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Homosexual Degenerates and Power

Gun to Our Head? Sexual Liberation & Satanism
by Henry Makow
January 14, 2010
"...We aspire to corrupt in order to govern... We have taken from the people all the gods of heaven and earth, which had their homage. We have torn from them their religious faith, their faith in monarchy, their honesty and their family virtues..." (Giuseppe Mazzini, 1805-1872, Revolutionary, Founder of Italian Freemasonry and the Mafia)
The gun went off with pop and a flash. There was a moment of silence before Bruce Lavalee-Davidson, 50, (pictured left,) said, "I think I killed him."
"Him" was Fred Wilson, 50, his head blown apart.
Bruce Lavalee-Davidson was addressing James Pombriant, 65, who was mounting Fred Wilson from behind. They were engaged in a 12-hr gay sex orgy in the sex-dungeon basement of Wilson's colonial home in Portland, Maine.
Brokeback Mountain this isn't. It's the real face of homosexual love and marriage, not the sugarcoated public face we are spoon-fed by liberal social engineers.
Lavallee-Davidson was playing Russian Roulette with a loaded gun to heighten Wilson's sexual excitement. Because many gays have shot their sexual circuitry due to overuse, they must resort to extreme methods to get aroused. They had been using sex toys, smoking pot, consuming the party drug GBL, and huffing aerosol inhalants.
Wednesday, Lavalee-Davidson was convicted of manslaughter and faces a minimum of four and maximum of 30 years in jail.
LaVallee-Davidson is a outspoken advocate for same-sex rights.
Recently, he testified in favor of keeping Maine's now-overturned gay marriage law at a public hearing. He claimed he was in a committed relationship.
The hearing took place four days after the discovery of Wilson's body and a couple of weeks before he was indicted.
This is the vision of marriage that will replace traditional marriage if liberals and gay activists have their way. Children will play with sex toys in basement dungeons.
Satanism is denial and defiance of God, i.e. what is healthy and good.
Their watchword is "do as thou wilt" i.e. homosexual "rights," sexual liberation, fetishes-r-us, etc.
Modern Western "civilization" is based on this satanic principle, i.e. that man can defy the Creator's design, the natural and spiritual (moral) laws governing the universe.
The so-called "Enlightenment" refers to Lucifer, the "light bringer."
Western "civilization" is based on Jewish Cabalism or Freemasonry. Man can be God and define reality himself. He can determine that good is evil and evil is good, ugly is beautiful, lies are truth, etc. This doctrine serves the Illuminati, who own most of the world and want to re-engineer humanity to serve them.
Government, media, education, church are all covertly controlled by the Illuminati. The world has been colonized by a satanic cult. Very successful people -- Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Angelina Jolie, Nelson Mandela, Oprah -- belong to this colonial class who serve the Illuminati bankers in London.
Satanists have done a good job of making "God" a dirty word.
God is Reality. Truth, Goodness, Love, Justice, Beauty and Harmony. They hate God because they want to be god. They want to redefine reality for their own benefit.
God is synonymous with health. True religion is about obeying God. Being healthy, in mind and spirit. So you don't end up in a basement dungeon with your brains splattered on the carpet.
Sexual Liberation
Our society has a serious cancer which it refuses to acknowledge. To use another analogy, we are like a family where the father or mother molests the children at night but no one dares acknowledge it.
We have been subverted by satanists (impostors) who hold key positions in every field. Many of these people have been duped and don't realize whom they serve.
A society concerned with its own survival would promote traditional marriage and family as the best vehicle for raising children. A man and a woman must consecrate their love and sexuality to each other for this task.
Sexual liberation is designed to undermine marriage and family. "Do as thou wilt." Seek sexual titillation. Never mind that children have to be born and raised properly, and this requires the commitment of a man and a woman.
Homosexual marriage is similarly designed to make heterosexuals act like gays, and engage in promiscuous sex.
