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Common Core: Public Education or is it Indoctrination? (Part 2)

Rotten at the Core
By Lee Duigon
October 24, 2013
Let’s face it—America’s public education system is the laughing-stock of the civilized world. In the spirit of throwing gasoline on a fire to put it out, education experts have decided that more intervention by the federal government is the key to turning our overpriced failure factories into a “world-class” display of academic excellence.
Stop laughing.
And so was born Common Core—a vast new program to get a standardized curriculum, devised by idiots in Washington, into every public school classroom in America. It will also make the system cost more: music to the ears of every bureaucratic parasite that lives on it.
Although tens of millions of American children are to be the guinea pigs in the Common Core experiment, not many citizens—especially not the parents of these children—seem to know exactly what it’s all about. No one’s answering their questions. Shut up and pay.
Consider this North Carolina parent’s experience:
“When I began seeing the ill effects of Common Core in my second grader’s classroom, I reached out to other parents and asked if it was just me. Other parents echoed how they did not like the Common Core Math and what it was doing to their children. We asked for a meeting with the teacher and the principal. The principal denied us access to meet with her as a group, and outright told me to stop communicating with other parents about the Common Core because I was creating ‘unrest.’”
Get it? You lowly parents can’t have a meeting with the high and mighty principal, and furthermore—shut up! You’ll be sorry if I find you’ve been talking about this on the phone.
Are we still in America?
As satisfying as it would be to punch this jidrool right in the kisser, there’s a much better way.
Take your kids out of those public schools. Do it now.
To borrow a line from Shakespeare, “You blocks! You stones! You worse than senseless things!” Are you so blind, that you can’t, or won’t, see what public education is doing to your children?
What is the goal of public education? To transform America into a top-down socialist basket case, with self-anointed experts micro-managing not citizens, but a docile, dumbed-down herd of easily-manipulated cattle. They are the Morlocks; you are the Eloi. Your role is to obey them: to give them authority over every aspect of your lives. They’ll be content with nothing less.
While you sit home, watching soap operas and reality TV, they’re having your kids read cute stories about boys who want to be girls and girls who want to be boys. While you go to church to hear your pastor tell you that everybody goes to heaven, they’re teaching your kids that there is no God, life created itself, and government is the answer to every problem known to man.
And now you’re not supposed to talk about it.
Do you really want to live like the people in “The Hunger Games”? Because that’s where you’re going to wind up, if you let the educators and community organizers have their way.
In God’s name, show a little gumption.
Oh—but homeschooling is so hard! And Christian schooling’s so expensive!
Are you the descendants of the same people who came here on the Mayflower and rode covered wagons all the way out to California? Don’t you think those things were hard? And costly? If the spirits of our ancestors can feel shame, you can bet your last dollar they’re ashamed of us.
I don’t know. Maybe we want school principals to tell us to shut up. Maybe we want our kids to be taught that America stinks and it’s only “social justice” to give the government more power. If that’s what we want, we sure as shoot are getting it. But what do we care, as long as we have video games and food stamps?
“Turn to me,” says the Lord, “and I will turn to you.” But we’re not turning to Him, are we? Instead, we pack our government full of liars, thieves, control freaks, and swine, and allow it to become a devouring worm that blindly thrusts out in all directions and swallows up whatever’s in its path.
False gods always demand so much more from us than the real God does.
What kind of cowardly, self-despising nation surrenders to the worst rogues on the planet, and goes down without a struggle? The Obamas of this fallen world laugh at you, America—even as they accept your children as a human sacrifice.
We might save ourselves by a mass exodus from public education. It won’t be easy, but it’s right.
If we can’t save the souls and minds of America’s children, we can’t save America.
© 2013 Lee Duigon - All Rights Reserved
Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on

Common Core Global Communion: Action Alert
Part 1 of 2
By Anita Hoge
October 23, 2013
Our nation is being hypnotized and manipulated by skillful propagandists. Most debates about Common Core are very off-track. Stay focused. This is a power-play. The Common Core Standards aligned to funding in federal legislation, HR 5 and SB 1094, will ultimately have total control of education, nationalizing education in the United States of America.

Common Core will be used to TRACK individual students to meet individual standards.
By stopping the Common Core Standards in your state, the federal government will not have the legal authority to access your child for tracking individual workforce plans and funding attached to your student.
Choice legislation is waiting in the wings. Charter schools are lining up at the federal trough for Title I funding that will follow the child in the choice legislation. By stopping HR 5 and SB 1094, we can stop the funding that follows the student linked to choice at any private, public or charter school. This legislation will diminish representative government and feed the charter school socialist take-over of education. Common Core was needed first to identify the student.
This is Obama's Dream Come True: public funded- private charter schools with unelected school boards. This is a complete erosion of representative government; Control of K through 12 education; Obama expanding federal money for daycare starting at birth; the international connection, the Bologna Model, calling colleges in the United States to be "tuned" into this agenda of global convergence. Socialism is knocking on our front door and on all sides. We must act, now.
Overview of Propaganda
The educrats want the debate to be off track away from the power that will be able to mandate to the individual student, just like the individual mandate in Obamacare. Do not agree to this power-play. The debate about which academics in the Common Core should be taught, is a side issue. It's like debating which flavor of poison should be given to everyone, when poison is the issue. The word is CONTROL. The national standards, the national curriculum, and national testing, are being put in place. Your child is called human capital that will be molded to fit the global child for the new world order. True academics are being replaced by dumbed down, subjective standards.
Choice and Charter School Take-Over of All Education
Obama's 'Race to the Top' model schools call for individual education or career plans (school to work to be created for the Common Core based system. Did you get that parents? Common Core Standards will target your individual student for change, not just the school curriculum. Good teachers will be forced to teach to the standards. HR 5 and SB 1094 will complete the vicious circle by controlling the purse strings.
