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Bill Clinton was a Great President. Wasn't He?

"I may not have been the greatest president, but I've had the most fun eight years." —Bill Clinton

Whitewater star witness says he lied to FBILITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (CNN) -- The government's key witness in the Whitewater fraud trial says he lied to the FBI several times to protect himself and Whitewater defendants James McDougal and Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker.
Banker David Hale was on the stand for the fourth day and was cross-examined for the first time.
McDougal, his ex-wife, Susan, and Tucker are being tried on charges they arranged some $3 million in federally backed loans a decade ago.
The McDougals were two of President Clinton's partners in Whitewater, a failed real estate venture.
Earlier in the week Hale alleged that Clinton got a cut of an illegal $300,000 loan he sought when the president was Arkansas governor in 1986.

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Foreclosed: Blame Bill ClintonNovember 25th, 2007, Posted by liberalamerican
Many Democrats wish Bill Clinton still occupied the White House. However, before you put him in Mt. Rushmore, you might want to investigate his role in the mortgage foreclosure crisis.
The chief aim of what I have termed the Republican Counterrevolution has always been to roll back the New Deal. Anti-gov’ment rhetoric hides this as surely as states’ rights hid racist segregation. Of all the New Deal legislation the GOP has sought to overturn, one that has always been at or near the top of the list is the Glass-Steagall Act. Ironically, a Democratic president repealed this for them.
Billionaire Sanford I. Weill, who according to Louis Uchitelle made “Citigroup into the most powerful financial institution since the House of Morgan a century ago,” has what I call the Wall of Me leading to his office, which he has decorated with tributes to him, including a dozen framed magazine covers. A major trophy is the pen Bill Clinton used to sign the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, a move which allowed Weill to create Citigroup. Fittingly, Citigroup is a major contributor to guess which current Democratic Presidential candidate?
With the stroke of a pen, Bill Clinton ended an era that stretched back to William Jennings Bryan and Woodrow Wilson and reached fruition with FDR and Harry Truman. As he signed his name, in the whorls and dots of his pen strokes William Jefferson Clinton was also symbolically signing the death warrant of Liberal America and its core belief in the level playing field that had guided the Democratic Party. But it was the gift of the pen to Sanford Weill and its assuming an honored place on the Wall of Me that rubbed salt in the wound.
In his famous First Inaugural Roosevelt pointedly asserted:
Practices of the unscrupulous money changers stand indicted in the court of public opinion, rejected by the hearts and minds of men.
Now Clinton had not only repealed the act Roosevelt had put in place to curb those practices, but presented one of the pens used to sign it to one of those “money changers.”
What Hath Clinton Wrought?What can be said in Clinton’s favor is that no one in 1999 anticipated the huge growth of the hedge fund industry and the subprime mortgage market. The New York Times described the new financial world created by the repeal of Glass-Steagall in a June 2007 profile of Goldman Sachs:
While Wall Street still mints money advising companies on mergers and taking them public, real money — staggering money — is made trading and investing capital through a global array of mind-bending products and strategies unimaginable a decade ago.
Curiously, Goldman Sachs head Lloyd Blankfein paints the perfect big picture of what has happened:
We’ve come full circle, because this is exactly what the Rothschilds or J. P. Morgan, the banker were doing in their heyday. What caused an aberration was the Glass Steagall Act.
Blankfein testifies to the full impact of Bill Clinton’s actions, for like many members of the Counterrevolution he sees the New Deal as an aberration and longs for a return to the days J. P. Morgan and other tycoons gave the Gilded Age its nickname. His “aberration” was eliminated not because of the actions of some radical Republican, but because of Bill Clinton. No wonder Goldman Sachs is also a prime contributor to you-know-who.
As is often the case, the story of the repeal of Glass-Steagall and the growth of the subprime mortgage market that is now crumbling around us like a financial house of cards can be best be told by a graph:

If you think of this graph as the level playing field, notice how flat it was before Bill Clinton repealed Glass-Steagall, then notice how steep it has become. Those subprime loans amount to nothing more than an organized ripoff of millions of innocent Americans, with the steepness of the graph illustrating the how far the playing field has tilted.
