Thursday, May 20, 2010

Who is this Guy in the Oval Office? (Part 6)

Obama gives us Marxism 101
Marxism is demonic in its deceit
By Judi McLeod
Monday, October 18, 2010
Chilling as it may be to hear the President of the United States of America resorting to the lexicon of Star Wars to gin up the crowds in Ohio, there is an upside.
Obama’s “The empire is striking back” speech yesterday is Marxism Dialectic 101—right there on YouTube as indisputable proof to teach your children.

Parents from coast to coast should use the 1-minute video of Barack Obama in Ohio to teach their children what a real Marxist looks like when the mask comes off.
“They’re fighting back. The empire is striking back. To win this election they are plowing tens of millions of dollars into front groups. They are running misleading negative ads all across this country,” was Obama’s Sunday night screed in Ohio.
And get this beaut from a guy who refuses to produce his own credentials: “They (GOP) don’t have the courage to stand up and disclose their identity…they don’t have the gumption.”
“This isn’t just a threat to Democrats. This is a threat to our democracy.”
Radio talk show giant Rush Limbaugh spoke on his show today about the pictures of Obama from the event on the Drudge Report.
“They look demonic and I don’t say this lightly,” Rush told EIB listeners. “It’s surprising to see these pictures would be used.”
Marxism is demonic in its deceit.
One of its recognizable principles is the practice of its followers to to turn the tables around, blaming the enemy for the very things they have done and are doing.
Textbook example of Marxist lies by omission uttered from Obama’s lips. “The enemy is plowing tens of millions of dollars into front groups.”
That is precisely what Obama’s largest financier George Soros is doing, “Plowing tens of millions of dollars into front groups.”
Use this teachable moment to bring your children and grandchildren into the light.
The mask of Barack Hussein Obama was lowered in Ohio, Sunday, October 17, 2010.
Come one, come all to see a Marxist at work.
From: Barack Obama
Date: October 18, 2010 12:24:06 PM EDT
Subject: Consequential

Dear friend,
You’ve always defied the cynics.
You overcame the big money special interests. We tackled the big issues. And together, we prevailed over long odds to win the presidency.
The naysayers were wrong then. They’re wrong now - but we only have 15 days to prove it.
Now they claim we aren’t fired up like before. They say Republicans are riding a wave of frustration and anger all the way to November.
It’s time to finish the job we started on that cold D.C. January morning.
I’m counting on the DSCC to win the 15 Senate seats still up for grabs over these last 15 days. But they need $919,100 before midnight Thursday to unleash a massive GOTV blitz this weekend.
Remember, every dollar given today is matched, doubling your impact on Election Day.
Click here to rush $5 or more to the DSCC before midnight Thursday. I’m counting on the DSCC to win the 15 races going right down to the wire, and they need your help.
The last time Republicans were in power, we all saw that their approach just didn’t work. Cutting taxes for millionaires and billionaires, cutting regulations for special interests, cutting back on investments and education and clean energy: We’ve been there, done that.
These Republicans haven’t changed their agenda. They aren’t offering new ideas. They’re just selling the same old snake oil they’ve been peddling for years. But the pundits think that they can win anyway - if Democrats like you don’t step up.
I know we’re a long way from the hope and excitement we felt when we proved the conventional wisdom wrong two years ago. But that victory wasn’t the end of the road - it was the beginning. And the success of our mission depends on what you do in the next 15 days.
The DSCC has already begun to shift momentum in our favor in critical races - but Republicans only need to win 10 of the 15 seats up for grabs to take the majority. I’m counting on you to step up and help the DSCC meet its goal of $919,100 by midnight Thursday. Please give today and your contribution will be matched, doubling your impact.
I know we’re being tested right now. But if you keep moving forward in the face of difficulty, we will win this election. We have 15 days to prove the conventional wisdom wrong once again. And, once again, I’m betting on you.
Barack Obama
The Five Stages of Liberal Grief for Obama
Reality of Obama's failure
By Daniel Greenfield
Thursday, October 21, 2010
There are five stages in the grieving process from Denial to Acceptance. American liberals are now moving through their own five stages of dealing with the decline and fall of the myth of Obama. The last time they had invested this much in a politician was the Kennedy Administration, yet there is no assassin’s bullet to explain the fall of Camelot for them here. Instead they have to come to terms with the reality of Obama’s failure
And this is what their five stages look like.
1. Denial
Obama is the Messiah. He is perfect and can do no wrong. He will usher in a new era, make conservatives and Republicans irrelevant, and assemble the unstoppable machinery of a socialist state that will care for everyone. Progressive legislation will be instantly passed and implemented without delay. The Iraq War will just vanish. All the other wars will too. The world will love Obama, and so will America. The oceans will stop rising and even the most radical anti-war activists will learn to love their country again.
2. Anger
The damn wingnuts are obstructing Obama! Why do we even allow opposition parties? They’re all violent and dangerous bigots. We should put them in jail before they do something. The whole teabagging movement is a bunch of fat Wal-Mart shoppers funded by a vast right wing conspiracy! We are going to roll right over them and nothing is going to stop us! Under Obama’s leadership we’re going to smash the right. We’re going to pass laws, send Limbaugh to jail or give him a heart attack! See Rachel Maddow’s latest tweet. Olbermann is right. We have to take the fight to them! Under Obama’s leadership, we’ll win!!!
3. Bargaining
Obama is a bit weak, but when he sees we’re behind him, that will change. Okay so we might lose some Senate seats. The public is stupid. They don’t appreciate Obama. He’s just too good for America. They keep talking about jobs, when Obama is giving them green jobs, which are much better than regular jobs, because the planet likes them better. A single green job is worth a 1000 of their stupid old redneck jobs. But the natives just don’t get it. So we’ll lose some congressmen. Most of the ones we’ll lose are conservative Democrats anyway. We don’t need them. The party will be purified. Of course we’ll probably have to make some bipartisan coalitions with liberal Republicans, but the important thing is we’re still moving forward.
4. Depression
Where did we go wrong? Obama was a great candidate, but now he’s letting the right wing walk all over him. He couldn’t get much done even with a supermajority. And it’s going to be even worse now. The war is dragging on, the economy is terrible and everyone hates us! Why can’t Obama do what Olbermann and Paul Krugman are telling him to do? The netroots raised all that money for him, and now he’s just ignoring us. Are all politicians just liars and crooks who work for the military-industrial complex? Is there no hope even for a half-black man who references Jimmy Hendrix? Are we just doomed to be slaves in the belly of a vast corporation, like the one my dad wanted to me to work for, even though I kept telling him that my degree is in Media Philosophy?
5. Acceptance
Obama lied to me. He lied to all of us. He didn’t really care about any of the things, he said he cared about. I just feel so used. We’ll never get any real reform in this country because everything is in the hands of the big corporations. Maybe Hillary would have been better? Or what about John Edwards, he had great hair and solid progressive credentials, and then we dumped him for a half-black man who kept telling us everything would be alright if we just believed in him. John, come back! We still love you. I don’t care how many illegitimate babies you made! Oh to hell with this. I hate politics. I’m erasing my DailyKos diary and going backpacking in the Andes.
Coming out of a cocoon of propaganda isn’t easy. And those most affected by it are not the rank and file, who have enough contact with the real world to figure out that things are going south, long before the loyalist cadres do. The average Russian knew the Soviet Union was impoverished long before the mid-level party members who thought that things were great, because their lifestyle was above that of the average worker. The average German soldier knew the war was lost, because his battalion kept retreating. All the while the Nazi elite were still listening to Hitler promise that the war would be won with superweapons.
Leader-worship is one of the more devastating propaganda cocoons because it teaches faith in a man, raising him up to a superhuman stature. Just believe is the message. Bypass the rational parts of the brain and let the madness of the crowd make you feel uplifted. Experience the sense that history is being by you in this moment. Stop thinking and start worshiping.
But once people stop thinking, it becomes very hard to start again. Reason is a choice. Entire cultures remain hopelessly backward because they devalue thinking. Because of that they cannot do something as simple as recognize contradictory information. If you tell them two mutually incompatible facts, they will not recognize them as such. America has not gotten that bad just yet, but it’s no thanks to the people on top, who would very much like to see all Americans reduced to that intellectually vegetative state.
That is why politicians strive to convince people to believe in them, rather than to listen to them. Ideas and arguments can be rebutted, but there is no rebuttal to faith. The great trick of charismatic figures, real or unreal, is to bypass minds and go directly for souls. Rather than winning the battle of ideas, they convince their listeners to emotionally invest in them, in order to form a relationship with them. And once there is an emotional investment in a politician, contradictory information will be emotionally repulsed, rather than rationally debated.
Obama’s success lay in convincing people to make that identification. And an emotional identification can only be broken through an emotional reaction. Which of course leads to feelings of betrayal, anger and guilt. Naturally his best successes were with lonely and emotionally vulnerable groups, twenty-somethings lacking stable bonds and single women. Functioning in the role of a celebrity, he created a parasitic “I’m in the spotlight, and you’re out there supporting me” bond with his followers. Such bonds are not results oriented, but exist so long as they fulfill the emotional needs of the followers. A sense of betrayal kicks in when the followers sense that the man in the spotlight no longer stands for the things that made them want to identify with him. He has betrayed them. And they wonder if he was ever really true to them.