Common Core College and Career Standards were needed to identify Johnny in the classroom. Place Johnny in the choice legislation, the model for abolishing representative government (where students, teachers, and schools must comply to federal accountability when the federal money follows the child in an IEP, (individualized education plans or career pathway), we have set up the failure of public and private schools and opened the door for unelected charter school take-over. Government will now have COMPLETE control over molding the personality and values of every child in the United States and parents will have no authority to change the system. Chilling. Not a future for our Republic as we know it.
ACTION- These are the Weaknesses in the System
The Common Core Standards are not federal law. This is the weakest link. Stop Common Core in your state and the federal government will not have the legal authority to access your individual child for tracking an IEP, or an individual career workforce plan and funding, Title I, identified for your child. Remember a standards based system means individual students must meet individual standards. Fight Common Core , NOW.
Funding- By stopping or slowing down the combination of HR 5 and SB 1094, the federal government cannot fund the individual student without Common Core which is linked to CHOICE at any private, public or charter school. This legislation will diminish representative government and feed the charter school socialist take-over of education, nationalizing education. HR 5 already passed the House. Do you think the Democratic Senate isn't going to pass SB 1094? The combination of these bills will demolish our Republic & representative government. Choice & Charter Schools will abolish representative government in the United States!!! TARGET THESE BILLS!
States Rights- Title I funding 'following the child" bypasses the state legislature. Does your state legislature truly understand that they will have NO power once CHOICE funds are directed to the individual child? They will have no control of the purse strings!
Local Control- Common Core Standards control the workforce curriculum bypassing local school boards and teachers in the classroom. Choice diminishes control over local taxing authority when funding goes directly to the student. Common Core & Choice create the perfect storm for the socialist takeover by Charter Schools that have no elected school boards. Parents will have no voice in workforce curriculum or how the tax base will be destroyed with Choice stipends exploding across district, county & state lines. Regionalization is on the move.
Privacy- Has anyone filed suit against FERPA for allowing the fascist corporations to access our kids' personally identifiable information without informed consent? Who has access to those written agreements? This access is how these corporations, foundations, non-profits, and businesses that have gone into contract with the government are developing software and curriculum for INDIVIDUAL students to meet Common Core international workforce standards. This digital curriculum will be the IEP's or career pathways that will control a students upward mobility and learning genome.
Access, Funding, Local Control, States Rights and Privacy are the Debate Issues.
Choice allows the tax base to implode.
Charter Schools-the socialist plan for a CORPORATE FASCIST – PUBLIC/PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP SYSTEM is waiting for this legislation to be passed.
Fait accompli!
(See these other articles for documentation, 'Obama's Dream Come True-Nationalizing Education,' 'States Under Republican Leadership Fall for Obama's Carrot,' 'Common Core Molds Cookie Cutter Kids In Obama's "Race To The Top" Schools' , 'Charter Schools Are A Trap, Choice is the Bait, Are You on the Hook?" by Anita B Hoge)
Abolishing Representative Government Through Education Background On Testing Global Subjective Standards
Pennsylvania EQA, Educational Quality Assessment, the test that I filed my federal complaint against, was the model for the NAEP, National Assessment for Educational Progress. The NAEP Civic Frameworks of today continue to test the same dispositions as were developed in the EQA. PARCC and SMARTER Balanced tests measuring Common Core have technical committees from NAEP working alongside. Ditto that for the new degree for Higher Education. Pennsylvania was the "affective" test for the nation that tested attitudes and values. Responsible Citizenship was not what normal Americans thought was being measured and taught. The government goal was to collect information on the individual and the family. But, how do you measure and score a standard like honesty or integrity in our free society? We must ask these questions to clarify when measuring workforce skills and values, what will the standard be... what will be taught? What is the cut-off for how much honesty, integrity, and responsibility that a student needs to graduate? Liberals as well as conservatives should be very concerned about the manipulation and psychoanalyzing that comes with vague and subjective standards. Here is why!
EQA and NAEP background questions were always asked in the beginning of the test to categorize your family: books in the home, education of parent, race, do you own a computer, college education of the parent, salary of father, salary of mother, do you like to study, all related to as conditions or variables. There were also over 300 questions on values, 30 in math, 30 in reading analogies.
Deception, betrayal, and using our children as guinea pigs was the only way the behavioral educrats could access our kids. The educrats got away with this subversive agenda for a long time by deceptively using words and phrases you would agree with. There were 10 Pennsylvania Quality Goals in 1965 that were taken from the 10 Cardinal Principles of the NEA from 1913. The goals were expanded to 12 in later years including: communication skills, mathematics, science and technology, citizenship, arts and humanities, analytical thinking, family living, work, health, environment, self-esteem, and understanding others. Every goal and stated objectives could be taken from Blooms Taxonomy of Educational Objectives. Pennsylvania was the pilot in the affective domain for the world. Lets look at one of the goals, Citizenship.
Tempest in a Test: the Pennsylvania EQA, the model test for measuring attitudes and values for World Citizenship.
The top behavioral scientists of the world were in Pennsylvania in 1965 formulating the Pennsylvania EQA which was the model for the national test, NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress.)The Advisory Standing Committee included: Urie Bronfenbrenner, Cornell University; Warren Findley, University of Georgia; Joshua Fishman, Yeshiva University; Eric Gardner, Syracuse University; David Krathwohls, Michigan State University; Robert Thorndike, Colombia University; Melvin Tumin, Princeton; Ralph Tyler, Palo Alto, UCLA, along with ETS, Educational Testing Service. ESEA was the federal funding that secretly moved this agenda along.
Pennsylvania Goal:Citizenship. Quality education should help every child acquire the habits and attitudes associated with responsible citizenship."
