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Riots in England!

Britain's Violent Riot Claims Shooting Death
By Jim Kouri, CPP
August 23, 2011
"No longer content with simply burglarizing and mugging the decent law abiding working classes that have the misfortune to dwell amongst them, they have now decided to torch and terrorize the very communities they come from. What we are witnessing in London and in other cities across Britain at the moment is an attack upon the decent and law abiding citizenry of the country." - British social commentator Winston Smith.
The violent and destructive riot that's plaguing the United Kingdom since the weekend has now claimed its first mortally wounded Londoner Tuesday, after the man was shot while in his automobile during the civil unrest. The shooting victim died in a hospital emergency room in London.
The ongoing rampage by thousands of rioters began in London, but it's now sweeping the country, according to a source with the Metropolitan Police Service.
Police reported that the 26-year-old male shooting victim was discovered in a car Monday night in the London suburb of Croydon as the rioting spread into suburban areas. The MPS source said young motorist
suffered from multiple gun shot wounds.
While so far only one death has been officially reported, there are hundreds of people, including police officers, who are listed as riot casualties and the destruction and violence spread from the capital city of London to other major British cities.
As of yesterday, 48 officers have been injured having experienced unprecedented violence directed at them as they have been policing London, striving to protect the public, local communities and property.
Many officers are still undergoing hospital treatment, some requiring surgery. Injuries range from fractured bones, serious head injuries, concussion, cuts and sprains, even injured eyes from smashed and thrown glass.
Officers have been attacked with bricks, bottles, planks of wood and other missiles. In some incidents, officers have been hit by motor vehicles, seriously risking their lives and those of the public.
"If these people lived in an oppressive police state or didn't have the generous welfare state we have then I could understand them rising up. This has nothing to do with being genuine victims of oppression or actual real poverty. It is about blatant greed, criminality and hyper consumerism nothing else. This is not [Britain] in the 1980s when there were genuine grievances that needed addressing. It is thuggery plain and simple," British social commentator Winston Smith, author of the book Generation F.
"No longer content with simply burglaring and mugging the decent law abiding working classes that have the misfortune to dwell amongst them, they have now decided to torch and terrorize the very communities they come from. What we are witnessing in London and in other cities across Britain at the moment is an attack upon the decent and law abiding citizenry of the country," stated Smith.
Police also investigated a large fire at Reeves Furniture store in Reeves Corner, Croydon, as part of the disorder in the area on Monday and officers arrested a man in connection with that arson.
Detectives from Operation Withern arrested the 21-year-old Tuesday evening and he is being held at a south London police station, according to a report obtained by the Law Enforcement Examiner. The man was arrested and charged suspicion of arson with the intent to endanger life.
The civil unrest began Saturday when peaceful protesters assembled with relatives of 29-year-old Mark Duggan -- the man shot to death by police last Thursday night during a police raid in the Tottenham district of London -- but the peaceful demonstration erupted into a violent uprising when other groups joined the demonstration.
According to the Law Enforcement Examiner's London source, hooded people, many of them teenagers, ransacked and looted shops, torched cars, and set buildings on fire. They also attacked police officers with rocks, pieces of concrete, bottles, and illegal fireworks. As of yesterday, the rioting spread to other cities including Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester.
A total of 685 arrests have been made in connection with the incidents of disorder seen across London in the last few days. Of those,111 individuals have been charged.
Five police dogs have been injured as they have undertaken their duties in dealing with the unrest. Linpol Luke, also known as Obi, sustained a serious head injury from a thrown brick and requires further treatment. Marshfield Mia was injured after being hit by a thrown bottle. Both dogs were injured on duty on Sunday. On Monday, Minstrel Blaze, Quirk Ruby and Zach all sustained injuries, including broken teeth and cuts from thrown missiles, police sources stated.
Mounted section officers have played a vital role and after successive shifts facing hostile crowds the officers and their horses are tired yet no injuries have been sustained and they will continue to play their part in
keeping London safe, according to an MPS statement.