The result is that all of a sudden people are thinking Glass-Steagall wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Robert Kuttner testified before Barney Frank’s Committee on Banking and Financial Services in October, evoking the dreaded specter of the Great Depression:
Since repeal of Glass Steagall in 1999, after more than a decade of de facto inroads, super-banks have been able to re-enact the same kinds of structural conflicts of interest that were endemic in the 1920s – lending to speculators, packaging and securitizing credits and then selling them off, wholesale or retail, and extracting fees at every step along the way. And, much of this paper is even more opaque to bank examiners than its counterparts were in the 1920s. Much of it isn’t paper at all, and the whole process is supercharged by computers and automated formulas.
As Congress continues to investigate the mortgage crisis, more people are wondering whether the repeal of Glass-Steagall was a mistake.
The Future of Your MortgageIn testimony before Congress on November 8, Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke painted a grim picture of the current crisis and even grimmer picture of the future:
On average from now until the end of next year, nearly 450,000 subprime mortgages per quarter are scheduled to undergo their first interest rate reset.
According to a December 2006 study by the Center for Responsible Lending, a nonpartisan research and policy organization:
More than 2 million people with subprime loans are facing foreclosure this year and nearly 20 percent of subprime mortgages issued between 2005 and 2006 are projected to fail.
But numbers and testimony and even history mean little to those who suddenly find themselves up against the wall. In every city and town across this country “For Sale” signs are popping up on lawns. Behind each of those signs lies a personal story, a family tragedy, which like the tragedies of the Great Depression, tells of innocent Americans felled by an affliction they never saw coming. Walk any street in this country today–even in affluent neighborhoods–and each time you see one of those signs the hairs on the back of your own neck stand up, because those signs instill the same fear people felt when they walked into a bank in 1932 and found their money gone.
Two million people have found themselves one step away from figuratively being tossed out onto the street, the way millions were in the 1930s. Meanwhile, there are young people starting new lives for whom home ownership is rapidly receding, middle-aged people who finally had scraped together enough for a down payment only to find they can’t get a mortgage and older people for whom their home was their retirement and now find its value dropping like George Bush’s poll numbers. Finally there are even millions more for whom the collateral damage from the crises promises to cast its shadow over their American Dream.
The International Monetary Fund recently drew the following lessons from various financial crisis:
It is difficult to tell at the time whether a financial crisis will have broader economic consequences. Regulators often cannot keep up with the pace of financial innovation that may trigger a crisis.
Both have characterized what happened after the repeal of Glass-Steagall. It’s too bad Bill Clinton did not have their wisdom when he made his decision, but then when you make decisions by triangulating, how much weight do you give such studies?
And the current crop of politicians? Look again at the donor lists detailed in this site’s “Follow the Money” series. Then wonder why no moderator or other candidate has asked Hillary Clinton if she supports her husband’s repeal of Glass-Steagall? Ask the other candidates if they support Bill Clinton’s move.
Meanwhile the signs keep sprouting and the playing field keeps tilting and soon the snow will start to fall, drifting against the signs. How many more people will have lost their homes when the snow melts?
Clinton Mentally Ill
Psychologist-author says Clinton mentally ill Says president needs help, cannot remain in office
Tuesday, August 25, 1998 By David M. Bresnahan Copyright 1998,
President Bill Clinton is mentally ill, and he will get worse before he gets better is the conclusion of a clinical psychologist who has studied him and written a book on the subject.
Dr. Paul Fick, clinical psychologist and author of the book "The Dysfunctional President," is in an "I told you so" position now that Clinton has admitted his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Previously criticized for his diagnosis of the president, Fick is now being deluged with calls from talk show hosts for interviews. Fick says Clinton is a pathological liar and addicted to sex. He lies about everything, not just sex, and he is so compulsive that he is always thinking about sex -- a distraction preventing Clinton from doing his job, says the author.
