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World Turning a Blind Eye to Pedophiles!

Michael Jackson and the Moral Decline of America

October 2009
With the film release of “Michael Jackson: This Is It” on October 28, 2009, the King of Pop is still receiving idolatrous praise by many in the liberal media, despite the preponderance of evidence suggesting that he was a child rapist. Tragically, as we have learned through the Roman Polanski saga, if you have been anointed by the liberal media and have even a modicum of talent, they will give you a free pass to rape America’s children.
Stacy Brown, co-author of “Michael Jackson: The Man Behind the Mask,” illustrates how even fans who acknowledged Jackson’s guilt seemed to give Jackson a pass because he could sing and dance. Brown admits, “Let’s face it, I’m not one to believe that Michael was innocent of molesting children, but he was never convicted.” However, despite her belief that Jackson was guilty of child molestation, the star-struck Brown praises Michael Jackson as “Elvis, the Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra, and the Beatles all rolled into one.” Should we place OJ Simpson on a pedestal because of his incredible running ability and conclude, “Let’s face it, I’m not one to believe that OJ was innocent of murdering people, but he was never convicted?”
The fact that so many Americans can easily ignore the horrific crimes that “stars” commit against our children is symptomatic of a culture that has been increasingly jaded by Darwinism, moral relativism, and Hollywood propaganda. While millions of dollars was enough to quiet parents whose children claimed that Jackson had molested them, many in the popular media cashed in by ignoring his alleged crimes and glorifying his bizarre persona.
New York Congressman, Peter King, sought to set the record straight and asked what glorifying a pervert like Michael Jackson says about us as a country. King said that Jackson, who is believed by most Americans to have been a child molester, is being glorified “day in and day out” while society completely ignores the efforts of teachers, police officers, firefighters, and veterans. “Let’s knock out the psychobabble,” King said, “he was a pervert, a child molester; he was a pedophile. And to be giving this much coverage to him, day in and day out, what does it say about us as a country?”
While one would expect some in an increasingly godless society to exalt a man who was known to sleep with young boys, it is tragic when those who claim to be spiritual leaders, ignore Jackson’s perverted lifestyle and speak of him as though he is now entertaining angels by doing the ‘moonwalk’ in Heaven. David Pack, a Grammy-award winning artist, music director, and a member of Saddleback Church, wrote in the Purpose Driven Connection, “One of the greatest artists of our time is now moon-walking along the gold paved roads of heaven, where streets have no name, with a broad smile on his face…”
This picture becomes even more disheartening when we consider the fact that Michael Jackson had a penchant for simulating sex on stage before thousands of boys and girls. When Oprah Winfrey asked Jackson why he repeatedly grabbed his crotch while on stage, he claimed that he had no control over his actions. If Jackson had a hard time controlling his sexually deviant inclinations under bright stage lights before tens of thousands of children, how could anyone in their right mind assume that he controlled himself in private with young boys in his bed?
To make matters worse, Jackson used his vast resources to transform Neverland Ranch into a magnet for children and a pedophile’s paradise. The entire ranch was designed to allure countless children onto his property and into his bed. Beyond the testimony of molestations by children Jackson shared his bed with, and the millions of dollars he gave these families to settle their lawsuits, there are other deeply disturbing facts as well. Michael Jackson also had an elaborate, specialized alarm system that alerted him anytime someone was near his bedroom, lest someone enter his room and interrupt his personal time with unsuspecting boys he found attractive. Add to this, the fact that investigators found risqué books in his room with pictures of naked boys and the picture becomes alarmingly clear.
Moreover, Jackson was known to have had homosexual relationships with other adult males as well. Ian Halperin, Jackson’s biographer, who authored Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson and claimed that Jackson had only six months to live, last December, stated, “In the course of my investigations, I spoke to two of his gay lovers, one a Hollywood waiter, the other an aspiring actor. The waiter had remained friends, perhaps more, with the singer until his death…. He had served Jackson at a restaurant, Jackson made his interest plain and the two slept together the following night.”
Halperin states that he was shown evidence of Jackson’s sexual relationship with the waiter, which included photographs of the gay lovers together. Halperin further stated, “When Jackson lived in Las Vegas, one of his closest aides told how he would sneak off to a ‘grungy, rat-infested’ motel – often dressed as a woman to disguise his identity – to meet a male construction worker he had fallen in love with.” (Online Source)
The absurd picture of Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk in heaven before the thrice-holy God, becomes even more insidious when we realize that Jackson engaged in Black Magic in an effort to murder several people that made his enemies’ list. In our Rockumentary, They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll, we document how Michael Jackson claimed that he was in touch with spirit entities and that he used a special room full of mirrors to commune with these spirits. Jackson claimed that he sought their guidance in regard to using their music. He even went so far as to claim that music was audibly communicated to him through dreams and that he was merely the messenger bringing these songs into the world.
