Sunday, September 12, 2010

Quran Burning Issue: Terry Jones vs World

The “Dove of Peace”
Reverend Mr. Jones
By Diana Clark
Sunday, September 12, 2010
Rev. Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida did indeed “reach out and touch someone” this week – but it sure wasn’t Peace that he offered.
Instead, as our nation commemorated the loss of so many of our citizens in the senseless attacks of 9/11, Jones took the opportunity to pour fuel on the fires (no pun intended) of resentment and hatred.
I totally disagree with the teachings of Islam, and believe that they threaten the entire world. But I don’t have to get in someone’s face and deliberately insult their religion in order to express my disagreement. All I have to do is refuse to adopt their beliefs as my own.
That’s the whole idea of the First Amendment: when it comes to spiritual matters, it’s between you and your Maker – and it’s no one else’s business. All others - including government – are supposed to butt out. In short, you practice yours… I practice mine… they practice theirs… and we all leave each other alone.
The biggest problem with Islam is that they DON’T leave everyone else alone. But then, the good reverend doesn’t either. For all of his high-flown rhetoric, Jones doesn’t seem to agree with the First Amendment any more than terrorists do.
So he made a major media splash with his threats to “burn the Quran” on the anniversary of 9/11. He stirred up a controversy, and got his face on television. He got publicity for his church, and probably one or two talk show gigs.
He also fired up the bloodlust of Muslims around the world for all things Christian and American. And, he brought out of the woodwork every extremist - Muslim AND non-Muslim - who hungers for the chance to capture his/her own fifteen minutes of Fame.
But when 9/11 rolled around, JONES was nowhere to be found. He lit the fuse, and then ran for cover, leaving others to deal with the aftermath. His explanation was classic: that “the publicity he received bolstered his mission to bring attention to Islam’s radical elements”.
Uh, in case you didn’t notice, Mr. Jones, the rest of us were around on 9/11, too. Do you really think we need you to endanger all of us, in order to “expose” something we already know?
After bailing on the “festivities” that HE set in motion, Jones explained, “We feel that we have accomplished our goal. We feel that God has told us to stop.”
Well, yippee-yahoo. How convenient. He deliberately pokes the bear in the eye, and then while the bear goes after OTHER victims, he hides behind a tree, using the handy excuse that God told HIM to stop.
I’m sorry, but as a Christian, I find something very UNchristian about the good reverend’s entire little performance, and I just cannot allow the public to go on thinking that this man represents sincere, Biblical Christianity.
So I researched Jones on the internet – and my, but the results were interesting! Wikipedia’s article about him can be found at: Dove World Outreach Center and it’s very enlightening.
Here are some highlights:
Jones received no academic degree in theology but did acquire an “honorary” degree from the unaccredited California Graduate School of Theology - which now seeks to disassociate itself from him. (I’ll just bet they do! - author)
He founded and led the Christliche Gemeinde Köln (CGK) in Cologne, Germany. A leader of that church said “He (Jones) didn’t project the biblical values and Christianity, but always made himself the center of everything.”
Deutsche Presse-Agentur reported that church members said Jones ran the Cologne church like a sect leader, and used psychological pressure on members, “subordinating all activities to his will”.
According to the German Evangelical Alliance, he was released from the leadership of the Cologne church due to untenable theological statements and craving for recognition.
The Gainesville Sun reported that he left the church in Germany after being accused of fraud.
Jones’ Dove World Outreach Center maintains an unaccredited boarding school, called the Dove World Outreach Academy. According to the Gainesville Sun, the academy has a boot camp-like atmosphere. Students are prohibited from outside and family contact, including attendance at family weddings and funerals - and work without compensation selling, packing, and shipping furniture for a business owned by Sylvia Jones. (Can anyone say “free slave labor”? - author)
The reverend Mr. Jones reminds me of another “Jones” from years ago: the late, and infamous, Jim Jones, who ran his own little Cult of Personality in Guiana. He, too, preached his own “personal” version of the Gospel – and eventually led several hundred of his followers to commit murder/suicide.
In their zealotry, Islamic radicals burn our Bibles and attack our citizens. This brings our military forces into their lands, and their people suffer deprivation, injury and death. However, the radicals don’t care, because their “goal” is all that matters to them.
In his zealotry, Mr. Jones incites the burning of Qurans. This brings the anger and outrage of Muslims around the world – and possibly injury and death to Americans. But Mr. Jones doesn’t care, because his “goal” is all that matters to him.
