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Are the Illuminati for Real? (Part 2)

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications who directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years but the world is now more sophisticated & prepared to march towards a world government which will never again know war but only peace and prosperity for the whole of authority."
-- David Rockefeller, CFR/Bilderberg/TC, 5 June 1991.

The Illuminati
Part 1
By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
October 18, 2010
[Note: With the national elections only two weeks away, few people seem to realize President Obama’s dirty little secret. That is he will not be all that sad if the Republicans win control of the U.S. House and/or Senate. He figures that two years from now if the economy is better, he’ll be able to win re-election based upon that. But if things aren’t better, he plans to say that’s the fault of the Republicans who control the House and/or Senate. He’ll then say that since he’s not to blame, the people should therefore re-elect him as President.]
The Illuminati (called “The Order” by its members) was a secret society founded on May 1, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt. According to University of Edinburgh professor (and General Secretary of the Royal Society of Edinburgh) John Robinson in Proofs of a Conspiracy (1798), its purpose was to root out all religion and ordinary morality, abolish national distinctions, demean patriotism, and “rule the world.”
Weishaupt had been a Jesuit and professor of Canon Law at the University at Ingolstadt (Bavaria), and he initially called his secret society Perfektibilisten. According to Will and Ariel Durant in Rousseau and Revolution (1967), Weishaupt “followed the model of the Society of Jesus [Jesuits], divided his associates into grades of initiation, and pledged them to obey their leaders in a campaign to ‘unite all men capable of independent thought,’ make man ‘a masterpiece of reason, and thus attain highest perfection in the art of government’.” Weishaupt said, “Reason will be the only code of man…. When at last reason becomes the religion of man, so will the problem be solved.” To Weishaupt (Illuminati code name Spartacus), the “problem” was all authority, monarchical and religious, as well as ownership of private property.
Weishaupt believed that he had developed a plan that could not be stopped, saying “my means are effectual, and irresistable. Our secret association works in a way that nothing can withstand.” A key component of his plan included directing academic and religious education. If the Illuminati “was to govern the world,” as they believed, they had to “acquire the direction of education—of church management—of the professorial chair, and the pulpit” (Robinson, page 109). From Illuminati “secret correspondence” Robinson found their “Instruction B for the whole degree of Regent” that included winning “the common people in every corner. This will be done chiefly by means of the schools, and by open, hearty behavior, show condescension, popularity and toleration of their prejudices which we shall at leisure root out and dispel.”
According to Friedrich Christoph Schlosser’s History of the eighteenth century and of the nineteenth till the overthrow of the French Empire: With particular reference to mental cultivation and progress (Vol. IV, 1845), the Illuminati was particularly interested in princes, declaring that their “grand object shall be to disseminate true knowledge among classes, and to bring the ruling princes under guardianship of the order.” One way the Illuminati did this was to place their members as tutors of the children of nobility, especially princes who would later become rulers of countries. Such is the case of Alexander I of Russia who came under the influence of the Illuminati at a young age.
The secret correspondence of the Illuminati also revealed their plan to use the liberation of women for their purposes, as is stated “There is no way of influencing men so powerfully as by means of the women. These should therefore be our chief study; we should insinuate ourselves into their good opinion, give them hints of emancipation from the tyranny of public opinion and of standing up for themselves; it will be an immense relief to their enslaved minds to be freed from any one bond of restraint, and it will fire them more, and cause them to work for us with zeal, without knowing that they do so; for they will only be indulging their own desire of personal admiration.”
Concerning religious education, Terry Melanson of the online Illuminati Conspiracy Archive said “Weishaupt and his control turned Jesus into a socialist revolutionary: representing Him as a secret society adept, who came to preach egalitarian virtue.” In a letter dated September 19, 1776, Weishaupt refers to “our grand master, Jesus of Nazareth.”
In terms of morality, Robinson indicated the Illuminati’s plan included “destroying the veneration of marriage-vows.” And he includes a letter from Illuminist Count Ludwig Savioli (code name Brutus) stating: “The Order must possess the power of life and death in consequence of our Oath… by the same right that any government in the world possesses it: For the Order comes in their place, making them unnecessary.” This power of life and death included abortion, as Robinson wrote that in the handwriting of Franz Zwack (Weishaupt’s closest confidant, and code name Cato) was “description of a strong box, which, if forced open, shall blow up and destroy its contents—Several receipts for procuring abortion—A composition which blinds or kills when spurted in the face… A method for filling a bed-chamber with pestilential vapours….” Regarding abortion, Weishaupt wrote to confidant Jakob Hertel (code name Marius) in September 1783 that Weishaupt and his sister-in-law “have tried every method in our power to destroy the child” in her womb.