In 2000, Vanity Fair reported that Jackson went so far as to bathe in blood and have a number of animals sacrificed so he could put death curses on Steven Spielberg and others. In the article, it was reported that Jackson attended a voodoo ritual in Switzerland, and a witch doctor named Baba sacrificed 42 cows as part of the death curse ceremony. Jackson ordered his former business adviser, Myung-Ho Lee, to wire $150,000 to a bank in Mali to cover the cost of the ceremony. The witch doctor promised Jackson that Spielberg, music mogul David Geffen, and 23 other people on Jackson’s hit list would die…but ironically, it was Michael Jackson himself who would end up dying a premature death! (Online Source)
As further evidence to Jackson’s occult practices, Michael claimed that a “force” that he referred to as a “spirit” would seize control of his body while he was performing. When we consider the fact that this “spirit” repeatedly compelled Jackson to grab his crotch before his young, adoring and impressionable fans, that he was involved in perverse behavior with children, and that he sought to harness dark spiritual forces to commit mass murder, it becomes evident that the destructive dark spirits that Jackson relied upon to influence the masses had nothing to do with the Holy Spirit of the Living God.
As the liberal media and Hollywood elitists continue to parade sexual deviants and drug addicts before our children and chip away at the moral foundation of our nation, it is imperative, now more than ever, that wise parents teach their children how to discern the difference between good and evil and train them up in “the way” they “should go.” (Proverbs 22:6)
Polanski's pedophile paradise
Posted: October 03, 2009
By Joe Schimmel
I was shocked recently when reading a Huffington Post blog defending fugitive child rapist Roman Polanski, even though the Huffington Post is notorious for its far left views and borderline celebrity worship.
The blog, written by Joan Shore, presented the most reprehensible arguments imaginable in an attempt to absolve film director Polanski of drugging, raping and sodomizing a 13-year-old child! Again and again, the HP blog twists the facts of Polanski's rape of this young girl to diminish the seriousness of his crime.
Incredibly, near the beginning of Shore's blog, we read that she was able to "excuse" the Swiss for aiding and abetting the Nazis by allowing their "military trains to transit their country," but said she could never forgive the Swiss for acting on an "extradition treaty with the U.S." and seizing Polanski, an escaped felon. Really, Joan?
Next, the blog states, "The 13-year-old model 'seduced' by Polanski had been thrust onto him by her mother, who wanted her in the movies." Far from absolving Polanski of his guilt, Shore is merely indicting Polanski of yet another crime, as he would be guilty of engaging in child prostitution as a result of trading professional favors for sex with a child. The truth is Polanski initially approached the child's mother about taking photos of her daughter, a trick commonly employed by sexual predators.
Unbelievably, the HP blog then seeks to minimize Polanski's crime by stating, "The girl was just a few weeks short of her 14th birthday, which was the age of consent in California. (It's probably 13 by now!) ..." Incredibly, this deceptive justification is wrong in at least three ways. First, the age of consent in California was not 14 when Polanski raped the child. Secondly, it is not 13 now. In fact, the age of consent was raised from 16 to 18 in California dating as far back as 1913, long before Polanski drugged, raped and sodomized this poor child! Third, notice how Shore slips in words like "seduced" and "consent," leading her audience to believe that Polanski's victim was somehow complicit in the rape.
The truth is that Polanski brutally raped this child, and it was far from consensual. In her grand jury testimony, Samantha Geimer stated that after Polanski had given her alcohol and a Quaalude, she repeatedly told him, "I want to go home." Samantha testified, "I was going, 'No, come on, stop it,' but I was afraid." Tragically, Polanski refused to stop and proceeded to brutally sodomize the seventh grader.
Next, Shore excuses Polanski of raping a child because she found him to be charming and intelligent. Shore wrote, "I accompanied Mike Wallace for a '60 Minutes' interview with Polanski on the set [of 'Tess in Normandy']. Mike thought he would be meeting the devil incarnate, but was utterly charmed by Roman's sobriety and intelligence." Is Shore unaware that the devil himself appears quite charming and intelligent, especially to those whom he deceives?
Speaking of the devil, many of Polanski's movies reveal his affinity for Satanism and sexual perversion. In his movie "Rosemary's Baby," Rosemary is depicted as being raped by Satan in a dream and later bears his child. Polanski actually hired Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan, as a consultant for the movie. In Polanski's film "The Ninth Gate," starring Johnny Depp, Polanski again promotes sexual perversion and satanic ritual. Polanski actually called "The Ninth Gate" "an advertisement for hell."
Ironically, Joan Shore is co-founder of Women Overseas for Equality. One wonders how it is that so many liberals claim to stand for the rights of others, but fail to stand for millions of little boys and girls who have been murdered in the womb. One wonders how Shore can claim to stand for the rights of women while excusing sexual predators that hunt our sons and daughters on the streets.
Sadly, there are many people like Joan Shore who are easily star-struck and blinded to the seriousness of certain crimes due to the celebrity of criminals like Roman Polanski. If Polanski were an anonymous child molester and not a Hollywood elitist, only the most perverse individuals would be defending this unrepentant pedophile.
