Thursday, December 09, 2010

God or Science? (Part 1)

Every child should be taught the Ten Commandments. Every child should be taught faith in God. Of course, this has been ILLEGAL in public schools since 1962. However, contrary to what many parents have been led to believe, it is NOT illegal for a child to pray or read the Bible in a public school on their own (although many teachers have removed such children wrongfully because teachers don't understand the law). It is illegal for a public school or teacher to sponsor such activities. A child can bring a Bible into class, but the teacher cannot read that Bible to the class. So sad! A teacher could be fired for leading the class in prayer. Is it any wonder why the United States today makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like a nice place to live?
The “Evolution” myth
Another rung on the ladder... Dismantling America
By Frank Polacek
Thursday, January 13, 2011
The “myth of evolution” is the most seditious of all attacks being made upon the foundational core principles of our Constitutional Republic.
If one accepts the belief that evolution is fact, one must - then and there - surrender and forfeit his “Americanism” which is defined as the belief that our individual rights and liberties are derived from the CREATOR, are founded in “Nature” , and as such are unalienable (absolute) being beyond the power of all Earthly governments to abrogate. Only in “America”, do the rights of the citizen supersede the laws of the state. This is what “Americanism” is!
Every one of our State Constitutions (where the common-law and “Americanism” is administered) begins by recognizing this cardinal fundamental. To wit: “We, the People of the State of (your State), thankful to God for our religious and political liberties…”
If there is no Creator, then there can be no unalienable rights derived therefrom!
If there are no unalienable rights, then there can be no Americanism (defined above).
If rights do not come from God as the Founding Fathers decreed, then they must necessarily come from the state - in the form of granted privileges called “civil rights” or “human rights” as the Humanist Manifestos propose.
The dictionary definition of “God” is: “Most High Lawgiver” or “unaccountable, source and author of authority ” .
If there is no “God” or “Creator” recognized as the supreme authority, the state then usurps that prerogative.
If there is no higher authority than that of the state, then the state is, literally, by definition, “God” . We still have a “God” (unaccountable supreme ‘Law Giver’), but one in a different form. The state is the “God” of the secular humanist. They call it communism
A warning of the adverse effect of accepting a factual belief in the un-American mythology of ”evolution” should be irrevocably attached to any mention made of it in our school curriculum textbooks.
Evolution is nothing more than the perspective of the atheist (as stated in their Secular Humanist Manifestos). Atheists obdurately refuse to acknowledge the existence of a Creator (the foundation and very essence of Americanism), regardless of any evidence to the contrary.
An atheist cannot be an “American” in the genuine sense of the meaning of the term as they deny the very essence and substance of what the definition of the word means.
Evolution is the foundation of communism; it is totally anti-thetical to and incompatible with “Americanism” as our Founders defined it.
We have seen earlier that evolution is the very first and foremost religious tenet in the Humanist Manifesto which states their belief that humankind was not Created; but ” evolved” from natural evolutionary forces
The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly recognized Secular Humanism to be a “religion” within the meaning of the 1st. Amendment.
So: (#1), If Secular Humanism is a “religion”; and (#2), If “evolution” is the most basic fundamental belief and tenet of the “religion” of Secular Humanism (not open to dispute or question - a self evident absolute truth), then; (#3), It must be concluded that “evolution” is “religion” and not science - regardless of the claims they make to the contrary based upon their own convoluted rendition of what constitutes “religion”.
Some brief examples of how some notable academic evolutionists stubbornly cling to the theory (guess) of evolution even when faced with credible challenges to, and proof against it. To wit:
“Is evolution a scientifically ascertained fact? No! We must hold it as an act of faith because there is no alternative”. Professor D.H. Scott, address to British Association, 1921.
“The theory (guess) of evolution is universally accepted, not because it can be proven true, but because the only alternative, special Creation, is clearly incredible” (unacceptable). Professor D. M. S. Watson, speech to zoologists of the British Association, 1929.
“Because there are no alternatives, we would almost have to accept natural selection as the explanation of life on this planet even if there were no evidence for it”. Steven Pinker, Professor of Psychology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
“Evolution is unproven and unprovable. We believe it only because the only alternative is special Creation which is unthinkable”. Sir Arthur Keith, Anthropologist and Anatomist.
Evolution is accepted by the atheist because the only logical alternative is Creation which they absolutely will not accept.
