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Best Candidate for President? Donald Trump, Hands Down!

Why the GOP Establishment Hates Donald Trump
By Kelleigh Nelson
October 27, 2015

Wake up, it's our last chance to save America. Please, make this article to go VIRAL.
After the insiders have established the United Socialist States of America (in fact if not in name), the next step is the Great Merger of all nations of the world into a dictatorial world government. … The Insiders’ code word for the world superstate is “new world order,” a phrase often used by Richard Nixon (and Bush Sr.). The Council on Foreign Relations states in its Study No. 7: “The U.S. must strive to: A. BUILD A NEW INTERNATIONAL ORDER.” … A world government has always been the object of the Communists. Gary Allen American journalist 1936-86, Source, None Dare Call It Conspiracy, p.121

Just why does the GOP hate Donald Trump? That's easy to answer, because he's thrown a monkey-wrench into the plans of the New World Order. (To understand the NWO, read Dr. Dennis Cuddy's chronology of same.) Who would have thought that an outsider, like billionaire Donald Trump, would capture the attention of the American people, and at the same time, infuriate the GOP, DNC, and MSM, but mostly his own party! To the GOP, Donald Trump is not only a pariah, but a wild card. Americans who are sick and tired of the same old, same old from the Republican party are thrilled to hear someone speak the same language we speak to each other.

What is it that Trump stands for that makes the GOP so desirous of destroying him? It's the opposite of what the New World Order gang wants! And that gang includes both the left and the right, and has for over 50 years now. If the Republicans had attacked President Obama with the same gusto as they're going after Donald Trump, Mitt Romney would be running for his second term in the White House. Yet, if there's one thing the GOP hates worse than Mr. Trump -- it's their base, (that's us, the conservative electorate) and by now, we all know that instead of governing as Republicans, they kowtow to Democrats. Just think back to the 2010 and 2014 Hillary would say, "What difference did it make?" Absolutely NONE! Every one of those Tea Party people elected were co-opted within six weeks. Check out the many articles on the web by the Republican elite on how to take down Trump. Here are just a few.... [Link], [Link], [Link]

Club For Growth's War Against Trump

The poll that placed Trump in second place in Iowa was a fake, paid for by the notorious Club For Growth Action (CFG) and differs from the NBC News/WSJ/Marist poll over the weekend that has Trump in first place in Iowa by five points.

Remember that CFG asked for a million dollar donation from Trump, and he refused. From that point on, CFG was after Trump. CFG's partners and allies include the Peter G. Peterson Foundation. Peterson is chairman emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations and former chairman of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Another ally is the US Chamber of Commerce, who is so behind the invasion of illegal aliens on our southern borders.

