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Will Rick Perry be the Next President?

Lifting the Hood Off Rick Perry: Was His Family In The Ku Klux Klan?
Max Blumenthal
23 November 2011
Texas Governor Rick Perry has opened a new issue to try to lift his floundering campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, insinuating that President Barack Obama just might not be an American citizen. Asked if Obama was born in the United States, Perry told Parade Magazine, in an interview published on October 23, “I have no reason to think otherwise.” But he then qualified his answer, stating, “Well, I don’t have a definitive answer.”
Perry’s comments on Obama’s background are puzzling, considering that the President has produced a long form birth certificate proving his U.S. citizenship. For those Republicans who have become known as “Birthers,” Obama’s documention is not enough. To them, he will always be under suspicion as an alien. Whether it is his brown skin, Arabic middle name, or African father that feeds the doubters, he remains the source of heavily publicized right-wing conspiracy theories, now given credence by Perry. According to an October 12 PPP poll, 39 percent of registered Republicans still do not believe Barack Obama was born in the United States.
But by channeling the paranoia, Perry may have opened himself up to unsettling questions about his own background and family history. In his stump speeches since announcing his candidacy, Perry almost invariably touts his humble roots, describing a hardscrabble but wholesome childhood in Haskell County, Texas, the origin of his small-town traditional values. Yet the New York Times has reported the pervasiveness of racist attitudes in Haskell County, where white residents referred to the segregated area on the other side of the tracks as “Niggertown.” The Times story followed the report in the Washington Post on the Perry family ranch in West Texas, where the governor often entertained guests, called “Niggerhead.”
But both papers missed an additional important historical fact: Haskell County was home to an active, large and influential chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. The genealogy of a prominent farmer and longtime resident of Haskell County, Oran Ewan Webb, refers to the Klan as a central facet of life in the county, noting:“There was a meeting of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan at the O E Webb farm four miles east of Haskell on Monday night September 29, 1924. Public lectures were given by speakers of state reputation. Every officer of the Haskell County Klan was present. (Notice from Haskell newspaper).”
[Right: Members of Texas-based Klan chapters rally in 1992]
During the 1920’s, the Klan virtually controlled Texas state politics. According to the Texas State Historical Association:
“With a membership of perhaps as many as 100,000, the Klan used its united voting block to elect state legislators, sheriffs, judges, and other local and state officials. Its greatest success, however, was in securing the election of Earle Bradford Mayfield to the United States Senate in 1922. The following year the Klan established firm control of city governments in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Wichita Falls, and the order probably had a majority in the House of Representatives of the Thirty-eighth Texas Legislature, which met in January. By the end of 1922 the paid membership swelled to as many as 150,000, and Kluxers looked forward to even greater triumphs.”
Though Klan membership declined steadily after the Great Depression hit Texas, local chapters remained active throughout the civil rights era. The Times reported that when Perry entered Texas A&M in 1968, some students posed for yearbook photos in Klan robes, while others formed a dairy group called the “Kream and Kow Klub” — KKK. Today, an underground Klan chapter operates in West Texas, and in 2010 its members left fliers in a parking lot at Texas Tech University.
Perry may continue to believe, or pretend, that he does not have a “definitive answer” to the question about Obama’s citizenship — even though the state of Hawaii does. But he must have a “definitive answer” to another question closer to home — whether members of his family belonged to the Klan, or attended Klan rallies. It is an indisputable fact that the Klan was a central component of the cultural and political heritage of Perry’s hometown. Were members of his family ever members of the Klan? The national press has begun to put Haskell Country’s disturbing history of racism in the spotlight. Given Perry’s gesture to the “Birthers,” it is now time to learn more about his background. What exactly were his family’s ties to the Klan, if any, and if so, why has he kept the information hidden from the public for his entire political career?
Perry lies again about Texas Gardasil scandal, claims woman he met after signing executive order lobbied him to pass it
by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
Saturday, September 24, 2011
(NaturalNews) The more Texas Gov. Rick Perry tries to defend his decision to sign an executive order in 2007 mandating that all young girls in Texas receive vaccinations against the human papillomavirus (HPV) before being admitted to school, the more he exposes himself as a lying scoundrel that is unfit to govern his own state, let alone lead a nation.
During the recent Republican presidential debate in Orlando, Fla., Perry tried once again to defend his infamous Gardasil blunder, this time by telling the heart-tugging story of a woman he met and got to know who had cervical cancer. He told the audience and viewers Thursday night that the reason he signed the executive order was because the woman lobbied him to do so.