Sir Julian Huxley, grandson of British Zoologist Thomas Henry Huxley, an ardent Darwin apologist, was asked why so many “scientists” leapt at the idea of evolution almost immediately after Darwin’s “Origin of the Species” was published when no evidence, pro or con, was yet available? His answer was: “The reason that we were so eager to endorse the “Origin” idea was that this idea of a “God” interfered with our sexual mores”. So much for “science”!! Evolution was more about sex than science.
The main motivation for atheism is that leading atheists do not want a values system imposed upon them that could label their hedonistic passions decadent.
Notice that the Humanist Manifesto called for a situational and autonomous system of ethics where everything goes. Each individual is free to make up his own mind about what is, or what is not, acceptable behavior. They live for the good life, here and now.
Hitler’s “master race” concept was based squarely upon Darwin’s evolutionary “natural selection” and
“survival of the fittest” theory. The Nazis believed that natural evolution justified their extermination of those who they deemed to be “inferior”, just because they had the capacity to do so, nature having made them the “fittest”.
According to a Scotland newspaper, Oxford Professor Richard Dawkins, a leading evangelist for Darwin’s evolution, spoke of the benefits of a selective human breeding program, or “eugenics”, similar to what the Nazis conducted under Hitler. His logic was: ....if you can breed cattle for milk yield, horses for running speed, and dogs for herding skill, why should it not be possible to breed humans for mathematical, musical, or athletic ability? What is the moral difference between breeding for musical ability, and forcing a child to take music lessons? Why is it acceptable to train fast runners and high jumpers but not breed them?
Are we destined to live through another Hitlerian era of a projected superior master race style of eugenics? If we accept the proposition that humans are but just another ‘mechanistic’ animal species devoid of any “mystical” spiritual or ‘vitalistic’ content that makes human life alone sacred, which can be disposed of at will by any whosoever who feels annoyed by, or has no more use for some group of the others, and has the capacity to so dispose of them, no one’s life is safe and secure.
Who decides who gets to live and who must die - someone like Hitler, Stalin, or Mao, the greatest mass murderers in the history of the human race? This is what accepting the myth of evolution has gotten us in the past.
What will become of Dawkins’ “failed” breeding experiments? Will they be just casually discarded and exterminated like some annoying insect, or as just an inconsequential “waste” product of a flawed manufacture?
Consistent with such beliefs, communism (according to a study by the United States Senate) has unapologetically killed more people during peace time than all the wars in history combined. To them, human life is of no more significance or value than that of a horse, a tree, or even a rock lying on the ground.
This is the demonstrated consequence of “evolution” serving as a foundation of a “secular” state.

Research made possible by the collapse of the Soviet Union allowing Western access to Soviet records and state secrets, procured a book called “The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, and Repression” which was published in France in 1997 archiving 100 million murders attributed to this decadent social ideology.
This monumental 900 page scholarly work authored by six ex-communists (who admit that they once would have refused to believe what they now write as a result of their own research), is publicly heralding the ultimate defeat and disgrace of communism worldwide, and shown it to have been the worst engine of human carnage in world history, far outpacing the 25 million deaths attributed to the Nazis under Hitler.
The book also revealed that the Nazi mass murder methods were actually adopted from the Soviets, where the extermination of whole peoples was being successfully carried out under their supervision.
The publishing of this book caused the embarrassed Communist Party in France to hold crisis meetings to consider whether they should continue to hold onto Marxism in any shape or form. The consensus was that, when these facts finally sink into the minds of the French people, they might be forced to abolish the Communist Party in France.
Why hasn’t this sensational book been published and promoted in the United States?
All the Marxist “People’s Revolutions” have produced is mass famine, mass murder, oppression, and a mindless destruction of everything of value that took generations of hard working people to accumulate. The only “Revolution” that produced a positive outcome making life better for humanity was the American Revolution.
Here is what some of our distinguished past statesmen had to say about “socialism”:
Winston Churchill: “It is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”
Alexis DeTocueville: “It reduces a nation to nothing more than a herd of timid industrial animals of which government is the Sheppard.”
This is the NEW WORLD ORDER the Secular Humanists have engineered for us!
Secular Humanists insist that nothing can be regarded as “science” unless it is “falsifiable”, borrowing the term
from Swiss philosopher of science Sir Karl Popper who proposed the doctrine of “falsifiability” as a criterion for determining what is and what is not “science”.