This false faith substitute generates a great deal of emotional intensity and wilful blindness. It is of course also doomed. Because people are only human.
And making a man into an icon means that a wake up call will come sooner or later.
The media, the most visible element of the left, is still struggling to reconcile the fact of Obama’s failure,
with their image of him. So they are forced to argue that Obama did not fail America, but rather that America failed Obama. That the idol is still unbroken, but that we did not live up to his standards. We were too ignorant, too unfaithful and weak-willed. The Fuhrer did not fail Germany, Germany failed the Fuhrer. It’s an old narrative which shows just how far people will go to avoid dealing with reality. They will toss aside the country, rather than the man. Even though they only supported the man because he promised to save the country. But the politician who demands that loyalty be transferred from the country to himself personally, is using his egomania to destroy the very values he claims to be working in defense of. That is the sort of man whose wife would say that she was never proud of the country, until her husband’s own personal success.
Blinded by the light from Chicago, the media went into what history will describe, as the largest and most comprehensive propaganda campaign in America on behalf of a single man. And still blinded by the glare of that light, they cannot understand why what worked in Chicago does not work in Washington D.C.
Conservatives Behind the Curve on Obama
By Cliff Kincaid
October 21, 2010
Dinesh D’Souza says in his new book that Barack Obama is an anti-colonialist. Stanley Kurtz has a new book, Radical-in-Chief, which says Obama is a socialist. The new book Dupes by Paul Kengor tells the unvarnished truth. And that’s because he make use of material we started releasing back in February of 2008 about Obama’s communist mentor, Communist Party USA member Frank Marshall Davis. New Zealand blogger Trevor Loudon broke that story and we confirmed it.
I hate to say, “We told you so,” but Herb Romerstein and I held a briefing in May 0f 2008 in Washington, D.C. releasing two reports, “Communism in Chicago and the Obama Connection,” and “Communism in Hawaii and the Obama Connection.” Then, in August of 2008, I released the 600-page FBI file on Frank Marshall Davis. The response from the media included Dana Milbank of The Washington Post making fun of us and Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report refusing to run paid advertising on the Obama-Davis connection. The liberal and conservative media had their heads in the sand. They couldn’t come to grips with the unprecedented prospect of a possible agent of influence for the international Marxist movement occupying the Oval Office.
Herb Romerstein is a veteran congressional researcher and patriot who was ridiculed by Milbank as a “relic” of the anti-communist period. The author of numerous books on Soviet espionage operations, Romerstein will be honored at a Washington, D.C. conference on October 21 that is open to the press and the public. Kengor, who dedicates his book to Romerstein, describing him as a human Cold War archive, will be speaking at the same event. One of the other topics will be why Marxists are now embracing “revolutionary Islam” to bring down America.
Stanley Kurtz says, after his book is out and two years into the Obama presidency, “I was nervous about

the socialism charge myself.” The highlight of his new book is that he documents that Obama attended a series of socialist scholar conferences when he went to college. But Obama admitted to that in his book, Dreams from My Father (Page 122), published back in 1995. He wrote about going to “socialist conferences.” The issue in Dreams is why Obama covered up his relationship with Frank Marshall Davis, referring to him only as “Frank.” It is Frank who created the mindset in Obama to want to attend socialist conferences. This was the issue that could and should have been addressed by conservatives during the campaign. But too many of them were silent or nervous about what they might find. Some believed the propaganda that Obama was a moderate.
Paul Kengor says that conservatives were reluctant to face up to the truth about Obama because they didn’t want to be accused of “McCarthyism” for raising the issue of his communist connections. The 600-page Kengor book includes the excerpts of the Davis FBI files that others have shied away from. Kengor, a professor at Grove City College, is not afraid to tackle the terrible truth. We need more like him in academia.
The difference between calling Obama an anti-colonialist, a socialist, or a Marxist mentored by a top operative of the CPUSA is that one category should immediately earn you an FBI investigation. Former FBI agent Max Noel says the Bureau used to investigate candidates for federal employment by analyzing Character, Associates, Reputation, and Loyalty to the United States. The first letters in those words make up the acronym CARL.
Obama could not have been elected president if he had been subjected to such an inquiry. Leaving Davis

aside—and he was on the FBI’s “security index”—Obama’s relationship with communist terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn was enough to disqualify him for the presidency. These despicable people, who claim that they never killed anyone and never intended to, are notorious liars. Photos of the Weather Underground bomb factory they abandoned in San Francisco in 1971 reveal these Cuban-trained terrorists were working on anti-personnel weapons, including stabbing devices, and had C-4 plastic explosive.
The big news today is that some of the people who have been supporting Obama from the start in Chicago are now under investigation by the FBI, suspected of providing support to foreign terrorist organizations in Latin America and the Middle East. This is a trail that could lead all the way to the White House. Of course,
the hiring and firing of communist and 9/11 “truth” advocate Van Jones was another scandal that could have implicated Obama, but it was dropped when things became too close for comfort for the White House. Jones went along with the power play, left the administration, and now works out of the offices of the Soros-funded Center for American Progress. A scandal that could have been bigger than Watergate was neatly avoided by throwing Van Jones under the bus.
We need to support the FBI’s investigations of U.S.-based Marxist groups. We cannot permit these investigations to be prematurely terminated, in the same way that the Russian spies with contacts in the Obama administration were ushered out of the U.S. less than two weeks after their arrests. Plus, there needs to be pressure on the Justice Department to pursue the substantial evidence that Ayers and Dohrn were involved in the bombing murder of San Francisco police Sergeant Brian V. McDonnell in 1970. The Phoenix Task Force in San Francisco is currently investigating the cold case.
This is a time when we have to be absolutely precise about the nature of the “socialists” or “progressives” we are dealing with. The difference between being supported by the CPUSA and just being against colonialism or supporting socialism is that the CPUSA was a pawn of Moscow that committed espionage against the United States. This is the party that supported the Hitler-Stalin Pact. Davis denounced Richard Wright for “treason” for leaving and exposing the party.
This is why Obama covered up Frank’s identity. He knew that acknowledging the truth could destroy his political career. And it could still do so if the truth is examined.
The CPUSA was part of a worldwide communist apparatus working to turn the U.S. into a “Soviet America.” Communism had inspired Jim Jones of the Peoples Temple in leading 900 people in an act of “revolutionary suicide” and the murder of U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan in Guyana in 1978. Jones, active in CPUSA activities since the 1950s, and his wife left their money to the CPUSA. His followers sang the Soviet National Anthem. He had plans to move his cult to the Soviet Union or Cuba.
Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge were part of the international communist apparatus. They killed two million
people in Cambodia. That followed the communist takeover of Vietnam, forcing a half-a-million people to flee in leaky boats and 800,000 to be sent to “re-education” camps.
Larry Grathwohl, who was an FBI informant in the Weather Underground, said Ayers and Dohrn had similar plans. One hundred million Americans would have to be “re-educated” and 25 million eliminated. Ayers and Dohrn would abandon their violent revolutionary activities in order to continue “the struggle” in other ways, such as going on to “re-educate” our young people in colleges as “professors.” Today, they travel to places like Venezuela, to hobnob with agents of Hugo Chavez; the Middle East, to engage in anti-Israel activities; and Germany, to reminisce with former members of the Baader Meinhof Gang about when this East German-supported revolutionary terrorist group killed U.S. Army personnel and bombed U.S. military bases in Europe.
Howard Zinn, the left’s favorite historian, was both a secret CPUSA member and a liar. That’s not surprising. That’s what communists do. They conceal their aims. They manipulate “dupes.” And that’s why Obama’s connection to the CPUSA through Frank Marshall Davis is so much more significant than attending socialist conferences or spouting anti-colonialism. Davis is the root of Obama’s rage. He had access to the future President for eight years of his young life.
Obama decided not to say who Frank was. He could have named him, saying he was an old acquaintance picked as a mentor by his grandfather who had no effect on him. Instead, he acknowledged Frank’s influence but covered up his full name, hoping nobody would notice and follow through. And that fact is significant. So why did the first information about this relationship surface in an obscure speech given by a writer for a CPUSA publication? Why did Gerald Horne say that the writings of Frank Marshall Davis would be comparable in history to Obama’s Dreams from My Father? And why was Horne’s talk entitled, “Rethinking the History and Future of the Communist Party?”
To continue our list of questions and take the controversy up to the present day: Why was the CPUSA an official endorser of the October 2 “One Nation Working Together” progressive rally in D.C., along with
Obama’s political group, “Organizing for America?” Why does the CPUSA continue to defend Obama, with party official Jarvis Tyner saying on tape that progressives had better “stick” with Obama’s “dream”?
Contrary to what D’Souza says in his new book, the “dream” comes not from Obama’s real father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr., who abandoned the family, but from his surrogate father, Frank Marshall Davis.
Conservatives have awakened, but only partly. They have belatedly discovered that Obama has socialist and anti-colonial views. But that is not even half the story. The most important part of the story remains to be investigated by the FBI and, hopefully, by a new House Internal Security Committee. Re-establishment of this committee will demonstrate that the new Congress means business and that it won’t resort to politics as usual and compromise.
