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Obama Re-Elected!? What Now?

The Election of 2012
By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
November 12, 2012
...And the Future
For months, highly paid conservative national talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck were telling us that because of continually high unemployment, etc., there was no way President Obama would be re-elected. On the other hand, for months I have been telling listeners on Radio Liberty that the Power Elite (PE) wanted Obama re-elected in order to fulfill their plan for world control.
The PE wanted Obama to continue to move the U.S. toward socialism as a nation. Remember the 1911 cartoon where PE member John D. Rockefeller is welcoming Karl Marx's socialism to Wall Street.. As the U.S. has become more and more socialist, it will be easier to link us to the many other socialist nations around the world in order to form a World Socialist Government. And as the U.S. becomes socialist as a nation, it will become National Socialist in its orientation (the term NAZI means National Socialist). This is an important aspect of the PE's Secret Nazi Plan (see my book, THE POWER ELITE AND THE SECRET NAZI PLAN) coming to fulfillment today.
The Nazis had allied with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) beginning in the 1930s, and because the PE doesn't like strong nationalist leaders, a pan-Islamic movement and loyalty were created that transcended national borders. As the (international) MB takes over more and more of the countries in the Arab world, it will be easier for the PE to negotiate a regional arrangement with them rather than many national leaders. This regional entity can then be linked with the European Union and other regional entities to form the World Socialist Government. President Obama's Muslim background will help facilitate this for the PE.
In his post-election day analysis, the supreme self-proclaimed "ego freak," Rush Limbaugh, was so flummoxed that he even contradicted himself by first saying Obama won because you cannot beat (the federal government as gift giver) Santa Claus (Hannity substituted the "permissive parent" for Santa Claus), but then saying Obama won because he wasn't challenged as a liberal by real conservatism. Apparently, the self-proclaimed "all-knowing" Limbaugh doesn't realize that as he defines liberalism, that is Santa Claus! Actually, Limbaugh was closer to the truth than he realized when he jokingly said Obama could have been re-elected by a conspiracy involving George Soros (PE member). You, the readers of this column, should now call your local talk show hosts, and/or write letters to the editors to your local newspapers telling them how Cuddy correctly predicted the election results while these well-paid, self-assured commentators like Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck all got the results wrong.
What were the determinative factors in Obama's victory? First, there is what I call Romney's "he's not one of us" characteristic. The two longest serving Republican presidents in the last 50 years were Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush Even though both of them were financially well-off, they both still had a sort of "he's one of us" characteristic. You could actually imagine them in a small town hardware store talking with the locals about the Friday night high school football game. George H.W. Bush didn't have that quality. Richard Nixon (walking along the beach in a suit) didn't have it. And neither did Mitt Romney, even though he has a pleasant personality and has done many kind deeds for needy people.
Secondly, it was assumed that most blacks would vote for Obama, but analysts were surprised that he won the Hispanic vote by about 50%, and that fact was characterized as "nationally determinative" in the final election results.
Also, Obama had a sizeable majority of the youth vote. For example, one young conservative analyst on MSNBC said that today's youth were largely supportive of gay marriage as a matter of simple equality for all "humanity." He didn't realize it, but his use of the word "humanity" was telling. It was a Religion of Humanity that French Revolution supporter Auguste Comte was creating as opposed to the Biblically-based values of the American Revolution.
In Comte's Humanity religion, each person would decide what is right or wrong for herself or himself based upon the situation, as opposed to automatic and unquestioned obedience to the Word of God which, for example, in Leviticus and Romans declared the wrongness of homosexual behavior. When Bible reading and prayer were forcibly removed from public schools by a government which constantly pounded the moral relativism of non-Biblically based situation ethics into students' heads ever since the early 1960s, what else could we expect to happen to our youth?
Two other groups supporting Obama also surprised conservative analysts. Despite the Catholic Church's criticism of what Obamacare would require of Catholic hospitals, etc., 52% of American Catholics voted for the radically pro-abortion rights Obama! Also, despite President Obama's foreign policies tilting toward Arab-Muslim countries in the Middle East and away from Israel, 70% of American Jewish voters cast their ballots for Obama!
In the pundits' post-election analysis, they next said it would be a long time before the Republicans came back. My response is "No, it won't!" By 2016, many Obama supporters, and perhaps President Obama himself, will wish he had never been re-elected! Why? In the immediate future, he will have trouble avoiding the "fiscal cliff" with the House Republicans coming at the end of 2012, and a recession could result. And over the next 4 years, the national and global economies will be even worse than today.
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The Power Elite’s Use of Misdirection
By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
October 15, 2012
The second part of this series covers how the Power Elite (PE) uses misdirection in the form of reactions to crises to initiate wars, one of the favorite tactics of the PE in accomplishing its ultimate goal of world control. A useful starting point will be about 100 years ago and the Spanish-American War. The impetus for the war was the misdirection of blame on Spain for the explosion of the battleship MAINE on February 15, 1898. Later, it was discovered that the explosion was not from planted external charges, but rather from inside the U.S. battleship itself.
Regarding the First World War, its origin was due to the Austrian ultimatum (reaction) to Serbia over the assassination (crisis) of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28, 1914. The misdirection occurred with British Secretary of State Sir Edward Grey making statements to German Ambassador to England Prince Karl Max Lichnowsky that didn't make it clear Britain would enter the conflict if Germany did.
The Second World War began with America declaring war (reaction) to the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor (crisis). And the Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor was their "reaction" to the "crisis" of an American blockade and other actions against them. The misdirection was against the American people in that the attack upon Pearl Harbor was presented as a surprise, when President Roosevelt's actions intentionally provoked the Japanese attack, and FDR knew it was coming.
Similarly, the American people were misdirected into thinking our government supported the Nationalist Chinese, when actually Gen. George Marshall took measures to disarm them, thereby allowing the Communist Chinese to succeed in their revolution of 1949 (the PE would likewise support the Communist revolution of Fidel Castro in Cuba in 1959). Thus, with Communist Chinese support, the North Koreans were able to stalemate the American-supported South Koreans in the Korean War of the early 1950s. This accomplished the PE objective of "no win" wars as mentioned in Philip Freneau's essay in AMERICAN MUSEUM (July 1792) about the elite's strategy. This same "no win" war strategy was followed in the 1960s and early 1970s Vietnam War begun over the American "reaction" to the "crisis" of North Vietnamese PT boats attacking a U.S. destroyer on August 2, 1964 in the Gulf of Tonkin. Later, it was discovered the attack never occurred, as once again the American public had been misdirected.
The next major American conflict was in the 1991 Gulf War when the U.S. attacked Iraq. This misdirection was similar to that of the First World War, as U.S. Ambassador to Iraq April Glaspie led Iraq's leader Saddam Hussein to believe his invasion of Kuwait would not be met with an American military response.
American (NATO) involvement in the Bosnian War of the late 1990s followed the pattern of World War II, as the U.S. "reacted" to the "humanitarian crisis" occurring in Kosovo. This "crisis" occurred, however, because Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic was "reacting" to the "crisis" of Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) terrorists inciting murder and chaos there. According to former Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia James Bissett in "We Have Created a Monster" (Toronto GLOBE AND MAIL, July 31, 2001), the CIA (and British Special Armed Forces) armed and trained the KLA (in Albania) to foment revolution in Kosovo, which resulted in the assassination of Serbian mayors and ambush of Serbian police.
Similarly, the Iraq War of 2003 also followed the pattern of World War II. The American public was misdirected against Iraq after the U.S. attacked the Taliban in Afghanistan. This American military response was a "reaction" to the "crisis" of the September 11, 2001 attack upon the World Trade Center and Pentagon by al-Qaeda, which was harbored by the Taliban in Afghanistan.
#And current news reports indicate that the U.S. (NATO) is considering helping NATO member Turkey, which is "reacting" to explosive shells from Syria falling upon Turkish land. This would, as in the case of Kosovo, give the U.S. (NATO) an excuse to respond to the "humanitarian crisis" occurring in Syria, as the forces of Syrian leader Hafez al-Assad "react" to the "crisis" of externally funded and armed revolutionaries within Syria trying to overthrow the government there.