"Sex is the ultimate weapon in people-taming and people control," Erica Carle writes. "When sex can be established as a constant in the mind.. As the dominant idea... the mind can be incapacitated. The emotions destroyed, personal identity, individuality, family life, maternal and paternal feelings, all eroded. All else can be forgotten or regarded as unimportant, when the mind is captured by the dominant idea of sex."
Sex is the lowest common denominator, reducing people to animals. People become bodies to be exploited. This Satanic state of mind has invaded society.
According to the Church of Satan, "man is just another animal" whose intellect makes him "the most vicious of all."
The Church of Satan brags that it led the sexual liberation movement in the 1960's and later. In 1969 Anton LaVey introduced "a new Satanic age." His San Francisco mansion had functioned as a bordello.
"Now the site of debauches ...became the epicenter of an explosive new outlook...In a time when millions were suddenly seeking sexual enlightenment, the Church of Satan attracted many by its sheer audacity."
Modern sexual mores were shaped and promoted by Illuminati satanists, and this is typical of what is happening in society in general. Secular was supposed to be "neutral" but in fact it is a mask for satanism. We are all being inducted into a satanic cult, fed a constant diet of sex, violence, fear, discord and dysfunction.
Our Satanic Future
Since we are being unconsciously inducted into their cult, we should look to the Church of Satan for a glimpse of the future of sex. Could we end up in a sex dungeon orgy with a gun to our head?
Satanic Reverend Steven Johnson Leyba, is outspoken about his carnal quest.
"My personal sexual practices tend to be very heavily masochistic, including bondage, blood loss, urine, sodomy, excrement, fetishizing tools, weapons such as guns and knives, and especially filthy panties-preferably white or lavender lace and any daisy pattern," explains Rev. Leyba.
Sex robots (left) have been in the news lately. Guess what? The Church of Satan has been raving about the possibilities for a long time:
"The cathartic possibilities are limitless," enthuses Satanist Jim Mitchell. "Many taboo and possibly illegal areas of sexuality [can] be explored with one of these androids without fear of being exposed. Suppose a man has a mate who is otherwise perfect for him but absolutely won't engage in SM or golden showers or anal sex. Maybe he wants to experience the porn-stud splendor of delivering a facial "money shot" or has dark fantasies of a necrophilic nature. The Real Doll offers a legal and harmless means of indulging in personal fetishes that might be unattainable with breathing partners."
We live in a world colonized by a satanic cult, the Illuminati, which places its puppets in leadership positions in education, culture, business and government. We are subject to a steady barrage of mind control designed to deceive, debilitate and enslave us.
Real liberation lies in understanding that our society is morally bankrupt and we can ignore its lies and monkey gestures. We can lead our lives independently if we place our trust in God, who speaks to us through our spirit and conscience.
Despite the attempts of the Illuminati to deny the moral order, and reduce man to the condition of rooting animals, we will uphold the spiritual ideals that define us as human.
Only Homosexual Degenerates Win Power--Gregory Klimov
November 26, 2009
by Richard Evans
In 1981, Soviet defector Gregory Klimov (left) authored a book for the CIA to secretly distribute to members of the senior staff of the KGB.
His title was a play on the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Klimov's Protocols of the Soviet Wise Men. He wrote it as first person narratative of a series of lectures to top KGB insiders. The lectures are a course on the secret history of Civilization.
In Protocol 3, The Keys to Power, the lecturer reveals that a secret society controls the world.
The lecturer said, "It's names are legion, but so you can understand I will call it the Homintern (International Brotherhood Of Degenerates)."
What does it take to acquire and hold power over the lives of millions of people?
"Only person with abnormal power drive will win in the race for positions of power. It is an axiom of degeneralogy that degenerates will make it to the top in the majority of cases. Once this is understood, we can continue with the analogy of an Olympics competitor. Can a person with normal leg muscles participate and win a race? Yes, he can. On the local school level. He can also participate and win at town level. He can participate and may win at regional level. He can participate but has no chance to win at national level. He could not even participate at world level competition.
