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Obama - Will He Be Lonely?

Published on Nov 5, 2014
US President Barack Obama says he has heard the message from voters who put Republicans in power in the US Senate and extended their majority in the House of Representatives
The Morning after Midterms, Obama Home Alone
What happened last night figuratively left Obama Home Alone in the White House, and the slap in the face to his destructive policies by yesterday’s voters is echoing around the world
‘Hope and Change’ — promised by then-in-rock-star-status Barack Obama and Democrat swarms back in 2008—was delivered to America by the electorate on November 4, 2014.
ISIS take note.
What happened last night figuratively left Obama Home Alone in the White House, and the slap in the face to his destructive policies by yesterday’s voters is echoing around the world.
More than anything else,  the results of last night’s tidal Midterm election, which left donkeys loudly braying, restores the morale of 6-year-long-suffering American patriots, who NEVER gave up and who regained an impressive foothold.
Down and dirty in policies meant to disappear America, Obama will get down and dirtier, but an elephant with the stinging spears of We the People launched in its broad backside will be sent trumpeting through the Oval Office having all of its four feet kept to the fire.
The tiger’s roar will still be heard but its sound will come from the telltale of rustling paper.
A veritable sea change came to the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave last night where a collective resounding “OOHRAH!” broke through the silence of the lambs.
Forced back to the drawing board, the Liberals began rewriting reality last night, trying to obliterate ‘Hope & Change We the People Style’.
“Liberals will offer predictable excuses, of course. They’ll say it was just an anti-incumbent election, or that it reflected nonspecific “voter anger,” or that it was the product of too many Democrats defending seats in red states. That will come as a surprise to the conservative blue-state governors who won re-election last night. Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Florida all joined in the mistake of electing and re-electing Obama, and also put conservatives back in their statehouses last night. This was not an “anti-incumbent” nor was it an “anger” election. It was a rejection of Obama and of liberalism, pure and simple..” (Dan Calabrese,, Nov.5, 2014)
Always claiming his rights on having the last word, Obama scheduled a news conference later in the day to address an Election that handed Republicans control of the Senate, built on the Republicans hold on the House, and most humiliatingly of all, placed a plethora of Democrat-leaning states under control of new Republican governors.
This is the lay of the land before Obama and the mainstream media get to give it their spin:
“Republicans took over formerly Democratic Senate seats in seven states, including GOP-leaning Arkansas, Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia. That number also included three states that figured prominently in Obama’s two victorious presidential campaigns: Iowa and Colorado, where he won twice, and North Carolina, where he won in 2008. Republicans needed a net gain of six seats in all to win back the majority for the first time since 2006. (USNews, Nov. 5, 2014)
“Thanks to you, Iowa, we are headed to Washington, and we are going to make them squeal,” declared Iowa Republican Joni Ernst, who vowed to cut pork in Washington in television ads that memorably cited her growing up castrating hogs.
“In the House, Republicans were on track to meet or exceed the 246 seats they held during President Harry S. Truman’s administration more than 60 years ago.
“In state capitols, Republicans were poised to leave their imprint, picking up governors’ seats in reliably Democratic states like Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts. With Congress grappling with gridlock, states have been at the forefront of efforts to raise the minimum wage and implement Obama’s health care law.
“Many Republican governors seeking re-election had struggled with poor approval ratings but prevailed, including Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who defeated Democrat Charlie Crist, a former Republican governor; Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback; and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a potential GOP presidential candidate in 2016.
“Voters expressed bitterness with a sluggish economic recovery and the nation’s handling of foreign crises. Nearly two-thirds of voters interviewed after casting ballots said the country was seriously on the wrong track. Only about 30 percent said the nation was headed in the right direction.
“More than 4 in 10 voters disapproved of both Obama and Congress, according to the exit polls conducted for The Associated Press and the television networks.
Here’s a look at some of the results:
Senate Republicans tagged their Democratic opponents with voting in lockstep with Obama and it worked. The GOP prevailed in Colorado, where Rep. Cory Gardner ousted first-term Democrat Mark
