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I Spy with My Little Eye

And, indeed, the party that flatters itself that they protect America better is the party that has exhausted the military, left the ports wide open and purposefully outed a CIA agent, Valerie Plame.That's not treason anymore? Outing a spy? Did I mention it was one of our spies? And how despicable that Bush's lackeys attempted to diminish this crime by belittling her service, like she was just some chick who hung around the CIA. - Bill Maher

"A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government." - Edward Abbey

Valerie Plame Wilson Was Considered "Fair Game" By the Busheviks. As a Result, Cheney and Bush Weakened Our National Security.
A Buzzflash Interview
Yes, the reason why this is a treasonous act -- taking me and my particular case out of it -- is that this sort of thing jeopardizes assets who are trying to help our national security -- not to mention future potential sources of information, foreign ones. They may say to themselves: "I really have critical intelligence. I’d like to work with the CIA, for whatever host of motivations. But, gee, it looks like they couldn’t even protect one of their own. Why should I put myself in the line of fire? I’m going to go talk to the Russians down the street."
-- Valerie Plame Wilson, retired covert CIA operative, and author, Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the White House

Long-time readers know that BuzzFlash has had a special relationship with the Valerie Plame Wilson case since shortly after she was outed as a CIA operative in a Bob Novak column, in a leak orchestrated by Dick Cheney, and it appears with the knowledge of George W. Bush.
David Corn of the Nation first wrote a commentary about the dangerous significance of the Plame disclosure by Novak -- and BuzzFlash quickly followed up with a series of commentaries about it. It remained low on the radar of the Internet and the mainstream press, outside of the Nation and BuzzFlash, until the CIA -- and the right wing loves to overlook this fact -- formally filed a request with the Justice Department to launch an investigation as to whether a CIA operative had been illegally exposed.
So, it was the CIA itself that brought the Plame outing to the forefront and considered it harmful enough to merit legal scrutiny. At that point, the short mention in the Novak column (placed there by the White House) began to get periodic bursts of mainstream media coverage, building up over months and a series of events (including Ashcroft's mysterious recusal from the DOJ investigation) to the indictment, trial, and sentencing of Scooter Libby.
Now, in Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the White House, Valerie Plame Wilson tells her side of the story, and we encourage you to read this account of a patriot betrayed.
Ironically, but perhaps predictably, the Bush Administration continued to pursue its vengeance on Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame by having the CIA require her to redact sections of the book that were already on the public record. So the publishers, Simon & Schuster invited the knowledgeable journalist Laura Rozen to pen an informative afterword that fills out the details that Plame was prohibited from including, even though many of them have been corroborated by the CIA itself!
BuzzFlash is proud to be up there with 60 Minutes and the major networks in getting one of the first interviews with Valerie Plame Wilson this week. Of course, you will find our conversation a bit different than theirs.
We interviewed Valerie on the morning of Tuesday, October 23.
[go to site for full interview]
Alexander Litvinenko
Dead Russian Spy was Israeli Double Agent: Murdered Russian ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko passed documents to former Yukos CEO in Israel months before his death . . . the Russian ex-spy is believed to have been a double agent, who sold trade secrets to different parties in and outside Russia, among them some of the Russian oligarchs living in exile in the West. Livinenko served as a colonel in a Russian Federal Security Services unit which investigated and carried out special operations against businessmen.
Who killed Alexander Litvinenko? He made scandalous accusations that struck at the heart of the Kremlin— and ended up in a real-life spy story of political intrigue and murder: Paul Joyal, Russia expert, security consultant: A message has been communicated to anyone who wants to speak out against the Kremlin: “If you do, no matter who you are, where you are, we will find you and we will silence you—in the most horrible way possible”.
Spy 'Poisoned by Radiation': A large quantity of radiation, probably from a substance called Polonium 210, has been found in the body of dead ex-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko.,,30000-13553599,00.html They also revealed that police have found radiation at three locations: his Muswell Hill home, a central London sushi bar where he ate shortly before falling ill, and a hotel where he had met two Russians that morning.
Alexander Litvinenko: the poison of power by Zygmunt Dzieciolowski. A poisoned Russian defector in London is only the latest official enemy to be targeted. Their dream was a poison which would kill a man instantly but which could not be found in a corpse's blood during the post-mortem examination.
Obituary: Alexander Litvinenko Born in the Russian city of Voronezh, Mr Litvinenko first became a security agent in the FSB's predecessor, the Soviet-era KGB, after transferring from the military. He rose to the rank of lieutenant-colonel. He is reported to have fallen out with Russian President Vladimir Putin, then head of the FSB, in the late 1990s, after failing to crack down on corruption within the organisation. The nature of his job, as a specialist in fighting organised crime, meant he would certainly have made enemies.

Other Spy Articles
"I, spy -- Russia's most wanted" by Christopher Shulgan from Saturday's Globe and Mail: Oleg Kalugin, now living quietly as a grandpa, was once the most senior agent ever to turn against the KGB. As critics of his fellow ex-spy Vladimir Putin keep having 'accidents,' Mr. Kalugin may be a prime target.
"FBI Discovers Biggest SpyOperation In US History - Scores Israelis Held" by Charles R. Smith: In the wake of the September 11 terrorist attack, the FBI has stumbled on the largest espionage ring ever discovered inside the United States. The U.S. Justice Department is now holding nearly 100 Israeli citizens with direct ties to foreign military, criminal and intelligence services.
FBI History - Famous Cases: 33 Members of the Duquesne Spy Ring: On January 2, 1942, 33 members of a Nazi spy ring headed by Frederick Joubert Duquesne were sentenced to serve a total of over 300 years in prison. They were brought to justice after a lengthy espionage investigation by the FBI.
Remote Viewing - The ESP of Espionage - We may all have latent psi powers, but our ability to develop them is being blanked out by socially engineered stress, and with the collusion of covert agencies. Military/intelligence interest in remote-viewing (RV) goes back to at least the 1950s. Remote-viewing-the ability to see things far from one's physical body-was developed during the Cold War to enable security organisations to gain information about top-secret enemy sites in which they had no assets.
Canada's Spy Agency from the Inside - by Nomi Morris: The agency's name is absent from the address board in the lobby. But on the fifth floor of an unassuming office tower at Ottawa's Billings Bridge Plaza - right beside a local Zellers - are several sub-offices of the Communications Security Establishment, Canada's most secret and least-accountable spy service.
3,500 Chinese spy companies identified in Canada and U.S. The FBI is warning lawmakers that China has more than 3,000 "front" companies in the US whose real purpose is to direct espionage efforts. In Canada, similar warnings involving an estimated 500 firms have fallen on deaf ears. The situation is now being called the most significant threat to North America's security.
'Home-grown terrorists' living in Canada: CSIS - Canada's spy service is warning of an increasing threat from "home-grown terrorists" already living in communities across the country. He says young Canadians from immigrant backgrounds are becoming radicalized through the internet and are looking for targets at home, not abroad.
Profumo Affair Exposed Illuminati Control: By Henry Makow Ph.D. May 25, 2008
As a fan of the 1989 movie Scandal, I recently bought Christine Keeler's memoir "The Truth At Last" (2001) at a used book store. Keeler's memoir puts the scandal which helped topple Harold Macmillan's government in 1963 in the context of the Illuminati conspiracy.Keeler's mentor Stephen Ward was a Russian agent, part of a ring that included royal art curator Sir Anthony Blunt and Sir Roger Hollis, head of MI-5 (1956-1965.) In her presence they conspired to give British Defence secrets to the USSR. She told the police and Lord Denning but it was suppressed. This is confirmation, added to what we know about Victor Rothschild and from Heinrich Muller, that Communism was a creation of British Freemasonry which in turn is an instrument of the Rothschild banking empire. (The Illuminati is the top rung of Freemasonry.)

