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What's with the "Occupy Wall Street" Crowd? (Part 2)

Obama’s OWS Grows More Violent…Threatens Young Children
Occupy Wall Street is now comprised almost solely of Obama’s Marxist Democrat Party’s brutal and anarchistic Mobile Gang Units
Sher Zieve
Friday, November 18, 2011
For those of you who continue to tell me the Occupy Wall Street radicals aren’t politically connected with one party, I say balderdash. First, in September Obama Friend Van Jones told Obama Channel MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell that there was going to be a progressives’ “October Offensive against Capitalism.”
Then, Obama mentor and persona non grata in virtually every country save ObamaLand (aka the former USA), is funding the OWS largely via his Tides Foundation. Then, there is also Obama’s American taxpayer-funded and long-time Obama Goons SEIU (Service Employees International Unions) involvement with the OWS mobs and their other supporters, including the Communist Party USA and Obama‘s ACORN. Note: Of course, ACORN and the SEIU’s involvement is being illegally funded by the American taxpayer via the Obama‘s (that is yours and mine) “stash.” These are your taxpayer dollars at work.
Occupy Wall Street is now comprised almost solely of Obama’s Marxist Democrat Party’s brutal and anarchistic Mobile Gang Units.
OWS began as the savage Communist-Democrat Party faux challenge to the save-our-constitution-and-our-economy TEA Party and quickly devolved into a band of publicly-defecating and women-raping muggers as they spread their fleas, lice and vermin nationwide and then worldwide to encompass and infect the other great unwashed and badly-educated masses. It took these groups less than a couple of weeks to mutate from their claims of legitimacy into the tyrant’s “we’ll destroy everything you own and are and then steal the rest!” dream groups. They claim to hate capitalism but, want to take everything you have earned for themselves. OWS protesters began making incendiary terrorist threats (a crime for most of us), including burning down NYC and bombing Macy’s Department Stores. Although one of the prime terrorists is even on video and shown signing “autographs,” he and his threatening comrades were not arrested. Note: This is another prime example of the growing dictate: “Terrorist threats from leftists (translation: the Obama and Communist-Democrat sycophants) are to be ignored.”
The ongoing OWS Marxist threats had been directed only towards adults. Now, however, they have spread to even intimidating, frightening and threatening very young children. On Thursday, OWS protesters began blocking, shouting at and terrorizing small children who were trying to get to school. CBS News New York reports: “The NYPD helped funnel the children, anything to ease their fears while some protestors chanted “follow those kids! “These guys are terrorists, yelling at little kids,” one father said. “For them it’s horrible. They’re afraid of all the crowds. We’re not even able to get through. They’re just, he’s … very afraid now,” a mother added.” Protesters even followed a father and his young daughter down a block, while yelling and shouting at them.
The only good thing to come from these increasingly well-planned and executed ‘fits of rage’ from the Left is that we are now seeing the true face of Obama’s, the Marxist-Democrats’ and the one-world order advocates’ plan for “Transforming America.” They are taking the largest, strongest and most robust economic system and the once-freest and most successful God-fearing country and people in history and are reducing it to rubble. Although, they shout loud and long about ending capitalism, the truth is that they only want it for themselves…the ruling elite. As I have said and written for many years now, the Left is determined to turn the USA into a feudal state with We-the-People as the serfs serving them as our masters.
It appears that, finally, the people who continue to want to build this country into something better and finer and those who now see that the US Constitution must be restored and the New World Order politicos and their minions booted out have awakened. And, when they awoke they discovered that the jack-boots were being worn by SEIU, ACORN, Obama and his handlers and now OWS. Now, that’s a good thing!
Here's the Risk: "Occupy" ends up doing the bidding of the global elite
by Patrick Henningsen
Global Research, November 17, 2011
History shows us it is easy for 'grassroots' campaigns to become co-opted by the very interests they are fighting against.
A 21st-century grassroots movement faces many pitfalls. This was as true back in 1968 as it is today. It could be infiltrated by law enforcement and intelligence agencies, or co-opted by a major party. As the state continues to creep further into our lives, activists can expect that it will use all its resources – not just the violent reaction seen in New York overnight, but also its agents, informants and surveillance packages – in its effort to monitor both sides of any serious social debate. Even bleaker, however, is the possibility that the movement was actually planned and launched by the very establishment activists thought they were waging a battle against in the first place. The larger the movement, the more interested a major party becomes in absorbing it into either the left or the right side of the current two-party paradigm.
The sudden emergence of America's Tea Party movement in 2007 is a good example. Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, its inventor, used it as a springboard to highlight libertarian and constitutional issues during his 2008 campaign. Soon after, it was co-opted by key political and media influencers from the US right wing, associating itself less with a libertarian manifesto, and more with emerging figures within the Republican establishment. Now it is has morphed into nothing more than a block of voters whom the Republican party can rely to strike a deal with during an election cycle.
Arguably, the Occupy Wall Street movement has already drifted into the shadow of the Democratic party – with a number of Democratic establishment figures from the top down endorsing it. The Democrats' own media fundraising and media machine, Move On, has visibly adopted the cause. Like the Tea Party before it, the Occupy block would swing a close election during a national two-party race, functioning as a pressure-release valve for any issue too radical for the traditional platform.
Alongside this is the threat of being infiltrated. Scores of declassified documents, along with accounts from veteran activists, will reveal many stories of members who were actually undercover police, FBI or M15. In the worst cases of infiltration, undercover agents have acted as provocateurs. Such incidents normally serve to radicalise a movement, thus demonising it in the eyes of society and effectively lessening its wider political appeal.
Although the global Occupy movement has branched out in an open-source way, many of its participants and spectators might be completely unaware of who actually launched it. Upon investigation, what one finds is a daisy chain of non-profit foundations, all tied together by hundreds of millions per year in operational funding. The original call for Occupy Wall Street came from non-profit international media foundation Adbusters. Like many non-profits, Adbusters receives its funding and operating capital from other behind-the-scenes organisations. According to research conducted by watchdog Activistcash, Adbusters takes a significant portion of its money from the Tides Foundation, an organisation partnered with one of Wall Street billionaire oligarch George Soros's foundations, the Open Society Institute.
Although mostly hidden from the public eye, all major foundations and professional thinktanks undertake research and host training seminars, which are used to influence certain public and foreign policies, and thus, must have a political agenda. Theirs is the venue of choice for activities that cannot officially be conducted on the government clock.
Freedom House is another of Soros's Open Society partners. It supports the Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (Canvas), an organisation started by Serbians Ivan Marovic and Srdja Popovic. After playing a pivotal role in the CIA-backed deposing of Serbia's Slobodan Milosevic, the western media hailed Marovic as a democratic genius, but it came out later that his programme came out of an elite Boston thinktank's "regime change" manual, From Dictatorship to Democracy, written by Harvard professor Gene Sharp. Sharp's book is a bible of the colour revolutions – a "regime change for dummies". His Albert Einstein Institution has received funds from the National Endowment for Democracy and the Open Society Foundations, and his work serves as a template for western-backed opposition leaders in soft coups all around the world.
There are also reports of Canvas activity during the early days of Occupy Wall Street, including a video of Marovic himself addressing the general assembly. Currently, Canvas are touting their recent role in working with Egyptian and Tunisian protesters from as early as 2009, teaching skills that helped bring down their presidents and spark regional revolt.
When the dust settles and it's all said and done, millions of Occupy participants may very well be given a sober lesson under the heading of "controlled opposition". In the end, the Occupy movement could easily end up doing the bidding of the very elite globalist powers that they were demonstrating against to begin with. To avoid such an outcome, it's important for a movement to have a good knowledge of history and the levers of power in the 21st century.
The Dawn of Zuccotti New World Order
Mikhail Gorbachev
Judi McLeod
Thursday, November 17, 2011
Even in the accumulated debris, there’s a miracle for the masses to be found in the formation of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) ongoing revolution.
Information of origin is everything.
As well jackbooted as any army marching through history, OWS was put in the parks to pave the last road leading to New World Order (NWO)—a fact revealed by one of its primary masters, former Soviet Union chief Mikhail Gorbachev.
To a mostly non-listening world, Gorbachev sent out his message last month before a standing ovation crowd of 3,600 at Lafayette College in pastoral Easton, Pa.; the first promised Progressive change made manifest before an unsuspecting world. (lafayette.edu)
Down at Zuccotti, the ushers of NWO still looked like harmless hippies when Gorby was making his bombshell announcement at Lafayette.
