesperson told NBC News in a statement. "Committee staff is currently reviewing the information that is classified secret. There are no further details at this time."
The FBI confirmed that it is "providing certain relevant materials to appropriate congressional committees to assist them in their oversight responsibilities in this matter."
"The material contains classified and other sensitive information and is being provided with the expectation it will not be disseminated or disclosed without FBI concurrence," it said.
Deputy State Department "spokesman Mark Toner said at a news briefing Tuesday that the agency "obviously respects the FBI's desire to accommodate the request of its committees of oversight in Congress, just as we do with our oversight committees."
"We're going to continue to cooperate, just as we have with the FBI in every step of the process," he said.
But Adam Schiff of California, ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, called the decision a mistake.
"With the exception of the classified emails that had been found on the private server, I can see little legitimate purpose to which Congress will put these materials," Schiff said in a statement. "Instead, as the now-discredited Benghazi Committee demonstrated, their contents will simply be leaked for political purposes."
Clinton was interviewed by five or six agents July 2 at FBI headquarters in Washington. On the following Tuesday, FBI Director James Comey announced that the FBI would not recommend prosecuting her.
When members asked for a copy of the interview notes, Comey told a House committee on July 7: "We will provide you with whatever we can under the law and under our policy."
He also said the notes were classified top secret. An FBI official said Monday that since last month's hearing, FBI lawyers have been reviewing whether the notes can be turned over and whether any redactions were necessary.
The notes are not verbatim transcripts of the interview, which Comey said lasted 3½ hours. Under the FBI's longstanding policy, agents do not make audio or video recordings of their interviews. Instead, summaries are written on FBI Form 302, and have come to be known as 302s.
An FBI policy paper explains that "the presence of recording equipment may interfere with and undermine the successful rapport-building interviewing technique which the FBI practices."
Two years ago, however, the Justice Department said FBI agents should begin recording interviews, but only involving "individuals in federal custody, after they have been arrested but before their initial appearance" in court.
That rule did not apply to the Clinton interview, which was voluntary. She was not in custody, nor had she been arrested.
Separately, two House Republicans sent a letter Monday to the U.S. attorney in Washington, listing statements she made in congressional hearings about the e-mail issue while she was secretary of state.
Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, and Jason Chaffetz of Utah, chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, have urged the FBI to investigate whether the testimony amounted to perjury.
The Clinton campaign, meanwhile, criticized the Republicans' motives Tuesday.
"This is an extraordinarily rare step that was sought solely by Republicans for the purposes of further second-guessing the career professionals at the FBI," said Brian Fallon, a national spokesman for the Clinton campaign.
"We believe that if these materials are going to be shared outside the Justice Department, they should be released widely so that the public can see them for themselves, rather than allow Republicans to mischaracterize them through selective, partisan leaks," he said.

Friday, August 12, 2016

We Don't Need Population Control, New World Order Style!

Population "Control," New World Order Style
By Ken Adachi, Editor
(First Posted ca. 1997)
The Illuminati's idea of Population Control falls into two broad categories:
1. Limiting the size of human societies and monitoring/controlling the movement of individuals within that society, and
 2. Intentionally reducing the bulk of the world's population through GENOCIDE via the introduction of  orchestrated conflicts, intentionally inserted toxic substances into the air (chemtrails), environment (depleted uranium), water/food supply (GMOs), and bioengineered, weaponized disease organisms (AIDS, Ebola, Bird & Swine Flu, etc.) along with anti-fertility compounds introduced via vaccines and other means of external transmission.
The Illuminati's current plan to reduce the world's population was set into motion at a 1957 symposium on future world development.  The astonishing 'conclusion' of this seemingly benign symposium was that over-population and excessive exploitation of the environment would result in the self- destruction of the earth by the year 2,000 or shortly thereafter (Note:Illuminti front organizations for New World Order propaganda, like Cornell University, continue to "illuminate" us, to this very day, with this over-population point of view).