Not only did the members of the Illuminati have code names, but symbols as well. According to Librarian of Congress and Rhodes Scholar James Billington in Fire in the Minds of Men (1980), “Weishaupt described his recruitment of Illuminists from within Masonic Lodges in Munich as ‘the progress of the [picture of a point in the middle of a circle]’ in the political area.” Also, if one looks at the Masonic website, one can see the owl as an Illuminati symbol for their Minerval degree, which was just above the class of Novice. In Greek mythology, Minerva (Pallas-Athene or Athena) was the goddess of wisdom and reason. The Illuminati’s Censor at the Minerval Assembly (at night) bows in front of the pyramid painted there. At this point, you might remember the gigantic carved owl present at the Bohemian Grove in California where many of the elite yearly gather in secret.
Robinson related that once one became an Illuminatus Minor, “the pupil is warmed by the pictures of universal happiness, and convinced that it is a possible thing to unite all the inhabitants of the earth in one great society…. [Then] it may frequently be no hard task to make him think that patriotism is a narrow-minded monopolizing sentiment.” In a strategy Fabian Socialists later would adopt, the Illuminatus Minor also is told: “We must do our utmost to procure our advancement of Illuminati to all civil offices.” Fabian Socialist H.G. Wells in New Worlds for Old (1907) revealed: “Socialism ceased to be an open revolution, and became a plot. Functions were to be shifted, quietly, unostentatiously, from the representative to the official he appointed: a bureaucracy was to slip into power….”
Baron Adolph von Knigge (code name Philo) was Weishaupt’s second-in-command from 1780-1784. And according to Robinson, “his favorite scheme” was to create “Citizens of the World.” You might reflect at this point whether you have heard any leading political figures recently refer to themselves as “Citizens of the World.” Thus, whether it’s world citizenship, abortion, women’s liberation, or some other issue today, one can probably trace its origins back to being part of the Illuminati’s plan.
The Illuminati
Part 2
By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
November 1, 2010
[Note: Only a few weeks into the school year, values instruction is occurring in nearly every school in the nation. If you ask the schools’ leadership what values they are teaching, the response will be “only the values such as honesty upon which we all agree.” Most parents, including Christians, unfortunately accept this answer. However, there are two problems with the quoted response above. First, the word “all” is incorrect because some people believe it is acceptable, based upon the situation, to be dishonest. Secondly, the word “we” means man, not God, is the final moral arbiter of what is right or wrong (e.g., currently a majority of Americans have agreed not to ban abortion even though God has indicated abortion is wrong). This is the same position Satan persuaded Eve to take in the Garden of Eden regarding whether to eat the forbidden fruit, and it is essentially what Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt meant when he said “Reason will be the only code of man… (the) religion of man.”
On October 18, Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki went to Iran to get their public backing for his re-election. Is this what American soldiers died to bring about—an Iraqi leader approved by the terrorist-sponsoring theocratic leaders of Iran (remember that the Iraq constitution says their freedoms cannot be abridged “except in accordance with the {Islamic/Shariah} law”?) Also, according to TIME (November 8, 2010), the latest WikiLeaks revelations detail the brutal treatment of prisoners by Iraqi security forces since Saddam’s fall. Did American soldiers die for this, too?]
At the end of Part 1 of this series, I mentioned the acceptance of world citizenship was an important part of the Illuminati’s plot (just as it’s an important part of the plan of the Power Elite [PE] today). Relevant to this, shortly after Ernst von Gochhausen was dismissed from the Illuminati, he wrote a novel titled Exposure of the Cosmopolitan System: In letters from ex-Freemasons (1786), in which the hero asks his superior, “What purpose do the Illuminati have in infiltrating and dominating Masonry?” The response was, “To emancipate all of mankind from religious and political slavery.” And the superior continued: “When nations are no longer separated from one another; when citizens are no longer influenced by the exclusive interest of any state or the parochial sentiment of patriotism…. World citizenship. What does it mean? You are either a citizen or you are a rebel. There is no third choice….”