We can ALL agree to the idea in this goal, but, what you, as an American, thought was really being measured, was totally opposite. The information that follows about the testing is scientific and complicated, but important. Please bear with me while I try to explain what B F Skinner was all about and how the social engineers above, went about the task of measuring our children's attitudes and values. I have the tests and the scoring materials. Lets dig in....but hold onto your hats.The following quote was taken from the Pennsylvania Resource manual, "Getting Inside the EQA Inventory,"
"The National Assessment of Educational Progress developed 9 citizenship objectives. These national objectives were used to provide a frame of reference for what was to be measured. Objectives in the factual domain, knowing structure of government or understanding problems of international relations were not considered in developing the scale. Arriving at a satisfactory definition of citizenship was much less complicated than applying the definition to the assessment of students' attitudes and behaviors. The display of responsible citizenship behaviors like honesty or integrity are most often situational. A person's display of good citizenship under one set of motivating conditions tells us little about the way he or she can be expected to act if those conditions are altered. The context in which the behavior is elicited therefore becomes at least as important in determining the outcome as the preposition of the individual involved."
"To assess citizenship, a behavior-referenced model incorporating elements related to the psychological notion of threshold is used. In reference to citizenship, threshold refers to that set of conditions necessary to bring about the desired responses. Thus by varying the situation & introducing conditions of reward & punishment, we are able to determine the cutoff levels at which the student will display positive behavior. In this way it is possible to assess not only the students' predisposition to behave in a manner consistent with responsible citizenship but also to provide some measure of intensity of that predisposition across a wide spectrum of situations."
Betrayal and Deception. Let me remind you that positive behavior was the government desired responses, not what you as a citizen might think. Thresholds were being tested by reward and punishment. This is BF Skinner to the MAX. This was the only way the federal government could do its research on unassuming children at our neighborhood schools. EQA was really the national test. Parents were uninformed. Teachers were uninformed. The federal Department of Education has been testing attitudes and values of your children for years and monitoring behavior change. Let's define predisposition: Noun: A liability or tendency to suffer from a particular condition, hold a particular attitude, or act in a particular way. Synonyms: inclination, tendency, propensity, proclivity
The test questions were hypothetical situations or 'social situations' in which the students were asked to decide what they would do or what action they would take. Each story had 3 items which listed positive or negative consequences resulting from the action. There were 3 sub-scale objectives which were used to SCORE the behaviors to a minimum positive desired response according to the government;
The Science of Scoring Attitudes and Values Toward Collectivism: What Was the Government Looking For: Read The Question Carefully. Look at the Sub-Scales.
NAEP Sub-Scales
(1) willingness to protest unfair treatment, tendency to accept new members into a group, degree of restraint from teasing or degrading others and concern for others feelings
(2) willingness to report law breaking of others, obey authorities during emergencies, prevent classroom disruptions, restraint from violence to harm others or damage property
(3) personal responsibility and integrity, willingness to honor self made commitments to individuals or groups, willingness to take responsibility for one's own mistakes, report mistakes made in one's favor.

Citizenship Question On the Test
Situations were used for the student to respond to. The answers were "yes, maybe, no." One story is about Midnight Artists that go out late at night and vandalize. The student is placed in a vandalizing situation and made to roll play in the first person, and asked if they personally would join the club to vandalize, scored toward group think, collectivism.
The first question is, " in this situation I would join the club when I knew," 'my best friend had asked me to join'. Scoring to sub-scale #3, what is your willingness to honor self-made commitments to individuals or groups; you got 1 point for yes, (I would join the club if my best friend would join,) 0 points for no. If the student said " No" I would not go out to vandalize with their best friend, that is a weakness, that student got a zero because there was not a willingness to commit to a best friend. Thresholds measure at what point your child will act. The sub-scale was looking for your loyalty to your best friend. So the government desired answer was "Yes" you would go out to vandalize if your best friend was going to do it. Everything was geared to group goals and group action.
The 2nd question is the same sub-scale, I would join the club when...'most of the popular students in school joined the club', both positive reinforcements. What is your commitment to the group: 1 point for yes, 0 for no.
The 3rd question is interesting using a negative reinforcement. I would join the club when...'my parents would ground me if they found out I joined'. In this response, Skinner would want to know if punishment is incurred, will the student obey. The correct response is 'no'. You got 1 point for no, 0 for yes. In this question, the government was looking for obedience to authority. The idea of collecting this particular information from this question on the student, explains what personality tendency the student has and will the student respond to punishment. The idea is to get information on the disposition of the student in differing situations, obedience....What would you do if? (Re-read the NAEP objectives on dispositions. You will begin to understand. The government is looking for information.)
So, you see, if your school had enough students that portrayed 'weaknesses,' (that they wouldn't go out to vandalize with a friend or a group of friends,) that was a target for specific curriculum to begin behavior change. Noble sounding goals would be used to hoodwink the parents while a sinister deceptive test was being used to develop an analysis that measured attitudes and behavior to find out how a person would act in certain situations. Citizenship was defined as measuring compliance to group goals & group action. The Skinnerian agenda measured the personality of the child according to a minimum positive attitude according to what the government standard was, which was scored toward collectivism, group think. They are measuring what you, as parents, have taught your children. Remember, this was only one goal. There were 11 others goals that tested the psychological profiles of your family and your child.

(Remember, this was the test my son came home and said the test was weird. This is where my journey began fighting Outcome Based Education.)
It's all about data collection. First, the government would place children and parents into sociometric groupings according to background information and answers to the test. These groupings were then populated to an entire state. This psychographic, ( psychograph n. A graphic representation or chart of the personality traits of an individual or group), could then be used for marketing where conservative, individualist thinking groups, liberal leaning, group-think areas, cross-referencing other census data collected, to target population groups located in the United States. Wow, let's follow along and keep going if you dare. So, how do you happen to get controversial curricula in you school?
EQA, Resources for Improvement or 'How to target a school to change their curriculum.'
So, what was done with the scored psychological data, or information collected from these tests? Each goal area had lists of VALIDATED RESEARCH and DEVELOPED CURRICULA piloted from separate states to change attitudes and values all listed under the Pennsylvania EQA. Question? How could a program from Texas, Ohio, New Jersey, Florida, or Maine be validated under the EQA, unless Pennsylvania was the national validating criteria? Answer. EQA is the NAEP. For part two click below.
