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One World Religion - Closer Than You Think

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From Truth to Mysticism - By Global Design
By Berit Kjos
November 29, 2009
Giving thanks to an unknown "god"
"My own faith is rooted in the unshakable belief in God... and an awareness of a constant and holy spiritual presence in all people, all life, and all things."[1] Former vice president, Al Gore
"I am a Christian.... I believe that there are many paths to the same place.... I am a great admirer of our founding charter... and its resolve to prevent disruptive strains of fundamentalism from taking root in this country.... I think Gandhi is a great example of a profoundly spiritual man who... never slipped into intolerance or dogma."[2] Former Senator, Barack Obama
“Lift us to the level of the universal…. Chant the names of the gods. Start with om: Om Krishna… Om Buddha…"[3] A United Religions worship service (UR was founded by an Anglican bishop)
"The Buddha said, ‘You are God yourself.’”[4] Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol
If you have read 1984 by George Orwell, you probably remember Big Brother's mind-changing creed:
"War is PEACE. Freedom is SLAVERY. Ignorance is STRENGTH."[5]
It illustrates the Soviet double-speak used to confuse, transform, and then unify a compliant mass of contented slaves. And now, seventy years after its publication, Orwellian double-speak is spreading this confusion faster than ever. In this upside-down world, wrong seems right, good is called evil, and lies are simply the new convenient truths. Since feelings count more than facts, illusion reigns, oppression spreads, Jihad is justified, and the Bible is banned!
The true God behind our national Thanksgiving celebrations doesn't conform to America's changing values. But other spiritual options are filling the gaps as they sweep across our land. Blinding eyes to His truth, they cloud history, and mock the faith that built honesty, truth, and integrity into America's foundation. Sad to say, that foundation is now crumbling fast. As God warned us,
"...when you have eaten and are full, and have built beautiful houses and dwell in them... [then] your heart is lifted up and you forget the Lord your God. say in your heart, ‘My power and the might of my hand have gained me this wealth.’ ...if you by any means forget the Lord your God, and follow other gods... you shall surely perish." Deuteronomy 8:10-19 [See Warnings]
The Rise of a Global Spirituality
On September 17, 1995, I signed in at Mikhail Gorbachev's well guarded State of the World Conference as an official [amateur] reporter. I wanted a first-hand glimpse of the global plans for the 21st Century -- plans that helped build the foundation for today's rapid change.
This was clearly a global event. The former head of the Soviet Union had gathered "nearly 500 senior states-people, political leaders, spiritual leaders, scientists, intellectuals, business executives, artists and youth from 50 nations to begin a process of deliberation on the central question of what priorities, values and actions should guide humanity as it moves into the next phase of development."[6] As Gorbachev announced,
"From the outset I would like to suggest that we consider the establishment of a global Brain Trust [forget representative government] to focus on the present and future of our civilization ... this idea of a Brain Trust can only succeed if endorsed and actively pursued by people who are widely respected as world leaders and global citizens."[7]
The elite speakers and partners in this venture included the elder president George Bush, Carnegie Chairman David Hamburg, Ted Turner, Maurice Strong ( the New Age head of the UN's 1992 environmental conference in Rio de Janeiro), and Zbigniew Brzezinski, founder of the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller. Thirteen years later he became a foreign policy adviser to Barack Obama.
An elegant Baha'i singer in a flowing white gown set the spiritual tone with a prayer to her universal god: "O faithful One... O helping one... Source of all being..." The music was her own, she said -- given by the unknowable, compassionate god of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and other spiritual avatars throughout time.
Her prayer-song fit the conference theme. As Mikhail Gorbachev observed during a dialogue on a new form of democracy,
"...there was no trace of the futile debate about what is better, capitalism or socialism.... We should seek a synthesis of ideas and values that have proven their viability..."[7]
That synthesis abolishes all Biblical absolutes. Again and again, the Communist leader and his hand-picked "council of the wise" or "global brain trust" told the assembly of more than 1000 guests and participants that a new set of inclusive universal values must replace the Judeo-Christian world view. Familiar terms must be redefined to fit the new global perspective, while the old beliefs and political systems must be abandoned.
Like many other speakers, New Age author Dr. Deepak Chopra repeated the call for synthesis in his evening plenary speech. He challenged his friendly listeners with this question:
"Can you step out of the river of your own conditioning...? For only then is there an opportunity to create... a new world. We cannot do it the way we have done it in the past. It is time to change the whole paradigm through which we view physical reality."[7]
Apparently, these esteemed visionaries had already made that paradigm shift. The conference left little doubt that the chosen speakers and enthusiastic audience viewed reality from a decidedly evolutionary/universalist perspective -- the kind that popular author Dan Brown promoted through his latest book on the philosophy behind Freemasonry and the mystical Noetic Sciences.
The spiritual leaders addressing the Forum taught either pantheism ("God" in all), universalism (all paths lead to the same ultimate reality), or monism (all is one) as the world's new spiritual foundation. Among them were New Age educator Willis Harman, Esalen co-founder Michael Murphy, Sonia Gandhi, and revered representatives of Vietnamese, Mongolian, and Cambodian Buddhism. Their input during panel discussion and roundtable sessions left no doubt that Biblical Christianity was marked for decay.
Astronomer Carl Sagan showed us pictures of our tiny blue planet in the midst of a vast galaxy in an infinite universe --- then scolded those who still viewed minuscule individuals as significant pieces of the cosmic puzzle.
Had they forgotten the horrors of collectivism -- and the environmental devastation -- spawned by the Communist ideology that Gorbachev never renounced?
Murder, Mysticism and Immorality
Sam Keen, author of "Fire in the Belly," gave the closing plenary message:
"...there was very strong agreement that religious institutions have to take primary responsibility for the population explosion.... Cut the population by 90 percent and there aren't enough people left to do a great deal of ecological damage."[7]
The applause was deafening!
Kill millions of people? How? What happened to love, compassion, and concern for the poor? These leaders had called for poverty programs, gun control, and global financial redistribution as if they wanted to save lives. Were these schemes simply a stepping stone toward global control? Did no one care about the individual lives behind the faceless masses?
As in the former Soviet Union, an ordinary person's life becomes worthless in this pragmatic context for global management! The illusive "common good" becomes little more than an Orwellian phrase that limits personal rights and freedom -- but promotes unrestrained immorality. Notice the way Keen rationalizes his values in these quotes from "Hymns to an Unknown God":
"Imagination allows us to sample in fantasy what is inexpedient or demonic to act out. Dionysus, the [Greek] god of excess and ecstasy [same as the Roman god Bacchus], rules supreme in dreamland.... An amoral imagination provides us with the experience in dreamtime of living 'beyond good and evil' that is necessary for the development of Compassion."[8]
That's what mysticism is all about! Experience -- the spiritual experience of an unknown god! A deceptive journey into the realm of demons where lies and licentiousness reign! Perhaps he doesn't realize that such captivating immoral "ideals" have eroded freedom and destroyed lives since the beginning of time.
It's not surprising that Christianity has aroused such hatred. God's Truth -- in contrast to amoral, feel-good myths -- is full of warnings that we ignore at our peril. For example,
"And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually." Genesis 6:5
The Spreading Darkness
The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown's latest book includes a dialogue between Robert Langdon (the friendly protagonist) and Peter Solomon (his older friend and mentor, a respected professor, a 33rd degree Mason and the Supreme Worshipful Master). The two men are exploring the Masonic signs, symbols, and secrets hidden in the Washington Monument, an Egyptian obelisk. Notice how God's Word is twisted into a mystical icon of all religions.
“Robert, the Bible does not talk openly for the same reason the Ancient Mystery Schools were kept hidden.... for the same reason the neophytes had to be initiated before learning the secret teachings of the ages.... The Ancient Mysteries and the Bible are the same thing.'...