No longer the province of conspiracy, the NWO, not so long ago only barbarians at the gate, moved kit and caboodle—unnoticed by the mainstream media—into the city park.
The first collective action of the New World Order happens today with the promised 3 p.m. EST shutdown of New York’s subway system. But the dawn of the NWO is no longer only the preserve of the Big Apple, there will be anarchy ‘events’ today in 100 countries.
Few paid attention back on September 17 when the first assembly of no-mission OWS were painting each other’s faces and practicing Yoga at Zuccotti Park. How were we to know that the decades-long vision of the global elite to capture world masses was no longer a dream of humanity’s far away future, but the New World Order moving boldly into city parks?
Only one month later, Gorbachev, who in spite of never denouncing Communism, clearly defined OWS to an academe audience whose cheers were ear-splitting.
In typical Marxist/Communist dialectic, Gorbachev attempted to blame America for creating its own “global American empire”.
“Some people in the United States were pushing the idea of creating a global American empire, and that was a mistake from the start,” he said.
“We cannot leave things as they were before, when we are seeing that these protests are moving to even new countries, that almost all countries are now witnessing such protests, that the people want change,” Gorbachev said. “As we are addressing these challenges, these problems raised by these protest movements, we will gradually find our way towards a new world order.”
Were it not for the anarchy unfolding in 100 countries today, we might have all been asking “How long is gradually?”
Gorbachev, who envisions the coming new world ruled by a monarchy of the United Nations, under the supervision of a “Cabinet of Eminent Persons”, including UN Poster Boy, Canadian Maurice Strong, says NWO is “inevitable”.
How did OWS get to birth NWO from the public space known as the city park?
Well, the mainstream media reported on the rapes, drug deaths and outbreaks of disease at OWS camps, but the fact they are ushering in NWO flew right over their airy heads.
Incredibly, the same New York authorities who kicked OWS out of Zuccotti allowed them to return in single file, and that while the clean-out was going on in New York, authorities were proclaiming that Occupy Washington would be allowed to stay.
Gorbachev has much in common with Barack Obama in his admiration for OWS, and apparently matches Obama’s Messiah complex.
Respected German newspaper Spiegel has tracked Gorbachev’s Messiah Complex, reporting that “he compared his journey to Jesus’ journey to Calvary, when once before ‘people had spat on their redeemer.’”
It’s easy to forget the pain of being rejected by the people of his own country when film stars like Sharon Stone and Kevin Spacey throw birthday bashes for him to bask in adulation at London’s Royal Albert Hall.
Gorbachev buried the pain of rejection under sheer Barack Obama-like megalomania. “A painting by Russian artist, Andrei Myagliv, hung in Gorbachev’s dacha outside Moscow where only a few friends were welcome. It showed Gorbachev as a shadow of the savior: Jesus has Gorby’s birthmark on his right hand, which is bleeding.” (Spiegel)
In more corporal realms, Gorbachev was co-founder, along with UN Earth Summit Chairman Maurice Strong, of the Earth Charter Initiative. Strong was his partner in the Earth Charter Commandments—megalomanically described by this deadly duo as a replacement for the Ten Commandments of Moses.
“As a final insult, and perhaps to make clear the true intent of their agenda, the original copy of the Earth Charter has been placed in a specially constructed Ark of Hope. Placed within the Ark, along with the Earth Charter, were various items called ‘Temenos Books’ and ‘Temenos Earth Masks.’ Temenos is a concept adopted by Carl Jung to denote a magic circle, a sacred space where special rules and energies apply. Some of the Temenos Books were created within this magic circle by children, who filled them with visual affirmations for Mother Earth. Fashioned with the “earth elements”, the Temenos Earth Masks were also worn and created by children. The outside of the Ark is covered with images depicting native spirits of fire, earth, air and water. If you wish you can read more here. This Ark forms a major part of ‘the Earth Charter outreach programme’ and visits hundreds of schools and universities around the world each year.” (Arkofhope.org)
You can’t make this stuff up.
Meanwhile it’s got to be the Irony of the 21st Century that the NWO revolution, which saw its final chapter in city parks, will someday see the masses imprisoned in park compound-like settings.
Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on Rush Limbaugh, Newsmax.com, Drudge Report, Foxnews.com, and Glenn Beck.
Judi can be emailed at: judi@canadafreepress.com

Occupiers Against the Rich and Powerful
By Betty Freauf
November 13, 2011
Ever since the first squatters began to occupy Wall Street in early October with a plethora of complaints, the thought went through the minds of many people about what the actual agenda might be. Civility began to decline in the 60s when civil disobedience followed Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals patterned after labor unions negotiating with management and, of course, some SEIU members are willing participants in this movement that is a natural magnet for people looking for trouble.
After my last article about the squatters a Tacoma, Washington lady wrote that she was 48 and she seemed insulted that I had suggested if some of the whiners were looking for work, they could help pick the apples in the Wenatchee area. She said she couldn’t leave her business and her family and indicated other protesters were in similar conditions. This sounded like many have jobs. We also saw thousands take their money from the really big banks charging for debit transactions and put their money into Credit Unions so where’s the beef with these folks? The movement under the guise of “free speech rights” seems to be on a destructive course with no positive end game in sight with the exception perhaps of possibly Martial Law and gun confiscation after a few more get killed. As I draft this article, there have been three.
Democrats and Republicans alike were struggling to make sense of the Wall Street protests and attempting to figure out how to respond to the growing nationwide movement. These folks pitched tents in front of the New York Stock Exchange to protest what they deem is unfair because some get richer than others. Presidential candidate Michelle Bachman is suggesting the 45% of people who pay no taxes be asked to sacrifice a little even from their entitlement checks. President Kennedy said we should not ask what our country can do for us but what can we do for our country and our country indeed is in dire financial trouble. As these squatters set up camp in many bigger cities, the rest of us wondered how long it would last and how disruptive to others it would be and when it might turn to destroying property and deaths? What amazes me is how well organized these folks are.
For instance, in Salem people wearing yellow tape armbands were the “peacekeepers.” The U.S. hugely subsidizes the gigantic United Nations but it hasn’t been able to bring peace to our troubled world, so how can a few young folks with yellow armbands expect to do it? Then there are the red arm-banded communicators who keep the smart phones and laptops going in order to stay in constant touch with other Occupy groups elsewhere. Our little group in Salem was part of a much larger network around the country but who donated tents, food and medical supplies?
As I draft this article, Sam Adams, the liberal Democrat Portland, Oregon mayor who has been extremely tolerant with the squatters for more than three weeks has given them until midnight on Sunday, November 13th to move out. Some of them are packing up and going home not wanting to have an arrest record but there are always the anarchists in their midst paid to keep the kettle boiling and with social networking capabilities some Portland members have put out the clarion call for others to join them prior to the eviction so I wouldn’t be bit surprised if we saw Portland burning on Sunday morning.
Police are concerned with those still remaining who are building shields and makeshift weapons – including nails hammered into wood – in preparation for when authorities attempt to clear the parks.
Protesters have been advised to prepare with gas masks, avoid wearing contact lenses and to be sure to write an emergency legal-aid number on their bodies. One protester says it’s worth getting beat and arrested for justice, peace and freedom. City budgets are already being stretched to the limit to clean up these camps and police overtime. Will this end up lawsuit heaven for liberal trial lawyers who make a living off of these types of “rights” cases? The 11/11/11 AP indicated the closure of the Portland camp presents a potential for violence, as at least one dozen Black Bloc anarchists have taken up residence in the encampment where sanitary conditions have worsened day by day and businesses complained of theft and there were reports of rapes and other criminal activity and always the aroma of marijuana smoke and recently one heroin overdose.
One World Government
It is my opinion this all started when President Barack Obama began cheerleading against the “rich and powerful” which somehow seemed like an oxymoron because he gets so much money from them. But then I discovered quite by accident in a March 1981 American Opinion who might be involved behind the scenes. The article entitled “Confirming the ‘Liberal Establishment’” by Robert W. Lee, a graduate of the University of Utah and a former corporation president. He explained the influence the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) have had in our government devoted to influencing American foreign and domestic policies to suit designs for World Government envisioned by CFR founders.
Our Founders gave the media First Amendment rights to be whistleblowers but the CFR’s influence in the major media is substantial when we consider that its total membership stands at a mere two thousand. Some have asked how the establishment gets away with what it does without more whistles being blown by the news media. At least part of the answer may be the Establishment owns or controls so many of the whistles which brings to my mind the Hegelian Dialectic where the Republicans and Democrats have converged in the past to accomplish pretty much the Marxist agenda – two steps forward and one step backward until consensus is reached.