© 2012 Dennis Cuddy - All Rights Reserved
Dennis Laurence Cuddy, historian and political analyst, received a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (major in American History, minor in political science). Dr. Cuddy has taught at the university level, has been a political and economic risk analyst for an international consulting firm, and has been a Senior Associate with the U.S. Department of Education.
Cuddy has also testified before members of Congress on behalf of the U.S. Department of Justice. Dr. Cuddy has authored or edited twenty books and booklets, and has written hundreds of articles appearing in newspapers around the nation, including The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and USA Today. He has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows in various parts of the country, such as ABC Radio in New York City, and he has also been a guest on the national television programs USA Today and CBS's Nightwatch.
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Obama likely won re-election through election fraud
By Rachel Alexander
November 12, 2012
There were many factors that hurt Mitt Romney and favored Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election. The Democrats portrayed Romney in the worst light possible; as a wealthy, out of touch millionaire who wanted to return women to the 1800's. The left wing media predictably did everything it could to perpetuate that false caricature. Obama's race was an advantage; voters of all persuasions, particularly minorities, still cannot get over the allure of the first black president. The 47% of Americans on welfare were predisposed to vote for the food stamp president over Romney, wanting the free goodies to keep on giving, despite the long-term unsustainability.
In spite of those odds, polls indicated that Romney was going to win the election. The economy is close to Great Depression era conditions, and unemployment is almost as high as when Obama entered office. Economic conditions became so dire after Obama took office it prompted the rise of an entire new movement, the Tea Party. Presidents rarely win reelection when the economy is in the tank.
So how did Romney lose a race that numerous reputable polls and pundits predicted would be an easy win, based on historical patterns? The most realistic explanation is voter fraud in a few swing states. According to the Columbus Dispatch, one out of every five registered voters in Ohio is ineligible to vote. In at least two counties in Ohio, the number of registered voters exceeded the number of eligible adults who are of voting age. In northwestern Ohio's Wood County, there are 109 registered voters for every 100 people eligible to vote. An additional 31 of Ohio's 88 counties have voter registration rates over 90%, which most voting experts regard as suspicious. Obama miraculously won 100% of the vote in 21 districts in Cleveland, and received over 99% of the vote where GOP inspectors were illegally removed.
The inflated numbers can't just reflect voters who have moved, because the average voting registration level nationwide is only 70%. The vast majority of voters over the 70% level are not voting because they want to, they are voting because someone is getting them to cast a vote, one way or another. Those 31 counties are most likely the largest counties in Ohio, representing a majority of Ohio voters. This means the number of votes cast above the 70% typical voter registration level easily tops 100,000, the margin Obama won Ohio by.
Videographer James O'Keefe, known for his undercover videos exposing left wing fraud, caught a Virginia Democratic Congressman's son on video in October explaining how to commit voter fraud. Patrick Moran, the son of Rep. Jim Moran, told O'Keefe's videographer that in order to make a vote for someone else, you'd need two pieces of identification, such as a utility bill, explaining, "they can fake a utility bill with ease, you know?" He went on to advise the videographer that he should also call the voter and pretend to be a polling company in order to make sure the voter isn't intending to vote. He said that Democrat attorneys would be located in the polling places to assist him if challenged casting one of these illegal votes.
In another video, O'Keefe's videographer tells a DNC staffer from Obama's Organizing for America that she intends to vote in both Texas and Florida. The staffer laughs and says, "It's cool." The staffer then prints out a voter registration form for the undercover videographer and advises her on what to do if she gets caught.
These are just the known instances of attempted voter fraud. How many instances occurred that were not discovered? Obama's Organizing for America looked up voters in swing states – many who would not have bothered voting otherwise – and got them to vote. How did they get them to vote? They may have given them rides to the polls, they may have offered to fill out and return their ballots for them, or they may have voted ballots for the ones who were not going to vote.
Many on the left believe there is nothing wrong with committing fraud in order to ensure Obama's reelection. It is a common tenet on the left that the ends justify the means. Saul Alinsky, the 1960's radical who inspired Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, taught community organizers like Obama that dishonesty is acceptable if it achieves your political goals. And when caught, Alinsky teaches radicals to deny the wrongdoing and change the topic to put their accusers on the defensive. One Obama supporter brazenly posted on Facebook that he was voting four times for Obama, asserting that the ends justify the means.
Aiding Obama's win was a devious suppression of the conservative vote. The conservative-leaning military vote has decreased drastically since 2010 due to the so-called Military Voter Protection Act that was enacted into law the year before. It has made it so difficult for overseas military personnel to obtain absentee ballots that in Virginia and Ohio there has been a 70% decrease in requests for ballots since 2008. In Virginia, almost 30,000 fewer overseas military voters requested ballots than in 2008. In Ohio, more than 20,000 fewer overseas military voters requested ballots. This is significant considering Obama won in both states by a little over 100,000 votes.
Voter fraud has been in the works for years. At least 52 employees of the left wing group ACORN have been convicted of voter registration fraud. ACORN itself was convicted of the crime of "compensation," paying its registration canvassers bonuses to exceed their quotas. In 2008, 36% of ACORN's voter
registrations were invalidated. Left wing political pundit Chris Matthews admitted last year that pretending to call someone from a polling company, then voting their ballot for them, has been happening in big cities since the 1950's. He admitted he knows that kind of voter fraud takes place in Philadelphia.
Strong-arming people into voting who really have no desire to vote undermines our form of government. People do not choose to vote because they are uninformed about the issues and candidates, are lazy, cynical, or are content with the status quo. Voting someone else's ballot for them is cheating the system and essentially giving yourself two votes.
When people claim that Obama won because the economy was improving, or because Americans generally think he is doing a good job, it is not true. He won through dishonest methods and rhetoric. Many of the votes cast in the swing states were cajoled, some legally and perhaps even more illegally, into supporting him. If voter fraud becomes acceptable, then maybe Donald Trump is right: it's time for a revolution.
Rachel Alexander and her brother Andrew are co-Editors of Intellectual Conservative. Rachel practices law and social media political consulting in Phoenix, Arizona. She has been published in the American Spectator,, Fox News, NewsMax, Accuracy in Media, The Americano, ParcBench, and other publications.
Election Fraud? Barack Obama Won More Than 99 Percent Of The Vote In More Than 100 Ohio Precincts
Michael Snyder
November 12th, 2012
Barack Obama received more than 99% of the vote in more than 100 precincts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio on election day. In fact, there were a substantial number of precincts where Mitt Romney got exactly zero votes. So how in the world did this happen? Third world dictators don’t even get 99% of the vote. Overall, Mitt Romney received 30.12%of the vote in Cuyahoga County. There were even a bunch of precincts in Cuyahoga County that Romney actually won. But everyone certainly expected that Cuyahoga County would be Obama territory. And in most of the precincts that is exactly what we saw - large numbers of votes for both candidates but a definite edge for Obama. However, there are more than 100 precincts in Cuyahoga County where the voting results can only be described as truly bizarre. Yes, we always knew that urban areas would lean very heavily toward Obama, but are we actually expected to believe that Obama got over 99% of the votes in those areas? In more than 50 different precincts, Romney received 2 votes or less. Considering how important the swing state of Ohio was to the national election, one would think that such improbable results would get the attention of somebody out there. Could we be looking at evidence of election fraud hidden in plain sight?
Perhaps if there were just one or two precincts where Obama got more than 99% of the vote we could dismiss the results as “statistical anomalies” and ignore them.
But there were more than 100 precincts where this happened in the most important swing state in the nation.
Maybe there is some rational explanation for the numbers that you are about to see. If there is, I would really love to hear it.
What makes all of this even more alarming is that there were reports of voting machine problems during early voting in Ohio. It was being reported that some voters were claiming that they tried to vote for Romney but that the voting machines kept recording their votes as votes for Obama…
“I don’t know if it happened to anybody else or not, but this is the first time in all the years that we voted that this has ever happened to me,” said Marion, Ohio, voter Joan Stevens.
Stevens said that when she voted, it took her three tries before the machine accepted her choice to vote for Romney.
“I went to vote and I got right in the middle of Romney’s name,” Stevens told Fox News, saying that she was certain to put her finger directly on her choice for the White House.
She said that the first time she pushed “Romney,” the machine marked “Obama.”
So she pushed Romney again. Obama came up again. Then it happened a third time.