“Peter, the Bible and the Ancient Mysteries are total opposites. The mysteries are all about the god within you. . . man as god. The Bible is all about the God above you...'
“Yes! Exactly! ... The moment mankind separated himself from God, the true meaning of the Word was lost. The voices of the ancient masters have now been drowned out, lost in the chaotic din of self-proclaimed practitioners [probably pointing to Christians] shouting that they alone understand the Word....'
“We’ve lost the Word, and yet its true meaning is still within reach.... It exists in all the enduring texts, from the Bible to the Bhagavad-Gita to the Koran and beyond. All of these texts are revered upon the altars of Freemasonry because Masons understand what the world seems to have forgotten... that each of these texts, in its own way, is quietly whispering the exact same message.' Peter’s voice welled with emotion. ‘Know ye not that ye are gods?’...
"Peter lowered his voice to a whisper. 'The Buddha said, ‘You are God yourself.’ ... Even the first antipope—Hippolytus of Rome—quoted the same message, first uttered by the gnostic teacher Monoimus: ‘Abandon the search for God. . . instead, take yourself as the starting place.'...
“'A wise man once told me,' Peter said, his voice faint now, 'the only difference between you and God is that you have forgotten you are divine.'”[9]
This deception is the fulfillment of the serpent's promise in Genesis 3: "You will be like God." That has been the driving force within occult orders through the ages. Now it's coming out into the open.
One of the first public celebrities to proclaim this arrogant lie was New Age movie star Shirley MacLaine. "I am God," she shouted to the world back in the 1980s.
I met her at the end of Gorbachev's conference. She happened to walk by, and I asked her what she thought of the conference.
"It was good. It helped raise consciousness," she answered.
"But wouldn't it have raised more consciousness if one of the meals had just been rice instead of gourmet meats and elegant desserts?" I asked. After all, some speakers had emphasized global equality and concern for the poor.
She frowned. "People paid a lot of money to come here," she answered. "They deserved good food."
As George Orwell pointed out, some people in socialist collectives are meant to be "more equal than others!" In a totalitarian system, all the thanks must go to the state and/or its elite rulers -- "equal" or not!
All the More, We Will Thank Our God!
Both socialism and idolatry have a way of building a sense of entitlement: "I deserve it." But with God, it's different! We don't deserve any of His wonderful gifts! Yet His undeserved grace is available for all who will trust and follow Him!
"...thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ!" 2 Corinthians 2:14
Jumping Jihad!! Rev. Warren goes Wahhabi
Top protestant evangelist to promote new religion; 'Chrislam' at radical Muslim conventionBy Paul Williams
Thursday, June 25, 2009
The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), an organization with ties to Hamas and other terrorist groups, will hold its annual convention—the largest yearly gathering of Muslims on the continent—in Washington, D.C. over the Fourth of July weekend.
And the keynote speaker will be Reverend Rick Warren, founder and senior minister of the Saddleback Church, an evangelical mega-church located in Lake Forest, California.
Rev. Warren has become one of America’s leading Christian leaders. Over 400,000 pastors attend his “purpose-driven” church seminars and his books, including “The Purpose Driven Life,” have become international best-sellers.
Why did Rev. Warren commit to appear at such a controversial gathering?
The nation’s leading Protestant evangelist was unavailable for comment, but his scheduled visit at the convention follows ISNA leader Sayyid Syeed’s appearance at the Saddleback Church last December.
Why is the ISNA so controversial?
The organization’s website contains the following quotations:
“The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. ‘O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.’”
“May Allah fight the Jews and the Christians? They took the graves of their Prophets as places of prostration. Two deens [religions] shall not co-exist in the land of the Arabs.”
“I will expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslim.”
“The Dajjal [Devil, Antichrist] would be followed by seventy thousand Jews of Isfahan wearing Persian shawls.”
“Ibn Umar reported that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) stoned to death the Jews, both male and female, who had committed adultery.”
ISNA, purportedly the largest Muslim organization in North America, has its roots in the extremist Muslim Brotherhood - - the group responsible for the formation of al Qaeda, Hamas, and most other international terror entities.
Since its formation in 1981, ISNA has been responsible for distributing and promoting radical Wahhabi theological indoctrination materials to mosques throughout North America. Many of these mosques were recently built with Saudi money and are required, by their Saudi benefactors, to strictly follow the dictates of Saudi Arabian imams – an edict that affects the tone and content of the sermons given in the mosques, the selection of books and periodicals that may be read in mosque libraries or sold in mosque bookshops, and the policies governing the exclusion or suppression of dissenters from the congregations.
Through its affiliate, the North American Islamic Trust – a Saudi government-backed organization created to fund Islamist enterprises in North America – the Saudi-subsidized ISNA reportedly holds the mortgages on 80% of all mosques in the U.S. and Canada.
Kaukab Siddique, the editor of New Trend, a radical Islamic periodical, proclaims: “ISNA controls most mosques in America and thus also controls who will speak at every Friday prayer, and which literature will be distributed there.”
Islam scholar Stephen Schwartz describes ISNA as “one of the chief conduits through which the radical Saudi form of Islam passes into the United States.”
Terrorism expert Steven Emerson maintains that ISNA “is a radical group hiding under a false veneer of moderation”; that it “convenes annual conferences where Islamist militants have been given a platform to incite violence and promote hatred” (for instance, al Qaeda supporter and PLO official Yusuf Al-Qaradhawi addressed a previous ISNA conference); that it has held fundraisers for terrorists (after Hamas leader Mousa Marzook was arrested and eventually deported in 1997, ISNA raised money for his defense); that it has condemned the U.S. government’s post-9/11 seizure of Hamas’ and Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s financial assets; and that it publishes a bi-monthly magazine, Islamic Horizons, that “often champions militant Islamist doctrine.”
Emerson writes: “I think ISNA has been an umbrella, also a promoter of groups that have been involved in terrorism. I am not going to accuse the ISNA of being directly involved in terrorism. I will say ISNA has sponsored extremists, racists, people who call for Jihad against the United States.”
WTHR, an Indianapolis television station located close to ISNA’s Indiana headquarters, says it has found “about a dozen charities, organizations and individuals under federal scrutiny for possible ties to terrorism that are in some way linked to ISNA.”
In December 2003, U.S. Senators Charles Grassley and Max Baucus of the Senate Committee on Finance listed ISNA as one of 25 American Muslim organizations that “finance terrorism and perpetuate violence.”
ISNA is described in a Muslim Brotherhood document—entitled “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America” – as an organization which shares the Brotherhood’s goal of destroying America and turning it into a Muslim nation.
Rev. Warren will be sharing the podium with Ingrid Mattson, professor of Islamic Studies at the Macdonald Center for Islamic Studies, and of Christian-Muslim Relations at Hartford Seminary in Connecticut.
In her article “Finding the Prophet,” Ms. Mattson writes that she came across a book entitled Islam, by Fazlur Rahman in the summer of 1987 - - the time of her conversion from Roman Catholicism to Islam. “His book sparked in me a keen desire to study the classical heritage of Islamic theology and law,” she recalls. In his book, Rahman wrote of an attack on a Jewish tribe that, in his estimation, was “occupying Medina” and that, as punishment for their “Jewish treachery,” they were “ruthlessly massacred.” He maintained that the “most sinister and heartless role was played by the ‘Hypocrites’ [Muslim traitors] who were no doubt in league with the Jews.”
Evidently, Rahman’s book had “sparked” much more in her, as she soon after would leave for Peshawar, Pakistan to do “relief” work. Peshawar, at the time, was the home base of the organization that would later become Al-Qaeda. For one year, from 1987 thru 1988, Mattson was the Director of Projects for Afghan Refugee Women. She operated out of Akora Khattak, a small town where dozens of Taliban leaders, including Taliban Commander Mullah Mohammed Omar, were educated at Darul Uloom Haqqania a.k.a. “University of Jihad.”