“Falsifiability” does not mean false, it just means that a given proposition must be capable of being questioned, or that some observation can be made that is incompatible with that proposition. Popper himself proposed that Freudian psychoanalysis was not “science” because it was not in principle, “falsifiable”; as a patient who disagrees with his analyst is simply “in denial” and any argument or behavior by the patient contrary to the prognosis of the analyst is simply ascribed to the patient’s psychotic attempts to reinforce his “denial” and is seen and regarded as further evidence of his “disorder”.
Any absolute truth that is not open to question is not “falsifiable” and is regarded as “religion”. (Secular Humanism, to the secular humanist, falls into this category. Suprise!!)
There are many common sense exceptions to this “falsifiability” rule, such as gravity and electricity. Neither are ever questioned - we know and accept that they exist and have even learned how to use them. They cannot be “physically” identified or measured as they are not “matter”. They take on the character of the “spiritual”. (Everything “material” first had its origins in the “spiritual” in the form of a “thought” or an “idea” in someone’s mind. How can one “prove” to another the existence of his “idea” ? It requires an act of “faith”.)
Numerical quotients and equivalents in mathematics are also not open to question; two and two equals four everywhere in the universe. No serious and credible scientific inquiry can ever suggest or prove that two and two can ever be re-arranged to equal five. Mathematics can also be classified as “spiritual”. It is not a “physical” entity.
Any mention of a Creator is instantly set upon as “unfalsifiable” and is therefore “religion”. Any serious scientist worthy of his credentials thinks of the “Creator” as the ” first cause ” of nature, consistent with the scientific law of “cause and effect” . No “effect” can exist absent a pre-existing “cause” responsible for its coming into existence.
Asserting that the acknowledgment of a Creator (the “first cause”) is not a legitimate part of “science”, but is
rather “religion”, makes as much sense as insisting that there is no Chevrolet factory that “caused” the Chevrolet automobile you see sitting out in the back yard to have come into existence. Perhaps the Chevrolet just evolved from a neighbor’s Ford . (That might explain why it won’t start!)
“Politically correct” censorship of any recourse to a “Creator” taking it out of the legal equation serves as a barrier to any “equal protection of the law” claim when rights violations are adjudicated. The Creator is the source and guarantor of our individual rights.
The Supreme Court has ruled that our unalienable rights are not those which government confers, but those which it only recognizes and protects. Even “civil rights” derived from Congress must be the exact equivalent of the Creator derived unalienable natural rights, which have been adopted as the standard.
Evolution acts as a barrier standing between us and the “standard” to which “civil rights” or “human rights” must perfectly conform. For this reason, promoting “evolution” in this free country is an egregious act of treason against our Constitutions.
Our attention to evolution here was intended to show how its introduction into our political ideology undermines the foundational core principles of our liberty and Americanism. Some references to the laws of science that also refute it are appropriate as there will always be those seeking to destroy our country who will continue to insist the contrary.
There are two types of evolution, macro and micro. Micro evolution occurs and can be observed, but it is not to be confused with macro evolution which the proponents of Darwinism like to misrepresent.
Micro evolution does occur within a given species. Examples are: youth noticeably turns to old age, dark colored hair turns gray, etc. But it is the same hair on the same species of being. Rabbits and weasels turn color with the seasons. This is not a random occurrence; a rabbit always remains a rabbit, a weasel always a weasel, just a different color one.
There has never been any credible evidence in the fossil record or elsewhere that one species ever “evolved” into some other. All past attempts to “discover” some “missing link” have now been exposed as deliberate fabrications and frauds. Examples are: Piltdown man; Lucy; Nebraska man; and of course the infamous Haekle’s embryos.
Every discovery in the fossil record has showed a fully developed specimen. When that specimen disappeared from the fossil record it was in the same fully developed state as when it was found. Never has one been found in a transitional state, evolving from, or into some other species.
Macro evolution is where one species theoretically “evolves” into another. The proposed theory is that all began from a single cell which “evolved” into a double cell, then into a triple cell, etc., eventually developing into complete organisms. The problem with this proposed theory is that when the known laws of science are applied, the theory collapses.
The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and the Law of Entropy alone expose this myth for the un-American fraud and hoax that it is. Entropy is “randomness”. Applied entropy causes all the molecules and atoms which make up matter tend to separate and disintegrate (scatter), the exact reverse of the proposed evolutionary development theory.