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North American Union by 2010?

Canada, United States, and Mexico to be One, Big, Happy Family. Yeh, Right!

"For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interest of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists ' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it." - David Rockefeller

When the government fears the People, that is Liberty. When the People fear the Government, that is tyranny. ~Thomas Jefferson
A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny. ~ Alexander Solzhenitsyn
"To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public." – Teddy Roosevelt
North American Union: Watch a 22-minute powerpoint presentation that gives an overview of the North American Union.
North American Union Already Starting to Replace USA by Jerome R. Corsi: In March 2005 at their summit meeting in Waco, Tex., President Bush, President Fox and Prime Minister Martin issued a joint statement announced the creation of the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America” (SPP). The creation of this new agreement was never submitted to Congress for debate and decision.
Globalists envision another 9/11 crisis as great for creating climate for North American Union: The North American Union (NAU) would destroy and replace Canada, and subject Canadians to a Christian far right, neo-fascistic, and anti-democratic political-military-industrial complex toward a sought Orwellian "New World Order".
Bush Administration Quietly Plans NAFTA Super Highway by Jerome R. Corsi: Quietly but systematically, the Bush Administration is advancing the plan to build a huge NAFTA Super Highway, four football-fields-wide, through the heart of the U.S. along Interstate 35, from the Mexican border at Laredo, Tex., to the Canadian border north of Duluth, Minn.
The NAFTA Super Highway by Patrick J. Buchanan: This is a "mind-boggling concept," exploded Lou Dobbs. It must cause Americans to think our political and academic elites have "gone utterly mad." What had detonated the mild-mannered CNN anchor? Dr. Robert Pastor, vice chair of the Council on Foreign Relations Task Force on North America, had just appeared before a panel of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations -- to call for erasing all U.S. borders and a merger of the United States, Mexico and Canada in a North American union stretching from Prudhoe Bay to Guatemala.
The EU and The NAU ~ Two Peas In A Pod! By Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D. - The formation of the European Union (EU) is the 'blueprint' being used to construct the North American Union (NAU). Dr. Robert A. Pastor, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) "told the Trilateral Commission in 2002 that the North American Union needed to implement a series of political proposals which would have authority OVER the sovereignty of the United States, Canada and Mexico. Specifically, Pastor called for the creation of North American passports and a North American Customs and Immigrations, which would have authority OVER U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) within the Department of Homeland Security. They plan to turn North America into a totalitarian state ruled by a corporate plutocracy -- a totalitarian government, OF the wealthy, BY the wealthy, and FOR the wealthy.
America is a Constitutional Republic . . . NOT a Democracy by Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D. The larger problem we are facing is related to those who would support and approve of mob rule. It is called tyranny. What is tyranny? Simply put, we are being governed by tyrants who have usurped the will of the people. Our government has become a raging bull elephant, no pun intended, and is totally out of control. We are well on the road to fascism, which was defined by Mussolini as the combining of capitalism and Communism. I urge you to educate yourself. If you have access to a computer you need to read what your own government has posted on their official websites such as the,, and You will be aghast at the nearly complete destruction of our sovereignty, Bill of Rights, Constitution, laws, Republic, and freedoms they have ALREADY achieved.
The Emerging North American Union (NAU) by Debra K. Niwa (12 January 2007) A lot of research went into this 23-page paper and it should be read by everyone so they can better understand what we are facing in the future.
Bill paves way for Canada's 'disappearance' - Critics say country moving toward 'deep integration' with U.S. The conservative minority government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper is pressing for "The Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement", which would enable a Canadian company to challenge laws in provinces that block the North American Free Trade Agreement.
Globalists To Formally Propose Merger Of U.S., Canada, Mexico - North American Union to be presented to Congress by powerful think tank: The report is entitled "North American Future 2025 Project" and was prepared in collaboration with the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), who were previously instrumental in the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994. The plan outlines an agenda to unify the three countries into a European Union style power bloc.
North American Union, Global Governance - Welcome to the no man's land of the 'North Americanist' By Judi McLeod, April 12, 2007: Few call the coming end of the sovereignty of three nations globalization, but rarely what it really is, the persistent encroachment of One World Government. The United Nations-like European Union now governs all of Europe. Lou Dobbs on June 9, 2005, began his evening broadcast with the startling announcement: "Good evening, everybody. Tonight, an astonishing proposal to expand our borders to incorporate Mexico and Canada and simultaneously further diminish U.S. sovereignty. Have our political elites gone mad?"
North American Union driver's license created: By Jerome R. Corsi, Thursday, September 6, 2007: The first "North American Union" driver's license, complete with a hologram of the continent on the reverse, has been created in North Carolina. Jason King, spokesman for AAMVA, affirmed the North American hologram was created by AAMVA's Uniform Identification Subcommittee, a working group of its members. He explained the goal is to create a continental security device that could be used by state and provincial motor vehicles agencies throughout North America, including the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
Bush doesn't deny plans for North American Union: President avoids question, ridicules 'conspiracy theorists' who believe it: Montebello, Quebec – President Bush today sidestepped a direct question about whether he'd be willing to categorically deny there is a plan to create the North American Union. Bush's comments echoed the comments published just a day earlier in the Ottawa Citizen by David Wilkins, the U.S. ambassador to Canada. "While conspiracy theories abound, you can take it to the bank that no one involved in these discussions is interested in, or has ever proposed, a 'North American Union,' a 'North American super highway,' or a 'North American currency,'" he wrote. Harper joined in. There's not going to be any NAFTA Superhighway connecting the three nations, he said, and it's "not going to go interplanetary either," he said. Harper said the SPP discussions that were held concerned such pressing issues as jelly beans.
North American Military Agreement Signed by the U.S. and Canadaby Jim Kouri
Global Research, April 4, 2008 - 2008-03-11
While Americans are being bombarded with large doses of presidential primary news coverage, the US entered into an agreement with its northern neighbor that may have an impact on future internal military action.
In a political move that received little if any attention by the American news media, the United States and Canada entered into a military agreement on February 14, 2008, allowing the armed forces from one nation to support the armed forces of the other nation during a domestic civil emergency, even one that does not involve a cross-border crisis, according to a police commander involved in homeland security planning and implementation.
It is an initiative of the Bi-National Planning Group whose final report, issued in June 2006, called for the creation of a "Comprehensive Defense and Security Agreement," or a "continental approach" to Canada-US defense and security.
The law enforcement executive told that the agreement -- defined as a Civil Assistance Plan -- was not submitted to Congress for debate and approval, nor did Congress pass any law or treaty specifically authorizing this military agreement to combine the operations of the armed forces of the United States and Canada in the event of domestic civil disturbances ranging from violent storms, to health epidemics, to civil riots or terrorist attacks.
"This is a military plan that's designed to bypass the Posse Comitatus Act that traditionally prohibited the US military from operating within the borders of the United States. Not only will American soldiers be deployed at the discretion of whomever is sitting in the Oval Office, but foreign soldiers will also be deployed in American cities," warns Lt. Steven Rodgers, commander of the Nutley, NJ Police Department's detective bureau.
In Canada the agreement paving the way for the militaries of the US and Canada to cross each other's borders to fight domestic emergencies was not announced either by Prime Minister Harper's administration or the Canadian military. The agreement met with protests and demonstrations by Canadians opposed to such treaties with the US.
"It's kind of a trend when it comes to issues of Canada-US relations and contentious issues like military integration," claims Stuart Trew, a researcher with the Council of Canadians. "We see that this government is reluctant to disclose information to Canadians that is readily available on American and Mexican websites," he said in a press statement.
The military Civil Assistance Plan is seen by critics as a further incremental step toward creating a North American armed forces available to be deployed in domestic North American emergency situations. According to the NORTHCOM press release, the plan "allows the military from one nation to support the armed forces of the other nation during a civil emergency."
The agreement was signed at US Army North headquarters, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, by US Air Force General Gene Renuart, commander of NORAD and US Northern Command, or USNORTHCOM, and by Canadian Air Force Lt. General Marc Dumais, commander of Canada Command.