“Maybe you make a mistake once, but not three times,” she told Fox News.
The numbers that you are about to see are quite dramatic. They come straight from the website of the Cuyahoga County board of elections. Once again, I am not alleging that election fraud has actually taken place. What I am saying is that these numbers look very, very strange and that somebody needs to start asking some questions.
Posted below are voting results from the presidential election from various precincts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. If you wish to verify these numbers, you can do so right here. In each case, the specific precinct is identified first, followed by the number of votes for Obama and then the number of votes for Romney.
In this first set of Cuyahoga County precincts, Mitt Romney received exactly zero votes in each instance…
0154 CLEVELAND -02-Q: 542 - 0
0192 CLEVELAND -04-L: 388 - 0
0204 CLEVELAND -05-E: 597 - 0
0205 CLEVELAND -05-F: 483 - 0
0206 CLEVELAND -05-G: 257 - 0
0219 CLEVELAND -05-T: 386 - 0
0228 CLEVELAND -06-H: 405 - 0
0232 CLEVELAND -06-L: 70 - 0
0233 CLEVELAND -06-M: 419 - 0
0241 CLEVELAND -06-U: 118 - 0
0248 CLEVELAND -07-F: 361 - 0
0273 CLEVELAND -08-J: 472 - 0
0280 CLEVELAND -08-Q: 49 - 0
0285 CLEVELAND -09-B: 414 - 0
0288 CLEVELAND -09-E: 478 - 0
0523 EAST CLEVELAND -04-C: 486 - 0
Are we actually supposed to believe that not a single person wanted to vote for Mitt Romney in any of those precincts?
But wait, there’s more.
In this next set of results we get to see many of the precincts where Mitt Romney received exactly one vote…
0118 CLEVELAND -01-A: 438 - 1
0144 CLEVELAND -02-G: 532 - 1
0183 CLEVELAND -04-C: 548 - 1
0185 CLEVELAND -04-E: 522 - 1
0190 CLEVELAND -04-J: 434 - 1
0200 CLEVELAND -05-A: 364 - 1
0217 CLEVELAND -05-R: 357 - 1
0240 CLEVELAND -06-T: 148 - 1
0272 CLEVELAND -08-I: 473 - 1
0274 CLEVELAND -08-K: 382 - 1
0276 CLEVELAND -08-M: 492 - 1
0279 CLEVELAND -08-P: 378 - 1
0284 CLEVELAND -09-A: 320 - 1
0287 CLEVELAND -09-D: 394 - 1
0289 CLEVELAND -09-F: 468 - 1
0290 CLEVELAND -09-G: 400 - 1
0303 CLEVELAND -10-C: 471 - 1
0312 CLEVELAND -10-L: 363 - 1
0314 CLEVELAND -10-N: 340 - 1
0315 CLEVELAND -10-O: 473 - 1
0512 EAST CLEVELAND -02-D: 437 - 1
0513 EAST CLEVELAND -02-E: 359 - 1
1040 WARRENSVILLE HTS -02-A: 523 - 1
1041 WARRENSVILLE HTS -02-B: 514 - 1
Do these numbers look believable to anyone out there?
Now let’s look at some of the Cuyahoga County precincts were Mitt Romney received exactly two votes…
0120 CLEVELAND -01-C: 531 - 2
0128 CLEVELAND -01-K: 470 - 2
0136 CLEVELAND -01-S: 635 - 2
0147 CLEVELAND -02-J: 541 - 2
0148 CLEVELAND -02-K: 632 - 2
0149 CLEVELAND -02-L: 531 - 2
0153 CLEVELAND -02-P: 564 - 2
0155 CLEVELAND -02-R: 509 - 2
0187 CLEVELAND -04-G: 491 - 2
0188 CLEVELAND -04-H: 508 - 2
0194 CLEVELAND -04-N: 520 - 2
0211 CLEVELAND -05-L: 461 - 2
0213 CLEVELAND -05-N: 324 - 2
0222 CLEVELAND -06-B: 637 - 2
0225 CLEVELAND -06-E: 505 - 2
0226 CLEVELAND -06-F: 342 - 2
0234 CLEVELAND -06-N: 244 - 2
0236 CLEVELAND -06-P: 438 - 2
0249 CLEVELAND -07-G: 446 - 2
0250 CLEVELAND -07-H: 358 - 2
0251 CLEVELAND -07-I: 445 - 2
0253 CLEVELAND -07-K: 429 - 2
0256 CLEVELAND -07-N: 433 - 2
0262 CLEVELAND -07-T: 363 - 2
0269 CLEVELAND -08-F: 463 - 2
0270 CLEVELAND -08-G: 516 - 2
0278 CLEVELAND -08-O: 405 - 2
0302 CLEVELAND -10-B: 452 - 2
0311 CLEVELAND -10-K: 476 - 2
0511 EAST CLEVELAND -02-C: 319 - 2
0515 EAST CLEVELAND -03-A: 359 - 2
0516 EAST CLEVELAND -03-B: 459 - 2
0519 EAST CLEVELAND -03-E: 293 - 2
0526 EAST CLEVELAND -04-F: 517 - 2
0625 HIGHLAND HILLS -00-A: 377 - 2
These numbers look even more bizarre when you start comparing them with the overall results from the rest of Cuyahoga County that you can find right here.
The results from most of the precincts look very much like what you would expect from a competitive national election.
But there are more than 100 precincts where the results look incredibly suspicious. Here are some more precincts where Barack Obama won more than 99% of the vote…
0119 CLEVELAND -01-B: 558 - 4
0121 CLEVELAND -01-D: 452 - 3
0122 CLEVELAND -01-E: 671 - 5
0123 CLEVELAND -01-F: 704 - 6
0124 CLEVELAND -01-G: 543 - 3
0126 CLEVELAND -01-I: 674 - 4
0127 CLEVELAND -01-J: 687 - 4
0130 CLEVELAND -01-M: 781 - 4
0132 CLEVELAND -01-O: 615 - 4
0133 CLEVELAND -01-P: 733 - 5
0134 CLEVELAND -01-Q: 753 - 6
0135 CLEVELAND -01-R: 697 - 5
0142 CLEVELAND -02-E: 434 - 3
0145 CLEVELAND -02-H: 571 - 3
0150 CLEVELAND -02-M: 503 - 4
0151 CLEVELAND -02-N: 601 - 3
0152 CLEVELAND -02-O: 621 - 3
0156 CLEVELAND -02-S: 471 - 4
0157 CLEVELAND -03-A: 489 - 3
0184 CLEVELAND -04-D: 576 - 3
0186 CLEVELAND -04-F: 572 - 3
0189 CLEVELAND -04-I: 503 - 3
0191 CLEVELAND -04-K: 508 - 4
0193 CLEVELAND -04-M: 497 - 4
0195 CLEVELAND -04-O: 599 - 3
0196 CLEVELAND -04-P: 443 - 3
0199 CLEVELAND -04-S: 686 - 5
0203 CLEVELAND -05-D: 569 - 4
0207 CLEVELAND -05-H: 341 - 3
0210 CLEVELAND -05-K: 427 - 3
0212 CLEVELAND -05-M: 340 - 3
0216 CLEVELAND -05-Q: 461 - 4
0218 CLEVELAND -05-S: 515 - 5
0221 CLEVELAND -06-A: 701 - 3
0223 CLEVELAND -06-C: 462 - 4
0227 CLEVELAND -06-G: 401 - 3
0230 CLEVELAND -06-J: 475 - 4
0254 CLEVELAND -07-L: 447 - 4
0261 CLEVELAND -07-S: 449 - 4
0271 CLEVELAND -08-H: 552 - 4
0275 CLEVELAND -08-L: 499 - 3
0282 CLEVELAND -08-S: 517 - 4
0292 CLEVELAND -09-I: 423 - 4
0294 CLEVELAND -09-K: 445 - 4
0307 CLEVELAND -10-G: 428 - 4
0317 CLEVELAND -10-Q: 446 - 3
0320 CLEVELAND -10-T: 654 - 5
0510 EAST CLEVELAND -02-B: 401 - 4
0518 EAST CLEVELAND -03-D: 374 - 3
0520 EAST CLEVELAND -03-F: 457 - 3
0521 EAST CLEVELAND -04-A: 453 - 4
1045 WARRENSVILLE HTS -04-B: 598 - 4
1049 WARRENSVILLE HTS -06-B: 480 - 4
Once again, perhaps there is a rational explanation for all of this.