CFG has spent a million dollars on anti-Trump ads in Iowa claiming Trump loves eminent domain and takes peoples' property for his own use. The only problem with this is that the Iowa Christians listen to this rubbish and actually believe it. (Believing lies without doing your own research, is precisely why Obama got elected) The real facts are far from what CFG would have us believe. In 1986 Trump helped save Annabel Hill's farm that had been in the family for five generations. "We give a lot of money to foreign countries that don’t give a damn about us, but we don’t help the American farmers," Trump said.
Guess who CFG is backing for president? You guessed it! Globalist, pro-amnesty, pro-common core, pro-free trade (off shoring more American jobs and American sovereignty), Jeb Bush. Soviet Agent Henry Kissinger is endorsing Bush.
Coming soon: Watch for a follow up article on this very subject and why Christians are so gullible.
Jeb Bush with David McIntosh, president of Club For Growth.
Here's part of an article I would urge you to read in its's well worth it.
Without Trump in the race, the Globalist, Wall Street, Corporate Media and RNC/GOP delivery of Jeb Bush would ultimately be the outcome. All they had/have to do is follow the exact same plan which worked in 2012. The electorate, including us, unknowing of the Potemkin Village landscape (an impressive facade or show designed to hide an undesirable fact or condition), would simply follow along the yellow brick road pre-paved with the intentions of interests unseen. Not a big deal.
We'd have a choice of Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton....
When we fully understand this reality, we simultaneously also understand why Donald Trump entered the 2016 presidential race. Like us, you, Trump sees the Potemkin construct and said, "Enough," "Someone’s got to get in this race to change the outcome."
Step one in Trump’s campaign was to tear down the facade of the phony Village in order to awaken a larger understanding of who is actually behind these constructs.
Thus, Trump was immediately effective at exposing the deceivers amid our own ranks. Immediately Donald Trump drew inbound fire from those who hold a vested interest in retention of the ruse and maintenance of the path, and the New World Order progress.
So, Mr. Donald Trump has struck fear in the hearts of the elitist globalists, and Donald is beholden to no one...not one special interest, nope, not one.
Donald Trump's Platform Strikes Fear in New World Order Hearts
Donald Trump says he'll send the Syrian migrants back when he becomes president. Doesn't that sound great to all taxpaying citizens of America who are on the hook for supporting these Islamists we should never have taken into our country? The NWO crowd doesn't like the sound of that at all. Their plan is to make us a 3rd world country.
Trump successfully pressures Ford to move their plant back to America from Mexico, and he did this before he's even president. His constant criticism of Ford outsourcing jobs to Mexico has caused the auto tycoon to change course and bring the $2,000,000,000 plant back to the United States. We all know the GOP isn't happy about this because they simply love "free trade," which has destroyed millions of American jobs and sent them to foreign countries.
Recently, Breitbart had an article entitled, Trump: Revoke Passports For Those Who Go To Fight For ISIS, Would ‘Look At’ Closing Certain Mosques’. If that doesn't simply infuriate every Islam promoting Republican, I don't know what does. The NWO plan is to destroy the white Europeans who migrated to America, and to make us a third world country with a majority population of Islamic immigrants.
Second Amendment - Obama and many republicans demand more useless gun control measures and spout that anyone not agreeing with him are reprobates. Trump has a plan calling for Nationwide Concealed Carry and an End To Gun Bans.
“Law-abiding people should be allowed to own the firearm of their choice. The government has no business dictating what types of firearms good, honest people are allowed to own…” -Donald Trump
This certainly does not fit with the NWO plan of disarming all American citizens. Personally, I don't believe we even need a carry permit according to the Constitution.
Saving Persecuted Christians - Donald Trump Declares: “The Bigger Issue Is That Obama Is Waging A War Against Christians In This Country. Their Religious Liberty Is At Stake.” I have yet to see any Republican in Congress stand up and demand that we save the persecuted Christians rather than these young Islamic men who claim they're refugees. Not a one. Trump is right, the destruction of our Judeo-Christian society and culture is happening before our eyes and our NWO loving Republican controlled Congress says nothing.
Pro-Life - Trump stands firm on pro-life, He states, "I have evolved on the abortion issue, we should ban all late term abortions. The only exceptions on abortion are for rape, incest or health." (Jun 2015) In Feb. of 2011, Trump stated, "I am pro-life, we need to fight Obamacare abortion funding."
The NWO gang is fully in the bag for United Nations Agenda 21, which calls for the elimination of 85% of the world's population. Pro-life certainly does not fit with the NWO plans of the GOP or DNC.