President Eisenhower secretly commissioned a group of  scholars, known as The JASON Society  to review the conclusions of the '57 symposium. The members of the JASON Society are in fact part of a secretive Illuminati group known as the Order of the Quest. The same individuals who formed the JASON Society were also key members on the Council on Foreign Relations known as the Wise Men. (1)
Not surprisingly, the Jason Society agreed with the symposium's conclusions and drafted three proposals for  Eisenhower's consideration. The three proposals were labeled Alternative 1, Alternative 2, and Alternative 3. Eisenhower rejected Atlernative 1 because it involved the use of nuclear weapons. However, Eisenhower did approve the implementation of  Alternative 2 and Alternative 3  (as did the Soviet Union). (1)
Alternative 2
In order to preserve the 'best' of humanity when the supposed 'self-destruction' of the earth takes place around the year 2,000, the JASON Society proposed that a vast network of underground cities be built in order to secure living quarters for the chosen Illuminati elite, high level cooperative politicians, and selected military elements. Underground cities are also co-habitated by extraterrestrial alien groups that the secret government has made treaties with for technology exchange and human-alien hybrid breeding programs. The idea of the earth 'self destructing' around the turn of the century due to overpopulation was perhaps an early cover story for the justification of the underground cities. In the 1950's and 60's, the American public was led to believe that the contiuance of government, in the event of worldwide nuclear war, was a logical reason for undeground facilities, but we now know that the entire Soviet/American cold war and MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) scenario was an orchestrated Illuminati deception to bleed both Russian and American citizens of their wealth in order to finance black budget operations, secret technology developments, underground city construction, genetic engineering projects, time & space travel research, and anti-gravity, flying saucer spacecraft development.
 Based on 1989 information, it was claimed that there were at least 75 underground cities in existence below the soil of America interconnected by high speed, frictionless trains called Maglev trains (Magnetic Levitation). The former Atomic Energy Commission had also constructed  22 seperate underground cities for their own use.(1) [Update: In 1995, Phil Schneider said that there were 129 underground cities and in May of 2001, Stewart Swerdlow, former mind controlled "Montauk Boy" , claimed that there now exists 133 underground cities in North America. Al Bielek also claims that there are many hundreds of underground cities and bases built worldwide]
Alternative 3
Due to the access to certain alien technologies-including interplanetary space flights-which became available to the American government as a result of the Greada treaty signed by President Eisenhower and  aliens in 1954,  the JASON Society proposed that operational bases should be set up on the Moon and Mars -which would alsoprovide a safe sanctuary for the highest of the elites when the 'self-destruction' of the earth was going to take place a little after the turn of the new century. Bases on the Moon and Mars have indeed been built and have been in operation since the late1950's.(1)
All three Alternatives included recommendations for population "control". They included:
 1. Birth control (birth prevention and abortion - 43.8 Million babies aborted yearly worldwide.)
 2. Sterilization (today includes vaccines) and
 3. The introduction of deadly microbes to reduce or otherwise slow the growth of the earth's population.
Bioengineered Diseases
AIDS, Ebola, Gulf War Illness (GWI), and many other "new" diseases were intentionally bioengineered in laboratories that are mostly found in the United States and include the Army's secretive facilities at Ft. Detrick Maryland (2.). Drs. Nancy and Garth Nicholson have done a great deal of  research and investigation into the cause and treatment of Gulf War Illness, since they and their daughter (who was a helicopter flight nurse in the 1991 Gulf War) ALL came down with GWI.  In 1996, the Nichols published a paper which states their deep suspicions that GWI is due to bioengineered pathogens and that a hidden population control agenda appears to be in place.
Some bioengineered pathogens were designed to target certain ethnic groups for elimination. These groups likely include blacks, hispanics, Black Africans, Native Americans, and homosexuals. The preferred Iluminati method to introduce disease is via vaccinations. Dr. Len Horowitz firmly established in his 1995 book, Emerging Viruses, that the HIV virus which causes AIDS was introduced and spread throughout the majority of black populations in Africa via the World Health Organization (WHO) during their mandatory smallpox vaccine campaigns of 1976-1980.