A Common Cause Against the Rich and Powerful
While most of the groups mentioned in the Lee’s article dealt directly with government, or the mass media, or academe, the Establishment-launched COMMON CAUSE, a direct-action lobby. It hoped to mobilize suburban “Liberals,” the poor, minorities, students and others. The article says late in 1970, newspaper advertisements were run throughout the nation announcing formation of Common Cause to serve as a “people’s lobby” representing all Americans against the “rich and powerful.” John Gardner, the organization’s chairman, signed the ads. But absent from the ads were the facts that Gardner was just another one of the “good ole boys” who had served as President Johnson’s Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare and had a membership in the CFR, as well as serving as vice president of the Carnegie Corporation, a trustee of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, a board member of Shell Oil, New York Telephone Company, American Airlines and Time, Inc. Quite a record for the leader of an alleged crusade against the “rich and powerful.” The truth, of course, is that the very Establishment conceived the organization it claimed to oppose. Does that sound like Occupy Wall Street?
And here is where it gets even more interesting. Contributions to Common Cause at the time of its organization during the final three months of 1970 came from Chase Manhattan Bank and no less than five different Rockefellers and tax-exempt foundations. These foundations initially began as noble philanthropies but have since been infiltrated and now grants go to their favorite left-wing organizations so they can continue to carry on their skullduggery under the radar while altering life in the U.S. This grant-making process might be compared to the forced union dues only to find the dues are used to promote the left-wing agenda that many of these workers oppose.
Without this early Establishment funding, Common Cause couldn’t have so much as paid for those ads, which launched its program allegedly to defend the interests of the common man against entrenched interests. And then Lee wonders how many of the 225,000 members of Common Cause had any idea of how completely they were being used. And may I suggest one of the groups behind this Occupy movement is the Communist Party that takes great pleasure in labeling such willing participants as useful idiots. Common Cause is still in operation and especially during an election season, we’ll see the name noted in some newspaper article or some bill may be at its request. There are chapters in each state.
I keep hearing protesters say their squatting is democracy at work. WRONG! This is mobocracy. As early as 1912, President Woodrow Wilson stated, “This country is no longer a Republic, but is now a Democracy.” Professor Alexander Fraser Tyler said, “A Democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury. From that moment on the majority always VOTE for the candidate promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that Democracy always collapses over a loose fiscal policy, and followed by a Dictatorship.” This statement brings us to the current crisis.
When our Founders declared independence from the government of England, they included in their indictment of King George III the following:
He has erected a multitude of new officers and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people…
A San Francisco radio talk show host, Dr. Bill Wattenburg appropriately calls the swarms of officers that head these unconstitutional federal and state government agencies “certifiable nincompoops.” They are appointed by governors and presidents to head these agencies with no accountability. Legislators pass the laws but others fill in the details. A workforce of nearly two million civilian federal employees churn out a mind-numbing number of rules in the nearly one thousand federal A to Z departments, agencies and divisions that enforce them. Take into consideration the salaries that are higher than in the private sector, the bountiful retirement and health care benefits and this is why our U.S. government is bankrupt.
In 1945 the Senate approved the U.N. Charter that paved the way for Congress to enact the Administrative Procedure Act in 1946 (Public Law 79-404) allowing the creation of unconstitutional agencies and then on March 27, 1969, Republican president, Richard Nixon, gave us a White House Directive for the “restructuring of government service systems” by creating ten regions to administer the fifty states. As a result, when any governmental entity receives federal assistance, it yields that portion of federally-funded activity to the federal rules and regulations.
Many of you, no doubt, heard Texas Governor Perry stumble at the debate recently when he said he was going to eliminate three agencies: Commerce, Education and he couldn’t think of the third, which eventually came out as Energy. Standing to his left was the only longest, true Constitutional candidate for the presidency, Congressman Ron Paul, who put up five fingers for the agencies he wants to eliminate. I didn’t see the whole debate, only clips of Perry’s gaffe, so I wonder if Paul who the media and GOP, in general, likes to ignore or ridicule, was later asked what five agencies he wanted to eliminate. I know President Reagan promised conservatives he was going to eliminate the Department of Education but, according to Charlotte Iserbyt, instead he quietly followed President Eisenhower’s 1958 lead of merging U.S. and Soviet education systems and followed up with the U.S. Soviet education agreements in 1985.
Parens Patriae (Government by Parent)
Up until 1921, when the federal Sheppard-Tower Maternity Act was passed creating birth “registration” or what we know as the birth certificate, people noted the birth of their babies in the Family Bible. It was known as the “Maternity Act,” and was sold to the American people as a law that would reduce maternal and infant mortality,
protect the health of mothers and infants and for other “other purposes.” One of those other purposes provided for the establishment of a federal bureau designed to cooperate with state agencies in the overseeing of its operations and expenditures. This can be seen as the FIRST ATTEMPT of “government by appointment” or cooperation of state governments to aid the federal government in usurping the legislative process. Assuring this compliance, it then became necessary for all new borns to have a social security number.
The Super Committee has until November 23rd to come back to the full Congress and the President with recommendations for cutting $1.2 trillion from the budget over the next 10 years. Do you really believe they will have achieved bipartisan results? I fear Christmas this year will find the stockings hung on the fireplace mantle empty because someone is going to have to start cutting all the entitlements or declare America bankrupt. President Barack Obama already took more than $500 billion from Medicare to jumpstart his Obamacare- H.R. 3200. In addition, on pages 1003 to 1005, it is noted that 36 months after the March 23, 2010 signing, a microchip will be required in every citizen. (Rev. 13:16-18) The FDA approved a class II implantable device – a radio frequency transponder system for patient identification and health information. You do the math!
OWS Rushing USA to Point of No Return
Misrepresenting Income Inequality
Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh
Wednesday, November 9, 2011
We are sitting in the eye of a hurricane. The media jackals, like a tornado, are destroying everything and everyone in their path who is a conservative and not a subscriber to European socialism and one world government.
Alphabet soup pundits dedicate hundreds of stories and airtime to Occupy Wall Street unemployable collegiate malcontents, filthy vagrants, druggies, and communist agitators who are getting more and more violent.
Occupiers with trust funds claim to be the 99 percent of the people who want the spoils of the one percent, the rich. They complain that the homeless are stealing their electronic gadgets and food. Apparently, “stealing is a problem when it happens to you, ‘social justice’ when it happens to someone else.” Lazy agitators abhor capitalism and banks, yet are hypocritically eager to deposit donated funds in the bank.
Goethe said, “Nothing is more terrible than to see ignorance in action.” And there is plenty of ignorance walking the streets and parks of Occupy Wall Street. One outraged group was flooded by job application flyers falling from offices above the street. Here is a novel idea, instead of complaining for weeks and laying in your own filth, get a job created by the government control you so crave.
A good suggestion to the anarchists would be to move to Cuba or Korea where most jobs are government issued and controlled. Workers have job security, no vacations, terrible medical care, must be silent, show up for work
six days a week, and pretend to be happy on a salary of $20 a month.
The malcontents were told in school and believed that the economy was bad thanks to capitalism. Capitalism could not create jobs for their worthless degrees. Only government could create wonderful jobs. No advisor in college had told them the truth that they could not get a job with a degree in Greek or Women’s Studies after spending $50,000 on a worthless piece of paper.
If the OWS crowd gets what they want, in a few years, when the money runs out, they will be in the streets again rioting in the manner of Greece. I am getting ahead of myself, we already are broke, and we perpetrate the illusion that we are still a superpower. The Fed just keeps creating electronic money out of thin air and prints more greenbacks.
We are on a one-way road to economic self-destruction and the Occupy Wall Street movement, sponsored by Unions, is taking us rather fast in that direction, handing China economic dominance.
In the meantime, Congress, Americans, law enforcement, and the judicial system are looking the other way, allowing corruption, crass lawlessness, and welfare indolence.
Occupiers bemoan the income inequality as if it was caused by the rich. Jealousy and envy dictate that they must have everything the rich own because it is socially just. They had been told by Marxist teachers that the rich are the cause of all their pathetic misguided decisions and they now truly believe it.
They do not ask Hollywood stars or other celebrities to pay their “fair share” because they are the idols they wish to emulate. Malcontents do not ask that politicians who have robbed our country blind be responsible for their actions. On the contrary, they are heroes to the OWS crowd.
