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They Sold Their Souls to Rock 'N Roll (Part 1)

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Conditioning by Music (Part 1)By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
July 13, 2009
[NOTE: On the back of the cover page of my The Road to Socialism and the New World Order, I have a picture of the famous Fabian Socialist window with its inscription “Remould it nearer to the heart’s desire.” So is it any wonder that President Obama’s policies are moving us toward Socialism when at a townhall meeting in Arnold, Missouri, on April 29, 2009, he said “We’re working to remake America”? He will remake (remould) America (it) nearer to his heart’s desire, and that is as an increasingly Socialist nation. If you doubt Obama is doing this, look at his appointment of Carol Browner as Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change. She’s been a member of Socialist International (SI) Commission for a Sustainable World Society, and there is a photo of her addressing SI’s XXIII Congress in Athens, Greece on June 30, 2008. She is a strong supporter of “cap-and-trade” carbon emission controls, which will send many more American jobs overseas.
According to Fabian Socialist George Bernard Shaw, they (Fabian Socialists) set out to “Educate, Agitate, Organize.” Relevant to “Organize,” Obama was a community “organizer” following the model of Saul Alinsky, author of Rules for Radicals (1971), which had an acknowledgement to Lucifer at the front. Relevant to “Educate,” John Lloyd (former executive director of the Kansas National Education Association) said that this Alinsky book has been the “bible” of the National Education Association (NEA). And relevant to “Agitate,” Alinsky wrote that the radical organizer “dedicated to changing the life of a particular community must first rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; fan the latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expression. He must search out controversy and issues…. An organizer must stir up dissatisfaction and discontent….” Obama has been a radical organizer “dedicated to changing” America, which is now headed down the path toward Socialism as desired by the Fabians.
Lastly, one way to recognize a Socialist Nation is to look at the relation of government to private business (e.g., government takeover of General Motors), and relevant to that is the fact that the corporate tax rate in the U.S. is even higher than that in Sweden, which is recognized as a very Socialist nation.]
We know that music can have a profound effect on people. Certain type of music can have a calming or soothing effect. However, according to Oliver Sacks (Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center), “music of a particular sort can actually trigger seizures.” [See here]
In Plato’s Republic, he stated that “the introduction of a new kind of music can alter the character of a nation.” The modern assault upon traditional American moral values began with the permissiveness of the Roaring ‘20s (e.g., look at the lyrics of the popular 1921 song “Sheik of Araby”). In previous columns, I have quoted from Antonio Gramsci, John Dewey, and Edward Bernays concerning their roles in altering societies and values, and in this column I’ll focus on the role of music in this regard.
After the Roaring ‘20s, in 1934, the bisexual Cole Porter introduced a popular musical and song by the title “Anything Goes,” which was about a shift away from restrictive codes of conduct. And in 1936, Irving Berlin composed the music and lyrics for the motion picture “Follow the Fleet” starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, in which she sang “Let Yourself Go.” In that same movie, Harriet Hilliard (later to be Harriet Nelson of “Ozzie and Harriet” TV fame) sang a song with the following lyrics: “Get thee behind me, Satan… but the moon is low and I can’t say ‘no.’… Get thee behind me, Satan, but the moon is low and I may let go. Get thee behind me. Someone I’m mad about is waiting in the night for me, someone that I mustn’t see. Satan, get thee behind me. He promised to wait, but I won’t appear, and he may come here. Satan, he’s at my gate. Get thee behind me. Stay where you are. It’s too late.” The message is clear – resistance to temptation is futile (also look at the lyrics of the popular 1942 song “That Old Black Magic”).
Two years after “Follow the Fleet,” in February 1938, Theodor Adorno (formerly of the Frankfurt School in Germany) was made chief of the music division of Princeton University’s Radio Project, which was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. Adorno believed that repetition in music and other areas could create popularity, and that one could change the culture away from “the authoritarian personality” (belief in traditional authority) toward the “revolutionary,” liberating individuals from traditional values. He also believed that the mass media could be used for “opinion management.”
In 1941, Adorno left the Radio Project and moved to the University of California in Los Angeles where he taught for seven years, teaming with Max Horkheimer in 1947 to author Dialectic of Enlightenment. Horkheimer was director of the Frankfurt School during the 1930s and believed that authority within the family structure was a serious problem to be eliminated. In 1947, he also authored Eclipse of Reason, and in 1950 Adorno authored The Authoritarian Personality indicating that those who emphasized their family, nation, or race, actually had a psychiatric disorder. Adorno also theorized that an emphasis on fractious music could help destabilize society.
