Thursday, October 14, 2010

How is Obama's Healthcare Working Out?

Millions to Lose Healthcare Insurance Because of ObamaCare
ObamaCare is working exactly as Democrats intended
By Fred Dardick
Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Pundits lately have been pointing to raising healthcare costs and the granting of exemptions to over 100 unions and corporations as evidence that ObamaCare is hopelessly broken. On the contrary, I would argue that ObamaCare is working exactly as Democrats intended. It was never meant to improve the existing healthcare system or provide coverage to those who don’t have it… it was specifically designed to collapse the private insurance industry by driving up costs leaving Americans no other choice but turn to the government for their healthcare needs, and in that respect it is a resounding success.
The ultimate goal of Democrat healthcare reform has always been single payer. The original plan was to create a public option with limited enrollment while planting the seeds for the collapse of the private healthcare system. By getting rid of preexisting conditions, lifetime caps on payouts and elevating minimum coverage requirements, the stage was set for private insurance costs to necessarily skyrocket.
Democrats were fully aware that millions of Americans would lose their healthcare insurance because of the legislation. Using the “you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs” rational, they are prepared to sacrifice the health of Americans in order to achieve their goal… total government takeover of the healthcare system.
Obama admitted as much a few weeks ago when he went on the Jon Stewart Show and said this, “We’ve put a framework in place that (will allow) us to continue to make progress.” By progress he means the complete destruction of the private healthcare insurance industry in America.
By categorizing ObamaCare as a “failure” does a disservice to the American people. In actuality millions of Americans losing their coverage is exactly what Obama and Democrats had in mind when they created the legislation in the first place.
Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste
The election of Scott Brown put a crimp in the Democrat’s plans. Because of the limitations of the reconciliation process, they couldn’t just jam the public option into the final version of the bill. This meant the loss of government safety net that Democrats had planned to replace the private insurance industry.
Rather than backing off and starting again, Democrats went ahead and passed a bill that had all the “destroy private healthcare” provisions in it without any of the “nanny state coverage”. They figured that once millions of Americans lost their insurance the people would demand government run healthcare.
Pelosi, Reid and Obama had no problem creating a law designed to intentionally hurt the American people, but when faced with the prospect of a public backlash they caved and granted exceptions to 111 businesses and unions that will allow 1.2 million to keep their current plan.
For every exemption the administration granted, there are dozens more businesses that don’t have the political connections to get one of their own, meaning many Americans will lose their healthcare insurance starting in 2011 with many more to follow. It has been estimated that 20% of small businesses and 6% with 500 or more employees will drop healthcare coverage altogether by 2014.
The Democrat’s attempt to manufacture one of their patented “crises” has backfired. Rather than being in a position to push through single payer in the next election cycle as they had hoped, their overreach has energized the conservative resurgence that wiped out Congressional Democrats in 2010 and will sweep Obama out of office in 2012.
Then the only sensible solution will be the full repeal of ObamaCare.
All the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Obama Care back together again
Physicians are now telling their patients that they will no longer take Medicare because of the dramatic cuts in the reimbursement schedule
By Jim Campbell
Tuesday, November 16, 2010
During the Health Care Summit last February, Representative Paul Ryan (R-W) told President Obama, using Congressional Budget Office (CBO) numbers that the bill would not decrease the costs of health care insurance but increase them dramatically.
The bill was filled with smoke and mirrors. One half a trillion dollars are stripped from Medicare. He was able to do this in spite of the legerdemain involved with hiding monies and removing them from the budget so they would not be counted.
Senator Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were so eager to pass the bill, that the speakers commented; “we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it.” Well Speaker Pelosi, the day of reckoning has arrived and it’s December 1st.
In the infamous words of Dr. Jeremiah Wright, “the chickens have come home to roost.
Physicians are now telling their patients that they will no longer take Medicare because of the dramatic cuts in the reimbursement schedule.