Now perhaps I’m missing something important here, but I fail to see the difference. Mr. Jones’ personal hatred seems to have twisted him into the very thing he hates. So I’ll pass on Islam – AND I think I’ll pass on Terry Jones’ version of Christianity, as well.
Do I believe that we Christians should bend our knee to a false god? No. Do I believe that Americans should accept the imposition of Islamic Shari’a Law upon our Constitutional Republic? No. Do I believe that we must resist – even with armed might – any attempt to force such a culture on our people? Absolutely!
But, I see nothing of the “peace-maker” in Terry Jones’ actions. I see nothing of “personal responsibility” in his behavior. I see nothing Christian in his mean-spirited provocations. And I see no “love” in his willingness to bring unnecessary violence upon his church and his homeland in order to gain attention for himself.
I see only a man using God for self-aggrandizement.
Shame on you, Terry Jones. You distort the teachings of the Bible you claim to believe. You created a storm to serve your own desires – a storm that may needlessly cost the lives of innocent people. And you didn’t even have the courage to stand in the maelstrom of your own making.
I may share your rejection of Islamic beliefs, but I want the world to know that you most certainly do not represent THIS Christian.
The Bonfire of the Vanities
The hysterical reaction of Hillary and the Obama Administration to the threat to burn copies of the Koran illustrates this mindset perfectly. The United States is a sheep being led to the slaughter
By Timothy Birdnow
Sunday, September 12, 2010
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, speaking last week at an Iftar dinner to celebrate breaking the Ramadan fast, condemned a plan by the Reverend Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center of Gainesville, Florida, to burn the Koran. Secretary Clinton was just one member of the Obama Administration who has come out against this action by a pastor with a flock of fifty.
First, one must question why the U.S. government is hosting Iftar dinners. According to the PEW Forum on Religious and Public Life, followers of the Prophet make up just 0.6% of the population of the United States, less than adherents of Buddhism (0.7%) and a fraction above Hinduism (0.4%). To my knowledge there are no similar celebrations for Buddhists and Hindus. For that matter, the category Other Faiths ranks substantially higher at 1.7% with at least 1.2 million adherents to neo-paganism, suggesting that the Obama Administration should host Samhain, Beltaine , Lughnassad, or some other such pagan bacchanal. Perhaps he can celebrate Halloween with a black mass, complete with nude women on the altar (oh, sorry, that was Bill Clinton) and inverted cross? Satanism is a religion, too! At any rate, it is an odd thing to be doing, and an even odder thing to be trashing private citizens in front of potentially riotous Muslims.
I’m not the one saying that; it is the administration. Many in the Administration are claiming that the actions of Rev. Jones could endanger American lives abroad (and, unspoken, here) and that Mr. Jones should reconsider. But who is bringing attention to the actions of someone largely unknown outside of his Florida church? The danger has risen considerably precisely because of Administration efforts advertising the planned conflagration. IF Muslims are so easily excitable shouldn’t the Administration have tried a more diplomatic approach? “Soft Power” is the byword in the Obama lexicon, and his efforts at rapprochement with Islam is hardly advanced by creating a huge clambake out of so small a fish (but then, a man with a Messiah complex would logically believe he could multiply loves and fishes…) It seems to me the Administration is yelling “fire” in a crowded movie theatre.
We must also ask why anyone should care. There is no right to not be offended, and Americans have been told repeatedly that they must endure burning flags and whatnot. According to the PEW statistics people who are unaffiliated with any organized religion make up a whopping 16.1% of the American population; to many of these Americans the flag IS a religious symbol, a symbol of their nation. We have not seen riots by patriotic secularists. Yet America is expected to cower at the threat of riots and terrorism. If that is so, the Jihadists have already won.
But one must ask about the balance here; if burning the Koran is such an inflammatory act, why are acts perpetrated by Muslims not equally inflammatory?
Consider the desecration of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem back in 2002 by Palestinian militants. Fleeing the Israeli Defense Force, terrorists invaded this most holy of Christian shrines, the spot Christians believe to be the birthplace of Jesus. Refusing to come out, they stood weeks of siege by the IDF, knowing the Israelis would not dare destroy the church. The matter was settled when Israel voluntarily allowed the militant leaders to not only leave the church but to fly to friendly nations, to reorganize and make war on Israel again. Inside the squatters left a terrible mess; urine, feces, dirty clothes, used toilet paper, dirty eating utensils and food packaging. Oh, and bombs; they were going to meet their seventy two virgins and a mule by taking the sacred structure out, along with any IDF troops who dared invade their sanctuary. Militants slept on the very spot where Jesus was believed to have been born!