Concerning the strategies of the Illuminati, they are similar to those of the PE today. For example, the Illuminati adopted the Machiavellian concept that “the end justifies the means,” contrary to the Biblical admonition that one should not do evil that “good” may come from it. Today, one can see some of the PE’s activities regarding population control as exhibiting the same perspective of “end justifies means.”
The plot of the Illuminati began to be exposed by the Bavarian Court of Enquiry which commenced its investigation in 1983, and it concluded with the abolishment of the Illuminati in 1786. There had already been friction within Weishaupt’s ranks as Baron Adolph von Knigge (code name Philo), who was initiated into the Illuminati in July 1780 and was Weishaupt’s second in command, resigned on April 20, 1784 over Weishaupt’s direction and dictatorial management of the Order as revealed in the Supplement of Further Original Works (1787) regarding the Illuminati. Next year (1788), Baron von Knigge wrote: “As a rule, under the veil of secrecy, dangerous plans and harmful teachings can be accepted just as well as noble intentions and profound knowledge; because not all members themselves are informed of such depraved intentions, which sometimes tend to lie hidden beneath the beautiful fa├žade….” (See Steven Luckert’s dissertation titled Jesuits, Freemasons, Illuminati, and Jacobins: Conspiracy theories, secret societies, and politics in late eighteenth-century Germany).
In the same year (1787) the Supplement of Further Original Works was published, so were the Original Writing of the Illuminati published in Munich by Johann Strobl (code name Ediles), who was dismissed by the Order in 1783 and became an ardent opponent of it.
Even though the Illuminati had been abolished in 1786, Weishaupt already had a plan for its continuation. In Augustin Barruel’s Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism (1798), Weishaupt is quoted as stating: “I have foreseen every thing, and I have prepared every thing. Let my whole Order go to rack and ruin; in three years I will answer to restore it, and that to a more powerful state than it is in at present…. I [shall] rise stronger than ever…. I can sacrifice whole provinces, the desertion of a few individuals, therefore, will not alarm me.”
With the abolishment of the Illuminati in Bavaria in 1786, Weishaupt fled to the court of Saxe-Gotha under the protection of Duke Ludwig Ernst II, who ruled there and was a high-ranking Illuminatus (code name Quintus Severus/Timoleon). Ernst II was initiated into the Illuminati in 1783, and today’s British royal family are his direct descendants. According to Rene Le Forestier in Les Illumines de Baviere et la Franc-Maconnerie Allemande (1915), Ernst II on February 25, 1777 had become a member of the Strict Observance Masonic lodge, and a banquet table was brought in having the shape of a T—“a symbol noticeable on monuments of the old Knights Templar.”
Taking over the Illuminati leadership in 1786 was Johann Bode (code name Aemilius/Winefried), and in 1787 he founded a branch of the Illuminati in the Les Amis Reunis lodge in Paris. Bode adopted the name Philadelphes, rather than Illuminati, in France. And in an interview with Charles Porset in the December 1995 edition of Humanisme (publication of the Grand Orient Masonic Lodge of France), there is reference to a 1789 document holding the Philadelphes responsible for the French Revolution which began that year.
It is entirely logical that the Illuminati would be a prime instigator of the French Revolution as the theories of French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau, who greatly influenced Weishaupt, inspired the Revolution. In addition, according to Librarian of Congress (and Rhodes scholar) James Billington in Fire in the Minds of Men (1980): “It was [Jacobin and French revolutionist] Honore Mirabeau’s ‘evocative’ language and his popularization of Illuminist concepts that, during the early years of the Revolution, swayed many of the conspirators in Paris.” Prominent Freemason Marquis de Luchet (who obtained the position of Bibliotheque for Voltaire) in the first year of the Revolution (1789) warned in Essai Sur La Secte Des Illumines about the infiltration of the Illuminati into the Masonic lodges, saying: “You who are misled, or could be, know that there is a conspiracy…. It was formed in the deepest darkness; a society of new beings who know each other without being seen, who understand each other without explanation, who serve without friendship. The goal of the society is world government, taking over the authority of sovereigns, taking their place, and leaving them nothing more than the empty honour of wearing the crown.”
