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Jobs, Jobs, Where are the Jobs? (Part 2)

Americans Don't Want Good Paying Jobs
By: Devvy Kidd
August 11, 2011
The usual noise is filling the boob tube and Internet about "creating jobs." There is no shortage of criticism by GOP presidential hopefuls blaming the Red in the White House for not creating more jobs. A cacophony of political horse crap. Job creation in a free market economy is done by the private sector, not by a president. It is not the job of the General Government to create jobs, either.
Prior to 1994, Americans were employed in good paying jobs with long term job security. Then came NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT/WTO and many more trade treaties that have killed more than 8 MILLION good paying jobs in our most important job sectors: industrial, manufacturing, agriculture. How many columns have I written on this since 1995 in my old newsletter and then on the Internet? Too many to even remember. When I ran for Congress in '94 & '96, I focused on getting rid of the privately owned "Federal" Reserve sucking the life blood of this country, getting rid of the unnecessary "federal" income tax, getting the US out of the communist UN and getting us out of the aforementioned treaties because millions of us knew what was going to happen:
Massive unemployment and America turning into a service oriented economy which would doom our nation
into becoming dependent on foreign countries for things like steel, food and clothing.
I allegedly was not elected even though three weeks before the election in '96, I was only 5 -7 percentage points behind the forever-on-the-public-payroll, dullard, Rep. "Waffle" Wally Herger who voted for those treaties. One minute after the polls closed in California, I allegedly lost 84-14 in all ten counties in the district. Game, set, vote fraud. Electronic voting machines kept another ten candidates like myself who pledged to get us out of those treaties - all defeated in California.
My heart truly breaks for the destruction I have seen with my own eyes driving from Colorado to DC and
Sacramento to DC. Rural America gutted. Cities and towns became nothing more than gas and potato chip stops while the jobs went to communist China. I also traveled through southern states that used to supply 90% of everything Americans wore on their body. Prior to NAFTA, 93% of all shoes were manufactured here in the U.S. by Americans with materials made or grown here in America. Today, that number is 3%.
While I did not see the Diane Sawyer special on the stupid tube, she did a segment on Made in America. A tour was taken of the typical American home. The reporter went item by item and by the time he was done, almost everything was made outside the US except the kitchen sink. Here is the 5-minute video clip.
The big push over the past couple of decades is every student must go to college and graduate tens of thousands of dollars in debt. For what? Pushing paper for foreign companies while our trade deficit skyrockets. Of course, most of those college graduates have no clue what that even means. Most were children when NAFTA and subsequent treaties were passed.
Instead of being a self-reliant, independent people who produced everything we as a nation need along with a stable job base, America turned to anti American companies like China Mart (aka Wall Mart) for "cheap" goods. Parking lots at GM filled with employee cars made by foreign companies. Grocery stores flooded with fruits and vegetables from Mexico, Canada and South America while American farmers were being driven off their land because they couldn't compete with slave labor.
Well, the rooster has come home to croak and here we are even further down the road to hell with almost 25 MILLION Americans out of work and a record 45.8 MILLION on food stamps. Think about before NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT/WTO and now in our country.
People who are unemployed can't afford to buy anything other than paying the rent, utilities and food. There's
is no money for vacations, trips requiring hotel stays, attending sporting events or eating out at Red Lobster every week or shopping at Macy's. THAT is the danger of a service oriented economy. Instead of buying our clothes, shoes, cars, food and other essentials from ourselves, that money goes out of this country to keep people in India or China or the Philippines employed.
Does anyone see the madness here?
It sickens me, but who is at fault? The American people and that includes those who belong to big unions like the AFL-CIO. How many times has that union endorsed the same senators who voted to ratify treaties that literally gutted their industry? Countless.
50,000 manufacturing jobs per month since China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001.
Yet, every two years, Americans continue to vote back the same incumbents who refuse to get us out of those treaties.
Instead of voting out every incumbent who voted for those destructive treaties, voters continue to reelect the
same scoundrels who sold us out: Boehner, Pelosi, Herger and Juan McCain to name a few.