In a recent article by Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar of the Associated Press, he noted that Breast cancer surgeon Kathryn Wagner, M.D. has posted a warning in her waiting room about a different sort of risk to patients’ health:
She’ll stop taking new Medicare cases if Congress allows looming cuts in doctor’s pay to go through. The scheduled cuts – the result of a failed system set up years ago to control costs, have raised alarms that real damage to Medicare could result if the lame-duck Congress winds up in a partisan standoff and fails to act by Dec. 1.
That’s when an initial 23 percent reduction would hit. Neither Democrats nor newly empowered Republicans want the sudden cuts, but there’s no consensus on how to stave them off.
The debate over high deficits complicates matters, since every penny going to pay physicians will have to come from cuts elsewhere. A reprieve of a few months may be the likeliest outcome.
That may not reassure doctors. “My frustration level is at a nine or 10 right now,” said Wagner, who practices in San Antonio. “I am exceptionally exhausted with these annual and biannual threats to cut my reimbursement by drastic amounts.
As a business person, I can’t budget at all because I have no idea how much money is going to come in. Medicine is a business. Private practice is a business.”
The cuts have nothing to do with President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul. They’re the consequence of a 1990s budget-balancing law whose requirements Congress has routinely postponed. But these cuts don’t go away; they come back for a bigger bite.
John C. Hogan III, M.D. an ophthalmologist in private practice in Kansas City, North, is the president of the Metropolitan Medical Society of Greater Kansas City and the editor of the journal Missouri Medicine.
He tells the readers of the Kansas City Star, that more Medicare cuts will force doctors to ration treatment. For 35 years, he has practiced as an ophthalmologist in Kansas City. Seniors and military families are his favorite patients. On Dec. 1, many physicians may no longer be able to provide medical care to people covered by Medicare or Tricare military insurance.
This is principally the result of Medicare reimbursement for physicians have long been decreasing. In the late 1980s, surgical removal of a cataract, insertion of an intra-ocular lens and three months of post-operative care was reimbursed $1,600 by Medicare. The figure now is $571.72 and falling.
All of this comes as no surprise to those that have been following the issue. In fact, it fails to take into account the number of physicians that will close their practices causing immediate rationing of care. Two of three physicians surveyed have indicated they would quit practicing medicine if the health care legislation became law.
The Democrats cry that there has never been any compromise on the part of Republicans. The Republicans
counter with the private sector being the best way and least expensive way to cut costs, deliver outstanding service and treatment to patients while making affordable insurance available to all through malpractice reform; no longer allowing insurance companies to deny treatment for pre-existing conditions while allowing patients and employers to shop for policies that fit their needs across state lines.
The Republican also note that President Obama would never allow the Republican Minority plan to be introduced.
This has never been about healthcare, it has been the desire to create a larger government, a nanny state where Americans become more and more beholden to perceived handouts by a federal government gone wild.
The Republicans on the other hand, see this as a Constitutional violation and further encroachment of tyranny forced upon the people. There will be no compromise. Those Democrats still holding office will soon be coming up for election. Notably few Democrats voting for Obama Care were left standing after Election Day.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C.  
Obama’s Healthcare Rules Will Shut Down Catholic Hospitals Nationwide
This effort to force all healthcare providers to provide abortion is a serious threat to the nation’s healthcare system
By Warner Todd Huston
Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Some of Obamacare’s most destructive forces are quickly becoming common knowledge. We have, for instance, become painfully aware that Obama’s claim that we all could keep our plans and doctors “if you like them” is an outright falsehood as some people are already losing their coverage. It is also becoming clear that companies will be dropping plans all over the place making a lie of the idea that plans will be cheaper and easier to get once Obamacre comes into force. Another aspect of the destructive nature of this top down-style of “healthcare” is that once government takes over the system Democrats will assume they have the power to force religious-based healthcare providers to perform abortions and this will cause thousands of facilities to close down. This will, of course, make care even harder to get in many cities across the nation as hospital beds are lost in great numbers.