The Illuminati not only spread to France, but to other countries as well. According to Le Forestier, King Frederick William II of Prussia wrote to Frederick Augustus I (Elector of Saxony) on October 3, 1789 that he had been informed that “a Masonic sect, who are called Illuminati or Minervals, after having been expelled from Bavaria, have become formidable and have spread rapidly throughout the whole of Germany and into neighboring countries.”
In Germany, the philosophical Jacobin Johann Gottlieb Fichte, though not a member of the Illuminati, was accused of having sympathy for them. Fichte actually developed the “dialectical process” before Georg Hegel to whom this process is attributed. Terry Pinkard in Hegel: A Biography (2001), revealed that Hegel was mentored by Illuminati member Jacob Abel (code name Pythagoras).
Terry Melanson of the online Illuminati Conspiracy Archive (a website with extensive research information) indicated that “one of the core concepts that influenced him [Hegel] was the notion of a single ‘philosophy of history’.” And according to Reinhart Koselleck in Critique and Crisis: Enlightenment and the Modern Society (1988), this philosophy “substantiated the elitist consciousness of the Enlightenment. This was the power that the Illuminati possessed, a power they shared with the whole of the Enlightenment. This was the threat: it revealed the plan of conquest to those under attack.” As Antony Sutton explained in America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones: “Progress in the Hegelian State is through contrived conflicts: the clash of opposites makes for progress. If you can control the opposite, you dominate the nature of the outcome.” Remember here that the PE and Skull & Bones member William Whitney in the late 19th century devised a political strategy of giving large sums of money to both major political parties, and then alternating power so the public thinks it has a choice when both major political parties’ candidates actually are controlled by the PE.
The Illuminati
Part 3
By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
November 15, 2010
[Note: In my NewsWithViews columns over the years, I have written about subjects such as Chinese and Indian education, mental health, school-to-work, American companies’ profits from overseas, globalization, a feudal future, etc., and the plans of the Power Elite (PE). Now, TIME magazine (founded by Skull & Bones member Henry Luce) in its November 1, 2010 edition is covering “Happy Kids and Mental Health;” U.S. companies’ profits from overseas (e.g., 80% of CocaCola’s profits come from overseas); “American Universities Rushing to Set Up Shop in India”; and relevant to feudalism, TIME noted that it is “more difficult for the American middle-class worker to benefit from technology and global growth.”
After Fareed Zakaria’s first TIME article (October 18) which was on Chinese education, in the November 1 edition he wrote about “going global” and the “new world of technological change and globalization.” He also wrote about China and India increasing the global labor pool, and he advocated that the U.S. should expand its apprenticeship programs (which are part of School-to-Work). Actually, with globalization we already have a type of world government with the World Trade Organization’s rulings requiring nations like the U.S. to change its laws.
Concerning our alleged “success” in Iraq, I noted some years ago that militants in that nation could simply bide their time until we departed. Now, we see that on November 2 (after the U.S. on August 31 declared and end to combat operations), a dozen bombs exploded across Baghdad killing at least 76 people and wounding more than 230. This was just two days after Al Qaeda affiliates took control of a church in Baghdad, where 58 people died when police tried to free the hostages there. And regarding religious freedom in Iraq now, Archbishop Athanasios Dawood of the Syrian Orthodox Church in London, according to TIME (November 22, 2010), appealed to Christians to leave Iraq amid targeted attacks in Baghdad, saying “during Saddam Hussein, we were living in peace. Nobody attacked us…. Now nobody protects us.”
Concerning Afghanistan and the Taliban, in my NewsWithViews column “New ‘Able Danger’ Information” (October 24, 2005), I mentioned Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer who has a recently published book, Operation Dark Heart, about “black-ops” when he was at Bagram Air Base in 2003. According to Chris McGreal in The Guardian (September 13, 2010), Shaffer led a group of black-ops that struck at the core of the Taliban” inside Pakistan. McGreal reported that Shaffer “says that U.S. forces were gaining the upper hand until the military brass involved itself, curbing operations in Pakistan and permitting the Taliban to strengthen again.” Think about why the U.S. would curb a successful operation in Pakistan against the Taliban, letting it strengthen again!
Lastly, in several of my NewsWithViews columns, I referred to the new global currency planned for 2018 A.D., and said it would occur after the dollar was devalued. Note that just a few days ago, the Federal Reserve bought $600 billion in government bonds, which will have the effect of devaluing the dollar!]