"Whether it's drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, or sex they engage in the behavior compulsively and they think about it obsessively as a way to distract them from the emotional problems that they have. Dolly Kyle Browning (high school sweetheart) in 1988 said that Clinton told her he's a sex addict. Attorney Joseph Purvis (close personal friend of Clinton) said in 1994 that his problems are because he is the adult son of an alcoholic," said Fick.
People display the symptoms from very mildly to very severely, and the president exhibits them on a very severe basis, according to Fick. There is treatment available, but the first step requires the same first step an alcoholic must take to recover -- full acceptance and admission of the problem. Once treatment begins recovery can beexpected in 18 to 36 months.
"There is no way he can remain in office and receive the treatment, and for that treatment to be effective," said Fick, who does not expect Clinton to admit his problem.
His admission that he lied about Monica Lewinsky has brought all other allegations he has denied into question.
It is expected that the more than 500-page report being prepared by Kenneth Starr will provide significant evidence to show a consistent pattern of untruthful behavior, according to a source in a position to know. The report will document a significant number of lies by Clinton, lies that involve the various women he has been accused of having sex with, and lies regarding the China connection, Vince Foster, John Huang, Whitewater and much more.
The focus of the Starr report will be on Clinton's many lies, not his sexcapades, according to the source. Contrary to other reports, Monica Lewinsky does not appear in the Starr report until page 400. Some reports have claimed that the report will deal only with the Lewinsky affair, however it has been learned that the real focus of the report will be on the many instances in which Clinton has lied.
Sen. Bob Kerry once said Bill Clinton is "an incredibly good liar." He is such a good liar that now many are asking, "When is he telling the truth?"
"I always wanted to ask Sen. Kerry if he voted for Bob Dole or if he voted for an incredibly good liar," said Paul Fick.
The lies began as a way of covering up the difficult situation in his home as a child, but they quickly became a way of life for young Bill Clinton, according to the author. He had to perfect his ability to live the lies he told to avoid being caught in the lie.
Over the years, Clinton did become "an incredibly good liar" because he has been able to keep track of his lies and "remember who has been told what," according to Fick. Clinton is not living in a fantasy world, however. He is conscious of his lies, and is in fact very calculated.
Fick predicted in 1994 that Clinton would have the problems he is now encountering regarding his sex life. A report over the weekend in the "Drudge Report" about the perversions engaged in by Clinton was no surprise to Fick who says he already knew about them -- and more. Rather than become addicted to alcohol like his stepfather, Clinton developed a compulsive addition to sex, according to Fick.
"If he doesn't get intervention at this point in time, and say he's reinforced by the public to stay in office, I firmly believe he'll act out again before the end of his term. I wouldn't be surprised if during the course of the investigation he's already acted out," predicted Fick in a weekend interview.
Steve Jones, husband of Paula Jones, claims there are at least 100 women who are prepared to testify under oath that they had sex with Clinton. Fick says that based on the interviews he has done for his analysis he is certain the list is at least that large. He said he knows of one woman who was an Arkansas state employee who regularly had sex with Clinton in the governor's office.
Various polls continue to show that many Americans do not seem to think that the personal sex life of the president matters. Fick says they believe that because they do not know the actual facts regarding Clinton's condition and the effect it has on his ability to fulfill his duties.
"We are not observing a man who had an affair and is remorseful for hurting his spouse. We are observing an individual who is consumed with thoughts and behavior related to sex in much the same way that a drug abuser is consumed with thoughts and behaviors about his compulsion. He seeks out fulfillment of his compulsion in much the same way the drug abuser engages in drug-seeking behavior. This is pathological behavior that requires effective treatment," said Fick in his book.
The condition will get worse before it gets better, says Fick. It has a major impact on his ability to devote his time and attention to the presidency because he is either satisfying his compulsive urges or he is thinking about satisfying them.
