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What Really Happened at the 1993 WTC Bombing

Car Bomb Attack in 1993

A car bomb exploded underneath the World Trade Center in New York on Friday, February 26, 1993 killing at least five people and injuring scores more. About 100,000 people work in and visit the 1,700ft towers every day - the blast happened at their busiest time. The bombing has shocked America which had seemed immune from acts of terrorism that have plagued other parts of the world.
An emotional Mario Cuomo, New York's state governor, told journalists: "We all have that feeling of being violated. No foreign people or force has ever done this to us. Until now we were invulnerable."
The immense blast happened at 12:18 PM local time in the Secret Service's section of the car park underneath and between what are New York's tallest buildings. It left a gaping hole in the wall above the Path underground station. Most of those who died are believed to have been crushed by the station ceiling.
It ripped through three floors of concrete, scattering ash and debris and set off a fire that sent choking smoke and flames up through one of the 110-story "Twin Towers". Thousands of office workers were trapped as smoke billowed up through the buildings. With no working lifts or lighting there was total pandemonium.
People did not know whether to stay in their offices or brave the journey down via the smoke-filled stairwells. Desperate for air, some people smashed windows with office furniture. Hundreds eventually poured out of the building gasping for air and covered in soot. Rescue workers struggled to get oxygen to those in the upper floors.
In May 1994, four men - Mohammed Salameh, Nidal Ayyad, Mahmud Abouhalima and Ahmad Ajaj - were sentenced to life for bombing the World Trade Center. In October 1995 Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, a blind cleric who preached at mosques in Brooklyn and Jersey City, was sentenced to life for masterminding the bombing.

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FBI Blunders and the First World Trade Center Bombing
James Bovard
Posted November 10, 2004

As Americans continue trying to understand how the government failed to stop the 9/11 hijack conspiracy, important clues can be garnered from examining the first World Trade Center bombing in February 1993. This bombing — the most economically destructive terrorist attack ever to occur in the United States up to that time — was partly the result of mind-numbing federal incompetence.
On November 5, 1990, Rabbi Meir Kahane was giving an anti-Arab speech at a New York hotel. Kahane, founder of the radical Jewish Defense League (JDL), vigorously advocated forcible expulsion of all Arabs from Israel and the occupied territories. Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, banned Kahane’s political party for “inciting racism” and “endangering security.”
At the end of his speech on that November 1990 night, El Sayyid Nosair, a 36-year-old Egyptian immigrant, walked up to Kahane, pulled out a .357, and fatally shot him in the neck. Nosair was part of a cabal of Muslims filled with intense hatred toward Israel and the Egyptian government of Hosni Mubarak. When police searched his residence, they carried off 47 boxes of documents, paramilitary manuals, maps, and diagrams of buildings (including the World Trade Center). But, as a 2002 congressional report on federal failures before 9/11 noted in September 2002,
The NYPD and the District Attorney’s office resisted attempts to label the Kahane assassination a “conspiracy” despite the apparent links to a broader network of radicals. Instead, these organizations reportedly wanted the appearance of speedy justice and a quick resolution to a volatile situation. By arresting Nosair, they felt they had accomplished both.
The trial of “lone gunman” Nosair, beginning in late 1991, was “marked by rioting outside the courthouse, death threats against the judge and lawyers, calls for ‘blood’ revenge against the defendant and cries of ‘Death to Jews!’ from his Moslem supporters.” A small band of Muslims paced the sidewalks each day in front of the court, denouncing Israel, the United States, and the supposed persecution of Nosair. As a July 4, 1993, Los Angeles Times article, headlined “N.Y. Trial in Rabbi’s Death Planted an Explosive Seed” observed,
Out of those loud demonstrations of contempt for the U.S. judicial system would emerge what authorities now say was a clandestine cell of terrorists who conspired to set off the World Trade Center bomb blast, plotted an unparalleled wave of attacks on U.S. landmarks and political figures and shattered America’s image of invulnerability to terrorism.
The FBI placed an informant named Emad Salem, a 43-year-old former Egyptian military officer, in the midst of the Muslim protesters. Salem insinuated himself and became the bodyguard for Sheik Abdul Rahman, a radical Muslim cleric. The sheik had been heavily subsidized by the U.S. government while in Pakistan in the late 1980s helping to inspire Muslims to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan.
Though the evidence that Nosair killed Kahane was stark, the jury found him not guilty on the murder charge but guilty of a firearms charge — that is, possessing the murder weapon. After the trial, Salem continued his work as an FBI informant, receiving $500 a week, plus expenses.
Shortly after Nosair was convicted, Salem began meeting regularly with other members of the group of hard-line Muslims who coalesced during the Kahane trial. In mid 1992, Salem repeatedly warned the FBI that the Muslim group was planning to carry off a catastrophic bombing in New York City. FBI supervisors were convinced he was concocting tall tales and fired him.
The FBI Allowed the 1993 WTC Bombing to Happen
By Ralph Blumenthal
Thursday October 28, 1993