In fact, we are already seeing this disastrous situation of closing hospitals playing out in Scranton, Pennsylvania where three Catholic-operated hospitals are likely going to be shut down and/or sold off because of the negative affects Obamacare will have on these facilities.
Kevin Cook, the CEO of Mercy Health Partners, the company that operates these three hospitals, told WNEP TV News that Obamacare “absolutely” playing a role in the decision to sell off the facilities.
“Health care reform is absolutely playing a role.” Cook said. “Was it the precipitating factor in this decision? No, but was it a factor in our planning over the next five years? Absolutely.”
Almost immediately Obama associate Carol Keehan of the Catholic Health Association came out to slam Mr. Cook.
Keehan’s press release says in part: “Reports that health reform is the primary motive behind the sale are completely false, misleading and politically motivated. Deliberations to sell the facilities began well before the Affordable Care Act became law and did not hinge on enactment of the legislation.”
The CHA is a for profit company that works for some Catholic hospitals as a sort of trade association and Keehan is a close associate of the president and a prominent supporter of Obamacare. Keehan was even a recipient of one of the 21 pens that Obama used to sign the Orwellian named Affordable Care Act—much to the chagrin of Catholic Bishops.
This Keehan apostate is constantly put forth by the Old Media as some representative of Catholic hospitals. Worse few Old Media outlets note that she is an Obamacare activist and Obama associate.
As Jeffery Lord of the Spectator says, “In other words, Sister Carol is not just some kindly nun who reminds you of the nun whacking your knuckles in grade school for this or that offense. No, in the world of Washington Sister Carol is a powerhouse lobbyist—make that a liberal social justice lobbyist—with a clear set of political skills and a very, very high-powered set of very elite friends.”
For instance, back in March the AP passed off a false news story attempting to mislead the public into thinking that Catholic hospitals supported Obama’s healthcare bill. AP then reported the support of Obamacare announced by the CHA, an independent group that does not represent the Catholic Church nor Catholic hospitals per se, and conflated that announcement to a claim as if all Catholic hospitals and therefore the Church itself were standing behind Obama’s take over of the nation’s healthcare system.
AP reported the announcement by the CHA and made as if it somehow represented “Catholics,” but this group has no official relationship with the Catholic Church, nor does it represent any groups of religious Catholics, nor serve as a source for Catholic teaching or doctrine. Needless to say the CHA also does not represent all Catholic hospitals but only the few that have paid to join her association.
The costs that Obamacare will force upon hospitals isn’t the only problem for Catholic-based healthcare. Obama, his party, and their pro-infanticide supporting associates also intend to force Catholic and other religious based healthcare facilities to perform abortions whether it violates their consciences or not.
Recently former Senator Rick Santorum (R, Penn) raised this point in an editorial for Santorum cites a new effort by the ACLU to get Dr. Donald Berwick, Obama’s controversial abortion supporting recess appointment to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, to force all healthcare providers to perform abortion procedures.
Santorum rails against this effort saying: “This abuse of conscience betrays American principles that go back at least to the country’s founding, when George Washington respected the pacifist consciences of Quakers. Similarly, since Roe v. Wade and under both political parties, Congress has passed laws that respect the consciences of health-care workers.”
This effort to force all healthcare providers to provide abortion is a serious threat to the nation’s healthcare system.
By 2005 there were over 615 Catholic hospitals, some 400 healthcare centers, and over 1,500 specialized healthcare homes. These facilities employ almost 600,000 employees and accounted for more than 20% of all hospital admissions. And this is just the Catholic oriented healthcare facilities.
As the realities of the strict, anti-religious qualities of Obamacare dawns on people and as the government begins to crack down on religious organizations forcing them to obviate their consciences the eventual result will be the end of religious-based healthcare institutions. This will leave millions of Americans underserved and will also leave their health in danger.
