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Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!

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The very reason for the First Amendment is to make the people of this country free to think, speak, write and worship as they wish, not as the Government commands. - Justice Hugo L. Black
Why Liberals Love Dictators 101
Social Injustice, Poverty, Militarism, and Disenfranchisment
By George Potts Thompson
Sunday, April 26, 2009
The very people who rail on ad nauseum about Social Injustice, Poverty, Militarism, and Disenfranchisement for some inexplicable reason, seem to venerate and oft times adore thuggish Third World Dictators. The examples are endless: Jimmy Carters’ validation of Hugo Chavez’s rigged election. Half of Malibu’s entertainment glitterati making pilgrimages to Fidel’s or El Jefe’ Hugo Chavez’s Workers Paradise, then lauding those dictatorship’s political and health care systems as models for the world to emulate. Michael Moore’s “Crockumentary” of the same socialist paradise of Cuba. Lastly our newly minted President sitting through Daniel Ortega’s anti-American screed whilst nodding in affirmation, then apologizing for America’s alleged sins toward Latin America.
Liberals almost without exception appear to feel this way about dictatorships and it is truly an oxymoron. How can one claim to love freedom yet fawn all over political leaders who crush dissent, imprison dissidents, marginalize women and other minorities, or in the Castro brother’s case have people stood up before firing parties?
It seems to fly in the face of rational thought, and that is where those on the Far Left go off the reservation. They really don’t trust average people to govern themselves and arrogantly view non “Elites" in dire need to be led..... by THEM. I give you as example the recent tirade of Ms. Garoffalo who mused that Conservatives had ‘Limbic Brain” abnormalities. If one does not agree with her worldview, one is mentally ill.
The Far Left seem to want a world which never was and never can be, but suspend reality because it makes them feel better thinking that they can craft a Utopia. Socialists / Fascists believe in the concept of a “Benign Dictatorship” where some political strongman rules his people in a father like manner.
If one looks at any dictatorship’s propaganda and iconography it is apparent that those very strongmen cultivated that very image. North Korea has it’s “Dear Leader.” Nazi Germany had carefully crafted propaganda extolling Adolph Hitler as a “Savior” and father figure. Lenin, Stalin, Castro and Mao all used similar propaganda to appeal to the innate need of some humans to “Be Led” or taken care from the cradle to the grave. They are willing, as Benjamin Franklin observed, to relinquish political and economic liberty for security. The problem is you end up with neither safety nor security. You end up with a repressive, bloody Police State in every instance.
Nations which embrace economic and political liberty have winners and losers, People win or lose elections and people succeed or fail economically, but they aren’t stood up against walls and shot, thrown in dungeons like the Lubiyanka or Lefortovo, or gassed and thrown into ovens like those at Dachau or Treblinka.
For to implement all the glories of fascism / socialism it becomes necessary at some juncture to silence, cow, imprison, or outright liquidate a sizable segment of a nation’s populace who prefer liberty. University Professor and Obama “mentor" William Ayers explained exactly that to FBI Informant Larry Grathwohl in the early 1980s when he observed that it would be necessary to eliminate several million Americans who refused his form of governance. Ayers went so far as to suggest the armies of a foreign power be invited in to help in accomplishing this. The success of “The Revolution” had costs he explained.
Somehow people who consider themselves intellectually superior like Garoffalo, Penn and their political counterparts like Ayers, Dohrn and George Soros, seem to believe when that type of socialist dictatorship is imposed upon the United States that they will be the Oligarchs who shall sneer down as Liberal Fascism is imposed on we that they hold in such utter contempt.
Socialists love dictatorships and strongmen because in their hearts they secretly desire to be dictators and strongmen. They imagine how much “good” they could do for society without that antiquated Constitution, and those that still venerate its pesky Bill of Rights.
They should be careful what they wish for. Lord Acton’s statement on “Absolute Power Corrupting Absolutely” has been born out in every instance. History reveals that when an absolute dictaorial regime is set up it soon finds threats and enemies--even amongst its own true believers. King Henry the 8th in the mid 1500s went about merrily cutting off the heads of those he thought might be threats, including his wife Queen Anne Bolyn.