"This document is a unique, bilateral military plan to align our respective national military plans to respond quickly to the other nation's requests for military support of civil authorities," Renuart said in a statement published on the USNORTHCOM website.
Lt. Gen. Dumais seconded Renuart's sentiments, stating, "The signing of this plan is an important symbol of the already strong working relationship between Canada Command and U.S. Northern Command."
"Our commands were created by our respective governments to respond to the defense and security challenges of the twenty-first century," he stressed, "and we both realize that these and other challenges are best met through cooperation between friends."
"It's hard to believe that Americans and Canadians will go along with this agreement," opines conservative strategist Michael Baker.
"That's why [there's] all this secrecy. Has anyone heard Clinton, Obama or McCain complain about this significant policy shift? All three of these presidential hopefuls are in the US Senate, yet not a peep from them about a foreign army being called to 'police' US neighborhoods under the guise of an 'emergency,'" he said.
The statement on the USNORTHCOM website emphasized that the plan recognizes the role of each nation's lead federal agency for emergency preparedness, which in the United States is the Department of Homeland Security and in Canada is Public Safety Canada.
The US Northern Command was established on October 1, 2002, as a military command tasked with anticipating and conducting homeland defense and civil support operations where US armed forces are used in domestic emergencies.
Meanwhile, the Canada Command was established on February 1, 2006, to focus on domestic operations and offer a single point of contact for all domestic and continental defense and securities partners.
In May 2007, President Bush took it upon himself to sign the National Security Presidential Directive 51 which is also known as Homeland Security Presidential Directive 20, authorizing the president to declare a national emergency and take over all functions of federal, state, local, territorial and tribal governments, without necessarily obtaining the approval of Congress to do so.
While Americans are being kept in the dark about this treaty, Canadian citizens are being totally ignored by their government. The extent of military integration called for by the BNP is unprecedented and has received absolutely no public debate in the House of Commons. If they wish to read about the details of this military agreement, Canadians must go to the Northern Command website to see any evidence of the new agreement.
"Once the Canadian people discover they can be [legally invaded] by US troops, they will take to the streets and protest and use the very effective weapon of civil disobedience. Canadians will not stand for occupation by a foreign army same as Americans won't," said conservative columnist and commentator Rachel Marsden.
"I'm surprised that the Canadian people haven't already displayed their opposition to such a treaty. Economics is one thing, but military use of force is quite another. We have our own police, security and military forces, thank you. We don't been Americans coming into Canada with weapons," she said. "And Americans don't need Canadian soldiers.
Stéphane Dion Liberals seek to prop-up the minority Conservative government while Canada is being assimilated into the Yvette Lafleur
Global Research, April 2, 2008
Multinational Big Business interests linked to the U.S. political-military-industrial complex, are now coordinating the elites of the Conservative and Liberal Parties, as "One Big Party". This is being done through the prism of the Security and Prosperity and Partnership North American Union (SPP-NAU) agenda. This SPP-NAU agenda, was orchestrated directly and in violation of Canadian sovereignty, through the Office of U.S. President George W. Bush, as corroborated by the official website.
Stéphane Dion and Stephen Harper are effectively functioning as leaders of the same political party, under the cover of apparent faked displays of "disagreements" in front of colluding affiliate corporate media organizations. These public displays, are designed to lull rank and file party members, and dupe Canadians into believing otherwise. This strategy includes the defamation claim media spectacle about Chuck Cadman that was launched by Stephen Harper against Stéphane Dion. Learned legal experts agree that this litigation claim will never see the light of day in a Canadian courtroom.
Glenn McGregor in the Ottawa Citizen reported on 27 March 2008, in the front page article "Absent Liberals under fire for giving Tories de facto majority", documents that "Liberal MPs are casting votes in Parliament at a rate lower than the turn out of Canadian voters who made it to the ballot box, in the last federal election."
"By choosing to sit out confidence motions that could topple the minority government, Liberal MPs on average participated in only 64 per cent of recorded votes in the House this parliamentary session." That is, "just below the 64.7 per cent of eligible voters who cast valid ballots in 2006 general election, an Ottawa Citizen analysis shows.
When they do show up for votes, Liberals consistently voted in line with the Stephen Harper government. This includes Official opposition support for extending the Canadian mission in Afghanistan, effectively merging the Canadian and U.S. militaries through the Civil Assistance Plan; crime bill provisions, and the settlement of investment disputes. SEE
It is apparent the Stéphane Dion Liberals, have been corruptly acting on behalf of the transnational elites who prevail over SPP-NAU agenda, inclusive of the so-called "Civil Assistance Plan". The Dion Liberals do not seek to act as a responsible Canadian Opposition Party that seeks to represent either the majority of Liberal Party members, or Canadians, who are commensurately dismayed and alienated by the Stephen Harper government.
It is apparent that transnational elites who prevail over SPP-NAU agenda, who Liberal Party elites have sold their souls to, do not want a federal election triggered by a Parliamentary 'No Confidence' Motion against Canada's mission in Afghanistan, or by any other Harper agenda, that would likely result in Canadians tacitly rejecting the SPP-NAU agenda.
It is further apparent that Stéphane Dion's job, is to prop up his SPP-NAU associate Stephen Harper, while SPP-NAU elites continue to assimilate Canada under the terms of a "Bi-National Panel" documented by the Centre for Research on Globalization. But, don't expect CTV, CanWest Global, TVOntario, Radio Canada, the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, or other Canadian corporate media organizations to shed light on this destructive agenda. Indeed, the greed-driven and fascist SPP-NAU agenda, is also supported by the elite owners of Canada's media organizations.
Stéphane Dion's role, as an assimilated crypto-Conservative, is illuminated prophetically in the CBC mini-series Trojan Horse, that presents Canadian political elites in Parliamentary, as voting to support Canada joining the United States.
Paul Gross, in Trojan Horse plays the character Tom McLaughlin, an almost "anti-Stéphane Dion like" politician ,who as a former Prime Minister, refuses to lose his country without a fight.
The SPP-NAU is by far, the biggest and most uncovered political scandal in Canadian history. It involves the apparent execution of high treason against Her Majesty the Queen of Canada, as defined by the Canadian Criminal Code. Indeed, the SPP-NAU Affair, makes former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien Sponsorship Scandal, look like a very trivial matter.
The North American 'Soviet' UnionBy Charlotte Iserbyt
February 27, 2007
There is one common thread running through all articles and speeches by elected officials, well-known writers, and commentators in opposition to the merging of the United States into a political and economic regional arrangement known as the North American Union. To my knowledge, not one of them has chosen to use the “C” word (communism) when warning Americans of the dangers of this unconstitutional merger about to be foisted upon us without proper hearings in Congress. Excellent speeches and articles are being given and written warning us of all sorts of bad things related to this merger, including the fact that we will lose our sovereignty, but we are not being told that all these bad things are necessary for the full implementation of The North American Soviet Union (communistic/regional system). Isn’t the “C” word the one and only word which might shock Americans out of their state of conditioned apathy, thereby bringing about citizen activism which might result in killing this “regional” monster?
Morris Zeitlin, a communist writer for the Communist Party’s Daily World said in an article entitled “Planning is Socialism’s Trademark,” November 8, 1975: “We (USA) have no regional government and no comprehensive regional planning to speak of. Regional government and planning remain concepts our urban scholars and planners have long advocated in vain…In socialist countries, metropolitan regions enjoy metropolitan regional government and comprehensive planning. The economic and functional efficiencies and the social benefits that comprehensive national, regional and city planning make possible in socialist society explain the Soviet Union’s enormous and rapid economic social progress…”
Of interest regarding Zeitlin’s comment about “the Soviet Union’s enormous and rapid economic social progress…” is the following admission made by former President Gorbachev at the 2005 National School Board Association conference that “half the world’s population and two-thirds of Russia’s lives in poverty.”
The United States Government, at all levels, has since 1975 accepted wholeheartedly Zeitlin’s advice, to the extent that our country is, believe it or not, almost 100 percent socialist in its political, economic, social and environmental (sustainable development) policies. For documentation please read “Walks Like a Duck, Talks Like a Duck.”
The regionalization (consolidation) of the world is quite similar to the three-stage plan outlined by Stalin at the 1936 Communist International. At that meeting, the official program proclaimed:
“Dictatorship can be established only by a victory of socialism in different
countries or groups of countries, after which there would be federal unions of
the various groupings of these socialist countries, and the third stage would be
an amalgamation of these regional federal unions into a world union of socialist
nations.” (Ed note: The third stage is taking place right now as we in the
United States of America become part of a federal union, the North American
Union, which will in the near future become part of a world union of socialist