[See DVD "They Sold Their Souls for Rock-N-Roll"]
In 1951, Ohio disc jockey Alan Freed invented the phrase “rock & roll,” which had sexual connotations. “Rock & roll” placed a heavy emphasis upon the beat and rhythm, and famous composer and conductor Dimitri Tiomkin would later judge that “the big beat is deliberately aimed at exciting the listener. There is actually very little melody, only rhythm…. We seem to be reverting to savagery…. Youngsters who listen constantly to this sort of sound are thrust into turmoil. They are no longer relaxed, normal kids.” Tiomkin’s analysis was supported by Aldous Huxley’s statement in his The Devils of Loudun (1952): “If exposed long enough to the tomtoms and the singing, every one of our philosophers would end by capering and howling with the savages…. Assemble a mob of men and women previously conditioned by a daily reading of newspapers; treat them to amplified band music, bright lights… and in next to no time you can reduce them to a state of almost mindless subhumanity. Never before have so few been in a position to make fools, maniacs, or criminals of so many.” In 1933 in The Shape of Things to Come, H.G. Wells had foretold of growing criminally infected areas after WWII (he said the war would begin in about seven years).
Scientifically supporting what Tiomkin and Huxley said, in 1957 Dr. William Sargent, former president of the Section of Psychiatry in the Royal Society of Medicine (London) authored Battle for the Mind: The Mechanics of Indoctrination, Brainwashing, and Thought Control revealing “that electrical recordings of the human brain show that it is particularly sensitive to rhythmic stimulation by percussion and bright lights…. Certain rates of rhythm can build up reportable abnormalities of brain function and explosive states. Furthermore, it is easier to disorganize the normal function of the brain by attacking it simultaneously with several strong rhythms played in different tempos.” Sargent then stated: “Belief can be implanted in people after brain function has been sufficiently disturbed by accidentally or deliberately induced fear, anger, or excitement. Of the results caused by such disturbances, the most common one is temporarily impaired judgment and heightened suggestability.”
Three years later, The Beatles formed in 1960 in a transition from “rock & roll” to “rock” music, and by 1967 their “Sgt. Pepper’s” album had definite drug implications (even the U.N. Bulletin on Narcotics warned about it). In 1962, “The Rolling Stones” formed and are even popular today, despite producing such songs as “Sympathy for the Devil” and albums such as “Their Satanic Majesties Request.”
The mid-1960s became a period of increasing revolution against traditional values. In 1964, “The Who” formed, and one of its members has proclaimed: “What we dish out is the musical equivalent of war – war upon quiet, war upon dullness, war upon certainty and stability.” That same year, “Mothers of Invention” formed, and its leaders Frank Zappa said, “The loud sounds and bright lights of today are tremendous indoctrination tools.” The next year (1965), “Jefferson Airplane” formed, and member Paul Cantor revealed: “The new rock music is intended to broaden the generation gap, alienate parents from their children, and prepare young people for revolution.” The next year (1966), Crosby, Stills and Nash met (formally forming in 1968), and David Crosby in Rolling Stone (Vol. 1) remarked: “I figured the only thing to do was to steal their kids. I still think it’s the only thing to do. By saying that, I’m not talking about kidnapping. I’m just talking about changing young people’s value systems which removes them from their parents’ world effectively.”
One important area of American values under attack in the 1960s was religion. Traditional Biblical values were undermined and replaced by those of the religions of Secular Humanism and the New Age. Songs expressing the situation ethics attitudes of “do your own thing” and “if it feels good, do it” promoted the religion of Secular Humanism. And in 1967, the musical “Hair” opened and included the popular song, “Aquarius,” which promoted the New Age religion. It contained the following lyrics:
When the moon is in the seventh house,And Jupiter aligns with Mars,Then peace will guide the planets,And love will steer the stars.This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius! Harmony and understanding, Sympathy and trust abounding,No more falsehoods or derision,Golden living dreams of visions, Mystic crystal revelation,And the mind’s true liberation.
In 1969, the singing group “The Fifth Dimension” released this song as a single. And in the 1996 Theosophical/New Age book The Light Shall Set You Free (Theosphists believe Lucifer, “The Light-Bearer,” sets one free as opposed to the Biblical statement “the Truth (Jesus) will make you free”) by Norma Milanovich and Shirley McCune, one reads: “The date for entry into the Fifth Dimension [when the Piscean or Christian Age will end and the Age of Aquarius will begin] is scheduled for the year 2012.”
Conditioning by Music (Part 2)By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
July 27, 2009
With the undermining of Biblical values through music, it was therefore not surprising that the year after “Age of Aquarius” was released as a single in 1969, Perry Como in 1970 recorded “It’s Impossible” which became very popular despite its lyrics, “I would sell my very soul and not regret it.” Similarly, in 1977 Debbie Boone recorded the popular “You Light Up My Life,” with the lyrics, “It can’t be wrong when it feels so right,” intimating that how one feels about a female-male relationship is more important than whether it might otherwise (e.g., morally) be wrong.