Most rich people earned what they have through hard work, entrepreneurship, risk taking, and luck. In the process, they have created millions of jobs for middle class citizens who became better off financially. Rich individuals like Steve Jobs created millions of millionaires through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).
Pandering to the Wall Street movement, Obama said, “Over the past three decades, the middle class has lost ground while the wealthiest few have become even wealthier.” The tired out class warfare routine is getting old, since statistics, according to Investor’s Business Daily, show that income inequality rose most under President Clinton and is rising under Obama.
“The wealthiest 5 percent of U.S. households saw incomes fall 7 percent after inflation in Bush’s eight years in office. During Clinton’s eight years, the wealthiest 5 percent of American households saw their income jump 45 percent vs. 26 percent under Reagan.”
The Ginni Index, which measures income inequality, rose in Obama’s first two years. The Census measure of income inequality indicated a climb of 5.7 percent since he took office.
Obama is using and misrepresenting income inequality to drive a deeper wedge in the class envy warfare that is allowing him to gain more and more control of our country. Keeping a divided citizenry, he can conquer and overcome any obstacle in his path. People are too busy disliking each other instead of really concentrating on issues and culprits.
Ohio is voting today on a statewide ballot initiative. It all boils down to whether the voters will choose to give public union employees twice the salaries that private citizens earn and will pay for their generous benefits and excellent retirement packages.
While campaigning in 2008 Obama said, “The project of the next president is figuring out how to create bottom-up economic growth as opposed to the trickle-down economic growth that George Bush has been so enamored with.” Was the President referring to his Big Labor supporters forcing the rest of us to fund lavish salaries and pensions for unions, or was he referring to his Wall Street Occupier force demanding the transfer of wealth from the one percent to the ninety-nine percent who have no right to this wealth?
As the OWS movement grows and gets more and more out of hand, there will come a point of no return when the violence will escalate, funded, organized, and stoked by the left and the one-world government supporters who control our country now.
The Professional Protester
OWS is about as representative of ordinary Americans as your average professional protester
Daniel Greenfield
Wednesday, November 9, 2011
Contrary to their own claim that they represent the 99 percent and the media’s ceaseless hype, OWS is about as representative of ordinary Americans as your average professional protester. Which is not very.
Even opponents of the Tea Party could not seriously claim that it was a movement of professional protesters, but that’s exactly what OWS is, leavened with assorted hippies, homeless people and bored students and aging radicals along for the ride.
The professional protester is the left’s answer to everything, built around a core of far-left groups and community organizations that use local protests as a form of blackmail, these are the people who show up at everything from anti-war rallies to budget meetings with variations of the same tired agenda.
The rioting and anti-semitism are hardly a surprise. The professional protester contingent has its anarchists who can be counted on to start smashing things at the wrong time and groups who run the gamut from supporting Hamas to believing that Jews are actually reptilian space monsters in disguise.
Big unions who have their own paid non-union picketers to come out and shout slogans or hand out leaflets
Big unions who have their own paid non-union picketers to come out and shout slogans or hand out leaflets targeting whatever business has run afoul of the bosses this week, who don’t believe anything they’re saying, but are also much less likely to start screaming racial slurs or otherwise embarrassing their union employers. (No health care benefits of course, this is a strictly freelance arrangement.)
The left can turn out numbers, but their core runs the gamut from Communists to the LaRouchites who will show up to every rally and claim to be ordinary people who are fed up with the banks, the wars and the Queen of England. And those rallies don’t get big until they draw out every aging radical and bored college student, and when they do, they still have to contend with with the core.
Fortunately the media sympathetically avoids any mention of the ugly big tent that these protests draw on, presenting them as just plain ordinary folks. And when the violence happens, it’s always the fault of the police, not of the perfectly nice bomb throwers who believe in overthrowing the government and putting up reeducation camps for everyone.
The anti-war rallies overseen by radical Communist groups
The anti-war rallies overseen by radical Communist groups, that even other Communists think are radical, were always described as gatherings of grandmothers, veterans and people who love puppies and hate wars. OWS is getting the same loving treatment from media corporations who know the truth but refuse to tell it.
Rallies were easier to manage than encampments, which are permanent rallies where no one is supposed to go home and no one really knows what to do. Combine the Battle of Seattle with Woodstock and you get Occupy Whatever Place You Happen to Feel Like Occupying. The rapes, disorder, assaults and hygiene problems should surprise no one. It’s only a generation that never heard of Altamont that couldn’t see where this was going.
Back in the Soviet days the chain of command was easier to manage. Dozens of front groups reported back up a chain of command that stretched all the way to Moscow and took orders from there. The Communist party was a ruthlessly controlling organization and its members were quite good at getting people to do what they wanted. The closest thing to Moscow now is D.C. and the administration is too chaotic to properly control itself, let alone the protesters.
That leaves the tidal wave of professional protesters, many of whom have their own agendas, quite a few of whom have mental problems, and very few of whom are good at taking orders. There are too many organizations in the mix and too many people showing up for someplace to sleep, free food and a chance to be on the news.
In a crowd at a rally, the professional protester doesn’t look all that bad. Sure he might be snapped brandishing a sign about aliens, WTC 7 or the Jews—but the picture won’t show up anywhere besides a few conservative blogs, and the organizers will disavow any connection to them. But stick those people in one place and try to use them to build a miniature society and you run into major trouble.
OWS’s problems are passing the point where the media can continue covering them up
OWS’s problems are passing the point where the media can continue covering them up, for the same old reasons that the professional protesters have always been dysfunctional. Despite their big talk, even far-left groups with the same ideological heritage can’t get along with each other. There are more Trotskyist splinter groups than there are Daily Worker subscribers. The further left you go, the more divisions pop up. Your average liberal has a basic set of positions, but further to the left there are purity tests on top of purity tests.
The USSR solved those debates with mass purges of most of the people who actually made the revolution happen. OWS can’t do that, not without the NYPD stepping in. It can’t even kick out the non-ideological “parasites” who just want a meal, a place to sleep and maybe do some stealing. There is no real leadership, just experiments in leadership, that like most hierarchies end up creating an inner group that makes all the decisions, but who lack the power to enforce their authority.
Its only goal is simple enough, to stay put and keep soaking up the headlines, but even that is proving to be too much for a movement that has all of the radicalism, but none of the discipline. The left succeeded in weakening the West at the behest of Moscow, but it also weakened the population it was to draw its next generation of activists from. The old disciplined radical willing to make sacrifices and even die for his cause is now a distant memory.
That is what makes the decline of OWS more than just a case in study in the folly of the personal protester, but a metaphor for the dysfunction of the left. The professional protester is the true believer, the foot soldier of the left’s causes, always there to agitate for the pre-approved agenda. His job is to bridge the disconnect between the leftist elites and the general public by maintaining the facade of activist democracy with the squeaky wheel getting all the grease.
This form of the professional protester is the dominant form, the one that eventually evolves into a community organizer. And it’s no coincidence that OWS is closely tied in with the backers of the Community Organizer in Chief, and its own facade of activist democracy is another form of the same sham.
It’s an old game in urban politics. An activist group endorses a politician and demands a health care center. The politician solicits the funds for the health care center which operates under the aegis of the activist group. A budget crunch approaches and there’s talk of cutting funds to the health care center. That’s when the activist group shows up, along with members of the local health care workers union and whatever shills and patsies they can scare up outside the politician’s office to demand that he find the money to keep it open. A week later the politician announces that the money has been found, thanks to the dedicated activism of the activist organization.
Look closely and OWS is a less disciplined form of the same game, the real purpose of which is to raise the profile of both sides while drumming up press coverage. Anyone familiar with urban politics already knows how it works. But not everyone understands the game. Some suckers think the community organization are really fighting for them and others think that they can actually change things with their protests.
This entire arrangement marks the fusion of leftist activism with the political machine until there is no telling the two apart. This is the origin point of Obama’s career, it’s the game being played down in Zuccotti Park, but not everyone there understands the game. Most don’t.
OWS has a core purpose, to finally launch a grass roots challenge to the Tea Party while kicking off the reelection campaign with its class warfare theme
OWS has a core purpose, to finally launch a grass roots challenge to the Tea Party while kicking off the reelection campaign with its class warfare theme. But a lot of the professional protesters have a different game in mind. The anarchists want to smash things, the homeless want to camp out, the drummers want to drum, the hippies want to recreate a lost paradise and a whole lot of people just want to be on TV or complain about their student loans.