ObamaCare Unrest & Resistance Moves to MDs
Physicians form society to challenge AMA and ObamaCare
By Jerry McConnell
Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Each passing day seems to bring to the surface one complaint or outright refusal to accept and adopt the fiscal monstrosity of ObamaCare that was sneaked through the Congress during a night-time session last Summer with the help of several constituent betraying, conservative pretending, nick-named Blue Dog Democrats who, in order to get elected, promised to be at a minimum, fiscally conservative.
Well as the old saying goes, a political promise is about as valid as a brothel resident’s promise of a “good time.” They take your money (vote) and leave you breathless with expectation, but rarely produce any joy.
In the October 11, 2010 online edition of the an article by Jim Kouri titled, “Physicians form society to challenge AMA and ObamaCare” displayed a photo at the beginning showing demonstrators with a large banner stating: “SPEAK UP AMERICA - HEALTHCARE IS OUR RIGHT” with the apparent sponsor name “American Medical Student Association” (AMSA) and a superimposed photo of Barack Obama captioned, “Most Americans want government out of their bedrooms and out of hospital operating rooms.”
The AMSA is a group of some 68,000 medical students in training to become medical doctors, showing me at least, that here are young people who aren’t even in the business of medical care as yet, protesting Obama’s intrusion in their chosen field of endeavor; and not liking it.
So if these fledgling ‘wannabee’ MDs are already complaining about Obamacare, can the real, with wall certificates to prove it, bona fide medical doctors be very far behind? The answer is NO; and in a big way as is put forth in Kouri’s column mentioned above who stated that while Obama and his cohorts in Congress gave the impression that the “nation’s physicians who were members of the AMA” (American Medical Association) had endorsed this medical “power grab”.
But as Kouri points out, “What Obama’s transparent White House failed to mention is that most of this nation’s practicing medical doctors are NOT members of the AMA.” There are some who say that the percentage of medical doctors who are members of AMA is less than ten percent of the total number of doctors in America including “Adam F. Dorin, M.D., MBA, founder of Physicians Against ObamaCare and co-founder of the National Doctors Tea Party.”
I was heartened as I read that last organizational title accompanying Dr. Dorin’s name. I will repeat it: ‘Physicians Against ObamaCare and the National Doctor’s Tea Party.” One great title with two great objectives considering that in some quarters there are estimates of close to 7 out of every 10 Americans who would willingly support both of these end designs. Hail Dr. Dorin.
The Tea Party part is particularly intriguing to think that a group of professional medical practitioners with degrees to show are in agreement with so many millions of Tea, as in Taxed Enough Already, Party Patriots and conservative followers of good governance.
Can anybody forget those so obviously phony and “doctored” TV spots Obama and company had shown on many occasions in the weeks and months leading up to the day of the vote for this budget-busting scheme that will destroy the finest health care system present any where in the world right here in the United States?
The bunches of “doctors” in their white lab coats and prominent stethoscopes were meant to prey on Mary and John Q. Public’s minds, intending to show that ALL doctors were in approval. While there may have been some White House doctors directed to appear, most were more likely bit part actors with no speaking lines.
But as we have become more aware, the Obama Administration and his Congressional cohorts are expert in pushing the lie; a common staple in liberal circles.
What we might see in the days to come is an AMSA (remember? American Medical Student Association) Tea Party. That would be an exciting event to witness all of those young, energetic and enthusiastic future purveyors of medicine marching along with their fellow conservative Tea Party Patriots.
In the meantime, we will have to be content with hearing about the ever-increasing complaints and the negatives being uncovered in the ObamaCareCatastrophe. First it was McDonald’s who said they would opt out of the plan, then Jack-in-the-Box, while more and more states are planning legal actions to allow their residents to “opt out” of the excessively binding rules in the Act.
And have you noticed how many liberal Democrats running for election or reelection are not only distancing themselves from ObamaCare but show are downright disapproval of it? Of course, as most liberals often do, if elected they will no doubt claim to have been “misquoted.”
