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ObamaCare is Still an Issue! (Part 5)

Who sabotaged ObamaCare? No one. ObamaCare IS sabotage!
Failure by design
By Herman Cain
Thursday, December 19, 2013
I will grant you that Jay Carney does not have an easy job. Standing there day after day trying to make the case that Obama is a good president, and that his policies are good for the nation, has to be the the greatest square-peg-in-a-round-hole proposition in America today.
ObamaCare can’t be fixed. It is flawed by definition. It is the very definition of sabotage
Then again, no one forced him to take the job, so he has no excuse when he makes absurd claims like the classic that Republicans are sabotaging ObamaCare.
To listen to Carney and many other Democrats, all ObamaCare needs is a few simple fixes, but those horrible Republicans refuse to allow them because they want the whole thing to fail so Obama will be embarrassed and Americans will not be able to get health care.
Let me tell you something. Republicans are not sabotaging ObamaCare. No one is sabotaging ObamaCare. No one needs to sabotage ObamaCare, because ObamaCare is sabotage. The reason ObamaCare is failing is not because of glitches or the need for corrective measures. ObamaCare is failing because ObamaCare, when it works by design, destroys the health insurance market and the quality of health care along with it. You simply cannot herd everyone into the same risk pool, mandate that everyone pay the same rates and choose from the same plans, mandate benefits most people don’t even want, and then claim premiums will go down.
That cannot work. By definition. It’s economically impossible. Conservatives warned of this for four years but the media didn’t take the warnings seriously because they don’t understand basic economics. Even now they don’t understand. They just think the roll-out has been botched.
The problem is not the rollout, folks. The problem is the plan itself. And don’t blame Republicans for not fixing it. ObamaCare can’t be fixed. It is flawed by definition. It is the very definition of sabotage. And the only way to “fix” it is to get rid of it.
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VP Biden Gropes for Way to Knock ObamaCare off Front Pages!
Biden’s latest headline-grabbing antic
By John Lillpop
Few would argue with the assertion that Vice President Joe Biden has been a good and loyal soldier in the Barack Obama war on America over the past five plus years.
Most of Biden’s efforts on behalf of The One involve benign lying and cajoling on a variety of sensitive issues such as the economy, the withering of the American Dream, and US capitulation to Marxism.
Aside from an occasional and, mostly non- lethal, faux pas, Biden has provided much-needed comedic relief from the maddening arrogance and insolence of the poser now occupying the Oval Office.
In other words, Biden has made it tolerable, if not fashionable, to “Embrace the Suck,” in order to survive the blistering tyranny and insufferable criminality of Barack Hussein Obama.
Unfortunately for Biden and the O team, Biden’s latest headline-grabbing antic, no doubt choreographed to drive the ObamaCare news off the front pages, appears to involve grabbing of more than just news headlines.
Specifically, as reported at the reference, the VEEP may be pushing the envelope a bit too aggressively:
Sure, he likely didn’t mean anything overtly sexual by it. But Vice President Joe Biden is a folksy kind of guy who has officially entered dirty old man territory and done something sure to elicit laughs within the White House Press Corps.
Look how he’s manhandling The Hill‘s White House Correspondent Aime Parnes for this photograph taken at a recent holiday party that she posted on her Facebook page.
For most people’s tastes he’s grazing way too close to the vicinity of her abdomen. And watch her reaction. Is it shock, awe, utter disbelief? Whatever the expression, she appeared to roll with it with her hands firmly in control of his at least until the shot was over. If we were to guess her words we’d wager, “OH F–K SO THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING.”