Former President of the Soviet Union Gorbachev on March 23, 2000, in London, referred to the European Union (EU) as "the New European Soviet.” If he refers to the EU in that way, it only stands to reason that he would refer to the North American Union (NAU) as the “New American Soviet,” since the NAU is modeled on the EU. Gorbachev also said in his speech to the Soviet Central Committee on November 2, 1987, published by Novosti Press Agency Publishing House:
“We are moving toward a new world, the world of communism. We shall never turn off that road.”
How is it possible that if American citizens or United States officials involved in putting us under the North American Union were aware of Gorbachev’s statements, they would not be very concerned regarding our nation becoming part of a communist world? Have we forgotten the many hundreds of millions of innocent people tortured, starved, murdered and incarcerated by communist regimes around the world? Authorities say “over 20 million people suffered in purges under Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin -- and that more than 10 million died before Stalin's death in 1953. Some put the number even higher.” [Read]
Do we really believe the communists have changed or gone away?
[Read entire article at:]
Toward a North American Union (Part 1 of 3)
Patrick Wood
August 27, 2006
Good evening, everybody. Tonight, an astonishing proposal to expand our borders to incorporate Mexico and Canada and simultaneously further diminish U.S. sovereignty. Have our political elites gone mad? --Lou Dobbs on Lou Dobbs Tonight, June 9, 2005
The global elite, through the direct operations of President George Bush and his Administration, are creating a North American Union that will combine Canada, Mexico and the U.S. into a superstate called the North American Union (NAU). The NAU is roughly patterned after the European Union (EU). There is no political or economic mandate for creating the NAU, and unofficial polls of a cross-section of Americans indicate that they are overwhelmingly against this end-run around national sovereignty.
To answer Lou Dobbs, "No, the political elites have not gone mad", they just want you to think that they have.
NAFTA/NAU Emblem The reality over appearance is easily cleared up with a proper historical perspective of the last 35 years of political and economic manipulation by the same elite who now bring us the NAU.
This paper will explore this history in order to give the reader a complete picture of the NAU, how it is made possible, who are the instigators of it, and where it is headed.
It is important to first understand that the impending birth of the NAU is a gestation of the Executive Branch of the U.S. government, not the Congress. This is the topic of the first discussion below.
The next topic will examine the global elite's strategy of subverting the power to negotiate trade treaties and international law with foreign countries from the Congress to the President. Without this power, NAFTA and the NAU would never have been possible.
After this, we will show that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is the immediate genetic and necessary ancestor of the NAU.
Lastly, throughout this report the NAU perpetrators and their tactics will be brought into the limelight so as to affix blame where it properly belongs. The reader will be struck with the fact that the same people are at the center of each of these subjects.
The Best Government that Money Can Buy
Modern day globalization was launched with the creation of the Trilateral Commission in 1973 by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Its membership consisted of just over 300 powerful elitists from north America, Europe and Japan. The clearly stated goal of the Trilateral Commission was to foster a "New International Economic Order" that would supplant the historical economic order.
In spite of its non-political rhetoric, The Trilateral Commission nonetheless established a headlock on the Executive Branch of the U.S. government with the election of James Earl Carter in 1976. Hand-picked as a presidential candidate by Brzezinski, Carter was personally tutored in globalist philosophy and foreign policy by Brzezinski himself. Subsequently, when Carter was sworn in as President, he appointed no less than one-third of the U.S. members of the Commission to his Cabinet and other high-level posts in his Administration. Such was the genesis of the Trilateral Commission's domination of the Executive Branch that continues to the present day.
With the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980, Trilateral Commission member George H.W. Bush was introduced to the White House as vice-president. Through Bush's influence, Reagan continued to select key appointments from the ranks of the Trilateral Commission.
In 1988, George H.W. Bush began his four-year term as President. He was followed by fellow Trilateral Commission member William Jefferson Clinton, who served for 8 years as President and appointed fourteen fellow Trilateral members to his Administration.
The election of George W. Bush in 2000 should be no surprise. Although Bush was not a member of the Trilateral Commission, his vice-president Dick Cheney is. In addition, Dick Cheney's wife, Lynne, is also a member of the Commission in her own right.
The hegemony of the Trilateral Commission over the Executive Branch of the U.S. government is unmistakable. Critics argue that this scenario is merely circumstantial, that the most qualified political "talent" quite naturally tends to belong to groups like the Trilateral Commission in the first place. Under examination, such explanations are quite hollow.
Why would the Trilateral Commission seek to dominate the Executive Branch? Quite simply - Power! That is, power to get things done directly which would have been impossible to accomplish through the only moderately successful lobbying efforts of the past; power to use the government as a bully platform to modify political behavior throughout the world.
Of course, the obvious corollary to this hegemony is that the influence and impact of the citizenry is virtually eliminated.
Modern Day "World Order" Strategy
After its founding in 1973, Trilateral Commission members wasted no time in launching their globalist strategy. But, what was that strategy?
Richard Gardner was an original member of the Trilateral Commission, and one of the prominent architects of the New International Economic Order. In 1974, his article "The Hard Road to World Order" appeared in Foreign Affairs magazine, published by the Council on Foreign Relations. With obvious disdain for anyone holding nationalistic political views, Gardner proclaimed,
"In short, the 'house of world order' would have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. It will look like a great 'booming, buzzing confusion,' to use William James' famous description of reality, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault."[emphasis added]
In Gardner's view, using treaties and trade agreements (such as General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs or GATT) would bind and supercede constitutional law piece by piece, which is exactly what has happened. In addition, Gardner highly esteemed the role of the United Nations as a third-party legal body that could be used to erode the national sovereignty of individual nations.
Gardner concluded that "the case-by-case approach can produce some remarkable concessions of 'sovereignty' that could not be achieved on an across-the-board basis"
Thus, the end result of such a process is that the U.S. would eventually capitulate its sovereignty to the newly proposed world order. It is not specifically mentioned who would control this new order, but it is quite obvious that the only 'players' around are Gardner and his Trilateral cronies.
It should again be noted that the formation of the Trilateral Commission by Rockefeller and Brzezinski was a response to the general frustration that globalism was going nowhere with the status quo prior to 1973. The "frontal assault " had failed, and a new approach was needed. It is a typical mindset of the global elite to view any roadblock as an opportunity to stage an "end-run" to get around it. Gardner confirms this frustration:
"Certainly the gap has never loomed larger between the objectives and the capacities of the international organizations that were supposed to get mankind on the road to world order. We are witnessing an outbreak of shortsighted nationalism that seems oblivious to the economic, political and moral implications of interdependence. Yet never has there been such widespread recognition by the world's intellectual leadership of the necessity for cooperation and planning on a truly global basis, beyond country, beyond region, especially beyond social system."
The "world's intellectual leadership" apparently refers to academics such as Gardner and Brzezinski. Outside of the Trilateral Commission and the CFR, the vast majority of academic thought at the time was opposed to such notions as mentioned above. [Read entire article at: and connect for parts 2 & 3]
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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Corporate Welfare & Corporate Greed