In the late 1960s and through the 1970s, rock music was followed by “hard rock.” Writing about this in Crisis in Christian Music (2000), Dr. Jack Wheaton explained that “the repetitive, constant loud backbeat” of the drummer, “the pulsating (at an ear-splitting level), low-frequency vibrations, and the soaring, wailing, crying sounds of the amplified guitar trigger major subconscious emotional responses in the body, primarily stimulating aggressiveness, as well as providing increasing, but difficult to control, energy.” He further related that when this music triggers the listener’s fight-or-flight syndrome, “the body is actually getting ‘high’ on its own internally-produced drug (adrenaline), resulting in… an increased tendency to aggressive and anti-social behavior.”
According to Dr. David Noebel, this type of music has harmonic dissonance and melodic discord, which violate man’s natural body rhythms. And Dr. John Diamond, a New York City psychiatrist, some years ago studied beats of over 20,000 recordings and concluded “that a specific beat (‘stopped anapestic rhythm,’ which is contrary to our natural body beats and rhythms) found in over half of the top hits of any given week can actually weaken you…. It interferes with brain wave patterns causing mental stress.”
With the introduction of “hard rock” in the late 1960s, there was a change in American values. Popular songs like the Rolling Stones’ “Under My Thumb” and their later album cover for “Black and Blue” demeaned women. There was a corresponding dramatic rise in homicides and suicides from the late 1960s and through the 1970s in the U.S. In 1970, the popular movie “M.A.S.H” was released with the even more popular TV series beginning in 1972. The theme song for the movie and series is actually “Suicide Is Painless,” and elementary school children in the U.S. were taught both the music and lyrics, which inform students that “cheating is the only way to win, the game of life is lost anyway, and suicide is painless.”
Musical promotion of violence continued into the 1980s with groups like Guns N’ Roses formed in 1985. Its 1988 album “GN’R Lies” includes the lyrics “I used to love her but I had to kill her.” GN’R (known for its cursing) also has an album with a rape scene on it! The year after “GN’R Lies” was released, the Journal of the American Medical Association (September 22, 1989) contained a report titled “Adolescents and their Music” warning that teenagers’ fascination with heavy metal music may be associated with premarital sex, drug use and Satanic activities.
Given all of the above, it was not surprising that Tipper Gore in the January 8, 1990 Washington Post wrote: “A majority of children surveyed by a Rhode Island Rape Crisis Center thought rape was acceptable. In New York City, rape arrests of 13-year-old boys have increased 200% in the past two years.” A few months later in mid-July 1990, a landmark trial began in Reno, Nevada regarding the British heavy metal rock group Judas Priest (formed in 1969) allegedly having a subliminal message, “do it, do it,” on their album “Stained Glass,” which supposedly led to the suicides of two teens who chanted “do it, do it, do it,” before they shot themselves after hearing the album. One of the teens survived long enough to say it was as though the music controlled his actions, leaving him without a free will. He also remarked, “It was like a self-destruct that went off. We had been programmed.” Wilson Key, a Reno experimental psychologist and author of four volumes on subliminal messages, testified that the misspelled word “sucide” is hidden on the cover of the Judas Priest album. The ability to control someone’s “will” sounds like science fiction, but Dr. Robert Assagioli (who was a disciple of Luciferian occultist Alice Bailey), the founder of Pyschosynthesis, believed it is actually possible to train the “will.”
Through the 1990s as heavy metal rock music was affecting our youth, evidence mounted regarding its deleterious effects. Earlier research at Temple Bell College in Denver had already indicated rock music could even kill plants within a month. Then, in the August 10, 1997 Washington Times article “Heavy Metal Makes Killer Mice,” one reads about research by David Merrel. According to the article, Merrel reported that “it was like the music dulled their senses. It shows point blank that hard rock music has a negative effect all around. I had to cut my project short because the hard-rock mice killed each other. None of the classical mice did that at all!”
Through the 1990s and into the 21st century, violence in music continued. The headline in the May 18, 2009 Detroit News read: “Eminem is the hottest ticket in town.” This is even though the rap artist Eminem has sung about violence (e.g., murder, rape, etc.) against women.
Kimberly Smith in Music and Morals (2005) has explained that what is going on in music today is about “control.” Traditional music, including traditional Christian music, is characterized by self-control, but rock music, including “Christian rock,” causes a loss of self-control.
Music has been used to destroy our traditional Biblical values, conditioning us to abandon self-control over our emotional impulses. And often the conditioning mechanism isn’t obvious. Click on the highlighted phrase “hidden, sometimes illicit message” in the ABC News report, “Lewd Lyrics Hidden in Hit Songs” (March 24, 2009), and it leads you to “Drug Drenched Lyrics No Music to Parents’ Ears” by Carla Williams (ABC News Medical Unit). The news report quotes “Coke and rum; got weed on the ton,” and says “So chime the lyrics of one of rapper 50 cents top singles in 2005. And such provocative messages, including those about alcohol and drugs, may well constitute a dominant theme in popular music.” The report then indicated that Brian Primach at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Prof. Lisa Merlo in the Division of Addiction Medicine at the University of Florida “agreed that these messages have potential to sway behaviors in younger listeners.” The report revealed that 77% of rap music songs mentioned the use of illicit substances and 37% of country music songs studied made such references.