My recent visit to the Frank Marshall Davis archives at Washington University in St. Louis only adds to the mounting concern. The material was obviously sanitized before it was sent from Hawaii. But there are still some controversial photos among his personal effects of nude women, adding to what we already knew about Davis—that he was a pornographer and a pervert, in addition to being a communist. Davis had written the book, Sex Rebel, including descriptions of having sex with kids.
Another communist pervert, Harry Hay, founded the gay rights movement. We have obtained his FBI file as well, confirming his deep involvement in the CPUSA. Obama appointed Kevin Jennings as one of his top education officials, after Jennings had said that he was “inspired” by Hay. Jennings’ job is to force a gay curriculum into the public schools under the cover of countering “bullying.” Obama’s agenda is not just economic but cultural. This is the “new Marxism” in action. The gays have become part of the oppressed class.
All of this requires that the new Congress takes its responsibilities seriously, not only on fiscal issues, but on matters involving the national security and moral integrity of the United States. The liberals will raise a hue and cry, and some conservatives may balk, but it is mandatory and necessary to begin addressing what an old congressional committee used to call “un-American activities” at the highest levels of the U.S. Government.
Like a Big Free-Spending Dog
Obama crying to his union backers that the Republicans are mean and won't let him play with the economy is pathetic
By Daniel Greenfield
Monday, September 13, 2010
With all the political instincts of a suicide bomber, Barack Hussein Obama used a speech meant to promote a 50 billion dollar stimulus plan, to whine that Republicans “talk about me like a dog”. That moment of unscripted self-pity during a speech where he was supposed to be projecting empathy for millions of out of work Americans, showed that once again the only person, Barry really cares about is himself.
Americans don’t talk about Obama like a dog. Unlike Indonesians or his Kenyan Muslim forefathers, Americans actually like dogs. They don’t like Obama very much anymore. And if in the upcoming elections they are threatening to whack him across the nose with a newspaper, much like they would to a dog who insists on making a mess in the front yard, there is no actual affection in the act. And his Milwaukee speech only serves to remind them why.
In his appearance at Labor Fest before corrupt Union bigwigs like Richard Trumka (involved in money laundering and violent assaults), whom he made sure to thank by name, Obama came bearing a 50 billion dollar stimulus plan. A 50 billion plan full of “bridges to nowhere” to be built by union labor, with the union bigwigs skimming off the top and passing along a percentage of the vigorish to the White House and the Democrats. This is crime, old fashioned style. And Americans might be able to forgive it, if they weren’t already on the hock for the bailouts of automakers to benefit the UAW, the Wall Street bailouts to benefit banks, the ObamaCare takeover to benefit the SEIU and now another phase of the spending spree to benefit the AFL-CIO.
It would just be cheaper to cut every union member a 100,000 dollar check, than to have any more bailouts. But naturally Obama disagrees. Because the prime purpose of unions is to harvest money and votes for the Democratic party. And a major objective of Obama’s war on the economy has been to turn private sector jobs into government jobs and union jobs. Obama and his congressional colleagues aren’t looking to fix unemployment, they’re looking for a piece of the action. And long after Americans have gotten sick of his bailouts and stimulus plans, there he comes again with yet another plan to put more money in his campaign war chest at taxpayer expense.
Under Obama, the US National Debt is now larger than all the available money in the world
Under Obama, the US National Debt is now larger than all the available money in the world. What that means is that Barry and his colleagues are sticking America with a debt that can never be repaid. 
And the money won’t just be spent redecorating the Oval Office, or plowed into the 2012 reelection campaign, everyone who’s part of the action will get to take some off the top. That was why the Soviet Union really collapsed, because the only economy that was working anymore, was the Five-Fingered economy. And Obama and his boys and girls are masters of the Five-Fingered economy. There is no thought of long term consequences or accountability, only theft piled on theft, all of it to benefit the pyramid of associates that helped him get elected. So if Obama is a dog, then the US Treasury and the American taxpayer are his fire hydrants.
Just this year the majority of Americans said loud and clear, that they did not want ObamaCare. And Obama rammed it through anyway. The majority of Americans have said they want spending cuts, instead here comes another 50 billion dollar stimulus plan. Most Americans now oppose the Obama agenda, and the response from the White House has been two fingers stuck in two oversized ears. If anyone is being treated like the dog in this relationship, it’s the American people.
At Labor Fest, Obama basked in the admiration of some of the powerful people who had helped him bankrupt America. The corrupt Unioncracy of fat mustachioed bosses who still love him, as long as he keeps pushing enough money their way so that the corrupt machine grinds on. In front of the representatives of an outmoded institution, most people have associated with organized crime since before he was born, Obama got up on his pedestal and and accused Republicans of having “no new ideas”. Of course the last time a union member had a new idea, it was to use Democratic Governors to forcibly unionize workers in completely unrelated fields, and against their will.
In Michigan, home care workers are fighting to free themselves from mandatory UAW membership. But while the UAW may make cars, and home care workers look after children—as far as the fat union bosses are concerned, Granny had better give up all that big “caring for children from low-income families” dough, so the bosses can pass it along to Obama’s reelection campaign. Now there’s no doubt that forcibly unionizing babysitters in the Auto Workers Union is a “new idea”, but then so was human sacrifice and cannibalism—and we don’t consider those to be a good development. And while for no no “strike-breaking” teenage babysitters have been shot or faced picket lines, but no doubt the day is coming, when Cindy will have to fork over her 50 cents to the UAW too.
But that is the problem with categorizing the value of ideas based on their “newness”. It’s certainly a true accusation that the Republicans are not proposing any new ideas. But that’s because “STOP SPENDING MONEY YOU DON’T HAVE” is not a new idea. But like a man on a rooftop who replies to shouts of, “Don’t Jump” with, “You have no new ideas”, Obama’s accusation misses the point. If there’s a fire, putting it out is not a new idea. But you should do it anyway. Sure, “putting out a fire” isn’t as new and appealing an idea as appointing a Czar in charge of fires, declaring the fire a national landmark, and then trying to bailout the fire—but it has the virtue of actually getting results.
There are few “new” ideas in government. But some time around the Kennedy Administration, liberals got it into their heads that the purpose of government was to come up with bright new ideas from bright new people. Their mistake was confusing government with kindergarten. The actual purpose of government is to be competent managers and not screw things up too badly. Instead like the “just out of college” math teacher who spends an entire year teaching New Math, only to find that no one in her class knows what 2 + 2 equals—Obama is arguing that he deserves points for creativity, rather than results. Yes the Republicans may be technically right, but look how shiny my new plan is.
And so Obama is still clinging to his “Change” brand. Sure it may have failed, but wouldn’t you rather have “new ideas”. Newness has been the key to Obama’s success. He was new to the Senate and new to the White House. He was new to the idea that 2 + 2 = 4 and that money doesn’t grow on trees. He was new like New Coke and New Math, and of course piles and piles of new debt. The compulsive imperative of newness only makes sense to people in advertising, stock speculation and movies who are terrified of ever not being on the cusp of something new, lest they be left behind.
Obama crying to his union backers that the Republicans are mean and won’t let him play with the economy is pathetic
But going crying to his union backers that the Republicans are mean and won’t let him play with the economy is pathetic, almost as pathetic as self-consciously cribbing from Jimmy Hendrix in another desperate attempt to associate himself with something, anything, cool. Obama may complain that Americans talk about him like a dog, but it is he who has treated Americans like dogs, and far worse. He has treated Americans the way Democrats have always insisted on treating Americans, like wallets with feet, only waiting to be picked.
Like a big free-spending dog, Obama has eaten all the food, pissed on the rug, chewed up the furniture and began biting the family. All it means though is that for 2012, the family may decide it’s time to take him for a long, long walk and put an ad in the paper. “One Labrador Deceiver. Charming, but absolutely no manners. Has already eaten us out of house and home. Has no papers. Free to anyone who will take him.”
The Lies And Distortions Just Keep Coming
Marxist Obama and his stream of lies and distortions
By JR Dieckmann
Sunday, September 12, 2010
This most recent statement from the community organizer in the White House is just typical of the stream of lies and distortions that have been flowing from this Marxist president:
“What I’ve got is the Republicans holding middle-class tax relief hostage because they’re insisting we’ve got to give tax relief to millionaires and billionaires…”
He also consistently refers to excessive government spending as “investments” and blames the $1.3 trillion Bush deficit - created by his own Democrat Congress - for his continued increasing debt and deficit. He didn’t mention that contained within that $1.3 trillion was the $750 billion for the TARP program, including the yet unspent $350 billion which became his own personal slush fund. Then he has the gall to say “We refuse to pass on the debt we inherited to the next generation.”
Well, he got that part right. Since he took office he has added another $2 trillion the debt that will be passed on to the next generation. The national debt now stands at $13.4 trillion while the Obama deficit remains at $1.36 trillion. But rest assured that he is “absolutely committed to fiscal responsibility,” he said.
The term “millionaires and billionaires” is constantly being used by this administration to describe small business owners who are the job creators of the nation. Obama prefers to characterize them as fat old men counting their money in huge mansions with servants and butlers at their disposal to do their bidding.
This dishonest distortion of the facts does not represent the people for whom the Republicans in Congress are fighting. They are fighting for the business owners who create the jobs so that Americans can go back to work and the economy can be put back on the right track.