© 2013 Anita Hoge - All Rights Reserved
Anita B. Hoge, lecturer, educational researcher, parent.
In 1990 a federal investigation was completed against the Pennsylvania Department of Education, after filing a federal complaint against the Educational Quality Assessment, EQA, & the US Department of Education's National Assessment of Educational Progress, NAEP, under the Protection of Pupils Rights Amendment. Forced the Pennsylvania EQA to be withdrawn. Forced the US Department of Education to do their job to investigate the psychological testing of children without informed written parental consent. NAEP was never investigated because the Department said I didn't have standing, although documents had proven that NAEP did experimental research & used different states to pilot their agenda by embedding their test questions into the Pennsylvania EQA as well as other state tests.
Subject & main researcher for the book, Educating for the New World Order. My story is told about an incredible journey into the devious & deceptive operations of our government to change the values, attitudes & beliefs of American children to accept a new world order. The first to document the expansive data collection operation of our government establishing micro-records on individual people in the United States. Experimentation, illegal testing, & data collection is exposed.
Lectured all over the Unites States in the 90's about illegal & controversial testing, curriculum, & collection of data by our government. Arranged & lectured town hall meetings all across the state of Pennsylvania to withdraw affective student learning outcomes to stop Outcome Based Education. In January of 1992, parents in Pennsylvania won the battle against OBE when the Independent Regulatory Review Board had requested that the State Board of Education remove all outcomes which dealt with attitudes, habits, traits, feelings, values, & opinions which are difficult & subjective to measure & that the remaining outcomes be defined & coordinated with academic requirements that can be measured. The battle continues.

Common Core Global Communication: Action Alert Part 2 of 2
By Anita Hoge
October 23, 2013
The data was used to validate certain research techniques and curriculum for a target population according to those group goals to change those attitudes and values of American students, like values clarification or moral development.
Interestingly, the test was scored in two ways. One set of data was Norm referenced scored, percentages for entire school districts to target weaknesses.This summary data was sent back to the schools to target curriculum change. The other was Criterion scored data which was kept for research on weaknesses of individual students over time. Parents and local schools never saw this collected and scored data. Criterion data was based on individuals, to compare data over time to see if the curriculum and techniques were working (to change attitudes and values toward government desired goals.) Your government controls the type of data that is released. All other data is kept for research. (This is why FERPA, Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, must be challenged to protect and stop PII, personally identifiable information given to research, big business, non-profits, foundations, for free, to write curriculum and develop tests and software to measure these affective goals on individuals. Common Core is needed to track your individual child.)
This test was scored toward breaking down individualism and geared toward group thought. The scored data was used for research to develop controversial curriculum which has grown into vast programs of Character Ed, Civic Engagement, Social Justice programming, Self-Esteem programs, Interdependence, Cooperative Learning, Environmentalism, Redistribution of Wealth, Death Education, Bullying, Sexuality, etc, usually embedded in regular curriculum and sometimes in classes on their own.
These programs actually teach the opposite of what you might think they teach. It's not about discipline, self-control, or honor. It's breaking down individualism. Academics have become a side show. The entire agenda is to break down the individualistic concepts of American values and dispositions and move those attitudes toward accepting a collectivist view or radical ideas that are different from normal American life.
When a controversial activity shows up in your school, it is not by accident. Or, oh gee, we're sorry, that wasn't OK'd by the school board. Your school was pinpointed by research to receive curriculum to change the students in your school by the government scored tests for interventions and school improvement. Unfortunately, parents are usually upset about certain books being used or a specific activity. These controversial activities count. Little do the parents know that it's more, a complete transformation of education. Now, the government is targeting your individual child through the Common Core Standards. What I'm describing is the total ball of wax.
Democratic Engagement-The New Term for Global Citizenship Beginning at Birth Through College
Once the envy of the world, the brightest, most productive, creative, economic power the world has ever known, the United States will fall to its knees. Not because we don't have smart citizens, because we have indoctrinated citizens who have had heavy doses of psychological manipulation and mastery learning and cooperative education since kindergarten. Remember, Common Core Standards identify Johnny in the classroom, and federal funding, ESEA Title I and IDEA (Special Ed), (HR 5 plus SB 1094), proposed by the Obama administration, the Democratic held Senate, and the Republicans pushing Charter Schools and Choice to individualize educational plans for EACH student, there will no longer be doses of manipulation. It will be constant manipulation by computer programming and Master Teachers, no matter how long it takes. Different models have kids graduating from high school at the age of 19, 20 or older. More indoctrination will be needed before those students are released as global workers, but the indoctrination must begin at birth.

Cradle to Age 21
Remember, it doesn't matter that your child is smart or has a high IQ...what matters is the right attitudes and values. Benjamin Bloom's "whole child theory" of teaching, which is challenging the student's fixed beliefs, includes the affective domain and must be taught from early ages to change American thoughts and values. SB 1094 calls for testing 'across domains,' the whole child, values included starting at birth.This is why the Pennsylvania EQA is so important. The test, which was a model for the nation, shows you exactly what is wanted in the future citizen. This is why ACT, who developed Work Keys for career readiness, is creating career tests for Kindergarten. ("Five Year Old Put to the Test as Kindergarten Exams Gain Steam", by Stepheny Simon, Rueters,9-25-2012.) The earlier, the better, to mold cookie cutter kids ready to bow to the master plan after years of indoctrination. Career training for Kindergarten? Really? This is the "cradle to grave" indoctrination being put in place.

The Obama administration accelerated the trend in 2011 with a $500 million competitive grant to bolster early childhood education. States that pledged to assess all kindergarten kids earned extra points on their application. The Obama administration grant guidelines encouraged states to develop holistic assessments that measure a 5- year olds social, emotional, and physical development as well as their cognitive skills ( the whole child). About a dozen states including Georgia and Maryland have developed such broad assessments according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Now, Obama is proposing paying for pre-school for early detection and molding of attitudes and values. Attitudes and values are NOT so hardened or fixed if caught in early years. Senate Bill 1094 starts funding at birth through age 21.
Lately, the interesting thing about the education establishment is that they are sometimes blatantly saying what they are doing. The public is just not catching on as clearly can be seen in this article, "ACT to Roll Out Career and College Readiness Tests for 3rd-10th Grades" By Caralee Adams on July 2, 2012, Ed Week Oct 9 2012, "The assessment would look beyond academics to get a complete picture of the whole student," he says ( Jon Erickson, the president of education for ACT, the Iowa City, Iowa-based nonprofit testing company.) "There would be interest inventories for students, as well as assessment of behavioral skills for students and teachers to evaluate." This statement tells you a lot about the agenda.
Yes, each state is agreeing to the agenda of the Common Core Standards, as well as, all testing that is aligning to the NAEP. Standardization and accountability will be aligned internationally as the Bologna model strives to undermine our colleges and universities with their indoctrination.
Civic Education and Democratic Engagement is being taught in the United States as Global Citizenship-the dismantling of the idea of patriotism, individuality, and greatness in the world. Will American students bite the bait of indoctrination that our country is on the same level as other countries and to merge with other nations? Does the "Occupy" movement understand the implications? Do young voters know the consequence of changing the American concept of freedom? Lets hope so. The goal...acceptance of a global new world order. We are a nation at risk.
The Degree Qualification Profile-A New University Diploma-What College Students Must Know and Be Able To Do in Order to Graduate in Higher Ed-With International Standards
While the Common Core is sweeping the nation, HR 5 and SB 1094 will ultimately fund the take-over of education in the United States. Colleges appear to be the next target for the future to change and mold young adult student attitudes. Civic Engagement is on the move to redefine "quality" to be sure ALL college students are drawn into the agenda. The updated proposal to control higher education by providing compatible and comparable international benchmarking is escalating toward the international Bologna Model. Pilot projects are being implemented now in three states as models...Indiana, Minnesota, and Utah. The Bologna model refers to "tuning". Tuning means matching US standards to the European international standards model. As of today, many colleges are turning a deaf ear to this model, thankfully. But the international push is on. You can be sure that NAEP, National Assessment of Educational Progress, and its international clone, the IEAP, International Assessment of Educational Progress, will be used for data comparisons in the international testing. Once standardization is complete, the psychological experimentation and manipulation to change older American students towards this socialistic, communistic system will move at triple speed targeted to individuals in college

January, 2011, the Obama Administration released its Road Map for civic learning, “Advancing Civic Learning and Engagement in Democracy.” In October, 2012, the National Task Force on Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement released a new study that explains how the convergence to world citizenship will function for our nation's colleges called, " A Crucible Moment-College Learning and Democracy's Future." Great detail is placed on the development of personality and values of the graduate student. (Page 4) This current proposal of civic education is a direct link to the European nations agreement for converging their higher education systems of standards-international benchmarks for all colleges world-wide. Many papers have been written that call for the standardization of all colleges, worldwide, to agree on global standards and outcomes. The doublespeak begins: entrusting a student's responsibility and influence on civic values, assumptions; responsibilities to a wider public is stressed.
Critical inquiry, also known as higher order thinking skills, universal democratic principles, deliberation and bridge building across differences, are central to building world citizenship. The new degree is called the Degree Qualification Profile.(page 54) Read the complete list of international values that each college student must attain for their degree listed in the Crucible document:
Focus on this partial list:
Respect for freedom & human dignity,
Open-mindedness,Tolerance, Justice, Equality, Ethical integrity,
Responsibility to a larger good,
Collective Action,
Integration of knowledge, skills, and examined values to inform actions taken in concert with other people,
Moral discernment and behavior,
Navigation of political systems and processes, both formal and informal,
Public problem solving with diverse partners,
Compromise, civility, and mutual respect.
This is the EQA, the NAEP, and the Common Core-College and Career Ready Standards for college students. How do you measure and score integrity, empathy and justice or other subjective values? Here we go again. The push is on to psychoanalyze and internationalize college students, too. (Just in case a student from homeschool or a Christian school slipped through the cracks.)
The Degree Qualification Profile, funded through the Lumina Foundation, defines 'expected learning outcomes that graduates need for work, citizenship, global participation, and life' that aligns with the Bologna Model. This is the blueprint that will force the standardization of college degrees to be equally and universally accepted worldwide. The Bologna Process ensures that the United States is prepared for convergence and urges the United States "for your eyes only" to take the most far reaching and ambitious reform of higher education ever undertaken. Our nation's colleges and universities are far from approving this agenda. However, the agenda exists and is moving forward to standardize the process.
The Lumina Foundation explains that, "Preparing students for responsible citizenship is a widely acknowledged purpose of higher education. Like other forms of application, civic inquiry requires the integration of knowledge and skills acquired in both the broad curriculum and in the student’s specialized field. But because civic preparation also requires engagement — that is, practice in applying those skills to representative questions and problems in the wider society — it should be considered a discrete category of learning."
"Higher education is experimenting with new ways to prepare students for effective democratic and global citizenship. Virtually all of these efforts use experiential or field-based learning as a means to develop civic insight, competence in public affairs and the ability to contribute to the common good. By definition field-based learning about civic issues is likely to immerse students in public debate about contested positions."
"In developing civic competence, students engage a wide variety of perspectives and evidence and form their own reasoned views on public issues. Civic Learning — which is related to but goes beyond the Intellectual Skill we have labeled “Engaging Diverse Perspectives” — also involves active engagement with others. Exposure to these different perspectives helps students develop their own responses to social, environmental and economic challenges at the local, national and global levels."
The Bologna Model will first begin to introduce the ideas of unifying course credit, accountability and transferability internationally. The next steps are to ridicule the United States for no longer being on the "cutting edge" or the assumptions of world dominance to shame our universities and colleges into submission. The Executive Summary tells the story called the "macroeconomic theory of convergence". Surely, our universities and colleges nationwide have big enough egos and self assurance not to allow this to happen. We pray it so.