The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, promised more stringent anti-rioting procedures would be used by police officers if the indiscriminate violence continued.
During a televised briefing, PM Cameron described what he termed the "sickening scenes" caused by the rioters. He said the violent uprising was "criminality pure and simple."
The Prime Minister, who chaired a meeting of the national disaster management committee, known as the "Cobra Committee," at his Downing Street office, also said he would recall the Parliament from its summer recess on Thursday, so that he could make a statement regarding the rioting.
All leave for police and security personnel was canceled, according to Cameron, who pledged to bring in reinforcements from around the country. Ten thousand extra police officers are expected to be deployed in London, bringing the total number to 16,000.
There was even talk of using the British military should the rioting become more deadly and destructive. The British army is well-known for its counterinsurgency tactics and its ability at waging urban warfare, said the MPS source. But that would be a last resort scenario, he added.
Interactive Map of the Economic Depravity Of London Riot locations - The poorer the neighborhood the higher the number of riots
The Day of Rage and the London Riots
Personal responsibility and community responsibility have been replaced by state responsibility
Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh
Thursday, August 18, 2011
I was pondering the recent riots in London. The British media agreed that the random looting of sporting goods and electronics stores was not an indication of deeper discontent born of poverty, social exclusion, or poor education.
Some of those arrested were middle class or upper middle class young people who took the opportunity to commit crimes, burning and looting, thumping their noses at authority, knowing that the police would be slow to respond or not respond at all. The law is lax and police do not carry guns.
Some journalists believed that the left had encouraged “posh” youth to riot against the student fees. When poorer kids joined in, the media was appalled. When the government pays upwards of $80,000 for the education of young people who remain idle after graduation because self-responsibility and self-reliance are not part of the nanny state culture, why are we surprised that criminality, drugs, idleness, and sloth are the results?
Shaun Bailey of the Guardian says, “Personal responsibility and community responsibility have been replaced by state responsibility.” The expensive education they have received has prepared them for very little. If they were inclined to labor, the lack of work ethic would not be worth the headache and cost to an employer. “Much of the unskilled work is done by foreigners, while an indigenous class of permanently unemployed is being subsidized.”
Immoral and amoral lifestyles of British youth are driven by the drug pop culture of the likes of Amy Winehouse, who went to an early grave living and singing about the dangerous drug and alcohol addiction that permeated every note of her music. She was the youth role model. Every magazine turned her into a hero after her death.
Sticking it to the rich, Unions, Wisconsin
“Sticking it to the rich” was expressed by smashing storefronts, destroying property, looting, setting fire to homes and businesses that took generations to build with hard work and perseverance. The opportunity to destroy was intoxicating to the drug-addled youth. Who is responsible for the behavior of these young people? Why have parents abdicated their responsibility to the nanny state?
Last week, I came across a full-page article in the Washington Post written by David S. Meyer, professor of Sociology and Political Science at the University of California at Irvine. The title and subtitle were both provocative and shocking, “Americans are angry. So where are the protests?” “London burns. Why not D.C.?”
Professor Meyer makes the argument that such riots are “investment of organizers who cultivate grass-roots activism.” He believes that the American system is organized “to channel anger and discontent into political institutions,” following the model set by James Madison.
Meyer describes the grass-roots activism in Wisconsin which “stripped public-sector unions of most of their collective-bargaining rights and their workers of a lot of money;” he talks about Rosa Parks and her boycott in 1955 as a focused, long-time organizer; he describes in detail the recall elections in Wisconsin, intended to flip the balance of power back to Democrats.
David Meyer incorrectly suggests that most of the organized protests in the U.S. today have been on the right, “grouped loosely under the mantle of the tea party.” He claims that the movement existed for more than a decade. The tea party movement started in early 2009. It is not a party, it is a state of mind; people are saying, we are “taxed enough already.” The left has been more vocal and disruptive in their protests and demonstrations, causing millions of dollars in property damage at various venues around the country. The tea party protests do not destroy any property and leave the grounds much cleaner than they found them.
