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What's Happening in Iran?

Sorry About Our President, Neda
Iran, Iranian Revolution, Freedom and Liberty in Iran
By Joy Tiz
Thursday, February 11, 2010
Americans know far more about Michael Jackson than they do the history of Iran and its relationship to the United States. Most of what America knows is wrong, having been subjected to pertinacious propaganda in Ayers’ based public education.
Neda was the beautiful young Iranian woman who was gunned down in the streets of Tehran for the crime of showing up. She showed up to take a stand for freedom and took a bullet in the neck for her aspirations. A relative in the United States had cautioned Neda not to attend any demonstrations, telling her “They’re killing people.” To which the lionhearted and prescient Neda replied: “Don’t worry, it’s just one bullet and it’s over.”
For just a flicker in time, Neda became an icon, a symbol of the young Iranians’ longing for the most elemental liberties. It was easy for Americans to be incensed at the barbarous slaughter of a young woman so lovely and earnest. Young Iran has caught a glimpse of freedom, the inescapable byproduct of advancing technology. The noteworthiness of Neda is in no small measure due to the ease with which young Americans can appreciate her as not so unlike themselves.
Part of the delusive indoctrination that goes on in public schools includes the rewriting of Iranian history in a way that abets the left. Particularly pernicious is the persistent misrepresentation of the former Shah’s regime, which was supported by the CIA to oust another crackpot, Mohammed Mossadegh.
Mossadegh’s platform was his fierce opposition to British influence, an ideology adopted by Barack Obama. Paving the way for future deranged dictators, Mossadegh eventually fired the parliament, called for a special election and declared himself the winner of 99.9% of the vote.
Mossadegh nationalized the oil wells. That was ruinous enough, but batty Mohammad ostensibly didn’t realize that once the Brits pulled out of Iran, there was nobody who actually knew how to run them. Thus, he drove his people into abject destitution. The West had well founded jitters about Iran’s economic plight making the country easy prey for the Soviet Union.
After the CIA orchestrated coup, the former Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, returned from exile and modernized the country, including granting women the right to vote, raising the hackles of Muslim extremists. The gains made for women were systematically reversed when Khomeini seized power.
The Shah was a friend of the United States. Indeed, he was a flawed leader, prone to despotism but a real pussycat compared to the current Iranian thugocracy. Until former president Jimmy Carter took office, the United States and Iran maintained a stable relationship. Carter couldn’t abandon the Shah fast enough. The daffy left always gets hysterical about minor despots and glorifies the really barbaric ones. Fidel Castro is a demigod to a libtard. Carter’s refusal to support the Shah and his delusions about the Ayatollah Khomeini enabled the savage fanatical regime to grab control of Iran. Khomeini’s government slaughtered more citizens in its first few weeks than the Shah’s regime killed during its entire thirty- eight year reign. The incendiary ayatollah’s take over was a catalyst for the worldwide expansion of Islamic terrorism.
As the Obama White House took credit for generating a “vigorous debate and enthusiasm” among the Iranian people regarding their elections, Ahmadinejad was proclaiming victory over his challenger without bothering to count the votes. A Chicago pol, Obama saw nothing out of the ordinary when it was announced that adjunct Columbia professor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, had won roughly 123% of the vote in the free, open and fair election.
Ahmedinejad’s agenda is to bring about a grand conflagration to summon the appearance of the 12th Imam. To expedite Mahmoud’s aspirations, Obama has publicly assured Iran that the United States has not the slightest inclination to slow down the regime’s race to acquire nuclear weapons.
Iranians, many of them young students, are engaged in an impassioned affray with the brutal regime, some being gunned down by pro-government thugs. The world is watching to see how the United States responds. The Obamanutz media pundits downplayed the violence as the perpetually obtuse Rachel Maddow laughingly compared the bloodshed in Tehran to America’s 2000 election conflict.
Our president, who has no qualms about telling Prime Minister Netanyahu how to run his country, is insisting that it would be indecorous for a United States president to “meddle”. If liberals had any sense of irony, they would be captivated by the timing of Obama’s non-meddling posture as it coincided with former president Carter’s meddling in the Gaza. The pro- terrorist peanut farmer has been meeting with Hamas and beseeching the Obama administration to take the savage beasts off of the state sponsors of terrorism list. Carter’s position was given further credibility when his peacenik cohorts planted roadside bombs intended to exterminate their ardent abettor.