One can guess that VP Biden’s corresponding words might be, “This is a big F******” Deal!”
Mrs. Biden’s thoughts would surely be even more colorful; but would probably be totally unsuitable for a family publication!
John W. Lillpop
San Jose, California

John W. Lillpop is a recovering liberal. “Clean and sober” since 1992 when last he voted for a Democrat. Pray for John: He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where people like Nancy Pelosi are actually considered normal!.
John can be reached at:

New rap music parody is the worst piece of pro-ObamaCare propaganda yet ...and that’s saying something
Holy moley. This is just awful
By Robert Laurie
Friday, December 13, 2013
It's no secret that the pro-ObamaCare folks are desperate to get young people to sign up for insurance. From college ‘recruiting’ tours, to speeches, to online ads, they’ve been gearing all their efforts in that direction.
Sadly, most of their attempts to “rap with the kids” have come across as the kind of stilted, unfunny, and awkward dogma usually associated with “the sex talk.”
Don’t believe me? Hmmmm. Who can forget these brilliant bits of Colorado advertising?
The worst piece of pro-ObamaCare propaganda yet ...and that’s saying somethingThe worst piece of pro-ObamaCare propaganda yet ...and that’s saying something
Shotskis and keg stands! Classy!
Well, if you thought those were terrible, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! There’s a new viral ObamaCare video that’s making the rounds while simultaneously making you question the sanity of everyone involved. It’s a parody of Snoop Dogg’s hip-hop hit, “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and it features a rapping Obama impersonator. It is - in a word - awful.
It’s awful in terms of intent, awful in terms of comedic value, and awful in terms of quality hip hop.
The song offers such ‘gems’ as President Obama claiming he’s the “Pres and I’m the man, been Pres since ‘yes we can,’ and I dealt with all this healthcare, while dealing with Iran!”
That is an impressive feat, especially when you consider that he also claims “My healthcare’s the ‘shizzle.’ It’s chock full of top notch healthcare ‘provizzles.’”

America’s new favorite song was created by “Get Covered America,” a national organization trying to promote ObamaCare. Evidently, they hope to do this by making making sure young people are aware of all the amazing “provizzles” it offers.
You can practically see these people, sitting around their board room, smoking pipes, saying things like “Say, our focus testing shows that what the kids these days really respond to is this ‘hip-hop’ thing. They say it’s…well, darn it, they say it’s quite the ‘coming thing’ with the teen set.”
Here it is, in all its glory.

