Friday, November 04, 2011

Control the Food, Control the People (Part 4)

Codex Alimentarius and Initium
If we allow United Nations, the World Trade Organization, and the World Health Organization to control our food, they control our people, our freedom, and our population
Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh
Monday, November 21, 2011
We are a nation in great decline, attacked from many fronts by issues born fifty years ago and bearing fruit now, and by individuals who do not hold our nation’s interests at heart.
We are plagued by corruption at all levels of government, the shredding of our Constitution, by stoked hatred, class envy, drugs, anarchists, occupiers, violence, anti-Americanism, perverse Hollywood lifestyles, indolence, anti-Christianity, Sharia Law, UN Agenda 21, and communism worship.
The slow loss of our private property, land, freedoms, and sovereignty are the most glaring symbols of our decline. Many factors will combine to lead to our eventual demise as a superpower.
History repeats itself and we are not paying attention. We have stopped teaching long ago any meaningful and truthful history to our children. We have allowed public schools to replace our Judeo-Christian teaching with Marxist ideology and worship.
Ten million new acres of land have been “voluntarily conserved” and “saved from development” since 2005, according to a five-year census recently released by the Land Trust Alliance, one of the 1,700 private land trusts. By 2010, economic development and freedom of movement was no longer allowed on 47 million acres of land.
The world was stunned when the “Eternal City,” Rome, which had stood unconquered for 800 years, fell under the occupation of the barbarian Alaric the Goth. St. Jerome, born and raised in Rome, wrote from Bethlehem, “When the brightest light on the whole Earth was extinguished, when the Roman Empire was deprived of its head, when, to speak more correctly, the whole world perished in one city, I was dumb with silence.”
The Western Roman Empire lingered on for 66 more years until 476 A.D. when Romulus Augustus, the last emperor, was deposed by his Germanic commanders.
The Eastern Empire survived until 1453 when it was captured by Ottoman Empire. It called itself Roman Empire but it was Greek in life and language.
Alaric wanted to share the Roman way of life, had been asking for years for the title of allied commander, and wanted land for his men. Despair and deception drove him to attack Rome.
Interestingly, even before attacking and conquering Rome, the Goths had been slowly adopting Roman customs, while many generations of Romans living in distant parts of the empire were influenced more and more by barbarians. Ever more Roman soldiers were recruited from Germanic people who had no loyalty for Rome. You could say that the Romans were destroying themselves from within psychologically and demographically.
There are perhaps similarities between the fall of the Roman Empire and other empires whose influence waned in shorter time. Historians claim that empires tend to last on the average 250 years before decline, loss of power, or complete disappearance.
One of the threats that Romans faced was self-induced. Water was carried through lead pipes; Romans drank from lead cups, cooked in lead pipes, sweetened wine with lead oxide, and even used it as face and hair powder.
Archeological and written texts show that many Romans suffered from paralyzed limbs, headaches, listless, lack of energy, sterility, all classic symptoms of chronic lead poisoning. Excavations at Circencester in southern England, found in the period 1969-1976, 450 skeletons in a Roman cemetery dating from the late fourth and early fifth centuries. The bones of adults contained ten times the amount of lead and children had even more.
Evidence suggests that several emperors encouraged Romans to have children, declining population perhaps resulting from drinking lead poison to death and extinction. Fortunately, the Eastern Roman Empire had fewer lead mines and used earthenware for pottery.
In a way, we are as unaware of potential toxins in our food supply and blissfully ignorant as the Romans were about their use of lead. Our global food production and safety is being watched and augmented via Codex Alimentarius (Latin for “Book of Food”), proposed by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Health Organization in 1963 under the United Nations umbrella.
The Codex Alimentarius approved substance, initium, was introduced in Romania on December 31, 2009 when the Boc government was asked by the European Union to begin using it on grapes, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions under the name Enervin and Zampro. Instead of lead, the offending substance is initium.
I am not suggesting that initium is lead, but it has the potential to alter our food supply in a fundamental way, possibly damaging our cells, along with genetically engineered plants and seeds, and coupled with the control of vitamins and nutritional supplements.
