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What is a Conspiracy Theory?

In the words of historian William Blum, "No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine."

What is reality? What is a lie?

Below are a few conspiracy theory sites to check out. It is better to be informed with actual facts instead of knee jerk reactions to the word 'conspiracy' [perhaps through mass programming] than blindly stick to an opinion based on 'trust in the government' or a 'gut feeling.' No, that won't do! Get the facts first, then you can express your opinion. Mayb e you don't agree. If that's the case, you may need to be de-programmed. Go to: and learn how to help yourself.

sites arranged by Ralph Deline
28 February 2007, Wednesday

Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys. - J. O'Rourke, Civil Libertarian

In general, the art of government consists of taking as much money as possible from one party of the citizens to give to the other. - Voltaire (1764)

The only difference between a tax man and a taxidermist is that the taxidermist leaves the skin. - Mark Twain

Before I go on a rant, check out how this site answers the same question. This is "Orwell Today." This section of Orwell Today will direct readers to some of the readings and news articles that discuss Secret Societies and the things their members conspire in and the writings of those who oppose them. ~ Jackie Jura
Conspiracy Planet: The Alternative News & History Network - Your Antidote to Media Cartel Propaganda "CFR: US, Canada & Mexico Borders To Be Abolished" by Lou Dobbs is the lead article.
Watch part of Aaron Russo's film "America: Freedom to Fascism: There are also other video clips to view. Quite informative.
Alternative Three: I haven't checked this site out yet. What do you think?
Top Secret Projects: "Today our technological advancements are occurring at a breathtaking pace. Magnificent breakthroughs are discovered each day, many of which will enhance our lives while, at the same time, saving our world from imminent ecological disaster. However, the darker side effects created by some of these marvelous miracles of innovation are quite sure to lead to the manipulation and destruction of the human race!" - Mark A. LeCuyer -
'This site is dedicated to Truthseekers. It's main purpose is to lead seekers on to a much brighter source of information, and to help shed some light to a great deal of things happening in this very mad world.
The Conspiracy Theory Research List:
Disinformation: Disinformation on Canada's CBC Network! Disinformation and the CBC's cool show The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos have teamed up to reveal things you're not supposed to know. Check these clips out: Things You're Not Supposed To Know.
Educate-Yourself - The Freedom of Knowledge, The Power of Thought: is a free educational forum dedicated to the dissemination of accurate information in the use of natural, non-pharmaceutical medicines and alternative healing therapies in the treatment of disease conditions. Free Energy, Earth Changes, and the growing reality of Big Brother are also explored since survival itself in the very near future may well depend on self acquired skills to face the growing threats of bioterrorism, emerging diseases, and the continuing abridgement of constitutional liberties. It is strongly recommended that visitors to this web site print out hard copies of the information that is of interest. Do not assume that your hard drive, this web site, or even the Internet itself will always be there to serve you. - Ken Adachi, Editor
Electronic Mind Control: includes things like the: American Patriot Friends Network, Secret US Human Biological Experimentation, Television and the Hive Mind, and other articles like, "Mind Control with Silent Sounds, Directed Energy Attacks & Mind Assault, Urgent recent developments in the Franklin sataniccult/sex/drug ring, The Clandestine World of John Mulholland, and Media & Mind Control in America," for example. You need a team to tackle some of these sites.
Everything: Cool User Picks! Such as "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by bad poetry" and "One Large Ripple on the Psychic Pond," and "News for Noders, Events, Podcasts, and other stuff.
Factnet: We are to destructive cults, fundamentalism, mind control, and mental coercion/torture what Amnesty International is to physical torture:
Failure of the Public Trust [USA]: The federal investigative records on this web site prove the existence of an FBI / Independent Counsel / Media cover-up of the murder of deputy White House counsel Vincent Foster. We have been told that Foster's death has been thoroughly investigated by our government and media. They have lied to the public.
Project on Government Secrecy: Through research, advocacy, and public education,the FAS Project on Government Secrecyworks to challenge excessive government secrecy and to promote public oversight.
Lies: Articles like "Freedom Isn't Free, and Silence is Consent!" and "Your elected representatives can be controlled with the technology described on this site, and they may not even be aware of this control." and other stuff.
From "The Wilderness Publications Homepage: Key Breaking News Stories from Around The World (Updated Daily, Mon-Fri)": Everyday FTW editors and researchers read hundreds of stories from around the world and pick the most important ones for our subscribers. We make comments to explain the importance of many of these stories. FTW subscribers can instantly read today’s best breaking-news picks.