But I find it really hard to believe that one candidate would get more than 99% of the vote in more than 100 precincts in one of the most important counties in the most hotly contested swing state of the 2012 election.
Unfortunately, we may never know the truth about these election results. We are just told that we can trust the voting machines and that we can trust whatever results they end up spitting out at us.
Look, I don’t know what the truth is, but where there is smoke there is usually fire. Voters reported tens of thousands of voting problems on election day, and it will be an absolute disgrace if those complaints are brushed under the rug now that the election is over.
Setting aside who won or who lost, the legitimacy of our elections if of the utmost importance. If we cannot even trust the ballot box, what do we have left?
I sincerely hope that authorities in Ohio and in the other swing states will investigate some of the voting “irregularities” that are being reported.
Millions of Americans are watching, and if all of this just gets swept under the rug there are going to be a whole lot more people that will lose faith in these voting machines.
I know that I already have.
Written By Michael Snyder
Michael has an undergraduate degree in Commerce from the University of Virginia and a law degree from the University of Florida law school. He also has an LLM from the University of Florida law school. Michael has worked for some of the largest law firms in Washington D.C., but now is mostly focus on trying to make a difference in the world.
America Commits Suicide
Today, conservatives in America are wondering if the 2012 election was a vote to commit national suicide
Alan Caruba
Wednesday, November 7, 2012
I had hoped that the majority of voters would elect Mitt Romney, but instead of a man of character they chose charisma.
They ignored four years of failure and deception. In advertising, they say “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.” Romney, sadly, lacked sizzle.
Obama’s victory was one of a long line of Progressives from Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Jimmy Carter. It was not new, but it will likely do more damage on top of what his predecessors have done.
It turned out that there were not enough voters from the faith-based communities. You know—the kind of people Obama said “cling to their religion and guns.” There were not enough from a range of population subsets to make a difference.
Like New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg who thought a marathon run through boroughs devastated by Hurricane Sandy was a really good idea, Obama has never had any real sense of how people feel about things that are important to them. Why should he? He was raised in a communist cocoon in which family, friends, fellow students, teachers, and mentors ensured he would never be exposed to the fundamentals of free market capitalism that has been the bedrock of the nation’s prosperity.
I have written repeatedly that he just does not like America and that this explains his view that our nation is not an exceptional place in which to live.
His mother was attracted first an African and, after being divorced, to an Indonesian, both Muslims. And then she abandoned Obama to the care of his leftist grandparents. His academic life led him from Occidental College to Columbia University, and then onto Harvard Law School, all leftist strongholds and, yet oddly few of his fellow students even remembered him.
On the radio of the 1940s there was a show called “The Shadow” about a man with the “power to cloud men’s minds” who used it to fight crime, but Obama developed the power to so utterly charm people that, like any successful confidence man, he left people impressed with all the exterior aspects of him without few clues about what he stood for, what he believed, and what his true goals are.
Despite four years of his campaign and his first term not enough Americans understood that Barack Obama is as alien to America as if he had come from some very different, very foreign place.
What is most baffling is why a majority of voters looked at the estimated 23 million of their fellow citizens who were out of work or had stopped looking for work, and whose lives along with their own were even further encumbered by the massive debt Obama had run up; currently $16 trillion and climbing, and thought that was okay?
In a nation whose citizens pride themselves on their ability to work to meet the needs of their families, it was and is profoundly disturbing that 47 million must use food stamps or that millions have fallen below the poverty level.
Why did the majority of voters not understand the fearful implications of the erosion of the nation’s military power, not knowing that peace can only be maintained by a navy that keeps the sea lanes open, the marines who are skilled at making a quick entry into a battle zone, the army that can subdue an enemy, and an air force that has no comparison? The active military and veterans understood what their Commander-in-Chief was doing to them, but the lies about the Benghazi attack that killed a U.S. ambassador and three others were ignored.
Those who voted for Obama were content to believe the cascade of lies Obama told. They ignored the President’s record of failure—the failed “stimulus” that was nothing more than a political slush fund, Obamacare that was forced on the nation by a straight party vote by Democrats in Congress, the bankruptcy of the “clean energy” companies that could not compete even with public funding, and the eruption of Islamic frenzy that saw him abandon friend and foe alike in the Middle East.
It was Obamacare that gave birth to the Tea Party movement. The President, his advisors, the Democratic leaders in the House and Senate never understood what the Tea Party was about. Why would they? The U.S. Constitution was what they wanted to believe it said, not what it really says.
Now Obama has the opportunity to fill seats on the Supreme Court with more progressive judges, thus affecting not just the next four years, but generations of Americans to come.
The abandonment of Israel
The abandonment of Israel troubled many, but just as troubling was the Democratic Party convention in which the inclusion of God and Jerusalem in the party platform evoked jeers and derision. It was the same Democratic Party that had, since the end of the Civil War, fought against the calls for equality from America’s black community. Even so, the African-American community continued to support them.
In 2008 Americans voted for Obama in the belief that they could demonstrate to the world that it was post-racial, post-partisan. Instead they got a cold, indifferent, arrogant man who listened only to a small circle of leftist advisors and shadowy, unknown and unseen “czars” in the White House.
Obama was as disinterested in Main Street as he was antagonistic to Wall Street. His constant talk of “millionaires and billionaires” and the need to redistribute wealth may have worried some people, but not enough of those who believe they too can achieve the American dream of wealth and success based on hard work and a measure of risk.
The majority of voters ignored the realities of the nation’s economy. They failed to realize that Obama’s opposition to the vast wealth of America’s energy reserves of coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear will only delay the nation’s way out of debt and dependency.
In 1887 Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior:
“A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship.”
John Adams, Founding Father and the nation’s second President warned “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”
Today, conservatives in America are wondering if the 2012 election was a vote to commit national suicide.
Alan has a daily blog called Warning Signs.
Alan can be reached at
The End of an Empire
The Will of the People Has Spoken and America Died
Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh
Wednesday, November 7, 2012
Our Constitutional Republic died a peaceful death on November 6, 2012. Having reached the point of no return in a comatose state after years of progressive and illegal immigration assaults, the fabric of conservative society is now completely unraveled and Uncle Sam’s America is no more.
The United States of America is now relegated to the dust bin of history as a “has been” empire. The Shining City on the Hill, the hope of so many millions since July 4, 1776, no longer exists. What rises from the ashes is a country that few of us will recognize, like, or learn to accept submissively.
After 236 years of existence, a new country emerges today, run by secular progressives who rejected our Constitution, what we stand for, and who we are as a nation. The Supreme Court will be forever altered after its last conservative members will be replaced by the liberal academics who call themselves “progressives.” The rule of law will be implemented by Executive Orders, making Congress irrelevant.
The communist motto “Forward” that resonated with so many ignorant Americans will plunge us into many years of darkness
The communist motto “Forward” that resonated with so many ignorant Americans will plunge us into many years of darkness from which we will never be able to recover. We have proven our Founding Fathers right, they did give us a Constitutional Republic and we were unable to maintain it.
The forces of the failed communist fundamental transformation that were driven underground in many places around the world, resurfaced with a vengeance in the United States and have now taken over.
How long we will still have freedom of speech, movement, assembly, and control of our private property remains to be seen. Faith and churches will be driven underground; allowing secularism to prosper and take deep roots among the progressives whose God is Mother Earth.
The welfare dependent Americans, unions, and illegal aliens have chosen for the rest of us the dark path of serfdom
The welfare dependent Americans, unions, and illegal aliens have chosen for the rest of us the dark path of serfdom to big government and to socialist utopia.
Who would have guessed that the very people who were complaining that the government is not extricating them from disaster or giving them the help they needed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, would vote for the very politicians who turned their backs on needy Americans after the lights went dark when the political photo opportunities ended?
Who would have guessed that Americans were as ignorant and irresponsible as to choose fiscal destruction over fiscal sanity for their children and grandchildren, secularism and communism over faith, dependence over personal responsibility and self-reliance?
Americans have been protesting for the last four years the dismal state of the economy and the direction of our country, the corruption of our politicians, and the loss of personal and economic freedom.