At present, Ms. Mattson participates in ‘Live Dialogues’ on Islam Online, a website that supports suicide bombings, mandates attacks against American troops, prescribes murder for homosexuals, and discusses how to behead human beings.
Rev. Warren’s presence in such questionable company will come as small surprise to many of his critics and detractors.
At President Barack Obama’s Inauguration, Rev. Warren offered an Invocation in which he quoted the Koran and spoke of Jesus as “Isa,” the Muslim’s name for the founder of Christianity.
Selling Our Souls in the Name of ServiceBy Berit Kjos
February 11, 2009
"Faith-Based Partnerships" Ban Truth & Freedom"Barack Obama will establish a new President's Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships within the White House. The Council will work to engage faith-based organizations and help them abide by the principles that federal funds cannot be used to proselytize..."
"If you get a federal grant, you can’t use that grant money to proselytize to the people you help and you can’t discriminate against... the people you hire on the basis of their religion.”
Barack Obama
"...we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.” Acts 4:18-19 [The disciples' response when commanded not to share their faith.
Why is our government so hostile to the Christian message? What kinds of social and political goals are fueling this war on God's Truth?
One clue may be found in Barack Obama's "Call to Renewal" speech on June 28, 2006. He said,
"Democracy demands that the religiously motivated translate their concerns into universal, rather than religion-specific values. "
Obama hired Pastor Joshua DuBois to head up his Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Considering their diverse backgrounds, the two seem surprisingly compatible. Notice how Pastor DuBois echoes the words of President Obama:"Our democracy demands that when people are religiously motivated you have to translate your concerns into universal rather than religion-specific values."
Apparently, our new president wants us to trade our Biblical values for evolving illusions! We would be fools to follow such a devious demand!
This paradigm shift began decades ago! Progressive education and compromising churches have paved the way. Trying to please man rather than God, they willingly embraced the enticing "universals" that ban His guidelines.
No plan will undermine those old truths more effectively than Obama's system of "service learning." Through a top-down hierarchy of partnerships -- government, churches and community groups -- trained facilitators at every level will guide group dialogue everywhere until all participants embrace the evolving consensus. [See The Dialectic Process]
While gathering data on each participant, the leaders of this Washington-based communitarian system will--
"...launch a program to 'Train the Trainers' by empowering hundreds of intermediary nonprofits and larger faith-based organizations to train thousands of local faith-based and community-based organizations on best practices, grant-making procedures, service delivery and limitations.
"The Office will host regular training sessions for selected community training partners. These partners... would be supported to travel to Washington and learn how to train local faith-based and community organizations on... remaining in compliance, avoiding proselytizing, understanding hiring rules, and reporting outcomes. These organizations would return to their communities as certified providers of advice...."
Sounds like total government control, doesn't it? Since our president calls each of us to "serve," the participation could be vast. And with next year's National Census (2010) controlled by the White House, not Congress, Obama may request whatever information his plan requires.
Obama's adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski would probably be pleased. This former National Security Advisor -- who founded the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller -- seems to support Marxist totalitarianism. In his book, Between Two Ages, he wrote:
"Marxism is simultaneously a victory of the external, active man over the inner, passive man and a victory of reason over belief."
"Marxism, disseminated on the popular level in the form of Communism, represented a major advance in man’s ability to conceptualize his relationship to his world."
"The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most important information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities."
"I’ve learned an immense amount from Dr. Brzezinski," said Obama. (See video)
Twisting the First AmendmentOn February 5, 2009, President Obama signed an Executive Order amending EO 13199 signed by George W. Bush and establishing the new White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. In Section 1 on Policy, it states:
"The American people are key drivers of fundamental change in our country, and few institutions are closer to the people than our faith-based and other neighborhood organizations. It is critical that the Federal Government strengthen the ability of such organizations ... to deliver services effectively in partnership with Federal, State, and local governments and with other private organizations, while ... forbidding the establishment of religion....
"Through rigorous evaluation, and by offering technical assistance, the Federal Government must ensure that organizations receiving Federal funds achieve measurable results in furtherance of valid public purposes."
Last summer, Obama gave us a specific outline of his planned "partnerships between government and faith-based and other nonprofit community groups." Much of it was based on the new interpretation of the First Amendment. To our nation's founders -- and to all who came to America seeking religious freedom -- it meant the wonderful promise of the "free exercise of religion" and "free speech."
Since that foundational promise clashed with the socialist vision of solidarity [one of Obama's "universals"], those words have been reinterpreted. Now they are used to silence Christian expressions in schools, public places and public "partnerships." Obama's section on "guiding principles" includes the following:
"Barack Obama believes that our problems require an 'all hands on deck' approach.... Obama also respects the First Amendment.... Obama’s initiative will be governed by a set of core principles for federal grant recipients. In order to receive federal funds to provide social services, faith-based organizations:
Cannot use federal funds to proselytize or provide religious sectarian instruction. Must comply with federal anti-discrimination laws. ...cannot discriminate with respect to hiring.... Can only use taxpayer dollars on secular programs and initiatives...."
In other words, participating Christians who long to comfort the needy can no longer share God's encouraging truths. If their church receives government funds to help pay the cost of food for the poor, they cannot pray with a hurting child or sick mother.
Nor can their church refuse to hire leaders whose beliefs and values clash with Biblical values. For example,
"A Baptist agency in Kentucky provides shelter and love to abused and neglected children. But it has also accepted public funds. Since the government regulations tied to federal funding forbid discrimination in hiring practices, the agency has been sued by an openly gay woman who claims she was fired because of her sexual preference."
When President Obama announced the new Executive Order that established this program, he included this warning. Notice how it defines "faith":
"As the priorities of this Office are carried out, it will be done in a way that upholds the Constitution.... The separation of church and state is a principle President Obama supports firmly.... There is a force for good greater than government. It is an expression of faith, this yearning to give back, this hungering for a purpose larger than our own..."
In our troubled times, how many churches will resist the temptation to compromise?
Global ChangeRemember, the First Amendment assures us that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech..." Though intended to protect faithful believers, that assurance has been turned upside down.
No organization has done more to twist that promise into a ban on faith-based expressions than the ACLU. Small wonder, since its founder, Roger Baldwin, despised Christianity. "Communism is the goal," he wrote in 1935, aligning its ideology with Karl Marx' war on Biblical Truth.
Hilmar Von Campe, a former Hitler Youth and repentant German soldier, is now spreading the warning of totalitarianism through his book, Defeating the Totalitarian Lie. He wrote,
"The Nazis knew that a commitment to God and His absolute moral standards before government would be a great obstacle to exercising their power based on immorality and contempt for life and other people’s rights.... Just as the Nazis did, [the ACLU] strives to cut the connection of the American people to God....
"When I point out that Nazi stands for National Socialist and the ACLU has a Communist/Socialist background, it demonstrates the ideological similarities in the two groups."
Obama's vision of church-and-state partnerships fits into a global government scheme that extends far beyond any visible service. His offer of federal funding to help the poor is intended to sound compassionate, but that's a PLANNED DELUSION! Instead it will speed the implementation of the massive global management system envisioned by previous administrations. [Read entire article at:]
One World Religion is Not EnoughBy Wendy Griffith, CBN News Reporter
October 24, 2000 - -- Globalization It has become a pretty common buzzword in recent years. It seems everyone is talking about global economics, global politics, and now even global religion.
It may sound far-fetched, but many liberal organizations, including the United Nations, are pursuing the development of a one-world religious organization. Today, on the UN's 55th anniversary, CBN News takes a look at what's behind this push for a global religion.