It was true under Stalin. He killed millions of Russian including his fellow “Hero of the Revolution” Leon Trotsky, going so far as to have NKVD agents track Trotsky down in Mexico and kill him with an icepick. Stalin paranoically even purged his entire Army senior staff liquidating any officer he felt to be remotely disloyal. Hitler in the “Night of the Long Knives” purged the SA and killed Nazi Party founding member Ernst Rohem.
Mao Tse Tung killed millions in his Long March and purged and imprisoned a sizable percentage of his population in The Cultural Revolution. The North Vietnamese army after the fall of Saigon in 1975 went about eliminating former loyal VC leaders who might pose a political threat.
The problem with dictatorships is that there is no “Separation of Powers." Kings and "Dear Leaders” almost always soon become paranoid and murderous. It is a fact and function of human nature. The Magna Carta was forced upon the English King at the point of a sword. Oliver Cromwell had yet another Crown Sovereign beheaded in the English Civil War for repressive and seditious acts against his own subjects.
Dictators can only be removed and dissuaded from their repressive and murderous pursuits and policies by Force of Arms. It is why Dictatorships cannot ever be permitted to flower and take root in a society in the first place. It is why America’s Founders insisted upon a Bill of Rights, "checks and balances” and a Second Amendment.
The Left is either ignorant, dismissive, or attempting to re-write history if it believes that it can have total power over all Americans without checks and balances and Separation of Powers without it eventually devolving someday into a bloody tyranny. I can think of not one historical example where an absolute leader came to power who then DIDN’T end up imprisoning or liquidating any and all who opposed him, including many acolytes, useful idiots, and fellow travelers.
Sir Winston Churchill once observed that Democracy was a poor form of government except that all the others were so much worse. Perhaps that is why the bust of old Winny was unceremoniously sent back to London shortly after January 6, 2009.
Sir Winston would be very leery of the course that the political Far Left has set for America.
1776 And Today: It is Time to Refresh the Tree of LibertyBy Greg Evensen
March 5, 2009
I have just finished watching two of my favorite motion pictures, “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson and “Red Dawn.” Although produced in liberal Hollywood, they did capture—in our imaginations—at least, the view that some Americans, at the time when their country and countrymen needed them the most, responded courageously to tyranny and evil with personal determination and great sacrifice.
Collectively, we are brutally aware of the death of our once great Republic over the past few decades, slowly at first, and then with a swiftness that takes your breath away. We have seen a vital, productive, and unique culture raped, pillaged, and brutalized by the most traitorous group of government and business officials ever assembled. These blathering idiots have taken the nation from riches, glory, and moral leadership, to the depths of despair, poverty and lawlessness. Our nation has been used to kill and maim on a scale that deserves no justification or excuse. We continue to support evil regimes that keep the Mideast in turmoil and in suffering that knows no end. After generations of resisting communism, we have allowed a socialist foreign national to become president. We have worshipped this false god in the White House and allowed him and his collaborators to steal our destiny with worthless trillions issued by organized crime banking families at the private Federal Reserve.
As a result of Washington’s declaration of economic, political, cultural, and psychological war on the citizens of this nation, we all have to contemplate the words of our original Declaration of Independence, and what may have to be considered as our collective response to this outrageous and wholly unacceptable chain of events in our beloved land.
Let me be more specific. The events of the past six months have necessitated that we plan for immediate action against the maniacs running the government in Washington and a few of the states as well. As I see it, we have been forced to plan for any number of possibilities as a result of this theft of our Republic. The options are limited and fall into two categories of response. The first is relatively peaceful and has some limited potential for success. It would include the reassertion of solid state sovereignty bills as have been introduced by at least 20 states (at this writing). Such a move would shut out the government’s attempts to force states to sign on to this socialist nonsense in the guise of “change” by comrade Obama. It would also recapture much lost ground in the battle to allow citizens and their respective states to plan for and pursue true Republic ideals. It would build a wall of separation from the power mad traitors in Washington that has not been present or workable since the early days of this nation. Lastly, it could diffuse any attempts by Washington to invade the states (remember 1861?) for daring to chart their own destiny. At that point, the criminal Obama, like the criminal Lincoln, would be facing an armed populace that would not be fighting over a contrived justification (black slavery), but would be in armed rebellion against the global elite’s well underway plan for national slavery.