The Unfolding Healthcare Holocaust
By Dave Hodges
This article is not just about Obamacare costs and quality of treatment, it is about the healthcare holocaust which commenced on October 1, 2013. Obamacare, or dare I say, Obamacide, represents the biggest threat to the well-being and longevity for you and your loved ones.
Rule for Thee but Not for Me
One of the most incredulous aspects of Obamacare enforced, mandatory compliance is that the mandatory provision does not include the legislators who imposed this monstrosity upon us, namely, the Congress. Obamacare is going to prove so substandard that even Obama and his family want nothing to do with it. Are you mad yet? Well, we are just getting started.The corporate friends of the President, such as the employees at General Electric, McDonalds, several labor unions, SEIU, the thugs at ACORN and over 1,300 big contributors to the Democratic party will not be forced to participate. The agency which will enforce the penalty phase of Obamacare, the IRS, was recently issued an exemption from participating as well. In short, if your corporation donated heavily to Obama’s re-election campaign, an exemption to the mandatory phase of Obamacare has been issued. For everyone else, tough luck, you will be participating in a system which will no doubt hasten the demise of yourself as well as tens of millions of other Americans.
Obamacare mandates the imposition of 19 new taxes which have never existed before including the tax on a home sale which really has nothing to do with healthcare. And if you use an indoor tanning booth, expect to pay a 10% tax.
Obama Said “You Can Keep Your Plan”
Obama told America that we could keep our present medical plan. That was a lie.
There have already been over five million policy cancellations because employers will not conform to the excessive dictates of Obamacare. The estimates are that at least 16 million Americans will lose their healthcare because of the excessive demands placed upon employers and their health care coverage regulations.
Obama Said “You Will Save Money On My Plan”
Under Department of Health and Human Services poverty level guidelines, if you’re a single earning worker making $44,680, or a couple earning a mere $60,520, or a family of four earning a modest income of $92,200, Obama eliminates your subsidy from the government for lower health costs. I do not mean to speak down to anyone, but do you realize that a couple making $60,520 per year is the equivalent of two fast food jobs? These are very modest incomes and the cost aspect of Obamacare should be raising red flags for all middle class income families.
The Kaiser Foundation published an ObamaCare Cost Calculator which will help you and your family calculate your costs, after subsidies. Please be aware this is a basic estimate for the cost of a “Silver plan” (the second tier plan, as opposed to the basic “Bronze plan” on the Exchange). Please also note that the total cost is greatly affected by a “regional cost factor” (increasing or decreasing the premium by as much as 20%). There are indeed separate plans, consisting of Bronze, Silver, Gold and something called the Cadillac plan. However, there is an absence of information about what each level of the Obamacare plan entails in terms of cost and treatment. One thing is clear, when the health plan is divided up into differing levels of care and cost, there is indeed a problem because it is apparent that people will not be treated equally under Obamacare.
For a family of four with two dependent children and a $100,000 income, Obamacare insurance costs are nearly $10,000 per year. Such a family could have expected to pay about $500 per month under existing plans such as United Health Care. Under Obamacare, the cost more than doubled.
For the same family listed above making $150,000 per year, they will pay almost $14,000 per year or 350% more than they would expect to pay in today’s health insurance market. This is obviously why the corporate friends of Obama are seeking exemptions from participation. And for those who seek their own exemption through non-participation, they will be fined 2.5% of gross adjusted income and the amount will increase with each successive year that they refuse to participate.
England’s NHS System Is Obamacare’s Model
In England, Granny must die to save the state money. These words ring true as Dr. Patrick Pullicino discovered that there are approximately 450,000 deaths in Britain each year of people who are in a hospital or under NHS care. Around 29% of that number, or about 130,000, were euthanized patients who were on the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP).
The Pullicino findings are bolstered by the newly discovered heinous compensation practices from the NHS with regard to the LCP. The majority of NHS hospitals in England are being given financial rewards for placing terminally-ill patients on a controversial “pathway” to death, as this fact has not been publicly disclosed.
The undeniable fact is that the British NHS doctors are prematurely ending the lives of thousands of elderly hospital patients because they are difficult to manage and they wish to free up beds. However, the main motivation for this attack upon humanity is that they are making money by eliminating the lives of the elderly in Britain.
Pullicino states that NHS doctors have turned the use of a controversial death pathway into the equivalent of euthanasia of the elderly. Pullicino has extensively researched the issue and asserts that elderly patients, who could live longer, are prematurely placed on the LCP and it has now become an assisted death pathway rather than a care pathway. On average, patients submitting to LCP die within 33 hours.