Law-enforcement officials were told that terrorists were building a bomb that was eventually used to blow up the World Trade Center, and they planned to thwart the plotters by secretly substituting harmless powder for the explosives, an informer said after the blast.
The informer was to have helped the plotters build the bomb and supply the fake powder, but the plan was called off by an F.B.I. supervisor who had other ideas about how the informer, Emad Salem, should be used, the informer said.
The account, which is given in the transcript of hundreds of hours of tape recordings that Mr. Salem secretly made of his talks with law-enforcement agents, portrays the authorities as being in a far better position than previously known to foil the February 26th bombing of New York City's tallest towers.
The explosion left six people dead, more than a thousand people injured, and damages in excess of half-a-billion dollars. Four men are now on trial in Manhattan Federal Court [on charges of involvement] in that attack.
Mr. Salem, a 43-year-old former Egyptian Army officer, was used by the Government [of the United States] to penetrate a circle of Muslim extremists who are now charged in two bombing cases: the World Trade Center attack, and a foiled plot to destroy the United Nations, the Hudson River tunnels, and other New York City landmarks. He is the crucial witness in the second bombing case, but his work for the Government was erratic, and for months before the World Trade Center blast, he was feuding with the F.B.I.

Who Bombed the U.S. World Trade Center? — 1993Growing Evidence Points to Role of FBI Operative
By Ralph Schoenman
(published in Prevailing Winds Magazine, Number 3, 1993)

The London Periodical Impact (march 12, 1993 and April 8, 1993) revealed, in an article titled "Who Bombed the World Trade Center," that on February 26, the day the bomb exploded, an Israeli intelligence group sent an urgent communiqué over a telephone access computer network about the event. The communiqué was picked up when it was discovered accidentally on a confidential government "information base" known in the Israeli intelligence community as "Matara," an official source of classified data pertaining to intelligence and security matters.
Either leaked or accessed by news sources, the communiqué states that Israeli Intelligence had advance knowledge of the timing and target of the World Trade Center bombing and that it would be attributed to "known activists from the Occupied Territories."
Three days after the bombing, "Anne," an Israeli operative of the Shin Bet, Israel’s FBI, was cited by journalists in Israel "boasting of Israeli Intelligence capabilities." She stated that Israel had advance knowledge of the bombing, confirming the communiqué disclosed on Matara.
The next day, an Israeli Defense Force spokesperson responded to a direct question from a Jerusalem reporter concerning Israeli governmental involvement in the bombing of the world Trade Center.
The Jerusalem journalist (whose name will be protected here) told Irfan Mirza, the author of the Impact articles, how he had confirmed that "Israeli intelligence knows more about the bombings than they are ever going to disclose at this time."
This author discussed the data with journalist Lorraine Mirza, who confirmed that Irfan Mirza’s investigation led to bomb threats which were taped. He has left London. On March 6, an article in the London Times confirmed that "Israeli intelligence has detailed information" about the World Trade Center bombing, adding that "the FBI has given no explanation as to why Israel has not come forward to the U.S. authorities with information."
Zafar Bangas, editor of Crescent International, an Ontario, Canada-based journal conversant in Islamic politics and one of the most widely read newspapers in the Muslim world, confirmed to this author that Guzie (Josie) Hadas was long-established as a Mossad operative. She had penetrated Islameic circles in New York, as had another intelligence operative, Emad Ali Salem, a colonel in Egyptian intelligence.
Bangas confirmed investigative work of Irfan Mirza concerning the role of Emad Ali Salem. It was he who rented the van in the name of Mohammad Salameh, purchased and disseminated chemical and bomb materials in various apartments and who tipped his employers, the FBI, as to his handiwork.
The serial number released by the ATF after, supposedly, coming upon a metal fragment, nominally buried under five stories and tons of debris, came from "undercover operative, Emad Ali Salem" (Ibid.). Salameh had attempted to report the theft of the van rented in his name previous to the bombing of the World Trade Center. Despite the public impact of the explosion, Salameh, unaware of the significance of the van, showed up asking for the return of the deposit.