The pathogens which produced Gulf War Illness were introduced to a limited number of Gulf War troops via "special" vaccinations (not recorded on the troop's official vaccination records) for Anthrax and other supposed dangers posed by Saddam Hussein. It was a CIA test run to see how many Gulf troops would succumb to the disease and how quickly they might die off. The results have been somewhat disappointing for the CIA/Illuminati planners. They thought their new little bugs would wipe out a lot more people, a lot faster than it has.
Eventually, the US military has to be eliminated because they are seen as a threat by Illuminati planners when they kick in their plans to dissolve the United States and incorporate the former United States into the New, 10 Region  States of  America which will include Canada and Mexico.
Retired Army flight nurse Joyce Riley  presented damning Department of Defense classified "Secret"documentation to an audience at the Granada Forum in Tarzana, CA on July 1, 1999 which supported the contention that the military intentionally innoculated Gulf War troops with the pathogens that eventually caused Gulf War Illness as part of an insideous program directed by the CIA called MK Ultra.
Domestically, the strategy is to make the public believe that bio attacks by foreign terrorists (like Osama bin Laden-who seems to be the government's latest incarnation of Hitler; he having replaced former title holders like Kadaffi, Hussein, and Milosevic for the honor)  is inevitable and when it happens the government will say that they have tried to warn us all along. A similar tactic is being used by the government to accilimate the public to the notion that these new, bugs are showing up everywhere-birds in New York, wild deer and antelope in national parks, etc. and that they are being spread by international travel, etc. (same set of lies they used when AIDS started showing up in 1983-85).
Starting in December of 1997, this administration of Illuminati puppets have been seeding stories into print and electronic outlets about the "growing fear" of  Anthrax attack and the need to "protect" the troops.  When it comes to the public, however, former CIA director John Deutch told CNN in July of '99 that the  government wasn't prepared for that task, so further preparations need to be taken. I guess we're suppose to believe that the military's staging of  mock battles in US cities is also part of the government's "protection" plans for us against those nasty foreign terrorists.
[Update Sep 23, 2001]
9-11 Attack of America
The staged and planned attacks of the World Trade Center and Pentagon buildings were deliberate acts orchestrated by Illuminati planners using naive arab dupes (the "terrorists") to pull off a suicide mission in which they were allowed, guided, and facilitated by hidden intelligence agents and operatives. They are using this orchestrated ruse to stampede the public into accepting Big Brother control and ID programs, along with the sweeping away of constitutional guarantees and liberties under the guise of anti-terrorists legislation. The dessimination of biowarfare agents in America to reduce population needed a convenient cover and the "terrorists" scenario provided it. I'm simply astonished at the gullibility of so many Americans in accepting this poorly covered up orchestration. The growing number of web sites and well written aritlces that are exposing the details of this deception-from the planted bombs in the WTC towers to the stand down of military air defence forces while the hyjacked planes were enroute-makes it abundantly clear that the attacks of Sept 11, 2001 were a ruse, a charade, a set up that even a child should recognize.
...To Be Continued 
 1.  Behold a Pale Horse (1991) by William Cooper
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Is Michelle Obama a Princess? (Part 3)

Free Michelle Obama’s Slaves
Nineteenth century slavery ceased to be an issue in the nineteenth century. Twenty-first century slavery is the issue that we must tackle today
By Daniel Greenfield —— Bio and Archives
August 4, 2016
At the DNC, Michelle Obama put on her victimhood hat one more time and declared, “I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves.”
But that’s too past tense. Michelle’s house continues to be built and maintained by slaves. Her lavish lifestyle of endless vacations, parties and public appearances is funded by millions and millions of slaves.
Michelle Obama lives a life that is more lavish and luxurious than that of the average plantation owner. She has 26 staffers that are part of a White House staff of thousands. That’s more than many crowned heads of state. Compare that to 12 servants for Thomas Jefferson.