These types of popular songs help destroy the moral values of our nation. And once our moral values are destroyed, we will then descend into chaos and ruin just like all past civilizations that lost their moral bearings.
They Sold Their Souls to Rock-n-Roll
Wes Penre, October 28, 2006
This movie - "They Sold Themselves to Rock-n-Roll" is an absolute MUST-SEE! The subject of rock music and how the rock-n-roll industry was created by the Illuminati to manipulate us to tune in to the "dark forces" is the one subject I have had most problems being heard on. I don't know how many emails I've got, saying I'm a maniac, paranoid schizophrenic and worse. "Rock music is rebellion and it's healthy", people say. Well, I wonder if the same people would repeat that to me after watching the movie I am now going to present. Here is CLEAR EVIDENCE that rock music is, and always was, a Satanic tool for the Illuminati. And you have to be possessed and willing to spread a destructive message to be able to strike it rich and big in the music industry. When you sign a contract with the big labels, you are selling your soul to what we call the "Demonic World" and your soul is lost to those inhabiting them. For more details, see also my previous article: "Mind Control in the Field of Art".
This movie is not about some religious fanatic, who rambles about God and Satan - Heaven and Hell in endless loops, which unfortunately has been the case in so many previous movies on this subject, and that approach has a tendency to turn people off rather than enlighten them. No - here we see the artists in REAL interviews and video/audio clips, ADMITTING that they have sold their souls, and also that the rock industry was created to demoralize and demonize the youth of the world into submission already from day one. This possibly began with Robert Johnson (the father of rock-n-roll, who wrote the famous rock/blues song "Crossroads", where he sings about selling his soul to the Devil) and continued through the Elvis and Beatles/Stones era up until today - just like I've claimed for so many years now.

This video only brings up rock music as a source of manipulation, but I can definitely elaborate further on the subject of music, and I claim that this manipulation goes way back to old Babylon and further. The jazz music had the same purpose, and remember that even Mozart, Bach and Beethoven were Freemasons and occultists.
This is a very controversial subject, because generations of people have been brainwashed with rock music and hardly anybody have realized it! It has become a "holy cow". I would say the music industry is probably one of the tools that has been most effective for the Illuminati when it comes to controlling our minds. Too many otherwise excellent researchers into the New World Order have a blind spot when it comes to rock music. They refuse to look in that area, and not too much is written so far about the sinister purpose behind it. Why? Because those researchers have still to wake up from their own trance and admit that what they have hung on to as a safe haven is none of the sort.
I must confess that I am still listening to some of the music I am exposing as evil on my website, which may sound like a contradiction, and it may very well be! I have this feeling that just because I have looked through this lie and manipulation, I can listen to this music quite safely, without being negatively affected. However, I may be wrong...
I was going to say: "Sit back and enjoy this 28 minutes preview", but that would feel like a rude thing to say, because so many people have counted on rock music as the last resort. Therefore I say: "Sit back and watch this jaw-dropping video and although it's going to hurt for some, the awakening is great and all good".
Billy Joel says in this preview that music is "a manipulation of sound", which is absolutely correct. I want to add that music is vibration and a science if you will. I am not saying all music is bad - that would be a horrible thing to say. What I am saying is that the music exploited by the music industry is indeed bad for us, because it vibrates on levels which makes the listener seduced into a lower realm of reality where he/she is easily manipulated. Music can also be created on a much higher vibration level, and become an excellent tool for enlightenment, by letting us tune into higher consciousness and realizations. Sadly, this kind of music is not to be published by the ruling music industry. This positive music is forcefully suppressed and you have to search far and wide to find it, perhaps on some small label somewhere.
Some readers may object to what I'm saying here by stating that not ALL rock/pop music is Satanic and has occult messages. This is true - you can find artists who are singing about love and peace and positive things. So why are those artists allowed to record and be distributed globally? They are needed only because they have a purpose (often without knowing it themselves) to draw young people into the genre. It's a way to reach those who don't immediately start listening to 'heavier' rock music, and eventually have the majority of them "convert" to the mind altering, occultic rock-n-roll.
Still in doubt? Please read and download the following .pdf file (by right-clicking on the link and click "save target as"): "Satanic Drummers". This may also kill the myth that Black Sabbath was excellent Christian music.