Because millions lost their jobs, they have very little disposable income and are forced to buy cheap crap from commie countries like China, India and Hong Kong. Because American companies can't compete with slave labor wages paid in India, they go out of business. Those companies big enough to stay in business are the ones who have shipped American jobs to Bangladesh, Mexico, South America and other foreign countries. Former American companies who no longer support Americans, closed thousands of plants and shipped good paying jobs over seas - and they're still doing it because Americans continue to buy their products.
Those companies then expect you to buy their products made by someone employed in a foreign country. Your job went to commie China, but you turn right around and buy the same products you used to make at your job which is now made by a slave wage worker in India who now has your former job.
Do you not see the madness here?
Pile on 11.5 MILLION jobs held by criminals (illegal aliens) and you wonder why Americans are starving and out of work?
Must not bother most folks because last November, the voters sent 86% of incumbents back to the Outlaw Congress who have destroyed this republic and caused massive unemployment and starvation.
Now, you expect Obama/Soetoro or whatever his name is, or the same incumbents to do what they have refused to do for almost two decades and bring millions of jobs home? The same incumbents who now crow all over the TV that "we have to stop government spending" and "we have to focus on creating jobs."
"I can't find anything made in America." Whose fault is that? Tens of millions of voters because they continue to vote back the same incumbents AND will not take the time to find what they need made in America because it takes too much time. Yes, it does and I've been doing it for the past 16 years. I don't care if the crap from commie China sits on the store shelves and rots, I will not buy it, I go without.
Thankfully, over time, more Americans are demanding Made in the USA. People are actually starting to "get it" about jobs, but will they do anything about it?
Recently I received a couple of emails praising Rep. Allen West and Senator Mark Rubio who serve in the
Outlaw Congress. Oh, boy, Allen West just said this and Rubio dressed down John Kerry on the senate floor. Whoopie!
It's what they are not doing that should be brought front and center.
Rep. Allen West [R-FL] is very popular around the country. I would not have voted for him because I read his campaign web site both times he ran. West is a Christian Zionist who believes our treasury and the blood of our military belong to Israel. That is not a condemnation of anyone of the Jewish faith, but rather our Constitution does not give the Outlaw Congress a scintilla of authority to throw $3 BILLION BORROWED dollars to that country to build up their military or any other country on this earth for any reason - while you, me, our children and grand children pay the interest on the to the banking cartel. Nor was our military ever meant to protect any country on this planet except the sovereign states of the Union.
Tea Party Favorite Allen West Breaks With GOP Over Health Care Strategy
"Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.), who has emerged as an outspoken conservative voice among GOP freshmen, cast a surprising vote last week against a bill to scrap part of the 2010 healthcare overhaul. The legislation would repeal $100 million in funding for the construction of school-based health centers. West was one of just four Republicans to vote against the measure, which passed 235-191."
His fist priority is not the U.S. Constitution:
"West spokeswoman Angela Sachitano said in an email that the congressman 'believes there are bigger funding issues to be focusing on right now including the numerous developments in the Middle East, concerning Pakistan and whether there is a link to [Osama bin Laden] and the recent unity agreement with the [Palestinian Authority] and Fatah and Hamas.'"
Additionally, West's web site contained nothing but the same worn out blather about lower taxes, limited government and all the rest of the popular mantra regurgitated by "conservative" Republicans looking for votes. In his short time in office West has never introduced a single bill to kill the cancers eating this country: Abolish the privately owned FED and the IRS, get US out of the communist UN. The list is endless. In fact, West supports another poison, the so-called flat tax. This tells me he clearly has zero understanding on the issue of taxation. While I thank West for his military service, that doesn't make him qualified to serve in the U.S. Congress.
West was given a great deal of support by the tea party movement. Surprise, surprise. He just bit them in the arse:
Tea Party Favorite Allen West Calls the Movement Schizophrenic
The same goes for Rubio. Another neo con who believes more war is good for our country. Rubio talks real
good for the cameras, but has he introduced a bill to get us out of NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT/WTO? No. Rubio has no problem with millions of jobs gone overseas leaving Americans standing in bread lines. Another free trader (traitor): "We must continue reducing barriers to free and fair trade. We should adopt the free trade agreements that have already been negotiated with Colombia, Panama, South Korea and other nations around the world. We should also insist that other countries reduce their own barriers to trade so that American goods can find new markets."