Education - Trump says Common Core is a disaster. He wants to cut the Department of Education way, way down, eliminating it would be even better. Our schools should be teaching American roots, and we should study our ancestry. Trump wants comprehensive education instead of limited subjects, as well as teaching citizenship, the Constitution, and American history. He wants an end to creative spelling.
The Republicans like Jeb Bush have been in the tank for Common core, and the total and thorough destruction of our once academic teaching. Remember it was Republican Reagan who signed two US/Soviet education agreements which changed our academic teaching into Pavlovian/Skinnerian behavioral dog training. Teaching to the test is the standard today. Republican Senator Lamar Alexander and his Republican cohorts want to control the children from infancy, all for the NWO global workforce.
Obamacare - Trump has stated that "Obamacare can't be reformed, salvaged, or fixed. It's that bad. Obamacare has to be killed now before it grows into an even bigger mess, as it inevitably will. If it's not repealed, it will be more than just another failed government entitlement program--it will be the trillion-ton weight that finally takes down our economy forever."
Obamacare is a heat-seeking missile that will destroy jobs & small businesses; it will explode health-care costs; and it will lead to health care that is far less innovative than it is today. Every argument that you'd make against socialism you can make against socialized health care, and any candidate who isn't 100% committed to scrapping Obamacare is not someone America should elect president. Repealing Obamacare may be one of the most important and consequential actions our next president takes.
Remember that every Republican voted against Obamacare, but knew it would pass since they were the minority. They still tout this fact today, but what they don't tell you is that when they had a majority, they failed to defund Obamacare. One of the Marxist tenets is to control health care, and the neo-con Republicans are all for it.
Illegal Immigration - Donald Trump announced his five point plan about illegal immigration. The 5 points are very specific, and would turn the tide against two terms of President Barack Obama’s amnesty agenda!
He is focused on the 14th Amendment, which falsely grants citizenship to babies born in America of illegal aliens. He wants to change that, and has 5 ideas on how to secure the border.
1. Build a fence, deploy 25,000 additional border agents, utilize Predator drones.
2. Enforce immigration law.
3. No more cozy detention centers.
4. Oppose "DREAM Act."
5. No future tuition benefits.
None of these points fit with any of the Republican candidates, nor the majority of the Republican congress. The NWO plan of a pathway to citizenship fits right in with not only NAFTA, but the North American Union. The latter was drafted at the Council on Foreign Relations by none other than Ted Cruz's wife, Heidi.
Every issue mentioned by Trump has met with vicious and vitriolic responses from the GOP candidates as well as the entire Republican party. They are the number one attack dog, with the Democrats and MSM close behind. Don't forget about Fox News with the first debate, and the ridiculous questions tossed by Megyn Kelly.
The criticisms of Trump are amazingly missing something. They are lacking in negative stories from those who work for him or have had business dealings with him. After all the employees he's had and all the business deals he's made, there is a massive void of criticism. In fact, long term employees call him a strong and merciful leader and say he is far more righteous and of high integrity than people may think.
Trump is a man unlike the rest of the GOP candidates. He gives to people unconditionally, and he doesn't talk about it, nor does the news media, who should.
Remember the California family with the three year old child, Andrew Ten, who needed to get to a doctor in New York? The regular airlines wouldn't fly the child because he needed oxygen as well as other medical equipment to make the trip. The family called Trump, and the Donald sent his private plane to California for that family and took them to the New York physicians. [Link]
Donald Trump quietly helped out Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who was left to rot in a Mexican prison for 214 days, and who Obama ignored. A source told Top Right News that the “money” Trump sent Tahmoreesi was “very substantial,” and included paying all of the family’s legal bills, financial needs while he was held prisoner for nearly a year, and cash to get him back on his feet.
This next story was verified by Mr. Trump on his show, The Apprentice, when someone asked him if it was true. Apparently his limo had a flat tire on the New Jersey highway, and an elderly couple stopped to help. Donald asked what he could do for the man who helped them, and he said, "Send my wife a bouquet." The man had handed Donald his card, which included his address. Allegedly, Trump sent a beautiful bouquet, but also paid off their mortgage. [Link] This is the one story I cannot verify, but Mr. Trump claimed it was true.