Michelle has more directors than some corporations. And working for her is a Marie Antoinette experience. “The First Lady having the wrong pencil skirt on Monday is just as big of a f___ up as someone speaking on the record when they didn’t mean to or a policy initiative that completely failed,” one former staffer said.
Of course that’s their business. Michelle’s staffers chose their jobs and they get paid. It’s the taxpayers who have to pay for it all who are forced to be her unwilling slaves.
Michelle’s house, her luxurious lifestyle, is built by taxpaying slaves who are forced to turn over their money to fund her pleasures. She spent more money on one night in Morocco than the average American family will see in five years.
In Dublin, Michelle Obama and her entourage took a sightseeing trip that cost over $250,000. Michelle’s people bought up 30 rooms at the five-star Shelbourne Hotel while she stayed in the Princess Grace Suite which has more living space than most American homes. The Shelbourne Hotel wasn’t built by slaves. But it was funded by them. So are all of her jaunts, excursions and parties.
When she shops around Paris and then flies over to London in a 757 to see the sights in London, her slaves pick up the tab. When she and her husband decide to fly out for a “date” to New York while the city is shut down, it’s her slaves in the big city watching the motorcade pass who have to pay for it. Their Africa trip cost millions. American slaves paid for it with their blood, sweat and toil.
Maintaining the Obama lifestyle cost $1.4 billion a few years ago. It’s unknown what it costs today.
Obama’s White House parties cost anywhere from $200,000 at the cheap end to over $500,000. Americans have no more freedom to decide whether to pay for another Obama vacation or event than slaves did in deciding how to serve their masters and mistresses.
All they can do is watch from a distance while their masters stuff their faces, gallivant cheerfully on tours through foreign countries while staying at posh hotels and then make them work to pay for it.
In the last election, Obama told Americans that they weren’t responsible for their accomplishments. “You didn’t build that,” was his message to his slaves. They didn’t build that. He did.
But they did build that.
Slaves built the Obama lifestyle. Slaves who struggle to get by. Who scrimp and save to have a few hundred dollars on hand in case of an emergency. That’s the cost of a single dish at a dinner to their masters in the White House. Slaves who fear losing their jobs and being unable to provide for their families watch their hard-earned money being squandered on another vacation and another party.
America’s slaves have watched the nation’s wealth become concentrated around the Washington Versailles. At the peak of Obama’s misrule, the Beltway area boasted 7 of the 10 wealthiest counties in the country. Obama won 8 of the 10 wealthiest counties in the country in the last election.
It’s not hard to guess why.
The Obama lifestyle is just the tip of the iceberg. Tens of thousands of more modest government plantation owners cling to their skirts living off the stolen toil of the government’s slaves.
Government, like slavery, is an institution. Like slavery, it claims to civilize its dependents. In reality it exploits them. It promises them security in exchange for freedom. It takes away the products of their toil and then tells them that they didn’t build that. It claims a false moral authority to exploit them.
Michelle Obama is a slave-owner lecturing her slaves about slavery. And Michelle and Barack are the tip of a very large institution which is built on depriving Americans of their political and economic freedoms.
Slavery was based on the notion that some people are superior to others. That same idea runs through Obama’s speeches. It is the lifeblood of the twisted thing that the left has turned liberalism into.
The Obamas have the right to enslave us because they are on “the right side of history”. They can exploit us because they know what is better for us. They can take the work of our hands from us because we didn’t build that, they and all the rest of our government masters did the real building.
At the Democrats circus of hate in Philly, it ought to be remembered that this was where Thomas Jefferson wrote that “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” were inalienable rights and that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. Governments do not gain their authority from any innate superiority, but from consent. The Obama theory that government gains power in proportion to its historical moral superiority is slavery wrapped in hypocrisy.
It is time to end slavery all over again. It is time to free Michelle Obama’s taxpaying slaves.