AntiChrist Conspiracy: "Inside the Devil's Lair": Free eBook
pierces the veil of secrecy and exposes the minions working with Satan in his worldwide antichrist conspiracy! [I haven't spent any time here yet. If you have, let me know your opinion] How Stuff Works - it's good to know:
Are you the kind of person who likes to hear to a good conspiracy theory? Great Article, "How Conspiracy Theories Work" by Marshall Brain should interest you.
The Phenomenal Earth Conspiracy - Welcome to one of the Infomation Centers about our phenomenal Earth Conspiracy. A place where we exist and live out our life's being controlled and manipulated by forces just out of our normal senses of perception: Here you will find infomation on the Real World the Fascist Elite (World Banking System,CFR,IMF,U.N.,Trilateral Commission ,and The N.W.O. group) doesn't want the average person to understand. How they, The Elite through power of wealth and knowledge have controlled us and warp our perception of the Real World.
Illuminati Archives - Mormons and the Illuminati, Illuminati Symbols at Starbucks & Nickelodeon, Legend of Atlantis 5: Battle of Armageddon and more. Check it out at: and a few more Illuminati sites to ponder. Putin to meet with Pope (2/24/2007) Illuminati Conspiracy Archive: The word conspiracy, as it relates to this site, will be defined in the context of a scheme: to act in harmony toward a common end. As it has been known for centuries, "alchemists conceal in order to baffle the vulgar." This site exists for the sole purpose of penetrating the veil.
Illuminati News: UFO's & Aliens, Rock & Roll & Mind Control, On Spirituality and Spiritual Solutions.
Illusions - where nothing is what it seems. User groups, etc.
Information Liberation: The news you're not supposed to know... One news item - When It Rains, It Pours: BBC News 24 Reports WTC7 Collapse Before It Fell. news, news, & List of columnists. Articles, articles, & articles. For example, "7 Most Dangerous Lies, The North American Soviet Union, Bush Fabricating The Case Against Iran," and many others. Pack a lunch.
Online Journal - Established in 1998 to provide uncensored and accurate news, analysis, and commentary. Articles such as, "Why the FBI got away with the first WTC bombing," and "Operation FALCON and the looming police state."
Mind Control & MK-ULTRA: This very interesting article is about the mind control projects that the USA has been conducting over the years.
Mind Deprogramming: time to purify your brain from the Illuminati Mind Control. Includes a list of sites to visit.
National Journal and Lobalfire - Information and News Services: Politics, History, Religion, Globalism, Holocaust Industry, and more.
Overview of NEW4Y - Easy to understand information, learn about The New World Order, lots of info on the Reptilian Agenda, forums with other knowledgeable people, info on Religion and it's purpose, information on Freemasonry, up to date News that matters, download videos, ebooks, and audio files. - Public Domain 9-11 attack to NWO fascism Mediatheque: This site contains material for open minds only... This website is a result ofthe search to answer 2 Questions: Who are We? ... and ... Where are We?
World News - NWO watcher, forum, radio, blog, chat, & quotes:
The Secret History of the CIA - Operation Mockingbird: In 1948 Frank Wisner was appointed director of the Office of Special Projects. Soon afterwards it was renamed the Office of Policy Coordination (OPC). This became the espionage and counter-intelligence branch of the Central Intelligence Agency. Wisner was told to create an organization that concentrated on "propaganda, economic warfare; preventive direct action, including sabotage, anti-sabotage, demolition and evacuation measures; subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance groups, and support of indigenous anti-Communist elements in threatened countries of the free world."
Health, Disease, Awareness, & Activism: Some articles are: "Sacred Symbols; The Jesuit Order; Protocols of the Learned Elders of Israel"; and on video, "The Money Masters" and other on-line videos to view. Also has free e-books. Check it out.
Orbit Cover: Big Galactic Vibes & Waves in Outer Space? Fun with Fascists: "BBC was half an hour too early reporting on WTC7 collapse," and "America's alliance with Bin Laden playing the Sunni card - and footsie with Al-Qaeda."
Illuminati Conspiracy Archive: Paul and Phillip D. Collins - Commentary, Resources. Conspiracy siyes, and more.
Questionable Plane Crashes: The Ron Brown Plane Crash, The Shoot Down pf TWA Flight 800, and John F. Kennedy, Jr.
Research Collections: Main Categories are "Assassinations of the 1960s, Acknowledged Conspiracies, Famous Disputes, Deny, Deny, Deny, Small Plane Crashes, Too Many Lives Lost, Hidden History, and Forbidden Science." The Real History Archives offers a vast array of documents, articles and links to additional materials to aid serious researchers find the truth about our history. Bookmark this page and return here often. You cannot read it all in one visit!