As for Trump's religious beliefs, he may not have the type of Christianity others think he should have, but I will tell you this. When he and his wife, Melania lived in Palm Beach, Florida in the Mar-a-lago estate and club, he and his wife attended church every Sunday. The only reason I know this is because I have very close personal friends who also attend this very same church, and saw them every Sunday.
If you want to know what Donald Trump stands for and believes, here is an article from Doug Johnson's, Horse Sense blog that spells it out clearly and succinctly, and should make every conservative thrilled to have Donald Trump as the Republican Presidential Candidate for 2016. I know I will sleep a lot better with Mr. Trump in our White House.
Wake up, it's our last chance to save America. Please, make this article to go VIRAL.      

Kelleigh Nelson has been researching the Christian right and their connections to the left, the new age, and cults since 1975. Formerly an executive producer for three different national radio talk show hosts, she was adept at finding and scheduling a variety of wonderful guests for her radio hosts. She and her husband live in Knoxville, TN, and she has owned her own wholesale commercial bakery since 1990. Prior to moving to Tennessee, Kelleigh was marketing communications and advertising manager for a fortune 100 company in Ohio. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, she was a Goldwater girl with high school classmate, Hillary Rodham, in Park Ridge, Illinois. Kelleigh is well acquainted with Chicago politics and was working in downtown Chicago during the 1968 Democratic convention riots. Kelleigh is presently the secretary for Rocky Top Freedom Campaign, a strong freedom advocate group.


The National Campaign of Trump Bashing
By Kelleigh Nelson
September 21, 2015

Wise men lay up knowledge: but the mouth of the foolish is near destruction. -Proverbs 10:14

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. -Proverbs 29:2

When one goes for a job interview, one does not talk about how horrible your former/present employer was/is, but rather, you tell about what you have accomplished for the company, and what you can bring to your new employer. You would think the men/women running for president would know that, but obviously they don't.

Rather than blasting their fellow candidates, they should have told just exactly what they can do for the country and how they'd lead America. I wonder if all these elitists have been told to attack Trump no matter what. Even so, they have made fools of themselves. Trump has fired back at them, and he keeps scoring points.

Rick Perry and Lindsey Graham on Trump

Rick Perry and Lindsey Graham hit Donald Trump very hard. Here's Perry's speech against Trump, comparing Trump to a cancer. Perry has now dropped out of the race and Lindsey Graham (who wants us to take in Syrian Refugees) is at the bottom of the polls. Graham actually called Trump a complete idiot, and said he'd beat Trump's brains out in South Carolina. [Link] Since Trump has made himself $10 billion, I highly doubt he's an idiot. Poor Graham...does anyone really like this man?

Ben Carson on Trump

Ben Carson was in Anaheim, California giving a speech, and a reporter asked him to differentiate himself from his fellow non-establishment candidates. "I’ve realized where my success has come from, and I don’t in any way deny my faith in God," Carson said. "And I think that is the big difference." Carson also said he does not get the sense that faith is a major part of Trump’s life. "I haven’t seen it," he said. The former neurosurgeon quoted one of his favorite Bible passages – Proverbs 22:4: "By humility and the fear of the Lord are riches and honor and life," adding, "that’s a very big part of who I am. I don’t get that impression [from Trump], maybe I’m wrong but I don’t get that," said Carson.