Tea Party is growing by leaps and bounds
He claims that the tea party is kept alive by the Tea Party Caucus, preoccupied by the debt ceiling, and by those who are running for office. That is entirely untrue; the movement is growing by leaps and bounds. The tea party members and other Americans are extremely interested in the debt ceiling and our government’s overspending that is bankrupting the country.
Professor Meyer admits that there is “anger about unemployment and that it feels much worse than the official jobless rate.” He knows many “earnest and intelligent” college graduates who are desperate to find work since college loans are coming due. They also wish to move out of their parents’ home. However, they need a “social movement,” not just updating their resumes. He suggests that sometimes unions can speak for the unemployed and the employed alike, as it happened during the Great Depression. He concludes, unions today focus on helping their members and the president, in spite of their differences.
Since the fabric of our youth is somewhat different from the youth of Britain, he expects people taking to the polls, rather than taking to the streets. As James Madison planned, “Frustration and disappointment are butting up against political pragmatism.”
I hope Professor Meyer is right. His opinion certainly contradicts the extreme left chatter on social networks and Twitter, promising to organize a “day of rage” in Washington, D.C. and Wall Street in New York on September 17, the 224th anniversary of our Constitution.
The Guardian, Al-Jazeera Set Straight Corporate Media Lies About London Riots
Posted by Alexander Higgins - August 10, 2011
Must read Guardian and Al-Jazeera articles that set the record straight about the lies the corporate media is telling about the protestors participating the”riots” all across the U.K.
As I scour the news and social media sites for the latest on the protests in London, I find my stomaching turning reading lie after lie in the media about the events on the ground.
Perhaps the most vial piece of disinformation I have read is this absolutely racially charged piece on The Telegraph which basically be summarized as “Once I heard there was riots I knew it was the blacks. And why are they rioting, anyway. No one should even care about the cops killing the man because he shot. Even if it wasn’t him then his cab driver did and he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and he was blacks so no one should care. ”
These riots were about race. Why ignore the fact?
What colour is Mark Duggan? Mark Duggan is the man who was shot dead by the police on Thursday in Tottenham. The Tottenham riots last night were sparked when people protested his death. This morning, I first heard of the riots on the radio, then on the television. I read articles on the internet. But oddly, no one would say what colour Mark Duggan was. No one would say the unsayable, that the rioters were, I suspect on the whole, black. Then, finally, Toby Young’s Telegraph blog post on the riots was published. Is Toby Young the only journalist out there who will dare say that these riots are about race?
Still, one paper did carry a photo of Mr Duggan. When I saw the photo, it confirmed what I knew instinctively: black youths once again have set London alight.
I’d like to know what they’re angry about. Mark Duggan is dead. He was shot by the police in a shootout. Duggan was in a minicab and shots were fired from both the cab and the police elsewhere. A police officer was hurt in the incident and a bullet was found lodged in a police radio. Either Duggan was shooting at the police or the driver of the minicab was. Either Duggan was in the wrong place at the wrong time and his death is a terrible tragedy – he was caught in the crossfire – or he shot at the police and the police defended themselves. Whatever the explanation, the police did not kill this man in cold blood.
Yet, a friend of Duggan who gave her name as Niki, 53, said marchers had wanted “justice for the family” and “something had to be done”. She said some of them lay in the road to make their point. “They’re making their presence known because people are not happy. This guy was not violent. Yes, he was involved in things but he was not an aggressive person. He had never hurt anyone.”
I wonder what “involved in things” means? I also wonder whether the police officer who was hurt at the scene believes Mark Duggan never hurt anyone. “Something had to be done”? She makes it sound as if the police are killing black people every other weekend and finally someone decided to take a stand.
Source:The Telegraph
That article was wrote by Katharine Birbalsingh who was absolutely wrong about her assertions. The man did not shoot at the police nor did his cab driver. In fact, an independent investigation has found that the police lied about being shot at period. Forensic show that police bullets were the only bullets fire from Police guns were found at the scene.
Katharine Birbalsingh also asserts that the man who was killed by the police have no right to demand that something be done because it is not “as if the police are killing black people every other weekend”. Truth be told however, the police are killing people just about every other weekend. In fact, the 333 people have been killed in U.K. police custody over between 1998 and 2010 which equates to about more than one police killing every other week. Whether those people were mainly black, I do not know. But I could jump to racial conclusions as Katharine Birbalsingh has and say “it confirmed what I knew instinctively”, I knew the people the police were killing were black.
Yet another disgusting article comes from the Daily Mail.
Years of liberal dogma have spawned a generation of amoral, uneducated, welfare dependent, brutalised youngsters
It was fun. It made life interesting. It got people to notice them. As a girl looter told a BBC reporter, it showed ‘the rich’ and the police that ‘we can do what we like’.If you live a normal life of absolute futility, which we can assume most of this week’s rioters do, excitement of any kind is welcome. The people who wrecked swathes of property, burned vehicles and terrorised communities have no moral compass to make them susceptible to guilt or shame.Most have no jobs to go to or exams they might pass. They know no family role models, for most live in homes in which the father is unemployed, or from which he has decamped.
They are illiterate and innumerate, beyond maybe some dexterity with computer games and BlackBerries.They are essentially wild beasts. I use that phrase advisedly, because it seems appropriate to young people bereft of the discipline that might make them employable; of the conscience that distinguishes between right and wrong.They respond only to instinctive animal impulses — to eat and drink, have sex, seize or destroy the accessible property of others.Their behaviour on the streets resembled that of the polar bear which attacked a Norwegian tourist camp last week. They were doing what came naturally and, unlike the bear, no one even shot them for it.
The depressing truth is that at the bottom of our society is a layer of young people with no skills, education, values or aspirations. They do not have what most of us would call ‘lives’: they simply exist.
Nobody has ever dared suggest to them that they need feel any allegiance to anything, least of all Britain or their community. They do not watch royal weddings or notice Test matches or take pride in being Londoners or Scousers or Brummies.
Not only do they know nothing of Britain’s past, they care nothing for its present.
They have their being only in video games and street-fights, casual drug use and crime, sometimes petty, sometimes serious.
The notions of doing a nine-to-five job, marrying and sticking with a wife and kids, taking up DIY or learning to read properly, are beyond their imaginations.
Source: The Daily Mail
It is absolutely shocking to see a corporate media article to refer there entire generation as animals and the to bash on them for being poor and not have the opportunity of getting a college education.
This map of the economic depravity of the locations of the rights help put things in perspective. [see above]
No wonder they are rioting. When you treat someone like an animal they will eventually act like an animal. So you get what we had here last week and for some people that’s the way they want it. Furthermore, if these people are animals then it undeniable that they have long been abused and neglected only to now have been deliberately let out of their cage.
This interview that the BBC will never play again gives you an insight into how these animals are being treated.
London Riots Investigation Confirms Police Planted Bullet and Lied, Murdered “Man Did Not Open Fire”
Posted by Alexander Higgins - August 9, 2011
An independent investigation into the cause of the London riots reveals police planted a bullet and lied about the murder the man that sparked protests that turned into rioting across England.
London Police lied about the circumstances surrounding the shooting of Mark Duggan which have sparked the London riots reveals a much awaited investigation into the shooting.
Police officers said the man who was inside of a cab was shot to death in a gun fight with police officers after the man opened fire but the investigation into the incident reveals the police lied and the man never opened fire.
Adding to the scandal, the police pointed to a bullet that was lodged into a police radio that officers reported barely missed a police officer.
Ballistic analysis now confirms that the bullet found in the radio was actually fired from a police issued firearms which means that the police shot their own radio to plant evidence to support their story to cover up their brutal execution of the man.
The incident is also a black eye to the corporate media which has ignored numerous reports about the circumstances surrounding the man’s death. Instead they have repeatedly acted as a stenographer for the government reporting the man’s death was a result of a gun fight with the police.
Sky News reports:
Man Shot By Police ‘Did Not Open Fire’
The victim of a police shooting did not fire at officers before he was killed, according to a report by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.