Executive Summary: "The undertaking is known as The Bologna Process, named for the Italian city that is home to Europe’s oldest university, where the education ministers of 29 countries first agreed to the agenda and “action lines” that would bring down education borders in the same way that economic borders had been dissolved. That means harmonization, not standardization. When these national higher education systems work with the same reference points they produce a “zone of mutual trust” that most far reaching and ambitious reform of higher education ever undertaken. for their students. Everyone is singing in the same key, though not necessarily with the same tune. In terms reaching across geography and languages, let alone in terms of turning ancient higher education systems on their heads, the Bologna Process is the most far reaching and ambitious reform of higher education ever undertaken.
What has transpired since 1999 cannot be but lightly acknowledged in the United States. While still a work in progress, parts of the Bologna Process have already been imitated in Latin America, North Africa, and Australia. The core features of the Bologna Process have sufficient momentum to become the dominant global higher education model within the next two decades. Former Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings’ Commission on the Future of Higher Education paid no attention whatsoever to Bologna, and neither did the U.S. higher education community in its underwhelming response to that Commission’s report. Such purblind stances are unforgivable in a world without borders.
But since the first version of this monograph, a shorter essay entitled The Bologna Club: What U.S. Higher Education Can Learn from a Decade of European Reconstruction (Institute for Higher Education Policy, May 2008), U.S. higher education has started listening seriously to the core messages of the remarkable and difficult undertaking in which our European colleagues have engaged. Dozens of conferences have included panels, presentations, and intense discussions of Bologna approaches to accountability, access, quality assurance, credits and transfer, and, most notably, learning outcomes in the context of the disciplines. In that latter regard, in fact, three state higher education systems—Indiana, Minnesota, and Utah—have established study groups to examine the Bologna “Tuning” process to determine the forms and extent of its potential in U.S. contexts. Scarcely a year ago, such an effort would have been unthinkable.
Economist Jeffrey Sachs calls ours “the age of convergence,” and, indeed, that is what we witness when U.S. higher education opens its borders to learning. We’ve had a good run, as the saying goes, but we are no longer at the cutting edge. U.S. higher education can no longer sail on the assumption of world dominance, oblivious to the creative energies, natural intelligence, and hard work of other nations. We cannot rely on 50 research universities and 50 selective liberal arts colleges—some of which boast budgets and endowments (however diminished) greater than those of entire countries—to carry the day for the mass of our students. We cannot live in a room of mirrors, claiming that we are so unique that nothing occurring beyond that room matters. Mirrors lead to delusions, and to short-term, positivistic bean counting. We are mesmerized by the immediacy of “how much,” absent a historical “how well.” It’s time to break the mirrors. The point is not that other countries produce more degrees; it is that they just might be producing better degrees, certainly degrees whose reference points in student learning outcomes and meaning is transparent—something that cannot be said for the degrees we award.
The End of Higher Education and Freewill
Its all about equality and what is fair. Equalization across the board. Socialism. Those universities in the United States that think they are exceptional, well, think again. You are each a target for international tuning, equalization. The United States creeps closer to a world without borders. We are a nation at risk from losing all that's dear to us, freedom. The individualists of our country are being identified and psychoanalyzed. Strong willed students and leaders of the Constitution are zeroed in on for psychological cleansing and group thought. Will your child survive? Will our country survive? It is up to us!
NOTES- Abolishing Representative Government Through Education
Read Charlotte Iserbyt's historical book, Deliberate Dumbing down of America and Soviets In the Classroom, which details the history documenting how our country has been taken over from within through massive education funding, treaties, and deception. She Identifies names and the who, both Republican and Democrat. This extremely important background information and her expertise will connect you to the 'internationalization' of education and inevitable global citizenship. Whatever name you want to call the control, socialism or communism, the agenda is people control, and the United States has been the prize. Total Quality Management will force the ultimate compliance to the system-individual people control.
* Getting Inside the EQA Inventory, Pennsylvania Department of Education
* Resources for Improvement, Citizenship, Pennsylvania Department of Education
* Interrelationships to the Pennsylvania Quality Goals:
Tuning USA Indiana Committee. (2010). Tuning USA Indiana final report. Indianapolis, IN: Author.
Tuning USA Minnesota Committee. (2010). Tuning USA Minnesota final report. St. Paul, MN: Author.
Tuning USA Utah Committee. (2010). Tuning USA Utah final report. Salt Lake City, UT: Author.
© 2013 Anita Hoge - All Rights Reserved
Anita B. Hoge, lecturer, educational researcher, parent.
In 1990 a federal investigation was completed against the Pennsylvania Department of Education, after filing a federal complaint against the Educational Quality Assessment, EQA, & the US Department of Education's National Assessment of Educational Progress, NAEP, under the Protection of Pupils Rights Amendment. Forced the Pennsylvania EQA to be withdrawn. Forced the US Department of Education to do their job to investigate the psychological testing of children without informed written parental consent. NAEP was never investigated because the Department said I didn't have standing, although documents had proven that NAEP did experimental research & used different states to pilot their agenda by embedding their test questions into the Pennsylvania EQA as well as other state tests.
Subject & main researcher for the book, Educating for the New World Order. My story is told about an incredible journey into the devious & deceptive operations of our government to change the values, attitudes & beliefs of American children to accept a new world order. The first to document the expansive data collection operation of our government establishing micro-records on individual people in the United States. Experimentation, illegal testing, & data collection is exposed.
Lectured all over the Unites States in the 90's about illegal & controversial testing, curriculum, & collection of data by our government. Arranged & lectured town hall meetings all across the state of Pennsylvania to withdraw affective student learning outcomes to stop Outcome Based Education. In January of 1992, parents in Pennsylvania won the battle against OBE when the Independent Regulatory Review Board had requested that the State Board of Education remove all outcomes which dealt with attitudes, habits, traits, feelings, values, & opinions which are difficult & subjective to measure & that the remaining outcomes be defined & coordinated with academic requirements that can be measured. The battle continues.