For the Seventy-two trusts to receive compensation for euthanizing the elderly, the trust must respond to such questions as how many people had died on the LCP over the past three years and how much money received in that period was attached to goals involving the premature deaths of the elderly.
A staggering 62% of the trusts admitted that they had received, or will receive, cash rewards for meeting targets (i.e., killing old people) associated with the implementation of the LCP. The other 38% seem to enjoy killing for just the sport of it, as they admitted that they had adopted the LCP without receiving any payments from NHS. This is hell on earth.
Obamacare Death Panels
One would think that the Globalists would be ecstatic with the murder of over 50 million fetuses in the last 40 years in the United States. There seems to be a Planned Parenthood abortion factory on every corner attempting to abort every baby that they can get their hands on, but the Eugenics crowd at the United Nations are not satisfied. They want even more death and destruction as they are demanding an even greater reduction in population from an increasing number of segments in our population.
A top Democrat strategist, Steven Rattner, who served as President Obama’s lead auto-industry adviser, wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times entitled “Beyond Obamacarein which he calls for death panels and that the implementation of these panels are inevitable. Of course, Rattner’s comments have been totally ignored by the corporate-controlled media. As was the case with the LPC of the NHC, Rattner supports the rationing of health care for elderly patients, while unequivocally stating that “We need death panels.” Rattner also serves on the board the New America Foundation, a George Soros-funded think tank that was instrumental in supporting rationed healthcare. Clearly, this is an Agenda 21 population reduction program. Similar systems exist in many countries, including Australia and New Zealand, where their governments have decided to ration care to the elderly.
The President’s position on denial of care is abundantly clear as his health care reform encourages rationing healthcare by levying a tax on “Cadillac” insurance plans in an attempt to push as many Americans as possible into Obamacare. Additionally, Obamacare calls for the appointment of a small contingent to make decisions on elderly care following the full implementation.
Obamacare is modeled after England’s NHC, only with even more denials of care through age-related treatment exclusions. The NHC is the unquestionable blueprint for Obamacare. However, we do not yet have a complete picture because Obamacare is still holding back many of the details of age-related exclusion.
We passed it Nancy and we are still waiting to see what all is in this healthcare plan.
brother of Rahm Emanuel), wrote an article in The Lancet (January 2009) entitled, Principles for allocation of scarce medical interventions. Emanuel proposes an ethical basis for rationing healthcare resources based upon age. He calls it the “complete lives system”.
In the article, Emanuel expresses the notion that all lives do not have a fundamentally equal value. Dr. Emanuel states that the state has the right and the mandated obligation which espouses the Eugenics belief that certain members of society are more valuable and should be saved at the expense of less valuable individuals. The obvious implication is that the state will decide which people will be condemned to death. Emanuel proposes that the very young and people 75 years of age and over, should not be given life-saving treatments, only comfort care. These statements speak to the likely implementation of post-birth abortion (murder) and physician assisted suicide. Emanuel is one of the front men for Obamacare and his words are to be taken seriously.
Dr. Suzanne Allen is the present head of emergency services at the Johnson City Medical Center in Tennessee. Allen told Snopes that ”Oh, yes. We are seeing cutbacks throughout the services we provide. For example, we are now having to deal with patients who would normally receive dialysis that can no longer be accepted. In the past, there was always automatic approval under Medicare for anyone who needed dialysis, not anymore.” So, what will be their outcome? “They will die soon without dialysis,” she stated. In the no one over 75 will be given major medical procedures unless approved by locally administered Ethics Panels. In the Snopes interview Dr. Allen added that “These Panels will determine whether a patient receives medical treatment or not.” Most Americans are in a great deal of trouble.
It turns out that Sarah Palin was correct, there are indeed death panels in Obamacare. We are in the midst of the implementation of these heinous practices across the nation.
In short, the elderly have a duty to die and to die inexpensively. As the Agenda 21 watchdogs have repeatedly reported, Obama represents global interests that want 90% of us dead. Through the use of abortion, contraception and elderly genocide, can there be any question that our population is being targeted for a British style elderly genocide? I propose that we oppose Obamacare with every means available. Much of the foundations of representative government has been destroyed. However, in this instance we may wish to pursue making our Congress feel the extreme heat of our wrath, for it is not hyperbole to state that Obamacare is genocidal and we have entered a period of an extreme healthcare holocaust.