The reaction in Christendom was swift and sure; Christians rioted worldwide, burning Mosques in a fit of rage and raped and beheaded any poor Muslim who was caught in the open. No, wait, that didn’t happen; there was some complaint, but life returned to normal, except for the priests and nuns who had been held hostage and who now had months of work to restore the holy spot.
It should be pointed out that the Rev. Jones is not suggesting to burn the Koran; he is planning to burn a COPY of the Koran. That copy started as a tree or perhaps cotton. It was milled, pulped, pressed. It went from a factory to a print shop where ink was applied to paper in the letters that make up the translated version of an ancient text. From there it went to a warehouse, and from there to a bookstore or was sent via parcel post to the good Reverend. The physical object has little of the sacred about it.
Now, that is not to say that the words have little of the sacred, and Muslims should rightly be angry at this act. Is it grounds to kill and maim? Do we kill or maim when someone says something derogatory about our mothers, say? Sticks and stones may break my bones, oh, wait, stop throwing those sticks and stones!
Islam seems to engender the throwing of sticks and stones rather than believing words will never hurt.
What is important here? The actual words of the Prophet, or the translated pages? Christians do not like the desecration of the Bible, but do not riot when it occurs. Nobody rioted when a particularly nasty biology professor and atheist desecrated the Eucharist, and Catholics believe that is the real body of Jesus Christ. (He also desecrated the Koran, and there weren’t any riots, either.)
The point is, why should the threat of violence change the behavior of non-Muslims? It’s THEIR temper tantrum. Parents learn early to not give in to misbehaving children, because that will only re-enforce the behavior. America must understand that the threat of violence is a tool, one designed to coerce the Infidel into compliance with Sharia. If successful in small things, that threat will be used again and again to demand Dhimmi status from non-Muslims. Granted, there is no reason to go out of the way to provoke, but must we tiptoe on eggshells?
Actually, the Muslims have no such compulsion; consider the Ground Zero Mosque aka Cordoba House.
Building a mosque at the site where Muslim extremists murdered close to three thousand people is beyond chutzpah; it would trigger unprecedented riots and murder were it done in the Islamic world. Did the British build an Anglican church at Omdurman in the Sudan where they defeated the army of Mahdi Muhammad Ahmad? No, because the British understood the provocative nature of such an action. Yet a victory mosque is planned for New York, and the naïve mayor Michael Bloomberg has been pressuring to fast track it, believing it will somehow foster better relations between the Islamic world and the U.S. Fat chance; what appears to be a gesture of good will to Bloomberg and the Obama Administration is seen clearly as a victory lap to the Muslims. There can be little doubt that they view America’s “rapprochement” as cowardice and stupidity.
Again, this is a tool, a tool to advance the submission of all nations to Islam. Every concession leads to new demands, new challenges. Muslims learned well from the communists; the dialectic, whereby a thesis is put forward, an antithesis counters, and a synthesis winds up giving half a loaf to the Marxist revolutionaries is being employed now by Islam. Firmness is needed. Unfortunately, the man who occupies the highest office in the United States has at minimum strong sympathies for Islam, and is completely lacking in intestinal fortitude.
Multiculturalism, relativism, and other leftist concepts have left the United States impotent, unwilling to fight when needed. That is not to say the armed forces are weak or cowardly, but the leadership, and a sizable portion of the general public, are indeed knock kneed and pacifist. The idea that “diversity is our strength” and that American values require submission to enemies or outsiders in general will produce a death spiral. What healthy nation ever allowed outsiders to determine it’s culture and character? America is a nation torn asunder by intellectual masochism. It is that masochism, that fear of her own power and will, that will destroy the United States.
The hysterical reaction of Hillary and the Obama Administration to the threat to burn copies of the Koran illustrates this mindset perfectly. The United States is a sheep being led to the slaughter.
Pastor bashing didn’t buy peace
There is no peace in illusions and weakness
By David Harris
Sunday, September 12, 2010 - Ottawa Citizen Special
What do Stephen Harper, Barack Obama, Gen. David Petraeus, Canadian Defence Minister Peter MacKay and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have in common?
They each need to get a grip on themselves the next time they want to whack a wacky pastor. Each sacrificed valuable resources to condemn and plead with once-aspiring Koran-griller, Florida Pastor Terry Jones, a bizarre fourth-string in the evangelical band. Congregation size: 50, on an inflationary day.