Corporate Welfare

World's Biggest Corporation is a Welfare Queen - Wal-Mart Has Received More Than $1 Billion in Economic Development Subsidies: Wal-Mart presents itself as an entrepreneurial success story, yet it has made extensive use of tax breaks, free land, cash grants and other forms of public assistance," said Philip Mattera, research director of Good Jobs First and principal author of the study. Visit "The Shame Page" and find out 'What is New' plus 'Old Links,' and 'Corporate Welfare Classics' and you can take a quiz, plus more to check out! Toronto Star: Corporate welfare alive and well by Carol Goar
Canada: Read the article in Macleans, March 26th, 2007, page 42. 'Slush' Money? Critics say Ottawa is back in the business of corporate welfare by Jason Kirby. In case you can't find the article, I'll include a few quotes from it, as follows:
... "Corporate welfare is a failed policy both in terms of job creation and economic growth," says Adam Taylor, national research director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation in Ottawa. "All the programs in the past have proved that point, and any new program will prove that point again." Set up in 1996, TPC's stated goal was to help companies in research-heavy industries compete by offering them repayable loans. Plenty of cash rushed out the door, but not much has made it back. By the federation's count, more than $3 billion has flowed through TPC, yet the federal government has recouped barely $170 million to date, a far cry from Ottawa's initial promise that each investment dollar would yield $1.74 in repayments.
Over the years, the program's biggest beneficiary by far has been Quebec's aerospace sector. Of the five largest recipients of TPC loans, four are located in that province-Pratt & Whitney, Bombardier, Bell Helicopter, and flight-simulator maker CAE. Ottawa has forked out $1.8 billion to P&W alone, according to Taylor ... [end of quote]
Anyhow, you get the idea. Those are big numbers behind the dollar sign. Corporations get welfare, like free money, and they don't create jobs or benefit the economy. Did you ever wonder why the government gives away such huge sums of money to corporations when we have homeless on our streets, poverty amongst children, suffering social programs aimed at being "our brother's keeper," etc?
Here is another issue: Eliminate student debt, free tuition, education for the masses! What the ....? What would happen with an educated populace? The only reason why we have the incompetent, nincompoops that we do have in power is that the general public are disengaged from politics. How many people are caught up with Texas Hold 'Em, sports, Anne Nicole Smith or some other monthly issue of little merit, or anything else as a distraction from the realities in the real world? Should World War III concern us? What would happen if Bush attacks Iran? Should we read, listen, discuss, or write about world events? Should we become informed? Or should we bury our heads in the sand and pretend all is well in the world? I know what I'm going to do. What are you going to do?

Corporate Greed
Ponzi Schemes: The Haul Gets Bigger, but the Fraud Never ChangesBy Eduardo Porter
December 27, 2008
One hears anguished commentary about how Bernard Madoff’s gargantuan fraud epitomizes the self-defeating excess of high-tech finance — his fall the embodiment of the fall of modern capitalism. But while $50 billion is a lot of money to defraud, there’s nothing particularly modern about Mr. Madoff’s ethics or technique.
Ponzi schemes are among the oldest in the books, long preceding the stamp arbitrage scam engineered in the 1920s by Charles Ponzi, who gave the fraud its name. They have been practiced by hundreds of scammers across the world. And they usually end badly.
The oldest documented case dates back to 1719, when John Law, a Scot, offered investors stock in a French company trading up the Mississippi River, promising returns of more than 40 percent a year.
More recently, from Romania to Russia, Ponzi schemes became de rigeur as former Communist countries embraced capitalism. In Albania, half the population invested an amount equivalent to the nation’s entire gross domestic product in an enormous Ponzi scheme before it collapsed.
In April last year, authorities in Wazirabad, Pakistan, arrested a former high school teacher who reportedly took nearly $1 billion from starry-eyed investors. And a few weeks ago, the Colombian government declared a state of emergency because of rioting over some closed Ponzi funds.
Some say that Mr. Madoff’s fraud is a harbinger of the downfall of the 21st-century’s frenetic variant of capitalism. I would suggest that it underscores how stable the strategies and the institutions of finance truly are. What changes are the scale and the technology. The ethical shortcomings remain.
And Mr. Madoff’s strategy doesn’t just recall that of snake-oil peddlers of yore. It is strikingly similar to that of the brokers and the financiers who built lucrative legal businesses convincing investors that something — Internet stocks, American homes, Dutch tulips — would appreciate forever for some superspecial reason.
What’s a Ponzi scheme but an illegal ruse to entice the gullible with the promise of too-good-to-be-true returns in arcane investments using an intimidating cloud of abstruse financial lingo? Ponzi frauds have the defining characteristic that returns to the first batch of innocents are paid from the money invested by the second batch. That sounds a lot like today’s American real estate market.
And Ponzi frauds often have similar ends to our increasingly frequent bubbles. Not only do they both usually collapse, but so many rich and influential French investors were taken by John Law’s fraud in the 18th century that the government felt compelled to bail them out. According to Utpal Bhattacharya, a professor of finance at Indiana University, it exchanged the investors’ worthless stock for bonds secured by Paris’s municipal revenues.
There are, of course, important differences between fraud and standard financial practice. Crucially, bubbles are powered by fools of increasing gullibility, who are willing to pay an even greater price to buy an asset from the fool that bought it in the preceding round. Ponzi schemes only require that their investors be foolish.
Yet these details do not negate the larger paradigm of finance, old or new: getting investors’ money requires a story. It doesn’t have to be true.

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Did Bush win the 2004 U.S. Elections?

Check out a few articles about the 2004 U.S. Elections and ask yourself "Did George Jr. ever get elected president of the U.S.?" and see if your conclusions are the same as mine. In addition, if you want to see a video, check out Greg Palast and RFK Jr at: There is a lot of material out there on the internet and I'm sure if you look you can find additional information that confirms the fact that George W. Bush was never elected.