"I got lobbied on this issue," said a calm and composed Perry. "I got lobbied by a 31 year old young lady who had stage-four cervical cancer. I spent a lot of time with her. She came by my office. She talked to me about this program. I readily admitted we should have had an opt-in (for the mandate) but I don't know what part of opt out most parents don't get. The fact is I was on the side of life and I will always be on the side of life as a governor and as president of the United States."
A charming and sweet story, really -- except for the fact that it is not true. According to ABC News, Perry signed the vaccine executive order before he met the young woman, not after, as he claims. The woman did, according to reports, lobby in favor of upholding the executive order after it had been signed (which the legislature eventually overturned), but she did not play a role in Perry's original signing of it.
Unlike the petty issues that typically bog down the presidential campaigning process, Perry's Gardasil scandal is gravely serious and needs to be exposed. After all, the vaccine that he pushed is implicated in causing thousands of serious and permanent injuries, and potentially hundreds of known deaths, which is a far cry from his empty rhetoric about "being on the side of life" (http://truthaboutgardasil.org/).
Perry was truthful about one thing, though. He was lobbied to sign his executive order. But this lobbying appears to have come from Merck & Co., the manufacturer of Gardasil, not a heart-wrenching victim of cervical cancer (http://www.naturalnews.com/033571_R...).
Rick Perry Run Carefully Orchestrated by Global Elites?
By Paul Walter
August 26, 2011
The pool of presidential candidates for the Republican nomination has been considered less than exciting for many party faithful. Mitt Romney, a rerun from 2008, appears to be popular with the more moneyed crowd than average Americans who rejected his bid the first time around. Rep. Michelle Bachmann jumped out in front with her fiery rhetoric and appealing smile. Rep. Ron Paul, also jumped to the top three while candidates like former Speaker of the House, Newton Gingrich, Jon Huntsman and Herman Cain continue to struggle in single digit numbers in the polls.
The not to be ignored apathy towards many of the candidates must concern those who pull the strings behind the scenes on the GOP side. A strong candidate must emerge to beat Barack Obama - if he is still in office by November 2012.
While the power brokers who made sure a community organizer with no experience, dubious education credentials and a hidden past pulled off the election of Obama, the headaches continue to build. Not only is Obama being pilloried by independents, conservatives and increasingly, columnists and talking heads on the left, there is a major problem date looming: September 14, 2011. Attorney Orly Taitz, known as the 'queen of birthers', has been trying to get the Hawaii Department of Health to comply with a court ordered subpeona to examine Obama's birth original certificate since he released it to the world back on April 27, 2011. Hawaii's DOH has refused citing privacy issues, so there will be a court hearing in front of Magistrate Judge Richard L. Puglisi, for an order to show cause.
In a separate action, Taitz has also filed a Writ of Mandamus to force production of the original 1961 birth certificate of Barack Obama. That action is before Circuit Court Judge Rhonda Nishimura in Hawaii. One federal judge, one state judge. It will be interesting to see the decisions of those two judges since Obama himself released a copy of his 'real' birth certificate to the world, how is it the Hawaii Department of Health refuses to allow anyone to view a document the world world has already seen?
To say those two court proceedings are problematic for Obama's handlers is a major understatement. For those who saw the movie, Braveheart, there is a scene where King Edward I, known as 'Longshanks' is faced with the problem of William Wallace. Slumping down against a wall, Longshanks muses, "What to do, what to do?"
The same question no doubt has been plaguing the global elites who have the final say in American politics at the level of president. No doubt many Americans will reject the idea that outside foreign interests control our presidential elections. However, if one does enough research by individuals like Daniel Estulin, author of The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, just that one fully documented book will drive home the truth of the aforementioned statement.
The ruling elite might continue to push Obama through to the DNC convention next summer, but much will depend on what happens next month in Hawaii. One thing that's becoming clear is the growing anger towards Obama by his base support making him a risky proposition for the 2012 nomination. Could the puppet masters engineer an exit for Obama before it's too late to run another candidate? In a heart beat. It won't be Hillary Clinton due to health reasons. She has already publicly stated she will not run for public office again, but will return to private advocacy work. Of course, that's where the money is for globlal elites like the Clintons.
The decision makers must be in a real quandary because finding a viable candidate to vie for the Democratic nomination won't be easy. Retreads like John Kerry and all his baggage is clearly a dud. Few Democrat governors have any name recognition outside their state and current sitting U.S. Senators are not in good standing with the American people over run away spending and gridlock. "What to do, what to do?"
The Masters of the Game plan well ahead, which is why plans to destroy America have been successful even though its taken close to a century. One thing Americans need to understand is the ruling elite are the ultimate power brokers who make sure bushels of money go to presidential candidates of both parties to hedge their bets. All the ruling elite need is a political animal willing to sell out his or her soul and America with "people appeal" regardless of whether or not that individual has an R or D behind his name.
Enter Governor Rick Perry of Texas.
Perry ran for a third term and won. Many in the state of Texas believe his only purpose in seeking a third term was for the 2012 presidential race. Sell another illusion to the masses. Here's a man so popular with the people of Texas, they elected him to an unprecedented third term! Repackage his failures into success and suddenly the GOP has a front runner. Like Bill Clinton, Rick Perry carries a lot of negative baggage. However, both have one thing in common: The Bilderberg Group. Back in 1991, Clinton (like Carter) was unknown on the national scene. A governor of a poor state with only corruption and a long list of extramarital sexual escapades to his resume, Clinton's audition to the global ruling elite was in the Black Forest over in Germany in 1991. He was elected the following year. By the way, Carter was not a member of the Bilderberg Group, but was a member of the Trilateral Commission; you might say a brother of the Bilderberg Group.
In 2007, Rick Perry, made his appearance at the Bilderberg meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. Rick Perry (like Rep.
Michelle Bachmann who worked to get Jimmy Carter elected) was a Democrat before switching to the Republican Party. His support for Al Gore and the hoax called global warming has turned off many Republicans, but might sway a few on the left keeping in mind the idiom that a leopard doesn't change his spots. Perry's support of Al Gore was because he believed in what Gore was selling and the product is still very much desired by the Bilderberg Group.
Republicans are desperate to get Obama out of office and put one of their own in the White House. The Democrats have a world of problems with Obama, but, would Rick Perry actually be what the power brokers behind the scenes really want? The goal of the global ruling elite is one world government with regions. No more nation states or sovereign countries. Free trade has destroyed America's critical job sectors and reduced the standard of living in this country in a way shocking Americans to the core.
Rick Perry has been selling himself as anti-big government and poked fun of in the media as a "Remember the Alamo" type Jim Bowie. However, his actions speak louder than media propaganda and his carefully crafted stump speeches:
Rick Perry tied to Agenda 21, globalist policies
"Rick Perry may be good at invoking states rights and property rights, while disavowing ‘foreign creditors,’ but his actions as Texas’ longest serving governor tell a different story. Public private partnerships (or P3s) are part and parcel of the United Nations’ Agenda 21. Two of the purposes of Agenda 21 are to abolish private property and restrict mobility and P3s act as the vehicle to do it. Perry made P3s a centerpiece of his transportation policy since he stepped in as governor.
"It started with the Trans Texas Corridor, known at the federal level as high priority corridors, corridors of the future, or the NAFTA superhighways. Just in Texas, it was to be a 4,000 mile multi-modal network of toll roads, rail lines, power transmission lines, pipelines, telecommunications lines and more. It was going to be financed, operated, and controlled by a foreign company granted massive swaths of land 1,200 feet (4 football fields) wide taken forcibly through eminent domain....
"While Perry is staking his campaign on Texas being the top net jobs creator, Perry’s version of Texas being “Open for Business” isn't about low taxes and less regulation as much as it is about doing business with foreign companies, including selling off Texas’ sovereign land and public assets to foreign creditors, an issue which Perry’s first television ad uses to take aim at President Obama."
Just the candidate the global ruling elite are looking for and someone who, over time, can be sold to the large block of independent voters despite his "flaws" because, after all "no one candidate can be perfect". Try telling that to Cameron Todd Willingham and his family:
Cameron Todd Willingham: Wrongfully Convicted and Executed in Texas
"Cameron Todd Willingham was executed in Texas in 2004 for allegedly setting a fire that killed his three young daughters 13 years earlier. He always claimed his innocence, and the arson investigation used to convict him was questioned by leading experts before Willingham was executed. Since 2004, further evidence in the case has led to the inescapable conclusion that Willingham did not set the fire for which he was executed."
To come across tough on crime, Gov. Perry refused to stop Willingham's execution.
Mitt Romney has been hauling in the cash, but Rick Perry's political allies have more. Romney's ObamaCare in Massachusetts is a huge reason why so many Republicans and independents will not vote for him along with his documented hypocrisy of being pro-life. Like Obama, Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is credited with having great personal appeal, but short on meaningful legislation during her short while in Congress. Congressman Ron Paul is running at the top of the pack and if elected, would be 77 years old, which might present a problem for some voters. Rep. Paul has always been a consistent supporter of smaller government and a free market system. Undesirable traits for the global ruling elites.
Over the next few months the Internet and cable talk shows will be filled with all the pros and cons of all the Republican candidates. There will be more debates with the usual "less government, lower taxes" bread and butter of conservative candidates. Money always becomes a key issue for presidential candidates which will likely drive out hopefuls like Jon Hunstman, Newton Gingrich, Herman Cain and some of the lesser known candidates.
Keep your eye on the prize: globalization and the selling out of America. The perfect candidate to continue towards that goal is Gov. Rick Perry. Time will tell.
© 2011 Paul Walter - All Rights Reserved
Paul Walter escaped the slavery of communism at the age of 14 with his family in 1956 and immigrated to United States (legally) in 1959. He served 3 years in the U.S. Armed Forces, was honorably discharged and became a U.S. citizen in 1965. Owner of Walter Publishing & Research, Inc., he republished a 100 year old book titled: The Coming Battle, the true history of our national debt. The book is currently in its 5th printing.

Rick Perry -- Big Pharma president?
Tuesday, August 23, 2011 by: Christina Luisa
(NaturalNews) Rick Perry has officially announced he is running for president, and we now face the possibility having a tyrant in control of our country. Not only does Perry have a bad track record - including having the death and harm of young women on his hands -- he "has shown himself to be the most duplicitous, deceptive politician that I have ever studied in the history of the United States." - Alex Jones (listen to more here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSBX...)
There are many reasons that you don't want this man holding office of any kind, least of all president. If you don't remember the forced vaccinations of young girls with Gardasil back in 2006 and 2007, let's get you up to speed.
Perry's undeniably shady history
In February of 2007, the governor of Texas issued an executive order that bypassed the will of the Texas people and the entire legislature, mandating the vaccination of young girls -- in Grade 6 in Texas -- with the HPV vaccine Gardasil.
Merck, the pharmaceutical company in charge of the villainous venture and the chief distributor of the vaccine, was the same drug company that was reported to have given thousands of dollars to Perry's campaign efforts (http://www.politicolnews.com/gardas...).
The vaccine was given FDA approval in June 2006 then rushed to the market without proper testing through clinical trials, as more of an experiment than a vaccine that was proven effective. Only 8 months later Gov. Perry signed the executive order mandating this vaccine to all young girls (and later young boys were also made to be vaccinated).
These fraudulent vaccines were billed to be paid for by honest taxpayers. Although there are over 25 million people in the state of Texas, as a justification for his actions, Perry reported that there were only 391 deaths of women by cervical cancer -- which have not been proven to be caused by the HPV virus to begin with.
Perry caused countless young women to needlessly suffer
Gov. Rick Perry knowingly lied and told Texas families that he had the power to force their young girls to be vaccinated with Gardasil, the same vaccine that he knew was killing people in the few test trials that were run on it.
Not only was this fraud of a vaccine completely worthless as a medical method meant to protect girls from cervical cancer, it was obviously lethal - a fact that was proved after there were countless cases of adverse reactions and multiple deaths reported after the vaccine was administered.
In fact, only four months after Perry signed his order for mandated Gardasil vaccines, there were 13 cases of adverse vaccine reactions reported to the VAERS system, a database of Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting system. There were thousands more negative reactions reported that were never touched by the mainstream media. By this alone, Rick Perry should have dismantled his executive order - but did he? Certainly not.
Alex Jones has put out an excellent video that exposes Rick Perry's links to vaccines. Watch it now at:
An advocacy group called Judicial Watch reported through documents they received under the Freedom of Information Act that thousands of girls reported adverse reactions to the vaccine shortly after receiving the shot (http://www.politicolnews.com/india-...).
By June 2008 there were multiple reports surfacing of girls having convulsions, going into comas and dying
after being given the vaccine. Still, Perry did not remove his mandated vaccine law in Texas until he was finally forced to do so by lawmakers and parents that had given up their right to make their own decisions about the tremendous risk of the Gardasil vaccine and been wrongfully informed it was proven to prevent cervical cancer.
In one reported case, a 19-year-old girl was given the vaccine and was found dead in her bed the next morning. Over 10 young mothers reported spontaneous abortions occurred after the vaccine was administered to them, and countless more were seriously damaged or made significantly physically ill as a the result of the Gardasil vaccine.
It is on record that Gardasil caused many deaths in school-aged girls around the world -- from India and Indonesia to Australia, all of which have all halted the administration of Gardasil vaccines completely due to the deaths.
Many of these young women developed the same reactions as those caused by the swine flu vaccine, which
was proved to be neurologically damaging. While all of this was happening, Merck was lobbying the federal government to make the HPV Gardasil vaccine mandatory throughout the entire country.
Read about the nearly 3,500 complaints about Gardasil that were filed with FDA's Vaccine Adverse Event Report System after its approval here:
The dirty money connection: Is Perry a Big Pharma lackey?
One of the main Merck lobbyists, Mike Toomey, served as Perry's chief of staff; in other words, a former man of top power for the governor now works for Merck, the same Big Pharma company that funded the campaign for Perry.
Perry used dictatorial power to mandate - with a lack of any public debate or approval -- the mass vaccination of young girls with a dangerous drug that earned millions of dollars in profit money for Merck.
Parents were never given sufficient information on the nature, safety and effectiveness of Gardasil, yet Perry still bypassed legislature to sign an order that allowed for the thousands of girls to be injected with lethal chemicals made by one of his sufficient campaign contributors. Perry acted as Merck's ace in the hole, and now he will be their man in the White House if the corrupt company has their way.
This article is not merely about revealing the medical madness that occurred under Perry's reign as governor - it's about exposing the truth about Perry's deceitful actions. Share this information with everyone you know.
We cannot allow this man to become president by any means. Speak up now, or expect to soon be surrendering more health freedoms to a medical system that is owned and controlled by Big Pharma, all under the dictatorship of this deceptive tyrant of a man.
Click here (http://www.naturalnews.com/021571.html) to view a CounterThink cartoon NaturalNews published a few years ago in response to the financial connection between Merck and Gov. Perry and to illustrate the pure insanity of having young girls line up to get vaccinations for a disease that can be prevented a hundred other ways that are EFFECTIVE and SAFE.
Read more about the HPV vaccine extortion and the connection between having a Big Pharma lackey in office and the corruption of a medical system that uses patients as profit centers here: http://www.naturalnews.com/021572.html
More reason Perry should be kept out of office
Not only has Gov. Perry tried to force young women all over Texas to be injected with the dangerous Gardasil vaccine, he is a big-time globalist, has raised taxes and fees in Texas numerous times throughout his stint as governor and has massively increased the size of government spending and government debt in Texas. He has also been trying to force the Trans-Texas Corridor down the throats of the Texas people for highly questionable reasons.
Perry is also what is referred to as a "big government" politician. When Rick Perry became the governor of Texas in 2000, the total spending by the
Texas state government was approximately $49 billion. Ten years later it was around 90 billion. Does this seem like a reduction in the size of government?
The debt of the state of Texas is spinning completely out of control. The total debt of the Texas government has more than doubled since Rick Perry became governor. What would the US national debt look like after four or eight years of Rick Perry?
According to usdebtclock.org, the debt to GDP ratio in Texas is 22.9% and the debt per citizen is $10,645. In California - a state that is totally financially wrecked -- the debt to GDP ratio is just 18.7% and the debt per citizen is only $9932. As Alex Jones mentions on InfoWars.com, as a presidential candidate, these are numbers Perry will want to attempt to keep under wraps.
Rick Perry has also been leading the effort to lease roads in Texas to foreign companies and to turn roads that are already free to travel into toll roads. If you research the subterfuge surrounding his plans to further develop the Trans-Texas Corridor -- which would be part of the planned NAFTA superhighway system -- you will quickly understand why Rick Perry has no right to be anywhere close to The White House.

Is Rick Perry Drunk? Is Rick Perry High? The Strangest Speech Given by a Presidential Candidate.
Top 10 Things Texas Gov. Rick Perry Doesn’t Want You To Know About Him
By Scott Keyes on Jun 10, 2011
With widespread discontent on the right over their current presidential field, all eyes are trained on a likely new entrant: Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R).
Perry, who has been elected governor three times and served for more than 10 years, enjoys bona fides from social conservatives and Tea Party-types alike. Glenn Beck even described Perry as a man he was so enamored with that he wanted to “French kiss.”
However, as conservatives fawn over their newest presidential hopeful, it’s worth taking a closer examination at his record as governor. On issues across the board, from Perry’s support for dropping out of Social Security and Medicaid to his state’s abysmal pollution levels and his proposal that Texas secede from the United States, the Republican governor has amassed a record of far-right extremism.
ThinkProgress has assembled the top ten hits from Perry’s tenure as governor:
(1) PERRY ALLOWED THE EXECUTION OF A LIKELY INNOCENT MAN, THEN IMPEDED AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE MATTER: In 2004, Cameron Todd Willingham was executed in Huntsville, Texas after being convicted of arson and the murder of his three children. Even after significant evidence emerged showing that arson had not caused the fire (thus exonerating Willingham), Perry refused to grant a stay of execution. Five years after Willingham was executed, a report from a Texas Forensic Science Commission investigator found that the fire could not have been arson. As the commission prepared to hear testimony from the investigator in October 2009, Perry quickly fired and replaced three of its members, forcing an indefinite delay in the hearing.
(2) PERRY WANTS TO REPEAL THE 16th AND 17th AMENDMENTS, ENDING DIRECT ELECTION OF U.S. SENATORS AND THE FEDERAL INCOME TAX: In his 2010 book Fed Up!, Perry called the 16th and 17th Amendments “mistaken” and said they resulted from “a fit of populist rage.” The 16th Amendment allows the federal government to collect income taxes, which is the single biggest source of revenue, accounting for 45 percent of all receipts. The 17th Amendment took electing U.S. senators out of the hands of political insiders and allowed the American public to decide their representation instead. If Perry had his way, the federal government would be stripped of its current ability to fund highway construction projects, food inspectors, and the military, and the American public would not even be permitted to elect their own senators.
(3) PERRY PROPOSED LETTING STATES DROP OUT OF SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICAID: Despite the programs’ importance and popularity, Perry has argued that states like Texas should be allowed to opt out of Social Security and Medicaid. Were Perry to have his way on Social Security, “the entire system would collapse under the weight of too many Social Security beneficiaries who had not paid into the system,” notes Ian Millhiser. On Medicaid, in addition to stripping 3.6 million low-income Texans of their health care, Perry’s proposal would actually hurt, not help, the state’s budget deficit. This is because, as Igor Volsky writes, opting out of Medicaid would take “billions out of the state economy that goes on to support hospitals and other providers,” while forcing hospitals “to swallow the costs of caring for uninsured individuals who will continue to use the emergency room as their primary source of care.”
(4) TEXAS IS THE COUNTRY’S BIGGEST POLLUTER, BUT PERRY SUED THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FOR DISAPPROVING OF THE STATE’S AIR QUALITY STANDARDS: Texas is the biggest polluter in the country, leading the nation in carbon dioxide emissions. However, when the EPA published its “disapproval” of the state’s air quality standards for falling short of the Clean Air Act’s requirements, Perry sued the federal government to challenge the ruling. Perry’s environmental record doesn’t end there. He is a global warming denier who called the 2010 BP oil spill an “act of God” while speaking at a trade association funded by BP.
(5) PERRY DESIGNATED AS “EMERGENCY LEGISLATION” A BILL REQUIRING ALL WOMEN SEEKING ABORTIONS TO HAVE SONOGRAMS FIRST: In January, Perry proposed requiring all women seeking abortions to have a sonogram at least 24 hours before the procedure. Under the bill, doctors would be required to “tell a woman the size of her fetus’ limbs and organs, even if she does not want to know.” Before a woman is permitted to have an abortion, physicians are also forced to provide an image of the fetus and make the woman listen to the sound of its heartbeat. Perry designated his proposal as “emergency legislation,” allowing the bill to be rushed through the legislature. He signed it into law last month.
(6) PERRY GUTTED CHILDCARE SERVICES EVEN AS TEXAS CHILDHOOD POVERTY HIT 25 PERCENT: Facing a $27 billion budget deficit this year, Perry decided to gut child support services, despite a report from the Center for Public Policy Priorities that found nearly one in four Texas children lived beneath the poverty line. Instead of raising revenue like California, a state facing a similarly sized deficit, Perry scaled back more than $10 billion of child support over two years. As Think Progress’ Pat Garofalo noted, these cuts were proposed despite Texas’ possession of a $8.2 billion rainy day fund.
(7) PERRY WAS A STRONG SUPPORTER OF TEXAS’S ANTI-SODOMY LAWS: Perry was a strong proponent of Texas’s anti-sodomy law that was struck down in 2003 by the Supreme Court in Lawrence v. Texas. Calling the law “appropriate,” Perry dismissed the Court decision as the result of “nine oligarchs in robes.” Even after being struck down, Perry supported the Texas legislature’s refusal to remove the law from its books.
(8) PERRY IS A STIMULUS HYPOCRITE WHO LOUDLY CRITICIZED FEDERAL RECOVERY MONEY BUT USED IT TO BALANCE HIS STATE’S BUDGET: As the nation struggled to avoid economic collapse in 2009, Perry was a vocal critic of Congress’s recovery package, even advocating that Texas reject the money because “we can take care of ourselves.” Months later, after Perry was able to balance the state’s budget only with the aid of billions in federal stimulus dollars, Perry again repeated that he would reject federal funding, arguing that the government “spends money they don’t have.” Five months later, Perry again took advantage of federal funding to issue $2 billion in bonds for highway improvements in Texas. Even so, the state faces a $27 billion budget deficit.