Activist democracy is easier to fake when it’s narrowly targeted, but kick it off as a national movement and it melts down. That’s where the difference between the Tea Party and OWS lies. The Tea Party is a genuine grass roots movement which has rallied around a common agenda. It’s not a movement of professional protesters and assorted dilettantes, but people who actually have a specific cause that they can rally around without hand signals and human microphones.
The professional protester is the left’s attempt to hijack representative democracy and the rule of law, but it’s also where its efforts melt down. The radical political machine that needs them to play at being the intermediaries between the 99 percent and the 1 percent in Washington D.C. is broken. If it wasn’t broken, then it wouldn’t need them.
Daniel Greenfield is a New York City based writer and freelance commentator. “Daniel comments on political affairs with a special focus on the War on Terror and the rising threat to Western Civilization. He maintains a blog at Sultanknish.blogspot.com.
Daniel can be reached at: sultanknish@yahoo.com

Jobless and Clueless: America's Delusional Democracy
By Joel S. Hirschhorn
Global Research, November 6, 2011
When Americans who are the most victimized by our cruel economy still believe in something that is demonstrably no longer true, they are deeply delusional. They desperately want to believe in something once great about American society. The reality is that upward economic mobility has been destroyed, replaced by widely observable downward mobility. Some of the mostly younger jobless that have embraced the Occupy Wall Street and related Occupy efforts know the truth.
Consider the results of a new survey of unemployed adults this month:
“More than half of those polled said that they had experienced emotional or mental health problems like anxiety or depression because of their lack of work, and nearly half said that they had felt embarrassed or ashamed not to have jobs.”
“More than a third said that they had had more conflicts or arguments with family and friends because of being jobless.”
“Threats of foreclosure or eviction were reported by a fifth of the unemployed, and one in eight said that they had moved in with relatives or friends.”
“More than half said that they lacked health insurance.”
“A fifth said that they had received food from a nonprofit organization.”
“Nearly two-thirds said they would probably not have enough money to live comfortably during retirement. More than half said that they had taken money out of savings or retirement accounts.”
“7 in 10 of those receiving unemployment benefits said that they feared their benefits would run out before they could find new jobs.”
So far, all those results paint an unsurprising profile of unemployed, suffering Americans.
Now, consider the result that blew my mind, the reason I am writing this, because more people need to understand something critical about delusional thinking that ultimately makes getting deep, sorely needed reforms of our government and political system extremely difficult. Without that our economy will stay awful, unfair, promoting even more economic inequality.
“Two-thirds of those surveyed said that they still believed it was possible to start out poor in this country, work hard and become rich — only a little lower than the three-quarters of all Americans” not in the unemployed category who held the same view and were surveyed at the same time. In fact, considerable research in recent years has consistently found that upward mobility in the US is no longer a hallmark of the society. Indeed, there is more upward mobility in Canada and a number of European countries than in the US . Moreover, the jobless more than most should be able to comprehend the ugly reality that downward economic mobility is now a large part of American society.
No surprise that the cover story on the new Time magazine is What Ever Happened To Upward Mobility? The basic theme of the article is that the US is no longer an “opportunity society.” In other words, our country is no longer a place where everyone, if he or she works hard enough, can get ahead. But despite this reality, conservatives and Republicans love to publicly proclaim that the US still offers everyone upward economic mobility.
Those two-thirds of the unemployed will probably pay a steep price for their false optimism about their country. They are likely to fall prey to the political propaganda of either Democrats or Republicans. If they are delusional about the American Dream, are they also delusional about other things that may stand in the way of them getting a job? Rather than feel ashamed or embarrassed about being jobless they should get some feedback from others so they can fix their thinking.
As Ezra Klein noted: “Americans are in the odd position of fervently believing in upward mobility while not actually having very much of it. Europeans, conversely, don't really believe in economic mobility but have plenty of it.”
Those jobless with this delusional thinking, refusing to think critically, judge the facts and come to a hurtful conclusion, are not the ones I expect to be participating in or supporting the Occupy Wall Street protesters, about three-quarters of whom now disapprove of Mr. Obama’s performance as president. Though the Occupy protesters speak of the rich 1 percent, that is a big underestimate. As Anne Applebaum correctly noted “Despite all the loud talk of the ‘1 per cent’ of Americans who, according to a recent study, receive about 17 per cent of the income, a percentage which has more than doubled since 1979, the existence of a very small group of very rich people has never bothered Americans. But the fact that some 20 per cent of Americans now receive some 53 per cent of the income is devastating.” Becoming part of even that larger group of rich Americans is now more difficult than ever.
Do unemployed have the right kind of jobs to aspire to the top one percent of income earners? Consider the jobs that account for the top one percent; the top four categories account for nearly 70 percent: corporate and business management not in the financial sector, medical, financial industry executives, and lawyers. This also shows how difficult it is to somehow negatively impact the one percent by protests by the Occupy movement.
In our delusional democracy with its delusional prosperity thinking that hard work, great ideas and superior performance will get you into the top one percent is self-delusion, even getting into the top 20 percent is a long shot. The economic system is too rigged against economic justice. Sure, every once in awhile someone starting out poor or average becomes superrich, but that is like winning a super lottery. Best to stop believing in the rags-to-riches myth, unless the system is reformed.
A new report by a German foundation examined the nation members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, essentially the world’s democracies. The US ranked terribly low for poverty and poverty prevention as well as income inequality. Only Chile , Mexico and Turkey were ranked lower than the US . What a story.
The US two-party plutocracy has allowed the rich and powerful to buy the political system. Except for the rich, the results are dreadful. This is why 89 percent do not trust that government will do the right thing. The best solution is what you find at the getmoneyout.com website, a constitutional amendment to get money out of politics.
[Contact Joel S. Hirschhorn through www.delusionaldemocracy.com]
Agitators blamed for Oakland unrest that injured 8
By Peter Henderson and Emmett Berg
Oakland, Calif
Fri Nov 4, 2011
(Reuters) - Police arrested more than 100 demonstrators early on Thursday in clashes that activists and Oakland city officials alike blamed on agitators who provoked unrest following a day of mostly peaceful rallies against economic inequality.
Officials said eight people -- five civilians and three police officers -- were injured in violence that left Oakland streets littered with graffiti, smashed glass and debris. But the nature or severity of those injuries was not disclosed.
Busloads of police in riot gear advanced on demonstrators after midnight, firing tear gas to disperse hundreds lingering in downtown streets hours after protesters numbering in the thousands had forced a shutdown of the busy Port of Oakland.
The clampdown appeared aimed at preventing protesters from expanding their foothold in the streets around a public plaza that has become a hub for demonstrations in Oakland, a largely working-class city on the eastern banks of San Francisco Bay.
City officials said police acted in response to "a select group of people" who vandalized property, set several fires, assaulted police officers and broke into a downtown building.
"We had the opportunity to isolate the main group of people who seemed to be hiding in the crowd all day," Mayor Jean Quan told a news conference. "The police, I think, very effectively got in and surrounded and arrested them."
Activists from the Occupy Oakland movement, who are aligned with anti-Wall Street protests in New York and other U.S. cities against corporate excesses, high unemployment and bank bailouts, said the vandalism gave police an excuse to intervene. Some blamed "anarchist youths" for the unrest.
"Everything went beautiful until these guys (came) with scarves around their mouths, and then all hell broke loose. Our city just got demolished," said Johnny Allen, 60, a health-care provider sweeping away debris in front of City Hall.
City crews pressure-washed graffiti messages such as "kill cops" and "SMASH" that had been sprayed on downtown buildings.
Protester Laura Long said it was unfortunate the rallies in the city "should be marred by broken windows and graffiti."
Still, she called the police action "unprovoked."
Acting Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan, addressing a special meeting of the city council on Thursday, said 101 people had been arrested.
'Absolutely Unacceptable'
Several hundred people attended the boisterous meeting, including protesters asking the city for more support and residents who backed them.
Business leaders called on the council to shut down the downtown protest encampment, saying it had damaged the local economy by driving customers away from stores and prompting new businesses to reconsider plans to relocate to Oakland.
"The situation we find ourselves in is absolutely unacceptable. We want Occupy Oakland closed," Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce president Joe Haraburda said, to boos and hisses from protesters in the audience.
The unrest in Oakland, which has shot to the forefront of nationwide Occupy Wall Street protests, came a week after former U.S. Marine Scott Olsen was badly injured in a previous clash between police and protesters.
The wounding of Olsen, an Iraq war veteran turned peace activist, appeared to galvanize Oakland's demonstrators and helped broaden their grievances to include police brutality.