If Obama was talking about the rich lawyers and politicians that he supports, then I might agree with him. He is not talking about them and never will. He is talking about the people who provide 80% of the American people with jobs and income.
Want proof? Try to find tort reform or any mention of lawyers in the healthcare bill. It isn’t there, but it should be. If you want lower healthcare cost, then get the lawyers out of the way and out of the equation. Obama won’t allow that because it would be a strike against his political supporters.
It is not just the costs of lawsuit settlements that jack up the cost of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, but also the malpractice insurance and defensive medicine that these frivolous lawsuits make necessary. Eliminate the lawyers, and healthcare costs could be cut nearly in half and better service would be provided.
Medical disputes should be settled by a board of medical professionals, not by greedy, rich lawyers in the courts who then use that money to support Democrat causes and people like Barack Obama.
Wealth and riches are not what Republicans, and especially conservatives, represent and support. It is the liberty and freedom, guaranteed by our Constitution, that allow the America people to create wealth through our own initiative, inventiveness, and entrepreneurship that conservatives defend and support.
Conservative Republicans do not represent the wealthy - but the wealthy gravitate toward the Republican party simply because they trust Republicans to defend their right to their own wealth, and not to steal the wealth they have created through their own hard work. Without free capitalism, America would be back in the dark ages of Europe instead of being the leading nation of the free world - a status that Obama intends to change.
If you work for a small business with more than two or three of employees then you had better hope that your employer is a millionaire or your job may be in seriously in jeopardy. But Obama doesn’t think employers should be millionaires. Perhaps this is because Obama knows nothing about running a business. Or maybe it’s because his Marxist philosophy tells him that any company worth more than a million dollars should be owned by the state.
I want my employer to be rich and successful. I don’t want to have to worry that my employer will no longer be able to afford to employ me or keep the business going. My income depends on my employer being a millionaire.
But in spite of the company and three apartment buildings owned by my employer, we are having a hard time just paying the bills. Being a millionaire doesn’t mean a thing for a business owner, yet Obama wants to raise taxes on everyone making over $250,000 a year and subsidize people with tax credit refunds who pay no taxes at all. I guess this makes sense if you think like a socialist.
Our company, as a sole proprietorship, could not exist on $250,000 a year, yet the owner pays income tax based on the personal income tax schedule as it applies to the business income. We could very well be put out of business by Obama’s tax policies, which intend to reward lower income people who currently are not even paying any income tax. This assures an increasing base of Democrat voters who will have surrendered their liberties and become slaves to the government.
How many other employers will he put out of business, just as he did to the GM and Chrysler dealership owners who had supported Republican candidates in 2008, while he gave their customers to Democrat owned dealerships? This unconstitutional action needs to be investigated and Obama needs to be held accountable to the law for his illegal acts.
At one time in our history, a millionaire was considered a very rich person. Today, a million is nothing and richness is measured in the billions. To the Obama administration and the people running the Congress, a billion is nothing and their spending habits are measured in the trillions. Still they feel compelled to demonize millionaire business owners who are having trouble just meeting a payroll during this economic disaster being propagated by the Obama administration.
If you’ve been laid off or can’t find a job, then you know what I’m talking about. In Obama’s world, the only people he cares about are the unions and that is where he is directing most all of the stimulus money. The rest of it is going to people engaged in inefficient “green energy” businesses under the hoax of global warming. This is a farce - a pipe dream - being promoted by an economic and infrastructure dolt in the White House.
This becomes even more obvious when you consider the advantages of nuclear power for generating electricity. How many $2 billion, 2 gigawatt nuclear power plants could be built for the $787 billion that Obama is directing to union takeovers, windmills, and solar reflectors? The answer is nearly 400 power plants capable of producing more than double the power of any wind farm and many times the power produced by any solar array. The logical and practical solution to any energy shortage that may exist is ignored by this administration.
Sure, it would be nice if we could power our entire country from the wind and the sun, but economic and environmental costs would be staggering, to say nothing of the clutter and destruction to the landscape of the country. Not only is it not practical, it is economically unaffordable, especially now when our economy is in deep trouble and our dollar is becoming worthless on the world market.
Do you realize that our national debt is now well over 90% of our GDP? What happens when it reaches 100%? The economy collapses and our money is worth what our international credit is worth - nothing. Obama and the Progressive led Congress won’t stop our borrowing and spending but the rest of the free world will. China and other lenders will simply stop lending money to the United States for Obama to squander on his socialist pipe dream.
The 112th Republican led Congress must make it a top priority to repeal as much as possible of what the Progressives in the 111th Congress have done.
If our country is to be saved, then the people had better listen to the Republicans whom Obama is attempting to demonize for his own political advantage. Stop dumping billions of dollars down the drain and restore policies that encourage small business owners (“millionaires and billionaires”) to grow their businesses and hire the now unemployed. That, in turn, will generate more government tax revenue that must be used to pay down the national debt that Bush (1/4) and Obama (3/4) have run up.
If it weren’t so serious, you could laugh every time Obama demonizes Bush for increasing the debt and deficit while he has more than tripled what Bush did. If it was so wrong for Bush to do it, then why isn’t Obama doing just the opposite and reversing the spending? There is only one possible reason: political hypocrisy and posturing, which has been at the foundation of the Obama administration from day one.
That man is no president of the people - he is nothing more than a partisan political hack for the far left who angers a majority of the citizenry every time he opens his mouth. Beyond putting his name on extremist socialist legislation created by Soros funded organizations, Obama has done nothing but run his mouth since taking office. He is not capable of making presidential decisions without help from his communist advisors who tell him what to say via the teleprompter.
Every time you hear Obama attempt to demonize “millionaires and billionaires” and insist that they should be paying more taxes, just remember that he is talking about the small business owners who provide the jobs that fuel the economic engine that drives the country. If we don’t support these “rich” people, we will have no jobs at all and our country will utterly collapse.
Truth Imitates Fiction—It Has Already Happened Here
Machinations of the Wall Street speculators, Crisis, and a popular, young leader
By Dr. Norman Berdichevsky
Sunday, September 12, 2010
It Can’t Happen Here was a best-selling satirical political novel by Sinclair Lewis published in 1935.
It aroused considerable controversy when published and in the years leading up to World War II.
The plot featured the account of a crusading newspaperman, Doremus Jessup, struggling against the newly elected fascist regime of President Berzelius “Buzz” Windrip, a populist leader whom some observers on the political Right assumed was a parody of FDR while others, particularly on the political Left, rejected the possibility that a “popular” leader of the Democrat Party could possibly lead the country into a Fascist regime.
What makes the claim that Windrip is a Leftwing tyrant hard to refute is that he is painted in the image of Huey Long with the same demagogic appeal of a young, dynamic, charismatic “populist” from a humble background, full of charm, wit and promising “the poor and downtrodden” their place in the sun. He rails against the wealthy and his platform emphasizes that the “crisis” that gets him elected is due to the “Machinations of the Wall Street speculators.”
This resembled the new administration of President Roosevelt and his New Deal advisers who were pictured as enemies of the “Wall Street crowd” that bore responsibility for the stock market crash and depression. Many readers of the novel today who have been blinded by the political rhetoric of the misleading terms of Left and Right in common use, will nevertheless also find it “obvious” that a character such as Windrip, who was an outright racist and opposed “foreigners” and immigration, must be associated with the Political Right.
Fascist take-over in the United States
A closer and more realistic look at the characteristics of the National Democratic Party in the 1930s and today will reveal that indeed, the fear of a Fascist take-over in the United States was most likely then and is most likely to occur today as a direct result of a charismatic leader and collectivist policies that weaken the checks and balances of our representative form of government and the built-in safeguards of Constitutional Liberties. They were threatened most aggressively in the 1930s by the attempt of FDR to create an enlarged Supreme Court as a puppet institution under Presidential Control and today, by the maneuvers of President Obama promising an enormous expansion of entitlements to a public conditioned by sixty years of expanded welfare benefits, to trade in their liberty for security.
In the novel, Berzelius “Buzz” Windrip, a power-hungry politician, is elected President of the United States on a populist platform pledging to restore the country to prosperity and greatness, with the explicit campaign promise of giving each citizen five thousand dollars a year! It’s simple; all he needed to do was print the money! His opponent in the 1936 election is Walt Trowbridge, “A Republican candidate for President, suffering from the deficiency of being honest and disinclined to promise that he could work miracles, was insisting that we live in the United States of America and not on a golden highway to Utopia.”
The description of the fictional 1936 election campaign was prescient and has many parallels with the real one of 2008. Lewis, the first American to win the Noble Prize for Literature and generally regarded as an acidic critic of American society, nevertheless predicted that if Fascism ever succeeded in America, it would be imposed by the Democratic Party winning the support of the masses, envious of those wealthier and more successful than themselves. The sophisticated but honest journalist Jessup, who is narrating the story, has a dilemma—whether to support the stodgy Republican Trowbridge (with all the old fashioned boring virtues of honesty and integrity) in his native Vermont during a time of crisis, or the dazzling Democrat Windrip, with his fantastic promises. He eventually listens to the voice of reason and realizes that Windrip, for all his popular appeal to the masses, is bent on seizing the instruments of power to install himself as a dictator.
“He wanted to follow Roosevelt and the Jeffersonian Party—partly for admiration of the man; partly for the pleasure of shocking the ingrown Republicanism of Vermont. But he could not believe that the Jeffersonians would have a chance; he did believe that, for all the mothball odor of many of his associates, Walt Trowbridge was a valiant and competent man; and night and day Doremus bounced up and down Beulah Valley campaigning for Trowbridge. Out of his very confusion there came into his writing a desperate sureness which surprised accustomed readers of the Informer. For once he was not amused and tolerant. Though he never said anything worse of the Jeffersonian Party than that it was ahead of its times, in both editorials and news stories he went after Buzz Windrip and his gang with whips, turpentine, and scandal.
In person, he was into and out of shops and houses all morning long, arguing with voters, getting miniature interviews. He had expected that traditionally Republican Vermont would give him too drearily easy a task in preaching Trowbridge. What he found was a dismaying preference for the theoretically Democratic Buzz Windrip. And that preference, Doremus perceived, wasn’t even a pathetic trust in Windrip’s promises of Utopian bliss for everyone in general. It was a trust in increased cash for the voter himself, and for his family, very much in particular.”
Once in power, Windrip becomes a tyrant. He goes on to outlaw dissent after characterizing it as treason. He places his political enemies in detainment camps and creates a paramilitary force, the Minute Men who terrorize the citizens. One of his first moves as President is to make changes to the Constitution that give himself sole power over the country, rendering Congress obsolete.
When these measures are met by protest from the congressmen as well as outraged citizens, Windrip declares a state of Martial Law and with the help of his Minute Men, throws the protesters in jail. As he dismantles American democratic institutions, most Americans either support him and his “Corpo Regime,” devoted to bringing relief to the “ordinary citizens” and enlarging the common welfare, his supporters wholeheartedly reassure themselves that fascism cannot happen in America. Eventually Windrip’s hold on power begins to weaken. The economic prosperity he promises does not materialize, and more and more people flee to Canada to escape his government’s brutality.
How fanciful, imaginative, ridiculous, far-fetched or accurate is it to compare charismatic populist President Obama to the character of Buzz Windrip? Take a look at some of the cardinal points in Windrup’s electoral campaign platform in “It Can’t Happen Here”. During the very first week of his campaign, Senator Windrip clarifies his philosophy by issuing his distinguished proclamation:“The Fifteen Points of Victory for the Forgotten Men.”
(1) All finance in the country, including banking, insurance, stocks and bonds and mortgages, shall be under the absolute control of a Federal Central Bank, owned by the government and conducted by a Board appointed by the President, which Board shall, without need of recourse to Congress for legislative authorization, be empowered to make all regulations governing finance. Thereafter, as soon as may be practicable, this said Board shall consider the nationalization and government-ownership, for the Profit of the Whole People, of all mines, oilfields, water power, public utilities, transportation, and communication.
Doesn’t that sound familiar? The first year of the Obama administration and its “call for action” with the various relief proposals, the TARP, various “stimulus programs” and the President’s proposals for cap and trade, energy, the banks, etc., sound like a rerun.
(2) The President shall appoint a commission, equally divided between manual workers, employers, and representatives of the Public, to determine which Labor Unions are qualified to represent the Workers; and report to the Executive, for legal action, all pretended labor organizations, whether “Company Unions,” or “Red Unions,” controlled by Communists and the so-called “Third International.” The duly recognized Unions shall be constituted Bureaus of the Government, with power of decision in all labor disputes. Later, the same investigation and official recognition shall be extended to farm organizations. In this elevation of the position of the Worker, it shall be emphasized that the League of Forgotten Men is the chief bulwark against the menace of destructive and un-American Radicalism.
Does this sound familiar too? It should.
(5) Annual net income per person shall be limited to $500,000. No accumulated fortune may at any one time exceed $3,000,000 per person. No one person shall, during his entire lifetime, be permitted to retain an inheritance or various inheritances in total exceeding $2,000,000. All incomes or estates in excess of the sums named shall be seized by the Federal Government for use in Relief and in Administrative expenses.
Isn’t this what was/is called “Share the Wealth?”
(8) Congress shall have the sole right to issue money and immediately upon our inauguration it shall at least double the present supply of money, in order to facilitate the fluidity of credit.
(11) Far from opposing such high-minded and economically sound methods of the relief of poverty, unemployment, and old age as the EPIC plan of the Hon. Upton Sinclair, the “Share the Wealth” and “Every Man a King” proposals of the late Hon. Huey Long to assure every family $5000 a year, the Townsend plan, the Utopian plan, Technocracy, and all competent schemes of unemployment insurance, a Commission shall immediately be appointed by the New Administration to study, reconcile, and recommend for immediate adoption the best features in these several plans for Social Security…
(15) Congress shall, immediately upon our inauguration, initiate amendments to the Constitution providing (a), that the President shall have the authority to institute and execute all necessary measures for the conduct of the government during this critical epoch; (b), that Congress shall serve only in an advisory capacity, calling to the attention of the President and his aides and Cabinet any needed legislation, but not acting upon same until authorized by the President so to act; and (c), that the Supreme Court shall immediately have removed from its jurisdiction the power to negate, by ruling them to be unconstitutional or by any other judicial action, any or all acts of the President, his duly appointed aides, or Congress.
This too sounds like the “needed legislation” rammed through by the President’s aides, Reid, Pelosi, Axelrod, and Rahm Emanuel to protect and defend the “poor victims” (i.e. citizens) inevitably faced with ruin, economic destruction, and catastrophic ill health before the election of President Obama. Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano and Obama have already identified the dangers to their rule by labeling conservative Americans and even returning Vets “potential domestic terrorists.”
Added to their long list of “enemies” are pro-life Christian Evangelicals, anti-abortion Catholics, pro-Israel Jewish “neocons,” conservative Blacks and Latinos, the Tea Party supporters, (whose behavior in public demonstrations has been almost impeccable compared to the mayhem and chaos generated by the many anti-war flag burning and anti-Bush rallies), gun owners, College Republicans, Sarah Palin, Anne Coulter, Michelle Malkin and Bill O’Reilly, talk radio hosts and conservative career women and housewives. Speaker Pelosi’s infamous comments that the nature of the grassroots Tea Party Movement is more like “astro-turf” and that she is “afraid” for the safety of ordinary Americans because she had noticed a swastika carried somewhere by someone, are the two most desperate attempts ever made by a high ranking cabinet member of the government to demonize political opponents since the Civil War.
What about the points 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, and 14 in Windrip’s Platform that I omitted? They identify the enemies of the President, subversives, traitors and those who must be strictly kept under close supervision, namely radicals, Communists, Jews, Blacks, independent women and immigrants. They are all stereotypes identified then by Lewis as somehow the exclusive preserve of the “Far Right” that supposedly characterized the most conservative elements in American society of the 1930s but many of them applied equally as well or to an even greater degree among many Democrats of the populist variety that dominated the Party in the South and the Midwest.
It must be remembered that until quite late in the Roosevelt and Truman administrations, the Democratic Party was the natural home of many Congressmen who opposed immigration, anti-lynching laws, and voting rights for African-Americans. Its 19th century heritage was the Party of Slavery, Secession and Segregation. Today it has added another S—Socialism. The Democratic Vice President of the United States under FDR from 1933 to 1940, John Nance Garner, a former Texas Congressman, was considered one of the most reactionary members of the Congress with regard to his racist, isolationist, anti-Semitic, anti-Mexican, anti-Labor unions and anti-immigrant views and could well have matched “Buzz Windrip” more closely than any other Congressman in the 20th century.
The false and often irrelevant dichotomy of LEFT vs. RIGHT obscures the basic similarities uniting the two wings of political thought at their extremes that glorify and deify abstractions such as THE leader, party, race, church or class that embody THE NATION. Both ideologies at their extremes grant ALL POWER to a demagogic leader who, once in power, promises either to save the people from poverty, restore their heroic traditions and glorious past, redeem the nation and restore its historic borders, or wipe away the humiliation and the privileges of the “ruling class.” Every demagogue whether labeled as a Rightwing or Leftwing dictator throughout Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa has made the same appeal and it is always predictably anti-American, anti-Capitalist, anti-Jewish and anti-Israel.
Many imagined iconic heroes in the past consistently pushed their domestic agendas on behalf of the “common man” and the “poor” or for “civil rights” or “minorities” yet committed the worst abuses among our many Presidents in the direction of more and more centralized federal power—Abolition of Habeus Corpus (Lincoln), the “Red Scares” with their wholesale incarcerations and deportations of all those opposed to American entry into World War I (Wilson), and the internment of Japanese-Americans including those who were American citizens in “relocation camps” (FDR).
The Left-Right continuum is a false paradigm. The extremes meet but it is more often the liberal agenda, so universally proclaimed today as “progressive”, rather than conservative policies, that lead the way to abolishing the restraints of local government and individual rights which guarantee individual liberties. The end result is the government’s reach for unlimited power. Not only is it not true that “It Can’t Happen Here,” it already has begun to happen.
The Obama Health Care Bill passed by the Senate on March 23, 2010 is the most invasive imposition of the power of the Federal Government since Prohibition (ultimately repealed). It was fittingly referred to by Vice President Biden as “A Big F——- Deal!” Of course, that did not prevent the VP, the President, Cabinet members and Congress from exempting themselves from the provisions of the law. In an eerie coincidence, the date was the 77th anniversary of Hitler’s Enabling Act in 1933 just a month after his election that permanently did away with the Wiemar German Constitution in order to “Protect the German People from domestic enemies.”
Shifting explanations by the Democrats to justify the mandate of obligatory health care under the terms of regulating “Interstate Commerce” have shredded the Constitution and reduced its protection of individual and states rights to the First Ten Amendments (Bill of Rights) as the only ones not subject to constant Congressional and Presidential manipulation. Everything else is fair game. The fact that the new law has immediately been challenged as unconstitutional by no less than 15 State Attorneys-General is a rebuke to the Congress that so cheaply sold our birthright as American citizens. It is up to us to prevent Obama, the “Yes We Can Man” from taking Windrip’s place and turning fiction into reality.
Cons, Tells and the Immortals
An Open Letter to America: We Were Conned
By Greg Easley
Saturday, September 11, 2010
Some of us saw it coming. Some of us were duped. Those who saw it coming may not have predicted the level of duplicity and treachery that was coming. Those who were duped are either still in total denial, mortified, or just plain embarrassed for being so gullible. Regardless of how you think and feel now, Our Nation has been betrayed. It was deliberate. If you dispute this, then you are a fool. The Tells are all around you. They are unmistakable, irrefutable and damning Our Nation on all fronts.
Every citizen of the United States should be horrified at what is happening to Our Nation. It is not just the current Democratic administration that seeks our blood; it started long before Obama was selected to finish us off - by his puppet masters like the CFR, George Soros and the Saudi Princes. It is not the action of just the liberals but of the Republicans as well, those moderates who forgot the principles of their origin, their oath to the Nation and their God.
At this moment we must address the charlatan, Barack Hussein Obama. He is a manufactured Communist, trained and mentored by Marxist fundamentalists like Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour and Carl Davidson. And there is his 20+ years in the congregation of the Marxist Black Liberation theologist Rev. Jeremiah “not God Bless America. God damn America” Wright. If you missed these Tells, you did so deliberately, to yourself and Our Nation. They taught you how and why and when to be useful to them. They taught you how to be permanently angry, permanently ignorant, permanently indoctrinated and permanently dependent on their guile and their “generosity of re-distributed wealth” stolen from others who actually earned it.
At this moment, it serves little purpose to dwell on what happened before 2008 because what is happening right now is the grand Tell and grand peril of all time, the culmination of years of Left wing socialist plots and One World Order groups dismantling Our Nation, one fragment at a time. If you still believe in the progressive Democratic Party, then you have already been marginalized into irrelevancy from a viable free thinking patriot to Our Nation.
The deliberate act of committing controversy, or defrauding and deceiving individuals or groups, by individuals, governments or institutions comprised of individuals or groups who cannot be trusted to tell the truth about anything on any given day, to any given audience, at any given moment or crisis.
The victims are people whose radar is either turned off or their connections to their receiving units (brains) are clogged up with fantasy, greed for getting something for nothing, or the belief that the guy next door will do your bidding for you while you watch reality shows and stuffing your face with potato chips or are just too busy playing video games, texting your friends about your latest broken heel or giving a damn about Lindsey Lohan’s latest stupid human trick. You are made powerless by choice or propaganda.
Are those perfectly obvious, but mysteriously ignored clues clouded by distractions, smoky tricks, blame, the galactically stupid liberal media, Marxists pundits and their union protestors. “Where there is smoke, there is fire” kinds of things that should raise immediate suspicion as your olfactory nerves begin to revolt from the stench of deceit that stains your mind, your heart, your soul, and your hair if you have any left.
That which cannot be killed and that which cannot be ignored as in: the plain, simple,” it is all over your face and stuck to your teeth” Truth.
Governments by nature are all corrupt. They are corrupt because they are festered by humans who have, naturally, a deep-seated need for survival and gratification through power and its incessant greed. There are many components driving these needs but one undeniable one is the need to be accepted. To be accepted means to be known privately and publicly as a success. Success for politicians is defined as the power to control. The more, the better. Each of us will know a similar kind of need from the time we are able to walk until the end of our lives.
Most people arrive at the realization, at one incredible moment in their lives, that other people are paying attention to them. That their actions are being reviewed and judged. That their elemental value is being measured by everyone around them. It is for many, a very freighting moment. It usually comes as a moment of embarrassment for a faux pas or from adulation for an achievement. When it is embarrassment, it is humiliating and never forgotten. It could be just that first moment when a boy spots a girl and for the first time feels the stirring in his complete being that he needs her to recognize him, to find him attractive, valuable, and necessary in her life, only to be ignored by her. It could be a moment in academics, athletics or music when a child wins an award for excellence and realizes that everyone is staring at him or her and comes to the startling revelation that these people will have expectations of him or her that may exceed the child’s inner most belief in their own ability or intelligence. It could just be general feelings of inadequacy caused by many environmental situations at home or school. These moments are never forgotten. Every new attempt at achievement is haunted by the memory and, for many, causes an unceasing desire to prove oneself over and over with increasing desperation. Each failure to achieve the desired goal of self esteem, peer acceptance and power over one’s own demons accelerates the effort and the rising desperation to conquer our own shamed inner self.
Acceptance is the universal goal and that of our parents is an insatiable life long quest. That of our peers can be destructive if one fails to “make the grade”. Those who enter politics with a belief system that’s built on a driving need to be accepted, rather than the goal to serve people, a state or nation, become victims of their own egocentric actions. Corruption is born of this, as the failures pile up in meeting one’s goals, it becomes easier after each failure to compromise one’s morals and ethics in exchange for the power and acceptance that craves the satiation of the addiction of one’s own self loathing. Case in point:
The Cons
Notable Cons perpetrated by our current Federal government on America:
Denying our religion, our Flag, our Law and our Sovereignty.
Ignoring or subverting Our Constitution.
Arizona’s immigration fight over border control and the invasion of illegal aliens.
The travesty of the Health Care Reform bill.
The lie of “No new taxes for 95% of Americans”.
The False Promise of Full Transparency.
“I’ll be the First post-racial president”.
The Tea Party members being labeled as racists, radicals or Uncle Toms.
The Gulf Oil spill Response. (Actually the lack of it!)
The Afghan and Iraq Wars.
Cap and Trade - The Global Warming Lie for dollars.
The travesty of the Financial Reform bill written by the criminal Chris Dodd.
The Mosque in New York and the ones taxpayers are rebuilding around the world. Putting Muslims before Americans.
NAACP or Black Panther voter intimidation.
Immigration Reform (Amnesty).
Obama’s refusal to show his Birth certificate
Obama’s takeover of the financial institutions and the auto industry.
Obama’s handover of millions of dollars and shares of GM as paybacks to union thugs for their votes.
Insulting Israel while kissing up to Iran, the Saudi’s and Hezbollah.
2008 Voter Fraud
Czaring us to death with despicable characters.
Their diversions of blaming everyone else for their failures in order to conceal that “the failure” is their real intent. Refusing to secure our borders is such a diversion. Accusing Arizona of racism in order to incite protests and boycotts is intended to hide and distract from the fact that there is no intent to secure our nation. A sleight-of-hand Con right in your face.
These Cons are just some of those Americans have recognized and find intolerable. They all have the same components. A promise that is broken or a betrayal of trust to Our Nation. Of Obama, various examples abounded during the 2008 Presidential campaign, while on trips abroad, secret deals with foreign nations or institutions like the UN, phony legislation that is sold as one thing but is really another, back room deals for votes, pork, paybacks to lobbyist, corporations, unions, and lawyers. His most used; the public speaking distractions while others work feverously in the background against Our Nation grinding out purposeful legislation to destroy us while Obama gleefully performs live, inciting deceit, racism and more broken promises of some lofty but faulty cure-all for what ails America.
The Cons are the stories told to cover up the real intent: ultimate power and the control of America. A classic example is Nancy Pelosi’s comment: “We’ll have to pass the bill so we can find out what’s in it”. This is probably in the top 20 of the most egregiously stupid remarks ever made by a senior member of Congress in the last 40 years. Liberal supporters may have thought it was humorous, but anyone with half a brain knew it was only a distraction to avoid telling everyone that she knew exactly what was in the Health Care bill and most of us would puke when we learned the actual details which, by the way, are a moving target and will continue to be so for the rest of our lifetimes. What she was really saying is; “when you do find out what is in this bill, it will be too late for your miserable souls!” The Con and the Tell, in one simple remark by The Speaker of the House of your Congress. An outright lie by one of the most irresponsible people in America. And half the country bought it! The other half tried to stop it!
The Tells
The Tells are anything you notice that doesn’t feel right and if you are more than 5 years old this sense is developed enough. Tells appear as: a single word, a person that is too pushy or fast talking, someone that won’t answer questions, offering something too good to be true, something for nothing to get your vote or your check, asking for more than it seems worth, saying “trust me”, “would I lie to you”, “your neighbor just bought one” or “let me be clear”. Cons are more treacherous when they come from those we choose to admire or worship. The rich, the powerful, the famous, the beautiful, the successful actor or athlete. Anyone we don’t even know, passing themselves off as worthy of our trust. We do this because we have our own self esteem issues. We allow ourselves to be taken by them by seeking to gain their acknowledgement or live through them vicariously.
Our worship of the powerful is our downfall repeatedly because no one can stand the rigors of the pedestal indefinitely. And yet as each one disappoints and falls off, we just pick another to elevate to god-like status. We never learn because we “need” them. Their power intoxicates us with fantasy; their failures make us feel better about ourselves. We are willing victims of the unworthy from our own misguided worship and the degree of our own sense of self worth. We are dumbed-down by our own hand because we lack the same esteem that they lack, but additionally the power to tame them from the elevated heights of the pedestal we placed them on to begin with. Our worship denies our own common sense and blinds us to the Tells until it is too late to restrain the damage they will do.
The Immortals
Truth is the immortal of all time. It cannot be tainted by any evidence. It is what it is. Truth is revealed as the result of success. It is revealed as the result of failure. The two are distinguishable from each other. Not everyone will see the truth. Not everyone will use the truth. Some will hide or deny the truth. Fools believe they are the truth.
When the truth hits us in the face, we have two choices. Learn from the damage our mistaken trust invoked or repeat the mistake over and over until we are arrested, destroyed personally, academically or professionally. Truth is both the final judge and the final verdict. Truth is the Immortal.
The Essentials of Truth
Humans cannot know everlasting truth because we are imperfect. We only experience truth infrequently in others and ourselves. There is little truth in institutions. We should not worship others because they can never master our expectations. It is contradictory to find contentment when power is abused, forced or bartered. It is contradictory to find truth in government. It is denial to believe that evil is truth without limit. It is foolish to deny rather than to seek your own truth.
Their Truth
People like Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have achieved nothing in their lifetimes that could satisfy their longing for immortality and acceptance until they passed what they deemed as the “Historic” health care bill. According to them it was historic because no one has ever been able to do it before and therefore these people have earned historic recognition. It is a Con. The Tell is the obvious damage it will do to America as they lied, bribed and distracted repeatedly to get it passed. The Tell is also the fact that more intelligent minds prevented it before. It is historic - as historically flawed as they could possibly make it as the product of their historically flawed Marxist ideology and their historically flawed progressive perversion of truth and their historically flawed need to be stroked or honored by the One World Order demigods. It was historically the most criminal American legislative act of all time. It is the product of people whose self-esteem is so lacking that they sold out their entire nation for one moment of glory and the adulation of the citizens that were dumb enough to believe them and the momentary satisfaction of ramming it down everyone else’s throat. The Tells were all around for everyone to see, for anyone with enough self-esteem to see, yet too many fell for the Cons. And they are still laughing at the believers, while endeavoring silently to cram some idiotic version of Cap and Trade down our throats tomorrow.
Quite an achievement for three people that were going to “clean out the swamp”. I guess they meant us because now we are the inhabitants of the swamp they have created for us to die in. Accordingly, they will not rescue us because they think us unworthy. They are on the pedestal we built for them. We are less worthy than they are because we believed the Cons, ignored the Tells and found Immortal truth in our unjustified worship of them instead of our belief in ourselves, our endeavors and our nation’s legacy. We “deserve” their “gifts” to us as slaves to their monarchy. They only did what they did to get acceptance for their own pathetic needs. Guiltless Power, Wealth and Respect from their peers and their slaves. At last they are superior and their parents will finally say to them: “You did good, we are proud of you.” Their sycophants will come running with tingly legs, more money for their pockets and more adulation for their power.
They destroyed a nation for a quick fix to their pitiful self-esteem. And we let them, even cheered them on!
Each time we fight back, they become desperate and vitriolic.
They call us racists, Uncle Toms, far-right radicals or fascists.
They attack everything that any human has ever regarded sacred.
They hate our religion, our desire for a valid education, our free thought and our traditions.
They hate America as free-world leader and prefer, no intend, to reduce her to a subservient third world nation.
They hate you, even if you are as progressively screwed up as they are because you are not one of them. You are not a member of the progressive Marxist elite. To them you are simply the walking dead.
Your Truth
You don’t belong to their alliance no matter what color you are, how rich you may be or how liberal you may be. They need slaves to do their bidding while they sit in luxury: like Barrack and Michelle Obama do on their vacations. They don’t take trips that would benefit Americans, just themselves and their rich commie friends. They go places where they can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few days and to get their marching orders from their handlers. No, you are not like them: you don’t measure up and you will pay for their lifestyle one way of the other. You are not immortal because they destroy your truth by destroying your legacies and your wealth from endeavor and scholarship. They deceive and enslave you with social justice, tainted history, abortion, food stamps, prejudice and class warfare. You have been marginalized for extinction when your duty is done. Or you can rise up as patriots by your sovereign right as council and Lord of your own destiny and endeavor.
This Moment of Truth
Commit to memory; that without slaves and worshipers, they are nothing. No way to get their mojo tweaked because they use their talent for nothing else. If no one worships them, they sink into oblivion. They are sinking now, which is the new Tell. Their desperation to save their empire of corruption mirrors that insidious moment in their memory that haunts their very identity and self contempt. They are liars and frauds and will stop at nothing to force their will on you. If you worship them still, then you are fools as your Immortal truth has been stolen right before your eyes. Denial will not save you. Further worship will not save you. You will be cast aside as worthless without notice.
It is time to kill their immortality for all time. Their insanity of totalitarianism, their vile rhetoric and hatred for our religion, our law and Our Nation must be stopped in November. If it is not, we will not get another chance to save America and our own individual selves. There will be no more voting, no more America, no more real truth and no immortality for you or your children; just bondage and misery bound by endless betrayal.
For those of you who think your one vote just doesn’t count, you are not a patriot; you are not an American. You will earn your just reward when your house is stolen, when your 401k or pension is stolen, when your job is given to an illegal, when your gun rights are stolen, when your free speech is stolen and your when religion is trashed by the unholy alliance of the self-righteous god hating morons that you helped put into power by defaulting on your responsibility as an American to vote your authority with honor.
This is a war for Our Nation. Millions have died for you. Thousands are fighting for you right now whether you believe in it or not. The soldiers of America did not start the wars. Your Congress started them. Support our warriors or forfeit your right to complain. If you don’t like war, then you better join the fight to Take Back Our Country from your Marxists governors or YOU will be in the trenches for eternity to fend for yourselves against the UN and your own Congress.
Questions to Ask Yourself
Do you want to be taxed to death for the rest of your life. Supporting illegals, people who won’t work, a bureaucracy you can’t control passing laws you want no part of?
Do you want America managed by the UN, telling you whether you can own a gun, deport illegals, speak your mind, worship as you please or which laws you can pass?
Do you want to be subjugated to bankers and One World Order groups like Western Europe and South America?
Do you want government telling you where you can live, where you can work and how much money you can make. Do you want government telling you, if, and what kind of business you can start or buy?
Do you want government controlling your children’s minds through education and their very lives through health care?
Do you want our soldiers to protect you against our enemies or become one of our enemies?
Do want elected officials serving their own special interests and the UN, or the nation’s sovereignty and interests?
Do you want government taking all your hard earned money when you die?
Do you want to live in a Communist country like Cuba, China, Laos, North Korea, Vietnam?
Do you want Islamic Shariah Law governing America?
Do you want politicians serving you, your town, your state and your country?
Do you want to choose your own lifestyle, educational pursuits, hobbies, home town, friends, jobs, the car you will drive, the home you will buy, media, sports and religion?
Do you want to travel freely in America, vote for whom you please, retire when you are ready, go hunting and fishing, learn to fly a plane or write a book?
Do you want your children to have the same or better life than you have had?
Can you think of any legitimate reason why America should be submissive to any other government, organization or country
If You Want America to be Free and Strong
We need public servants that will honor their oath to defend Our Constitution and Our Nation. Begin in 2010 by voting out all progressive Democrats, all RINOS and all DINOS. Remove these specific avowed Marxists from Our Congress:
Engage or stand aside to be lost in the Immortal truth of oblivion, granted by your consent to be enslaved by those who are not worthy. Engage the legacy of our Founding Fathers and restore what is rightfully yours: The Immortal Truth of Freedom and Our Republic.
Obama Is Not Telling The Truth
Either Obama is lying to America or he is seriously misinformed, which is even scarier
By Nancy Morgan
Saturday, September 11, 2010
Obama is increasingly resembling the errant husband, who, when caught in bed with another woman by his wife blandly asserts, “What woman? Who are you going to believe - me or the evidence of your own eyes?”
Obama is asking Americans to ignore the evidence of their own eyes and believe him. After all, he is the President of the United States, which implies honor, integrity, and character. Or used to.
Calling the president a liar is a serious charge. But either Obama is lying to America or he is seriously misinformed, which is even scarier.
With a straight face, President Obama recently stated, “I am seriously committed to fiscal responsibility.” Hey, maybe the left redefined fiscal responsibility while I was asleep last night, but Obama’s claim just doesn’t accord with reality. Obama has added more to our national debt than all other U.S. presidents—combined. And is in the process of adding another $50 billion that we don’t have, as you read this.
Adding insult to injury, Obama then went on to say, “I believe government should be lean; government should be efficient. I believe government should leave people free to make the choices they think are best…”
That statement is at serious odds with Obama’s actions. In Obama’s 19 months in office, the government, under his direction, has taken over the auto industry, the banking industry, the health care-industry, the student loan industry,etc. This means that the government will be making the choices consumers used to make. (Can you spell Chevy Volt?) How in the world does this equate with lean government and more consumer choice?
