Tuesday, October 25, 2011

‘Restore the Constitution’ Rally!

The Dream of JB Williams
‘Restore the Constitution’ Rally
Judi McLeod
Tuesday, October 25, 2011
JB Williams has this dream.
In the dream of JB, millions of patriots will come together at the Washington Monument on November 11, Veterans Day.
“Thousands can’t turn this around, millions can,” he writes of his 11/11/11 ‘Restore the Constitution’ Rally.
Gathering at the Monument in this critical time of America’s history will be heroic veterans, many still bearing the crippling wounds they suffered in defending what so many both at home and abroad consider to be the most courageous and generous country in all the world.
Others there at the Monument bear wounds and worries of the heart: Their own government is taking their beloved country down. They are the truckers, the housewives, insurance and real estate agents, farmers, waiters and waitresses, working people trying to hang onto jobs in a deepening Recession and ‘Working People’ who never give up on the hunt for another job to feed families.
Unlike so many others out demonstrating in city parks, JB’s dream is to restore the American Constitution and to rebuild the Republic from damage already caused, not to replace a free market society with forced-on-the-public ‘Revolution’.
Everything about JB is Move Forward in mode, and his dream rides on lighting the spark that will travel on God’s Speed by word of mouth and Internet message across the United States of America. Not a single mainstream media has reported on the 11/11/11 Rescue Mission he’s calling to DC.
With or without the mainstream media, JB will never give up.
JB can’t give up because the patriots coming to DC on November 11, is a sort of return of the cavalry at a time when America most needs it.
The patriots coming out are, in effect delivering the blood needed for a transfusion for an America that is being bled dry by an anti-Constitution gang of politicians from both sides of the political spectrum, who have already discarded the Constitution and the Republic’s noble and mighty Declaration of Independence; all those who work non-stop for the Fundamental Transformation of America.
Remote from We the People for decades, DC has become the ivory tower whose walls have become almost impossible to penetrate since January, 2009.
JB’s dream transforms DC into “a place to come to”, something it always should have been.
Without the Constitution, without the Declaration of Independence, without the bricks in the infrastructure carefully built by its founders, what is America?
There are those who convince themselves the destruction of America isn’t happening. There are those who will say it is too late. When it comes to restoring the Constitution; transfusing blood into anemic freedom and liberty, it is never too late.
None of us would have been here today had Winston Churchill decided it was too late to stop Hitler’s relentless march.
“It is quite clear that America is speeding toward a cliff,” JB wrote in his latest call to action. “Even after the Tea Party success in the 2010 mid-term elections, the rush toward the cliff is only accelerating. Totally shut out from the legal system with no political solution available, what started out as a simple question has quickly become a national plea for men and women who had taken an oath to stand up for “we the people” and honor that oath.”
JB’s dream calls on all oath keepers—including the 21 million civil servants working for the government—to live up to the oath they swore to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
Many, who are making JB’s Dream their own, are getting ready to come to Washington, DC by bus, by plane, by rail, and by family car.
Even as they prepare for the trip, many of the parks in their home cities are already under ‘occupation’ by anarchists, insurgents and other agents of change that Barack Obama openly supports.
JB’s dream is nothing less than the last chance in real time to stop the Fundamental Transformation of America into a Socialist State; a dream that is a piercing battle-cry for patriots to come join the dream; the chance for freedom lovers everywhere to realize that there is room for those who love America to take a necessary stand for her survival.
For those reasons alone, please God take JB’s dream viral.