The Shocking Truth About Who Wrote Obamacare

By Dave Hodges
December 2, 2013

The Shocking Truth About Who Wrote Obamacare
“You know how I define the economic & social classes in this country? The upper class keeps all of the money, pays none of the taxes. The middle class pays all of the taxes, does all of the work. The poor are there just to scare the crap out of the middle class. Keep em showing up at those jobs.” - George Carlin
If this article does not convince you that the Obama administration is nothing but a criminal enterprise organization, nothing will.
“If you like your plan, you can keep your plan”. Do you remember these famous lies coming from the disingenuous mouth of Obama with regard to the snow job he perpetrated upon the American people? Many Americans were willing to give Obamacare a chance because Americans are a generous people and we did not like the fact that greedy managed care companies were making it impossible for 50 million Americans to get affordable health care. We now know this was a major lie because as many as 16 million Americans are losing their healthcare because their present plans do not meet the new standards of Obamacare.
We Told You So
I wrote articles on this site which warned about the fine print of Obamacare. There are few things more annoying than hearing the words “I told you so”. However, I cannot fight the temptation to tell you, “I told you so”.
Most people now know, or have the means to find out that Obamacare does indeed have death panels in which major age related treatment exclusions are written into the law. Many of us are finding out that Obamacare will be significantly more expensive than our present healthcare plans. For myself, if I had to go on Obamacare, I would pay almost three times as much per month as I am now.
We are now learning that as doctors are finding out about Obamacare, that many of these doctors are planning to retire early and leave the profession. This will result in a severe healthcare provider shortage. Don’t you remember when George H. W. Bush was fighting on behalf of the managed care plans when he talked about long waits for critical treatments involving countries which had socialized medicine such as Canada?
With the critical shortages coming to Obamacare, many Americans are going to die while waiting for treatment and this problem is going to be greatly exacerbated by the shortages which are looming in specialty treatment areas. Under Obamacare, general practitioners (GP’s) will, in most cases, get paid the same as specialists. Medical specialists (e.g. cardiologists) spend a lot more time and money than GP’s in order to acquire the skill sets associated with their specialty field. In the future, why should specialists spend the extra time and money getting trained for a specialty field if it pays the same as a GP? As a result, many are predicting critical shortages in specialized critical medical fields such as oncology, cardiac specialists, pulmonary specialists, OBGYN specialists, et al. As a result of Obamacare, people are going die prematurely and we told you so!
Does the Congressional health care plan contain access to botox treatments?
Who is responsible for the madness that is emerging out of Obamacare? At the time Obamacare was passed, it was impossible for most Americans to tell you what was in the plan and, most of all, who was responsible for writing the plan. Don’t you remember when Nancy Pelosi commanded Congress to pass the healthcare so that we could see what was in it?
Who Actually Wrote Obamacare?
And now for the shocking truth about who actually wrote Obamacare. After all the secrecy surrounding Obamacare is lifting, we can finally put a name to this cruel lie. The man’s name who wrote a great deal of the scourge that we call Obamacare, is convicted felon, Robert Creamer.
Creamer is now credited for writing 628 pages of Obamacare while he was in prison. Creamer is a senior Democratic operative who defrauded banks in order to keep his Marxist/Communist community organization afloat by engaging in 16 counts of bank and tax fraud. Creamer’s book is entitled, Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win.
Many left-wingers say that Creamer’s book has inspired them in their progressive fight to turn America into socialist Europe. Creamer’s work has received support and garnered an endorsement from a surprising source. Or, maybe it is not so surprising after all. Former White House Senior Adviser, David Axelrod, described Creamer’s book as a “blueprint” for future progressive victories. Creamer has stated that in order to impose socialist healthcare on an unwilling nation, it is necessary to deceive the people.
The perfect Marxist couple, the convicted criminal, Robert Creamer, and his wife the Congresswoman, Marxist, Jan Schakowsky.
Creamer is the husband of Marxist Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, an Illinois Democrat who demands a “single payer” healthcare delivery system. Creamer’s book calls for the “democratization of wealth”, and the “progressive control of governments around the world”.
Creamer says that Democrats could win a permanent majority in Congress “by passing a national health care bill, turning more people into wards of government, that works to grow government; and by giving amnesty to all illegals, thereby creating, virtually overnight, a large new constituency of Democratic voters”. With 50% of the country on some form of welfare, Creamer’s plan has progressed at a very rapid pace.
Creamer counseled Democrats that to win complete control of America, they must “not just generate understanding, but emotion—fear, revulsion, anger, disgust”. He adds, “If the Democrats continue to stand firmly for immigrant rights, the issue will define immigrants’ voting loyalties for a generation. If we’re successful, we’ll have a gigantic block of progressive votes over the next 15 years, a block that could be decisive in the battle for the future.”
I would really like to sell the American people a used car. And while we are at it, I would like to sell our fellow countrymen some swamp land in Florida. For the people in this country to have elected a communist such as Jan Schakowsky is truly mind boggling. For the citizens of this country to have allowed the passage of Obamacare without any knowledge of what was in the bill and who wrote the bill, makes me think that the majority of the citizens of this country are dumber than a box of rocks.
We have met the enemy and he is us. Cheers! Here is to your good health, America.
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