After a while the drums, chants and prayers representing many of the world's leading religions all started to sound alike, somehow losing their flavor in a melting pot of spiritual soup. The first ever Millennium World Peace Summit of religious and spiritual leaders took place at the United Nations in August. And some believe it marked the first major step toward a movement to usher in a global spiritual body that may one day speak for all religions.
"It certainly sounds suspicious to me," remarks Bob McGinnis.
Mcginnis, of the Family Research Council, says it appears the hidden agenda is to unite people under one religious organization so they will peacefully accept UN goals such as population control, abortion rights and one world government.
"I would suspect that they do kind of want to bring all faiths under one umbrella, whether it be Muslims or Hindus or some tribal group down in the central part of the Amazon," says McGinnis. "If they can accomplish that then they co-opt their religious voice in the world and I think it's really going to water down our effectiveness as we try to go elsewhere and be spokespersons for Christ."
"Maybe there is, instead of all these different Gods, maybe there's one God who manifests himself in different ways to different people," stated Ted Turner at the Summit.
CNN founder and billionaire Turner was the honorary chair of the World Religions Summit. Turner, known for his critical views on Biblical Christianity, promoted the new age concept that there are many ways to heaven.
"The thing that disturbed me was that my religion, the Christian sect, was very intolerant, not of religious freedom, but we thought we were the only ones going to heaven," he told the assembled leaders.
Although the movement's goals are clearly anti-Biblical, some liberal protestant denominations have become big supporters of a New World church. Among those leading the way is the United Religions Initiative, or U.R.I. Introduced in 1995 by San Francisco Episcopal bishop William Swing, the U.R.I. is active in nearly 60 countries worldwide and 33 states in the United States. The U.R.I. envisions itself as the future religious arm and spiritual partner of the United Nations. "I think the initial vision that Bishop Swing had was that it would be a religious United Nations," says Rev. Charles Gibbs. "What we've discovered over the years is that it carries with it a tremendous amount of baggage."
Gibbs, who is the executive director of the United Religions Initiative, denies reports that the U.R.I. goal is to form a new world religion, but says, instead, it will serve as a global agency that will work towards world peace, protection of the environment and other social issues.
"We still hold the aspiration that we'll have the visibility and stature of the United Nations but in a very different organization where all over the world, everyday, ordinary and exceptional people are working through interfaith cooperation to solve the pressing issues they have locally and still be connected to a global community," notes Gibbs.
Supporters of a global religious voice have come down hard on evangelical Christians who refuse to adopt their new age agenda. For example, former UN Assistant Secretary-General Robert Muller said, fundamentalists are stuck in an "inflexible belief system and play an incendiary role in global conflicts." He goes on to say that "peace will be impossible without the taming of fundamentalism through a united religion that professes faithfulness only to the global spirituality and to the health of this planet."
U.R.I. founder Bishop Swing is also quoted as saying, " The time comes when common language and a common purpose for all religions and spiritual movements must be discerned and agreed upon. Merely respecting and understanding religions is not enough."
Biblical scholars warn that Christians must not be sucked into this new age agenda that takes the focus off Christ and places it on the so-called "global good" of mankind.
"It is written, Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever," stresses Dr. Charles Holman, a divinity professor at Regent University. "Real Christians will follow him to the end."
If global religion supporters do gain influence, many say a key object of worship will be creation - not the creator. The U.R.I. supports the push by former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and Canadian billionaire Maurice Strong, founders of Green Cross International, to form an earth charter --a sort of Ten Commandments that will provide a guide for human behavior toward the environment in the 21st century. Gorbachev has said, "Nature is my God. Trees are my temples and forests are my cathedrals."
Although many believe a world religious organization is just what we need to overcome religious conflicts and feuds, Christians point out that the Bible warns of a time when religious control will escalate into religious persecution.
Quotes Holman: "Jesus said in Matthew 24:9, then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you; and ye shall be hated of all nations for my names' sake. For then there shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be."
Lee Penn, a freelance reporter and critic of the U.R.I., said, "The leaders of the U.R.I. do not place their ultimate hope in God or in the saving acts of Christ. They hope for an earthly utopia that the united religions will help bring into being."
Rev. Gibbs says the U.R.I's peace is not the false peace of the anti-Christ, which some have accused.
"I would simply reflect into that Jesus own statement, you will know them by their fruit."
Ushering in the One-World Religion
By Wendy Griffith, CBN News Reporter
Sunday, June 8, 2003
The summit was endorsed by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan who said "the future of the world depends on women."GENEVA, Switzerland � A one world government and a one world religion - it may just sound like fiction from the popular "Left Behind" novel series. But some Christians say this scenario may be closer than most people think.
Earlier this fall in Geneva, hundreds of spiritual and religious leaders met at the United Nations for a peace summit. And although all the major faiths were there, including some who claim to represent Christianity, it was clear that Jesus was not invited.
The event was actually the first ever UN summit of women religious leaders. Mournful cries could be heard emanating from one of the meetings as more than 500 women from more than 70 countries came to talk about ways to achieve world peace. Most were from "Eastern religions" - Buddhists, Taoists and Hindus.
And a woman named "Amma," who is known as the "hugging saint," came with her own band of followers. She claims to be able to impart "divine love and wisdom" in her hug. She said, "It's not only hugging but it is also imparting that spiritual principal into people, so to have them know who they are, so once you know that, peace will spontaneously happen."
Honorary Chair Shirley MacLaine, known for her adventures into New Age, did not show, but several celebrities did, including Linda Evans, Lindsay Wagner and Linda Gray of "Dallas" fame.
Gray said, "I was raised Catholic, I bless that base, I think if you have a strong religious base where, whatever it is, then you branch out from there, or expand on it."
The summit was endorsed by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan who said "the future of the world depends on women."
As the women gathered near the banks of beautiful Lake Geneva, Bawa Jain, one of the organizers and one of the few men present, said, "And behold the power of women, look at that, the rain stopped, (laughs) this is the power of women, a true demonstration here."
Bawa Jain then led the women in a chant for peace. "Say it with me three times, No more violence, No more violence, No more violence," he said.
Rev. Joan Brown Campbell, co-chair of the Global Peace Initiative, said, "The thunderclouds of war gather around us, the sky grows dark but it never does envelope us. In a few moments we will light a single candle, and from that candle many will receive the light and that light will shine in the darkness."
A participant named Hanna Strong said, "The only way we're ever going to have peace is by people being peaceful inside, no aggression, no hatred, we have to transform these negative emotions that are creating situations for war."
Although there was much talk about peace and how women can harness their "feminine energies" to bring peace to a hurting planet, there was no mention of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. Nor could we find any evangelical Christians either speaking at or attending this world religions summit.
Rev. Brown Campbell said, "That's not a purposeful intent. This is a meeting, of course, of people of all religions. And I think what we've all tried to do is to call on the common deity that everyone will say I mean everyone here would say there is a God, this is not a group of Atheists, this is a group of people of faith, and for everyone there is a god-person by whatever name."
When asked whether evangelical Christians were not invited on purpose, Rev. Brown Campbell said, "No, no, no, not at all, the attempt to be broad scale means there are not too many of any, and this is a first effort, identifying people was not simple."
The Geneva summit was a direct outcome of the Millennium World Peace Summit of religious and spiritual leaders held at the United Nations in New York two years ago. At that gathering, honorary chair and CNN founder Ted Turner endeared himself to the crowd by promoting the New Age concept that there are many ways to heaven.
"The thing that disturbed me was that my religion, the Christian sect, was very intolerant, not of religious freedom, but we thought we were the only ones going to heaven," Turner said.
The belief that there are many ways to heaven was also part of the New Age gospel at the Geneva summit. Strong said, "I'm very close to the Buddhists, the Taoists, the native Americans and uh, peace to me is being one with the source." When asked if she was referring to God "the Creator," she said, "Well, I don't necessary call it Creator, but, it's one name."