Toward the end of Part 2 of this series, I mentioned that the Illuminati had not only spread to France, but also “throughout the whole of Germany,” and to other countries as well. Concerning Germany, I mentioned Fichte and Hegel, and relevant to Illuminist organizational and philosophic principles there was the German Union. In John Robison’s Proofs of a Conspiracy (1798), there is an entire section on both the French Revolution and German Union. At the end of his book are Robison’s “General Reflections” wherein he said he was “eager to find out any remains of Weishaupt’s Association. I was not surprised when I saw marks of its interference in the French Revolution.—In hunting for clearer proofs I found out the German Union—and, in fine, the whole appeared to be one great and wicked project, fermenting and working all over Europe.”
In addition to historically prominent people such as Hegel being mentored by the Illuminati, there were several historically prominent people who themselves were members of The Order. For example, according to Hermann Schuttler in Die Mitglieder des Illuminatenordens 1776-1787/93, the father of modern educational theory and practice, Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (code name Alfred) founded a branch of the Illuminati in Zurich, Switzerland in 1783. Schuttler also revealed that, surprisingly, Jesuit Archbishop Karl Theodor Dalberg (Arch-Chancellor of the Holy Roman Empire) became an Illuminatus Major in July 1783, and was initiated into the highest degree of Magus or Philosopher in 1784. And according to Schuttler, perhaps the most famous of the Illuminati was the novelist and playwright Johann Goethe (code name Abaris), who in February 1783 was probably brought into the Order by Johann Bode (mentioned earlier in this series).
Librarian of Congress (and Rhodes Scholar) James Billington in Fire in the Minds of Men (1980), claims that Bode was also the “decisive channel of Illuminist influence” on revolutionary Nicholas Bonneville during his “first two visits to Paris [June of 1787].” Another famous individual influenced by the Illuminati was poet Percy Bysshe Shelley who on March 2, 1811 wrote a letter to the editor of the Examiner indicating he wanted “to form a methodical society” and asserted that people should “bear in mind the very great influence which, for years since, was gained by Illuminism.”
Terry Melanson of the online Illuminati Conspiracy Archive claims that “a direct line of influence from the Illuminati to the French Revolution to the Communist League of the Just is realized” in Filippo Michele Buonarroti. Although there is some debate as to whether Buonarroti joined an Illuminus lodge in 1786, he was definitely connected with important members of the Order. Furthermore, he was a strong proponent of the French Revolution, having Rousseau as his “master,” as he would later write, and establishing educational institutions that promoted the Socialism of Rousseau’s Social Contract. J.L. Talmon in The Rise of Totalitarian Democracy (1952) adds that “Buonarroti entered into close relations with the [French Revolution] Jacobin leaders and was a frequent guest at Robespierre’s lodgings… he [subsequently] joined the Conspiracy of Babeuf as one of its chiefs. After having served his prison sentence and gone into exile, he became the high priest of egalitarian Communism in Europe.”
Buonarroti settled in Geneva in 1806, and was initiated into the Grand Orient Lodge of Des Amis Sinceres. He organized many secret societies, the most important of which was the Sublimes Maitres Parfaits. And according to Elizabeth Eisenstein in The First Professional Revolutionist: Filippo Michele Buonarroti (1761-1837): “In its structure, as well as its gradualist aim, the Sublimes Maitres Parfaits resembled the order founded by Weishaupt in 1776.” This is a critical point to remember. Although the original Illuminati no longer exists, it was continued in “structure and aim” by others after Weishaupt.
Buonarroti infiltrated the Italian Carbonari, which was later led by revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini in the mid-19th century. From 1824 to 1830 Buonarroti lived in Brussels and wrote Babeuf’s Conspiracy of Equals (shortened translated title), which was read by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. The latter two were paid by the League of the Just to write the Communist Manifesto (1848). And this was at a time when a young John Ruskin (who has a swastika on his gravestone) had just completed his own education at Oxford University, where in the mid-1870s he would teach a young Cecil Rhodes.
According to award-winning author Alan Axelrod (a consultant to the Strong Museum in New York and the Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum in Delaware) in his book, The International Encyclopedia of Secret Societies and Fraternal Orders (1997), Ruskin was “reputedly a student of the ILLUMINATI.” And pertaining to Rhodes, in Will Banyan’s “A Short History of the Round Table—Part I” there is a section called "The New Weishaupt" about Rhodes. In 1891, Cecil Rhodes formed the Secret Society of the Elect “to take the government of the whole world,” in Rhodes’ own words.