I will end with this quote:"Since the launching of the Beatles as an international project via TV in 1963, "rock" has been the most influential recruiter to Satanism. Rock was created, and is still coordinated by Crowley’s followers and by the OTO network, in cooperation with WICCA. It is, not so incidentally, also the Satanist’s biggest money-maker, and believed to provide the chief logistical support for deployments and other activities of the OTO-WICCA efforts world-wide. There is nothing spontaneous or accidental about "rock." It is a product of classical studies of the ancient Phrygian terrorist cult of Satan-Dionysos, the model for the Roman Bacchic cults of similar characteristics. Crowley’s control of the "rock industry" has been documented by a team of [private] investigators, who have also noted, that in addition to the Satanist lyrics, Satanist messages embedded sublimely in rock recordings are a key feature of this subversive operation. The "rock rhythm" itself is copied from the old Dionysian-Bacchic cults. Even without the drugs and sexual orgies which are characteristic features of hard-core rock affairs, repeated, frequent, hours-long exposure to constant repetition of "rock rhythms" produces lasting, drug-like effects on the mind of the victim. Reducing sexual practices to the level of bestiality, is a crucial feature of Satanism in all historical periods studied, from Phrygian Cybele-Dionysos cult-period onward."
Sold My Soul to Rock-n-Roll
Mind Control in the Field of Art
by Wes Penre, June 15, 2000
Hollywood and the music industry are big mind control centers, used by the Illuminati to influence us in ways that fit their goals. We have seen many great artists come and go over the years, and as we think about it they have influenced us quite a lot in different ways. We all have our favorites, who many of us "look up to" and admire. They are a big part of the children's and teenagers' lives. I have covered parts of the Hollywood business in other articles, but just as interesting is the music industry. In the book by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler, The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave, they mention that the music industry (and the Country Music Industry in particular) is loaded with artists who work as mind control programmers, and many of the musicians are mind control slaves with split personalities. They mention among others Kris Kristofferson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Glen Campbell, and Willie Nelson as being programmers, working for the Illuminati. The Country Music Industry is nothing but a front for secret Illuminati drug smuggling, according to Fritz Springmeier, Cisco Wheeler, former Illuminati mind controlled slave Cathy O'Brien, and many more.The rock industry programming started with Elvis Presley, who very likely was a programmed slave and whose programmers were his manager, Col. Tom Parker and Dr. Nick. The below excerpt is from the above book by Springmeier/Wheeler, chapter 12:
"Many of the movies and shows use Monarch slaves as actors & performers: such as Rosanne Barr, Bette Mittler [sic], Marilyn Monroe, Loretta Lynn, Crystal Gayle and possibly Wayne Newton (a child singing protege, who never wrote a check for himself in his life). They also use lots of slave handlers such as Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford, & Bob Hope. And occasionally they use programmers such as Anton LaVey, Jerry Lee Lewis. Cisco, the co-author of this book, while in the Illuminati, was given repeated reason to believe that Elvis Presley was also a Multiple programmed by the Illuminati. We know that at times he went by code names, one which is publicly known was John Burrows. His group, called the Memphis Mafia, have talked about his ability to go into altered states of consciousness, even seem dead.
Recently, another Illuminati slave, also stated that Elvis was an Illuminati slave. Cisco points out that Elvis' twin brother was dead at his birth, and that Elvis knew that this gave him double spiritual power (according to Illuminati beliefs).
The Illuminati will often kill a twin, so that the other will get the power of two souls. From what we understand, Elvis Presley's handler/programmer was a Col. Tom Parker. Elvis belonged to a team of 4 Illuminati men. Elvis is publicly known to have studied yoga, numerology, drugs, and received some new age spiritual training in an academy overlooking Pasadena, CA. He was an active member in the Theosophical Society. After Elvis Presley supposedly died, the Sun International Corp. came out with an Elvis Presley album called Orion, with the winged-sun-disk on its cover. The winged-sun-disk is an important Egyptian magical symbol used by the OTO, Theosophical Society etc. Mae Boren Axton, known as the Grand Dame of Nashville, played a pivotal role in Elvis Presley's life. Elvis & the Beatles were chosen by the Illuminati to introduce rock music to the United States. There is no doubt about Elvis'· and the Beatles' musical talent. Elvis' close friend Wayne Newton is highly suspected as also being a slave. Elvis worked with Burt Reynolds and Jerry Lee Lewis who also connect in with the Illuminati's mind-control operations. The authors are puzzled why Elvis'· grave, which had millions of dollars spent on its security, has his name misspelled? We are also puzzled why Elvis, who repeatedly stated he wanted to be buried beside his mother, is buried beside his father, who he privately stated wasn't even his real father. Why has no one ever tried to collect insurance on Elvis' death? Once again, it seems, the front stories that the public hears are full of inconsistencies. We believe that some people in the Illuminati know the true story about Elvis Presley. For sure Elvis' mysterious mind-control programmer/handler Col. Tom Parker would know." In Monarch Programming the use of mirrors is a basic, important tool to make split multiple