Robert Maginnis, a former director of the Family Research Council, said of the summit, "Well, I can see the possibility that it's the globalization of world religion."
Maginnis says it appears the hidden agenda is to unite people under one religious umbrella so they will peacefully accept the UN's radical political goals. "I would submit that the United Nations is very anti-life, they are anti-faith, anti-family, they're anti-national sovereignty, but they are pro one-world government," he said.
Christian scholars say the Bible warns of a time when all the world will unite under a false global religious and political system. Maginnis says, it appears the UN could be taking the first steps in that direction.
"You're taking the Muslim community, the Christian community, the Hindus, the Confucians and all the many hundreds of religious groups, trying to identify key leaders, and you are basically trying to co-opt them into cooperating with you," he said.
Christians believe there is one way to heaven, because Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life and no man comes to the Father except by me."
But Rev. Brown Campbell said, "For me, that is true, I mean for me the way to God the way to peace is through Jesus Christ, that's what I teach my children, that's what I teach my grandchildren, and I believe that very, very strongly. But I also believe that for others, there is a way that for them is true and precious, and I don't deny them that reality and I respect that."
Maginnis said, "The name of Jesus has power and that's why Satan doesn't like it, he doesn't want to hear it in the halls of the UN, whether it be in New York City or in Geneva. So when Ms. Campbell presents herself as a representative for Christians, where does the name Christian come from, it comes from Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior; and if you don't invoke His name in the context of world religion, then I think you've fallen far short and clearly you've done a disservice to Christianity because He is the center of our salvation."
Religion and World Government (Part 1)
By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
October 23, 2006
There have been a number of religious leaders over the years who have advocated world government. According to the American Baha'i WORLD ORDER (October 1947), "Baha Ullah spoke of a United Nations of the World as early as 1860," and called for a world religion, world government, world police force, world language and world currency.
Among Protestants, the American Baptist Publication Society in 1919 published THE NEW WORLD ORDER by Samuel Zane Batten, in which he declared: "The old order passes from view; the new world rises upon our vision....We have vindicated the right of social control....There must be developed a national spirit of service....Society must break the stranglehold of capitalism....The natural resources of the nation must be socialized....The state must socialize every group....Men must learn to have world patriotism. World patriotism must be a faith....There is no more justice for the claim of absolute sovereignty on the part of a nation than on the part of an individual....The only alternative is World Federation...with a world parliament, an international court, and an international police force....Men must have an international mind before there can be a world federation. They must see and affirm that above the nation is humanity. Internationalism must first be a religion before it can be a reality and a system."
Batten was a prominent official with the Northern Baptist Convention, Baptist World Alliance, World Brotherhood Federation, and a founder of the Brotherhood of the Kingdom in 1892 along with Walter Rauschenbusch. Rauschenbusch was a Fabian Socialist who stated in 1893 that "the only power that can make socialism succeed, if it is established, is religion." And in Edgar Bundy's COLLECTIVISM IN THE CHURCHES (1958), one reads regarding Rauschenbusch that "Socialism thus was his first concern. Religion was only a means toward achieving socialism."
Rauschenbusch was known as the "father of the Social Gospel" and taught at Rochester Theological Seminary, which was funded by the Rockefellers. The Rockefellers also funded the establishment on December 2, 1908, of the Federal Council of Churches, co-founded by Rauschenbusch (Baptist) and Harry Ward (Methodist). In Congressional testimony July 1953, former top Communist Party official Manning Johnson testified that for many years Ward "has been the chief architect for Communist infiltration and subversion in the religious field," in seminaries, divinity schools, churches,, and in religious organizations. The Federal Council of Churches would become the National Council of Churches, part of the Socialist-dominated World Council of Churches.
... The Catholic Church underwent dramatic changes with the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s. And on December 7, 1965, Vatican II document, PASTORAL CONSTITUTION ON THE CHURCH IN THE MODERN WORLD, was published and pronounced: "It is our clear duty to strain every muscle in working for the time when all war can be completely outlawed by international consent. This goal undoubtedly requires the establishment of some universal public authority acknowledged as such by all and endowed with the power to safeguard on the behalf of all...." Then on March 26, 1966, Pope Paul VI wrote POPULORUM PROGRESSIO calling for "a new juridical order" and stating: "Who can fail to see the need and importance of thus gradually coming to the establishment of a world authority capable of taking effective action on the juridical and political planes?...Delegates to organizations, public officials, gentlemen of the press, teachers and educators---all of you must realize that you have your part to play in the construction of a new world order."
... The power elite who "guide the world" are guiding us all toward a World Socialist Government, and religion plays an important role in their plans. Cecil Rhodes formed the secret Society of the Elect in 1891 "to take the government of the whole world," as indicated earlier. Rhodes' secret society was comprised of a secret Circle of Initiates and a semi-secret Association of Helpers, with the latter forming the Round Table Group. [Read the entire article at: and connect for Parts 2, 3, 4]
Vatican, Muslims Plan 'Historic' MeetingJanuary 3, 2008
By Nicole Winfield
VATICAN CITY (AP) — Catholic and Muslim representatives plan to meet in Rome in the spring to start a “historic” dialogue between the faiths after relations were soured by Pope Benedict XVI’s 2006 comments about Islam and holy war, Vatican officials said.
Benedict proposed the encounter as part of his official response to an open letter sent to him and other Christian leaders in October by 138 Muslim scholars from around the world. The letter urged Christians and Muslims to develop their common ground of belief in one God.
Three representatives of the Muslim scholars will come to Rome in February or March to prepare for the meeting, the head of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue, Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, told the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano this weekend.
He did not give a date for the larger meeting, except to say it would take place in the spring.
The agenda, he said, would cover three main topics: respect for the dignity of each person, interreligious dialogue based on reciprocal understanding, and instruction of tolerance among the young.
“The meeting with a delegation of some of the 138 Muslims, planned for Rome next spring, is in a certain sense historic,” Tauran was quoted by L’Osservatore as saying.
Benedict angered Muslims with a speech on faith and reason in September 2006 in Germany in which he cited a medieval text that characterized some of the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad as “evil and inhuman,” particularly “his command to spread by the sword the faith.” The pope later said he was “deeply sorry” over the reactions to his remarks and that they did not reflect his own opinions. The Vatican has been working ever since to improve relations with moderate Islam.
Thirty-eight Muslim scholars initially wrote to Benedict soon after his 2006 speech, thanking him for his clarifications and his calls for dialogue. But the Vatican never officially responded to that initiative, and a year later the number of signatories of a new letter had swelled to 138.
In the letter, the Muslim scholars, muftis and intellectuals draw parallels between Islam and Christianity and their common focus on love for God and love for one’s neighbor. They also note that such a focus is found in Judaism.
“As Muslims and in obedience to the Holy Quran, we ask Christians to come together with us on the common essentials of our two religions,” the letter says. “Let this common ground be the basis of all future interfaith dialogue between us.”
Noting that Christians and Muslims make up an estimated 55 percent of the world population, the scholars conclude that improving relations is the best way to bring peace to the world. [Read entire article at:]
Obama calls for Christians, Jews and Muslims to Unite
July 25, 2008
“Citizen of the world” Obama waves to the gathered crowd as he arrives to make a speech in front of the Victory Column in Berlin
In the end Barack Obama had no need to break into German to leave the 200,000 crowd roaring with delight.
The man the German media has dubbed the ‘Black JFK’ stuck to English - but his welcome in Berlin last night stood comparison with the rapturous reception given to John F. Kennedy’s famous 1963 ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ address at the height of the Cold War.