David Ovason, zodiacs and Washington, DC: David Ovason, working from the fact that there are some twenty-three depictions of zodiacs incorporated into the architecture of Washington DC, and that many of the city’s architects and sculptors were either freemasons or knowledgeable in astronomy, has created a foundation of supposition and imaginative wishful thinking to prop up his belief that the city was designed for a specific astrological purpose.
Signs of the Times: Special Reports, for example, "John F. Kennedy and the Monolithic and Ruthless Conspiracy," also Latest World News, for example, 02 March 2007, article "Israel to Bush via the BBC and CNN: 'Attack Iran - Or Else'". Book Reviews, Picture of the Day, and other topics besides politics.
FoundationSocial Databank Netherlands - Social-economic & political discussion, including General file index of the SDN-site of Dutch comments on USA. For example, "Two million people in jail in the United State of America. A world record," and "United States are importing low paid jobs at the expense of American workers." - All Conspiracy, No Theory: Alternative news & comment on criminal corporate-government conspiracies. Reviews of books, movies and pop culture. - Insight into Major Events with Former FBI Senior Special-Agent-in-Charge: Articles, for example, "Feds Knew of 9/11 and did Nothing," and "Plans for Civilian Internment." Letters to George Bush, John Ashcroft, and Tom Ridge. Investigations, for example, "Fall-Out from 9/11 Report," and "The Phoney War on Terrorism."
The Black Vault - Discover the Truth: This is the result of almost 10 years of research into the U.S. Government, their secrets, and the archiving over 440,000 declassified government documents. This community is the largest of its kind, anywhere in the world. Along with the declassified government document archive, you will find over 30,000 registered users to interact with, over 15,000 archived articles to read, over 400,000 messages on the forums, and so much more!
Home of the Most Dangerous Idea in the World: Articles, for example, "Neoconservatism, the Israeli Lobby, and other Power Relations," and "The Most Dangerous Cult in The World."
Excluded Middle News - National UFO Conference: Radio Mysterioso - Sunday Nights on We have featured articles on the near death experience, a critical analysis of the "Roswell Autopsy" film, Wilhelm Reich's UFO battle, alien writing, Jackie Gleason's UFO Files, Aliester Crowley's abduction connection, flying saucer hoaxes, Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard and shamanic shapeshifters. And much much more.
The Lone Lantern Society of America - Set Forth the Riders: Latest News, for example, "Mainstream Media is Dying, Former FBI Director Calls for New OKC Bombing Investigation, Illuminati 1995 Cards 911 Foreseen, Skull & Bones Documentary, and Alex Jones Report - Illuminati Symbolism." View DVDs, etc.
The Mars Records - Clearing sessions with a biofeedback meter where a man regained hidden memories of military service on Mars, Time travel, Killing with Remote Viewing, Mind control, and Military and Alien Abductions. Lots to read.
The Forbidden Knowledge - This domain is dedicated to the teaching of knowledge that was hidden from the human race all through history. Lots of articles to read.
The Skeptical Believer - An ongoing column by John Shirley in which he variously rants about whatever enters his mind. Example of articles, "Is there a God?, That ABC Special on UFOs, and Smirking Postmodern Snobbery."
The Truth Seeker: Videos and articles. It is recommended that you tour this site and discover things for yourself.
Think About It: A Place to Think .... Your place for Alternative Views & Truths in World News, Health, Healing, Spirituality, NWO, Censorship, Alien's, UFO's, Underground Bases and other Hidden Agenda's.
Conspiracy Planet - The Alternative News and History Network: Lots of articles and book reviews. Hours of research here.
Top Conspiracy Sites: Exposing the best websites for "Conspiracies, Conspiracy Theory, Cover-ups, Collusion and Hidden Secrets."
Conspiracy - Top Site List: This site is dedicated to Truthseekers. It's main purpose is to lead seekers on to a much more brighter source of information, and to help shed some light to a great deal of things happening in this very mad world.
Wachadoo and the American Underground: Top Conspiracy Sites. Our users have posted a total of 2859 articles.
Waking Up. News and Info Centre, Forums. Great articles, for example, "America's Secret Police", and Neocons: "round up camps," and "Halliburton Detention Camps."
Conspiracy/Research: BitTorrent Tracker, Forums, Blogs, Conspiracy Wiki, Encrypted Chat. Video Jukebox for on-line videos.
What Really Happened Radio Show on Genesis Communicationa Network Every Saturday, 11AM Central Standard Time! : Videos, articles worth checking out. For example, "The Lie of the Century," and "The WTC Collapses: An Audio/Video Analysis.
World Affairs Brief by Joel Skousen: The World Affairs Brief is a weekly news analysis service dedicated to providing an understanding of the hidden agendas behind the actions of world leaders and other powerful individuals who influence government from behind the scenes. - articles, videos, pictures, etc. An article "History of Government Sponsored Terrorism," is a good place to start investigating 'conspiracy theory.' Check MySpace video "The Eye of the Storm." It shows the police pepper spraying babies, children, women, men - all peaceful demonstrating in Portland, Oregon.

