Saturday, May 30, 2015

Is Orwell Dead? Big Brother Isn't! (Part 4)


In October of 2008 Obama and the Dems threw the Fundamental Transformation of America up in garish, jaw-dropping neon lights and the world thereafter was never to be the same.
The communications world now digital gave an about-to-be-jettisoned America its first digital dictator.

Back then David Axelrod astroturfing portrayed Obama’s promised Brave New World as an empty screen, one on which Obama could be projected in whatever image folk wanted him to be, history’s first free phone and easy food stamp president.
Down at core, the new messiah of Hope & Change was nothing but another politician with a deeper trick bag than those who came before him, offering nothing more substantial than a cheap carny’s card trick, a diversion and an outright lie, because Marxist progressives had already corralled the unknowing masses into a malleable ongoing transition—a transition from which there would be no way back.
The presentation of Obama from Denver’s faux Greek Temple was followed by a mass media bombardment of Obama pictures.  For the masses,  his omnipresence courtesy of the World Wide Web was as inevitable as it was inescapable.
Somewhere before this process got up to full speed,  the mainstream media, the one we thought we all knew, dropped all pretense of balance and accuracy and departed Stage Left.  Since investigative journalism had already become a dying art, few really missed it.
Those of us in the ‘alternate media’ naively celebrated replacing the not so dearly departed as the mainstream media alternative.  Little did we realize that Internet giants like Google and Facebook, in league with Big Government,  were already working to suppress conservative alternate media by redirecting all Internet traffic to progressive-supporting news sites.
While struggling masses, including passionate patriots, could only stand helplessly by, an Obama-headed powerful elite began to dismantle America piece by piece.
With only a weak and ready-to-capitulate Republican ‘opposition’, the progressives soon had full control of all the money, all the power.
With the mainstream media missing in action, and social media having thrown in their lot with Big Government, John Q. Public never quite got to hear about the capture of the news, because the powerful elite now control the release of information to the public at large.
Because of the hardships and horrors thrown at the civilian population on an almost daily basis, it was easy for some to still believe that the problem of a compliant media stemmed from the news having gone mostly ‘Entertainment’.
Who ever would have believed that it could be so much worse than that?
The News is no longer entertainment, but Planted Propaganda by a government-controlled social media.
It was easy for progressive planted propaganda to dominate when we had already become a quick-hit, throwaway society; one where no one makes much of principles or values anymore.
Television’s jingle jungle of the past has been replaced by the government in league with Internet giants, and society is their captive audience
Without most even being aware of it, ‘net-surfing readers, television viewers and radio listeners were being conditioned.  People trying to raise families in an economy gone wrong were being sung to, spun to, lied to, and led to a Utopia that doesn’t exist; never did and never will.
This is what happened to society during the attention-grabbing Fundamental Transformation of America stage and other false flag operations thrown in for good measure:
The news and advertising became 3-minute YouTubes, planted propaganda by anyone with the means and money to turn them out.
Anyone can do it.  Anyone, that is, who is an advocate of the lib-left message let through the barbed wire fences of Google and Facebook.
Advertising is no longer a full page signed by “influential Catholic leaders”  in San Francisco,  It’s 3-minute YouTubes that can never be censored for truth.
Television’s jingle jungle of the past has been replaced by the government in league with Internet giants, and society is their captive audience.
Slick videos have now become part of the arsenal of getting elected.  The Big Smear is no longer dependent on print media headlines, but by instant quick-hit video.
In short, anyone can recreate, make and maintain their own reality.
There is no fact-checking, no agency dealing with public complaints about the lies masquerading as truth on YouTube news and advertising.
Advertising of the current day is all but dominated by NGOs with political messages.  Even tuning in on talk show radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh means you will be subject to whatever ads approved by the Ad Council are running on the radio station on which you tune Rush in.
Runaway lobbies financed from overseas—like the one that broke through one-man-one woman marriage that stood for more than 1,500 years in Ireland where millions of dollars in advertising last week won the day on legalizing same-sex marriage.
At the end of the day, Ireland was successfully invaded by a foreign army.  Where was its government?
In Canada, Adbusters, the company who brought us Occupy Wall Street (OWS), is boasting to “swing” October elections away from the Stephen Harper-led conservative government with a video ad campaign that kicked off during last week’s NHL game.
A self-professed anti-consumerism company that doesn’t believe in advertising, raised $35,000 through crowd-funding to pay for a one-shot ad on the $1 billion-a-year-taxpayer-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).
In other words, Canadians are being sabotaged by their own tax dollars.
Canada is being invaded by a lib-left protest group claiming to represent the Canadian people.  Where is its government?
Planted progressive propaganda is routinely and rigorously chipping away at humanity’s constants, including God, family and patriotism
Planted progressive propaganda is routinely and rigorously chipping away at humanity’s constants, including God, family and patriotism.  Their goal is to drag you away from your own thinking by replacing it with slogans, chants and catch phrases.
Real life is now an ongoing rush of YouTubes.
Without our ever wanting it, society has now become the captive audience of the video-equipped digital progressives.
Ownership of the truth has been seized by Google and the ability to recognize what is true is quickly slipping through the fingers of the average person.
Never in human history has the axiom “The truth shall set you free” been more meaningful than it is at this moment in time.
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