Following a day of rallies that drew some 7,000 activists at their height, police sought shortly after midnight to pen demonstrators back inside Frank Ogawa Plaza, a square next to City Hall that protesters have for weeks used as a camp.
Despite some early sporadic vandalism, demonstrators on the scene said downtown streets were largely calm when police -- who had kept their distance throughout the day -- arrived and ordered the "unlawful assembly" to disperse.
Lined up shoulder to shoulder, police fired volleys of tear gas, forcing the demonstrators to retreat to the plaza, then made a second charge with batons and tear gas about an hour later to drive protesters farther into the square's interior.
Some protesters hurled tear gas canisters and rocks back at police. At least one was seen being carried away with a leg injury. Another who had been arrested, his hands bound behind him, lay on the ground with blood streaming down his face.
Adam Konner, 29, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, said he didn't clearly hear a police announcement ordering "campers to move back to your tents," before officers rushed in.
"I was trying to figure what they were saying. I was trying to figure out if I could go back into the plaza," he told Reuters, recounting being knocked to the ground and arrested.
The streets were calm by daylight. Dozens of tents remained standing in the plaza, and a cold drizzle dampened prospects for further disturbances later in the day.
The Port of Oakland, the nation's fourth busiest maritime container-cargo hub with $39 billion in yearly imports and exports, was back in full swing by late morning after being shut down by the protests on Wednesday.
Friction between some Occupy Oakland protesters seemed deepened by the unrest after disagreements flared overnight between a minority of protesters who set up trash-can barricades and others, often older demonstrators, who lectured about the need to keep protests peaceful.
A sign on a coffee shop with a shattered window offered an apology: "We're sorry. This does not represent us."
(Additional reporting by Noel Randewich, Dan Levine, Lisa Baertlein, Jim Christie and Dan Whitcomb; Writing by Steve Gorman; Editing by Cynthia Johnston and Todd Eastham)
End the Occupation
The big lie of Occupy Wall Street, It's time to end the occupation and send the parasites back where they came from
Daniel Greenfield
Thursday, November 3, 2011
The big lie of Occupy Wall Street begins with its name. It isn’t occupying Wall Street, it’s occupying the resources of a city with a budget crisis on its hands.
Wall Street has been locked down since after September 11 and the Zuccotti Park encampment and its associated barricades isn’t doing much to impact the lives of the brokers and financial analysts the idiots in their best protest gear are braying about. The people who are being impacted are the small businesses adjacent to the protesters who are experiencing a return of the post 9/11 lockdown that wiped out so many downtown businesses.
But the people who are suffering the most from the OWS brats are the 1 percent, not the top 1 percent, but the bottom 1 percent, the people who are the most dependent on city services that are being diverted directly or indirectly by OWS.
That means the kid in the projects who needs the police to be there instead of macing white guys from Portland who think that braiding their hair makes them just like Bob Marley. It also means patients who need medical services from city hospitals whose budgets are already being cut, and will be cut further because of the unexpected expenses for the city associated with having thousands of idiots who decided that a park in the middle of the city is their ideal location for a campground.
Because of OWS, public schools, public libraries, public hospitals, roads and homeless shelters will not have money. That will have a direct impact on the lives of actual underprivileged people.
And this isn’t just happening in New York City, OWS have targeted urban areas with municipal budget deficits, tying up resources and diverting funding from the most vulnerable members of society. They have done this in Oakland, whose budget is already made out of strings and wires, and which isn’t a world financial center.
Why do this in Oakland? Because they could. For the same reason that they trashed a grocery store and two banks. The people paying the price for that will be the customers and employees, and it will be the people of Oakland who will lose services to cover the cost of Occupy Oakland. A week of Occupy Oakland clashes cost a million dollars. That million dollars will not be coming out of the banks.
The same thing is true everywhere. Wall Street will not be footing the bill for Occupy Wall Street, the people who actually live in the city will be the ones left with the tab when the parasitic trash that washed in here on a haze of pot smoke and greasy backpacks go back to wherever the hell they came from.
The Obama Administration, whose allies are behind the protests and which is using it as the kickoff to an election campaign in order to reach out to younger voters, will not be footing the bill either. It’s the people who live in the city, the rich, the poor and the middle-class who will pay for it.
For the cost of Occupy Wall Street, dozens of libraries could have been built, hundreds of classes could have been added to public schools and who knows how many lives could have been saved in a city that has already slashed its fire department to the bone. Instead all that money is being poured down the gullet of upper class brats with useless college degrees who want to stage their own temper tantrum at the behest of the professional political activists without giving a damn about the cost to real people.
Around 4 million dollars for police overtime in New York City alone
Around 4 million dollars for police overtime in New York City alone. The various assorted other costs associated
with a massive homeless encampment that’s being provided with electricity and trash pickup can’t even be calculated. Not to mention processing some a thousand or so of the bozos through the system and then handling their lawsuits afterwards.
In Boston, police overtime is over the 2 million mark. In Atlanta costs are approaching half a million. In Charlotte, the tab for the police alone is over a hundred thousand dollars. In Minneapolis it’s over 200,000 dollars. Occupy Seattle, 105,000. Occupy Denver is approaching the half a million mark. A cop at Occupy Denver told the group that each added police car following them was another 5,000 out of the city budget.
Want a real joke? Try Occupy Detroit, a movement to occupy a city which is already a disaster area and facing ruin, chanting against the last few businesses that are keeping the place alive. Maybe if the banks pull out of Detroit, then the people there will be better off.
The lion’s share of the blame belongs to the media which turned a bunch of pretentious idiots standing around with fake cardboard signs into a mass movement with constant coverage
Who’s to blame for this whole mess? The lion’s share of the blame belongs to the media which turned a bunch of pretentious idiots standing around with fake cardboard signs into a mass movement with constant coverage and which has served as their press outlet, rabidly pouncing on any politician even thinking about giving the bozos the boot.
The media co-created OWS and they own it. There is no pretense of objectivity when reporting on what’s going on, from the pretense that they represent some kind of oppressed average joe down to promoting the absurd and bizarre lie that Bank of America dropped its card fee because of the protesters, rather than because of a massive exodus of customers.
Zuccotti Park became a warm nest for the parasites and their massive campout
And much of it belongs to fainthearted mayors who failed to act when they should. Giuliani would have never tolerated OWS setting up shop blocks from City Hall. And Koch, no matter what he says, wouldn’t have put up with it for very long either. But Bloomberg has sent so many mixed messages that he might as well be texting his speeches. Had New York City taken the lead, the whole mess would have been over weeks ago. Instead Zuccotti Park became a warm nest for the parasites and their massive campout.
It is anyone’s guess how many sexual assaults happened because Bloomberg was too gutless to take on ACORN and the media, but even one is too many. And during the next budget debate, OWS will be blamed without assessing the responsibility of city officials to enforce the law.
It’s time to end the occupation and end it now. OWS is not peaceful. Oakland and Denver proved that
It’s time to end the occupation and end it now. OWS is not peaceful. Oakland and Denver proved that. It does not have a right to permanently seize and colonize public spaces that are there for the benefit of all people. It does not have a right to hold a city hostage so its entitled brats can play revolutionary and boost the election campaign of a politician responsible for the economic mess.
In 2004, when the Trotskyist Anti-War trash of ANSWER and the Islamist weasels of the National Council of
Arab Americans wanted to trash Central Park’s Great Lawn in order to protest against the Republican National Convention, the city firmly said, “No”. The trash and the weasels sued the city and the city unfortunately gave in doling thousands of dollars to the groups. That set a bad precedent which is haunting us now.
Had the Occupy brats decided they wanted to set up shop in Central Park, the damage to one of the country’s wonders would be horrifying. Zuccotti Park is no great loss, but the cowardice of public officials in the face of professional agitators is. The job of the mayor is to represent New Yorkers, not ACORN and the Daily News. When even a leftist nerd like Congressman Nadler has called for cracking down on the abuse behavior of the OWS parasites, it’s obviously past time to act.
Giuliani shut down the homeless encampments and the sight of a massive encampment back in the heart of the city is a disgrace. It is a disgrace created by the chicanery of the media, the cowardice of elected officials and the ruthless cunning of a class of professional activists determined to ram through their Community Organizer in Chief by any means necessary.
Every day that OWS continues to operate is another day that the city is under occupation, that its budget is being drained by political parasites with no shame and no red lines. It’s time to end the occupation and send the parasites back where they came from.
Ex-Radical: “Demonstrations Could Stop Presidential Election!”