H1N1+M-C G-W+Obama Care vs. Truth
Controlling the masses
By Ron Ewart
Friday, August 20, 2010
“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” —Thomas Jefferson to Charles Yancey, 1816. ME 14:384
What a bunch of saps Americans are! It seems they will believe just about anything, just so long as the “anything” is delivered by someone in authority, or someone who purports to possess the necessary credentials. Very few of us apply our innate logic, intellect, reason or common sense to the “crap” that government dishes out.
It also appears that truth is the first casualty of a corrupt government. In its place comes a never-ending parade of propaganda, hype, distortions and lies with which to manipulate the masses. A steady stream of propaganda and outright lies that are offered up by an elite class of people who delusionally believe that they are smarter than anyone else and their perceived superior intelligence gives them the right to “control” the people with whatever un-truths they can dream up. A few 20th Century megalomaniacs come to mind.
This elite class has become masters at dreaming up whoppers of un-truths. All they have to do is get some scientist or other so-called expert, (Al Gore) to issue “credible” statements, backing up the un-truths. It turns out that some scientists, or experts, would sell their own mother, if the price is right and there is never a deficiency of people who will lie for money.
You got duped by government into believing that you were doomed unless you got a virus shot
So let’s start with the con that was the H1N1 virus. You got duped by government into believing that you were doomed unless you got a virus shot and the companies that manufactured the vaccine got obscenely rich off of your money. Meanwhile, the peddlers of this fraud (government) sat back in their easy chairs and stroked their egos with how brilliant they were in catching the epidemic before it wiped out all human life on the planet. What a crock!
Remember when Margaret Chan, director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO), said at an April 29, 2009 emergency meeting in Geneva “It really is all of humanity that is under threat?” Really! WHO then raised the virus threat level to six, the highest level on their “scare” chart. What was the outcome from all this H1N1 virus non-sense? Slightly more severe than a normal flu season. God how governments love emergencies, real, imagined or manufactured.
Then there’s man-caused global warming. To derail your skepticism over the man-caused part of global warming, academia and government, aided and abetted by the ever-complicit news media, changed the name to “climate change”. That was really a clever move on their part because they are right. The climate does change ..... by the second and it changes so dramatically, in short time intervals and due to numerous variables, it renders predicting climate over long or even short periods of time, extremely difficult, if not virtually impossible. The minute a climate computer model is issued, it’s wrong. A daily weather report is only good for about two to four hours and they would have us believe that they can predict climate changes out a hundred years or more? And of course it is imputed from their computer models that man is the culprit, the perpetrator and the evil doer and must be regulated down to the nth degree. No, it couldn’t be the natural forces of the Earth at work. It has to be evil humans.
In response to this manufactured emergency, they would institute a scheme that caps carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions at arbitrary levels and then they set up an exchange (The Chicago Climate Exchange) to “trade” CO2 emissions between those industries that exceed the levels and those that fall under the levels. And who makes up the Chicago Climate Exchange who will reap huge riches from this scheme? That’s right Goldman Sachs, Al Gore and plethora of the elite who smelled gold under those clouds of CO2. This isn’t science. This is pure and simple grand-scale, international racketeering.
For those of you still riding on the fence of man-caused global warming, we have repeated below a few excerpts from an article we wrote on global warming that was published in the Seattle Times as a guest editorial in December of 2005. The Seattle Times is now so in the tank for this fraud, they wouldn’t print the article today.
“The Earth has endured sunspots, reversing poles, shifting magnetic fields, drifting continents, asteroid and comet collisions, and ice ages in its 4.5 billion-year history. It has experienced the wondrous 165 million-year dinosaur experiment. Six hundred million years ago, the “Cambrian explosion” occurred, when life almost magically erupted, emerged and evolved at a pace never before seen.”