personalities. The mental mirrors, which are programmed into the victim, create thousands of alters (artificial personalities), which then can be programmed in whatever way the Illuminati programmer wants. Here are some more excerpts from the same book with regards to mirrors: "The child must learn to match identical items very early--even before they can speak. This is so they will be able to build mirror images into their mind. All the senses are trained for building the mirror images; for instance such as silks and cottons can be used for the sense of touch" Chapter 1 page 12. "The elements that make up who a person is--i.e. personality elements such as memories, are fractured. These fragments have in turn often been built up into full-blown personalities with all the elements of full-blown personalities. There is no "real" person, just as if you smash a mirror into a thousand pieces, there is no single piece that is the "real" original mirror but rather simply fragments that can in turn operate as mirrors. However, there is still a primal self. Early splits are led to believe they are the core" Chapter 1 page 28. "Children are set in front of circus mirrors that make them taller or smaller for programming. They are set in front of mirrors which duplicate their image." Chapter 4 page 64. "pg. 90 Book 3 Ozma of Oz, "Princess Langwidere's sitting-room was paneled with great mirrors, which reached from the ceiling to the floor; also the ceiling was composed of mirrors, and the floor was of polished silver that reflected every object upon it. So when Langwidere sat in her easy chair and played soft melodies upon her mandolin, her form was mirrored hundreds of times, in walls, and ceilings and floor, and whichever way..." This is the mirror programming that has been done to so many victims! Chapter 5 page 112. "Mirrors, and lots of them, are important in occult programming because they make images. They create so many internal images one doesn't know which way to go " [Chapter 10]. The following format the words in italic are direct quotes from Lena Pepitone's book which is entitled Marilyn Monroe Confidential An Intimate Personal Account, NY: Simon & Schuster, 1979. · p.16- "Floor-to-ceiling mirrors were everywhere. Even the dining alcove at the rear of the living room had a table with a mirrored top. All these mirrors didn't cheer things up." In programming Monarch slaves, mirrors are used a great deal. Within the Monarch slave's mind, countless mirror images are made. The slave sees thousands of mirrors everywhere in their mind. Because Marilyn was so stripped of any personal identity, she decorated her house as her mind looked on the inside--full of mirrors. Although other Monarchs may have some desires to decorate with mirrors, Marilyn is the most extreme case I know of filling one's house full of mirrors" [Chapter 12]. In reference to this, it's interesting to read the lyrics of Jimi Hendrix, especially from the song called "Room full of mirrors". The lyrics go:
Furthermore, Jimi Hendrix' manager, Michael Jeffrey, admitted to being an Intelligence Agent. Information was uncovered by Hendrix' biographers Harry Shapiro and Caesar Glebeek in their book, Jimi Hendrix: Electric Gypsy; from rock historian R. Gary Patterson in his book, Hellbounds on Their Trail: Tales from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Graveyard; and from John McDermott and Eddie Kramer in their book, Hendrix: Setting the Record Straight. The following is a summary of their collective findings:
· Jeffrey often boasted of "undercover work against the Russians, or murder, mayhem and torture in foreign countries." Jeffrey’s father said his son had been stationed in Egypt years earlier and could speak Russian.
· Friends of Hendrix suspected Jeffrey was crooked and they (the friends) confiscated documents from his office which indicated he was embezzling large amounts of money from Jimi’s concert performances. The friends gave the documents to Hendrix, who reportedly took legal actions to recover the embezzled money.
· In July 1970, two months before his death, Hendrix broke all communications with Jeffrey. At that time, Hendrix told film director Chuck Wein: "The next time I go to Seattle will be in a pine box."89
· Two days after Hendrix’s death, Michael Jeffrey confessed to recording engineer Alan Douglas that he was involved in the murder. "In my opinion," Douglas reportedly stated, "Jeffrey hated Hendrix.
Michael Jackson has also reluctantly admitted to being deeply involved in the occult. He has his own special room with all the walls full of mirrors, where he lives out his occult practices and calls up demons from the spiritual world. He also has said he wakes up in the morning with a whole song in his head - lyrics and music - and he himself is in awe about it. -I didn't write this! Someone else did! I am simply the courier who brings the message to this world! Maybe it was the demons that possess you, who wrote those songs, Michael?
Another artist singing about project Monarch is Joan Baez, the famous folksinger. In one of her songs, she clearly expresses how a person (herself or someone else?), who has gone through this unbelievable Satanic trauma, feels:
The book (and movie) "The Wizard of Oz" is used in Illuminati mind control on a regular basis, this has been confirmed by many mind control survivors. Therefore it is interesting to note that Pink Floyd's enormously successful album, "The Dark Side Of The Moon" from 1973 seems to be tightly connected to "The Wizard of Oz" movie from 1939 in an interesting way, possibly to trigger mind control survivors. Here is a quote from Wikipedia (
"When the album is played simultaneously with the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, numerous images from the film appear to synchronise with the music and lyrics. Band members firmly state the phenomenon, dubbed "Dark Side of the Rainbow" or "Dark Side of Oz" by fans, is a coincidence."