The Illuminati
Part 4
By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
November 29, 2010
[Note: Repeatedly in the past, I have noted that the Power Elite (PE) is planning a global currency for the World Socialist Government to come, and on April 13 this year the IMF’s report Reserve Accumulation and International Monetary Stability called for a global currency named the “bancor” (Fabian Socialist John Maynard Keynes’ term) to be issued by a new world central bank that could have some global taxing authority. Then, on September 1, Dr. Alessandro Sassoli was interviewed by Coin Update regarding his idea beginning 1996 for a new global currency, a project of the United Future World Currency (UFWC) organization. And in this interview he stated: “The world is evolving very fast. Maybe in just eight years time, it might be possible to introduce a new super-national currency like the UFWC by 2018.” This is the same date (2018) for the global currency (the “Phoenix”) projected by The Economist in its January 9, 1988 edition, so the timetable is on track!
On the same day (September 1) as the Sassoli interview, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon remarked: “There is such a thing as the global public good. And for that very reason, we need to think about the issues of global governance needed to manage them.” He also talked about the need for “global economic management” and global disarmament.
A few days ago, the Communist Chinese bought 18% of General Motors. With what did they buy it? They bought it with the interest our government is paying them on our debt to them and with all the money Americans have been paying them to buy cheap, often forced-labor products!
Substituting for Rush Limbaugh, radio host Mark Steyn on November 19 referred to a statement by New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman in which the latter asserted that although the Chinese Communist leaders are dictators, because their management of China is “reasonable” they can move their nation forward. Steyn correctly asked, “Forward to what?” What Steyn doesn’t realize is that Friedman’s remark is part of a pattern. Remember that in The New York Times (April 10, 1973), CFR chairman David Rockefeller wrote about the “progress” of China under the dictatorship of Chairman Mao, “whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution.” It was common knowledge that Mao had brutally tortured and killed tens of millions of innocent Chinese.
And regarding the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) new invasive pat-downs, Rush Limbaugh on November 22 said, “I don’t care how you slice this. This is a police state.” He said the Obama Administration’s attitude is we’re going to “subject everyone to a police state. Get used to it!”]
At the conclusion of Part 3, I quoted Alan Axelrod as saying John Ruskin was “a student of the ILLUMINATI,” and I said that Cecil Rhodes was a student of Ruskin’s at Oxford University in the 1870s. Also in the 1870s, Wilhelm Wundt established the first laboratory in experimental psychology at the University of Leipzig. Wundt’s grandfather, Kirchenrat Karl Kasimir Wundt, was a member of the Illuminati (code name Raphael), according to the “Illuminati Provincial Report” from Utica dated September 1782 (see Richard Dulman’s Der Geheimbund Der Illuminatum, and a good source for original Illuminati documents is www.bavarian-illuminati.info).
That Wilhelm Wundt’s grandfather was a member of the Order, of course, doesn’t guarantee the grandson was an adherent of the Illuminati’s principles. However, it is noteworthy that the “Father of Progressive Education,” John Dewey, was a co-author and signer of the first Humanist Manifesto (1933), and Dewey’s mentor, G. Stanley Hall, was the first of Wilhelm Wundt’s American students.
The Humanist Manifesto’s principle that ethics are autonomous and situational is basically the same as Illuminati founder Weishaupt’s principle of “do what thou wilt.” And the values of secular humanism have been taught in American public schools for at least the last 50 years.
Shortly before Cecil Rhodes attended Oxford and Wundt set up his laboratory in Leipzig, another individual like Weishaupt who believed in liberty of thought was Albert Pike. In 1871, Pike authored Morals and Dogma, in which he explained: “Everything scientific and grand in the dreams of the Illuminati, Jacob Boehme, Swedenborg, Saint-Martin, and others, is borrowed from the Kabalah…. Liberty of thought… universal Fraternity! A new doctrine, a new religion….”
Pike praised Lucifer as the light-bearer, as did Alice Bailey whose works were first published in the early 20th century by Lucifer Publishing. In A Treatise on the Seven Rays: Esoteric Psychology (1936 and 1942), she described the goals and characteristics of what she called “the Illuminati of the world.” To Bailey, this Illuminati was comprised of the enlightened ones, people enlightened by Lucifer. And Bailey emphasized the need for a “new world order” and “points of light” connected to “service,” just as President George H.W. Bush later did in his presidency.