Trump responded by tweeting:

Earlier this month, Trump said of Carson, “I like Ben a lot. He’s a good guy,” but Carson’s remarks clearly stirred anger in the billionaire candidate. He insisted he was only discussing Carson because he was questioning Trump's faith. "I happen to be a great believer in God and a great believer in the Bible."
My question to Ben Carson is why he even had to mention Donald Trump at all...unless again, they've all been told to attack Trump at every opportunity, or they're so jealous, they all are striving to take Donald down.
Rand Paul on Trump
Apparently Rand Paul was on Hannity's show and couldn't stop disparaging Donald Trump. Hannity tried to steer the conversation in another area, but Rand just kept going on about Trump. Now, Rand's put out anti-Trump ads where Trump basically says he identifies as a Democrat, and that the economy does better under Democrats. However, it doesn't show to whom he was speaking or when. One must always remember that Trump is a businessman who has to butter his bread on both sides. I know this to be true from having worked as Marketing and Communications Manager for a Fortune 100 company.
Trump swatted back at Rand saying, "He's failing in the polls, he's weak on the military, and I actually think he's a far better doctor than he is a senator. He's a mess, there's no question about it."
Willard Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Christie and Marco Rubio
Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney attacked real estate mogul and 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump telling a CNN reporter he thinks Trump’s remarks on illegal immigrants were a "severe error." Romney hosted a slumber party one recent weekend for two of the 2016 GOP presidential candidates, Senator Marco Rubio, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.
Then Rubio got in on slamming Trump. "Trump’s comments are not just offensive and inaccurate, but also divisive," Rubio said. "Our next president needs to be someone who brings Americans together – not someone who continues to divide. Our broken immigration system is something that needs to be solved, and comments like this move us further from – not closer to – a solution. We need leaders who offer serious solutions to secure our border and fix our broken immigration system.”
As if right on cue, after Romney and Rubio, Bush joined the coordinated parade of establishment Republicans attacking Trump. The escalation comes as the Bush campaign has determined they believe there is a strategic benefit in attacking Trump, potentially helping their candidate shore up support on his vulnerable right flank. The campaign had previously hoped to ignore Trump’s rise throughout the summer.
"I don’t think he represents the Republican Party, and his views are way out of the mainstream of what Republicans think," Bush said in New Hampshire. "No one suggests that we shouldn’t control our borders – everybody has a belief that we should control our borders. But to make these extraordinarily ugly kind of comments is not reflective of the Republican Party. Trump is wrong on this." Read more on this at Breitbart.
Glenn Beck
More and more people are saying Beck has lost it, he's in a nose dive, he's gone over the cliff. First he came out and claimed he'd save more Christians from Syria than Schindler saved Jewish people during WWII. [Link]
He said, "I asked if my audience could raise $10 million before Christmas to bring the Christians in from Syria,” Beck explained. “We will vet them ourselves. We have former CIA people that are going over and they’re vetting everybody right now. We can save more people by Christmas than Oscar Schindler saved. Okay? Well, what are you going to do with them? What are you going to do with them? How are you going to get them in here? State Department won’t let them in. Really? Because I know some bridges over a river in Texas that doesn’t seem to matter. It doesn’t seem to matter. And if they want to say, ‘Now you can’t bring those people in, now you can’t, that’s somehow illegal, we’ll put you in jail’ – I will so gladly grace a jail for the justice cause of saving people’s lives. I don’t need your permission at all to do the right thing! That’s who we need to be now! Forget about Washington! You don’t need permission to do the right thing."
Now he's having a meltdown over Donald Trump’s popularity which has reached it’s critical point. Glenn Beck has gone full progressive playing the race card with the tea party. According to Glenn Beck, if you are a tea party member and support Donald Trump, you must be a racist. Beck claims that if you are/were a tea party person who supports Trump then your lack of support for Obama was because he was black. [Link]
Thirdly, Beck is not only for a Constitutional Convention, he is also for amnesty. Beck was bashing Americans opposed to illegal immigration, decrying partisan politics, and positioning himself toward the center just as he was reportedly trying to strike a deal to get his programming on CNN. [Link]
I don't know who Beck is taking direction from, but he is definitely losing his audience, and his continual attacks against Trump have been the main reason.
Club for Growth
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is demanding that Club for Growth (CfG) president David McIntosh resign his position. Why? Because before McIntosh criticized Trump’s candidacy for the White House, he begged Trump for a million dollars. Here's CfG's request letter.
McIntosh, Trump charges, dismissed him as “not a serious candidate” after Trump declined to donate $1 million to his group. "I am appalled by Mr. McIntosh’s shameless pandering and blatant shakedown attempt, exposing him and the CfG as a fraud," said Trump. Now CfG is going for Trump's throat. [Link], [Link], [Link]
So, let's take a look at just who is involved with and who funds Club for Growth. Stephen Moore was the founder of Club for Growth, and he is now chief economist at the Heritage Foundation and was the former Wall Street Journal editorial writer who championed tax cuts. WSJ is owned by CFR member Rupert Murdoch and Saudi Prince, Alwaleed bin Talal who owns 7%. Moore has been paid to promote policies for the Koch funded Americans for Prosperity (AFP), owned by David Koch, who is a member of the globalist Aspen Institute. ( Please see Part 14 of my series for information on the leftist Koch brothers). Aspen Institute's former director was none other than Maurice Strong, of UN Agenda 21 fame. Moore is also an American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) "scholar" as of 2011. On August 4th, 2011, he spoke at a Shell Oil-sponsored plenary session of the 38th Annual ALEC Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, along with fellow ALEC "scholar" Arthur B. Laffer. ALEC has long been a proponent of destroying our Constitution. [Link]
CfG's partners and allies include the Peter G. Peterson Foundation. Peterson is chairman emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations and former chairman of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Another ally is the US Chamber of Commerce, who is so behind the invasion of illegal aliens on our southern borders. [Link] See Erica Carle's short three-part article, "Who is in Charge of the New World Order?" about the Chamber of Commerce.
Besides the CFR and Chamber control, CfG has three very frightening goals, first is "School Choice," which actually eliminates choice because once one penny of tax money goes to a private, religious, or home schooled student, all the federal government regulations go with it.
Secondly CfG wants to "replace the tax code with a flat or Fair Tax." Reagan tried a flat tax when he was president and it was soundly rejected. The Fair Tax (video)is not what many people believe it is, but it also requires a Constitutional Convention according to Herman Cain, Libertarian Neal Boortz, and John Linder.
roblem. We have counterfeit regulated regional trade agreements which have cost us not only millions of jobs, but also our sovereignty. Please note that Ted Cruz was for fast tracking for Obama's TPP trade deal.