Mr Obama opened his speech at the Victory Column in the capital’s Tiergarten park with the words: ‘I come to Berlin as so many of my countrymen have come before, although tonight I speak to you not as a candidate for president of the United States, but as a proud citizen of the United States and a proud citizen of the world.’
This is London Jul 25, 2008
He told the crowd that he knew he did not look much like the Americans who had addressed Berlin before, emphasising his Kenyan roots to the delight of the thousands cheering his every word as ‘ Obamamania’ took over.
Mr Obama, who arrives in London tomorrow at the end of a week-long overseas tour to boost his foreign policy credentials as the Democrat opponent of Republican John McCain, chose Berlin for the only formal speech of the trip.
He urged Europe to stand by the U.S. in bringing stability to Afghanistan and confronting other threats, from climate change to nuclear proliferation.
And he said America had no better partner than Europe.
Mr Obama, who is hugely popular in Germany where polls show President George Bush is loathed, spoke in front of the 230ft column built to celebrate 19th-century Prussian military victories over Denmark, France and Austria.
Addressing many world issues, Obama said: ‘a new generation, our generation, must make our mark on history’.
He spoke of tearing down walls between countries, between races and between religions - that the ‘walls’ between Christians, Muslims and Jews cannot stand.
‘Let us build on our common history, and seize our common destiny, and once again engage in that noble struggle to bring justice and peace to our world.’
He also spoke on the Iraq war, saying: ‘This is the moment when the world should support the millions of Iraqis who seek to rebuild their lives, even as we pass responsibility to the Iraqi government and finally bring this war to a close.’
He dwelt at length on the historic ties between the U.S. and Germany - touching on the Berlin Airlift 60 years ago and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.
He said the fall of the Wall had brought hope but also dangers. ‘No one nation, no matter how large or powerful, can defeat such challenges alone,’ he said.
America and Europe had grown apart, he said, but it was vital they stood together on such issues, particularly Afghanistan.
‘No one welcomes war. I recognise the enormous difficulties in Afghanistan,’ Mr Obama said.
‘But my country and yours have a stake in seeing that NATO’s first mission beyond Europe’s borders is a success. For the people of Afghanistan, and for our shared security, the work must be done. America cannot do this alone.’ He acknowledged the differences between Europe and the U.S.
‘No doubt, there will be differences in the future. But the burdens of global citizenship continue to bind us together. A change of leadership in Washington will not lift this burden. In this new century, Americans and Europeans alike will be required to do more - not less.
‘Partnership and cooperation among nations is not a choice; it is the one way, the only way, to protect our common security and advance our common humanity. ‘That is why the greatest danger of all is to allow new walls to divide us from one another.’
“Those who manipulate the organized habits and opinions of the masses constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of the country…. It remains a fact that in almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.” - Edward Bernay, 1928
The New Age Movement
Beware! The New Age Movement Is More Than Self-Indulgent Silliness
A Comprehensive Exposé of The New Age Movement
by Lee Penn
Many Christians view the New Age movement as merely self-indulgent silliness. Unfortunately, there's far more to the movement than astrology, crystals, weird workshops, and psychobabble. Many New Age spiritual leaders have a firmly entrenched anti-Christian worldview, and harbor a special hatred for the Catholic Church. Some New Age leaders believe that the Fall was really man's ascent into knowledge, assisted by Lucifer - whom they hail as the bringer of light and wisdom. These New Age teachers expect an imminent, apocalyptic transformation that will lead humanity into the New Age. By acts of men or by an act of "spirit," earth will be cleansed of those who refuse to evolve. In the New Age, there will be world government; the economy will be remade to promote "sharing." Traditional morality and traditional families will disappear. Orthodox religions - especially Christianity and Judaism - are considered "separative" and "obsolete"; in the New Age, they too will vanish. [Read entire article at:]

Sarah Palin is a Manchurian Candidate for One Extremist Splinter Group of the End-Times CrowdSubmitted by Mark on Thu, 10/09/2008 - 8:36am.
Mark Karlin's Editor's Blog
October 9
If a group of people conspires to seize control of the American Government in order to accomplish an agenda to force an extremist theology on U.S. citizens, a religious belief that views the presidency as a necessary step in advancing "end times," isn’t this treason?
We think so.
While the mainstream media has been preoccupied with regurgitating – for the third time this year – discredited assertions about a ‘60s radical turned esteemed educational professor and Barack Obama, it hasn’t given any notice to the extreme branch of Dominionism that Sarah Palin adheres to.
Perhaps the "you betcha’" and "pit bull with lipstick" folksiness veneer makes it hard to accept that Palin is part of a rebel cult aimed at taking control of the U.S. government in the name of advancing Armageddon. It is kind of hard to think of the VP candidate that Republicans touted at the GOP convention with buttons as "The Hottest VP from the Coolest State" as a Manchurian candidate, but who are you going to believe, Palin or the evidence?
If you think BuzzFlash is going off the deep end of conspiracy theories, then watch this smoking gun video. It was put together by the diligent people at who expose the extremist, anti-democracy, anti-Constitutional tyrannical theocracy of the religious far right.
In the video, you will hear about how Palin was recruited at the age of 24 to be a political "warrior" to gain governmental power to assert an authoritarian end-times theocratic state that would rid the land of "non-believers." The credibility of the tape comes from its narrator, Mary Glazier, who is a key sponsor and mentor to Palin, as the Governor has been groomed to seize power as part of a plan of "spiritual warfare." Glazier details the recruitment of Palin in chilling terms and makes pronouncements, such as "There is a tipping point, at which time, because of the sin of the land, the people then have to be displaced."
Again, don’t dismiss this as some sort of loony theory, listen and watch the tape. And you might also read some of the great research on Palin’s religious background and beliefs at
We’ve also posted several alarming articles on BuzzFlash, including: "The Irony of Sarah Palin: Her ‘Third Wave’ Radical Christian Theology"; "By Any Measure, Sarah Palin is a Radical Political and Religious Extremist"; and a must-read interview with Bruce Wilson of, "Sarah Palin's Extremist Religious Beliefs: The Republic is At Risk."
It is important to recognize that the "spiritual warriors" know that they have to use deceptive tactics, including concealing their extremist religious agenda to seize the control of government at every level – and that Sarah Palin is their most charismatic "populist" vehicle for literally taking over the U.S. government and establishing an extremist theocratic, pre-Armageddon state. We are not exaggerating.
In fact, some extreme right-wing religious fanatics have been openly talking of John McCain’s death, should McCain and Palin win, which would then allow Palin to implement a "Third Wave" theocracy in the U.S. And, trust us, if you aren’t a "believer," things are going to get very ugly.
If you notice, Palin is very careful not to renounce any of the religious extremism that she adheres to. Instead, she gives vague answers that distract from the issue, while not really rejecting the assertions – but she doesn’t really have to worry because Sean Hannity is not going to pressure her on the subject.
Palin has mastered the art of appearing like an everyday person in order to appeal to the working class population. The "spiritual warriors" are well aware that they can’t attain power by being honest about their goals, so deception is glorified in the name of their "divine" objective of making the U.S. a nation adhering to their fanatical beliefs. (Although Palin did wage her first campaign for mayor on abortion and religious "values" issues, going so far as to demand that her opponent produce a marriage license to prove that he and his wife weren't living in sin because she chose to keep her own name. We're not making this up.)
It’s hard to look at Palin and believe that anyone who is so confidently scary stupid could be the chosen one for the practitioners of Biblical Apocalypse.
But the mounting evidence shows that is exactly what she is.
[Readers comment: Most amusing that the theo-wacko's Anti-Christ might turn out to be a woman.]
Maitreya Rising?By Paul Proctor
December 19, 2008
There was a very strange announcement made recently in the form of a press release posted on the Dow Jones & Company’s Market Watch website dated December 12, 2008, that bears mentioning, if for no other reason, because it reads like something from a supermarket tabloid. Come to think of it, didn’t Rupert Murdoch just buy Dow Jones & Company not long ago? If you’re not aware, they also publish, among other things, the Wall Street Journal.