But before having a global “new world order,” a reshaping of America into President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” had to occur. Given the terms “great society” and “new world order” (a type of global great society), the latter of which would be characterized by a diminished national patriotism, is it purely coincidental that in John Robison’s Proofs of a Conspiracy (1798) about the Illuminati, he related that once one became an Illuminatus Minor “the pupil is… convinced that it is a possible thing to unite all the inhabitants of the earth in one great society…. [Then] it may frequently be no hard task to make him think that patriotism is a narrow-minded monopolizing sentiment.” This would enable the Illuminati to “rule the world,” a purpose of the Order according to Robison.
While many people understand that the Illuminati existed and may have dispersed throughout Europe, they doubt that the Order came to America. However, in Augustin Barruel’s Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism (1798) there is a joint juridical deposition by former Illuminati members Joseph Utzschneider, Georg Grunberger and Johann Cosandey before Elector Karl Theodor (September 9, 1785) in which they indicated they were informed by several of their “Brethren” that “this Sect [the Illuminati] under different names has already spread itself in Italy,… in Austria, in Holland, in Saxony, on the Rhine,… and even as far as America.”
Edmond Charles (Citizen) Genet spent a good deal of time at the Lodge of the Nine Sisters in Paris which was frequented by the Illuminati. In 1793, he became French Envoy to the U.S., and then set up “Democratic Societies” such as the Mingo Creek Democratic Society in western Pennsylvania that fomented the Whiskey Rebellion of July 1794 (they actually wanted to secede and set up their own country there). President George Washington considered Genet a threat to the U.S. and asked him to leave the country. Washington later (October 24, 1798) wrote a letter to Rev. G.W. Snyder expressing his concern over the influence of the Illuminati in America, stating: “It was not my intention to doubt that the doctrines of the Illuminati… had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more truly satisfied of this fact than I am.” You can see the original handwritten letter in the “American Memory” section of the Library of Congress website.
Earlier that year, on May 9, 1798 in Charlestown, South Carolina (where citizen Genet originally landed on April 8, 1793), Rev. Jedediah Morse preached the following: “Practically all of the civil and ecclesiastical establishments of Europe have already been shaken to their foundations by this terrible organization [the Illuminati]; the French Revolution itself is doubtless to be traced to its machinations…. The Jacobins are nothing more nor less than the open manifestation of the hidden system of the Illuminati. The Order has its branches established and its emissaries at work in America. The affiliated Jacobin societies in America have doubtless had as the object of their establishment the propagation of the principles of the illuminated mother club in France.”
Then, less than two months later on July 4, 1798, Dr. Timothy Dwight, President of Yale University, delivered a discourse in which he claimed: “In the societies of Illuminati doctrines were taught… [such as]: The being of God was denied and ridiculed;… the possession of property was pronounced to be robbery;… adultery, assassination, poisoning, and other crimes of the like infernal nature, were taught as lawful and even as virtuous actions. To crown such a system of falsehood and horror all means were declared to be lawful, provided the end was good…. Of the goodness of the end every man is to judge for himself…. The great and good ends proposed by the Illuminati… are the overthrow of religion, government and human society civil and domestic. These they pronounce to be so good, that murder… and war, however extended and dreadful are declared by them to be completely justifiable if necessary for these great purposes…. With unremitted ardor and diligence the members insinuated themselves into every place of power and trust, and into every literary, political and friendly society; engrossed as much as possible the education of youth, especially of distinction, became licensors of the press, and directors of every literary journal;… Enlisted in their service almost all the booksellers and of course the printers, of Germany;… Panegyrized and trumpeted those of themselves and their coadjutors…. In the private papers, seized in the custody of the leading members of Germany, several such societies [of the Illuminati] are recorded as having been erected in America, before the year 1786.”
