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Does Society Understand Mental Illness?


Conspiracy to Drug America? - Is Big Pharma Making Us Mentally Ill?  
Mental Health Agencies Prey on the Vulnerableby Dale Evans (
April 21, 2015
Similar to the military industrial complex, Dale Evans says there is a social services complex that has a voracious need for clients to maintain their budgets. They need to "help" us whether we need it or not.
Evans advises you not to answer any questions or fill out any questionnaires from mental health practitioner. They are looking for any excuse to commit you.
The Ontario sex education curriculum will give "community stakeholders" access to children's records for purposes of "co-parenting". Who are these community stakeholders?
Let's say: "All roads lead to Rome". Rome is the psychiatric ward. In the report of the Select Committee on Mental Health, the stakeholders are listed in the back pages - all 200 of them. Seventy five are designated psychiatric facilities in Ontario. Just one of those gets $1,223,119,376 a year. The Hamilton health Service Corporation administers seven mental facilities.
In addition, there are children's mental health facilities, gambling and alcohol addiction centres, community network services, public health services, psychological testing services, ADHD clinics, intellectual disability centres, resource centres, government ministries, suicide prevention centres, secure child lockups, Children's Aid, on and on. There is BIG MONEY in disability.
Many of these agencies are private corporations funded by levels of government according to quotas. The salaries of the employees can be staggering - many over $100,000, $200,000 with benefits and retirement packages.
If your child ever says - "I want to end it all" or "I had a dream I killed myself", the child will be involuntarily committed. No community worker will risk having a suicide on their hands. Parents lose their children at that point. It would be medical neglect to oppose psychiatric treatment which includes dangerous drugs, shock and brain tampering.


What will be the unintended consequences of this? I have put this in the context of my own experience.
As a doctor's wife in Toronto, I have been called upon to handle many tragic situations. Two years ago, an elderly lady came to our clinic. She was very frail in body but robust in spirit and hopping mad. A "community care worker" told her to go to the hospital for a check up. When she arrived at the hospital, she was involuntarily committed to the psychiatric ward for a month. She had not even brought her toothbrush.
Because she had no family, she was grist for the mill. In order to certify her and remove her rights, psychiatrists prodded her to admit that she'd like to be dead. However cognitive tests failed to yield any evidence that she was incompetent. Rather, she had a fighting spirit to live. They had to release her.
While she was in the hospital, her Power of Attorney, a supposed trusted church minister took over her affairs. This adviser sold her house for $850,000, threw all her possessions in a dumpster and gave away her dog. The money was supposedly used to buy a house for unwed mothers.
The elderly lady asked for our help. Over the next months, I worked with the Member of Provincial Parliament, the Guardian's Office, a centre for Elderly Rights and the hospital president's office. I got all her medical files and found that due to the fact she had NOT been certified incompetent, the Guardian's Office simply had her write a letter changing her Power of Attorney.
The simple action of writing a letter transfering responsibilities from this minister to a reliable friend solved the problem. She got her money back and moved into a Retirement Home of her choice.


The public naively believes that a benevolent government runs these "community partners". Many are private corporations funded by up to three levels of government. Their funding is based on quotas. In other words, they need clients. They can be a vicious and litigious lot that collect information on people to threaten and silence them.
In my experience, intake workers often misrepresent people's situations on assessment forms to make them dependents of the "community partner." Don't be fooled by the misuse of the word "community". They are profit-driven entities with tremendous power to make you their "partner". These are usually elaborate marketing schemes for psychiatric drugs.
A good example of this is the "Motherisk" program at Sick Children's Hospital run by Gideon Koren. Motherisk is partially funded by the drug company Duchesnay and has been involved in experiments on pregnant women with the drug "Diclectin". The Toronto Star only recently revealed this to the public ("Motherisk problems shrouded in mystery", Toronto Star, April 15, 2015).
This program also administered a "hair test" that is mired in controversy. Christine Rupert had her two toddlers taken into foster care in 2009 because of findings that she was a cocaine user. She is adamant that she had not touched the drug since 2006.


The public must take legal precautions such as using Exemption Forms. We should remain skeptical of any "community partners" marching in with their Jackboots to "help" us or our children.
The public should be warned that ANY mental health question, no matter how stupid or inane, if answered, opens the door to administrative actions to take away your rights. A legal document is automatically made.
Do not do ANY questions or questionnaires, mental health assessments; never say you have thought of suicide, dreamed of suicide, even if you were under the effect of drugs. Never tell any doctor you are depressed or anxious - keep it for your dog.
I tell parents to tell their children that their teacher is NOT their friend and that what happens at home, stays at home. Make a pact in blood with your kids. Only talk honestly to your most trusted friends. Psychiatrists are the most dangerous people on the planet.
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First Comment by KL: "Sick is the new normal."