However, I believe that failing the efforts of the several states to “fight the government” through 10th amendment legislation, the second alternative would meet the test of our original Declaration of Independence. In that regard, I believe that the time to “refresh the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants” has arrived. This reality is no longer in doubt. It is not the wild ranting of a few paranoid gun nuts, either. Millions of citizens, police officers and military troops have been converted to the fact that our nation has succumbed to decades of treason and a sell-out to international conspiracies by our own government that has brought us to this moment. The people of the United States of America did not go out looking for trouble. They did not conspire to resist a central government so cold and intimidating as to rival the Third Reich, the Kremlin, Beijing, or Tel Aviv. Quite the contrary, Americans have endured—as our Declaration stated, “a long train of abuses…” that have delivered us to the doorstep of rebellion once again.
When you are being victimized, bullied, forced into desperation by the acts of someone else, you are more than justified in resisting with all of your ability and with any weapon at your disposal for as long as it takes to win. Likewise, we must return this government to real benevolence and moral, legal authority under the constitution. It is as simple as that. We have the right, indeed the obligation to THROW OFF this government and to do so with no goal but that of absolute victory and vindication for true patriots who have faithfully stood guard over the founder’s precepts. Others among us will have to be dealt with. Choices will have to be made by many. Changes will be reinstituted that reflect our nation’s moral absolutes as enacted by Christian men and women who will honor the precepts of a Godly national heritage. We have not been a “nation under God” for many generations. To claim God’s blessings while we scorn His righteous standards is the ultimate hypocrisy. The Pledge and one nation “under God,” or money with “In God we trust,” are all relics of a past we no longer occupy. Until we drastically change our hearts and lives, let’s not further erode our credibility with God, with each other or a watching world.
Read this most carefully. I do NOT advocate armed REBELLION. I DO advocate armed self-defense of our lives, families, homes, properties, assets, and a truly constitutionally lawful nation. I advocate an uncompromising demand of the federal government to relinquish their immoral and unlawful plan to bankrupt, destroy and condemn this nation to living as a P.O.W. of the New World Order. I further advocate complete defiance in the face of usurpers masquerading as legislators, who have stolen and robbed our nation through force, (unread and undisclosed law) by a completely corrupt and dangerous federal bureaucracy. IF THE GOVERNMENT FAILS TO RESPOND OR DENIES OUR DEMANDS, THEN----IT IS TIME TO FIGHT!! It is way past time to take our Republic back!! Whether you are part of a state militia, a minuteman type organization, a posse where called by courageous and constitutionally literate county sheriffs, or simply citizen soldiers who heed the call to defend the nation, you must answer the call to duty that has been sounded.
Texas may be the first battleground state in this second war for independence. The all-out war that has erupted there pitting the Mexican police, Mexican nationals, and border residents in the states against the most ruthless gang of drug pirates and thugs to ever assemble is underway. The United States government has chosen to abandon its first obligation to the people, that is, the defense of the borders and security for its citizens. It is the chief reason government exists at all. The ignorant and failed president George W. Bush let our borders languish for eight long years. The sex pervert Bill Clinton did the same for eight more years. CFR insider and CIA stooge George H.W. Bush did no better. They all did it because it was a planned conspiracy by the Globalists to merge our North American nations after destroying them from within. And now we have the savior of the socialist world, Barack (foreign born, one-world advocate, baby killing, terrorist coddling, black radical following, CFR team leader) Obama selling out not only our nation, but our borders as well.
Since the lesbian witchcraft queen at the state department sold what was left of the USA to China, we have now been carefully positioned in the middle of the bull’s eye. Really, they have all made it much easier for us. As General Anthony McAuliffe said during WWII when cut off by the Germans. “Surrounded? Now I can fire in all directions at once.” Who is the enemy? I’ll tell you again precisely who they are. It is any and every last person who advocates for one world rule. It is every last politician who has voted to bankrupt this nation “legally” through bailouts and sellouts across the board. It is also every last person in this country who has signed on to the support of socialism, or has profited from the financial ruin of hardworking citizens. It is the purveyor of drug smuggling, pornography, and the groups who justify lifestyle perversion. It is the thieving business owner and the pharmaceutical killers who have turned many of us into drug addicts. Further, it is the dumbed down public school teacher and corrupted lawyer, as well as the church leader who hasn’t opened a Bible or preached anything worthwhile in a decade.