It’s understandable that Barack Obama is unmoved by the overt appropriation of an election. Nor would a different candidate make substantial changes in the Iranian government. However, the leader of the free world was obliged to reject the outcome of such a manifestly spurious election.
The late Shah’s son has called on Obama to take a leadership position:
“I would like to take this opportunity and tell the President this is a crucial moment – on behalf of my compatriots and millions who have been turning to the outside world, particularly to this President – to say: don’t let us down.”
Iranians are understandably horrified by the new American president who has referred to the Ayatollah as Supreme Leader, a show of respect for the legitimacy of the barbaric regime. Barack Obama went so far as to send a letter to the Ayatollah Khameini weeks before Iran’s June 12th election. Obama was pandering to the brutal, backwards and oppressive Iranian leadership.
Back when the news still took the trouble to cover the bloodbath in Iran, the world saw young Iranians holding signs in English. Urgent pleas were coming through computers worldwide begging the leader of the free world to help the Iranian people.
While Barack Obama was eating ice cream, Neda’s parents were forced from their home by government agents. Public displays of mourning were shut down. Nineteen year old Kaveh Alipour was gunned down by government barbarians. After frantically searching for news about his missing son at hospitals and eventually the morgue, Alipour’s father was told he would be required to pay a $3000 “bullet fee” to reimburse the government for the ammo expended in executing his child.
Barack Obama did eventually deliver the obligatory “we are outraged” statement. He held off as long as he could, until public opinion became too clamorous to overlook. While he gabbled, the violence in Iran escalated. Iranian citizens were being massacred in the streets with axes and machetes. Students were being routed from their beds in their dorm rooms.
Ronald Reagan responded to a similar cry for help from the people of Poland who were then enslaved by the Soviet Union. Reagan minced no words in decrying the Soviet Union as an “Evil Empire”. He never expelled gibberish about how the United States shouldn’t “meddle” as innocent citizens suffer.
Then, as today, pantywaist liberals were caterwauling about toning down the rhetoric so as not to pique oppressive dictators. Thankfully, Reagan ignored such nattering. The Poles were doing what the Iranians are today: insisting on the most basic of human liberties. Ronald Reagan had to intention of sitting on the sidelines waiting to see how this thing played out.
Reagan helped spirit the defecting Polish Ambassador out of the country and to the United States. Leonid Brezhnev was livid. Reagan was delighted; Brezhnev’s outrage confirmed to Reagan that he was on the right track. Ronald Reagan went on to use every tool at his disposal to topple Brezhnev’s choke hold on Poland and replace it with Lech Walesa.
Ronald Reagan won the battle to liberate the Polish people. They have not forgotten. He is considered, in the words of the Polish president, the “architect of democracy.”
Barack Obama is certainly no Ronald Reagan. The entire world, including the United States would be better off and more secure if the Ayatollah’s government toppled.
The Iranian regime is not allowing dear Neda to rest in peace. Regime supporters desecrated her grave. Neda’s fiancĂ©, Caspian Makan spent sixty five days in prison and fled Iran once he was released on bail. Makan has disclosed that the regime tried to force Neda’s parents to lie about the murder of their daughter.
Mr. Makan, who is in hiding said: “The breaking of Neda’s gravestone broke the hearts of millions of freedom-loving people around the world. The repressors, believing they can stifle the cries for freedom, have even attacked, beaten, threatened and insulted Neda’s parents. This is while the Islamic Republic of Iran denies Neda’s murder.”
On November 4th, Neda’s parents were attacked and detained for joining a protest in Iran.
Arash Hejazi, the doctor who tried to save Ms. Soltan’s life and who now lives in exile in Oxford, told The Times: “The beating and arrest of Neda’s parents, the shattering of her tombstone, and the torturing and imprisonment of her boyfriend only shows how far this government is ready to go.”
The family of the brave and lovely Neda can find no peace. We are deeply sorry, Neda. Our president just doesn’t give a damn.