"Did you get the picture? Only person with abnormally developed legs muscles can participate and has chance to win at national or world level competitions. It is the same in the levels of power in the world. "
The Power Complex
"Now we will talk Hi-Tech. Leaders of the world usually have complex of power which helps them to became world leaders. This complex is usually associated with suppressed sadism, which in turn is a result of latent homosexuality. We all have seen pictures of insane or semi-insane person, not huge at all, but 5-6 well built medical workers have a difficult time subduing him. This is perfect example of incredible energy that a semi-insane sadistical power-hungry person can produce to achieve his goals.
"Normal healthy people don't have this drive. How does it happen? We will be talking here about clans. It happened where two families married members to preserve land and wealth close to the clan and if this continues we have inbreeding of genes. Degeneration has three stages: 1. Sexual deviations. 2. Mental illnesses. 3. Inborn physical deformity.
"Once stage 1. infects a clan, degeneration of offspring accelerates. Clan degenerates now consider sado-masochistic traits superior 'gifts' and seek perpetuation through tightening of mating close inside degenerate bloodlines.
"If a family tree is healthy, has many new branches with many new and healthy leaves (children) - this is certainly a normal and healthy clan. On the other hand, if family tree is drying up (childless couples) [or] has many dying branches (suicides, mental illnesses) - you are looking at clan entering golden stage of decay.
"Degenerates hate normal people. It is pleasure for them to watch how one semi-insane sadistic leader, chosen by them, goes to war with another semi-insane sadistic leader of another country, also chosen by them. Millions of normal people are dying for the joy and sadistic pleasure of degenerates...
"Masons, Illuminates etc. - are clubs, where degenerates observe behavior of possible candidates and upon verifying real homo-sadistic inclinations of the person - promote him into the real world of power. Older clans that have reached stage 2. and 3. (losing their ability to produce surviving offspring) will seek secret insemination with new clan of physically 'healthy' psychopaths.
The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
Within the degenerative community there are different types of degenerates--the good, bad or ugly.
"No questions about it. There are only one thing left to determine -- is it an obedient clan or rebellious clan. Just look what this clan supports in the real life. Does it spread poison of decadence in art, science, literature or does it support normal causes, normal art, normal science, normal literature? Good degenerates honor the will of God or nature, become celibate, and do not reproduce and enjoy a golden age of decline.
(left, a sculpture of Karl Marx, viewed from rear)
It is the ugly degenerate clans which cause the trouble in the world. One historical example whose secrets were made public because they were so hated even among the cult was the House of the Borgias notorious Valencian-Italian family of the Renaissance. The patriarch Rodrigo promoted Simony to become Pope or Rome in 1492 . He committed incest with his daughter Lucrezia who was herself a poisoner. The sons Cesare and Giovanni were also murderers, and rapists. This family terrorized even the most degenerate families of Italy till Rodrigo was poisoned in 1503, probably by Cesare, so he could have his sister to himself. There had been bad blood between father and son over incest jealousies. But without the power of the Pope father, Casare's fortunes reversed and he had to flee to Spain,Lucrezia remained under the protection of a powerful degenerate Italian consort.
But the grandson of Rodrigo through Giovanni became a legitimate priest later. He performed exorcism of demons on high degenerates, used his wealth to build a university, and was venerated as Saint Francis Borgia after his death. This is example of good degenerate in the power structure of the world.
"Now - what is BAD? Bad do follow God and did not follow leaders of degenerate cult, but try to fool God by marrying normal person and destroying her dreams of normal happy life and healthy children.
"They have a weaker power complex and exercise terror at home, but they serve self interests only and cooperate with UGLY. The Good degenerates recognize the Ugly and the Bad and help normal people protect themselves and fight them in society."
Lucifer is the archetypal revolutionary. Klimov concluded that all social revolutionaries are degenerates. Normal people are content with procreative sex, raising normal families, and do not instigate violence or crave superhuman power. They are content with traditions which sustain equilibrium of culture.
'Homo International' Controls East & West -- Soviet Defector
November 25, 2009
By Richard Evans
In 1947: a young officer of the Soviet Military Administration (SVAG) in occupied East Germany defected to the West. Gregory Klimov (left) didn't have any Soviet weapons secrets but he brought something far more valuable to the CIA. He understood the hidden workings of Soviet system.