As someone who's held the position of intake worker, I can state that the concerns expressed in this article are both legit, and relevant AT PRESENT, while it can still be stopped via a little transparency and a mass consciousness of common sense on the matter. There is a general consensus among those in the field, that EVERYONE, is mentally ill. If a person remains functional in spite of this; everything is fine. If a person's ability to function in society, ie. procure their own housing, hold down a job etc., is lacking, for any reason, one earns, the 'designation' of, "Mentally Ill", and MUST be treated. In my personal experience, this does not always include mandatory drugging of the client, but generally, most of the time, it amounts to just that.
During my time in this field, I've met many big hearted people who genuinely care for the well being of others and I can tell you that most, despite their good intentions, remain dupes, (not-so-blissfully) unaware of the "real life subtext", in which they participate. While a minority in the lower echelons and probably a lot more, in administrative positions are well aware, to one degree or another, what they're a part of. And they're either for it, or simply willing to let it happen in return for that juicy six-figure income. Personally, I'm on board with the notion that virtually everyone in our society suffers from one form or another of mental illness. If you've grown up here, and you've watched the television or listened to music, or consumed media in any way shape or form; consider yourself mentally ill.
Never-the-less, in the process of performing a client-intake, one will necessarily, meet clients who are, for all intents and purposes, relatively competent, happy, and mentally sound; and just happen to be down on their luck, lost a job, got divorced etc.
It may not always make a huge difference, but there is a general 'need' on the part of the intake worker, to point out ANY, potential barriers to housing or sound mental health on the part of the client and so, "Joe-average-decent- fellow" ends up victimized and oppressed by the would-be-champions-of-the-oppressed, turned dupes. As I've said, most people in the field are well-meaning and naive. But some, usually in the admin. positions are more profoundly disturbed than even the worst-off client. We used to joke, that the office in which we performed intakes, was the staff housing...
P.s. I haven't looked into it much, but I was once told, a decade gone now, by a close friend and fellow worker in the field, that there is now a designation in the DSM, designating a lack of any other provable mental illness, as an illness itself. In other words: Normality, is now a sickness while sickness is the new Normal.
Makow Comment- Society is becoming a satanic cult. The goal of a satanic cult is control its members by making them sick, and then selling them a "cure."

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Comments for "Mental Health Agencies Prey on the Vulnerable "
Robert C said (April 22, 2015):
This is easily one of the most valuable bulletins you have ever published ...It is profoundly true ...It should be carefully read and taken very seriously by EVERYONE .
This entire Mental Health complex should be subjected to an objective and depth investigation , both by government and private agencies , with full public disclosure and publication of conclusions , with appropriate civil and criminal actions as the findings may indicate ..
Lest we forget , the erstwhile USSR and other malicious dictatorships have used "mental health facilities" as an effective machinery to suppress opposition..
Let there be no doubt : The present MENTAL HEALTH networks are out of control , arguably corrupt and self serving Draconian reforms are urgently needed to prevent ongoing abuse of the public.
Again , I commend your bulletin on this obscure - but dangerous subject !

Al Thompson said (April 21, 2015):
Psychiatry is junk "science" and it has no benefit for anyone. It doesn't work and it never has worked and the people who are in this field are crazier than the ones they purport to help.
The real danger lies in answering any of their questions, especially when referring to "mental" health. Psychiatrists must be avoided at all costs and they have nothing to offer but more confusion and stupid "scientific" theories. Never answer a govtard's question. Because in answering their questions, you are opening yourself up for a lot of grief. There are only three things to do in these types of cases: shut up, shut up, and shut up. Don't try to reason with idiots. They will make your life miserable.
If you must say something, you might say: I don't have enough facts to give you a responsive answer. This way you're not giving them any information that can be used against you. The one month stay at the psychiatric ward was a kidnapping and a theft; the people responsible should be put in prison. In the bible, kidnapping is a capital offense.
But this is good for any encounter with a govtard. Another good response is: I don't have enough legal information to give you a responsive answer. Either way, don't speak to govtards unless it is absolutely necessary.
Govtards such as social workers are some of the most evil people on the planet, just stay away from them. The main thing to remember is to stay separate from them and don't answer their questions.
The one who is asking the questions is the one who controls the conversation.

Robert K said (April 21, 2015):
The underlying cause of all the distortions and perversions in society was encapsulated in one of Henry's recent tweets: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is to give good men good jobs." It was a perfect analysis of our predicament, although personally I would have put "good jobs" in quotation marks.
For practical purposes it is equivalent to the startling admonition by Jesus that "The love of money is the root of all evil." Note that He didn't say that money--one of the most transformative and potentially beneficial inventions in human history--is evil per se. It is the acquisitive pursuit of money as an end in itself, which leads men to compromise and sell their souls, that He denounced.
We are living in a hypnotized, if not bewitched, society, where it is virtually universally accepted that people should "work" eight hours a day five days in the week for 40 years in order to be entitled to a stipend permitting them to access goods that are increasingly being spewed out in floods of production by robots. People's minds are stuck in this incredible rut because of the propaganda that has been rained upon them by socialist and libertarian "thinkers" in the pay of the financial power, whose primary goal is that every person and institution shall forever be beholden to it for existence.
Under this baneful influence general ethics have been subverted to such an extent that collective pressure for a reform of the financial system that is both humane and logical is hard to imagine. Once you swallow the socialist, lowest-common-denominator aphorism "I'm as good as the next man" or the libertarian, divisive principle of "Every man for himself" you become side-lined in the most critical struggle in history; namely, the endeavour to replace the monopolistic policy of the Money Power by one that is distributive.
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