Part 1
By Paul McGuire
November 1, 2011
If the radical leftist organizers of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations succeed, there will be no Presidential elections in 2012 and President Obama will be installed as America’s first Marxist dictator, in the style of Castro, Chavez, Mao and Lenin. Despite what the Orwellian media are telling the American people, these demonstrations are being financed by the most powerful international bankers in the world. It was the same Federal Reserve bankers like, Paul Warburg, Bernard Baruch, Eugene Meyer, J. P. Morgan and Max Warburg who secretly financed the Bolshevik or Communist Revolution in Russia.
In 1973, David Rockefeller, who was one of the super-capitalists who financed China’s rise to power, said after knowing that Mao slaughtered over 40 million people, “One is impressed immediately by the sense of national harmony.... Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution it has obviously succeeded... in fostering high morale and community purpose. General social and economic progress is no less impressive....The enormous social advances of China have benefited greatly from the singleness of ideology and purpose.... The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao's leadership is one of the most important and successful in history." -New York Times, 8-10-1973
The financial elite want to turn America into China because it gives them total control. Organizing mass protests, revolutions and demonstrations is just the cost of doing business for them. When George Soros said he wanted to bring regime change to America, he was talking about a whole new form of government and not simply replacing Bush with Obama.
In the past, I have seen and participated in these kinds of demonstrations. I understand their true purpose, timing and ultimate objective. I was demonstrating with the radical activist Abbie Hoffman when I was fifteen years old in New York City. In 1967, Abbie Hoffman organized a protest against Wall Street that gained worldwide media attention. He and his fellow YIPPIES (Youth International Party) went to the Gallery at the New York Stock Exchange and threw fists full of dollar bills down on the trading floor. It became a news event that went worldwide.
I became a YIPPIE and joined him at numerous demonstrations. I ended up being at demonstration planning meetings with the leaders of the radical left. I remember hearing a number of statements about how to mobilize mass demonstrations as a means to some kind of Utopian revolution. I also heard the leaders of the radical left repeatedly say, that when the antiwar protests of the Viet Nam War began to wind down, they would need a new cause to mobilize the people and that it would the environmental movement.
Many decades later, I see the exact same game plan being executed at the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations across the U.S. and the same groups organizing them. However, with social media and the Internet, they are able to accomplish in minutes, what would have taken months in the 1960s.
Like many of the demonstrators today, I had a rather distorted view of geo-political realities and global economics at the time. After all, I was the product of the same social engineering through the mass media and education. However, by the grace of God, I had developed the habit of reading and critical thinking. As such, I envisioned a revolution guided by men and women who were guided by a higher consciousness. Looking at the pictures of Russia, East Germany, China and Cuba, nobody in their right mind would want to live in one of these dictatorships, with endless piles of human bodies and the bleak hopelessness in the eyes of the people. As such, even though I participated in these demonstrations, I could not embrace Marxism or Socialism, because to buy Communism is to suspend logic, history and reason. Only those under mind control could deceive themselves into thinking any Communist Revolution brought about a “workers’ paradise.”
Growing up in New York City, I attended the mind factory they called Public School 69. Then in another
Skinnerian Box, they called High School, my mind and soul were screaming for answers about the meaning of life. While the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and the Beatles were pounding in my head, I read about a guy name Abbie Hoffman in the New York Times and bought his book, “Revolution for the Hell of It.” Weeks later, I joined Hoffman in regular demonstrations in Manhattan and the St. Marx Place on the East Side. Although, I did not know it at the time, I was plunged into the Socialist control center of the “Revolution.” Like the Wall Street demonstrators, I was deceived into thinking that a better world could be created by the Illuminist ideas of Voltaire and the French Revolution. I am sure the Wall Street demonstrators would have no idea what I am talking about. However, their belief in Al Gore’s Malthusian People’s Temple of environmentalism, socialism and global warming is Iluminism, ecologically recycled for the New World Order.
At the same time, I was searching for some spiritual meaning for life and got kicked out of Catholic religious Instruction, while attending P.S. 69, for asking the question to a nun, “If I have to confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord in order to be saved, what would happen if I was in a war and got shot in the throat with a bullet and could not manage to say those words?
Would I go to hell?” In respect to the Catholic Church, there was arrogance in my voice that came from my parents mocking Christianity and teaching me that I was an existentialist. Later I came to understand that existentialism was part of the brainwashing process being used by those who wanted to eradicate belief in God, the family and patriotism. I discovered to my surprise, that there is an infinite personal living God of the universe.
I read the book by Aldous Huxley, “Heaven and Hell and the Doors of Perception,” where Huxley advocated the use of mescaline to find higher reality. A friend of mine, who was an honor student and whose father was a doctor, got me some mescaline, which I did not take to get “high,” but as a part of an amateur scientific experiment to find the meaning of life. Months later, I heard Timothy Leary talk about LSD expanding your mind and the next thing I knew I was a radical member of the counter culture, participating in demonstrations, dropping acid, seeing the Great White Light, experiencing astral projection and cosmic consciousness.
I hung out with Timothy Leary at the Electric Circus in the East Village and talked with Ken Kesey, the best-selling author who wrote “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” while volunteering to participate in a CIA experiment called MK ULTRA, which was a Stanford Research Institute project. Kesey
developed the novel while on acid in a mental hospital. The book later became a movie starring Jack Nicholson and the Big Nurse who controlled the “mental hospital,” was Kesey’s metaphor for America under total psychological mind control. However, I began to notice the evidence of brainwashing and mind control on the counter culture. The antiwar demonstrations were being transformed from peace, love and rock’n’roll to violent revolution.
First, I began to notice that the rhetoric and lyrics in the songs became more explicit as they called for some kind of Marxist revolution. The T-shirts no longer just said, “Peace and love” and they no longer had a peace symbol on them. The posters, banners and T-shirts now had pictures of the upright fist of violent revolution and words like “power to the people.” Then the word love was cleverly changed to “Armed Love” and a clenched fist holding up an AK-47 type of assault rifle.
Police were now called “pigs” and mind- controlled counter culture activists were using words like violent revolution, “kill the pigs” and “kill your parents.” It dawned on me that some kind of psychological operations were being conducted to change the peace, love and rock’n’roll counter culture into some kind of violent Marxist Revolutionary force. I am watching the exact repeat of these early dynamics of psychological warfare being played out in the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.” The Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are not going to remain in the place of being peaceful demonstrators. Very subtly they will be morphed into violent revolutionaries. After all, this is the intended purpose, because once that is achieved, the full justification of martial law will be created and then, checkmate: a Marxist police state comes into power to manage the chaos.
The Weather Underground did not come from nowhere to blow up buildings and kill policemen. They were birthed out of the Hippie Movement which preached peace, love and rock’n’roll. Yet, a romantic narrative about the violent Weather Underground was being communicated. They were the modern Robin Hoods. Sound familiar? This Robin Hood terminology is being used once again, as the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators begin to be programmed to view themselves as Robin Hoods against the evil banks, even though it is the banks that are actually financing their movement from behind the scenes! In order for mind control to be effective, it is essential that the demonstrators perceive themselves as Robin Hoods, because the next level of programming will require violence on their part. Naturally, the Robin Hoods are justified in using violence to keep the evil kings from starving the people.
This is how a mind control war works, employing the Behavioral Conditioning of scientist B.F. Skinner, who wrote, “Beyond Freedom and Dignity.” The elites, who are either existentialists or occultists, believe they are truly beyond concepts like freedom and dignity. They are the “scientific elite” that H.G. Wells and the Fabian Socialists called for. They believe they are above Judeo Christian morality, because they believe themselves to be gods. Therefore any decision they make regarding the “useless eaters” is perfectly justifiable. They believe in the Social Darwinism of Adolph Hitler and we must never forget that! They have no conscience; they sleep quite well at night after a few sleeping pills.
Let us remember history. These elite who are financing the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations and the Arab Spring, are the same people who financed the Russian Communist Revolution, the Chinese Communist Revolution and Adolph Hitler’s National Socialist Revolution. The 1960s, author and radical activist, James Kunen, in his book “The Strawberry Statement,” talked about how representatives of Esso, owned by Rockefeller and other agents of the international bankers, wanted to finance the Students for a Democratic Society, in order “to make a lot of commotion so they would look more in as they move more to the left.” What the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators and the majority of the American people don’t know is that it is the big Wall Street bankers and the Federal Reserve bankers who are financing all these demonstrations!