Klimov discovered that the Soviet system was dominated by a secret society of sociopaths bonded by a common pathology termed 'the power complex'. "This complex is usually associated with suppressed sadism, which in turn is result of latent homosexuality. Anybody who has knowledge of this forbidden area can influence and promote these leaders-to-be to position of power".
Klimov observed that admission up the ladder of the power structure required membership in the usual secret societies - "Masons, Shriners, Illuminates, Theosophy, etc. - are clubs, where degenerates observe behavior of possible candidates and upon verifying real homo-sadistic inclination of the person - promote him into the real world of power. Of couse there will be some normal curious bystanders, who always be in the background crowd as decoration. The real purpose of this clubs is to select active sado-homosexual maniacs who will not stop at committing any crime in order to be recognized and promoted to the position of power."
Klimov uses the term ''degenerates" to identify this secret brotherhood. Degenerates can't produce or invent or perform necessary tasks. They control and delegate. Through a system of fear and envy.
(right, Bush Kisses Johnny Gosch, aka Jeff Gannon)
They rely upon a social structure of hierarchy based upon fear and covetous envy - the essence of sado-masochism. It's the 'dog eat dog' rat race culture. As a translator and communications expert, Klimov saw normal productive individuals like himself were essentially prisoners in the system serving these degenerate 'superiors' out of fear.
These degenerates come about as result of inbreeding.
"When close relatives marry each other - children will be degenerates. This is an old, well-known fact. If a group of religious leaders forbid marrying outside of sect - this sect in 4-5 generations will be full of degenerates. Do you know any sect, which forbids marriages to outsiders and has been doing that for the last 5,000 years? [Jews? or Sabatean Jews? ed.] Many degenerates have some unusual qualities like incredible desire to dominate, ABNORMAL wish to rule, ABNORMAL thirst for power."
In his book Soviet Defectors: the KGB List, Vladislav Krason wrote of Klimov, "Having come to the conclusion ... that the hard-won victory over the Nazis was stolen by Stalin and his henchmen in the Party and KGB, Klimov decided he had no future in his fatherland."
Klimov himself wrote, "were it not for a secret agreement between the Americans and Soviet command to hand over deserters, the West would have been flooded with Soviet Army deserters."
Uncertain that the US Military governor of West Berlin wouldn't hand him over as a deserter, Klimov risked his life escaping to the American zone, gambling on having sufficient value to disappear through the black hole of the CIA.
Working inside the top secret level of the CIA it wasn't long before he recognized the same culture of degenerates operates both sides behind the scenes.
Krason writes, "Klimov's own encounter with the American authorities left a bitter taste with him that especially shows in his later writings".
'Homintern' is a play on 'Comintern'. The Communist International. But Klimov's Homintern pre-dates the Soviet system by at least 5,000 years.
Klimov's discovery of a sado-homo-cidal mafia at the top levels of power whether East or West coincides with Jim Garrison's 1967 independent investigation into the Kennedy Assassination. Garrison was told of the Washington DC 'homosexual elite' which constitutes the secret government. Garrison concluded that a primary reason Kennedy was so blatantly and brutally murdered before the American public was their contempt for Kennedy's heterosexuality.
Anti Semitism?
Some of Klimov's later books are rumored to contain anti Semitic statements.
As those books aren't available in English this reviewer has found no such statements to quote.
A web search of sites in English does indicate some anti Semtic websites have latched onto his 'theory' of "degenerate-ocracy" in support of their own paradigm, but the following quote of Klimov seems inconsistent with the spirit antisemitism.
Q. 9: What do you think about "pure blood" nations?
A.: Good God hates racism in any form. Good God hates any concepts of "chosen" nations.
ANYBODY who tries to keep pure blood by forbidding marriages to the other normal people risks the danger of increasing degeneration process of his own nation. Especially if it is small nation. Keep in mind, that we are talking here about normal marriages between residents of community of normal people.