Rallies in support of conservatism overwhelmed venues for Mitt Romney while rallies for our bumbling President became scarcer and scarcer. Yet, miraculously, at the ballot box, our President won all over the country.
We lost seats in the Senate. Americans chose liars and cheats to be their Senators and Representatives, rejecting those who protected the Constitution. The candidate from Massachusetts who claimed direct American Indian lineage to Pocahontas is now a Senator, having defeated Scott Brown. Representative Allen West lost his seat by a narrow margin to the infamous Wasserman Schultz from Florida.
Americans chose high unemployment, reduction of our military, communist indoctrination of their children, and loss of personal freedoms unlike we have never seen before in this country.
I am saddened by the loss of millions and millions of American soldiers who have died to preserve freedom yet we lost it on November 6, 2012. Those buried in cemeteries around the world and at Arlington must be rolling in their graves today. We shamelessly allowed their sacrifice of blood and treasure to go in vain. We have no honor because we let down all the soldiers who fought in recent times and returned home limbless with lives shattered from physical and mental wounds of war.
I mourn today the loss of my adopted country. I have fought hard over the last four years to prevent its overt and accelerated destruction but the darker forces stronger than many of us have overcome concerted efforts by millions of Americans to maintain the Republic. Mediocrity, sloth, godlessness, dependence, cowardice, using the law selectively or ignoring it, and hopeless corruption will define the new country. Only God can save us now with his mercy and grace.
Listen to Dr. Paugh on Butler on Business (WAFS 1190), every Wednesday at 10:49 AM EST
Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, ( Romanian Conservative) ( Romanian Conservative) is a freelance writer (Canada Free Press, Romanian Conservative,, author, radio commentator (Silvio Canto Jr. Blogtalk Radio, Butler on Business WAFS 1190, and Republic Broadcasting Network), and speaker. Her book, “Echoes of Communism, is available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle. Short essays describe health care, education, poverty, religion, social engineering, and confiscation of property. A second book, “Liberty on Life Support,” is also available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle. Her commentaries reflect American Exceptionalism, the economy, immigration, and education.Visit her website,
Dr. Johnson can be reached at:
Obama-Land vs. the USA: The end of a Country, its People and Liberty
Congress will be rendered completely toothless and non-essential, as Obama has been working to affect since he first took office
Sher Zieve
Wednesday, November 7, 2012
Two-hundred-and-thirty six-years ago, a new country “conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal”* was born. Men and women seeking religious and economic freedom from an increasingly perverse, suppressive and feudal Europe sailed to ‘the New World’ which would later become the United States of America.
Most began to occupy this fresh and promising land in the 1600s. However, some intrepid souls began their journey into and through portions of North America much earlier. Such was the case of my ancestors who arrived on the shores of this new land in the 1500s. They were part of the original founding of this once extraordinary country and eagerly participated in and watched it being built. I morosely am now observing its end.
Over the many years it took to establish viable colonies in this New World, many experimental governments were attempted, including the one that we now call Socialism or Communism. Over a relatively short period of time, the colonists discovered that it did not and could not work. Those who labored the most were given the same portion as those who did little to nothing. Therefore, the true workers and entrepreneurs of the time were not truly recompensed for their labors, while the non-working groups continued to live off of the fruits of other’s successes…as if they were their own. Suffice it to say, this was untenable and a form of free enterprise began to percolate and appear. This was a system which rewarded those who worked and we eventually called it Capitalism…a structure that would imbue all participants with economic freedom as long as they worked for and participated in it.
For well over 200 years that economic freedom coupled with the freedom to worship God allowed We-the-People to build, prosper, enjoy the fruits of our labors and share our bounty with others around the world as no other nation in the history of mankind had done before. However, on 6 November, 2012 that all came crashing down. The Islamo-Marxist “President” of the United States of America Barack Hussein Obama was elected to another 4 years in office. I had hoped and fervently prayed that the prophetic words in my column ‘Is the USA Ready for an American Stalin?’ written in 2008 “if Obama is elected we will never be able to get rid of him” were not true. But, they were and are.
Whether many in the country choose to believe it or not, we are not only now facing an era of almost unbearable hardship but, the removal of any and all of our once-Constitutional liberties and rights as human beings. We are moving from the light back into the darkness of both body and soul. The elimination of the Obama syndicate’s enemies has already been reported as having issued from the lips of co-POTUS Valerie Jarrett. That should begin soon. Obama’s plan to turn the sovereignty of the USA over to the United Nations is already well under way. The UN Small Arms Treaty will be signed by Obama and it will effectively remove and replace the former Bill of Rights’ Second Amendment, while the First Amendment will be replaced with “hate speech” restrictions…punishable by new global laws. The Obama government’s war on Christianity has been in play since the early months of his ‘presidency’. Soon, Christianity and Judaism will be replaced by Islam—which will be the official ’religion’ of the USA (see my 18 August 2010 column ‘ObamaGov Establishing Islam as Official USA State Religion?’) and our Constitution will finally and officially become null and void…to be replaced by Shari‘a law. ObamaCare will not now—nor ever—be repealed so, the Obama regime’s theft of what was left of our money will continue and his death panels will rise supreme over what’s left of our bodies. The new motto will likely be “If you cannot serve the State the ways in which the State demands, the State must terminate you.“
Congress will be rendered completely toothless and non-essential, as Obama has been working to affect since he first took office. Our economic and other systems designed for liberty of and for the individual are now dead and is only waiting to be buried.
The time to panic was November 2008—when Obama was elected to his first term. Too many refused to listen to the warnings and, instead, chose to listen to others who lied gently and soothingly to them that they would be told when it was so. The Roman philosopher and statesman Cicero advised us over a millennium ago that a nation cannot survive treason from within. Thus, neither will—nor can—the now-former United States of America. It has now come to its close as a nation. The shining city on the hill is no more and has been reduced to rubble.
May God be with us and—I pray—eventually lead us out of our now-inevitable bondage. But, it appears now that it will not be soon.
*From President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address
Sher Zieve is an author and political commentator. Zieve’s op-ed columns are widely carried by multiple internet journals and sites, and she also writes hard news. Her columns have also appeared in The Oregon Herald, Dallas Times, Sacramento Sun, in international news publications, and on multiple university websites. Sher is also a guest on multiple national radio shows.
Sher can be reached at
The End of America
We shall face not merely economic bankruptcy, we shall face moral bankruptcy
Guest Column Renard E. Gervais
Wednesday, November 7, 2012
It is the end of a great land. The truest prediction of the entire election process was that we cannot afford another 4 years like we’ve just gone through.
This is the end of God in this land. This is the end of freedom and all the liberties once guaranteed by the Constitution. This is the end of sanity. We will now be governed by whim.
We shall become a land that panders to those who will not do, just demand. Those who are productive because of an internal compass, the truest sense of right and wrong, will be the minority.
The bleating of the sheep won out over the call of the shepherd and the bark of his dogs. The pasture will be cropped too short, the herd shall rush over rocks to fall, wolves shall pick off the young and the weak and the herd shall be diminished by its own ignorance.
We shall face not merely economic bankruptcy, we shall face moral bankruptcy. We shall fight the greatest war that mankind has ever fought and quite possibly lose. And that will come soon. It is a surety. There is no other way now. The cards are dealt and the hand will be played. We shall all see soon.
Fellow Americans - all of you, I held out my pessimism during these last few months openly admitting this eventuality. And it has become a reality. I will never be convinced that all who voted to ensure the coming storm are nothing but betrayers of something that could have been great and will now end as a dream unfulfilled. My country, our country, the United States of America will be no more. It is not united, it no longer expects its states to be sovereign governors of their individual regions; and, America is now but a word of little meaning and lessened value.
Too many Americans lack the understanding of the term - to be an American. This is now proven. All I can end with is the hope that those few of us remaining act as seeds and form the hard shell around the kernel of life within so that someday, maybe, we may be able to replant the crop of life, liberty and the real meaning of the pursuit of happiness. Until then, we must survive.
It may soon be illegal to say it; so one more time, “God Bless America” . And that, those words alone, mark me as a traitor in this new world we are entering.