World Trade Center Was Jump Point For Global Police State
December 12, 2001

I shall now take this opportunity to tell you something that you will not believe. Not today, or tomorrow, or next month. But in time youwill come to believe what I say now. You WILL come to the same conclusion I have.
The government of the United States had advance knowledge of the"attack" on the WTC. Elements within the security structure and ruling elite KNEW in advance the "Attack on America" would occur and they allowed it to occur for their own maleficent objectives.
I say this to you today, just months after the event transpired, that the "attack" was allowed---to further the interests of those who really run this country and have a plan of their own for this nation's future.I am telling you that THEY knew---where, how and when.
Now, of course, you do not believe this possible. Your thought processes will not now allow it. No more than your fathers could believe that theUnited States government knew in advance that the Japanese would attack Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
In time, you will, despite your every intention not to, despite your fear of this terrible truth, come to believe---two, three or more years from now---that men in the government who had the power (but not the will) to stop the events of 09/11/01 allowed the "Attack On America," just as men in government did December 7, 1941. You will come to believe this not because of anything I have or have not said today. Were I not to write a word on this subject you would nonetheless, come to believe that your government sacrificed the lives of several thousand people and forever changed this country on 09/11/01 for motives you can only vaguely comprehend.
You are merely getting a mental jump start here in this essay. I say this because if in November of 1963 someone had told the American people that the CIA had played a role in the murder of President John F. Kennedy, few would have believed it at that time. Thirty-eight years after the assassination it is hard to find an informed citizen who does not know of involvement by CIA agents in JFK's death. Most educated people in this country have arrived at the conclusion that the government in some form participated in the killing of a president.
I take no pleasure in the thought that you will at some point in the future come to believe what I have said here today, for it is a burden to have your nightmares affirmed, your fears of evil in high places accepted as reality by your fellow citizens. For such a conclusion means that none of us are safe. The implications are brutal if you consider them.
You have been informed today. The rest is up to you. Do not limit your thinking to that which you are told---by those responsible to some degree---for the murders at the world trade center, murders just like those committed at Pearl Harbor, of John F. Kennedy, the shooting and burning at Waco, the clear complicity of government agents with the bombers of the Oklahoma Federal Building, of the first (1993) World Trade Center bombing and now the most horrific of all---the murderous destruction of human life in New York this year.
The conclusion I have presented above is difficult for the average person to believe. I understand that. Indeed, when an acquaintance of mine who is well read and versed upon the power structure that governs the U.S. suggested to me shortly after the bombing that "the government was behind" the WTC attack of 09/11/01, I told him right then that I did not believe it and that what he said sounded like just another "conspiracy theory" and could not be true because the events made the government look too bad. I believed it showed the government to be incapable of protecting the country, and that the bombing was just too much of a black eye for them to want it to occur. So I dismissed his outrageous claim.
Nonetheless, I begin to read the details of the attack with "new eyes,"just in case such a thing was possible. I begin to compare the events of 09/11/01 with similar events in U.S. history. I have now come to the conclusion, based upon my own research, not his research, that the government is culpable in the matter.
I, also, believe that the government's long range objectives for a military-industrial police state were more important than any temporary"black eye" they would receive from the bombing, that those in power believed gains for their political objectives would in short exceed any temporary appearance of weakness.
You see, we do have a representative government in this country---it just does not represent you and me, but rather the military-industrial complex.

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