Yes, by now all agree: a nutty fringe leader was compromising social cohesion, foreign relations and military security with grotesquely silly, gratuitous and hurtful plans for a Koranic cook-off.
But this portrayal missed key considerations. In the extent and scope of their criticism of Jones’ aims, senior U.S. officials, including Clinton and Gen. Petraeus, exceeded their constitutional remit in ways that could undermine future security and liberal-democratic ways. The same can be said of Harper and his defence minister.
Their warnings and beseechings raised immeasurably the stakes in this matter. Politicians risked the possibility that a government failure to apparently force Jones to stop—a constitutional impossibility, in any event—would produce more blowback than ever. Now that this pressure has forced Jones to climb down on his own, liberal-democracy’s enemies at home and abroad will be emboldened. The outcome doubtless confirms their doctrinal belief in a soft West that is vulnerable to ever-increasing levels of terrorism and stealth-jihadic demands for endlessly-Islamizing “accommodation.”
There is more to the political overreach problem. The package of freedoms for which the U.S. and Canada sacrifice in South Asia presumably includes the “first freedom”—freedom of expression—in Canada’s Charter and the even more expansive U.S. First Amendment provision. As U.S. Supreme Court decisions remind us, this freedom even protects those wishing to burn the U.S. flag. It is unlikely any ostensibly sacred text could have outranked the flag for such constitutional purposes.
Brief government statements-of-position would have sufficed in the Jones case. Unfortunately, the extremes to which politicians went might encourage future officials to pressure for expanded crisis-driven, religion-based censorship, out of fear of “offending Islam.” Worse, the recent hysteria requires that we ask whether posturing politicians and media are internalizing the Organization of the Islamic Conference’s international objective at the UN of imposing Sharia blasphemy norms on Muslims and non-Muslims worldwide.
In all this, freedom’s adversaries sense weakness. Look at the first declarations of Imam Feisal Rauf, the $100 million Ground Zero mosqueteer, upon returning from the Middle East. Presumably seeing how threats of Islamist violence get politicians to bend, Rauf invoked the logic of protection racketeers when referring to his critics: “if you don’t do this (the mosque) right, anger will explode in the Muslim world. If this is not handled correctly, this crisis could become much bigger than the Danish cartoon crisis.”
And apart from free expression per se, there was also the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution. This clause is the cited authority for separation of religion and state, such as it is. One must ask whether, in their anxiety, officials ventured so far into the religious arena as to have breached relevant rights of Jones and his church-goers (the FBI even visited him). Is it acceptable for leaders and other agents-of-state to play the de facto role of judges of religious acceptability—let alone enforcers of Sharia Koran-handling standards?
In continuing to give the pesky pastor profile, Canadian and U.S. officials contributed to the public’s underestimating of Islamism’s unwavering determination. Rightly or wrongly, Islamic extremists justify their plans to destroy us by citing Koranic and other texts that long predate 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq. But when politicians obsessed about a pulpit bit-player, they implied that our enemies were amenable to temporizing and concessions. We had only to “do the right thing”—or the fault was ours. So politicians’ pleas for Jones’ co-operation have reinforced the false but perversely attractive illusion that peace is within our power to achieve if only we would accommodate the delicate feelings of the Taliban and their cousins abroad and among us.
The terrible implications of this escapist illusion—the increasing abdication of our domestic and foreign policy and ultimate fate to a hostile will—skulked unseen behind this week’s theatrics.
But whatever history’s verdict on Pastor Jones and his Korans, we must recognize that there is no peace in illusions and weakness.
A lawyer with 30 years in intelligence affairs, David Harris is director of the intelligence program INSIGNIS Strategic Research Inc. He has consulted with intelligence organizations in Canada and abroad and served with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service in 1988-90.

Obama, Pastor Terry Jones and Free Speech
By Roger Fredinburg
September 11, 2010
The Obama administration joined with a global cabal of anti-Christian, anti-Semitic Islamic leaders and stuck a knife in the heart of free speech today.
At first I refused to believe what I was reading and seeing on my TV.
The President of the United States of America, General Patreus, Hillary and even the Pentagons top man Robert Gates have jumped into the Koran burning fray regarding Pastor Terry Jones of the Evangelical Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville Florida.
They are trying to intimidate him into cancelling his plans to torch 200 Korans on the anniversary of 911.