That doesn't do squat to bringing home our textile and manufacturing jobs or parity for our farmers. Rubio also has a problem with understanding what illegal means. Rubio has stated for the record that children of
illegals should pay in-state college tuition. Children of illegal aliens have NO right to be on U.S. soil, so they have no "right" to enroll in any college in this country. The only "right" they have is to deported.
Here are some raw facts made possible by the Outlaw Congress and Clinton, Bush and Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama:
So what happens when the debt bubble pops?
The deindustrialization of the United States should be a top concern for every man, woman and child in the country. But sadly, most Americans do not have any idea what is going on around them.
For people like that, take this article and print it out and hand it to them. Perhaps what they will read below will shock them badly enough to awaken them from their slumber.
The following are 19 facts about the deindustrialization of America that will blow your mind....
#1 The United States has lost approximately 42,400 factories since 2001.
#2 Dell Inc., one of America's largest manufacturers of computers, has announced plans to dramatically expand its operations in China with an investment of over $100 billion over the next decade.
#3 Dell has announced that it will be closing its last large U.S. manufacturing facility in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in November. Approximately 900 jobs will be lost.
#4 In 2008, 1.2 billion cell phones were sold worldwide. So how many of them were manufactured inside the United States? Zero.
#5 According to a new study conducted by the Economic Policy Institute, if the U.S. trade deficit with China continues to increase at its current rate, the U.S. economy will lose over half a million jobs this year alone.
#6 As of the end of July, the U.S. trade deficit with China had risen 18 percent compared to the same time period a year ago.
#7 The United States has lost a total of about 5.5 million manufacturing jobs since October 2000.
#8 According to Tax Notes, between 1999 and 2008 employment at the foreign affiliates of U.S. parent companies increased an astounding 30 percent to 10.1 million. During that exact same time period, U.S. employment at American multinational corporations declined 8 percent to 21.1 million.
#9 In 1959, manufacturing represented 28 percent of U.S. economic output. In 2008, it represented 11.5 percent.
#10 Ford Motor Company recently announced the closure of a factory that produces the Ford Ranger in St. Paul, Minnesota. Approximately 750 good paying middle class jobs are going to be lost because making Ford Rangers in Minnesota does not fit in with Ford's new "global" manufacturing strategy."
The rest of the list is at: The De-Industrialization of America: Prepare the Economic Collapse of a Lifetime
I have had the Made in America section up on my web site for close to ten years. Everyone of those companies manufactures here in the U.S.; more than 20,000 products. Some I can't afford even though I would like to buy them. A few months ago I was looking for soup mugs. Found a lovely collection, but they are just too pricey on our fixed income. That company does sell their products, but if Americans simply refuse to buy foreign products AND the scam called withholding tax is abolished, those companies will become more competitive and so will their prices. They will also become more available in stores around the country making it easier for all of us to buy. THAT creates jobs.
When I say Americans don't want good paying jobs I say that because I do not see an outright rebellion by
the people of this nation against those destructive trade treaties. I see millions begging the monster out in DC to create more jobs, but what they're really doing is begging for their own destruction through higher taxes to pay for jobs created that the Outlaw Congress has no legal authority to rob the people's purse to fund.
If Americans really want to create good paying jobs in this country stop buying foreign products. Tell store managers you want Made in America. While you might feel differently, to me it is un-American to buy foreign products while our people go without jobs. If we won't even support real American companies and workers, what does that say about us as a united America for tangible growth and prosperity?
Sell your stock in companies like GE and others who care nothing for Americans and continue to ship jobs to India and China. Is your little dividend check worth more than the future of these united States of America?
If this doesn't make you puke, then you really don't understand the problem:
Top US senators join business trip to Tunisia , Egypt -- in hopes of creating thousand of jobs in those
"McCain, a Republican, and Kerry, a Democrat, will visit the two countries with General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt, along with officials from Boeing, Coca-Cola, Bechtel, ExxonMobil, Marriot and Dow, confirmed McCain's office on Wednesday.'
"The visit comes as the two lawmakers join Independent Senator Joe Lieberman in sponsoring a bill to create economic assistance funds for Egypt and Tunisia, both rocked with popular unrest and subsequent regime change in recent months. The purpose of the funds is to provide capital to local entrepreneurs in the hope of creating "thousands of jobs," which both countries desperately need, said Kerry, who chairs the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations."