An IPCC ballistics report said there was “no evidence” that a handgun found near where Mark Duggan was shot by armed officers had been used.
The 29-year-old died after a gunshot to the chest on Thursday. The death sparked the first night of rioting in London in Tottenham.
His family issued a statement saying: “We feel completely gutted. Someone must be made accountable for this. We can’t believe that they can do this.
“In this day and age, this is completely unacceptable. We are very, very angry and we want answers now from the police.”
Mr Duggan had been a passenger in a silver Toyota Estima minicab in Ferry Lane, close to Tottenham Hale Tube station, which was believed to have been stopped by police.
His death came after two shots were fired by a Scotland Yard CO19 firearms officer, investigations show.
The initial results confirmed reports that a bullet found lodged in a police radio at the scene was police issue.
Forensic officers told the IPCC that it may not be possible to “say for certain” whether the handgun found near Mr Duggan was fired.
But an IPCC statement said: “At this stage there is no evidence that the handgun found at the scene was fired during the incident.”
Source:Sky News
As I previously reported, this will only add to the fire that is fueling the anger behind the London riots.
Guardian: The Ignored London Riots Context – 333 Deaths In Police Custody, 0 Convictions
The Guardian reports on the context behind the London Riots that is being ignored – unbridled corruption and police brutality.
The U.K. is ripe with police corruption and brutality and while the corporate media refuses to report on it on article from the article hits the nail on the head.
Since 1998 there have been 333 deaths in police custody and not one single conviction, which previously promoted a Guardian piece warning the police are not on our side and a movement by the masses to remove the media barons and the feral elite from power.
When you add that context to the brutal execution of a black man and the beating of a 16 year old girl by 15 police officers at a peaceful protest — a story that has been scrubbed by the corporate media — you get anarchy in the U.K. which has now spread across all of England.
Tottenham London In Flames As Peaceful Protests Turn Into Riots Over A Fatal Police Shooting
Posted by Alexander Higgins - August 6, 2011
London (CNN)
•NEW: At least 42 people are arrested and 26 officers injured, police say
•An independent investigation is under way, a police watchdog says
•Downing Street calls the riots “unacceptable”
•Pockets of unrest remain in the Tottenham area
– A British police watchdog group said it will meet Sunday with the family of a man whose death allegedly at the hands of officers led to riots in north London.
Demonstrators on Saturday night burned police cars, a bus and buildings to protest the death of Mark Duggan. They pelted officers with bottles and bricks as police in riot gear charged at the crowd and blocked off streets.
A double-decker bus and some buildings were also set ablaze, sending bright orange flames shooting into the night sky.
At least 42 people were arrested and 26 officers injured, police said Sunday.
“The rioting in Tottenham last night was utterly unacceptable,” Downing Street said Sunday. “There is no justification for the aggression the police and the public faced, or for the damage to property.”
The protests started peacefully Saturday night when about 30 friends and relatives of the victim gathered outside Tottenham police station to protest the fatal shooting of Duggan during a traffic stop.
Tottenham in flames as riot follows protest
Two police patrol cars, a passenger bus and several shops were attacked and set alight in north London as violence erupted
Two police cars, a bus and ­several shops were attacked and set ablaze in north London on Saturday night as violence erupted following a protest demanding “justice” over a fatal police shooting.
Officers on horseback and others in riot gear clashed with hundreds of ­rioters armed with makeshift missiles in the centre of Tottenham after Mark Duggan, 29, a father of four, was killed on Thursday.
At one point, rioters broke through police ranks and attempted to storm Tottenham’s police station, pelting officers with bricks, bottles and eggs. As a police helicopter flew over Tottenham High Road, youths in masks and hoods added combustible material to two burned out police cars, included a bundle of documents and an awning ripped down from one of the shops. Some attempted to persuade the rioters to disperse, one young man shouting: “Go home now people.”