Lights went out in America on November 6, 2012
God bless America. God bless every American still willing to stand their ground
Judi McLeod
Wednesday, November 7, 2012
Letters from discouraged Americans are pouring in to Canada Free Press (CFP) about the results of the 2012 election. Barack Hussein Obama will have four more years to complete his plans for the Fundamental Transformation of America. Congress which did nothing to stop him for the past four years, has been rendered ineffective in number in the vote. With the results of three more Senate seats still not in at the time this is being written, Republicans already lost two seats.
President Obama, whose policies have wreaked havoc on America, is back in the driver’s seat, equipped with the pen he uses to sign executive orders.
Pundits who predicted a Mitt Romney landslide will be trying to justify their numbers to voters numbed by Obama handy win.
Incredibly it appears as if nowhere on the electoral map did the Republicans show an overall huge increase from 2008 in people who came out to vote.
Yet polls right up to Election Day had Obama and Romney running neck and neck.
The vote count for Obama was 54,773,837 while 53,716,689 cast their vote for Romney. (2 a.m., EST, Wednesday).
Although the results of Election 2012 make it seem that Republican voters don’t appear in great numbers, , some 53,716,689 people will wake up later today wondering what happened.
Worries about jobs and the sagging economy have plagued average Americans, and will now add the anxiety that because Obama will never have to face a third term, he has nothing to lose by governing by fiat.
Rumours are rife that the election was rigged, but who is in a position to prove or do anything about it?
The future looks bleak.
It’s just as columnist Daniel Greenfield writes, “The lights have gone out in America now. They may come back. They may not. It’s up to us. No one is going to help us do it. Other countries have America. We have ourselves.”
Words so true, to get past the night the lights went out in America.
Discouraged Americans sending letters to CFP include two well-read CFP columnists, who say there is no use writing anymore.
Setbacks like the reelection of the most anti-American president to ever hold office, are difficult to ponder.
But giving up is never the answer.
None of us know what will happen to America under a second Obama administration for four more years, or if there might be a way to lead America out of the dark.
Only God knows what is to come in the days ahead.
But people will need to stand their ground and remain strong because only the strong will survive under Obama.
And the freedom of America depends on the strong who survive willing to fight for their country’s freedom.
God bless America. God bless every American still willing to stand their ground.
Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years’ experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on Rush Limbaugh,, Drudge Report,, and Glenn Beck.
Judi can be emailed at:
Game Called on Account of Darkness
This is still a wonderful country. It is the finest place that this civilization has produced. Despite the events of the last day, it is worth fighting for
Daniel Greenfield
Wednesday, November 7, 2012
A week ago we sat waiting out the storm when the lights flickered and went out. One moment we were sitting in a lit room, the television flashing picture and sound, the internet feeding news, and then we were in the dark.
At first we expected the lights to come on at any minute. Any hour. Any day. And then living without water or power, day after day, it seemed as if the light would never come back.
And then, unexpectedly, after almost a week, they did.
The lights have gone out in America now. They may come back. They may not. It’s up to us. No one is going to come help us do it. Other countries have America. We have ourselves.
Readers will notice that this corner did not predict any Romney landslides. It did not engage in empty cheers or promise that he would win half the country and restore moral leadership. That’s not what this corner is about. This column is about the hard truths and now as we sit in the dark, let’s pass out some of those around the room.
We can blame Chris Christie, Sandy or Romney’s last debate performance. But let’s look at the actual election.
Romney outlasted the primaries because he was the most electable. Two blue state politicians, as bland and inoffensive as possible, ran on the economy, not on war or social issues, and managed to convince many Democrats that they could fix the economy. He got a white turnout to match that of Ronald Reagan and crowded rallies. And none of it was enough.
Romney had an excellent machine. But Obama had the bigger machine
Romney had an excellent machine. But Obama had the bigger machine that was more than a collection of SuperPACs. It was the urban political machine, with its suburban tentacles, fed by taxpayer money and integrated into every budget. The time when it could be beaten the old way may be passing.
The people who came out to worship Obama stayed home. Romney’s rallies drew big crowds. But when all was said and done, the lines of people who feed off the political machine were there, and the handlers of the machine cast their multiple votes and carried off their manifold frauds because their own private economy depended on it.
Every time people ask me why the left has such a grip on this country, my answer is because they worked for it. It’s the answer that most people don’t want to hear, but it’s true. The left has been planning this for a while. They have been playing the long game, building the infrastructure and indoctrinating generations. And to beat them, we will have to do the same thing.
The right is 40 years behind the left and it remains a disorganized collection of potentials seeking a compass point. The “right” that got behind Mitt Romney consists of millionaires who want fewer regulations and easier imports from China, of social conservatives who are mainly ignored, except when voter turnout becomes an issue, libertarians who want more freedoms, and the non-ideological small business middle class and the struggling working class sensing their country and way of life slipping away from them.
Those groups could be welded together into a movement every bit as tribal and protective of its interests, capable of engaging in collective action on behalf of its own interests, as the urban machine vote. And that may already be happening with the Tea Party. But the counter-revolution of the bourgeoisie isn’t here yet. And there’s plenty of work to do to make it a reality.
The Republican establishment had its shot, twice. It put up moderate non-objectionable candidates
The Republican establishment had its shot, twice. It put up moderate non-objectionable candidates. And it lost. It has no policies, beyond keeping the system going, and it has no ideas and no agenda, besides winning. It is a decadent political class fused with an even more decadent pundit class that views elections like these as a game, not as a life-and-death matter. It makes up lies and tells them to its base and hopes that the base will then forgive and forget being lied to and used one more time.
It’s not done, by any stretch of the imagination. Right now, Christie is patting himself on the back and drawing up a list of advisers for a 2016 run. And a dozen equally loathsome personalities are doing the same thing. And they may even get their way. But that doesn’t really matter. This is a long game and to win it, we have to think long term.
Moderation does not win elections. If you think it does, go look at the smirking face of Barack Obama. And then imagine him running for office back when Bill Ayers was building bombs. America’s new rulers were once considered far more extreme and unpopular than the Tea Party. Embracing radical and unpopular ideas is not a losing strategy. It is a short term losing strategy and a long term winning strategy so long as your ideas can be used to build a movement capable of turning those ideas into an organizing force.
The question is whether a right-wing movement can emerge that will make the vast majority of small businessmen in this country feel as negatively about a Democratic president as welfare voters feel about a Republican president?
This election has come close to testing that proposition. The time has come to test it further. The left went after gun owners, the way that it went after business owners, and the NRA used its hostility to build a powerful coalition of gun owners who broke the will of the elected left and made them turn on easier prey.
The key is organization. The left built its machines by convincing entire groups that they had a binding interest in a reflexive opposition to Republicans under a Democratic umbrella. Consolidating an opposition based on the same principles, that same sense that its financial oxygen will be cut if the Democrats win, is doable. But it cannot begin and end with the financials.
This is a cultural war and living in denial of that is senseless. Those social issues? They belong on the table. Because the alternative is that the table will belong to the left and we will be stuck arguing the level of regulation that is appropriate in a society whose entire moral imperative is based on the values of regulation.
Most people, left and right, want a society based on values. Opting out of the values debate means that we lose by default. Yes some of that is unpopular. It will make some elections unwinnable. Much like supporting gay marriage twenty years ago. The left kept going and it won because that is how the game is played.
These are all building blocks, but they are still scattered pieces. The right I am describing is based on the left. It is the mirror image, a counter-revolutionary pushback against the left’s intrusions into the lives, values and work of its people. And that isn’t enough. A counter-revolution that is reactive will fail. It is why the Romney campaign was doomed from the start. It is why the Tea Party isn’t enough. It’s not enough to be against things. It’s not enough to be for things because they are the opposite of the things that the people you are at war with are for.
A movement needs a deeper sense of passion. It must be fueled by a certainty that it holds the answer to the problems of its society and its civilization. It must believe that its existence would be necessary even if the left did not exist. And it must be willing to do anything to win.
This is not a mere battle of elections. The left occupied and won other fields long before it had a shot at doing anything like taking power. It is first of all a battle of ideas. And it is a battle of structures. And that means a conservative cultural war will be necessary and conservative structures must be built within the system. Rather than making arguments, we must create facts on the ground.