Common Core, State Standards: You’re Letting Globalists Brainwash Your Kids
By Ron Ewart
July 31, 2013
"Ideally, what should be said to every child, repeatedly, throughout his or her school life is something like this: 'You are in the process of being indoctrinated. We have not yet evolved a system of education that is not a system of indoctrination. We are sorry, but it is the best we can do. What you are being taught here is an amalgam of current prejudice and the choices of this particular culture. The slightest look at history will show how impermanent these must be. You are being taught by people who have been able to accommodate themselves to a regime of thought laid down by their predecessors. It is a self-perpetuating system. Those of you who are more robust and individual than others will be encouraged to leave and find ways of educating yourself — educating your own judgments. Those that stay must remember, always, and all the time, that they are being molded and patterned to fit into the narrow and particular needs of this particular society." Doris Lessing, from 'The Golden Notebook'
Unfortunately, the current self-perpetuating system in America and even in most Westernized countries, is liberalism, which is just another form of collective socialism. It is a flawed, bankrupt system that emphasizes the collective and de-emphasizes the individual, the former being the very antithesis of the foundation of American freedom. Becoming an educator is a process of being indoctrinated by the current self-perpetuating system, liberalism.
Out of the almost 4,500 Title IV eligible colleges in America, 2,774 are 4-year colleges and 1,721 are 2-year institutions. We can say with considerable confidence that well more than 90% of these 2 and 4-year colleges have embedded in their curriculums, a full-fledged liberal agenda. Some of it is subtle, some of it is bold faced. Consequently, any person who decides to become an educator in the public school system or the colleges will have absorbed an entire liberal bias by the time they finish four years. As a glaring example of this fact, we have a conservative friend whose three children went through college and all three came out liberals.
Almost every single person who gets a college education today will have been converted from whatever they were to a liberal mindset. Only individual thinkers are immune. Consequently, virtually all government employees, including the teachers that teach your children, will approach every task they take on from that perspective, government or private.
Since the liberal mindset is so pervasive throughout the culture, all textbooks that your teachers use to teach your children will have built into them the liberal, international agenda of collectivism, multi-culturalism, social justice, radical environmentalism, political correctness and one-world-government.
Ladies and gentlemen, for all of the years we have been writing articles about American issues, we have warned against the centralization of power. One of America's greatest strengths was its de-centralization of power through local, county and state jurisdictions. It was because of this very de-centralization of power that was and still is the impediment to growing federal power, over and above the federal Separation of Powers doctrine instituted by the Founders in the Constitution. As long as the local, county and state jurisdictions don't succumb to federal power or federal bribes, federal power will be held in check.
But alas, federal power is not being held in check. Over the last 100 years or so, the federal government has inserted itself deep into the fabric of each American's daily life, by a constant barrage of bribing for votes, excessive taxation to pay for the bribes, complicated and un-read legislation and blatantly unconstitutional rule making. Not a day goes by that another law or rule is passed, at every level of government. Much of the impetus for this change is coming from wealthy foundations (i.e. Gates, Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller), central bankers, international non-profit organizations (the Aspen Institute), think tanks and liberal professors in liberal academia. Their influence is not just pervasive and invasive, it's overwhelming.
You ask, what has all this have to do with liberals brainwashing our children? Our reply ..... everything!
Take the new education initiative euphemistically called "Common Core State Standards." The propaganda on "Common Core Standards" is that it is a state-sponsored initiative when in fact it is totally run and developed by liberal individuals that are deeply embedded in federally-driven K-12 curriculum. It's mission statement reads as follows:
"The Common Core State Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them. The standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that our young people need for success in college and careers. With American students fully prepared for the future, our communities will be best positioned to compete successfully in the global economy."
It sounds all warm and fuzzy until you start reading who is behind Common Core. The list of liberal educators, think-tank luminaries and wealthy Obama supporters tell the tale. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation put up the lion's share of the money to develop the standards. By some estimates the foundation donated $100,000,000. The group that is charged with developing the standards is Achieve, Inc. Achieve, Inc.'s president is none other than first-class liberal Michael Cohen. Michael Cohen is .....
"A nationally-recognized leader in education policy and standards-based reform, Michael Cohen became President of Achieve in 2003. He has held several key roles in education during the past 20+ years, including Director of Education Policy at the National Governors Association (1985-90) and Director of Planning and Policy Development at the National Association of State Boards of Education (1983-1985). During the Clinton Administration he served as Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education, Special Assistant to President Clinton for Education Policy, and Senior Advisor to U.S. Secretary of Education Richard Riley."
But it gets better. Michael Cohen was also a senior fellow at the Aspen Institute. So what you say? The Aspen Institute is an international non-profit organization created in 1950 under the name "Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies," to foster values-based leadership, encouraging individuals to reflect on the ideals and ideas that define a good society, and to provide a neutral and balanced venue for discussing and acting on critical issues. [Link]
Talk about a bunch of propaganda. They presume to decide for the rest of us what is meant by a "good society." In their definition does it include a "free" society? Here you have a gaggle of over-educated globalists attempting to define what a "good society" means and then take their definition and promote it into national policy, like Common Core Standards.
Aspen's president, one Walter Isaacson, is a flaming liberal along with most of their Board of Directors and yet on their website they have the gall to say that they are neutral and non-political. Walter Isaacson, a Harvard graduate, is "...... chair emeritus of Teach for America, which recruits recent college graduates to teach in underserved communities. He was appointed by President Barack Obama and confirmed by the Senate to serve as the chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which oversees Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, and other international broadcasts of the United States, a position he held until 2012. He is vice-chair of Partners for a New Beginning, a public-private group tasked with forging ties between the United States and the Muslim world. He is on the board of United Airlines, Tulane University, and the Overseers of Harvard University."