“Over its lifetime, the Earth spun, tilted, heaved, shifted, rose and shrunk, drastically changed, expelled gases and molten lava, grew hot and then cold. Continents drifted first toward each other (Pangea) and then away. Polar ice caps and glaciers melted and sea levels rose and then lowered.”
“About 12,000 years ago, one-third of the Earth’s surface was covered in a layer of ice more than one mile thick. During that ice age, which lasted longer than civilized man has lived on Earth, there were no animals, plants, insects or habitat that could survive in this harsh environment. But life on Earth still survived in other places less-hostile. The ultimate thaw and the rushing torrent carved deep gouges and massive channels in the Earth’s surface. It created riverbeds and dry falls and lakes and inland seas and other features in the Earth’s crust, not there before. Now that was global warming on a grand scale.”
“Whole forests grew and then died out. Mountains rose out of the bowels of the Earth, pushed up by continents in collision and then flattened back into the crust. Rivers changed direction. Monster lakes were formed. Giant meteors struck the Earth at galactic speeds, carving massive holes in the crust and sending continent-size clouds of sunlight-dimming dust into the atmosphere. The atmosphere became opaque and cut off the life-giving sunlight, rendering lifeless enormous parts of the planet. Millions of species of plants and animals evolved, survived, reproduced and then died out, to be replaced by entirely different species of plants and animals.”
“However, major changes seldom occurred in cataclysmic events. They almost always took place agonizingly slowly, over eons of time, through the tedious, grinding, random, chaotic, disorganized process of natural evolution. The variables were almost infinite and still are.”
“And today, those same agonizingly slow processes are at work. We are an integral part of those processes but we will have little or no effect on any final outcome. We will but only tickle the grander elements such as the sun, the moon and the Earth itself, none of which are predictable, much less measurable to the degree necessary for accurate long-range predictions. NO, man is not the cause of climate change. If the real truth be known, the Earth is fickle and anything is possible under the Sun in terms of climate change.”
Then of course, there is the way in which the U. S. Government is handling our southern border. The lies coming out of the Obama administration regarding the conditions on the border, should make all of their noses shoot out of their faces for at least several feet. Pinocchio is a saint compared to these liars. If you want to know what is really happening on the southern border, at least on the Arizona border, we strongly suggest you read the story by rancher Ed Ashurst. Ed lives and manages the ranch next to Robert Krentz’s ranch, who was gunned down by a drug runner or other illegal alien, in March of this year.
Ed’s gripping story appears here: .
We’ll close with a few thoughts on the crime that is ObamaCare. No, ObamaCare isn’t going to lower health care costs, it’s going to raise them, dramatically. Insurance premiums are already rising. No, health care isn’t going to get better, it is going to get worse, much worse. Because you see, when government controls the money, they will control how the money will be spent. Yes, there will be panels established in the ObamaCare bureaucracy, to not only arbitrarily mandate the scope and breadth of what will be covered, but also how much each procedure or service is to cost. Doctors and nurses will be slaves to the health care system, many will leave the profession and those that remain will end up delivering lower quality health care due to the sheer volume of patients they must see.
Yes, there will be lines and waiting periods, long waiting periods, just like Canada and England. Yes, more people, especially older people, will die as a direct result of ObamaCare. And eventually, the system will evolve into a low-quality, single-payer system which is exactly what Obama, Pelosi and Reid wanted in the first place and they knew that ObamaCare would morph into a single-payer system as the private insurance system unraveled.
The fact is, they lied and they lied and they lied and they are still lying. If you believe them, then you are nothing but a stupid fly that has been, or will be caught in the spider’s web and the web’s maker is salivating over how you will taste.
No, the propaganda being handed down by the Obama Administration on the H1N1 virus, man-caused global warming, ObamaCare and our southern border are so far from the truth, that the gap is too wide to breach. Why Americans continue to roll over and play dead for this treason, defies explanation. It appears that Jefferson’s admonishment has come to pass.