(9) PERRY SAID THAT TEXAS MIGHT HAVE TO SECEDE FROM THE UNITED STATES: One hundred and fifty years ago, Texas and other southern states seceded from the Union, resulting in a bloody Civil War. 148 years later, Perry floated the idea that Texas may again have to secede because of a federal government that “continues to thumb their nose at the American people.” Perry was roundly criticized for his proposal, yet he repeated his threat the next month on Fox News, telling host Neil Cavuto, “If Washington continues to force these programs on the states, if Washington continues to disregard the tenth amendment, who knows what happens.”
(10) DESPITE HAVING THE WORST UNINSURED RATE IN THE COUNTRY, PERRY CLAIMS THAT TEXAS HAS “THE BEST HEALTH CARE IN THE COUNTRY” : On Bill Bennett’s radio show last year, Perry claimed that “Texas has the best health care in the country.” In reality, Texas has the highest rate of uninsured residents of any state. More than one in four Texans lack coverage; the national average is just 15.4 percent. As such, there are more uninsured residents in Texas than there are people in 33 states. Despite Texas’s low coverage rates, the state has some of the most restrictive Medicaid eligibility thresholds, and Perry has even proposed dropping out of the program. Texas also has an inordinately high percentage of impoverished children, yet Perry opposed expanding the successful State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).
ThinkProgress intern Sean Savett contributed to this report.
Texas Governor's Gay Sex Scandal Covered in Austin paper, the First Non-Internet Media Outlet to Report On It.
By Jackson Thoreau
Under the appropriate heading of "Naked City," the weekly Austin Chronicle became the first media source beyond Internet blogs and ezines to report on the alleged sex scandal involving Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry.
The Feb. 26 story by Michael King mentioned a "support rally" this week at the Governor's Mansion for Perry under the theme, "It's OK to Be Gay." The story mentions the numerous rumors that "the governor's marriage is in trouble, that his wife Anita has/will/may decide to divorce him, and that the issue is Rick's alleged infidelity, with one or another member of his administration of undetermined gender. [Rumors of this sort, about multitudinous politicians, circulate all the time, but the current Perry rumors are indeed extraordinary in their baroque detail and remarkable persistence.]"
King said he looked into the Perry rumors when they first surfaced some weeks ago and "found no evidence of any truth to any of them, whatsoever." He lamented that "nobody will go on the record." Did anyone involved in the story "go on the record" when everyone from Saturday Night Live to Reuters published the alleged affair rumor against John Kerry a few weeks ago? No, but of course, Kerry is a Democrat so the media and people in general believe the myth that Democrats are more likely to have extramarital affairs than Republicans.
King had this comment from Perry spokesperson Kathy Walt: "These are false, malicious, and hurtful rumors, and the Chronicle's own investigation acknowledges that fact."
King also wrote that "numerous other reporters, from here to New York, have looked into the rumors, with, as far as we know, an identical lack of results. Nor do we expect anything we say here to have any effect on the rumors, which have become entirely self-replicating as they echo through the blogosphere."
A note on this story: It is extremely difficult to find "evidence" of extramarital affairs unless one party spills the beans or it comes out in a court divorce document. In 2001, The Washington Post put two reporters to spy on former Democratic Maryland Gov. Parris Glendening, who was rumored to have had sex with Jennifer Crawford, his unmarried chief of staff, while he was separated from his wife. The Post reported in Sept. 2001 that Glendening eased out of Crawford's home early on a few mornings that summer.
Remember that Crawford was unmarried and Glendening was separated. Has any media outlet devoted similar resources to try to catch Perry, who says he is committed to his wife? No. Can anyone recall the media catching a Republican in an affair through such an investigation? I can't. And it's not like Republicans don't have affairs; read my essay at to learn about a few of them.
So just because some reporters found "no evidence" to support the rumors doesn't mean the rumors do not have some basis. It just might take more work to unearth some evidence-- such as reporters following Perry around 24 hours a day as they did to former Democratic Sen. Gary Hart, a potential 1988 presidential candidate, and Glendening - than these reporters can devote at the moment.
The Chronicle also pointed out how last year Perry signed the "Defense of Marriage Act," the Texas Legislature's "latest gratuitous demonstration that it believes gay and lesbian Texans deserve fewer rights than other citizens." The rumors have become stronger as Bush and other Republicans push for a Constitutional amendment to ensure that no gay couple marries.
The Chronicle's story mentioned how Perry and his wife spent Presidents Day weekend in the Bahamas with major political donors James and Cecelia Leininger and John and Bobbi Nau. The official story on this was it was a "working trip" paid for by "campaign funds" to discuss "public school finance." As the Chronicle pointed out, "That is, during a luxury retreat in the Bahamas, the governor discussed "public school finance" with a group of wealthy right-wing activists who have done everything in their power to undermine, or even abolish, public education."