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What did happen at Waco?

Waco sites arranged by Ralph Deline

[Note regarding links: Much of the Waco information once available on the web has "disappeared." I have included a few sites below. You can draw your own conclusions.]
Branch Davidian: History:
Waco, The Inside Story:
Allegations (an important word) against Mr. Koresh were sensationalized to excuse the massacre of at least 86 members of his religious congregation.
The Waco Massacre: The guns they had were legal. The local sheriff investigated and found no basis for complaints against them. These were law-abiding American citizens, even if they thought differently to most other folks. They trusted the U.S. Constitution to ensure their political rights, but they were murdered by agents acting under the authority of the U.S. government.
Waco, Texas: homepage: [different point of view] David Koresh and the Branch Davidians were a group of Christians in Waco, Texas, that violated the law regarding the registration of automatic weapons. In Texas it is legal to own an automatic weapon, as long as you register the weapon. Registration costs about $100. Not registering costs a lot more, as David Koresh found out.
Why Waco? Without a doubt once you hear this information you will realize theconspiracy that killed the people at Mount Carmel on April 19th 1993.Many people have already been killed to cover up this information.Including three National Guardpersonal that drove the tanks during the siege.
What Really Happened at Waco by James Moore: Fourteen years ago today, federal agents descended on a clapboard structure outside of Waco to take into custody a man who called himself David Koresh. I was present throughout every day of the subsequent ordeal. And I still don't think the truth of what transpired has ever been told. What follows here is what I know to be fact, much of it observed first hand.
Waco: A Bipartisan Mess: At the beginning of the film, “Rules of Engagement,” a Davidian child is heard on an FBI tape heart-breakingly asking an FBI agent: "Are you going to come in here and kill me?"
"No,” the agent assures the child. “We're not coming in there."
On April 19, 1993, however, a frustrated FBI did mount an assault on the Branch Davidian compound, known as Mount Carmel, near Waco, Texas.
Specially equipped tanks punched holes in the walls of the buildings and pumped in CS gas. The FBI had expressed confidence that the CS gas would force the Davidians to surrender and end a 51-day siege.
Instead, no Davidians came out and the FBI resumed the assault in the afternoon. The tanks battered more walls and inserted more CS gas. Suddenly, a fire erupted. Whipped by high winds, the flames spread quickly through the compound, destroying the buildings.
By the time the fire burned itself out, some 76 people were dead, including 22 children. Only nine Branch Davidians, who ran out of the burning buildings, survived.
Government Cover-ups: Waco
From the World Affairs Brief:
New Lies for Old--Reno Spins the New Waco Revelations
Here is a summary of the latest revelations on FBI cover-up and lies concerning the Waco, Mt. Carmel compound.
There is photographic and physical evidence that the FBI fired M651 40mm explosive CS (tear gas) rounds into the compound, despite repeated denials to the contrary.
One US Army Colonel and one US Army Brigadier General, both experts in special warfare operations, were dressed in civilian clothes and flown from Washington to Waco in FBI aircraft to plan to help execute the final destruction of Waco. These procedures were clearly done to avoid discovery of Army Special Forces involvement, in violation of the legal prohibition of Army personnel being used in civilian cases.
US Army weapons, aircraft and high tech surveillance equipment were used in the attack, without Army markings, also in violation of existing law.
Newly released (by FOIA demand) Forward Looking Infra-red (FLIR) camera film taken by the FBI during the assault not only shows men emerging from a tank and firing automatic weapons into the rear of the compound (to stop anyone from escaping) but comes complete with government pilots describing the movements of the men, dressed in black, as it happens. FBI spokesman Byron Sage admitted these recordings contained tactical conversations of the FBI HRT (Hostage Rescue Team) and contained discussions of use of CS explosive shells. These tactic conversations were transmitted in real time via satellite uplink to the White House situation room.
ANALYSIS: For Janet Reno to continue to deny knowledge of this is predictable but beyond justifiable belief. The physical evidence of the use of explosive CS grenades has been in the custody of Texas Rangers for years, but prohibited from being seen by any one except by direct permission of the Justice Department (which was never granted). For the Justice Department to demand jurisdiction over who sees the evidence, is good evidence that they knew of its damaging significance to the official story. The Rangers confirm that the Feds have always known what was in their custody. The cover-up continues today with the collusion of a local federal judge who has seized the evidence and put it under court seal. The two special forces field officers (Col. Boykin and Gen. Shoomaker) are obviously accessories to the illegal Army participation. According to a former CIA officer, Gene Cullen, as reported in The Dallas Morning News, their surreptitious travel arrangements in civilian clothes via the FBI rather than military aircraft was meant to leave no paper trail of their presence in Waco. The systematic lying and official denials from several government agencies points to some form of conspiracy. These arrangements could not have been made except through the highest official channels, since they involved illegal acts of more than one agency. As World Net Daily pointed out, the two officers have since been well rewarded for this and other services to the dark side of government. They have both been promoted rapidly in rank over their contemporaries--Col. Boykin to Lt. Gen. in command of US Army Special Ops (the dirty tricks side of Delta Force) and Shoomaker to CIC of US Special Operations Command (the boss over all Army black operations that Congress has no knowledge of).
After reviewing this and other data on a television special, Ted Kopel could not resist calling for Reno's resignation. But that won't help. This conspiracy of government control goes well beyond any individual player. When Reno goes, they will simply give us a "kinder, gentler" face who will still carry out the same policies. The establishment has long learned that all they have to do is make the appearance of doing something and the public will go back to sleep. A Justice Department spokesman told CNN that Reno is looking to appoint an "outside investigator" to look into this matter. It won't help. They have any number of yes-men in the sidelines, like Ken Starr, who will spend a lot of money and make a splash, but won't ever indict the top leaders responsible. They will dismiss a few fall guys in the FBI or Justice Department (who will be quickly hired by big corporations closely connected to the PTB [powers that be], and it will be business as usual.
"What luck for the rulers that men do not think." - Adolf Hitler
Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. - James Bovard, Civil Libertarian (1994)
I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts. - Will Rogers
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Good Ol' Fridays

Glad to see Friday?

I hope this is not you!
Seize the Day!!! Have Fun!!!

You think you are clever until you find out how smart you are. - source unknown

At the end of the game, the king and pawn go back in the same box. - Italian proverb

It's Friday so relax, mellow out, play a few games of chess!! No cost. Check it out at and challenge "pawninabox"Here is the Chess Federation of Canada. - DVDs, books, chess sets, etc., Besides instructional material, the site has tournament announcements, chess news, ratings, and ... just check it out, it's faster.Game collection: Watch games on-line.Bill Wall's Chess Links for 2007:
Susan Polgar Chess Blog: Chess news, games, etc.
Reading MaterialAction: Congress wants to monitor all Emails, IMs, Etc.
Global warming and agriculture: shortage of food more of a concern than sea water levels.

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911 Conspiracy Theories

Was 9/11 a conspiracy?
The official government version of 9/11 is a conspiracy theory and what actually happened is coming to light and it looks like an inside job. Check out the sites and judge for yourself.

"Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country. It is patriotic to support him insofar as he efficiently serves the country. It is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in his duty to stand by the country." – Teddy Roosevelt

Osama bin Laden: "I was not involved in the September 11 attacks in the United States nor did I have knowledge of the attacks. There exists a government within a government within the United States. The United States should try to trace the perpetrators of these attacks within itself; to the people who want to make the present century a century of conflict between Islam and Christianity."
New sites will be added as found. If you find "dead" links let me know - I don't check each one every day. Here's one, 27 February 2007:
Here it is in black and white. Ground Zero EMT: We Were Told Building 7 Was to Be "Pulled"
Doesn't anybody read anymore? Somebody, read this article!

Hey, get this! I was out and about during Winter Carnival when I had my conversation interrupted by some guy who disagreed with what he overheard [free fall of the towers in 8-9 seconds seconds is science] and thought that the official report of "pancake" collapse was correct and then when I attempted to explain it to him he interrupted and said, "I'm an engineer!" in an arrogant tone that was intended to intimidate me.
I replied back, "Then you should understand this," and I attempted to re-engage him in the conversation but ... maybe it was my shoulder length hair and my moustache and goatee? Anyhow, he shut down. I taught Native high school students on northern reserves and they understood free fall ... so go figure.

Or maybe this twilight zone that educated people [yes, engineers are educated] zap into when they hear the word "conspiracy" is something that is programmed into people through cultural conditioning. To disagree with something, you have to know what that something is. There is some conspiracy theory that I haven't had time to think about so for now I shrug my shoulders and admit that I don't know if I believe something I haven't examined is true. Some people believe something is false without checking it out. Is that strange? It certainly is not logical.

How do people become sheep? People are much different today as compared to the 1960s. People were eager to demonstrate. One time, I think it was in L.A., university students flushed their toilets at noon, in protest over something, and flooded the streets with waste. I don't think that can be done today.

Again, how do we become sheep? Lets consider an example. What happened at Kent State in 1970? If you said the American National Guard shot and killed four students for demonstrating, you would be correct. But the point is this: since that time, after much media attention, demonstrations have become almost obsolete - there are usually small demonstrations in protest of increases in student tuition or something else that nobody remembers.

By the year 2007, demonstrations are happening again but it seems like too little, too late. The bovine attitude [perhaps caused by chemtrails] of people is difficult to explain. Is this what happens when education gets water downed? People become ignorant. Sure someone may be an engineer but what happened to common sense?

"You misunderestimated me." - George W. Bush

Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia
- Charles Schultz

21 February 2007
arranged by Ralph Deline

Read the on-line material, watch the videos, and ask yourself if 911 was an inside job. This might involve hours so plan accordingly. Check out the following sites!

The 9/11 Conspiracy Theories: by Matt Kjeldsen - great article!
The Pentagon and 757 jets: Where are the pictures of two crashed 757 jets; at the pentagon and in Shanksville? What happened to the 757s ??
Modern technology. Quite convincing!
News items regarding 911. There is no end ...
DVDs and video clips to view on-line [for free] on events on 911 Molten Metal WTC - Thermite: an explanation at: by Stephen Jones, BYU University.Lets Roll 911 Site:
Popular Mechanics Attacks Its"9/11 LIES" Straw Man: Interesting article by Jim Hoffman.One of Alex Jones's sites: - Free DVD downloads:
Scholars for 9/11 Truth:
The Mysteries of 9/11:
Lets Roll - For the Tired, Weary, Huddled Masses:
Lots of material on a variety of different topics. You can pitch a tent and camp here for a few days.
A wakeup call for non-violent political action: Psychopaths, Secret Societies, the New World Order, and much more.
The Torrent Channel: The best 9/11 documentaries.! This website allows you to download documentaries, movies, music, radio shows and other entertainment to your computer so you can view it in your favorite media player.
Questions Abound About "9/11 Hoax" - Blog imposter turns out to be fraudulent: The question why a "9/11 truther" would choose to act as an imposter for somebody else and deliberately bring negative attention to themselves and others is puzzling. Though this story is now confirmed to be a hoax, the reasons behind it remain suspect.
Mike Malloy Fired from Air America Radio (because he discussed the 9-11 inside job): It should also be noted that Malloy, while not definitively stating nine eleven was an inside job, certainly does not believe the official version, so readily embraced by the “progressive left” and its foundation money and academic gatekeepers, including Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky, Ward Churchill, and Air America’s Al Franken, to name but a few.
9/11 Synchronicity - the podcast designed to strike accord in the public mind and inspire the American People to exercise their rights and take meaningful action in the search for the Truth behind the events of September 11th, 2001- and beyond. Podcasts, Newsletter, Transcripts.
Conspiracy Planet: Besides other conspiracies, this site has quite a bit on 911 that is not likely duplicated elsewhere. Check it out.
O'Donnell Rant Reaches 30-million Viewers: It is publicity like this that will awaken the American public to what really happened on 11 Sept.
Evidence of advanced fusion devices at the WTC - The Writings of a Finnish Military Expert on 9/11: Note: 24 points are presented that indicate a controlled demolition. Check it out!
Explosive Testimony: Revelations about the Twin Towers in the 9/11 Oral Histories: There is a collection of 9/11 oral histories that, although recorded by the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) at the end of 2001, were publicly released only on August 12, 2005. Prior to that date, very few Americans knew the content of these accounts or even the fact that they existed. Why have we not known about them until recently? Part of the answer is that the city of New York would not release them until it was forced to do so.
Military Leaders Question 9/11 - published on 19 April 2007: Director of the U.S. "Star Wars" space defense program in both Republican and Democratic administrations, who was a senior air force colonel who flew 101 combat missions, stated that 9/11 was an inside job. Read the entire article for the comments the other Military Leaders stated about 9/11.