Many rock musicians died around the same time: Brian Jones (Rolling Stones) who drowned in his pool(?); Mama Cass (The Mamas and the Papas); Jimi Hendrix; Janis Joplin; Jim Morrison (The Doors); Tim Buckley, and more. Cause of death was often overdosing drugs or as with the case of Jim Morrison, he died from heart failure in his bath tub (drug related). The story goes that Jim Morrison was involved in Project Monarch as well, due to Fritz Springmeier. Morrison made no secret of the fact that he was possessed (by an Native Indian shaman), who was the real performer in the rock group "The Doors". Again, Jim was only the courier.
I once read a biography on Jimi Hendrix, where it said that he didn't want to take drugs, but was forced to do so by his manager, Michael Jeffrey, the Intelligence Agent. Jimi soon became addicted. Drugs are heavily used in mind control. Seems like a common denominator that the artists are controlled and maybe programmed by their managers to create a certain effect on society. When Hendrix and Joplin were dead, Jim Morrison's manager told him that he, Jim, probably was the next in line ... He was right!
Then Jim Morrison left the Doors and moved to France - maybe trying to escape from the insanity around him and his own dark destiny. Jim also said in an interview after he left the Doors, that the spirit who had possessed him all of a sudden was gone, and he stood there naked without identity. He simply didn't know who he was anymore, and his "charisma" was gone.
His common-law wife, Pamela Courson, was very confused after Jim's death (she herself was a heroin addict) and some researchers suspect that she killed him, perhaps accidently. There are some indications that she gave him heroin to snort, and Jim thought it was cocaine. Thus, he overdosed and died.
Jim Morrison's dad was an Admiral in the U.S. Navy, and is said to be one of those who, due to his actions, intensified the Vietnam War. Jim was more or less brought up on military bases, and both he and his brother were physically and mentally abused by their father. Was Jim manipulated and mind controlled already as a child by his father and/or other military people, with a purpose to spread the occult image into society? Jim's lyrics were splurging in occult symbolism. An interesting fact is that Jim has said he was possessed by this Indian shaman when he was a kid. His whole family was driving through the desert when they came upon this dead Indian by the side of the road. All of a sudden, the Indian's spirit supposedly possessed Jim and stayed inside of him until shortly before his death in 1971. Interesting that Jim's father was present when his son was possessed. Did his father, the high military officer, potentially an occultist himself, program Jim and possessed him? This nightmare in the desert, did it actually happen, or was it an implanted false memory? Perhaps we will never know.
One thing is pretty obvious - Jim was possessed by entities from the spirit world. On stage, he often let the demons inside of him speak in different voices. Please watch this video of Jim Morrison and The Doors, an excerpt from the 10 hours+ expose of the occult rock industry: "They Sold Their Souls For Rock'n'Roll". However, you need to be warned! This is pretty creepy at times.
Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson
It is possible that those musicians became dangerous to the Illuminati and therefore were killed, as they started remembering their past. If they don't serve the purpose, they are useless to the Elite, and potentially dangerous, as they may reveal the secrets when they start remembering.
Bob Dylan, one of our most admired song composers and poets, is tightly connected to Kris Kristofferson, who is a programmer, according to Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier. In the 80's Dylan also, after had become a Christian, was closely related to Billy Graham, who is a programmer as well as a 33rd degree Freemason. Dylan's friends and associates have often witnessed how he shifts from one personality to another, and mind control survivors, whom I have been communicating with, are sure he is a multiple. And they should know, being multiples themselves.
Dylan logo pins from
One clue is from one of his websites: . It shows his logo, which is nothing less than The All-Seeing Eye of Horus, a main Illuminati symbol, also present on the back of the One Dollar bill. I e-mailed and asked them why those obvious occult symbols are used in Dylan's merchandise when the rock star is supposed to be a Christian. I never got a reply. One thing is certain - Dylan being an overt occultist in the 70s is well aware of the meaning of this an excellent resource if you want to know what is going on in the music industry. Baddeley is the head of Church of Satan in Great Britain, and he is interviewing artists that are openly satanic, many of them also admitted to being members of the Church of Satan, which makes shocking reading. I recommend this book to anybody who is not afraid to know the truth, and it kills the myth that occultism and satanism in rock music is just a gimmick. The information in this book comes directly from the horse's
Another clue, which I find quite interesting, is from an interview with Ed Bradley on "60 Minutes" around the time when Dylan released the first volume of his book trilogy: "Chronicles". I happened to watch it on Here Dylan suggests he made a bargain with the Devil. This is how the story goes:
Ed Bradley, in the beginning of the interview, asks Dylan how he could write such marvelous songs in the 60s. Dylan replies that he really doesn't know; that they were "magically written", and that he can't write songs like that anymore. He also tells Bradley that he felt pretty early in his life that he had a certain "destiny" that he had to keep silent about. By the end of the interview, about 14 minutes and 50 seconds into it, Bradley asks:
- Why do you still do it...why are you still out here?
