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Communism! Is It Just a Matter of Time? (Part 2)

Communist Revealed the "Plan" to Mormon
January 7, 2010
Marion Law, a Mormon, was going door to door "tracting" in Melbourne in the 1950's, when he met a resident who claimed to be one of the secret leaders of the Communist Party in Australia. This man outlined the Satanic Communist Plan to Law. These are extracts from his 1983 account.
I just barely began to explain the gospel and the man said to me, Mr. Law, we have a better plan. And I said, What is your plan?
Then he began to unfold to me this experience that I'm telling you about tonight. But I was unable to leave the chair where I sat. It was as though I was physically bound and I felt as though I was chained. I couldn't move. I couldn't breathe, and he began to unfold this experience to me, a very foreboding feeling. I have felt the presence of evil, I have had the experience of casting out evil spirits myself from a house and I know what that's like and this was the most terrifying thing of my life but anyway as the man began to unfold "this other plan", he said,
"The nature of man occurs in 3 phases. First, man is an economic animal and therefore it is necessary for the state to control the economy so that we can have equality and it will always be fair because man will always be inhuman to man until we "can learn" to control that side of his nature.
And then he said the second part of man is that man is a political animal and therefore it will be necessary for us to establish a dictatorship kind of government, what you would call a dictatorial form of government, but he said when we bring into effect the third phase of our program that won't be fearful anyway.
And so the third part, man is a spiritual animal and he said we control some parts of the political world, some parts of economic world. He said we control all the churches except The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
He said we have them in our control and he said that when we have political and economic control of the world we will then be able to establish our total spiritual program.
He said we have done research on thousands of animals and thousands of men, we know that we can create a perfect society because that by using psychological manipulation and psychological conditioning through the use of drugs, diet, and music, and force where necessary.
We can condition the mind of man so that man will be sinless. He said there would be no, as you define it, sin. We don't believe in that but you would call it sin, there would be no hate, no envy, no malice, no lust, no greed, no jealousy, no viciousness, none of the those things that you would classify as sin.
Now he said if we were "the Gods", Mr. Law, how could God keep sinless souls out of heaven, if there is a heaven we don't believe in those things but if there is, how could a just God keep a sinless soul out of heaven?
He indicated that they would function as Plato's Republic functioned in his description of a republic that the leaders would not oppress the workers, the workers would not be envious of the leaders and the teaching groups would perpetuate this sinless condition and he said if we could have started with the first thinking man, you claim that's Adam, but we don't believe in that myth either, if we could have started with the first thinking man, he said, we would not have lost a single soul.
He said, "we will use music." He described rock music, and it didn't make any sense to me. I just didn't understand it. Since then, we are very much aware of the fact that Pavlov was a Russian scientist who as you know used the dogs, conditioned the dogs...[He] was taken into Lenin's home in Russia and he ... conditioned a dog so if you had the metronome play at 60 beats per minute, the dog would produce saliva, without the presence of food, then if you play a metronome at 120 beats per minute, you can condition the dog so it cannot salivate under any condition even if it's starving.
...Then they did the next experiment which was to play 2 metronomes, simultaneously, one at 60 and one at 120 and the dog ... had a nervous breakdown. It collapsed, it couldn't function...
Now that's __________ of rock music. That's the underlying beat that goes on and it constantly changes, it is constantly changing. That's why you'll have several guitars and several instruments that are the same; the instruments are the same, they don't have a trumpet and saxophone and a violin because what they need is the conditioning ability of those instruments. They need intense volume, they can deliver any message whatsoever, whether it is backward or forward, doesn't matter whether you can hear the words in the language that we are speaking or whether it's exactly the opposite but the brain will unscramble it and pick it up. And so we know, for example, that this melodic dissonance can create a conditioning effect so that you will believe whatever it is that you are taught.
This is the beginning of the free love revolution, is the beginning of the drug culture, the beginning of anti-authority revolution, the beginning of our deterioration of our respect for the flag, the country, the policemen, all the institutions that hold the fabric of our society together.
And so these things, he described to me, in great detail. It was fascinating, it just was sort of overwhelming to me. I just was, so much of it I didn't remember because it was so foreign to what I could relate to and so he indicated of course that they would use force where necessary.
He said to me that we'll take the children from their parents, early enough so that we can condition them; we eliminate all mental, emotional, and physical cripples at birth. They would of course have to be terminated.
He said we are now researching and doing experimentation with science so we can extend the life span so that man can live forever. He said the day will come when we will be able to reach into the planets and create a whole universe of these perfect, sinless souls.
He said the spiritual part of the plan is not written or recorded, only the hard core elite are exposed to the spiritual part of our plan. And he said, I 'm one of those in Australia who controls our plan.
And I said to him, Why did you tell me? He said I'm not sure. I felt inspired to tell you and I said well, you'll never take over the world and he said we already control 2/3rds of the world, politically and economically, and he said only the United States stands between us and total domination and I said you'll never take the United States and he said let me tell you how it is.
We control the entertainment media in the US, we control the news media and we control the education system.