Unrestrained entropy would cause all existing matter to dissipate and eventually go out of existence. There
would have been nothing in existence for the supposed “Big Bang” to have scattered. For matter to develop and continue to exist there must be some overriding power that reverses the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and the Law of Entropy.
Some “external force” must be applied to gather all the scattered atoms and molecules from throughout the universe and amalgamate and integrate them into the many various forms of matter that we find in existence, and invest in them a “life” force energy that makes them develop and grow until the time of death.
This “overriding external power” is commonly called the “Creator” or ” first cause “, the progenitor of “life” which causes growth and development in all living organisms. When “life” is extinguished, entropy sets in, matter decays and disintegrates; the molecules and atoms again dissipate and scatter into the universe where the life cycle begins anew.
Attempts to make evolution compatible with Americanism is as hopeless as trying to make Ford parts fit on a Chevrolet. Our interest in it here addresses the calculated destruction of America, the worldview of Western civilization, and in the erection of a Marxist global government.
Intelligent Scientists "Expelled" by Illuminati
by Henry Makow, Ph.D.
September 14, 2010
If you needed confirmation that humanity is satanically possessed, rent Ben Stein's 2008 documentary, "Expelled - No Intelligence Allowed."
It documents how scientists who see an intelligent force at work in nature are being fired from their jobs.
They are being slandered as "Creationists" and religious fundamentalists. Any mention of "Intelligent Design" is forbidden.
Isn't this appalling? Science is supposed to explain the complex intelligence manifest in the natural world, not deny that it exists.
The offending scientists are not "religious." They simply know that a single cell is more complex than an atom bomb. Obviously, an amazing intelligence is at work. Call it God or Intelligent Design. Call it "John Doe" - but you can't deny it!
Some people think I'm a Christian or a religious Jew. I am neither. Like these scientists, I can see the obvious. Creation is a miracle which didn't happen by accident. It's governed by laws which scientists and metaphysicians are supposed to discern.
But mention "intelligent design" today and your career is over. Why are "secularists" so afraid of intelligent design?
Because they're funded by the Illuminati, (Rockefellers, Rothschilds etc.) who are Satanists. Satanists fear that acceptance of this "intelligence" will interfere with the makeover they're giving humanity. They think they are God.
Secularism pretends to be about freedom and tolerance but that's a ruse. It is Satanism in disguise and nothing freaks a Satanist more than the rumor of God or anything resembling Him.
Watch the trailer! The secularists are more fanatical than any religious cult. They are a satanic cult. They deny the obvious! They have to expel scientists! They have to stop free inquiry and debate!
"Is man an angel or an ape?"
The Illuminati use Darwinism to reduce man from a potential angel (the religious view) to an ape. They created Darwin to replace the Divine Presence with a cruel and random universe governed by survival of the fittest. Darwinism empowered the Illuminati. They imposed it on us.
Intelligent Design empowers humanity. We're not talking about the "God of the Old Testament," the straw-man that pathetic atheists easily debunk. We're talking about something most of us both intuit and desire, a method and purpose to creation, a way of living conducive to health and happiness, a Moral Order.
This is anathema to our Illuminutty guardians who are busily taking God's place, enthroning their little mascot Lucifer.
If you doubt me, watch this documentary. It shows very clearly that this leads to Eugenics and the view people are "useless" eaters who can be bred, trained or killed with impunity. It is the end of free will and morality.
You will also see we have been overtaken by Communism. "Truth" is no longer objective, but is instead defined by political diktat.
God must feel like a loving parent whose favorite child has chosen to deny Him.
The Creator has given us everything we need to flourish so long as we follow the instruction manual.
But devil worshipers who wish to turn Creation on its head have made us their mental prisoner. They are responsible for the slaughter of millions. They still control the world.
Ultimately, there are only two parties. God's party and Satan's. The Party of God believes in inherent salutary natural and spiritual laws. The Party of Satan believes in denying and defying these laws; and perverting and destroying human life.
Yes Virginia, there is no Satan. But there are legions of his disciples ready to betray truth for transitory profit. They're in academia, the mass media, government and the National Academy of "Sciences."
They serve the Prince of Lies. They make evil seem good, lies seem true. They want humanity to be an accomplice in its own demise. This is why Satanists "reveal the method." They want our moral complicity.
They want our souls.
Modern Western history is the record of the overthrow of Christianity by Satanism disguised as secularism. Satanism has pervaded every aspect of our cultural and intellectual life but we hoped that science would be spared. Apparently, this is not to be.