Meanwhile, a blog written by Wick Allison, publisher/editor of D Magazine, a mainstream city magazine, mentioned that Geoff Connor, Perry's secretary of state and alleged playmate, threatened to track down the source of the rumor and sue. Republicans have blamed a Democratic operative in Houston.
This is from a strong Republican insider and apologist. Allison has given money to Republican candidates, such as $500 to Hillary Clinton's NY Senate opponent in 2000.
That would be an interesting lawsuit if Connor were to actually sue someone, wouldn't it? I doubt he would follow through since the gay stories would get further into the public record.
A politically-connected attorney in Texas told me he has known about Perry's gay side since the 1980s. And two district judges in Odessa told him that the rumor was always there when they served in the Legislature with Perry.
I don't care if he is gay or bi or whatever, what's appalling is the hypocrisy involved - Perry is going around condemning gays and signing laws against them in public while possibly doing something different in private.
And check out this statement in the Texas GOP's platform, the most extreme platform in the country, which also calls for abolishing Social Security, the Department of Education and others, along with getting the U.S. out of the U.N.: "The Party believes that the practice of sodomy tears at the fabric of society, contributes to the breakdown of the family unit, and leads to the spread of dangerous, communicable diseases. Homosexual behavior is contrary to the fundamental, unchanging truths that have been ordained by God, recognized by our country's founders, and shared by the majority of Texans." It also says, "The party opposes the decriminalization of sodomy."
Perry approved the statement, and all candidates who run as Republicans in Texas have to sign it, or forfeit financial support by the party. So if the homosexual encounter with Perry is true, I would think his own party's leaders would be making plans to get rid of him. I hear Perry won't run for governor again in 2006, even if these rumors die.
I also hear there is a court transcript or statement of facts in the Texas Court of Appeals that contains sworn testimony that former Waco Rep. Lane Denton [on the right] had an encounter himself with Perry. Some reporters I know are checking on that.
Denton was found guilty in 1995 of diverting $67,201 from the Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association while serving as its executive director in 1988-89. He received 20 years in prison, but his sentence was suspended, and he was placed on community supervision.
The Austin-based 3rd Court of Appeals, where the Perry document allegedly is, also ruled against Denton.
In the original trial, prosecutors said Denton funneled the trooper group's funds to a public relations company owned by New Orleans architect John Chrestia, who testified that he had been Mr. Denton's gay lover.
Blogs that have done great jobs in keeping this issue fresh include http://www.burntorangereport.com/archives/001102.html and datalounge.
Why is the story important in the battle to dethrone Bush? Why not focus on the economy or Iraq in attacking Bush?
Because with his support for a Constitutional amendment to crack down on gay rights, Bush has signaled that he plans to make "morality" and cultural issues a big part of his 2004 campaign. And pointing out the Republican hypocrisies-- which include charges of extramarital sex against Bush [see http://www.geocities.com/jacksonthor/knowrsex.html] in this area is important to win this battle.
If Democrats can show that the very Republicans who blasted Clinton for having an extramarital affair in the 1990s have extramarital affairs of their own and might even be extra hypocrites in publicly bashing gays, then this supposed advantage in "morality" that Republicans seem to enjoy over Democrats can be negated. Like it or not, sex and extramarital affairs register more with many average voters who get most of their news from TV than Iraq or even the economy.
I'm not expecting the Kerry campaign to conduct this "expose the cultural Republican hypocrites" campaign. As far as I know, the Kerry campaign has nothing to do with spreading these rumors. People like me will do it and take the heat as muckrakers or mudslingers or whatever from the whining Republican babies who don't like to see their own tactics slammed back in their faces. As I have long said, many far-right Republicans can dish it out, but they can't take it.
Message to the Republican whiners: Don't be surprised and cry foul when your opponent plays by the rules you devise.
While I can't take credit for starting this Perry rumor, I have helped move it along. I see this campaign as part of my duty and my contribution to restore some legitimacy and sanity to the White House.
So a non-Internet media outlet has published this Perry story. Can we expect Reuters and others who jumped on the Kerry rumor to follow suit? It would be the fair thing to do, based on the precedent set with the Kerry rumor. But I'm not holding my breath.
Jackson Thoreau is an American writer and co-author of We Will Not Get Over It: Restoring a Legitimate White House. The 120,000-word electronic book can be downloaded on his Internet site. He is working on another book, The Strange Death of the Woman Who Filed a Rape Lawsuit Against Bush & Other Things the Bush Administration Doesn't Want You to Know. Some chapters from that can be read at http://www.geocities.com/jacksonthor/know.html . He can be contacted at jacksonthor@yahoo.com or jacksonthor@justice.com.