Initium is a new class of chemicals imposed by Codex Alimentarius as a fungicide; additionally, it increases the growth rate of crops. “Initium is an innovative fungicidal active ingredient developed by BASF.” First registrations have been achieved in Romania, the Netherlands, and the UK. Other countries are slated to follow, Germany, France, USA, and Canada.
The idea behind using chemical substances such as initium under Codex Alimentarius is that the earth cannot feed the entire globe naturally, and we must resort to artificial means through chemicals and genetic engineering in order to obtain higher crop yields, especially since we are competing with animals for scarce resources.
Governments deride as conspiracy theorists those who say that the use of initium and genetic engineering would reduce the globe’s population through increased rates of cancer. Independent unofficial research claims that initium causes higher rates of colon cancer by as much as 65 percent more. One milligram of initium requires an entire year to be eliminated from the body. If produce is eaten daily, initium will never be eliminated, accelerating cell growth into tumors, similarly to the accelerated growth in vegetable cells. Romanian authorities are happy that initium will double crop yields in a short period.
Codex began when the United Nations authorized the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization to develop a universal food code in order to “harmonize” regulations for dietary supplements worldwide and set international safety standards for the purpose of international trade. When Big Pharma stepped in, Codex began focusing not so much on food safety but on controlling vitamins and food supplements.
Codex supersedes U.S. domestic laws without the American people’s voice or vote. Under the terms of the Uruguay round of GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade), which created the World Trade Organization (WTO), the United States agreed to harmonize its domestic laws to the international standards. Standards for dietary supplements developed by the United Nation’s Codex Alimentarius Commission’s Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use are included.
Our federal government must change federal laws and require state and local governments to change their laws in accordance with international law. “Members are fully responsible under this Agreement for the observance of all provisions… members shall formulate and implement positive measures and mechanisms in support of the observance of the provisions…by other than central government bodies.” (WTO TBT Agreement at Article 3.5)
If we allow United Nations, the World Trade Organization, and the World Health Organization to control our food, they control our people, our freedom, and our population. Consequences of such control:
Genetically engineered or altered foods, supplements, seeds and pesticides will be sold worldwide with or without labeling
· Dietary supplements would not be sold for preventive or therapeutic use
· Low doses will be sold by Big Pharma at higher potencies and higher prices
· Prescriptions will be required for higher potencies
· Garlic and peppermint could be classified as drugs or a third category (neither food nor drug) that only Big Pharma could regulate or sell
· New dietary supplements would be banned unless approved by Codex
Vitamin C above 200 mg, vitamin E above 45 IUs, vitamin B1 over 2.4 mg, and other vitamins in normal doses are illegal in Norway and Germany. The Norway pharmaceutical company, Shering-Plough, controls the production of Echinacea tincture, ginkgo, and other herbs.
Paul Hellyer says in his book, “The Evil Empire,” “Codex Alimentarius is supported by international banks and multinational corporations… and is in reality a bill of rights for these banks and the corporations they control. It will hand over our sovereign rights concerning who may or may not invest in our countries to an unelected world organization run by big business.”
It is time to wake up, take control back from the United Nations before we become another has been superpower or worse yet, a modern extinguished Roman Empire.
“Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh is a freelance writer (Canada Free Press, Modern Conservative, Romanian Conservative), author, radio commentator, and speaker. Her book, “Echoes of Communism, is available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle. Short essays describe health care, education, poverty, religion, social engineering, and confiscation of property. Visit her website,
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FDA and Global Elites are Destroying Food Supply and Farms
By Dr. Laurie Roth
November 4, 2011
Call it what you will. I call it old fashioned evil and communism. The FDA and other controlling organizations are on a roll to create invented crisis, hiding behind contrived safety issues with our farmers and food supply. The bottom line is most clear. The Marxist-Communists in control, Obama and his handlers want to control what we eat, when we eat, what we grow and how we grow it. I have covered many times on my national radio show, the Agenda 21 push, and sustainability bull rot they are forcing down our kids throats in school. Increased regulations, taxation and imposed laws have required our competent and well meaning farmers to practically slit their own throats. The FDA has been pulling continued, safety issues out of their ‘Rules for Radicals’ play book and shredding our farms and food supply.