The Orwellian and Big Brother media of America censors the truth. But, George Soros openly goes on the BBC and talks to countless millions of Europeans about the plans of the elites. Soros is quite openly admitting, if not boasting, that the goal of the international bankers is to reduce the value of dollar and to transfer trillions of dollars of wealth from the American middle class in order to bring in a world currency and a world government. Soros is bankrolling the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations through his various foundations that are now run by former heads of the SDS and Weather Underground. Adbusters is the agency that organized and planned Occupy Wall Street. It receives enormous financing from Soros and one of the key leaders at Adbusters used to make films for the SDS and Weather Underground. The demonstrations are just the beginning.
Russian Propagandists Exploit Wall Street Protests
By Cliff Kincaid
November 1, 2011
The FBI has released photos, videos, and documents in the case of 10 Russian secret agents arrested—and quickly deported—in 2010. The documents are mostly heavily redacted and of no practical value to those interested in the details about on-going Russian operations against the U.S. What is perhaps more interesting and significant is what the Russians are doing in plain sight by using American cable and satellite systems against us.
In this context, a complaint has now been filed with the Obama Justice Department over Russian propaganda broadcasts in the U.S.
While the FBI disclosures, such as they are, suggest that the Moscow regime regards the U.S. as an adversary, if not enemy, they are not nearly as fascinating as what Moscow is doing in the form of Russia Today (RT) propaganda broadcasts reaching tens of millions of American homes.
Media carriers for the Moscow-funded channel, which changed its name to RT from Russia Today to mask the foreign connection, include Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Verizon Fios, Cox Cable, RCN Cable, MHz Networks, and Dish Networks.
RT, a big backer of the Occupy Wall Street protests, has assigned several reporters to cover the demonstrations around the country. The channel has called the protests “America’s Arab Spring,” with an emphasis on alleged police brutality against the demonstrators. One RT program, “The Big Picture,” with self-described progressive Democrat Thom Hartmann, has also focused on the Wall Street protests. Hartmann has refused to disclose how much he is paid by RT for the rights to broadcast his show.
RT’s media “partners” include The Huffington Post and the website WhatReallyHappened, which questions whether Arab terrorists were behind 9/11.
RT employs a correspondent in Britain, Katia Zatuliveter, who went to work for the channel after being accused of conducting espionage against Britain. She is in the process of being deported. It doesn’t take much of an imagination to consider that some of its reporters working in America may also be agents of the Vladimir Putin regime.
One of the charges made against the Russians in the spy case was that they were engaged in a “conspiracy to act as unregistered agents of a foreign government.” This is an interesting use of a statute that is designed to prevent secret agents of a foreign power from manipulating U.S. public opinion or U.S. policy. Broadcaster Jerry Kenney has just filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice alleging that RT and Al-Jazeera are both violating the law by not disclosing in their propaganda broadcasts that they are agents of foreign powers.
The Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) is “a disclosure statute that requires persons acting as agents of foreign principals in a political or quasi-political capacity to make periodic public disclosure of their relationship with the foreign principal, as well as activities, receipts and disbursements in support of those activities.”
The Kenney complaint says:
“I have become aware of two nationally distributed television programming networks that appear to be produced by foreign countries, both of which clearly make political statements and otherwise attempt to influence public opinion, yet I have not noticed a conspicuous statement in the programming that it is distributed on behalf of a foreign principal and that additional information is on file with the Department of Justice, nor do the networks or their principals appear to have registered as foreign agents as required by the Foreign Agents Registration Act.
“Specifically, the networks are Al-Jazeera English (AJE), which is funded by the government of Qatar, and Russia Today (RT), which is funded by Russia. Both programming networks are distributed nationally to television broadcast stations, as well as to cable television and direct broadcast satellite operators, by MHz Networks (which is owned by Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corporation, a Virginia corporation), Free Speech TV of Denver, Colorado, as well as Roku of Saratoga, California.”
Kenney told AIM that the law mandates that the broadcasts carry a notice that they constitute propaganda on behalf of a foreign government.
There is no doubt as to the channel’s pro-Russian and anti-American tilt. At the time of the arrests of the Russian spies, RT cast doubt on the charges against them, saying, “The story—which includes invisible ink, sending encrypted messages and the exchange of identical bags—is reminiscent of a bad spy movie and does not sound serious.”
But the FBI says, in the new materials being released, that the arrests of the 10 Russian spies “provided a chilling reminder that espionage on U.S. soil did not disappear when the Cold War ended.”
The FBI says the “deep-cover Russian spies” were engaged in a process known as “spotting and assessing” in identifying colleagues, friends, and others who might be “vulnerable targets” for the Russians. The bureau adds, “…it is possible they were seeking to co-opt people they encountered in the academic environment who might one day hold positions of power and influence.”
Strangely, however, the Russian spies were released by the Obama Administration before any of these targets could be identified. The 10 spies were exchanged for four prisoners freed by Russia.
We noted at the time, “The hastily-arranged ‘spy swap’ ended any chance of finding out in detail in a public forum what kind of information the Russian intelligence service had been collecting and who in the U.S. Government had possibly been recruited or used as assets and contacts.”
When It Comes to Michael Moore, Less Is More Better!
Rather than polluting the air over Oakland with hypocrisy and liberal pap, why not take a more active role in assisting the suffering ‘Occupy Oakland’ masses?
John Lillpop
Monday, October 31, 2011
How precious of that world-class hypocrite known as Michael Moore to leave his ivory tower long enough to visit Oakland, California, so as to connect with the poor souls of “Occupy Oakland,” those abused 99 % whose reality is that of universal deprivation and abuse at the hands of Wall Street moguls, a condition that Moore has never faced, a fact made obvious by one glance at his blubber-laden caboose and face.
Although Moore is a rich and powerful media elitist of the hated 1% variety, that truth did not prevent the mindless brat from speaking out against those who share his privileged station in life.
As reported, in part:
“OAKLAND, Calif. - Filmmaker Michael Moore told anti-Wall Street protesters in Oakland that the Occupy movement - which has spread to cities across America and overseas - in inspiring millions who are angry about corporate excess, income inequality and the failure of politicians to address issues facing the majority of Americans.
Addressing about 1,000 Occupy Oakland protesters in front of City Hall Friday, Moore said the week’s events in Oakland will go down as a “watershed moment” in the Occupy Wall Street movement.”
Rather than polluting the air over Oakland with hypocrisy and liberal pap, why not take a more active role in assisting the suffering ‘Occupy Oakland’ masses?
For example, announce that you will undertake a personal “Hunger Strike” until banks and corporations, excluding only firms that fund left- wing “documentaries,” swear off profits all together.
Moore could further lead by example by donating the money he would normally spend on food and drink each day (not a mere stipend, it is rumored!) to the “Occupy Oakland” trust fund, thereby providing reliable financial support for the 99 % crowd, indefinitely.
Do it Michael, if not for your Occupy Oakland pals, then for your overtaxed heart which is desperate for “Less Moore” to lug around!

Stealing from the rich giving to the poor OWS style
Nothing points out the protesters economic illiteracy, ignorance of history and lazy thinking than that
Online Monday, October 31, 2011
Like any brand that wants to be successful Occupy Wall Street needs a good tag line, especially now that it is descending into chaos and crime and ordinary people are becoming fed up with it.
How about ‘Occupy Wall Street-steal from the rich and give to the poor’?
Except that most of the rich people protesters are talking about stealing from aren’t really rich at all and most of the poor people protesters are talking about giving to aren’t really poor at all.
Except that most of the protesters don’t recognize or understand that and never did.
Except that most of the tent camps are filled with misfits and ne’er do wells who are there simply to cadge free meals and accommodation and aren’t really protesting anything at all.
Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. That’s sure to solve our economic and social problems isn’t it?
Steal from the rich and give to the poor. Nothing points out the protesters economic illiteracy, ignorance of history and lazy thinking than that. It really is a very apt tag line. Most of the protesters are whiners, complainers and takers with a false sense of entitlement and victimhood who think the world owes them a living. They’re not interested in income redistribution unless its someone else’s income being redistributed to them. They’re useful idiots for the fanatics and ideologues of various stripes out there who are manipulating and using them for their own ends and are no more interested in the plight of the real poor than I am in flying to the moon. No one can take them seriously because their simpleminded solutions aren’t really solutions at all. They are very trite and one big cliche, that’s all.
A big cliche that’s fouling our streets and bringing garbage dumps and rats to our public spaces. A big cliche that is a mockery of democracy and the rule of law. A big cliche that’s costing taxpayers a fortune in policing and sanitation costs, among other things.
Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor…it fits on all kinds of levels.
Yours sincerely,
Jerry Philipson
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