"Such urges serve to avert his attention from the underlying conflicts of the compulsion and distract him from functioning fully as president," Fick explained. "America's credibility in the foreign policy arena is eroding because of the president's credibility problems."
Clinton Corruption to the Very End From: Joel Skousen
Sent: Friday, January 19, 2001 9:57 PM
Bill Clinton’s final days in office were as corrupt as his first. With numerous strokes of the pen, he filled his last day signing pardons, Executive Orders (EO), and exacting vengeance on his enemies. His last minute pardons of insider bad boys and others with clout haven’t yet been announced. If they are as bad as expected, the press will wait till he’s out the door so the outrage won’t have much meaning. In a master stroke of hypocrisy he voided a previous EO prohibiting White House staff and aides from engaging in lobbying activities for five years. The original measure was lauded by an admiring press as an example of Clinton’s ethical administration. But Clinton couldn’t let it stand. The establishment needs to keep the lobbying option open in order to grease the bearings on the "revolving door" between government and insider-connected jobs in the "private sector." Useful and loyal outgoing officials are kept on tap for future service by silently merging them into ready made jobs on the East Coast as lobbyists, lawyers, think-tank analysts and consultants with insider-connected corporations. They need to be free to lobby and otherwise keep control of the dark-side of government, even when run by team "B". As insiders, that’s their job. Not surprisingly, the press is silent about this last minute act of supreme hypocrisy. Clinton also saw to it that Linda Tripp, the whistleblower on the Lewinski affair, was fired.
However, Clinton’s slickest achievement was signing a deal to remove the threat of prosecution and disbarment after he leaves office. In one final grant of immunity by the establishment people who put him into office, Bill Clinton was let off the hook in exchange for a $25,000 fine (which others will pay for him) and an weak admission that he made false statements. He will be prohibited from practicing law for five years (which he wasn’t intending to do anyway), but he avoids the stigma of disbarrment--a huge benefit to someone who lives on prestige, power and position. This also explains why the Arkansas Supreme Court kept postponing a ruling on the Clinton case--they knew the fix was in, but had to stall for time in order to allow the PTB to act.
Like Ken Starr before him, Independent Counsel Robert Ray did what he was paid to do--he slapped Clinton’s wrists but otherwise protected him from the serious stuff. Somehow I failed to hear the supposed hue and cry from the public to "put all this behind us." The only ones I heard calling for closure were the press and boot-licking Republicans like Senator Hatch. Yes, I’m deeply offended by it all and I think there are millions of others that feel justice was cheated. No sooner did Ray make his announcement than he was closing up shop and moving on, hoping that few will remember the ignoble role he played. But, like all other faithful insiders, he’ll show up again to help cover-up some other misdeed and put to sleep the conservative opposition. Conservatives should never forget the names of these Republican pretenders who work for the other side.
More Bush Team Compromises
The conservative facade of the new Bush administration continues to disintegrate in their head-long determination to placate a liberal media and Senate in the name of "bi-partisanship" and "unity" Unity is a code word meaning: "everybody moves to the left till we reach unity." No right-ward direction is allowed nor even a meeting in the middle ground. Once conservatives buy into this unspoken definition of unity, the press holds them hostage to it, exacting ever greater compromises. In reality, the Bush administration knows exactly what is going on. Bush’s top CFR strategists are purposefully allowing themselves to be bound by this political sophistry because it gives them the excuse they need NOT to deliver on the conservative agenda Americans expect. How else can they excuse their failure to overturn Clinton’s rash of executive orders and bad laws, when they control both the presidency and Congress? Here’s a list of the betrayals already made public (I’m sure there are dozens more yet to be discovered):
Bush decided to retain both George Tenet in CIA and Louis Freeh as FBI director. I believe they are both insiders with full knowledge of government cover-up operations, illegal surveillance, and illegal black ops. Tenet’s experience as a staffer for Senator Patrick Leahy’s Intelligence Oversight Committee includes writing the report assuring the Senate that the US has the capability to ensure Russia’s compliance on arms control treaties. This is absolutely untrue, and what evidence the US has obtained on Russian cheating has been systematically withheld from the American public. Tenet knows this too since he was Deputy Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) which coordinates intelligence activities of all US agencies. He became acting DCI after John Deutsch--the trusted insider who first took charge of DCI when it was a new position. He would not have chosen Tenet to follow him unless he was one of the "good old boys." FBI Director Freeh, in turn, oversaw the massive FBI cover-up of the TWA 800 shootdown by missiles. Of late, Freeh has been acting as if he is in favor of pursuing investigations of White House corruption, seemingly in opposition to his boss Janet Reno. The hope is to convince the public that Freeh is no longer a lackey for the Clinton administration. In reality, he is merely positioning himself so that Bush can get away with keeping him on.