Anyway, whether this speaks to the decline of a once great business publication or the growing power and influence of a coming world leader, only time will tell. Either way, it is clearly another ominous sign of the desperate times in which we live.
The article in question titled, Share International Reveals Christmas Miracle, advises readers to prepare for a coming miracle that all of us will see in the sky shortly before the “emergence of Maitreya and his group, the Masters of Wisdom.”
Allow me to reiterate: This is a major business and financial news publication – not some obscure blog for Bigfoot hunters and UFO enthusiasts.
The article goes on to say:
Look now for the biggest miracle of all. In the very near future a large, bright star will appear in the sky visible to all throughout the world -- night and day.
Unbelievable? Fantasy? No, a simple fact. Around a week later, Maitreya, the World Teacher for all humanity, will begin his open emergence and -- though not yet using the name Maitreya -- will be interviewed on a major US television program.
Who is Maitreya, you ask?
The press release describes him this way:
Awaited by all faiths under different names, Maitreya is the Christ to Christians, the Imam Mahdi to Muslims, Krishna to Hindus, the Messiah to Jews, and Maitreya Buddha to Buddhists. He is the World Teacher for all, religious or not, an educator in the broadest sense.
If that doesn’t peg your spiritual discernment meter, you may want to go have it checked.
What I find fascinating is that this Maitreya fellow seems to have a strangely similar "share and save the world" agenda to that of Purpose Driven Pastor Rick Warren with his Global P.E.A.C.E. Plan and also President-elect Barack Obama with his Global Poverty Act and Universal Service Plan – men who apparently have no aversion to working with any or all of the world religions or non-religions to save the planet – which may explain, at least in part, why Warren is scheduled to lead the invocation at Obama’s upcoming inauguration.
Could this be another not-so-subtle sign of solidarity?
But what was really entertaining was seeing Warren recently proclaim the social gospel as “Marxism in Christian clothing” in the Christian Post.
Who does he think he’s kidding?
Now Obama has used so many names over the years; is it possible that “Maitreya” is just another of them? After all, during his campaign for the presidency, was he not repeatedly referred to as the Messiah?
Who knows – maybe that “bright star” will appear in the sky about a week before his swearing-in ceremony.
Or maybe he and Warren are two of Maitreya’s “Masters of Wisdom.” Or maybe they’re just a couple of flunkies that will be shoved aside when the main act arrives. Or maybe they’re all working together behind the scenes to get us into their save the world through social service mindset in preparation for the big coming out party.
Your guess is as good as mine. [Read entire article at:]
The Emerging Global 'Church'
by Berit Kjos, August 2005
Warren's P.E.A.C.E. Plan & UN Goals - Part 1
"The first Reformation was about beliefs. This one needs to be about behavior.… We’ve had a Reformation; what we need now is a transformation." Rick Warren
"The transition... to a culture of peace is a process of individual, collective and institutional transformation." UNESCO Culture of Peace Programme
"Citizenship for the next century is learning to live together. The 21st Century city will be a city of social solidarity.... We have to redefine the words... [and write a new] social contract." Federico Mayor, former head of UNESCO.
"A sea change of transitions and transformations is birthing a whole new world," wrote Dr. Leonard Sweet, whose books are often quoted in Rick Warren's Ministry Toolbox . "God is birthing the greatest spiritual awakening in the history of the church.... Are you going to show up."
If you love truth, you may want to say no! For in his book Soul Tsunami, Dr. Sweet, a popular leader of the Emerging Church, tells us to flow with the currents of change and leave God's unchanging gospel behind. "Postmodern culture is a change-or-be changed world," he continues. "Reinvent yourself for the 21st century or die. Some would rather die than change."
Would Rick Warren agree? Probably, since he wrote this glowing endorsement for the front cover of Sweet's book: "Soul Tsunami shows us why these are the greatest days for evangelism since the first century!"
What kind of evangelism does Warren envision? Would it be based on God's Word or on "good" works? Apparently, the latter. In a world that has traded Biblical absolutes for changing values and feel-good experiences, God's "divisive" truths face a rising tide of hostility. But few will argue against helping the poor and sick. Perhaps that's why Pastor Warren keeps repeating this statement: “The first Reformation was about belief; this one’s going to be about behavior.”
The new focus is on unity -- a worldwide oneness reflected in the growing union between the East and West. Leonard Sweet's online book, Quantum Spirituality, sheds some revealing light of the envisioned global "church" for the 21st century. In his view, the offense of the cross has been replaced with a passion for interfaith peace and possibility thinking. To illustrate this point, Dr. Sweet quotes Thomas Merton, the popular Catholic author who popularized mysticism and died in Asia searching the depths of Tibetan Buddhism: 'We are already one. But we imagine that we are not. And what we have to recover is our original unity.'"
Seeking that illusive solidarity, today's success-driven church leaders are rushing into the postmodern age of flexible "truth" and relational pleasures. Unbounded by any solid anchor in God's unchanging Word, they dash forward -- hand in hand with the world -- toward an imagined future attainable through practices long hidden in secret societies and Eastern religions. These include meditative rituals, dialectical synthesis and systems thinking. Add service learning to the last two and you have the transformational strategies first tested by Communist tyrants, then incorporated into the UN - U.S. education system, which intentionally undermined factual, rational learning and established the postmodern ways of thinking.
We need to understand this amazing worldwide revolution -- and the subtle compromises caused by today's pragmatic "Christian" alliances. Therefore, the next two articles in this series will look more closely at the social manipulation behind "community service" and "lifelong learning" -- two programs driven by global standards, continual assessments and remediation. Meanwhile, you can find helpful background information on the following pages:
Molding Human Resources for the Global Workforce
Bush, Shultz, Gorbachev and Soviet Education
Spirit-Led or Purpose-Driven, Part 4: Dealing with Resisters
Character Training For Global Citizenship
But first, let's examine Rick Warren's celebrated P.E.A.C.E. Plan and its links to the United Nations.
Like most other UN documents, its Millennium Goals sound kind and compassionate. They are designed to appeal to noble instincts and caring hearts -- and they do! That's why nations, corporations, organizations and churches have joined the global campaign. Who would disagree with these eight lofty goals?
1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.
2. Achieve universal primary education.
3. Promote gender equality and empower women.
4. Reduce child mortality.
5. Improve maternal health.
6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.
7. Ensure environmental sustainability.
8. Develop a global partnership for development.
Of course, there's more to this list than nice-sounding words. The motivational vision of a worldwide welfare system may have captured hearts around the world, but it actually serves the grandiose aims of socialist change agents who have little concern for human suffering. (Just look how government leaders are treating the victims of hurricane Katrina!) Yet, no other program has more effectively linked the evangelical church to the UN management system, which, from its birth, declared war on Biblical truth and values. And no other program has more effectively drawn Christians into a process designed to manipulate the masses, undermine traditional values, silence resisters, synthesize beliefs, trade individual thinking for collective thinking, and train global citizens to serve the "greater whole." [Read entire article at:]
Potions and Charms and Spells! Oh My!By Marsha West
February 12, 2009
“I will continue to proclaim that I am a Witch, and I am Wiccan, for it means the same thing. It is my religion, and it is my craft. It is my life.” –Mike Nichols, Wiccan
Witches are coming out of the broom closet. But they’re not calling themselves witches anymore. Instead those in “the Craft” prefer Wiccan, which comes from the earlier form of the word for witch. Perhaps the name has been changed to take the sting out of it, but a witch by any other name is still a witch.