CfG also wants to add a balanced budget amendment, which really is not a solution to our financial problems, as it will legalize the unconstitutional spending the Congress is doing, as well as allowing them to raise taxes every time their budget doesn't balance. [Link], [Link], [Link]
The left hates Trump, the right hates Trump, the GOP and DNC candidates hate Trump, Fox News hates Trump, CNN hates Trump, the entire MSM hates Trump, and the American people still like him. Why? Because he's filling a void, he's saying the things we say to each other, he's not afraid to speak his mind, and bottom line, he's not a DC politician. Unlike Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Bobby Jindal, Trump is totally eligible to be the President of the United States. Read Devvy Kidd's article on why Jindal, Cruz and Rubio are ineligible, and why they all had to be declared eligible. [Link]
Love or hate him, Trump's a force to be reckoned with, and he's shaking up the status quo, which is an absolutely delightful thing to watch. 
© 2015 Kelleigh Nelson - All Rights Reserved
Donald Trump and the Fox Debate     
By Kelleigh Nelson
August 13, 2015
There were five articles on my blog on Monday the 10th, from various leftist rags on Donald Trump. I wanted everyone to see what is being said about him, and judge for themselves whether or not it is true. I have been told by two friends that Trump is just another player, and the people are being duped. Whether or not this is true, I am in seventh heaven watching Trump stir the pot and making the rest of the candidates squirm. He has filled a void, a void that has been there for many decades. How refreshing for a candidate to speak the truth about what the American people are thinking. This is what Trump is doing, and why he's gained huge numbers and popularity.
I was fortunate enough to watch the Fox debates last Thursday evening. Apparently Dish Network worked out their differences, and we again have Fox. I wouldn’t have known because I never watch Fox News, (I find them as reprehensible as the MSM), but my husband found the channel available.
Some of the answers by the 10 candidates were quite good, but we all know that prior to elections, all candidates sound good. Needless to say, when their lips move, you know they’re lying. The only one I thought was totally honest in his answers was Dr. Ben Carson. He’s a really nice man, perhaps too nice for politics. However, his choice to chum with Al Sharpton has put a different slant on his political ambitions. Dr. Ben Carson, on Fox News said he and Al Sharpton have the same goal. Carson on Fox: “Mr. Sharpton and I have the same goal: to build a brighter, stronger America that provides equal opportunities and access to the underserved and forgotten. ” [Link]
Those who didn't make the field for the first debate include former HP CEO, Carly Fiorina, the GOP's only female presidential candidate, former Texas Governor, Rick Perry, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, former New York Governor George Pataki, and former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore. They’ve already declared Carly Fiorina the winner of the 5 p.m. debate of the low level candidates. Watch for my article on her, it's coming up on NWVs. She loves Islam and using Marxist tactics.
Of course no one mentions that Rubio, Jindahl, and Cruz are not even eligible to hold the office of President or Vice-President, because if they did, they'd also have to admit that Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama, is also not eligible. [Link]
As for Don Trump, I thought many of the questions tossed at him were personal attacks, not questions that were valid on issues which are important to American citizens, but attacks couched in questions allegedly to validate Trump's abilities. Of course it was all scripted, it always is, and we know it. Under the circumstances, I believe Trump did quite well. For a follow-up to the debates, make sure you watch this GOP debate recap with Trump and's very riveting.
Rand Paul
I was really quite surprised at Rand Paul’s statement that we fought the Revolutionary War over the 4th amendment. Actually, we fought the Revolutionary War over taxation without representation. Trump caught him on that one. And no one mentioned one word about charter schools…all tax funded, but they do not report to the local school boards. That, my friends, is truly taxation without representation. Our tax dollars are funding Gulen Islamic charters, Chinese charters, Rudolph Steiner’s Waldorf charters, etc., etc., ad nauseam.
Jeb Bush
Jeb Bush claims that he has made vouchers grow exponentially in Florida, yet we all know quite well, that Jeb is one of the greatest promoters of common core. But did you also know that with every voucher comes tax dollars. When one penny of tax money goes to a child for education, ALL FEDERAL REGULATIONS go with it. It's federal law. Thus, the private, religious or home schooled children who have accepted vouchers have also accepted all the federal regulations. Education belongs to the states, NOT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Vouchers simply destroy alternatives to government education.
Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz cracked me up when he said his father had left him and his mother, but then found Jesus in a Baptist church and came back to them. He also said his father escaped Cuba. What Teddy didn’t tell you was that his father actually worked for Castro and was all for the guy until he finally figured out Castro wasn’t so hot. And Raphael Cruz is no Baptist. Teddy called him an evangelical preacher. The reality is, he does not have a divinity degree, and he got his teaching from Benny Hinn’s wife, Suzanne. Benny Hinn is Trinity Broadcasts' faith healer. That alone should be enough to scare you, but there’s more. Raphael and son, Teddy, are into the New Apostolic Reform, which is hyper Calvinism/Dominionism, and certainly not orthodox. Dominionism is the belief that we need a theocracy of Dominionist believers, that Christ will not return again until the entire world is Christianized, and that sinners, i.e., adulterers, homosexuals, disobedient children, etc. should be stoned in the street. Yes, they still believe in the 613 Old Testament Mosaic laws that Christ did away with when He died on the Cross. They only eliminate a few dietary restrictions. Nine of the 10 commandments are repeated in the New Testament, the only one not repeated is the 4th. Every day is now the Lord’s day.
As well, these Dominionists gathered in a Marriott hotel and laid hands on Ted Cruz and pronounced him King of the political and governmental sphere.

