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Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter Reality Check
By Geoff Metcalf
April 28, 2008

“Nothing is easier than self-deceit. For what each man wishes, that he also believes to be true.” --Demosthenes

When I accused former President Jimmy Carter of a synthesis of “stupidity and vanity,” I understated his mendacity.
Carter has a history of revising facts in evidence to accommodate his own self interest that rivals Bill Clinton’s definition of the word ‘is’.
Once upon a time, despite Carter’s unbridled praise for his CIA chief Stansfield Turner, it was Turner who eviscerated the CIA, cutting some 820 human intelligence positions. It was that lousy decision that forced Langley to rely on the intelligence agencies of foreign governments. THAT was the cause of all the post 9/11 angst over our lack of human Intel assets and overall crummy intelligence gathering.
As a result of the inevitable ‘garbage in/garbage out’ decision, on New Year’s Eve 1977, Carter toasted the Shah’s Iran as “an island of stability in one of the more troubled areas of the world…[due] to the respect, admiration and love which your people give to you.”
However, a mere eight months later, the CIA issued a fatally flawed report in which Carter’s CIA surmised, “Iran is not in a revolutionary or even a ‘pre-Revolutionary’ situation.” Whoops!
When things went rapidly from bad to worse, Carter withdrew U.S. support from the Shah, turning Iran into a refuge and nexus of hope for jihadists around the world. THEN, before accepting the exiled Shah to America, Carter accepted Iranian guarantees they could secure our embassy. THAT, in and of itself, was one of the costliest miscalculations in the history of American foreign policy. Whoops again!
Please note this is the same myopic self promoter who now says Hamas is prepared to make nice with Israel, notwithstanding overwhelming historical and empirical evidence to the contrary.
Please see ‘The Scorpion and the Frog’.
The 14-month hostage crisis was Christmas, Easter, Purim and the Fourth of July for jihad central. American reversals in Beirut and Somalia may have jazzed and emboldened al Qaida, but it was the Iranian hostage crisis that poured gasoline on their fire.
Carter ultimately agreed to pay a ransom of $8 billion (of which, Iran netted $3 billion), although it was ultimately Ronald Reagan’s toughness and resolve that was the decisive cure to Carter’s incompetence that ended the crisis.
Despite Carter’s selective memory losses and revisionist rewrite of historical fact, without Carter’s policies:• The Iran-Iraq war would not have raged for nearly a decade.• The United States would not have had to form an unsavory alliance of convenience with Saddam Hussein, in order to mitigate the mullahs• Hezbollah would not receive $100-$200 million a year from Tehran’s coffers• al-Qaeda would not have received training in Iran in 1992• Iran’s nuclear ambitions, if they existed, would be of no consequence to the West whatsoever.Thanks Jimmy…
The lowest point of American international prestige in modern history occurred under the squire ship of Jimmy Carter’s presidency. The bonehead mistakes he made during those crucial, precarious years watered the seeds of jihadist dream quests and continue to threaten the United States and the West.
Contrary to convention of providing past presidents the courtesy and gravitas they assume for having resided in the oval office (notwithstanding performance) Carter has routinely and chronically abused his elder statesman status, and has earned the contempt and condemnation of his myriad critics.
It is an international embarrassment that anyone anywhere gives any credence to the ill informed, ego motivated ramblings of a sad old man still trying to polish his tarnished record into a glittering fiction. Then again, those same ‘anyones’ seem intent on listening to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson despite Tawana Bawley and the Duke Lacrosse embarrassments.

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Clueless Jimmy Carter
By Geoff Metcalf
April 14, 2008