Forging ties with the Muslim world, a world that would see that every infidel living in the West, dead and the West lying in ruins. Are they just nuts, or diabolical? You cannot negotiate or forge ties with a person or a radical group that has the full intent to see you in your grave by any means.
Can't you see that good 'ole Isaacson, President and CEO of the Aspen Institute, is just one of the guys in our local community with no federal, or international affiliations? Hardly! But Aspen is where Michael Cohen came from, who runs Achieve, Inc, who is establishing the standards of Common Core, along with the testing, that 40 states, drooling over federal money being offered, has adopted, all funded by the noble philanthropists occupying the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. So much for the de-centralization of government power.
That ladies and gentlemen, is why you are letting liberal educated globalists brainwash your kids through massive propaganda like "Common Core", "Race to the Top" and "No Child Left Behind", driven by internationalists who define for the rest of us what a "good society" means and believe in and promote the international, flawed and bankrupt agenda of collectivism, multi-culturalism, social justice, radical environmentalism, political correctness and one-world-government, all the result of the ever-growing centralization of power in the federal government.
At least one school district in Colorado (Douglas County) is saying no to Common Core Standards and they are pretty adamant about it. They are "..... standing on the principle that local leaders, not Washington bureaucrats, ought to have control over what local students are being taught. They state, ‘Our taxpayers, parents, teachers and students expect the very highest and rigorous standards.’ The board plans to meet or exceed those expectations ‘at every turn, for every student, in every school.’ The best means to do that is to leave it in the hands of those who know their students best: parents and local leaders."
Individual, free-minded minded parents, if they are smart, will "..... be encouraged to leave this liberal, globalist indoctrination that has been institutionalized in America's public education system and find ways of educating themselves AND THEIR CHILDREN — educating their own individual judgments."
Further, the residents of those 40 states that have adopted Common Cores Standards had better use whatever force they can muster to re-direct their state back to that of independence from the federal government, or the centralization of power in Washington DC will be complete.
#And finally ..... "By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one [a government] can make a people see even heaven as hell, or an extremely wretched life as paradise." —Adolf Hitler
The only time that Hitler's statement has power is when the people [parents] are uneducated by their own design and ignore their own intellect and when they refuse to challenge government propaganda on behalf of their children. The German people did not see through Hitler's propaganda because they failed to listen to their own intellect. As a result of their collective negligence, 60,000,000 people died needlessly. Do 315,000,000 Americans now lie on that same threshold, due to the centralization of power in Washington DC, under the likes of our imperial president, Barack Hussein Obama?
© 2013 Ron Ewart - All Rights Reserved
Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State and dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending property rights for urban and rural landowners. Mr. Ewart can be reached by e-mail for comment at, or by 'phone at 1 800 682-7848.

The New Liberals’ Hymnal: The Book of Common Core
Apr 22, 2013
Prepare ye the way of the Common Core. And then the Word will be made Fed. And Obama will dwell amongst us forever. Amen. -- From the Book of Common Core
Prepare for the final federalization of primary education in the USA- hereafter known as Common Core- and don’t worry so much about relics written by old, white men like the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. The Tenth Amendment only helps ensure local control of those things like education policy. It only ensures that we have a big, diverse, vibrant country full of lots of good ideas. And lots of really great ideas too.
That’s so 18th, 19th and 20th Century.
Local community, you see, is overrated. It takes a Big-Assed Village now to dumb down a child. And it takes a federally-deputized standing committee of state representatives that work for Common Core like healthcare exchanges work for Obamacare.
And good ideas are overrated too—seemingly-- when you have Big Box Government run by Big Blockheads just waiting to wholesale cut-rate ideology, disguised as education, at astronomical prices.
Here’s how it’s supposed to work: Under Common Core a small group of union stooges, educrats and crony-crats from each state will get together and decide the newest version of No Child Left Behind. They will then impose it on the rest of us in the name of the federal government.
Everything taught will have to get the stamp of approval from the Communist Core, uh, Common Core-o-crats made up of various people who have already screwed up education in their own states.
Doesn’t that seem much better than leaving it to parents and school boards at the local level as prescribed under the Tenth Amendment?
I mean, after all, weren’t those Tenth Amendment guys part of that “patriot” militia that bombed the British in Boston and resisted federal gun control in wake of the Boston Massacre?
And you thought you knew history?
Wait until Common Core gets a hold of it.
Despite record amounts of evidence that federalizing everything from banking, to healthcare, to immigration policy, to student loan financing is screwing up our economy, our society, the creation of jobs and wages --and the financial prospects for our youngest workers—that hasn’t stopped the push for top-down federal “standards” in order to hold schools “accountable.”
Algebra? It’s out. Really. Algebra will be pushed out of middle schools under Common Core.
Under Common Core, a kind of education Death Panel,made up of some of the biggest liberal education crony-crats from each state, will likely replace Algebra by Howard Zinn’s The People’s History of the United States. The People’s History was written by a real, live socialist/anarchist. Really, it was, even though now he's dead.
The History is SO bad that it’s won the critical acclaim of Matt Damon and my son’s 7th grade history teacher.
And what else would you expect from the federal government?
This is the same federal government that now loans more money to people than private banks do, and thereby ensures the anemic pace of economic and jobs growth.
You see when the government largely turns education over to union stooges and education technocrats that have produced such poor results for teachers, children and parents, it’s a benefit to the government, not a sin.
Because it’s not results the government is after; it’s control. Result actually could get in the way. If you spoil people by getting them used to actual results, soon there is no room for ideology.
And above all else Common Core is ideal at ideology—and nothing else.
Did I tell you they are getting rid of Algebra in middle school? Really, they are.
Remember these are the folks who told you that abortifacients have to be made available, over-the-counter, to every girl old enough to plop down the money for it, whether her head reaches the counter top or not.
So what’s a little mathematics when Alienation Studies have gone a wasting for so long?
It’s not like federally-subsidized and alienated groups go around bombing Boston like those Tenth Amendment guys did.
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