Obama and his global goons are trying to convince us that by expressing himself this way, Terry Jones is causing Muslims to become violent.
Muslims around the world Murder and behead Christians and burn bibles almost daily.
How is this 1st amendment expression of outrage a threat to anyone?
Muslims are killing our troops, acting out in all parts of the planet with violence against innocent people, everyday and without any provocation.
It’s what they do…
The President and his minions, blaming Terry Jones for causing Muslim violence, while not accepting responsibility for America’s apathetic approach to global terrorism and border security, is nonsense.
It’s the Muslims, their supporters and enablers who are the real problem.
That should be the focus of the White House and the good folks in the military and the Pentagon.
Trashing the 1st Amendment will not stop Islamic violence.
Letting the Islamic loonies know that we will retaliate against violence with a force second only to Gods wrath, and meaning it and being willing to follow through, that is the only real answer.
Robert Gates, the US Defense Secretary, phoned Pastor Jones on Thursday
Night and asked him to reconsider his plans to burn Korans on Saturday, the Ninth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, because it would Endanger the lives of American and NATO troops.
Instead, he should have been on the phone to the various Muslim leaders around the world explaining what radioactive fallout precautions to take should they fail to restrain their masses of radical adherents.
What’s really sad is, over the years, we have spent trillions of dollars developing and manufacturing weapons that could reduce the Muslim threat to zero in a few micro-seconds if we only had the courage to use them.
That would save many more young American soldiers than anything Terry Jones could ever do.
We apparently lack the guts and the determination to make a real stand that would back off potential threats to America for centuries to come.
And that’s because of what President Eisenhower warned us about on the dangers of the unbridled political power of our Military Industrial Complex.
Taxpayers should be angry about our spending billons of dollars a month in research and development of weapons that will never go to production and will never save a single American life.
The churches web site was yanked (clearly from influences in the White House) and by the decision at the San Antonio, Texas-based web hosting firm Rackspace.
Dan Goodgame, spokesman for Rackspace, said the evangelical Dove World Outreach Center church had, "violated the Offensive Content section of its Acceptable Use policy."
The policy forbids content or links to material that is "excessively violent, incites violence, threatens violence, or contains harassing content or hate speech; and creates a risk to a person's safety or health, creates a risk to public safety or health, compromises national security, or interferes with a investigation by law enforcement."
That means, anyone of us, if accused by big brother of being a threat, can have our voices silenced for no reason and without due process.
Does that sound like the American thing to do?
The churches plans were stalled, at least temporarily after a local Muslim Imam (I leave his name out on purpose) apparently lied to Pastor Jones suggesting the disputed New York Mosque recently in the news would move it’s location away from ground zero, if he would cancel the Koran burning event.
Pastor Jones set the deadline as part of his on-again, off-again threat to burn 200 Korans on Saturday's anniversary of the September 11 attacks.
Without saying what the ultimatum was or whether his Florida church would go ahead with the burning, Pastor Jones and a fellow evangelical leader K.A Paul gave Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf two hours to contact them with an answer.
While I personally would not burn Korans in protest, I do appreciate the 1st amendment protections afforded all Americans.
I think Pastor Jones has exposed a dangerous attitude in the leadership of this country that is leading us towards criminalizing free speech in America.
Forget whether you agree with Jones or not.
Ask yourself who is the real threat… Is it Terry Jones?
Is he threatening anyone?
Who is it rioting in the streets and committing violent acts all over the world?
Who is the real danger?
Is it Terry Jones, who has a constitutional right to express his views and openly show his disgust for Islam?
Or is it the Muslims Jones exposes in his book “The Koran is of the Devil” who are the true evil-doers.
Like Obama did in Arizona, taking the side of drug cartels against his own people, President Obama has also rallied the troops against free speech and is working to placate these 7th century Muslim troglodytes and side with radical Muslims against a small church of 50 people in Gainesville Florida.
It’s despicable, they take an oath to defend the constitution, not condemn it.
I hope my assessment is wrong, but it feels like we have learned a really frightening lesson that, in time, could terminally damage this great land.
Is the lesson that Americans, in order to get what we want from our leaders, should turn to threats of violence?
Must we throw child like tantrums backed up with violent acts to be heard?
If we want to be “respected” by the people who represent us or work for us in government, should we be willing to murder, behead and stone to death folks who disagree with us?
Is that where we need to go?
It sure as heck seems to work for the Islam-a-bobs out there.