On March 23, 2003, Hollywood elitists rose to their feet to give this child rapist a standing ovation and awarded him the Best Director award for the film "The Pianist." Now there is a petition circulating liberal celebrities seeking the release of Polanski are signing. The fact that they would sign such a petition may say as much about the liberal celebrities as it does Polanski! Among the signatories are Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen and Pedro Almodovar. Allen, as you may remember, was rebuked by the judge in his custody case with Mia Farrow for "grossly inappropriate" behavior toward their adoptive daughter whom Allen had taken nude photos of. Farrow accused Allen of molesting both their 7-year-old adoptive daughter, Dylan, and Soon-Yi, whom Allen would later marry. The "openly gay" Pedro Almodovar, whose perverse movies, like those of Polanski's and Allen's, are somewhat biographical, has a mother selling her 12-year-old son to a homosexual dentist as a sex slave in his movie, "What Have I Done To Deserve This?"
Ironically, Shore fails to point out that when she met Polanski with Mike Wallace, Polanski was involved in a sexual relationship with Natasha Kinski, who at the time was only 15 years old!
In Thomas Kiernan's biography, "The Roman Polanski Story," we read, "Roman just couldn't understand why screwing a kid should be of concern to anyone. He's screwed plenty of girls younger than this one, he said, and nobody gave a damn." We further read, "When in France, he arrogantly displayed pubescent girls under his spell who were used and discarded, shouting, 'I love young girls … very young girls.'"
Tragically, Polanski's perpetual thumbing of his nose at the law has made him a poster boy for sexual predators who want to believe they can commit the crime and not do the time. What has the world come to when popular news sources are making bogus excuses for a purported serial pedophile who has pleaded guilty of raping a 13-year-old child? What has the world come to when multiple government-funded ACORN offices are caught attempting to help a pretend pimp and prostitute open up brothels for 13-year-old child prostitutes?
In the DVD "The Kinsey Syndrome," which film critic Ted Baehr called "one of the most important films of the 21st century," we document how the far left is trying to turn the United States into a pedophile's paradise. Tragically, what we are witnessing before our very eyes is the second coming of Sodom and Gomorrah. Prayerfully, we will be on God's side when the fire and brimstone comes raining down from heaven!
Polanski's Arrest: Shame on the Swiss
Joan Z. Shore
27 September 2009
I've had it with the Swiss.
I used to admire them -- their clean, orderly, decorous way of life. Their stubborn independence and self-reliance. I forgave them for the years they never joined the United Nations, and even now, not joining the European Union.
When I learned, years ago, that they had blithely allowed German military trains to transit their country during the Second World War, while claiming Swiss "neutrality," I was shocked, but tried to excuse them on grounds that they were protecting their country from invasion and armed warfare.
I was glad when they finally gave women the vote not so long ago. And I was glad when their banks initially balked at American demands to release the names of their American clients. Swiss banking secrecy, after all, has not been a ploy to launder dirty money; it has been a time-honored tradition to respect the privacy of their customers.
(May I add that Europeans have always been, and still are to a large degree, much more discreet about their money than Americans are.)
But now, not only are the Swiss bankers caving in to America's bullying, so are the Swiss police and Swiss jurisprudence.
Arresting Roman Polanski the other day in Zurich, where he was to receive an honorary award at a film festival, was disgraceful and unjustifiable. Polanski, now 76, has been living in France for over thirty years, and has been traveling and working in Europe unhindered, but the Swiss acted on an old extradition treaty with the U.S. and seized him! The Swiss Justice Ministry will decide whether to extradite him to the United States.
The judge in the 1977 statutory rape case is dead. Polanski had agreed at the time to a plea bargain, but then the judge reneged on it. Polanski has tried to appeal.
But there is more to this story. The 13-year old model "seduced" by Polanski had been thrust onto him by her mother, who wanted her in the movies. The girl was just a few weeks short of her 14th birthday, which was the age of consent in California. (It's probably 13 by now!) Polanski was demonized by the press, convicted, and managed to flee, fearing a heavy sentence.
I met Polanski shortly after he fled America and was filming Tess in Normandy. I was working in the CBS News bureau in Paris, and I accompanied Mike Wallace for a Sixty Minutes interview with Polanski on the set. Mike thought he would be meeting the devil incarnate, but was utterly charmed by Roman's sobriety and intelligence.
Now, three decades later, the long arm of Uncle Sam is grabbing this man and hauling him back to California, thanks to the complicity of the Swiss. There are surely more important issues in the world, and more villainous rogues at large that we should be attending to. Why does America always get sidetracked by sex and scandal?
I suggest, in the finest American tradition, we protest this absurd and deplorable act by smashing our cuckoo clocks, pawning our Swiss watches, and banning Swiss cheese and chocolate.
And let them yodel all they like.