It’s impossible to determine the numbers of Wiccans there are worldwide because they have no formal membership. Estimates vary but there could be as many as 3 million practicing the magic arts in America. Some say Wicca is the fastest-growing religion in the country! Whether this is true or not, one thing’s for sure: many young people, especially female high school and college students, are joining covens. Because of Wicca’s reverence for the earth and nature, young environmentalists are drawn to Wicca.
What do modern day Wiccans practice and believe?
“Wicca is a faith system that has no central organization or theological belief system defined for all of its adherents. It may be best understood through its typical practices, which include performing magic and sorcery, casting spells and engaging in Witchcraft. It is a ritualistic faith based on a loose set of pagan beliefs that are generally pantheistic in nature. Those who are involved commonly go through initiation rites for membership, teaching and leadership. Contrary to a widespread assumption, however, Wicca is not synonymous with Satan worship. Wiccans most frequently worship gods and goddesses that are found in nature. Wicca generally embraces the notions of karma and reincarnation, and promotes a laissez faire form of morality.” Wicca is a neopagan, nature-based religion. Wiccans celebrate eight season-based festivals. Typically, Wiccans worship the horned god and the triple goddess. “A key belief in Wicca is that the Goddess and the God (or the goddesses and gods) are able to manifest in personal form, most importantly through the bodies of Priestesses and Priests via the rituals of Drawing down the Moon or Drawing down the Sun."
One online resource, ReligionLink, tells us that “Wiccans are smashing stereotypes as their movement matures. Throughout the country Wiccans are organizing congregations and youth groups, training clergy, pursuing charity work, sharing pagan parenting tips and fighting for their civil rights.”
Wiccan’s are fighting those who follow tradition mainstream religions:
"I call out for protection of the Goddess's people from the wrath of right-wing fundamentalists and their God" --Wendy Hunter Roberts, pagan priestess.
The media, including advertisers and book and magazine publishers, are lending their support to Wicca and Witchcraft. Not surprisingly book sales on Witchcraft have jumped dramatically since the late 1980s.
The Harry Potter (HP) books, probably the best-known books on Witchcraft, have cast a spell on children. The Potter books fly off the shelves like broomsticks and have made the author, J.K. Rowling, a gazillionaire. Young and old alike read the books and flock to theaters to see the HP movies. And of course parents rush to stores to purchase all the latest HP collectables for their youngsters. Not surprisingly kids dress up like the Potter characters on Halloween. It seems everyone’s wild about Harry. Rowling is masterful at promoting the idea that Harry and his friends are “good” wizards and witches who battle the forces of evil. As a result of HP’s popularity, youngsters are enchanted by Witchcraft and all things pagan.
It’s easy for teens to learn about Witchcraft. All they have to do is surf the internet, where Wiccan sites abound. They learn about spells, incantations and magic potions that are designed to influence circumstances and/or people.
Hollywood has used its movie magic to promote Witchcraft and alter the public perception of witches for years. The 1930s classic “The Wizard of Oz” hit the silver screen to favorable reviews. The movie had a huge impact on the way people perceive witches. Today when you think of a witch, who springs to mind but Margaret Hamilton, the actress who played the Wicked Witch of the West. You remember her green face, pointy black hat, hooked nose with a wart on the end of if, and of course the broomstick she straddled and streaked through the sky. There was also a “good” witch in the movie, beautiful Glenda, the Witch of the North, who looked like a fairy princess. In the 1950s “Bell Book and Candle” staring Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak was a big hit with audiences. In the 1960s “Rosemary’s Baby” scared the stuffing out of movie-goers. The 1980s conjured up “The Witches of Eastwick.” That same year “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” won an Oscar for its visual effects. In the 1990s Tinseltown gave us “Practical Magic,” “The Craft” and “The Blair Witch Project.” The current decade has been all about witches. Four Harry Potter movies played on the big screen. The first, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone,” was a box-office smash. In July 2009 the “Chosen One” will once again mount his broomstick and whiz into a theatre near you in “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.”
On television, shows like “Bewitched” (which was also made into a movie starring Nicole Kidman), “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and “Charmed” have been hugely popular, especially with teens. Last year even the Hallmark Movie Channel, which promotes good clean family-friendly programming, brought us “The Good Witch.” In this made for TV movie, Catherine Bell plays Cassie Nightingale, a mysterious woman who moves into a haunted mansion in a small town. Cassie soon has everyone in town wondering if she is a witch because of all the magical changes she brings into the lives of the townsfolk. The mayor’s busybody wife suspects Cassie’s a witch and tries to set everyone against her. For her actions she’s portrayed as irrational, mean-spirited and intolerant. In other words, the one who is against the practice of Witchcraft is bad. The witch, of course, is good. “The Good Witch” was so popular with the audience that Hallmark has produced a sequel.
What is important to know about all the supernatural hullabaloo, that’s become such a huge temptation for the younger generation, is that God strongly condemns it. Sure, it’s a bummer because casting spells is fun, so is playing with the Ouija board, but the Bible makes it clear that God condemns the magic arts. But no one seems to care what God says anymore nor do we have a healthy fear of the Lord.
“Fear ye not me? saith the LORD: will ye not tremble at my presence?” (Jer. 5:22)
What could it hurt to try to contact the dead or to have an astrologer calculate the astrological compatibility between you and another person? Well first of all, God is a real party pooper when it comes to sorcery. He forbids dabbling in the magic arts, period, end of discussion. His prohibition is for our own good. Behind the supernatural powers lurks the god of this world, namely Satan. The minute a person opens the door to the occult, Satan directs his evil forces to their doorstep. Once someone is caught in Satan’s trap, it’s hard to break free! Occult practices are addictive! And for some people, it becomes an idol.
The Apostle Paul gave Christians this sober warning:
"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places" (Ephesians 6:12).
The rulers of this dark world are not human beings, they are spirits! According to Vine’s Expository Dictionary of the New Testament, “The context (‘not against flesh and blood’) shows that not earthly potentates are indicated, but spirit powers, who, under the permissive will of God, and in consequence of human sin, exercise satanic and therefore antagonistic authority over the world in its present condition of spiritual darkness and alienation from God.”
Mary Daly, ex-Roman Catholic nun, eco-feminist pagan witch, said of these powers:
"There was some primary warfare going archetypal battle between principalities and powers...and I willed to go all the way in this death battle."
Luke 22:31-32 tells us that Satan is on a leash, so to speak. Therefore he cannot go beyond what our sovereign God will allow. We’re told in Job 1:9-12 that Satan had to obtain permission from God before afflicting Job. It’s reassuring to know that God is in complete control of the universe! Satan can do only what God allows him to do -- but Satan was permitted to put Job through the ringer!
When God’s people mess around in practices He expressly forbids, such as Witchcraft, He does not overlook it. Not for a millisecond! And He just might allow the devil to put those who are deliberately disobedient through the ringer!
Followers of Jesus Christ must give Him their total allegiance. Far too many Christians are leading two lives. They are following both Christ and the culture. Paul says this in 1 Cor. 10:14: Wherefore, my dearly beloved, flee from idolatry.” In other words, flee from anything that displeases God. Paul continues in verse 21-22: “Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils?22 Do we provoke thee Lord to jealousy? Are we stronger than he?”
Just so you’ll know some of the practices that provoke the Lord to jealousy, here’s a short list of terms and actual practices to steer clear of:
Angel (communication or worship)
Automatic writing
Dungeons and Dragons (role playing games)
Extra sensory-perception
Goddess (Gaia)
Lectio Divina (contemplative or centering prayer)
Mental telepathy
Mysticism (so-called Christian or otherwise)
New Age spirituality
Ouija board game
Palm reading
Psychic anything
Reincarnation (belief in is unbiblical)
Spirit guides (angels, ascended masters, entities)
Tarot cards
Lastly, God’s people must daily “Put on the full armor of God” to protect against the forces of evil!