The Ghosts of 9-11 by Zen Garcia: Even if the official story that burning jet fuel was responsible for the toppling of the Twin Towers, it cannot explain how World Trade Center 7 collapsed when neither plane nor building had damaged it. It had only 2 very small isolated pockets of fire in it and yet at 5:20 p.m., this 48 story building folded perfectly in on itself. Nobody has yet addressed the huge explosion that occurred right before the first plane hits as confirmed by Jose Sanchez, who worked 14 years for the American Building Maintenance Co. at the WTC. He confirmed details of a basement bomb-like explosion.

The Only All-Inclusive 911 Resolution - TCN911WIJ (Thermite): The Only Proven Theory that Complies with All of the Scientific Method in One Theory. According to the Scientific Method, TCN911WIJ is the Primary Working Theory for the 911 Demoliton until Refuted by a Preponderance of Evidence. It is the only proven possible theory that explains every bit of WTC debris/destruction/power. It is also the only theory that is a single theory. All other theories require bizarre ommissions of facts/circumstances and several sub theories to explain that which is explained in the single theory.

New study from Pilots for 9/11 Truth: No Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon: Pilots for 9/11 Truth obtained black box data from the government under the Freedom of Information Act for AA Flight 77, which The 9/11 Report claims hit the Pentagon. Analysis of the data contradicts the official account in direction, approach, and altitude. The plane was too high to hit lamp posts and would have flown over the Pentagon, not impacted with its ground floor. This result confirms and strengthens the previous findings of Scholars for 9/11 Truth that no Boeing 757 hit the buillding.

Citizens Watch - 9/11 CitizensWatch is a citizen-led watchdog network established to support independent investigation, research and analysis into the attacks of September 11th and its political and economic aftermath.: Given the inherent limitations of the 9/11 Commission, their refusal to examine key lines of inquiry and the interest there is a strong case for the need to fully Citizens' Truth Commission on 9/11. These questions, lines of inquiry and the body of supporting research are a collective product of a growing and diverse network of researchers and investigative journalists. Supported by a blue-ribbon international panel devoid of potentially compromising government or corporate ties, this network can effectively conduct its own thorough and fully transparent investigation of one of the most pivotal events and tragedies in history.
Patriots Question 9/11

Senior Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and Government Officials Question the 9/11 Commission Report. There are statements by more than 90 of these senior officials. Their collective voices give credibility to the claim that the 9/11 Commission Report is tragically flawed. These individuals cannot be simply dismissed as irresponsible believers in some 9/11 conspiracy theory. Their sincere concern, backed by their decades of service to their country, demonstrate that criticism of the Report is not irresponsible, illogical, nor disloyal, per se. In fact, it can be just the opposite.
YouTube - Suspicious Evacuations and PowerDowns prior to 9/11: YouTube has some interesting videos. Check out the other videos on 9/11. Now what do you think?