John Kasich
I was shocked at the audience’s appreciation of Kasich’s stand on homosexual marriage. It would seem the American electorate has decided that whatever the Bible says is outdated. Of course the audience is chosen, so I shouldn't be at all surprised...and that's Democrat controlled Cleveland folks. The MSM today is raving over Kasich’s statements. I knew the MSM would never declare Donald or Carson the winner, but Kasich? Please!
As for Mr. Trump, the MSM cannot stomach anyone who says what the American people are thinking. This is what he has done. A couple of the other candidates have been encouraged by Trump’s actions to speak out themselves. Unfortunately, they were immediately slapped down. Sad that they are all so afraid and spineless, but that is today’s America, controlled by the MSM… and those candidates lack the chutzpah to speak the truth.

I really didn’t expect anything from Fox News that was better than what we received. They are owned by CFR member Rupert Murdoch and Saudi Prince, Alaweed Bin Talal. The MSM is raving over their debate saying Fox did a great job. That should tell us how horrible they were. As far as I’m concerned, Fox, and the MSM want another moderate/leftist Republican like Bob Dole, Willard Mitt Romney, or Manchurian candidate, McCain, to run on the Repub ticket so Hillary can take over and totally destroy America. This is why the obvious attack on Trump, he needs to be destroyed, and both the left and right are in on it. Did you know Hillary watched the debates with the Kardashians? Yeeesh, last people I’d want to spend an evening with, ugh.
Did you also know that Perry, Fiorina, Bush, and Rubio all made glowing comments about Hillary? Personally, I cannot think of one glowing remark to make about Hillary.
So, read the negative articles I posted on my blog on Monday, the 10th, and see what you think…are we being duped again, or is Mr. Trump the real thing?
© 2015 Kelleigh Nelson - All Rights Reserved
President Donald Trump: A Man For All Americans
By Frosty Wooldridge
July 14, 2015
Einstein said, “The problems in the world today are so enormous, they cannot be solved with the level of thinking that created them.”
This month, Donald Trump stood before the American people to announce his candidacy for becoming the next President of the United States.
He told the American people exactly what actions he expects to take once he becomes president.
He reminds me of President Teddy Roosevelt 1901-1909, who said, “Rhetoric is a poor substitute for action, and we have trusted only rhetoric. If we want to be a great nation, we must not merely talk; we must act big.”
“I will make the United States of America a great country again,” Trump said.
He listed actions to thrust this country into greatness once again. If you look at all the democrats and republicans, they continue to shuck and jive any questions that deal with what’s happening to our country. Hillary Clinton cannot explain Benghazi because she’s covering it up. Jeb Bush stands as an ‘open-borders’ advocate just like his brother and father—which accelerated our illegal immigration to an estimated 12 million and as high as 30 million as researched by Ann Coulter in her blockbuster book: Adios America—The Left’s Plan for Turning America into a Third World Hellhole.
Trump promised to build a wall across the Mexican-U.S. border and enforce our immigration laws. Every intelligent American nodded his or her head in agreement. But the pundits lashed out with name-calling and other vacuous charges. The fact remains: our country houses 12 to 30 million illegal alien migrants that wreak havoc on our schools, language, welfare, hospitals, inner cities and worse, they undercut our wages and steal jobs from our poorest Americans. They force us into two languages, which means we fracture our national English language into linguistic chaos---resulting in two different and opposing Americas.
The tired same old candidates espouse endless legal immigration. Endless legal immigration overwhelms our entire country from cities turning into ghettoes and infrastructure that cannot keep up with exponential growth.
“Most Western elites continue urging the wealthy West not to stem the migrant tide [that adds 80 million net gain annually to the planet], but to absorb our global brothers and sisters until their horrid ordeal has been endured and shared by all—ten billion humans packed onto an ecologically devastated planet.” Dr. Otis Graham, Unguarded Gates
Today, America fractures into Spanish, Arabic and dozens of other languages that constitute differing worldviews and cultures incompatible with the
American Way of Life. We cannot continue on this polyglot path of falsified citizenship.
Republicans Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, Lindsey Graham (totally incompetent as a U.S. senator), Bobby Jindal—and others haven’t and won’t take a stand to stop endless illegal immigration. To vote for any of them equates to the continued invasion of our country.
Democrats Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Lincoln Chafee, Martin O’Malley and the rest—haven’t and won’t stop the immigrant flood.
In other words, old thinking, old actions and destructive results for our language, culture and way of life.
Those same Congressional Critters brought us 48 million Americans subsisting on food stamps. They did nothing to alleviate African-American joblessness and poverty. They brought us insourcing, outsourcing and offshoring of our jobs to foreign countries. Those same liberals and conservatives sold our jobs to China, which left Middle Class America dying from lack of jobs. Those same leaders dug us $18 trillion into debt while they voted for the insane Iraq War that burned hundreds of billions of dollars and wasted the lives of our military youth.
We need Donald Trump to change America’s course. He knows how to negotiate with China, India, Mexico and Europe. He knows how to broker deals in our best interest, not China’s. Trump will not bow to a Saudi Arabian king for any reason. Obama bowed to the Saudi king, which contradicts the foundation of our Constitution. We found our country on the equality of every citizen. We don’t bow to anyone, anywhere, for any reason.
Trump changes the game from dodge and duck, to “I’m going take actions for the betterment of the American people.”
“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong
man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”
I’m ready for a brash, bold and tell-it-like-it-is president. I am ready for a man who stands up for America instead of bowing to Saudi Arabian kings. I am ready for a man who would appoint a Secretary of State who would not allow another Benghazi. I am ready for a president who would create Fair Trade instead of Free Trade to get Americans back to work. I am ready for a man of confidence, vision, grit and guts.
President Donald Trump’s got my vote.