Lastly, it is any of the rest of us who have been too cowardly to do anything except complain, lie to others, and deceive ourselves into believing that the government is the answer for everything. It is time to draw those battle lines deep in the heart and soul of every patriotic American who will answer the call to now end the tyranny that has choked us for decades.
So, you don’t like what I have said? Then you should know which side of the line you are on. Are you intellectually capable of understanding that we are in a state of war? Your job, your family, your home, your community, your nation and your ultimate destiny are on the line at this moment. Unless you are willing to change your attitudes, your allegiances, your lifestyle and your heart, you are a future casualty. You will leave the rest of us, but that will be your choice. To stay behind and expect the rest of us to do your work while you support this criminal regime is the ultimate betrayal of your fellow citizens.
To fight along side the Texans or other besieged Americans at the latest version of the Alamo is what it is all about. To take on the Global Elites and their ilk wherever they may be found is the most honorable thing we can do on behalf of our nation, at this appointed time in history.The time is now. The objective is clear. The way is most difficult. The goal is honorable and necessary. The alternative is unthinkable. Are you ready? Then take on the full armor of God. Steady……..FREEDOM!
Resistance Growing? We the people will protect our Constitution!
Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th; malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists, themselves, away from the guilty. - George W. Bush
The Rule of Law vs. Man
Written by Connor Boyack
Monday, 09 March 2009
Having lived under a tyrannical form of government and having studied plenty of others, the wise Founders of this nation sought to create a system of government where the rule of law prevailed. In contrasting forms of government (monarchy, oligarchy, aristocracy, etc.), the law was simply dictated by the rule of men. Thomas Paine, in his influential pamphlet Common Sense, articulated the difference in this way:
For as in absolute governments the king is law, so in free countries the law ought to be king; and there ought to be no other.
The difference between the rule of law and the rule of men is readily seen when contrasting a republican form of government with a monarchy. However, the lines are blurred and confusion arises when within a Republic there are lawmakers that seek to subvert and disregard existing law. The rule of law remains in force only to the extent that existing laws, until changed or revoked, are executed and adhered to as required.
Conveniently, those who aspire to rule while disregarding the law are able to achieve their agenda by simply passing new laws, regardless of what existing law dictates. These individuals promote a degenerated, hollow version of the rule of law, in that their law is what they consider to be in force. If a higher and previous law forbids X, but the lawmaker and his colleagues pass a new law which mandates X, then we have a problem. The proper rule of law recognizes the original and superseding law and ignores the illegitimate (and illegal!) subsequent “law” that was passed. However, the popular and bastardized rule of law ignores the previous law, and, fearful of being punished for not obeying the current law, its adherents agree that the new law mandating X must be obeyed.
The rule of law thus requires answering this fundamental question: in situations where there are two conflicting laws, which is to be obeyed? This scenario only arises where there is a superseding law that cannot be revised or rescinded by statute. In this case, the new law mandating X cannot override or strike out the provision in the previous and superseding law which forbids it, because the lawmaker is not (by law!) given that authority. Thus, the implementation and execution of the new law requires using the forceful arm of government to carry out its provision by fiat, thus compelling others under its jurisdiction to likewise disregard the previous and superseding law.
But enough of theory; we have plenty of examples from which to choose. The Constitution of the United States—the ’supreme Law of the Land’—explicitly mandates and forbids certain things. It mandates that only gold and silver be used as currency, and yet in successive law we are forced to deal with fiat paper currency. It forbids Congress from making any law regarding free speech or assembly, and yet time and time again this arena is regulated. It mandates federal enforcement of illegal immigration (invasion), and yet we’re being overrun and our resources drained by these people. The list, sadly, is a long one.
Fact is, almost every President ignores the Constitution (by mandating things that it forbids or does not allow), to say nothing of the majority of Congress doing the same. The rule of law has been substituted for a corroded counterpart that masquerades as law, but really is little more than the rule of men who happen to be lawmakers at the time.
It is unfortunate that so many people seem willing to overlook the fact that our republican form of government now serves as an empty shell in which a nefarious agenda can be foisted on an ignorant populace. Convinced that whatever legislators say is the law, and with complete disregard for the contractual obligations stipulated in the Constitution, they continue to submit to an ever-encroaching government that uses this ignorance to its advantage.