The first step to ending slavery is to recognize its fundamental injustice. It is unjust that a working family ought to work its fingers to the bone so that Michelle Obama can enjoy yet another sightseeing tour. It is unjust that a class of parasites claiming to be public servants can draw unlimited amounts of money on the credit of people trying to make ends meet. It is unjust that Michelle Obama can own hundreds of millions of people as slaves.
And it is an injustice that must end.
Nineteenth century slavery ceased to be an issue in the nineteenth century. Twenty-first century slavery is the issue that we must tackle today.
Daniel Greenfield is a New York City writer and columnist. He is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and his articles appears at its Front Page Magazine site.
Daniel can be reached at:
Michelle Obama Lavish Expenses Cost Taxpayers Big

By Tom Fitton

Tuesday, 25 Aug 2015
We all know the rules are a little different for the political class. But Michelle Obama’s recent trips overseas hardly qualify as official business. They are lavish, extravagant, and excessive by any reasonable metric. Moreover, these latest revelations are hardly isolated.
They are part of continuum reaching back across to the earliest days of the Obama administration. Recently, Judicial Watch obtained flight expense records from the U.S. Department of the Air Force revealing that Michelle Obama’s June 2015 trip to the United Kingdom and Italy, accompanied by her daughters and mother, cost the taxpayers $240,495.67 in flight expenses alone.
The records were released in response to a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request filed on June 22, 2015. The flights to London, England; and Milan, Venice, and Vicenza, Italy, for the June 15 – 21, 2015, trip totaled 20:35 hours at the cost of $11,684 per hour, bringing the flight expense total to $240,495.67, according to the Air Force documents.
The Obama White House, true to form, tried spin the trip as a public service that was part of Michelle Obama’s campaign to push her “Let Girls Learn” initiative and “Let’s Move” anti-obesity campaign.
Good grief. Everyone should deny themselves and streamline their lifestyles except for the Obamas.
Press reports make it evident the Obama entourage set aside substantial time for tourism. In London, Michelle Obama joined Prince Harry for afternoon tea at Kensington Palace.
And the White House press office conceded that, while in Italy, “The First Lady will also visit cultural sites in Venice before returning to Washington, D.C.”
The U.S. Secret Service has not yet responded to the request for attendant costs for personnel, accommodations, meals, rental cars, and related expenses.
Judicial Watch released records revealing significant taxpayer-funded travel expenses for a Michelle Obama trip in July. Those records from the U.S. Department of the Air Force showed that Michelle Obama’s 2014 trip to China cost American taxpayers $362,523.53 in travel expenses alone. Mrs. Obama, her daughters, and her mother spent March 19 – 26 in China, in a trip highlighted by extended visits to some of the country’s most popular tourist sites.
Apparently, the Obama family continues to bill the taxpayers for costly tourism jaunts thinly disguised as humanitarian crusades. If Michelle Obama wants to take tea with Prince Harry or enthuse over Da Vinci’s The Last Supper, she is certainly entitled to do so, but not at taxpayer expense.
Since the beginning of Barack Obama’s administration, the Obamas have become increasingly notorious for unnecessary, luxurious travel, under the guise of official business.
According to records obtained by Judicial Watch through FOIA requests and subsequent lawsuits, the Obamas and Bidens have spent millions of taxpayer dollars on trips, beginning with the Obamas’ much-publicized New York City “date night” in 2009 up through the president’s most frequent golf outings and the first lady’s Aspen ski jaunts.
Judicial Watch uncovered an expensive combination of trips by the Obamas to Africa and Honolulu, which cost taxpayers $15,885,585.30 in flight expenses alone. The single largest prior known expense for accommodations was for Michelle Obama’s side-trip to Dublin, Ireland, during the 2013 G-8 conference in Belfast, when she and her entourage booked 30 rooms at the five-star Shelbourne Hotel, and where she stayed in the 1500 square-foot Princess Grace suite at a cost of $3,500 a night.