Definition of slogan: “Immigration Shutdown Now means the American people want all legal immigration dropped to less than 10,000 annually with compatible immigrants that fit our ethos and want to become Americans, and only those who benefit our country and/or they marry an American and speak English. That means we want all illegal immigration stopped by arresting, prosecuting and jailing employers of illegal aliens. We deport all illegal aliens by taking their jobs away and as we catch them. We want English mandated as our national language. We demand a cessation of Muslim immigration in order to protect our culture, language and way of life. We can’t save the world but we can destroy our civilization. We demand a stable population that allows everyone to live, work and thrive into the 21st century. Especially our children.” FHW
That’s why you need to take action. Send this series to everyone in your network. Educate them. Urge them to take action by joining these websites to become faxers of prewritten letters and phone callers. We must force Congress into an “Immigration Shutdown Now!”
Share these videos all over America:
In a five minute astoundingly simple yet brilliant video, “Immigration, Poverty, and Gum Balls”, Roy Beck, director of www.numbersusa.ORG, graphically illustrates the impact of overpopulation. Take five minutes to see for yourself.
“Immigration by the numbers—off the chart” by Roy BeckThis 10 minute demonstration shows Americans the results of unending mass immigration on the quality of life and sustainability for future generations: in a few words, “Mind boggling!”
© 2015 Frosty Wooldridge - All Rights Reserved
Frosty Wooldridge possesses a unique view of the world, cultures and families in that he has bicycled around the globe 100,000 miles, on six continents and six times across the United States in the past 30 years. His published books include: "HANDBOOK FOR TOURING BICYCLISTS"; “STRIKE THREE! TAKE YOUR BASE”; “IMMIGRATION’S UNARMED INVASION: DEADLY CONSEQUENCES”; “MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURE TO ALASKA: INTO THE WIND—A TEEN NOVEL”; “BICYCLING AROUND THE WORLD: TIRE TRACKS FOR YOUR IMAGINATION”; “AN EXTREME ENCOUNTER: ANTARCTICA.” His next book: “TILTING THE STATUE OF LIBERTY INTO A SWAMP.” He lives in Denver, Colorado.
Exposing How Donald Trump Really Made His Fortune: Inheritance from Dad and the Government's Protection Mostly Did the Trick
This excerpt from "The Self-Made Myth: The Truth About How Government Helps Individuals and Businesses Succeed" tells the real story about how Trump got so obscenely rich.
Trump was born in New York City in 1946, the son of real estate tycoon Fred Trump. Fred Trump’s business success not only provided Donald Trump with a posh youth of private schools and economic security but eventually blessed him with an inheritance worth an estimated $40 million to $200 million. It is critical to note, however, that his father’s success, which granted Donald Trump such a great advantage, was enabled and buffered by governmental financing programs. In 1934, while struggling during the Great Depression, financing from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) allowed Fred Trump to revive his business and begin building a multitude of homes in Brooklyn, selling at $6,000 apiece. Furthermore, throughout World War II, Fred Trump constructed FHA-backed housing for US naval personnel near major shipyards along the East Coast.
In 1974 Donald Trump became president of his father’s organization. During the 15 years following his ascension, he expanded and innovated the corporation, buying and branding buildings, golf courses, hotels, casinos, and other recreational facilities. In 1980 he established The Trump Organization to oversee all of his real estate operations.
Trump eventually found himself in serious financial trouble. In 1990, due to excessive leveraging, The Trump Organization revealed that it was $5 billion in debt ($8.8 billion by some estimates), with $1 billion personally guaranteed by Trump himself. The survival of the company was made possible only by a bailout pact agreed upon in August of that same year by some 70 banks, allowing Trump to defer on nearly $1 billion in debt, as well as to take out second and third mortgages on almost all of his properties. If it were not for the collective effort of all banks and parties involved in that 1990 deal, Trump’s business would have gone bankrupt and failed.
In 1995 Trump took Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts Inc. public and received a substantial financial boost from society and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations that enable the market to function. He initially sold 10 million shares at $14 per share and then in 1996 sold 13.25 million shares at $32.50 a share. This initial public offering granted Trump’s company a stability and legitimacy that would have been impossible without millions of people around the world trusting his organization and investing with the hope of shared success.
Despite the clear societal and governmental assistance described above, Trump continues to be outspoken in his criticism of government. In his book The America We Deserve, Trump explains that “the greatest threat to the American Dream is the idea that dreamers need close government scrutiny and control. Job one for us is to make sure the public sector does a limited job, and no more.” This quote proves to be particularly ironic when considering Trump’s feelings about eminent domain laws. He was quoted as saying, “I happen to agree with it 100 percent” when speaking of the 2005 Supreme Court decision on Kolo v. New London, which affirmed the government’s ability to transfer land from one private owner to another for the purpose of economic development in the area. In fact, Trump attempted to take advantage of eminent domain laws on multiple occasions, once even demanding that an elderly widow give up her home so that he could build a limousine parking lot.
Perhaps more disturbing than his hypocritical condemnation of the government is his failure to acknowledge anyone’s contributions, save his own, in the creation of his success. At the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference, Trump made clear his feelings on the creation of his wealth: “Over the years I’ve participated in many battles and have really almost come out very, very victorious every single time. I’ve beaten many people and companies, and I’ve won many wars. I have fairly but intelligently earned many billions of dollars, which in a sense was both a scorecard and acknowledgment of my abilities.” Furthermore, Trump apparently sees no benefit in supporting taxes to maintain institutions such as the Securities and Exchange Commission to regulate the stock market, in which he publicly trades his company, or the court system, which actively protects his property rights: “We are the highest taxed nation—I would tax foreign countries that are ripping off the US and lower taxes for Americans.”
From the moment of his birth, Trump was set up for success. The large inheritance left to him by his father, coupled with the contributions and the protections of society and the US government made his ascension to the Forbes 400 list almost inevitable. Nevertheless, Trump fails to recognize this phenomenon and continues to express his belief that he did it alone.
Copyright © 2012 with permission from Berrett Koehler Publishers.