The threat of the Illuminati’s philosophy was especially felt in Pennsylvania after the Whiskey Rebellion to such an extent that the President of the County Courts of the Fifth Circuit, Alexander Addison, felt the need to present “A Charge to the Grand Juries” of those courts’ December 1800 sessions titled “Rise and Progress of Revolution.” In this presentation, Addison referred to a “Conspiracy to destroy the principles which adorn, support, and connect civil society, and to bring men back to the savage state of Nature. Such was the object of the Illuminees or the Illuminati… with the daring ambition of governing the whole world…. All Government… was to be abolished; that an absolute and despotic tyranny might be exercised over the whole earth…. Have we no fear that a similar [to Europe] conspiracy exists here?” Addison concluded by asserting that the spirit of Illuminati “seems to exist in America… by the same means, by secret societies, by the press, by occupying publications and places of instruction…. That the press is used… will not be doubted by any who see the unprincipled similarity of publications.” It is noteworthy here to mention that Cecil Rhodes’ Secret Society of the Elect’s purpose was “to take the government of the whole world,” and with J.P. Morgan’s money buy control of America’s newspapers.
The Barack Obama Illuminati Connection
August 1, 2009
During the 2008 election there were countless allegations made against Barack Obama’s character. He was accused of being a Muslim, a Marxist, and the Antichrist himself. While most of these accusations were completely unfounded and did little besides distract the public from the truth, there are indeed connections between him and powerful elite organizations which are working behind the scenes to bring about a one world government. This brief article will discuss some of Barack’s most nefarious connections which will forever change the way you see the man.
While most of the accusations against him are proved to be completely unfounded when they are placed under scrutiny, the Obama Illuminati connections only get deeper the more you examine them. It can be easily seen that he does indeed have a part to play in bringing about the New World Order, the talk of which has only increased after he took office and the economy continued to plummet. Well known political figures such as Henry Kissinger and Gordon Brown have come out and openly endorsed the New World Order as a solution to the growing global economic crisis.
Many of the Obama Illuminati connections have to do with the powerful, elitist organizations which so many of his cabinet belong to. The Bilderberg group in particular arouses suppositions as they meet secretly each year in order to plot out their plans for world domination. These meetings are by invitation only with each attendee being handpicked by the Bilderberger’s organizing committee. The Obama administration practically reads as who’s who when it comes to members not only of the Bilderberg Group, but other powerful international think tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and so on.
While most of what the Bilderberg Group does is in secret, other organizations such as the Trilateral Commission are more transparent, so it’s easier to pinpoint their actions on the world stage. Tim Geithner, Susan Rice, Richard Haass, and Richard Holbrook are just a few examples of Commission members who now enjoy top level positions in Obama’s Administration. The Trilateral Commission was founded in 1973 with the expressed goal of bringing about a “New International Economic Order,” and from the looks of things they are nearing the final stages of their plan.
One of the more frightening realties of the Obama Illuminati plan involves the merging of the United States, Mexico, and Canada into a North American Union. This union would adopt a new currency, currently being called the Amero, and would be interconnected with a new series of highways. This comes as no surprise when one of its biggest supporters is the Council on Foreign Relations, a group that has been seeking to undermine U.S. sovereignty since 1923. They have recently published several essays in which they endorse the idea of the North American Union and a new global currency such as A North American Community, A Modest Proposal by CFR member Robert Pastor.
The more you study the Obama Illuminati connection, the easier it is to see how he has a unique part to play in bringing about the New World Order which has been in development for the past number of decades. If you’re interested in learning more about this topic as well as other subjects of interest including the lineage of the antichrist, Prince Charles of Wales, and the European Union, be sure to visit www.theantichristidentity.com. They are offering a 150 page report titled The Antichrist Identity which seeks to solve these and many other issues.

How The Illuminati Controls Politics
October 17, 2008
This is a very simple animated version of Alex Jones’s talk on the fraudulent left-right 2-party paradigm that we are all locked into. In the original version, Alex uses pen and paper to sketch out the 2-party paradigm.
I was already aware of how the 2-party system is used to contain revolution in most “democratic” countries. But I was very impressed with the way that Alex sketched it out in simple, easy-to-understand terms. I therefore decided to spend an afternoon transferring his sketches into a 2D animation.
It is very important for us all to realize that we are living under a simple but clever system that has been designed to contain revolution whilst projecting the illusion of being a free, fair and open democracy.
The 2-party system provides firm support for the elite to implement their agenda from the top down, whilst the ordinary people at the grassroots level squabble between themselves over which political party is the best.
In reality, it doesn’t matter which of the two parties you vote for because the same agenda will unfold regardless. Hence, both parties are controlled at the very top by the same force.
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