"Knowledge is the antidote to fear." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
"The more you know, the less you understand." (Lao-tsu)
Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.- Confucius, 551-479 B.C.*******
"If you are too clever, you could miss the point entirely." (a Tibetan saying)

Was It Theft?
2004 ballots not preserved - Result of presidential vote cannot be verified: Despite a federal judge's order to preserve all ballots from the 2004 presidential election - in which Ohio provided President Bush's margin of victory - boards of elections in 56 of Ohio's 88 counties lost, shredded or dumped nearly 1.6 million ballots and election records.
Are Rove's missing e-mails the smoking guns of the stolen 2004 election? By Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman, April 25, 2007: The major media has come to focus on a large batch of electronic communications which have disappeared from the server of the Republican National Committee, and from White House advisor Rove's computers. The attention stems from the controversial firing of eight federal prosecutors by Attorney-General Alberto Gonzales.
The Stolen Election of 2004 by Michael Parenti: The 2004 presidential contest between Democratic challenger Senator John Kerry and the Republican incumbent, President Bush Jr., amounted to another stolen election. This has been well documented by such investigators as Rep. John Conyers, Mark Crispin Miller, Bob Fitrakis, Harvey Wasserman, Bev Harris, and others.
What Really Happened - The 2004 US Elections: The Mother of all Vote Frauds: The Government Accounting Office has confirmed what the blogs reported and the mainstream media media dismissed as "conspiracy theory". The electronic voting machines were wide open to fraud, and fraud likely occured in Ohio, Iowa, Nevada, and New Mexico, among other states.
Was the 2004 Election Fixed? By Paul Craig Roberts: A number of counties in various states have decided to return to paper ballots that can be verified and recounted. But now that Republicans have learned that they can use the electronic machines to control election outcomes, the disenfranchisement of Democrats is likely to be a permanent feature of American "democracy."
Rolling Stone - Was the 2004 Election Stolen? by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Republicans prevented more than 350,000 voters in Ohio from casting ballots or having their votes counted -- enough to have put John Kerry in the White House.
2004 U.S. Election — Stolen by Diana Lee: The majority of Americans aren’t even aware of the stolen election of November 2, in which George Bush claimed victory over John Kerry. The blackout of mainstream news seems to be part of a cover-up scheme orchestrated by the news corporations throughout America. Instead, the alternative news and Internet bloggers have carried the heavy burden of spreading the word.
US Election 2004 Results Listed by Average IQ - note: note: We placed this information here for the purpose of informing Americans what the rest of the world thinks of them, and because the US media refuses to fulfill its civic responsibility by doing so.
The 2004 U.S. Election Was Stolen: Lots of other articles about the election. Worth checking out.
2004 Election Investigation: Research and Commentary on the 2004 US Presidential Election (Steve Freeman): Lots of research, good articles. The 2004 Ohio Presidential Election: Cuyahoga County Analysis - How Kerry Votes Were Switched to Bush Votes by James Q. Jacobs: Simply put, Ohio votes were NOT counted as cast. Many votes were miscounted, and Kerry votes were counted for Bush. Numerous questions have been raised about the fairness of the 2004 Presidential election in the United States of America (US). In this article I focus on one election issue, punch card cross-voting—how votes cast one way were counted other than as intended, as a vote for a different candidate or option.
2004 United States election voting controversies, Ohio: During the 2004 U.S. presidential election, there were allegations of problems with the election process in Ohio, including missing and uncounted votes; machine malfunctions; machine shortages; machine mis-voting; and anomalous statistical discrepancies in vote tabulations, such as more votes than voters.
Kerry Won in '04 by Greg Palast: In Ohio, there were 153,237 ballots simply thrown away, more than the Bush “victory” margin. In New Mexico the uncounted vote was fives times the Bush alleged victory margin of 5,988. In Iowa, Bush’s triumph of 13,498 was overwhelmed by 36,811 votes rejected. In all, over three million votes were cast but never counted in the 2004 presidential election.
Why Kerry Conceded (Though He Had Most of the Votes) by Greg Palast: Kerry did not concede because he did not have the votes. He conceded because he could not get them counted.
The GOP's cyber election hit squad - Did the most powerful Republicans in America have the computer capacity, software skills and electronic infrastructure in place on Election Night 2004 to tamper with the Ohio results to ensure George W. Bush's re-election? The answer appears to be yes. On Election Night 2004, the Republican Party not only controlled the vote-counting process in Ohio, the final presidential swing state, through a secretary of state who was a co-chair of the Bush campaign, but it also controlled the technology that allowed the tally of the vote in Ohio's 88 counties to be reported to the media and voters.

Info about Election

United States Presidential Election, 2004: Background, Nominations, General election: campaign, Election results, Vote splitting concerns, Battleground states, Election controversy, and New during this campaign:,_2004
Election Result Maps: Maps and cartograms of the 2004 US presidential election results.
U.S. Department of State - Elections 2004
The Political Blogosphere and the 2004 U.S. Election: The 2004 U.S. Presidential Election was the first Presidential Election in the United States in which. blogging played an important role.
Voter Turnout: Be aware that these data are based on government data sources that are continually revised and updated.
U.S. Presidential Election 2004 Humor: Satire, parody, and spoofs, plus campaign toys and time killers, starring George W. Bush, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton and the usual bunch of idiot-- uh, patriots.
Another Rigged Election? The Elephant in the Voting Booth by Maureen Farrell: On election night, Peter Jennings looked measurably surprised when he learned that President Bush had provided a tape of himself, sitting in the White House, commenting on his impending victory. It was an unprecedented move. No sitting president had ever addressed the nation while polls were still open. It was just not done. But there was George, exuding confidence, offering an election day reminder of our leader's legitimacy.
Ohio Secretary of State confirms 2004 election could have been stolen
by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman
December 14, 2007
Ohio's Secretary of State announced this morning that a $1.9 million official study shows that "critical security failures" are embedded throughout the voting systems in the state that decided the 2004 election. Those failures, she says, "could impact the integrity of elections in the Buckeye State." They have rendered Ohio's vote counts "vulnerable" to manipulation and theft by "fairly simple techniques."
Indeed, she says, "the tools needed to compromise an accurate vote count could be as simple as tampering with the paper audit trail connector or using a magnet and a personal digital assistant." In other words, Ohio's top election official has finally confirmed that the 2004 election could have been easily stolen.

Republican IT consultant subpoenaed in case alleging tampering with 2004 electionLarisa Alexandrovna and Muriel Kane
Published: Monday September 29, 2008 COLUMBUS -- A high-level Republican consultant has been subpoenaed in a case regarding alleged tampering with the 2004 election.Michael L. Connell was served with a subpoena in Ohio on Sept. 22 in a case alleging that vote-tampering during the 2004 presidential election resulted in civil rights violations. Connell, president of GovTech Solutions and New Media Communications, is a website designer and IT professional who created a website for Ohio’s secretary of state that presented the results of the 2004 election in real time as they were tabulated. At the time, Ohio’s Secretary of State, Kenneth J. Blackwell, was also chairman of Bush-Cheney 2004 reelection effort in Ohio.Connell is refusing to testify or to produce documents relating to the system used in the 2004 and 2006 elections, lawyers say. His motion to quash the subpoena asserts that the request for documents is burdensome because the information sought should be “readily ascertainable through public records request” – but also, paradoxically, because “it seeks confidential, trade secrets, and/or proprietary information” that “have independent economic value” and “are not known to the public, or even to non-designated personnel within or working for Mr. Connell’s business.” According to sources close to the office of Clifford Arnebeck, one of the Ohio attorneys who brought the case, Arnebeck intends to ask the court to compel Connell to testify. An emergency conference with the judge, originally scheduled for Monday, is to be rescheduled.
King Lincoln Bronzeville Neighborhood Association v. Blackwell
The case, known as King Lincoln Bronzeville Neighborhood Association v. Blackwell, was filed against Kenneth J. Blackwell on Aug. 31, 2006 by Columbus attorneys Clifford Arnebeck, Robert Fitrakis and others. It initially charged Blackwell with racially discriminatory practices -- including the selective purging of voters from the election rolls and the unequal allocation of voting machines to various districts -- and asked for measures to be taken to prevent similar problems during the November 2006 election. On Oct. 9, 2006, an amended complaint added charges of various forms of ballot-rigging as also having the effect of "depriving the Plaintiffs of their voting rights, including the right to have their votes successfully cast without intimidation, dilution, cancellation or reversal by voting machine or ballot tampering." A motion to dismiss the case as moot was filed following the November 2006 election, but it was instead stayed to allow for settlement discussions. The case took on fresh momentum earlier this year when Arnebeck announced in July that he was filing to "lift the stay in the case [and] proceed with targeted discovery in order to help protect the integrity of the 2008 election." The new filing was inspired in part by the coming forward as a whistleblower of GOP IT security expert Stephen Spoonamore, who said he was prepared to testify to the plausibility of electronic vote-rigging having been carried out in 2004. Arnebeck’s hope was that in the course of the discovery procedure it would be possible to subpoena Michael Connell, former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove, and others to obtain additional information and improve the focus of the case. The stay was lifted Sept. 19, 2008 by an order from Magistrate Judge Terrence P. Kemp of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, and a subpoena was served to Connell on the following Monday, Sept. 22. [Read entire article at:]

