Friday, November 13, 2015

Consequences of Dumbing Down Education!

The Alinsky Affect Taking Hold In America
By Ron Edwards
November 13, 2015
It can be pretty depressing to witness more and more Americans protesting in favor of oppression and against liberty. Yes indeed, increasing numbers of Sovereign citizens want the government boot-heel on their necks or the lash on their backsides. A primary root of this trend can be traced directly to the mega, one size fits all, government school system. For over fifty years, government school educators have been used to fundamentally change America. This has been accomplished by systematically lowering some standards and eliminating others altogether.
American history courses have been degenerated to nothing more than anti United States of America propaganda dogma. The Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and Federalist Papers are mere mentions without credible or in depth study. The education system or more appropriately, the dens of indoctrination are wasting an average of $15 thousand dollars per student in cities like Detroit, where at least a forty percent literacy rate is not uncommon at many schools.
So now, America is lumbering along with at least two generations of students who believe that the communist inspired concept of the common good trumping individual rights or rational self-interest is the way to go. That is why bigoted progressive political marxists like Hillary Clinton openly state that “they’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.”
Another indication of Americans preferring in this case indirect oppression over liberty, whether self-induced or directly from the government, was a recent episode of Late Night hosted by progressive host Stephen Colbert. His guest that particular Friday night was Ohio governor John Kasich. He is a moderately conservative republican who has overseen the Buckeye States successful economic recovery. He also eliminated the Ohio budgetary deficit and increased economic activity has fostered a two or three billion dollar surplus.
But the major focus of Colbert’s interest was presenting nagging questions about the voters of Ohio choosing not to approve the legalization of marijuana for medicinal or recreational use. That is indicative of the progressive elitist democrats and some rino republicans want Americans to have. In other words, they would prefer that we light up and not focus on concrete issues like illegal immigration, or higher gasoline taxes coming in 2017 for Michigan residents. The progressives don’t want us to remember that president Obama has not made one concrete decision that would benefit America economically, morally, militarily, constitutionally, environmentally, or educationally.
When one reads the numerous quotes of the founding fathers, it is quite apparent that they were concerned about the possibility of the United States evolving from the land of the free and home of the brave, into the land of the dominated and home of the cowardly. Neither you or I can accurately tell how many times we have heard that according to certain pols, Americans support gun control and gender neutral bathrooms for example. Many other such wedge issues on the progressive agenda are promoting illegal immigration, false allegations of racism and supposedly hating the poor.
Those wedge issues have a certain prominence because people have been dumbed down to a lower level of thinking politically, morally and economically. If Americans were properly schooled on the benefits of our constitution and economics, along with virtue, I seriously doubt that the federal government would be so bloated and working to implode our nation on behalf of the United Nations and muslims.
Properly informed or schooled Americans would not entertain the fool-hearty concept that one is xenophobic because they simply want people to obey our laws and immigrate into the United States legally. Also, perhaps American voters would not have twice elected an individual who literally wants to bring tens of thousands of American hating muslims into our country to try and change our American culture into a bastion of rights inhibiting sharia law.
In order to rescue the United States from utter ruin, we must make genuine efforts to teach Christian virtues, real United States history, critical thinking, real math, etc. to the up and coming generations. If not, our beloved republic will simply end up slip, slipping away. Despite the current troubles and travails throughout the land I am still optimistic that America the beautiful will be truly great again. Our cities will once again be undimmed by human tears. She will of course soon reestablish a closer walk with the one who shed His grace upon her and benefit from His Providential guidance.
Do you believe?
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Campus Thuggery Spreads As College Marxists Shun First Amendment
By Cheryl Chumley
November 13, 2015
Well, so much for the First Amendment. Tossing sanity to the wind, college kids behaving as Marxists at so-called places of higher learning around the nation have broken free their classroom constraints to wander their various respective campuses, bullhorns in hand, and call for a stop to such offenses as wearing politically incorrect Halloween costumes, or for the forced removal of journalists covering – gasp – news events.
And that latter, no less, from the ridiculous lips of now-resigned University of Missouri journalism professor, Melissa Click, who underscored her rally demand of a reporter to exit the publicly-funded campus, stage right, with a plea for "muscle." What was her plan? Tar and feather the legally entitled guy, simply because he dared cross her self-declared media safe zone? No wonder media these days is so shabby. Journalists are being trained by idiots like Click – who didn't even lose her campus paycheck, but rather given another position at another department at Mizzou.
She's hardly the only idiot in the campus ring right now, however.
While the University of Missouri protesters revel in their successful ouster of both president and chancellor from their jobs, and push forward a list of demands that includes diversity training with an emphasis on more blacks, fewer whites, in campus positions of power, Black Lives Matter-like movements are springing up at colleges across the nation.
The junior class president of Claremont McKenna College in California resigned over a controversy generated by a Facebook photograph that showed her posing alongside two women decked in sombreros, ponchos and mustaches – Halloween costumes.
The campus, shortly after, ignited in protests. Yale students are still upset over their own campus Halloween costume flap, as well as at an overheard comment about a "white girls only" planned fraternity party at an off-campus location. At Ithaca College, hundreds of students swarmed their own campus lawns to demand the resignation of their own president, Tom Rochon, who apparently didn't express the proper level of outrage when a couple of white alumni called a black alumna a "savage." Or in Massachusetts, students at Smith College in Northampton rallied to show solidarity with their beleaguered brothers and sisters at Ithaca and Missouri. And at the University of Kansas, administrators felt the need to take preemptive measures and set up a town meeting to let students air any grievances they might have, all in hopes of appeasing the masses before they stumbled on their own cause to protest.
The analogy of the inmates running the asylum is not a far reach here. Let's not forget, the main issue with these Marxists is somebody said something or wore something that hurt their feelings. And that, my friend, is called a First Amendment right.
Don't these college educated understand where their lunacy is headed? Can't they see the not-so-distant results of their calls to clamp free speech? Even worse, some of these racially tainted events and occurrences may not even have happened. The fact the campus president of Missouri and the chancellor would fold so quickly and quit is alarming, as it only fuels the thuggery, emboldens the protesters and mocks a rule of law that's supposed to be based on innocence until proven guilty.
Coincidentally enough, there's a death this week that casts an insightful light on the state of America's college campuses and where this protest path leads. It'd be a good idea to distribute the obituary among these protesters.
Andre Glucksmann, a French philosopher who renounced Marxism in the 1970s and then became one of the country's leading intellectuals in the fight against leftist politics, died Tuesday. Interesting to note, he was thick in the middle of stirring the college campus chaos and uprising of the late 1960s, serving as both teacher and militant Marxist at Paris universities, while urging students to rebel, revolt and demand change. He later became a Maoist.
Violence on the part of his cohorts -- Ms. Click, are you listening? -- turned his stomach against his red leanings, though, and he soon shed his Marxism and began issuing scathing attacks against the very ideals he once held, and the very colleagues he once worked with and supported.
"It was Andrea Glucksmann who dealt the decisive blow to communism in France," a French radio announcer said, of his death.
"He was a passionate defender of the super-oppressed," another commentator said, the New York Times reported. "When he turned against communism, it was because he realized that communists were not on the same side."
His life story could serve as both hope and warning on college campuses in America right now. Only problem is: who's listening?
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Cheryl K. Chumley, a news writer with and former news staffer with the Washington Times, is also the author of "Police State USA: How Orwell's Nightmare Is Becoming Our Reality." She may be reached on Twitter at @ckchumley, or through her blog,