The Ayatollahs Are Asking for It
Iran a Nuclear State
By Alan Caruba
Thursday, February 11, 2010
The announcement by Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution that Iran was now “a nuclear state” was an invitation to have its nuclear facilities attacked by Israel.
Israel, after all, is a nation that Ahmadinejad said should be “wiped off the map” and hardly a day has gone by for the past 31 years that some Iranian leader has not called for death to Israel and, yes, death to America.
Let us, for a moment, cast a look back at the Israeli response to earlier nuclear threats. When the French built the Osirak nuclear reactor in Baghdad, the Israelis destroyed it on June 7, 1981 in a daring air raid. When the Syrians built a facility described as a “nuclear cache”, the Israelis destroyed it on September 6, 2007 in another air raid.
For months now the Israeli air force has been practicing long-range bombing runs, putting their planes on a run to the straits of Gibraltar and back; about the same distance from Jerusalem to Tehran. The U.S. has been supplying “bunker-buster” bombs and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Israel has its own nuclear weapons.
This Israeli response to the wars perpetrated against it since the day it declared its sovereignty in 1948 has been to turn out the entire nation to defeat their enemies.
The U.S. will be among the last to know when the attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities will take place. The current administration is no friend to the Israelis, but they have dispatched their top intelligence and military people to Israel and to Saudi Arabia to sound out the when and wherefore of an attack. Meanwhile, the Israelis and their Saudi counterparts have been meeting to discuss the logistics of such an attack.
No one knows better than the Saudis that a nuclear Iran poses a threat of incalculable proportions to their oil fields and facilities. No one knows better the vital importance of the Persian Gulf in the transport of oil.
The Israelis will not wait for the first Iranian missile to be fired at them. In his book, “A World of Trouble”, Patrick Tyler wrote of the history of U.S. Middle East relations from the days of Eisenhower to George W. Bush.
“The first reports of an Israeli air attack on Egypt reached the duty officer at the White House Situation Room at 2:38 a.m. on June 5, 1967. They came from news agencies whose correspondents could hear the bombs going off at air bases on the outskirts of Cairo.”
In 1967, Egypt was ruled by Gamal Abdel Nasser, an advocate of Arab unity and the very definition of a loose cannon. “Lucius Battle, the insightful American ambassador who had just completed two years in Cairo, was deeply troubled by the ‘ungovernable problem’ of Nasser’s demagoguery.”
The problem that has faced every president since the 1979 uprising in Iran has been the demagoguery of the Supreme Guides of the Iranian government since the Ayatollah Khomeini had led the overthrow of the Iranian Shah and the subsequent hostage taking of American diplomats whose release was not achieved until 444 days later when Ronald Reagan was inaugurated.
The Six Day War, a preemptive attack on an Egypt that had massed troops in the Sinai, was an unmitigated disaster for Egypt and expanded the territory of Israel in the wake of its taking of Syria’s Golan Heights, the West Bank, Gaza and the Sinai (later returned).
The Arab response was a conference in Khartoum in which the Arabs asserted its now-famous three no’s. No negotiation, no recognition, and no peace with Israel. Under the leadership of Anwar Sadat, peace with Egypt was achieved and his reward was to be assassinated. A similar peace was achieved with Jordan.
Every U.S. president since then has demanded that Israel return territory in return for peace, but there has never been peace and there is not likely to be any. Islam is a warrior cult based on the Koran; essentially a battle plan to impose Islam on the world.
The Iranian people are a wonderful people, but they are prisoners in their own nation and are currently struggling to rid themselves of the ayatollahs. Israel, however, does not have the privilege of waiting to see whether they are successful or not.
The ayatollahs and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are literally begging the Israeli’s to attack. They have mocked and deceived the West for decades in their quest for nuclear status and power.
No amount of United Nations “sanctions” will have any more effect on the situation than they did against the former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein.
One of these mornings, the White House Situation Room will be informed of the Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities and you can be very sure that the entire West and the Middle East will breath a sigh of relief when they do.
The hypocrisy of condemnation that will follow will be vast, but tiny Israel will have saved the world and freed the Iranian people.
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