I didn't know anything about the news media, the entertainment media but I had just finished 12 years of schooling and I was an expert in education, having graduated from high school, I said you don't control the education system and he said let me tell you how it is, Mr. Law.
When you go back home, you take any text book, any textbook you come to pick up and you determine whether your plan is there or ours.
After 7 years of university and 25 years of education, I have to tell you that there is no textbook that has our plan it in, only his is in the textbooks. You can pick up any textbook you'd like in the public school system and their plan is there in all its glory.
He said we would like to bring some of you young dedicated missionaries into our program; he said that' the one thing we lack is dedication and commitment to our spiritual part of our plan. I said to him What is your plan? What is it? What do you call it?
He said I'm a member of the Central Planning committee of the Communist Party in Australia, there are 3 of us who control it, and I said I've heard of Communism.
He said you have heard of the political communism and the economic communism, he said you have never heard of spiritual communism. Now, I've heard Pres. McKay talk about it since, spiritual Satanism is what he called it, said he defined Communism as spiritual Satanism.
Wee, I was really just dumbfounded. I really was just shocked and to conclude that experience, I said to him, well, and he said what's wrong with our plan?
And I said you have to give people their right to choose. And he said they'll go to hell if they choose and you are not saving anybody. How many people are in your church? There was about, then I think there was less than a million people. He said out of 2 and ½ billion? And the rest of them are going to hell. No, don't give me any of that 3 degrees stuff he said. If you don't make the top, they haven't made it.
(Here was a break in the cassette and then it continued....)
...that Jesus Christ is his Son and he became violently angry. He said we don't believe in that myth. That's a myth, that's a mystery. They are just parables. And I said no I have heard the voice of the Lord, I have felt his power and I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
This man became so violent with me, he attacked me and only then could I break loose and run out in to the middle of the street. I found my companion wandering up and down the street, he had to help me onto the street car and take me home and after that 3 hour experience it was a nightmare. I haven't taken the time to recount to you all the things because he did go through in detail in the method in which they would use diet, the drugs and the music and I've explained to you just a little bit how they would introduce this music and then the drugs, they would introduce it into our diet, our foods, they would do all kinds of things that would condition us so we that we would be susceptible and easily led. We would not fight against them so that we would literally embrace their principles and these doctrines.
Let me just read to you a quote by J. Edgar Hoover, one of the most maligned men of all time and probably was eliminated by those people he was standing as a bulwark against. He said:
"We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism are being steadily advanced because many of us do not readily recognize the means used to advance them. No one who truly understands what it really is can be taken in by it. Yet the individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous you cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization that the evil has been introduced into our midst."
Pres. Benson removed, personally, 1,800 Communist agents from the agriculture department alone. The amazing thing is, that our government is infiltrated, no wonder, Pres. Joseph Fielding Smith said that all governments have been taken over by Satan. It is now his domain.
... we're living in a day when the power of Satan totally dominates all governments. Not only communist governments but our own as well. And Joseph Fielding told us that the thing that keeps us in a state of freedom is that the Lord stops Satan from going so far. ...
That our hope will only be in the government of God, that the Kingdom is the only place that we can be. Now, that experience got me involved in politics. I was a member of the police commission in Calgary and in Canada and much involved in the anti-Communist activities, in fact, I was the first director of the Freeman Institute in Provo, Utah with Cleon Skousen.
But I left that association and that activity because of President Lee's request that we not tweak the tail of the beast. He told Bro. Skousen his whole program, the prophet is under constant pressure to protect the church against our own government. He said the beast is alive and thriving and he said we are threatened constantly with annihilation of the church, its properties, its ways of doing things, by our own system of government.
He asked Bro. Benson to give no more anti-Communist talks and you have not heard him since that time. It's kind of interesting; we have to be aware that when the prophet is changed, that often the direction of the church is changed.
And so we have an interesting assignment ahead of us, because we have gone to the point now where it is no longer possible for us to eliminate the secret combinations from around the world. Our assignment is to gather the church together as tightly as we can, to pull it together as strongly and as vigorously as we can.
I was asked to speak to the John Birch Society a few years ago because of my very out-spoken attacks on communists, communism and their doctrines. It's the doctrines that we embrace that are the most frightening.
And so when I had finished speaking to them, they asked me why aren't you a member of the JBS. And I said well, there is only one organization in the world that will defeat satanic communism, as Pres. McKay calls it, and that's the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
And I already belong to the greatest communism fighting organization there is. And my goal is to teach truth so that people will come to the truth and thereby know to reject the evil. And so, we need to be aware that the agency of force, of unrighteous dominion, the greatest agency is government.
Bro. Benson, I used to ask him about his, he always got up and gave a talk on communism in conference. He went around the country teaching ant-communism. And he really got lambasted, regularly. Brigham Young University was his greatest enemy. And I said to him, Bro. Benson, do you always give a talk on communism? He said Bro. Law, I would dearly love to give a talk on love but Pres. McKay always calls me and says Bro. Benson, we have need for another one of your good hard hitting anti-Communist talks. And he said so I give them. I do remember Pres. McKay was our last anti-Communist prophet. We haven't heard a whisper of it since.
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