Bush failed to put up any fight at all for conservative Linda Chavez as Labor Secretary nominee, and quickly selected Elaine Chao to replace her. Elain L. Chao is the daughter of the too-good-to-be-true, rags-to-riches, China-connected shipping magnate James S. C. Chao, who is a personal friend of Communist Chinese premier Jiang Zemin. You don’t get to be head of a giant shipping company with open access to Chinese markets without lots of "Guanxi" (Chinese term for political connections). Elaine Chao is the wife of liberal Senator Mitch McConnell, so her nomination is secure. I believe she is a pro-China plant in the Bush team, along with VP Dick Cheney. As Heritage Foundation’s top Asian Studies advisor, she showed her pro-China hand by insisting on the ousting of 16-year veteran China analyst Richard Fisher. Fisher was known for his unmasking of China’s hostile intentions vis-a-vis the West. As part of Bush’s cabinet she will have top secret access to all high level plans and decisions concerning China.
In the John Ashcroft confirmation hearings, the emphasis continued to be on whether or not he would "enforce the law." With eager enthusiasm, both Ashcroft and his cheerleading section of Republican Senators assured the audience that existing laws would be fully and vigorously enforced. Once again, the Bush administration and future Attorney General Ashcroft have voluntarily allowed themselves to become hostage to the flawed concept that all "existing law is sacred." It gets worse. When leftist Senator Diane Feinstein asked Ashcroft if he would maintain the Justice Department’s current position supporting the ban on assault weapons, without hesitation, Ashcroft said, "yes." When she pushed him even further as to whether he would support reinstating the ban when sunset laws force its demise in 2004, he said both he and President Bush would support reinstatement. Incredible. This clearly indicates that Ashcroft had been briefed on this issue and was representing the official stance of the future Bush administration--not only to NOT undo this bad law, but to ensure its preservation.
Bush asked Janet Reno for suggestions of an interim Attorney General to serve while Ashcroft is battling for confirmation. That’s like asking the fox to recommend her own replacement as guardian of the hen house. I now suspect that Ashcroft has been fully compromised and will, therefore, be confirmed.
Bush has just added to his White House staff of lawyers, the infamous Independent Council staff attorney, Brett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh was one of the dark-side agents within Ken Starr’s office who sabotaged the Vince Foster murder investigation. One of the prime witnesses to the evidence that Foster’s death could not have been suicide was Patrick Knowlton. Knowlton was present in the parking lot when Foster supposedly committed suicide and insists that Foster’s car was not there at the time. Instead there were other dark-side agents present in their cars, watching Knowlton and giving him hostile looks. Miraculously, Foster’s car later appeared in the Fort Marcy parking lot after the time of death. Quite a trick for a dead man! Knowlton testified that two of Kavanaugh’s FBI assistants were part of the group of a dozen or more federal agents that tried to threaten and intimidate him prior to his testimony before the Foster grand jury. Even Kavanaugh himself grilled Knowlton with such hostility that it was obvious to all observers that Kavanaugh was desperate to force Knowlton to change his story. So, now we have at least 3 suspected dark-side operators within the Bush team--Richard Armitage, C Boyden Gray and Brett Kavanaugh.
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