Mike Connell was warned not to fly before plane crash
By Wayne MadsenOnline Journal, Contributing Writer, Dec 22, 2008
(WMR) -- WMR has learned from knowledgeable sources in Ohio that Republican Party computer networking guru Mike Connell was warned not to fly in anonymous warnings conveyed to principals in the ongoing federal civil lawsuit of King Lincoln Bronzeville Neighborhood Association v. Blackwell, stemming from GOP-engineered vote fraud in the 2004 Ohio presidential election, as well as a potential Ohio racketeer-influenced criminal organization (RICO) criminal proceeding against former Bush White House aide Karl Rove and Blackwell, in the conspiracy to illegally steer Ohio’s 20 electoral votes to the Bush column in 2004.
Connell’s Piper Saratoga single-engine plane crashed during the evening of December 19 in Uniontown, Ohio, as it was preparing to land at Akron-Canton airport. There were no other passengers and Connell was killed in the crash. Connell had flown to College Park, Maryland, the previous day. Connell, who lived in Akron with his wife Heather and four children, often flew to Washington for activities related to his IT businesses.
Connell’s name surfaced as a key player in Rove’s election fraud conspiracy after this year’s July 17 Columbus news conference hosted by Cliff Arnebeck, the Ohio attorney who has been representing plaintiffs in the federal civil suit against former Republican Secretay of State J. Kenneth Blackwell. On the phone at the conference was John McCain campaign adviser and computer security specialist Stephen Spoonamore who identified Connell as a key player, as well as potential trial witness, in the GOP’s conspiracy to flip Ohio votes in the 2004 election.
Spoonamore and Connell had reportedly worked together on foreign elections in programs sponsored by the International Republican Institute (ISI) and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). Both had traveled abroad together on special election projects to ensure “fair voting” procedures.
For the first time, WMR has learned that the GOP vote flipping conspiracy was in place earlier than the November 2004 general election and was used to deny votes to Democratic candidates John Edwards and Dennis Kucinich in the March 2, 2004, Democratic primary. John Kerry won the primary with 52 percent of the vote to 34 percent for Edwards and 9 percent for Kucinich.
After Connell was identified as a potential witness in the civil case against Blackwell and a possible criminal Ohio RICO case against Rove, Blackwell, and perhaps others, the plaintiff attorneys received a tip from a high-level source in the McCain presidential campaign that Rove had issued a threat against Connell. Connell had worked for the 2008 McCain presidential campaign on the development of its web pages.
WMR has learned from our Ohio sources that five threats against Connell were conveyed to the election fraud plaintiff attorneys with the last tip being “Connell is in danger.” One of the threats reportedly made by Rove to Connell was that Connell could forget about a pardon from President George W. Bush if he did not “take the fall” in the event criminal charges were brought and that his wife Heather, who was used as a majority stockholder for one of Connell’s web design companies, GovTech Solutions, would be prosecuted for illegal lobbying. Connell’s other company is New Media Communications, Inc.
We have also learned that one additional tip was relayed to Connell’s wife and it was to the effect that Connell “was in danger and he should not fly his plane.”
Connell’s firms received contracts to place its servers behind the House of Representatives firewall courtesy of then-House Administration Committee Chairman Bob Ney (R-OH), later jailed for his role in the Jack Abramoff lobbying-influence peddling scandal. Connell also designed and ran the web sites for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Judiciary Committee. WMR has learned that through effective GOP control of these web sites, the Bush White House was able to monitor all committee e-mails and documents, including planning documents for House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearings against Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.
We have also learned that Connell’s IT firm did classified web site development work for the CIA.
Based on the threats against Connell, the federal judge hearing the civil suit King Lincoln v. Blackwell, conveyed to Connell that the court would protect him if he came forward. On October 17, 2008, Connell’s attorneys attempted to quash an October 8, 2008, plaintiff subpoena for his court appearance. On October 31, U.S. Judge Solomon Oliver denied the motion to quash the subpoena and ordered Connell’s deposition to proceed on November 3, the day before Election Day. WMR has learned that on Friday, October 31, Connell was nervous and “beet red” during the hearing to quash the subpoena. On Monday, November 3, Connell was composed and it is believed that his top shelf law firm had been selected by Rove to represent Connell for the deposition. Rove’s intent was to ensure that there would be no deposition from Connell before the November 4 election.
WMR has also learned that Connell was prepared to testify before the House Judiciary Committee about the election fraud in Ohio and other states but that the offer of testimony was not acted upon senior staffers for House Judiciary Committee Rep. John Conyers (D-MI). A source in Columbus told us that some of Conyers’ senior staffers on his committee and in is office are not to be trusted on issues related to election fraud.
In addition, Rove and the Bush White House attempted to forestall testimony by election officials in Mahoning County and Youngstown, Ohio, on election fraud in 2004 by promising to have former Rep. James Traficant (D-OH), who is currently imprisoned after being convicted of corruption, released early in return for their silence. Traficant is not scheduled for release from federal prison until Sept, 2, 2009.
George Bush aide dies in plane crashMystery surrounds the death of a Republican pollster, recently compelled to give evidence about alleged election fraud in the 2004 election in Ohio, after he was killed in a plane crash.
By Toby Harnden in Washington 21 Dec 2008
Top internet strategist Michael Connell, 45, was the only person in his single-engine private plane that crashed three miles short of the Akron-Canton airport on Friday night as he prepared to land after flying from College Park, Maryland, close to Washington.
He had worked on Mr Bush's two presidential campaigns, advised John McCain this year and was also linked to allegedly missing White House emails in the 2006 controversy over a string of firings of US attorneys.
The death of the married father of four immediately triggered conspiracy theories amid speculation that he had been about to reveal embarrassing details of the complicity of senior members of the Bush administration in fixing an election and destroying incriminating emails.
In a blog posting entitled "One of my sources died in a plane crash last night...", Larisa Alexandrovna of The Raw Story revealed that Mr Connell had been talking to her about the Ohio case alleging that vote-tampering during the 2004 presidential election resulted in civil rights violations.
"Mike was getting ready to talk. He was frightened... I am not saying that this was a hit nor am I resigned to this being simply an accident either. I am no expert on aviation and cannot provide an opinion on the matter. What I am saying, however, is that given the context, this event needs to be examined carefully."
A house was damaged in the 6pm crash in freezing conditions but no one apart from the pilot was killed or injured.
"He suffered massive traumatic injuries over his entire body," said Harry Campbell, the local coroner's chief investigator. "His death was instantaneous."
Mr Connell was president of GovTech Solutions and New Media Communications. A web designer, he had created a website for Ohio's secretary of state that presented the results of the 2004 election in real time as they were released.
He had refused to testify or to hand over documents relating to the systems he had created for the 2004 and 2006 elections but was compelled to do so by subpoena in October and appeared in court in Cleveland, Ohio – the state which gave President George W Bush victory in 2004 – to give a deposition the day before Barack Obama won the presidential election.
A lawyer bringing the voter fraud case described Mr Connell as "a high IQ Forrest Gump" because he had been at the scene of so many "crimes" involving Republicans and the Bush administration.
Mr Connel's company website states that he "has served as internet consultant to scores of prominent senators, governors and members of Congress, as well as the Republican National Committee and five Republican National Conventions".
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Are the Illuminati for Real? (Part 1)