Just a few of the untold cases of frivolous assault and control on our farmers:
A few months ago I was the EMCEE and spoke at a conference, which covered the manipulation, funding and dramatic push forward or Agenda 21 and sustainability. While there I met Anthony and Kelli Estrella who own and run the Estrella Family Creamery. They make cheese and have for many years without such a thing as a health concern or incident. In fact their many varieties of cheese have long been the favorite of countless people. Just one of their many happy clients stated:
“I took Kelli Estrella’s cheeses to my James Beard Dinner in New York and the Big Apple will never be the same. Her cheeses were the talk of the evening. She represents the top level of small artisan producers of Washington State like no other. I’m proud to be a representative of her craft.”
Awards received in 2010
American Cheese Society awards:
* Weebles: First in class (Smoked Italian styles)
* Caldwell Crik Chevrett: First in class (Sheep’s or Mixed Milks)
* Jalapeno Buttery: Second prize (Flavored Peppers)
If you go to you will see countless awards from 2006 onward until 2011. The only reason they weren’t given awards this year is because the FDA shut them down due to the contrived issue Kelli described to me on my show of them using wood shelves that long had been safe. The FDA agent hammered the Estrellas over their use of the wood shelves yet these wood shelves were recommended to them by the #1 affineur in all of France, Herve Mons. The Estrellas also pointed out that in fact, there is considerable evidence that wooden shelves actually inhibit Listeria. Their business has now been shut down over 1 year as a result of FDA action.
The shocking thing is that the Estrellas tried to do everything the FDA said. They brought in some of the very top experts in the country, were willing to implement anything they suggested and racked up $30,000 in legal expenses just trying to work with the FDA. It was to no avail. They then appealed to elected officials and many organizations for help. Their reward was the FDA just placed more barriers to their re-entry into the market. They made it simply impossible. Now, along with incredible suffering they are having to sell off their cows.
These controlling and intrusive actions are happening all across the country against organic food co-ops and dairy farmers, even holding some at gunpoint . The FDA has threatened Amish dairy farmers and threatened other raw milk producers. What was Communist Russia is now starting to look ‘award winning’ compared to how we treat our people.
Other farmers are labeled as criminals. Michael Schmidt of Ontario is one labeled now as a criminal. He is on a hunger strike at day 23 or 24 now. He has operated a small dairy farm for 33 years, providing raw milk to locals by way of his cow-share operation. Once again, his milk has never made anyone sick. Even so, for 17 years he has lived with a constant battle with the authorities over his right to sell milk to the locals. Again, no one has ever gotten sick from his milk. He quotes from the FDAs own site:
“There is no absolute right to consume or feed children any particular food.”(p.25)
“There is no ‘deeply rooted’ historical tradition of unfettered access to foods of all kinds.(p.25)
“Plaintiff’s assertion of a fundamental right to their own bodily and physical health, which includes what foods they do and do not choose to consume for themselves and their families is similarly unavailing because plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to obtain any food they wish.” (p.26)
“There is no fundamental right to freedom of contract.”(p.27)
So, are the officials in Canada going to let Michael die or give him his right and freedoms back? We shall see.
Kelli Estrella chillingly reminded me that the FDA’s stated goal is to have all raw Dairy banned everywhere by 2020. Apparently it was not enough that the Estrella farm was completely shut down a year ago, but the FDA is still harassing and threatening them even after ruining their business. It’s almost funny in a twisted way if it wasn’t so maddening. The FDA told them they could eat their own cheese but are issuing more violations against them because they fed some of it to their pigs. You can’t make this stuff up in a B movie from hell.
I have news for the FDA, Obama and other global control networks, we do have the right to grow and eat what we want. We do have the right to own property and not be told what or how to grow things. The destruction of Dairy farmers and food providers is criminal and evil. Rise up, pray and stand for the Estrellas and Michael Schmidt of Ontario
You may be next.