“Stupidity talks, vanity acts.” --Victor Hugo

Former President Jimmy Carter’s latest brain flatulence synthesizes stupidity and vanity.
With age is supposed to come wisdom and gravitas…unless apparently you are a myopic arrogant peanut farmer from Georgia who carries the distinction of being the worst U.S. president in modern history.
Forget the 22% interest rates, 13% inflation, the Iranian hostage debacles, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, his creation of the Departments of Energy and Education as Cabinet positions, or his refusal to allow the officer with the nuclear football to be near him, and general ‘cluelessness’ of the 39th President of the United States…
Former President Carter’s reported plans to meet the exiled leader of the militant terrorist group Hamas in Syria is WAY over the top. Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorist organizations committed to routinely pouring gasoline on any and all smoldering embers in the Mideast.
Without naming him, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice criticized Carter.
"I find it hard to understand what is going to be gained by having discussions with Hamas about peace when Hamas is, in fact, the impediment to peace," Rice said at a press event with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.
And Rice is not the ‘Lone Ranger.’ This is not just a proclamation of neo-con policy dogma. It is an empirical fact: Hamas IS the problem…not even remotely near or interested in a solution.
"Hamas is a terrorist organization," Rice said, repeating the Bush administration's explanation for why it will not meet with members of the group. Duh!?!?
The State Department has already (twice…not once, but TWICE) advised (counseled, recommended, cajoled) Carter against meeting any representative of Hamas. Such a meeting would be a big gift to all terrorists and the first public contact in two years between any prominent American figure and Hamas officials. It would, according to a letter from DEMOCRATS, “confer legitimacy” on a group that embraces and endorses violence.
However, notwithstanding admonitions from the State Department AND a letter from Congressional democrats, Carter apparently intends to flip them all off and drape himself in his 2002 Nobel Peace Prize mantle despite his own party’s aggravated angst.
As if Democrats didn’t have enough problems between the warring presidential wannabes and serial gaffes of their other posturing former U.S. president, Carter has refused to accept overwhelming facts, advice and counsel that would impede him from another foray into international photo opportunism.
Here is another unsolicited gift from the democrats to their septuagenarian rival in November.
Several Democratic members of the House apparently plan to forward a letter to Carter Monday urging him to reconsider his scheduled meeting with leaders of Hamas during his next visit to the Middle East. Reps. Artur Davis of Alabama, Shelley Berkley of Nevada, Adam Schiff of California and Adam Smith of Washington state asked Carter to drop the planned meeting.
The letter said "we believe that your efforts to forge peace in the region will be overshadowed by this meeting." It said Carter's meeting could "confer legitimacy" on a group that embraces violence.
Barack Obama’s pledge to meet with Iran’s president, Ahmadidijad is strategically a bad idea. However, at least the neophyte Obama seeks to meet with the President of another country. Carter ought to know better. The fact that he either doesn’t comprehend the import of meeting with terrorist leaders suggests either his reasoning is impaired or he flat out doesn’t care about gifting terrorists with a humongous public relations gift.
Carter is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis and yet he seems intent on not only insulting the core values of his classmates and country, but jazzed with a misplaced hubris that he, and he alone, can mitigate the fundamental terrorist dogma of an organization committed to destroying the very essence of Duty, Honor, Country that remains integral to our military.
Former House Speaker New Gingrich accuses Carter of “strategic stupidity,” but Carter’s sins are worse that stupidity.
Notwithstanding the personal foibles of individual men, all former Presidents carry the life long burden and responsibility of representing ‘the office of the president.’ It is more than the perception of courtesy that traditionally former presidents defer (or remain silent) on their successor’s policies which may contradict their own deep felt opinions.

Jimmy Carter rewrites historyposted at 11:25 am on April 28, 2008
by Ed Morrissey

Former president and current loose cannon Jimmy Carter continues to rewrite history. He appeared on the Today show to give a strange rendition of the elections that produced Hamas as the winner of the Palestinian elections, somehow alleging that the US government’s identification of Hamas as a terrorist organization and the policy of non-engagement with terrorists came after the election. [not true]
In fact, the policy of non-engagement with terrorists that so surprised Carter in 2005 dates back to before his own presidency in 1976. Perhaps Carter spent too much time kissing the cheek of Leonid Brezhnev to notice, but the US has always insisted that it would not negotiate with terrorist groups, which has included Hamas since the group’s inception. The election gave Hamas an opportunity to repudiate terrorism and to recognize the right of Israel to exist within borders later to be determined. It has done neither. Hamas conducted a coup d’etat in overthrowing the Palestinian Authority in Gaza and uses Gaza as a launching pad for rocket attacks on civilians in Ashkelon and Sderot, which they continued while Carter was in Israel and Syria.
Carter can play he-said, she-said with Condoleezza Rice all day long on whether he was “warned” not to meet with Hamas, but he knows perfectly well that negotiations with unrepentant terrorists is forbidden. The smug satisfaction he beams on Today comes from knowing that it wouldn’t have made any difference, anyway, as he himself admits. Nothing was going to keep Carter from hugging Khaled Mashaal.


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