In truth, rarely in this country’s experiment on liberty has the federal government obeyed the restraint of the rule of law. Power and control, it seems, are too tempting to resist. But the fault lies with the public; so long as people remain convinced that the rule of law is alive and well, the rule of men will be allowed to continue unabated in its assumption of power and destruction of liberty.
Time for a New Tea Party
The Dialectic LivesBy Nancy Levant
March 13, 2009,
The global agenda is no longer under the veil. It is plainly in the open to experience but it takes a lot of social divisions to keep people from uniting against the “unionizing” (as in the “former” Soviet Union, the European Union, the North American Union) the takeover of the united States of Constitutional America. In other words, we the people have to be extraordinarily sidetracked or monumentally distracted to continue to overlook or ignore or pretend not to notice that something beyond comprehension has happened to our country.
Let us, therefore, consider and consider well, that EVERYTHING that has occurred, including but not limited to our bankrupted states, the failed education system, the failed healthcare system, the totally corrupt banking and investment system, the propaganda and mass media industry, the national moral breakdown, the housing and private property collapse, the pathological greed of the energy cartels, the sick joke of border security and immigration, the criminal wasting and hording of the people’s money by the federal government and the Federal Reserve Corporation, the crippling over-taxation of the American people — on and on and on — was caused by Washington, D.C. EVERYTHING that is wrong was caused by the lies, secrets, greed, and doings of Washington, D.C. and their “partners” and governmental re-creation. This is plain as day to anyone with half a brain. But instead of facing our perpetrated reality, we in-fight over everything, including the kitchen sink.
The dialectic, much like the global agenda, is nothing shy of Godzilla. It is a monster, a creation, a farce, and pathetically, I fear, entertainment. So let us ask ourselves the $787 trillion question: Are we avoiding the closing of the USA to such an extent as to seek comfort in any means of avoidance?
Are we incapable of saying the words, “no” or “you’re fired” to Washington, D.C.? Or perhaps you believe your “representative” should address the usurpation of the American government and that you shouldn’t or can’t or are afraid to get involved. Better check your Constitution for details requiring duty to freedom’s continuance.
Perhaps, you are so loyal to the democratic or republican party that all you need to supply are donations. Perhaps, you feel more compelled to stand for or against gay marriage, abortion rights, or equal rights. Or perhaps, you find comfort as a community organizer, a community volunteer, a community facilitator, a community planner, envisioner, or community security detail.
Many are specifically dedicated to national entertainments, beers and vodka, joints and crack pipes, television sets, video games, shopping, beauty regiments, casinos, gyms, pro and youth sports, and many are devotees of racism — pick a color, any color. Many prefer the art of religious conflict which has been a favorite pastime for most of human history. And then there is the old reliable financial dialectic — too poor to act, to rich to rock boats, to homeless to function, too wealthy and frightened to move amongst the rabble.
Yes, there are many ways to avoid the real issue of YOUR freedom. Perhaps, you choose the border immigration issue as your sliver of choice. Perhaps, global warming or cooling is your social pastime. After all, there is so many dialectical opportunities from which to choose and dodge the real issue, which is the ending of your fundamental rights under American law — you know, the right to all your legal rights, property, potential, and happiness.
The dialectic creates any number of social pitfalls in which to fall. And these traps work like facilitator charms to divert attention from the nation’s Constitutional demise. And with attention diverted for decades, we suddenly find ourselves stripped of house and home, land, savings, retirement accounts, healthcare, education, mobility, credit, grocery money, and (surprise, surprise) jobs and livable wages — global equity, you know.
As mass media is the purveyor of our dialectic side shows, media acts and loyally serves the cause of social distraction much like public, private, and higher education. We keep all eyes off the ball, while the ball strikes at our home with all the intention of a conquering army. And then, adding insult to injury, we in-fight, showing our ignorant and paranoid backsides to our highly-professional, highly-skilled, and highly-organized insider change agents — “agents” being the key word.
How easy we have made it for them to walk off with our nation, our history, our opinions, and our culture while we watch another TV show, drink another beer, and rage about this or that social issue with all the moral fortitude of a half-baked potato on a couch. And even today, knowing all that we know, we divide ourselves, whereby conquering ourselves, and all the while being forced to pay for America’s dismemberment. Brainlessness or pathological cowardice — who cares? Ignorance will surely be the preferred excuse, but no one buys that line of polluting bull manure anymore. No one. Godzilla lives.