Dylan replies: - Well, it goes back to that destiny thing. I made a bargain with the...(here Dylan catches himself and doesn't complete the sentence. He continues): You know, a long time ago and...I'm...holding up my end...
Bradley: - What was your bargain?
Dylan: - To get where...ah...I am now.
Bradley (smiling): - Should I ask whom you made the bargain with?
Dylan (nervously smiling and stuttering) - With...with...with...yeah, with the Chief Commander...
Bradley: - Of this Earth??? (which is the Devil)
Dylan: - Uhum...of...of this Earth and the world we can't see (Dylan's smile and nervous laughter is shifting back to the melancholy sadness that has been his only expression throughout the whole interview up until Bradley asks about the Devil). It's also known, thanks to former Illuminati programmed slaves who have succeeded to escape, that the Illuminati can pick a child, check for his/her talents, use that part for programming and create geniuses. This is the way NASA works. Their computer programs are so extremely advanced and difficult to learn, that the computer programmers and users must have a photographic memory to be able to remember the programs and programming. This is done by scarring the brain stem of the victim, an action which is known to create photographic memory. If the operation is successful that is, otherwise the victim may die. Those people, who have had their brain stem scarred, are then taught by NASA how to control the computers.
There are also other methods to create geniuses out of talents, and the Programmers use them all the time within the arts, military, science etc.
For those who want to research further into the origins of rock music, here is a starter:
"Since the launching of the Beatles as an international project via TV in 1963, "rock" has been the most influential recruiter to Satanism. Rock was created, and is still coordinated by Crowley’s followers and by the OTO network, in cooperation with WICCA. It is, not so incidentally, also the Satanist’s biggest money-maker, and believed to provide the chief logistical support for deployments and other activities of the OTO-WICCA efforts world-wide. There is nothing spontaneous or accidental about "rock." It is a product of classical studies of the ancient Phrygian terrorist cult of Satan-Dionysos, the model for the Roman Bacchic cults of similar characteristics. Crowley’s control of the "rock industry" has been documented by a team of [private] investigators, who have also noted, that in addition to the Satanist lyrics, Satanist messages embedded sublimely in rock recordings are a key feature of this subversive operation. The "rock rhythm" itself is copied from the old Dionysian-Bacchic cults. Even without the drugs and sexual orgies which are characteristic features of hard-core rock affairs, repeated, frequent, hours-long exposure to constant repetition of "rock rhythms" produces lasting, drug-like effects on the mind of the victim. Reducing sexual practices to the level of bestiality, is a crucial feature of Satanism in all historical periods studied, from Phrygian Cybele-Dionysos cult-period onward."
Another typical thing, which is related to fine arts: A few years ago there was a documentary on Swedish Television about a famous young New York "painter", who sat bragging over his art, drinking whiskey like water. Then he showed the reporter his art gallery. Well in there, you could see about twenty painters creating paintings like if it was in a factory. Ten, maybe twenty unfinished canvases were lined up against the wall, and the painters walked from painting to paining, back and forth and added something new to each one. Our famous, bragging "painter phenomenon" with the whisky glass looked at the finished ones and accepted or rejected them. Then he put HIS signature on the paintings, though he never himself created anything on them. Later he sold one of them for around $800,000.00. The real painters, who had created his work were nothing more than slave labor and were poorly paid.
This is an effect of the OTO-connected Andy Warhol, who finally destroyed fine art in the 60's with his so called pop-art. He said in an interview something to the effect that "fine art is dead - this is the art of the New Era" (referring to his own art). An act of rebellion or an act with a purpose to degrade art like they've done with music? Warhol was a big puppet for the Illuminati Elite. By degrading the art they also degrade the human population.Picasso once said that to be able to create a good "alternative" art form, you basically must be an excellent painter in a traditional way first. He was so right, and if you look at his early work, you can see he was mastering traditional painting as well. But his wise words seem to be forgotten and buried, unfortunately ... The Illuminati Elite have a great understanding of the brain and the mind, and it's scary to see how they use their knowledge ...
For more information, please read the following article and watch the video, which confirms much of what is presented in this article: "Sold Their Souls to Rock-n-Roll".
Still in doubt? Please read and download (by right-clicking on the link and click "save target as") the following .pdf file: "Satanic Drummers". This may also kill the myth that Black Sabbath was excellent Christian music.
Gavin Baddeley, head of Church of Satan in Great Britain, and the cover of his book,"Lucifer Rising: Sin, Devil Worship, and Rock'n'Roll"
Also, the book, "Lucifer Rising: Sin, Devil Worship, and Rock'n'Roll" by Gavin Baddeley
The Doors