But others filled bottles with petrol to throw at the police lines. Many lined up with makeshift weapons including metal bars and baseball bats to confront the line of police, but others seemed more interested in looting. At one stage a safe was dragged out of a book­makers, while others were seen with a television set and an electric guitar. Several arrived with shopping trollies to take away what they had stolen.
“It wasn’t like this before,” said one woman standing close to one of the two burned-out police cars. “It started out as a peaceful demonstration. The police shot a guy here last week and they lied about what happened. They said he pulled a gun but he wouldn’t have done that with armed police. They shot him so badly that his mother could not recognise him.”
A Metropolitan police spokesman said the trouble began when missiles were thrown at parked patrol cars at 8.30pm. He said one was pushed, blazing, into the middle of Tottenham High Road. Neither of the two officers who had been driving the cars was injured.
As violence spread, a double-decker bus was set upon. Witnesses said the vehicle exploded in flames after attackers threw homemade bombs through its windows. Nearby shops were also set ablaze.
Most of the crowd consisted of onlookers, who jeered at police vans as they arrived. There were chants of “we want answers” and “whose streets? Our streets”.
Officers from the Territorial Support Group charged at rioters and attempted to block off side streets. Riot police, some with dogs, shepherded people away.
Police on horseback also attended the scene, along with reinforcements from the City of London police. A police helicopter hovered above.
Hails of bottles and bricks were intermittently thrown at police from side streets as reinforcements arrived. Rioters also aimed fireworks at police. At one stage, four firework rockets were shot at a line of horses, prompting a charge and a nearby crowd to disperse in panic.
Hundreds of residents gathered to watch the unrest and there several were reports of attacks on bystanders. At one point rioters were seen beating up a man attempting to take film footage of the scene.
Local resident David Akinsanya, 46, said several shop windows had been smashed. “It’s really bad,” he said. “There are two police cars on fire. I’m feeling unsafe. It looks like it’s going to get very tasty. I saw a guy getting attacked.” Maria Robinson, another resident, told the BBC: “The police seem very frightened at the moment, people are unstoppable. They’ve broken into various businesses, jewellery shops, bookies, it’s absolutely crazy. They’ve beaten up a man for talking to the fire brigade.”
Attempts by police to gain some control succeeded by 11.30pm, as they cleared an area of the street with the worst fires, allowing two fire engines onto the street.
Twitter was abuzz on Saturday night with messages of support and condemnation.
A police source said acting Met police commissioner, Tim Godwin, was being kept informed of events.
Met police commander Stephen Watson said the situation was “complex and dynamic”. He told Sky News the setting up of the Gold command structure earlier in the evening – a response to major public order events – was a routine contingency plan.
Although the police were aware of increased tensions in the area since the death of Duggan, Watson said they had no warning that a riot would break out.
Police were unable to confirm whether the violence was connected to outrage over the death of Duggan, 29, who was shot in a police anti-firearms operation in Tottenham.
The violence broke out at dusk after about 120 people marched on Tottenham police station to express anger over the death of Duggan. The protesters had begun their march in the Broadwater Farm area, the scene of riots in 1985 in which a police constable, Keith Blakelock, was killed by attackers wielding knives and machetes.
A family friend of Duggan, who gave her name as Nikki, said that the dead man’s friends and relatives had organised the protest to demand “justice for the family”.
“They’re making their presence known because people are not happy,” she said. “This guy was not violent. Yes, he was involved in things, but he was not an aggressive person.”
It was revealed on Saturday that ­Duggan had been shot in an exchange of fire after the police’s Trident unit, which deals with gun crime, stopped the vehicle he was travelling in. A police officer was said to have escaped injury in the shootout when a bullet lodged in his radio.
Mayor Boris Johnson said where there were real concerns in the community it was right there was a proper investigation and that the IPCC was looking into Duggan’s death. “The violence to property will do nothing to facilitate that investigation,” the mayor said.
David Lammy, the local MP, called for calm on Saturday night, saying the community was anxious. The Independent Police Complaints Commission rushed out a statement in an attempt to appease the anger saying it is in close contact with the Duggan family and will have further meetings with them on Sunday.