Is history a collection of isolated and individual episodes or has history been a series of manipulated wars and events [where outrageous profits benefit the already wealthy and powerful], and if so, are these elite people still deciding what goes on today? You decide. Check out the following sites. [others under "What is a Conspiracy Theory?"]

Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier.- Charles F. Kettering

The History Of The Illuminati: The way Asians view Western history is astounding beyond imagination. We learn that everything we have been taught is a lie. We learn that we are being manipulated and herded like sheep by a secret elite. We learn that we live in a matrix of lies designed to keep us in slavery. The implications are so vast that it is hard to know where to begin. Ultimately, to really understand, we must go back to the beginnings of Western civilization.Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon: The French Revolution and the Bavarian Illuminati:
The Illuminati:

Illuminati, The New World Order & Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists (PCTs) Many PCTs believe "that large Jewish banking families have been orchestrating various political revolutions and machinations throughout Europe and America since the late eighteenth century, with the ultimate aim of bringing about a satanic New World Order.
The Straight Dope - Does May Day actually commemorate the birth of the Illuminati? Hello and welcome to the official Internet home of Cecil Adams, World's Smartest Human Being, and his famous syndicated column The Straight Dope.
Surviving the New World Order: Mankind is in the grip of a diabolical force that constantly strives to legitimize itself through deception.
Illuminati News: Lots to check out.
A Chronological History of the New World Order by D.L. Cuddy, Ph.D. In the mainline media, those who adhere to the position that there is some kind of "conspiracy" pushing us towards a world government are virulently ridiculed. The standard attack maintains that the so-called "New World Order" is the product of turn-of-the-century, right-wing, bigoted, anti-semitic racists acting in the tradition of the long-debunked Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, now promulgated by some Militias and other right-wing hate groups. The historical record does not support that position to any large degree but it has become the mantra of the socialist left and their cronies, the media.

Quotes to Think About

"... in politics nothing is accidental. If something happens, be assured it was planned this way" - George H.W. Bush, as a response to what would happen after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He referred to the Council on Foreign Relations

"Give me the power of the money and it will not matter any more who is commanding" - Franklin D. Roosevelt

"We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries." - Dr. Henry Kissinger, Bilderberger Conference, Evians, France, 1991

"It doesn't matter who the people voted for; they always vote for us". - Illuminati Statement

"The Technocratic Age is slowly designing an every day more controlled society. The society will be dominated by an elite of persons free from traditional values (!) who will have no doubt in fulfilling their objectives by means of purged techniques with which they will influence the behavior of people and will control and watch the society in all details". "... it will become possible to exert a practically permanent watch on each citizen of the world". - J. Warburg, Illuminati and Rothschild banker

"The idea was that those who direct the overall conspiracy could use the differences in those two so-called ideologies [Marxism / fascism, socialism, capitalism, etc.] to enable them [the Illuminati] to divide larger and larger portions of the human race into opposing camps so that they could be armed and then brainwashed into fighting and destroying each other." - David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission, in an address to a meeting of The Trilateral Commission, in June, 1991.

"In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all." - George Herbert Walker Bush

"We shall have world government whether or not you like it, by conquest or consent." - Strobe Talbot, Clinton's Deputy Secretary of State, as quoted in Time, July 20th, l992.

"Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the Field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it." - British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, 1876

"What is important is to dwell upon the increasing evidence of the existence of a secret conspiracy, throughout the world, for the destruction of organized government and the letting loose of evil." - Woodrow Wilson, The New Freedom (1913)

"We are at present working discreetly with all our might to wrest this mysterious force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local nation states of the world." - Winston Churchill, stated to the London Press, in l922.

"The government of the Western nations, whether monarchical or republican, had passed into the invisible hands of a plutocracy, international in power and grasp. It was, I venture to suggest, this semi occult power which....pushed the mass of the American people into the cauldron of World War I." - Professor Arnold Toynbee, in a June l931 speech before the Institute for the Study of International Affairs in Copenhagen.

"The real rulers in Washington are invisible, and exercise power from behind the scenes." - Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, 1952

"Today the path of total dictatorship in the United States can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by the Congress, the President, or the people. Outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system, another body representing another form of government - a bureaucratic elite." - Senator William Jenner, 1954

Tragedy and Hope: A History of The World in Our Time (Macmillan Company, 1966,) Professor Carroll Quigley of Georgetown University, highly esteemed by his former student, William Jefferson Blythe Clinton. [Bill Clinton]" The Council on Foreign Relations is "the establishment." Not only does it have influence and power in key decision-making positions at the highest levels of government to apply pressure from above, but it also announces and uses individuals and groups to bring pressure from below, to justify the high level decisions for converting the U.S. from a sovereign Constitutional Republic into a servile member state of a one-world dictatorship."

"The most powerful clique in these (CFR) groups have one objective in common: they want to bring about the surrender of the sovereignty and the national independence of the U.S. They want to end national boundaries and racial and ethnic loyalties supposedly to increase business and ensure world peace. What they strive for would inevitably lead to dictatorship and loss of freedoms by the people. The CFR was founded for "the purpose of promoting disarmament and submergence of U.S. sovereignty and national independence into an all-powerful one-world government." - Harpers, July l958

"... when the struggle seems to be drifting definitely towards a world social democracy, there may still be very great delays and disappointments before it becomes an efficient and beneficent world system. Countless people ... will hate the new world order ... and will die protesting against it. When we attempt to evaluate its promise, we have to bear in mind the distress of a generation or so of malcontents, many of them quite gallant and graceful-looking people."
H. G. Wells, in his book entitled The New World Order (1939)

Further global progress is now possible only through a quest for universal consensus in the movement towards a new world order." - Mikhail Gorbachev, in an address at the United Nations (December 1988)

"We believe we are creating the beginning of a new world order coming out of the collapse of the U.S.-Soviet antagonisms." - Brent Scowcroft (August 1990), quoted in The Washington Post (May 1991)

The "new world order that is in the making must focus on the creation of a world of democracy, peace and prosperity for all." - Nelson Mandela, in The Philadelphia Inquirer (October 1994)

The Rockefellers and Bushes and Harrimans, and the corporations owned by most of them, have allied themselves, in the Council of Foreign Relations with a widely unknown group which are planning the final destruction of this country. It is no accident that Rockefeller bought the encyclopedia Britannica, bought into mass education in the formation of grants and trusts and has succeeded in reversing many of the principles and beliefs of the settlers of this country. -- Seattle Indymedia Center, Aug 9, 2005

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