I've had two Coca-Cola's in my entire life. I don't like the taste of soft drinks and don't drink them, but even if I did, I wouldn't give Coca-Cola, Exxon or Marriot another penny of my money. Not one cent. They buy the favors of the Outlaw Congress using the money they get from you buying their products.
There isn't a scintilla of constitutional authority to steal the fruits of your labor to give to Egypt, Tunisia or any other country for "economic assistance" or military build up. NONE. Our purse is over drawn almost $15 TRILLION dollars and those maggots want to borrow even more to give to foreign countries who need jobs?
Where is your outrage, America? Think this is anything new for Kerry who was endorsed by the Communist
Party USA? Think this is anything new for Juan McCain who has voted to kill millions of jobs since he's been in office? No, but with the help of illegals voting in Arizona, uniformed voters and electronic machines counting the ballots, anti-American globalists like McCain keep getting reelected.
The Outlaw Congress is now out of session until September 6th. They are in your district and you should be in their face at every single event. Every speech, every fund raiser - where ever Michelle Bachmann, Steve King, Max Baucus, Nancy Pelosi - all of them - get there. Contact a tea party group in your district or your own group or organization that you support and spread the word. Tell your congress critter that if they don't get us out of those treaties, you will work tirelessly to see they are booted out of office in 2012. It's the only thing incumbents care about despite their carefully crafted speeches about how much they care about you and jobs.
As I have written many, many times, I am not against fair trade. Here and there I do purchase products from New Zealand, Scotland and even Australia. Prior to 1995, America had excellent trade relations with countries around the world. But, the evil doers who want a one world government knew "free" trade would destroy this country, suck the wealth of America and ship it to the grotesque monster called "globalization". The solution was to drop big money into the coffers of the prostitutes in the biggest whore house on this earth who are now too scared of China to get us out of those treaties. After all, it is the incumbents in Congress that have reduced us to nothing but slaves to repay the debt they created sending $800 MILLION dollars a week to China to pay the interest on that debt.
If we do not as a nation demand an end to all those "free" trade treaties, we will, as Thom Jefferson warned, end up beggars in rags in our own land.
It can't happen overnight, but it can happen if only you will make the effort. If you stop buying foreign gadgets (which won't fill an empty stomach), foreign made clothes, tools, whatever and make your voice heard. It takes time to crank up factories long abandoned, but it can be done.
I mentioned this on a radio show I did recently. As someone in the trenches full time going on 21 years, I have spoken to literally thousands of people all across this great and beautiful land. Many people hate their jobs because they don't feel fulfilled. Many young people come out of college with no job prospects, $20- $50,000 in debt for student loans working at Staples or Home Depot (who does not get my money because of their in your face support of sexual deviants). Please don't misunderstand. I support anyone who works an honest day for a day's wages whatever their job. But, retail clerking jobs used to be for seniors wanting to keep busy and bring in some extra money, mom's whose children are now in school but don't want to work full time or students. Those level of jobs were never meant to be the level of paycheck needed to support a family.
What would those folks rather be doing? You might be surprised, but an awful lot of them tell me they want to create things. Where have America's artisans gone? There are a substantial number of Americans who loved their jobs in a factory or farming, but because of those treaties are pushed into cities growing beyond what their infrastructures can handle, taking whatever jobs they can find.
We need to bring back America as a self sustaining nation and we can through our purchasing power for starters.
To find out how your incumbent voted on any of the destructive trade treaties, use a search engine and simply type in their name + on the issues. Example, type: John Boehner on the issues. That will take you to the on the issues web site.
It doesn't matter that Rubio and West have only been in office eight months. What matters is what they won't even talk about, much less introduce legislation to cure the cancer instead of more smooth talk. While we cannot stop the financial tsunami about to crash this country, we can begin rebuilding American jobs by taking action.
Obama Calls for More Federal Money for Roads, Bridges and Airports to Create Jobs
Sunday, August 07, 2011
By Terence P. Jeffrey
( - In his weekly address on Saturday, President Barack Obama called for Congress to approve more money for a new—and vaguely defined—program to repair roads, bridges and airports as a means of creating jobs for construction workers.
The program, Obama said, would create jobs for workers who used to build houses by “by giving loans to companies that want to repair our roads and bridges and airports.”
The president did not explain how loaning money to a company that wants to help repair a road, bridge or airport would cause more roads, bridges or airports to be repaired and thus necessitate the hiring of more construction workers to repair them.
He also gave no details of the loan program he envisions—who would qualify for a government loan under it or on what terms the lenders would pay the taxpayers back.
However, he did call the loans one of the “commonsense steps” he is proposing to get the American economy growing again.
“And we ought to give more opportunities to all those construction workers who lost their jobs when the housing boom went bust,” Obama said in his address. “We could put them to work right now, by giving loans to companies that want to repair our roads and bridges and airports, helping to rebuild America.
Obama also called for extending “tax cuts for working and middle class families”—by which he presumably meant a cut in the payroll tax that funds Social Security and Medicare—as well as a new tax credit for employers who hire veterans and a further extension of unemployment benefits so that people who are not working can continue collecting checks from the government.
Obama additionally called for Congress to approve new international trade agreements.
Obama said these “commonsense steps” will help the economy and lead America to a “brighter day.”
“Those are a few commonsense steps that would help the economy. And these are ideas that have been supported by both Democrats and Republicans in the past,” said Obama. “So I’m going to keep calling on both parties in Congress to put aside their differences and send these bills to my desk so I can sign them right away.”
“That’s the spirit we need in Washington right now,” said Obama. “That’s how we’ll get this economy growing faster and reach a brighter day.”
In February 2009, Obama signed an economic stimulus law that the Congressional Budget Office initially said would cost $787 billion, but then eventually determined would cost $830 billion. Before Obama signed that $830 billion law, his top economic advisers said it would keep unemployment below 8 percent in America.
Shortly after Obama signed the $820 billion stimulus, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that unemployment had risen from 7.8 percent in January 2009, the month Obama was inaugurated, to 8.2 percent in February 2009, the month he signed the stimulus. Since then, unemployment has remained above 8 percent for 30 straight months. In July, the most recent month reported, unemployment was 9.1 percent.
Throne Speech: Where are the jobs?
By David Macdonald
June 4, 2011
Perhaps the government's new mantra for the budget and the throne speech is telling in its ordering. First priority is low tax, and then if jobs and growth also happen, well that's a happy coincidence.
It was interesting to hear the throne speech acknowledging that government spending like that in the stimulus program can create jobs and drive growth. That is to say, that the Harper government knows how to create jobs and a reliable way to do that is to hire Canadians to build infrastructure.
For a government that repeats "jobs" so much, it is hard to miss the fact that there was no mention of unemployment in the throne speech. For most Canadians, declining unemployment IS the measure of job creation. But presumably it is not for this government. Perhaps the shaky link between low corporate taxes and job creation is good enough -- the facts be damned.
The facts are that demand for goods & services drives job creation, not tax cuts. So while corporations are happy to take the money, they are simply saving it and will continue to do so in an uncertain economic environment. Low taxes themselves are not going to create jobs at this point, government spending is.
It bears repeating that despite the Harper recognition that stimulus works, unemployment remains near 8% -- far above the 6% that it was before the 2008 crisis began. The jobs that have come back are part time, not full time as before the recession. While Harper admits that government spending can and does create jobs, clearly jobs are no longer the priority. The "economic action plan" has now become a "deficit reduction plan" irrespective of job creation. High unemployment was a good reason for government intervention in 2008 under Harper, however the same prescription for today's high unemployment is somehow not relevant.
In fact, the changing nature of the stimulus plan from job creation to balanced books was further reinforced with the firm commitment to balance the books one year early. The likely means will be through the cutting of 80,000 jobs in the public service over the next four years. The fact that there are no particularly good reasons for balancing the books one year early is beside the point. The throne speech trots out the spectre of high debt levels of "other nations." Presumably Canadians are to assume that job losses are worth it otherwise we'll end up like Ireland or Iceland in that extra year. The fact remains that Canada has the lowest debt burden in the G8 by a long shot.
The throne speech reveals that the Harper government knows what Canadians want to see, action to create jobs and economic growth, and so repeats that message. It also reveals that the government knows how to make it happen, through government spending. However, the government has no intention of taking any action despite high unemployment. In fact, job destruction through public service cuts will likely be the order of the day.
So while jobs are the rhetoric, taking practical and proven steps to job creation is a distant second to low corporate taxes and reduced public services. Welcome to the next four years.
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