That’s a tall order and we are way behind. And tactics like these are not very palatable to many of us, because they resemble what the left does. They would rather expect people to naturally do the right thing. And that’s nice. I would very much like people to do the right thing. I would like to stop by one of those long lines that I saw today at the polls, almost as long as the one for free government stuff, and show them a graph of the national debt and the debt that their children will owe. I would like to think that it would change their minds. But I know better… and so do you.
The left got this far by having a plan. We will either find a plan or we will be gone. America will go the way of Latin America, with gated communities, conservative oligarchs, violent ghettos and red politicians screaming about power to the people. There will be no law, just men with guns and newspapers, and generals in convenient positions, and suitcases full of cocaine in the right hands. If you like this system, it’s probably only a generation away. Given enough immigration from south of the border—maybe less. And then California turns into Brazil and America turns into California.
We can stop this, but we won’t do it without building a movement that can stand up to the left, without assembling machines that will bring together many of the same people who voted for Obama, and we won’t do it if we are too afraid of the consequences of fighting a culture war with the left to get started.
It is dark now. On my side of the coast, the time approaches 1 AM. The dark end of one day and the beginning of a new day. It all depends on how you look at things.
Revolutions are not born out of success, they are born out of despair. They rise out of the dark hours of the night. They come from the understanding that all the other options are running out. Sometimes you have to fall down to rise and sometimes you have to hit bottom, to gather one last breath and fight to reach the top.
This is still a wonderful country. It is the finest place that this civilization has produced. Despite the events of the last day, it is worth fighting for.
Daniel Greenfield is a New York City writer and columnist. He is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and his articles appears at its Front Page Magazine site.
Daniel can be reached at:
10 dire consequences of Obama's re-election victory
by Mike Adams
Wednesday, November 07, 2012
(NaturalNews) What does an Obama re-election mean for the next four years in America? Now that he's in his second and last term, of course, Obama no longer needs to restrain his actions according to popularity. He can simply unleash any desirable executive order and rule by decree, bypassing Congress as he has frequently promised to do.
This puts America in a very dangerous situation, given Obama's well-demonstrated desire to destroy freedom and liberty in this nation. Remember: Obama is anti health freedom, anti food freedom, anti GMO labeling, anti medical freedom and anti farm freedom. He's the one who issued an executive order claiming government ownership over all farms and farm equipment, in case you forgot that little fact.
He's also the guy who just recently issued an executive order merging Homeland Security with local corporate entities to grant the executive branch of government a power monopoly over the nation, bypassing the courts and Congress. You probably haven't even heard about that one, because he secretly signed it during Hurricane Sandy.
Given Obama's atrocious track record on freedom during his first four years in the White House, here are my top 10 predictions for the next four (if America even lasts that long before ripping itself apart):
#1) Huge expansion of TSA and the surveillance state
Watch for TSA to expand its occupation of America by setting up checkpoints on roadways, sporting events, malls and "surprise" locations. Expect to see TSA agents become even more belligerent and lawless as they ramp up their sexual molestation of innocent victims.
#2) Expansion of secret arrests of American citizens
Obama secretly signed the NDAA, legalizing the secret arrests of U.S. citizens while denying them due process. Obama also authorized secret "kill lists" that claim to authorize the U.S. government to assassinate targeted individuals.
With his re-election in place, expect Obama to start issuing a mass of "kill orders" that will even start targeting political opponents.
#3) Acceleration of national debt blowout and endless fiat currency creation
Under Obama, the national debt experienced a massive blowout where Obama added trillions of dollars to the existing debt:
Right now, Obama is overseeing a trillion dollars a year in additional debt -- an amount that simply cannot be sustained without running smack into a financial catastrophe. It now appears that financial collapse it going to occur under Obama, not Romney.
#4) Rapid expansion of GMOs and USDA collusion
Monsanto and the biotech corporations have thrived under the Obama administration thanks to USDA collusion and scientific fraud.
Over the next four years, expect GMOs to dominate the U.S. food supply while the Obama White House rejects any effort to try to label GMOs on a national basis.
#5) Increasingly dictatorial government health care
Obamacare will grow like a cancer, pushing Americans into mandatory vaccinations that inject children with mercury, formaldehyde, MSG and aluminum.
Look for the Obama administration to wage even more wars against raw milk freedom, farm freedom and food freedom, all while requiring yet more foods to be pasteurized or fumigated under the guise of "food safety."
#6) Immediate surge in sales of guns and ammo
Obama has promised to try to destroy the Second Amendment and deny Americans the liberty to own firearms. With his re-election, expect to see a massive surge in gun sales as more people attempt to stock up in anticipation of gun bans (or government gun confiscation).
#7) Accelerated erosion of the Bill of Rights and civil liberties
Under Obama, civil rights, human rights and the Bill of Rights will be rapidly eroded. This goes hand in hand with the cancerous growth of government. As government expands its power and confiscates more economic resources, it simultaneously destroys individual liberties and due process.
This isn't to say that Romney would have been any better, of course. Both candidates were philosophically invested in the rapid expansion of Big Government.
#8) Continued destruction and looting of the U.S. economy
Under Obama, the financial looting of the U.S. economy by the global bankster elite will continue. The same would have been true with Romney, by the way.
Under Obama, America's unemployment rate will continue to head skyward, entitlements will be expanded, and the USA will be plunged into a tyrannical welfare state dominated by mindless zombies who have no cognitive grasp of reality.
#9) A "giant sucking sound" of employers leaving America
Ross Perot was right! That "giant sucking sound" is the sound of employers leaving America in droves, hiring offshore workers instead of creating jobs in the USA. And why? Because employers can't afford to pay Obamacare mandates and still stay competitive in the global marketplace.
#10) Stepped-up attacks on veterans and preppers
Returning U.S. veterans will continue to be vilified by the Obama administration, to the point where even more veterans will be arrested as "terrorists" for engaging in fundamental preparedness strategies such as storing food, water, medicine and ammo.
Watch for the liberal media to join the White House in painting veterans as "dangerous" individuals needing psychiatric medications. Never mind the fact that the media owes preppers a huge apology in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.
Obama Calling: America’s Life after Death
We must focus on our states and localities, on uncompromisingly doing the right thing within them
Selwyn Duke
Wednesday, November 7, 2012
I have never been so unhappy to be right. I’ve long said that Barack Obama would win re-election, and two weeks ago I stated as much in print. In making this prediction, I was almost alone among traditionalist pundits, with some, such as Dick Morris (Mr. Batting Zero), actually forecasting a Mitt Romney landslide.
And, no, I’m not pointing this out to numb despair with some perverse kind of gloating, like a man consumed in flames looking to suck on an ice cube. It’s because of why I knew that Romney would lose: America is lost. And there is something to be found, but not unless good people understand what truly lies ahead.
America is heading toward a dark winter. Of course, I can’t give you a Mayan-like prediction of a precise time of reckoning; details are always sketchy, which is why I wasn’t entirely right on the micro of the election. But this is much like how it’s difficult to predict the weather for two Wednesdays from now, but easy to forecast cold in February. And of our civilization’s overall weather pattern, there is no doubt. Now let’s discuss what prevents conservatives from seeing the clouds on the horizon.
Many conservatives probably knew better in their hearts than to predict a Romney win, but just couldn’t come to terms with the depressing reality of a second Obama term. Rationalization is common among man; it’s how we avoid unwelcome truths. But it also blinds us to danger. Just think, for instance, of Jews who saw their coming winter in 1930s Germany and emigrated; then think of those who didn’t because they couldn’t face reality. This is how dangerous rationalization can be.
Likewise, for years I and a few others have been warning that fighting in the political arena while losing the culture is like trying to grow beautiful leaves on a tree whose roots are beset with steady rot. Sure, we may win some battles, but they’re merely a rightward movement of deck chairs on a ship steadily drifting left. Yet even when this phenomenon’s specifics are explained to simplicity, they’re often rationalized away by conservatives. Most would rather talk about Obama this and Romney that, about how we just, by gum, need a real conservative. But this is for naught without a real conservative electorate. And we can’t elect a better government when we’ve bred a worse people.
And just as I knew Obama would win last night, I’m quite sure of something else.
No truly “conservative” Republican will ever win nationally again.
(Don’t click that mouse and grab the hemlock, because there is hope. I’ll get to that later.)