Have you been wondering why our leaders avoid answering to the people?
They aren’t afraid of us… (Hopefully after the election they will be)
But then again, maybe that is what separates us from the Islamists.
Demand that our President and the rest of his socialist government goon squad defend our way of life, our freedoms and our constitution, because if they don’t start soon, America just might become violent.
And none of us really wants that…
God Bless America and Long live the Constitution.
And good luck Pastor Jones… (You’ll need it)
Terry Jones Reason of Quran Burning
Blog of A. Fatih Syuhud
11 September 2011
One of the reason of Terry Jones to burn Quran is to make Americans better Christians. Is it so?
Springfield Pastor Bob Old said his decision to burn the Islamic holy book on September 11 has nothing to do with the agenda of the pastor in Florida or the controversy surrounding the mosque in New York.
He has his own reasons behind the demonstrations and no intentions of backing down.
“My plans for Saturday are to take a copy of the Quran and burn it,” said Old.
He’s planning to go forward with the demonstration on 9/11 to be able to make his point and have it heard.
“To the Muslim church I would say the reason I am doing on Saturday because I believe they worship a false god. They have a false text, a false prophet and a false scripture,” said Old.
He said the other two reasons are to teach Americans about their constitutional rights and to make them better Christians.
Pastor Terry Jones and Florida's Burn a Quran Day
Philippe Labrecque
Sept 8, 2010
Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center in Florida has sent a controversial invitation to burn copies of the Quran on September 11. The small city of Gainesville, Florida, better known for the University of Florida's successful sports teams and its swamps full of alligators, is making the world's front pages because of a small church led by pastor Terry Jones, author of a book entitled: Islam is of the Devil. Pastor Jones is planning to burn around 200 copies of the Quran (often spelled Koran) on the property of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida on September 11, 2010 to commemorate the victims of the terrorists attacks committed on the same day in 2001.
The 9/11 Anniversary and Islam
The memories of September 11, 2001 are engraved in our minds and apparently Pastor Jones' mind is bent on burning Qurans on this day of remembrance in order to "send a clear message to the radical element of Islam" in the Pastor's own words. The link to 9/11 and America's relationship with Islam are further illustrated by the recent much heated debate over the upcoming construction of a Muslim community center near Ground Zero.
Those against the project includes major players like former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin while those arguing in favor of the project on the basis of protecting freedom of religion includes New York's Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and even a public declaration from President Obama himself toward upholding freedom of religion.
The planned burning takes place in the midst of what many call a rise in intolerance vis-à-vis Muslims as many Mosques and projects to build Mosques have been targeted and opposed by protesters across the United States. The up-coming mid-term election is likely to polarize the electorate over the issues of of the Islamic community center and events in the spirit of the book burning may very well be exploited by politicians on both sides to gain political support in the hopes of the getting elected.
American Responses and Backlash
Former Senator of the State of New York and current State Secretary Hillary Clinton has condemned the planned burning of Qurans as "disrespectful and disgraceful" while General David Petraeus, instigator of the surge strategy in Iraq under the Bush administration and current commander of all U.S. troops in Afghanistan, has warned that Pastor Terry Jones' actions will lead to retaliation against U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq and put Americans in danger while serving the propaganda machine of al-Qaeda and the Talibans against the West and the allied forces.
Many American inter-religious organizations from Islam, Judaism, and Christianity have united to denounced what they consider to be a gesture of hatred by Pastor Jones and his followers. The Vatican and Nato Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen have also taken strong stances against the burn a Quran day and stated that such actions were against Christian and Nato values respectively.
The Response of the Islamic World
Despite refusing the permission to hold an open-air fire to Pastor Jones, the police of Gainesville is legally prohibited to physically stop the burning until the fire is actually set ablaze. Freedom of expression being paramount in the United States, extremist groups like the KKK (Ku-Klux Klan) have used their right to free speech in the past to parade in sensitive neighborhoods and even in Washington. It is therefore difficult for the authorities to intervene without infringing on rights guaranteed by the American constitution.
Public reaction in Afghanistan led protesters to chant "Death to America" while burning an effigy of Paster Terry Jones. Reactions differed from around the Islamic world, ranking from the front page of newspapers in Egypt and on al-Jazeera to being only sparsely covered in Iran's national media, although Iran's Arabic television channel al-Alam made the Quran burning its main story and mentioned the many voices against the bonfire in America while stating that there is a "deeply-rooted hatred of Zionist Christians" of Islam.