The total cost to taxpayers for the Obamas’ Ireland trip was $7,921,638.66. To date, the known beyond-first-class travel expenses of the Obamas and Vice President Joe Biden exceed $57 million.
In February, Michelle Obama took a weekend trip to Aspen, Colorado that cost taxpayers a pretty penny; $57,068.80 in travel expenses alone for the 7.4 hour-round trip flight, according to Air Force records.
As we previously reported, this Aspen trip occurred in tandem with President Obama’s trip to California to play golf, speak at a cyber-security summit, and headline a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee.
The First Lady and her daughters spent Valentine’s Day weekend skiing in Aspen, returning to the White House on February 16.
The next time the First Family travels – hold on to your wallet.
Tom Fitton is the president of Judicial Watch. He is a nationally recognized expert on government corruption. A former talk radio and television host and analyst, Tom is well known across the country as a national spokesperson for the conservative cause. He has been quoted in Time, Vanity Fair, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and most every other major newspaper in the country. For more of his reports, Go Here Now.
Silk pillows, a Jacuzzi and an honor bar: Inside Michelle Obama's luxurious $8,400-a-night presidential suite in China
First Lady is staying in China with her two daughters and her mother
3,445sq-ft Jinmao Presidential Suite boasts sauna and steam rooms
Five-star hotel is close to Beijing and 'in the midst of thriving district'
By Carol Driver for MailOnline
26 March 2014
It’s billed as an ‘oasis of comfort’, with a Jacuzzi, rainforest shower, and silk pillows – step inside the $8,400-a-night (£5,000) suite Michelle Obama currently calls home.
The first lady is staying at the five-star Westin Hotel in Chaoyang, just outside Beijing, during her week-long trip to China with her two daughters Malia and Sasha, and her mother Marian Robinson.
During her trip, described as a 'person-to-person' soft diplomatic tour, the family will be staying in the Jinmao Presidential Suite at the hotel, near the US Embassy.
Touch down: First Lady Michelle Obama, with her daughters Sasha, front right, Malia, and her mother Marian Robinson arriving at Capital International Airport in Beijing
Silk pillows: The Obamas are staying in the Jinmao Presidential Suite in the Westin Hotel near Beijing
The hotel is 25 minutes from Beijing Capital International Airport and ‘within the popular Sanlitun entertainment area’, the hotel’s website explains, putting guests ‘in the midst of a thriving district of office towers and embassies, international boutiques, restaurants and clubs’.
Boasting 550 guest rooms, Michelle Obama is occupying the presidential suite, a 3,445sq-ft area, which boasts a separate lounge, kitchen, a sauna and steam room as well as an honour bar.
In a description of the room, the hotel adds: ‘Every element of the Jinmao Presidential suite is designed to please and pamper.
Gorgeous furnishings in neutral tones are stylishly tailored—including corner sofas with silk pillows, stunning original artwork, and three levels of lighting—for meetings, reading, and evening entertaining.
‘The suite's floor-to-ceiling windows frame views of the East 3rd Ring Road, including Beijing’s modern central business district and diplomatic communities.
‘Whether you are here for business or sheer pleasure, you will find this suite is an oasis of comfort, complete with 24-hour private butler service.’
And relax... The Westin features a Heavenly Spa offering massages and facials
Heated pool: The Westin's 25m pool also boasts a bar serving cocktails
Facilities: The luxury five-star The Westin also caters for weddings and dinner parties
And perhaps something more of interest to Barack and Michelle Obama’s daughters, the suite also features a surround-sound entertainment system, and a 52-inch flatscreen, interactive TV.
Although the suite costs $8,400 a night, it has not been declared whether America’s First Lady’s has been given a discount for the taxpayer-funded trip.
The king-size bed boasts ‘ten layers of comfort’ and is designed ‘for a deep, undisturbed sleep that energizes your body and brain’.
The Obama family will also have access to the Westin Executive Club Lounge, the in-house fitness studio and spa, as well as the 25m indoor swimming pool, with a poolside bar serving cocktails. 
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