Monday, May 17, 2010

Don't Let God Disappear in Your Life!

Obama’s Assault on the Church, via the EPA
Deceitful schemes of thieving profiteers seeking global, Marxofascist governance
By Arlen Williams
Wednesday, May 19, 2010
In the kind of move forseen last year by Brannon Howse, the Obama administration is attempting to gain a foothold of ministerial (pardon the pun) influence over American churches, this by means of the pagan god, Gaia and the religion of environmentalism. It is to be accomplished through the EPA, a tender thought from souls of the likes of Marxist tacticians, Joel Rogers, Van Jones, and that old fellow sojourner, Jim Wallis.
Do we need to care for the earth? Yes, that is among Adam’s charges. Do we need the Church to be directed by government, to fulfill the deceitful schemes of thieving profiteers seeking global, Marxofascist governance? I know you can answer that question, too.
Alas, the above were only a few minutes of Glenn Beck’s program, Tuesday 5/18/2010. His guests, Liberty University President, Jerry Falwell, Jr., J.D. and Peter Lillback,, Ph.D., President of Westminster Seminary and author of George Washington’s Secret Fire, were excellent. Lilliback suggests to Christians which, unlike the aforementioned Wallis, generally accept the actual words of the Bible, in the order God had them put, that they look into the Manhattan Declaration regarding Christians’ role in our society (something I signed a few weeks or months ago, or so, thank the drafters). I am writing this just after the 1am Central Time rerun of Beck and is not coming up for me. I think it is very busy. Excellent.
Another suggestion, to fight man-made global Marxofascism, please ask and promote The Three SOVEREIGNTY NOW Questions meekly offered you. I mean please ask these questions of your politicians and candidates and promote them to electoral action groups and to your compatriots, so they may do the same. Thank you. Kentucky’s Rand Paul talks about the importance of upholding the critical American sovereignties and how they are being attacked by global, anti-American interests, and look how he just won the Republican nomination for U.S. Senator. Americans can welcome real solutions, when they are presented.
Now, Christians in all congregations must be informed of this new strategic attack and church leaders must be called out, on it. They must be asked, “Do you support our freedom of religion and the constitutional, equal justice which is the authorized political principle of this land, or do you favor knuckling under to the counterfeit ‘social justice’ of statist, neo-Marxist rebellion.”
Or, use your own words, but please do not mince words. If that is done and in response to this threat, sensible, God-responsible care is “freely given,” by individual Christians acting in concert, for the actual and most acute needs in our society and world, then the Obamunists will be doing us a favor.
Television Replaces God in Our Lives
by Cornelius B
March 20, 2010
Tremendous effort has been expended to perfect television and make it cheap and widely available. Why?
We know that television modifies the brain waves, affecting mainly the beta waves, which are the energetic support of the brain's activities such as processes of thought, analysis and decision.
In the works of Emery and of Krugman, we find that once the TV set is on, the waves of the brain slow down until the alpha waves dominate the brain activity. The more the TV set stays on, the more the brain waves slow down (Jerry Mander, Four Arguments for the Elimination of the Television, NY, 1978).
Dr. Eric Peper and Dr. Thomas Mulholand came to the same conclusion. The left brain hemisphere is massively inhibited, thus reducing critical capacity ( i.e. a reasoned opinion on any matter especially involving a judgment of its value, truth, righteousness, beauty.) (Martin Large, Out of the Box,
Thus, television is a "super-tool" for "mind grafts" and social engineering.
In Orwell's "1984," a TV screen dominates the center of every home and public place. With the TV screen, the "all seeing eye" of "Big Brother"controls thoughts and sentiments.
Television is no longer a means of entertainment, but an ideological weapon, for the manipulation of the consciousnesses. The citizens of this world created by "Big Brother", spends most of his time with an omnipresent television. They go to sleep with the television, wake up with the television, and the daily life is programmed by "Big Brother". This is a form of totalitarian governance, a form of intellectual dictatorship.
This is the consequence of the elimination of God from the daily life as spiritual essence and behavioral guide. A God inspired spirituality springs as the water springs from the underground, so from the depths of the spirituality springs the spiritual life of man, to nourish human society and keep it in touch with the natural order of things.
Once human society is cut off from this source, it is on the road to corruption, decadence and unavoidable death. Here is where "THEY" want to bring us and our children.
For what purpose? They believe they are "the Messiah" and they can replace God and take total possession of the whole earth and everything it contains. This pretension can be generated only by a sick corrupted and degenerated mind. They pretend even, as Nietzsche, one of their front men, pretended "Gott is tot" - God is dead.
God Lives
Yes, indeed, God is dead in their spirits. But God is an indestructible spiritual force which fills the whole Universe. He represents the universal laws that a healthy spirit sees everywhere around us, in the macrocosm and the microcosm, with all the wonders and marvels, including the marvel of life.
For a social healthy life, there is just one solution: keep in touch with the Divinity in you, with God almighty, and let the fools deceive themselves until their total destruction. Their Craft is just madness in the eyes of God, and their fate is the fate of Sodom.
Stay away from their poisons, from their false prophets and ideologies, and teach your family the truth. Protect them from their paranoia and their fatal fate. (As a matter of fact, Nietzsche ended his life in total mental alienation while he was only 55-years-old).
Go and work for a healthy world, starting with your own spiritual, moral, and physical health. Don't be passive, but active, just as Jesus was all his life.
A good example is when he turned over the tables of the money changers in the Temple, and chased them out with a whip. Don't just wait for "miracles" and Divine intervention, or the intervention of someone else to make this world a better place. Change the world in a positive way using your own life as example.
Stay wise!
And don't forget - "In the beginning was the Word", then, spread the Word!