Udall, and Iowa, where state Sen. Joni Ernst defeated Rep. Bruce Braley. In North Carolina, state House speaker Thom Tillis defeated Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan. In Arkansas, freshman Rep. Tom Cotton knocked off two-term Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor. Republicans secured wins in South Dakota (former Gov. Mike Rounds), Montana (Rep. Steve Daines) and West Virginia (Rep. Shelley Moore Capito). In Alaska, first-term Democratic Sen. Mark Begich faced Republican Dan Sullivan, while Louisiana was headed for a Dec. 6 runoff between three-term Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu and Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who leads the Republican Governors Association, was one of the night’s biggest winners after campaigning for dozens of candidates. Republicans scored victories with Bruce Rauner in Illinois, Larry Hogan in Maryland and Charlie Baker in Massachusetts. Potential presidential candidates like Walker in Wisconsin, John Kasich in Ohio and Rick Snyder in Michigan won re-election.
House Republicans defeated 19-term Democratic Rep. Nick Rahall in West Virginia and Rep. John Barrow in Georgia while defending the seat of Rep. Michael Grimm, a New York Republican who faces a 20-count indictment on tax fraud and other charges. College professor Dave Brat won a House seat in Virginia, several months after he stunned Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a Republican primary.”
In the end, it would have been better for the Democrat candidates that Obama stumped for if Barack and Michelle had stayed home with Valerie Jarrett in the White House.
Earlier Michelle told Blacks to Vote Democrat and then Eat Fried Chicken.
“Here’s what Michelle Obama said on the “News One Daily” show to host Roland Martin about today’s crucial election as reported by the Daily Caller:
Roland Martin: “So can we, if we go out to the polls, can we, say, we have a souls to polls on Sunday, can we do soul food after we vote?”
Michelle Obama: “Absolutely. I give everyone full permission to eat some fried chicken after they vote. Only after, if you haven’t voted… You make a good point. Because I am, I do talk about health. But I think that a good victory for Democrats on Tuesday, you know, should be rewarded with some fried chicken.”
You can listen to it. Hear Michelle’s comments around the 7:15 mark:
Barack Obama was lashing out at Americans with Amnesty threats even as they were headed to the voting polls.
“ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jon Karl reported that according to WH officials “the president will move forward with an executive order on immigration reform “no matter how big shellacking Democrats get tonight”  during ABC’s Election coverage on Tuesday. (Breitbart, Nov. 4, 2014)
“Karl said “White House officials are saying that you can expect the president to set an aggressive, and defiant tone tomorrow. You’re not going to see any mea culpas, no big firings, no change in direction.”
“He added “officials tell me the president is prepared to aggressively pursue his agenda using his power of executive authority, where he can’t work with Congress, and the big one is going to be on immigration reform. White House officials tell me that the president will move forward with an executive order on immigration reform no matter how big a shellacking Democrats get tonight.”
The Free World rejoices because against all odds, and in spite of a mainstream media in his back pocket, a pen and a phone at the ready and the public purse at his disposal, Obama got a no-coming-back-from shellacking.
Obama the narcissist will be making more threats over his TelePrompter between licking his multiple, festering wounds.  But no matter how spiteful and vociferous he sounds, We the People will only hear the braying of an embarrassingly wounded Marxist donkey.
Let the message of ‘Hope & Change We the People Style’  travel to every corner of the Free World: Obama lost massive ground in his Fundamental Transformation of America last night.
And as acerbic pundit John Lillpop so aptly puts it in plain English: “How sweet it is!”
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How Barack Obama's unpopularity is affecting the midterm election in 60 seconds

With approval levels hovering around record lows, the once-charismatic President Obama has become an electoral liability for the Democrats, who risk losing control of the US Senate in the Nov 4 midterm election

By Myles Burke and Peter Foster
03 Nov 2014

Barack Obama, once the popular President who helped get Democrats elected in several Republican states in 2008 has turned into a liability for the party with the midterm elections looming.
While the President has tried to make the case that his policies have steered the country away from the brink of economic collapse and laid a foundation for growth, many voters are frustrated by the slow progress and his message has been drowned out by crises in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine and western Africa.
Mr Obama has sought to contrast Democratic policies with those of Republicans, arguing he needs the Senate to stay in Democrats' hands in November elections to accomplish economic goals like raising the minimum wage, retraining workers for better jobs and spending more on infrastructure projects.
But polls show the good-news message is a hard sell. Fewer than one in 10 Americans believe the President is doing a great job on the economy, polling data from Ipsos shows, and about two-thirds of the population believes the economy is heading the wrong way.
Many candidates from his own party have been wary of appearing with him during their election races because of his sagging popularity.
If the Democrats lose the Senate, it will likely see Mr Obama reduced to a lame duck President unable to push forward his own agenda.