Obama promised consumers that they would be able to keep their own doctor under his health-care overhaul. Oops. He mis-spoke. Obama promised that ObamaCare would reduce health care costs. Oops Wrong again. A new government report just confirmed what most regular people knew all along: The nation’s health care tab will go up — not down — as a result of ObamaCare. Insurers plan to raise premiums on some Americans as a direct result of the health overhaul as soon as next month.
The president of the United States is either lying or suffering a severe case of cognitive dissonance.
And he is not alone. More and more of our public servants are severely undermining trust in government by making bald statements that have no basis in truth. Case in point: Harry Reid stated yesterday that he “had nothing to do with” the bad economy. Hmm… Inquiring minds want to know, well then whose fault is it? Answer: George Bush’s. Adding insult to injury, Reid fully expects us to believe him.
Outright falsehoods by our elected officials are so numerous as to become the norm. People joke that, “You know a politician is lying when his lips move.” Ha, Ha.
Maybe this behavior is the norm inside the beltway, especially since the media and fact-checkers are mostly absent. But for the majority of Americans, a lie is a lie. And just because most politicians lie, does not make it right.
We the people have the right to enough information to make informed decisions. And we’re not getting it. Instead, we’re getting false information. Remember Barney Frank telling America that Fannie Mae was in good shape, just before it crashed, taking down our economy with it? If Frank were in the private sector, he could be criminally liable.
Obama is doing the exact same thing. As our economy continues to sink, Obama is out on the stump touting “Recovery Summer.” And because he is the president, millions of Americans will take him at his word. To their detriment.
Here’s a newsflash. The economy is not recovering. The U.S. Federal Reserve reports “widespread signs” that the economic recovery is slowing and economic growth for the rest of this year and next was revised down for a third month in a row by a panel of about 50 economists. My question is, what recovery?
In a court of law, being caught lying just once is enough to call into question the whole of a person’s testimony. In the court of public opinion, lying is just another political tactic. Yawn.
By not calling a spade a spade, the media is complicit is enabling the torrent of untruths that daily issue forth from our leaders. By blindly accepting what Obama says, Americans are enabling him. Enabling a man who is deliberately telling us that black is white and if we don’t believe him then we are racists, homophobic, stupid, or Republican meanies. This is not acceptable.
I do not trust Obama. And I will continue to point out why my fellow Americans shouldn’t trust him either. He has broken faith with us too many times. And for that, I believe he is not fit to govern us.
Obama Wastes Millions of Taxpayer Dollars on Personal Entertainment
President and First Lady are partying like rock royalty
By Fred Dardick
Monday, June 7, 2010
The same hypocrite who says our energy costs must “necessarily skyrocket” to fund his political ambition, is giving Marie Antoinette a run for her money when it comes to spending national treasure on personal luxuries.
While much of the country is struggling to pay their bills, the President and First Lady are partying like rock royalty. The collection of talent that has made the pilgrimage to the White House to entertain Obama and friends is nothing less than amazing: Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Tony Bennet, Paul Simon, Marc Anthony, Herbie Hancock, Martina McBride, Queen Latifah, The Foo Fighters, Faith Hill, and recently foot-in-mouth Paul McCartney to name a few.
This has the makings to be the greatest ongoing concert series ever to be seen on this Earth just to entertain one man … all paid for by the American taxpayer.
Let Them Eat Cake
How much does this world-class entertainment cost? Assuming the artists themselves forgo appearance fees, I highly doubt Paul Simon would perform with just a karaoke machine as backup.
Professional equipment needs to be brought in - sound engineers, stages, lights, etc… Even small scale performances by these artists can be very expensive.
Add booze, food, security, invitations, social secretaries, wait staff, and hangers on to the tab and the price for one of these events could easily top $75K. With over 27 concerts hosted thus far, the total cost to taxpayers is in the millions of dollars.
The executive branch does not provide detailed information regarding entertainment expenses, however, it has been estimated the Obamas spent at least $10 million on “drunken White House parties” in 2009 alone.
The Audacity of Food Stamps
Considering the country is at war and a record 40 million Americans rely on food stamps to eat, Obama should show some class and skip the expensive partying.
Whether it’s the world’s greatest concert series, multi-million dollar date night in New York or taxpayer funded shopping in Europe for the First Lady, the Obamas are exposing themselves as nothing more than greedy, self-serving politicians.
While the President and First Lady insist the rest of us endure economic hardship for the greater good, they are living like a king and queen on our dime.
The `Messiah’ swaggers down the aisle of church
The Pocket Messiah is stepping out of the shadows into your church, Jesus is out and Gaia Global Warming is in
By Judi McLeod
Wednesday, May 19, 2010
In the breakneck speed changes fired off daily from the Obama regime, we now know why they have always touted President BHO as “The Messiah”.
It now becomes clear that it had much less to do with protocol and more to do with competition when Obama wanted the cross removed from view when he addressed University of Notre Dame and Georgetown University.
The Pocket Messiah is stepping out of the shadows into your church. Hallelujah, for blowing the whistle, Glenn Beck.
“Your church is being attacked through a faith-based initiative headed up by Barack Obama’s administration,” Beck said on his FoxNews program last night.
It’s called the merging the EPA with churches. Jesus is out and Gaia Global Warming is in.
While we were waiting to see the Messiah walk on water, he was stealing it.
UN Poster Boy and Obama mentor, Maurice Strong, is on the public record for predicting that water will have to be rationed by armed guards as soon as 2031.
“Exactly how Strong, who is a businessman and not a scientist, can make such a prediction is an unknown factor.” (The Water Barons, CFP, May 26, 2003).
Brother United Nations and their top Green Disciple Brother Al Gore
But long before the water barons started hogging the water, and long before Obama came swaggering down the aisle of your church through the faith-based EPA initiative, there was Brother United Nations and their top Green Disciple Brother Al Gore.
We should have known that the moment the UN became involved that Jesus wouldn’t be found in church anymore. Jesus is being squeezed out of the House of God to make way for global warming/climate change proselytizing.
Indeed, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has ordered “Social Justice” as the new message she wants heard from the pulpit.
We should have felt the first blood chill even before they gave their first broad hint on December 13, 2009. It was then that church bells around the world, which call Christians worldwide into church on Sundays, joined the din of drums and gongs to sound a UN-ordered message 350 times on December 13 during the Copenhagen climate change summit. The church bells were a call to action on global warming.
Pious priests, pastors and ministers never checked with their congregations before folding to the UN order: “The leading council of Christian and Orthodox churches also invited places of worship for other faiths to join a symbolic, “chain of chimes and prayers” stretching around the world from the international date line in the South Pacific.” (Breitbart, Nov. 12, 2009).
“The bell-ringing at worldwide churches makes about as much sense as Hanne Strong, who used constant drumbeats to hold the “energy pattern” when her aging UN Poster Boy husband Maurice Strong led the 1992 Rio de Janeiro United Nations Earth Conference.” (CFP, Nov. 13, 2009).
That was then, and no church leader, many of whom were in attendance and no media jumped in to question them.
Look where the Messiah is taking us now.
Gospel of Gaia
“Well, now President Obama is using the faith-based offices to promote the Gospel of Gaia on the United States and there’s nary a raised numb-skull voice?” Beck warns.
“Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships recently issued its report of recommendations and the Obama administration is about to take faith-based initiatives to a whole new level.
“The president’s council envisions the government and religion partnering to push the good news of global warming, climate change and green issues. Yes, the religion of environmental and social justice.
“The council hopes the new EPA faith office will also help churches and other non-profits improve “access to financing,” including “establishing revolving loan programs or working with utility companies to help finance greening building projects.” (Italics CFP’s).
In short, the corrupt government of 2010 has become the church.
Yesterday, Americans for Prosperity lamented that instead of providing encouragement for the graduates of the University of Tennessee, Al Gore used the opportunity to promote his doomsday global warm scenarios in what is being described as “the most depressing Commencement Speech of all time”.
This is where Al Gore was giving his sermons circa 2000: St. John the Divine Cathedral, where ole’ time religion even back then was being pushed aside for the religion of environmentalism. St John the Divine is also home of the Gaia Institute and the Temple of Understanding.
It was there in a sermon at a St. Francis of Assisi ceremony, that Gore called on the congregants to recognize that “God is not separate from the earth.”
“The theme of his sermon would lead some to ponder what kind of tobacco he was smoking…”I saw children lying in the laps of large dogs and a boy bringing his stuffed animals to be blessed. I saw the not-yet famous elephant and camel march up the aisle; a lawyer who scoops the poop and enjoys being clown-for-a-day; a priest who finds himself covered with wiggling ferrets; a man and woman who meet when their leashes become enmeshed; a volunteer gardener marching to the altar with a bowl of compost and worms.”
Today Obama, the bogus Messiah, is making all churches St. John the Divine.
In pursuit of the fundamental Transformation of America, he’s already jeopardized the futures of those he allows to be born, and now he comes to claim souls.
To save our souls we may have to make our church the Church of the Human Heart.
And more than ever, the plea to our Creator, “God deliver us from Obama” is a prayer with meaning.