Top 10 'Conspiracy Theories' about George W. Bush
by Maureen Farrell
Predictions are not the same thing as conspiracy theories, of course, but both can occur simultaneously. Sept. 11 commission co-chair Lee Hamilton's prediction that another terrorist attack is all but certain, for example, when combined with concerns about George W. Bush's imperial ambitions, creates the kind of speculation the founding fathers engaged in, long before FOX News was there to pooh-pooh concerns about tyrannical designs.
And though predictions and conspiracy theories are often speculative and contrived, it must be remembered that the term "tin foil hat" has its roots in historical fact and the tendency to tag a "gate" onto scandals proves that some conspiracy theories do, in fact, turn out to be true.With the most secretive, power-hungry administration in recent history, George W. Bush has generated a cornucopia of theories. Many of them are ridiculous while others, like the assorted conspiracies relating to Skull and Bones, simply confirm suspicions about frat boys and prove that privilege and networking do, in fact, catapult people into high places.
Some theories, however, have Tina Turner-strength legs.
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Traces of explosives in 9/11 dust, scientists sayBy Elaine Jarvik
Deseret News
Published: Monday, April 6, 2009 10:43 p.m. MDT,5143,705295677,00.html
Tiny red and gray chips found in the dust from the collapse of the World Trade Center contain highly explosive materials — proof, according to a former BYU professor, that 9/11 is still a sinister mystery.
Physicist Steven E. Jones, who retired from Brigham Young University in 2006 after the school recoiled from the controversy surrounding his 9/11 theories, is one of nine authors on a paper published last week in the online, peer-reviewed Open Chemical Physics Journal. Also listed as authors are BYU physics professor Jeffrey Farrer and a professor of nanochemistry at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.
For several years, Jones has theorized that pre-positioned explosives, not fires from jet fuel, caused the rapid, symmetrical collapse of the two World Trade Center buildings, plus the collapse of a third building, WTC-7.
The newest research, according to the journal authors, shows that dust from the collapsing towers contained a "nano-thermite" material that is highly explosive. Although the article draws no conclusions about the source and purpose of the explosives, Jones has previously supported a theory that the collapse of the WTC towers was part of a government conspiracy to ignore warnings about the 9/11 terrorists so that the attack would propel America to wage war against Afghanistan and Iraq.
The next step, Jones said in a phone interview on Monday, is for someone to investigate "who made the stuff and why it was there."
A layer of dust lay over parts of Manhattan immediately following the collapse of the towers, and it was samples of this dust that Jones and fellow researchers requested in a 2006 paper, hoping to determine "the whole truth of the events of that day." They eventually tested four samples they received from New Yorkers.
One sample was from a man who had swept up a handful of dust on the Brooklyn Bridge, where he was walking when the second tower fell. As the journal authors note, "It was, therefore, definitely not contaminated by the steel-cutting or clean-up operations at Ground Zero, which began later. Furthermore, it is not mixed with dust from WTC-7, which fell hours later."
Another man collected dust in his apartment, about five blocks from the World Trade Center, on the morning of Sept. 12. There was a layer about an inch thick on a stack of folded laundry near an open window.
Red/gray chips, averaging in size between .2 and 3 mm, were found in all four dust samples. The chips were then analyzed using scanning electron microscopy and other high-tech tools.
The red layer of the chips, according to the researchers, contains a "highly energetic" form of thermite. While normal thermite (a mixture of finely granulated aluminum and an oxide of metal) can be incendiary, "super thermite" is explosive. He says there is no benign explanation for the thermite in the WTC dust.
Jones made headlines in 2005 when he argued that the rapid and symmetrical fall of the World Trade Center looked like the result of pre-positioned explosives. He argued that fires alone wouldn't have been hot enough to crumble the buildings; and that even if struck by planes, the towers should have been strong enough to support the weight of the tops as they crumbled — unless they were leveled by explosives.
Essentially forced to retire, Jones says he is now paying for research out of his own pocket. He likens himself to Galileo and Newton, who stood by their consciences. "I would like to think I could stand up for the truth," he says.
The dust study vindicates his earlier theories, Jones says, but he has mixed feelings about the implications. "As a young student said to me a while back: 'It's exciting from a scientific point of view, because things are now making sense. But I feel sad for my country.' "
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