To understand a major reason why, read my piece, “Does the GOP’s Demographic Death Spiral End in a Texas Graveyard?” And to understand why I put “conservative” in quotation marks, click “Conservatism is Dead; Long Live Conservatism.” I’ll give many such recommendations in this piece, as they’re necessary background for a proper understanding of our coming dark days.
But let’s start with a simple fact: Mitt Romney is a photogenic, articulate, moderate Republican who was up against a scandal-ridden, leftist radical presiding over a listing economy and foundering foreign policy. Still he couldn’t win.
Or, I should say, voters chose to lose.
Because what the American people were before, they are no more.
I know, I know. The media deceived the citizenry. Romney started playing not to lose instead of to win. There was vote fraud. There was that storm and Chris Christie playing Misty for Mr. Limp Wristy.
Oh, it’s not that the above isn’t true. But no candidate is tactically perfect; Obama certainly made his share of mistakes. There also will inevitably be unforeseen events during any campaign, and they don’t matter when enough people can distinguish good from evil. And the left does steal hearts and minds through the media and votes through electoral sleight-of-hand, but this merely reflects our cultural decay. And it’s only getting worse.
If You Can’t Get Elected, Appoint a New People
This variation on a Bertolt Brecht line gets at our problem. And our new people has been forged via both importation and domestic production.
While conservatives complain about illegal migration—ever more tepidly—I’ve been warning that it was merely an exacerbation of a larger problem: legal immigration, through which statists have been importing reliably socialist voters. This I have explained thoroughly over and over and over and over and over and over again, yet most conservatives won’t touch the issue. This is partially due to “immigrationism,” dogma stating that immigration must be a permanent and unquestioned fixture of American life (death?); partially due to pundit cowardice; and partially due to rationalization. After all, immigration is here to stay, we think, so better to shunt its scary implications to the mind’s recesses, where the rest of the wild things are.
But I’ll make this simple: remember the pre-election stories about how Obama was wildly popular overseas? The English are enchanted, the French are all aflutter, Indonesia is infatuated, and Kenya is kvelling. Obama isn’t foreign to foreigners, and do you think this will change because the foreigners come here? Just as with religion, people bring their ideology with them. And unless you think you could talk a Muslim jihadist out of Islam, why suppose you could talk a socialist out of socialism?
The world’s consensus political orientation is no surprise, mind you. Note that nascent, adolescent, and young adult America was the rarest of anomalies, as man’s historical default is tyranny. And as geriatric America has proven, it’s difficult enough instilling the mindset that birthed her into the native born, never mind those who come here in the hardened clay of adulthood. Having said this, there is a reason why we are being, as Alan Keyes put it, “colonized….”
“Israel hath cast off the thing that is good; the enemy shall pursue him. They have reigned, but not by me: they have been princes, and I knew not….” —Hosea 8:3-4
As a people’s morality goes, so go its fortunes. You simply cannot be one kind of people but have another kind of government (see “Written in the Eternal Constitution”). And what has happened to our sense of virtue in America? So lost it is that even the word has been replaced with “values,” that fixture of the atheistic literary style. For decades we have instilled children with leftism, nihilism, hedonism, relativism, and atheism through academia, the media, and popular culture; we have seduced them into sin and made them, as Ben Franklin wrote, “more corrupt and vicious, [so] they have more need of masters.” For sure, masters will be one’s lot if he has not mastered himself.
And this inner anarchy has outward manifestations: the imagery of pagan barbarism. Like primitive tribesmen, the young today deface themselves with tattoos and body piercings; the tramp stamp has become a stamp of youth-generation membership, while even large earlobe rings, something the West previously reserved to Discovery Channel documentaries, are now worn. And this physiognomy correlates with a certain voting pattern. Do you know what it is?
Speaking of voting patterns, for my atheist friends…
“It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains”—Patrick Henry
Like many reading this, I once was that rare breed: an agnostic conservative. And, like so many who bristle when I now promote faith, I probably didn’t realize how rare I was—and always would be.
Fox News alluded to this when trying to explain Obama’s win last evening, pointing out that religiously unaffiliated voters are 20 percent of the U.S. for the first time ever. And does a poll showing that this burgeoning group of Americans favors Obama surprise you? It shouldn’t. There is a strong atheism-statism correlation the world over, which is why it’s no coincidence that “conservatives” in heavily secular Western Europe are simpatico with our liberals. Take note of this before you cheer the diminution of faith and fancy it can be replaced with Ayn Randism. Without the Christian right, there is no right at all.
So where do we go from here? First, we must stop rationalizing and look truth in the eye. There are no national ballot-box solutions, and America’s winter is nigh. And will we, as all civilizations eventually do, soon go the way of ancient Rome? It’s possible. Remember, however, that when Rome fell there were still people living in her lost lands. They still had to forge societies. And some did a better job than others.
And what of the immediate future? Well, I’ll write more about that in the coming months. For now I’ll leave it at this: what would you do if you were part of an organization whose leadership became ever more tyrannical and intransigent?
We must focus on our states and localities, on uncompromisingly doing the right thing within them. Are you with me? Because all I can say is that if I were a governor, I would certainly make news. What else can you do when caught in the course of human events?
Selwyn Duke is a writer, columnist and public speaker whose work has been published widely online and in print, on both the local and national levels. He has been featured on the Rush Limbaugh Show and has been a regular guest on the award-winning Michael Savage Show. His work has appeared in Pat Buchanan’s magazine The American Conservative and he writes regularly for The New American and Christian Music Perspective.
Selwyn can be reached at:
Blockheads of the day - Americans who voted for Obama
Seduced by vague promises, platitudes, no knowledge of history, economics or the world
Jerry Philipson
Wednesday, November 7, 2012
Americans who voted for Obama in the U.S. presidential election yesterday should have asked themselves some basic questions before doing so.
*What will happen when the United States goes bankrupt? That’s going to happen, soon, thanks to Obama.
*What will happen when the military is no longer able to defend the U.S.? That’s going to happen, soon, thanks to Obama.
*What will happen when the Middle East implodes and violent, sustained Islamic anti-Americanism explodes everywhere? That’s going to happen, soon, thanks to Obama.
*What will happen when reality sets in and the economy doesn’t improve resulting in more and more Americans finding themselves in penury with no hope of getting out of it? That’s going to happen, soon, thanks to Obama.
*What will happen when full scale attacks against Americans civil liberties and their right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression are launched? They are going to happen, soon, thanks to Obama.
*What will happen when the government can no longer afford to pay entitlements to the entitlement generation, which was of course largely responsible for electing Obama in the first place? That’s going to happen soon, thanks to him.
*What will happen when Obama’s politics of race, class, envy, division, vilification and entitlement result in huge, violent riots throughout America? Not demonstrations, not civil disobedience, riots. They will happen, soon, thanks to him.
*What will happen when the cost of gasoline and other staples, like food and shelter, skyrocket and become basically unaffordable for many if not most Americans? That will happen soon, thanks to Obama.
*What will happen when Islam and Islamists try to force their way into the fabric of American life and turn the United States into an Islamic country governed by Islamic law? That will happen, soon, thanks to Obama.
*Last but not least…can America survive another four years with Obama as president? Maybe, maybe not is the answer but if it does there will be constant bickering and fighting, enormous suffering and a great deal of violence and bloodshed, thanks to Obama.
Americans who voted for Obama are blockheads alright They were seduced by vague promises and platitudes, had no knowledge of history, economics or the world, succumbed to an extremely negative campaign of hate and denigration, ignored Obama’s track record and had no understanding of the consequences another four years with Obama as president will bring. Fortunately however, they only represent half of the American people. If America is going to survive the other half is going to have to fight him tooth and nail every inch of the way. That’s a battle that has to be won because if it isn’t America dies and freedom, democracy and the free world die with it.
And now it starts.
Thanks to Obama and the blockheads who voted for him.
Jerry Philipson is a retired grandfather who has spent many years working in non-profit social service agencies in Canada and the United States. He holds dual Canadian and American citizenship and has been passionate about politics, civil liberties, freedom and democracy for virtually his whole life. He is particularly interested in the Middle East and America and believes that it is vital for people of good heart and good conscience to speak out against tyranny and dishonesty and to stand up and defend and protect Western values, principles and institutions. He can be reached at: