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A Closer Look at Some American Politicians! (Part 2)

Cruz’s Unethical Profiling of Americans
By Anita Hoge
February 13, 2016
Quit psychoanalyzing your supporters according to atheistic Freudian principles of neuroticism and fear.
Headline news in The Guardian, UK, looks somewhat different than in the United States concerning Sen. Ted Cruz and his electioneering. Has “Trust” Ted created a fake PhD psychologist post-nominal title behind his lawyerly Harvard initials?
"Ted Cruz using firm that harvested data on millions of unwitting Facebook users Exclusive: Documents reveal donor-funded US startup embedded in Republican’s campaign paid UK university academics to collect psychological profiles on potential voters." [Source]
Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign is using psychological data based on research spanning tens of millions of Facebook users, harvested largely without their permission, to boost his surging White House run and gain an edge over Donald Trump and other Republican rivals, the Guardian revealed.
A little-known data company, now embedded within Cruz’s campaign and indirectly financed by his primary billionaire benefactor, paid researchers at Cambridge University to gather detailed psychological profiles about the US electorate using a massive pool of mainly unwitting US Facebook users built with an online survey.
As part of an aggressive new voter-targeting operation, Cambridge Analytica – financially supported by reclusive hedge fund magnate and leading Republican donor Robert Mercer – is now using so-called “psychographic profiles” of US citizens in order to help win Cruz votes, despite earlier concerns and red flags from potential survey-takers. (Ibid)
While Ted and company (Cambridge Analytica) celebrate his Iowa victory because of data-mining, attributed to his “Big Data” by the news media, others are not as ecstatic as the Cruz Crew. In fact, many people are wondering why this creepy psychographic collection of personality profiling on American citizens would have any Cruz supporter cheering.
There are two facets of Ted's data collection endeavors. First, Ted started with harvesting a base of voters using questionable privacy-invading activities. This was done by collecting personal data that he scraped off of Facebook and/or other personal and social data sources. And, second, realize that Ted is building his own sophisticated psychological model beyond those questionable sources, based on each individual user's personalities, but without their knowledge or consent.
Virtually Cruz has set up door-to-door psychotherapy, coffee shop couches, email diagnoses, and psycho phone sessions. Here is how it works. Someone sharing a conversation with you at a coffee shop, or a phone solicitor, or a knock by a pollster at your front door, will diagnose and SCORE your “mental condition” surreptitiously, without your knowledge. So, without a person knowing your background or what you think, and without your permission, a digital psychographic profile is created on you. Meanwhile, back at the ranch the data-mining from other data sources is collected about you – e.g., are you a soccer mom? a working dad? what did you purchase last month? and do you own a gun? Add in your demographics and purchasing habits, including census data, and you begin to realize the full scope of 50,000 separate data points. Big Data is adding up your life and forming a Big Picture ABOUT you.
But, have you seen your profile? Is this really YOU? Someone is assuming what you're thinking. But, WOW! Someone has also put a number and a score on your personality – and then continually micro-targets your perceived weaknesses or strengths with ads, focus groups, radio, and a ca-zillion email blasts daily, not to mention social media. Plus, you have to ask: where is all this Big Personal Data about ME going?
Cruz tells voters exactly what they want to hear, blurring the lines of truth into outright lies.
This is the manipulation of wholesome America. Citizens are being drugged with Cruzalizing diatribes. Meanwhile in your backyard he has been rubbish gathering and snooping, and then busily painting each person separately into a micro-whitewash of psychological profiling.
An article appeared in Bloomberg Politics, November 12, 2015 entitled, "Cruz-Connected Data Miner Aims to Get Inside U.S. Voters' Heads," by Sasha Issenberg, who traveled to the UK to investigate this futuristic phenomenon of Ted's psychographic data mining. Issenberg even said, “The firm [Cambridge Analytica] promised to tell me things I might not even know about myself.” [Source]
Cambridge Analytica brags that they can predict your future behavior of voters by analyzing 5 big personality traits they called OCEAN. They have devised a plotted description attached to a numerical assessment that targets individual voters, based on a “psychographic score” of your presumed personality traits.
Here is what the not-so-complimentary acronym, OCEAN, stands for:
‘The Cruz campaign modified the Cambridge template, renaming some psychological categories and adding subcategories to the list, such as “stoic traditionalist” and “true believer.” The campaign then did its own field surveys in battleground states to develop a more precise predictive model based on issues preferences.
'The Cruz algorithm was then applied to what the campaign calls an “enhanced voter file,” which can contain as many as 50,000 data points gathered from voting records, popular websites and consumer information such as magazine subscriptions, car ownership and preferences for food and clothing.’
'An email will be tweaked based on the personality of the recipient. If a respondent were a “stoic traditionalist,” the conversation would be very direct and to the point. If a potential supporter was labeled “temperamental,” the language and approach would change, according to Chris Wilson, the campaign’s director of research and analytics, who has taken a leave from the polling firm he leads, WPA Opinion Research. “The tone would be inspiring and become more and more positive as the conversation progresses,” he said.’
‘Cruz has largely built his program out of his Houston headquarters, where a team of statisticians and behavioral psychologists who subscribe to the burgeoning practice of “psychographic targeting” built their own version of a Myers-Briggs personality test. The test data is supplemented by recent issue surveys, and together they are used to categorize supporters, who then receive specially tailored messages, phone calls and visits. Micro-targeting of voters has been around for well over a decade, but the Cruz operation has deepened the intensity of the effort and the use of psychological data. The personality and political scores applied by the campaign are used to tightly tailor outreach to individuals. For example, personalities that have received high scores for “neuroticism” are believed to be generally fearful, so a pro-gun pitch to them would emphasize the use of firearms for personal safety and might include a picture of a burglar breaking into a home.’ [Source]
Christians especially and all other American citizens should be fuming. So, let's get this straight. If you are a conservative and are fearful about the direction of this country, you are “neurotic.” If you are a gun owner, you are “neurotic.” If you fear immigration, you are “neurotic.” Are you confident in your beliefs? Are your fundamental personality traits characterized by anxiety, fear, moodiness, worry, envy, frustration, jealousy, or loneliness? You are "neurotic."
"Cruz had a London-based firm on call to tell him which Iowans were introverted and which were neurotic." [Source]
Demographics are one thing, but are we to assume that the Cruz psych team can do all this legally? Can these amateurs actually analyze our subconscious mind and stuff it into a computer – where it can travel far and wide?
Where does this junk science come from? You got it. Straight from Sigmund Freud, Carl Rogers, and Carl Jung, the psychotherapy mental psychosis junkies. In Freud's, The Future of an Illusion, he described believing in God as a collective neurosis: he called it “longing for a father.” Neurosis was a popular term coined by Freud and used by other psychoanalysts. Freud thought if a person believed in a supernatural God, they were neurotic.
So here we have an evangelical Christian politician utilizing atheistic/humanistic theories of psychological fear and feelings, which are being unethically collected and diagnosed by whomever. And upon this faulty foundation he is sorting through personal information about your unconscious thoughts, feelings, and behavior, in order to identify your personality – and especially your motivation so he can get your votes – all of which will be stored into some deep, dark databank. Is this for real? Are you feeling uncomfortable yet?
It gets worse. It turns out to be not just any old databank, but the RNC's. This is because the RNC made Republican voter file databanks available to Republican candidates, with a promise in return. You guessed it... the candidate must give it all back, plus what they may have covered up. The list-sharing agreement reveals a new level of cooperation between the GOP and any Republican running for President, something which they believe could be highly beneficial to all sides.
For any candidate who signs an agreement with the RNC, that candidate will have access to a database containing a trove of information on more than 200 million Americans, which can be used to power a get-out-the-vote effort. And for the RNC, it means that any information a candidate collects from his supporters, many of whom may not even be traditional Republicans, will be fed back into the database for future use by the party and its candidates. [Source]
Now, here's a little background about Ted's psych business partner, a Brit named Alexander Nix, Cambridge Analytica CEO, who worked on “psychological warfare” as an international specialist in military disinformation campaigns prior to joining SLC, the parent UK company of Cambridge Analytica. Nix brought his mind-bending business to America.
“Your behavior is driven by your personality and actually the more you can understand about people’s personality as psychological drivers, the more you can actually start to really tap in to why and how they make their decisions,” says Cambridge CEO Alexander Nix. “We call this behavioral microtargeting and this is really our secret sauce, if you like. This is what we’re bringing to America." (Emphasis added.)
"After the 2012 election, Nix found an American marketplace far more receptive to his entreaties. The overseas work in conflict zones amounted to a promising calling card, a new comparative advantage over entrenched American political firms. “This is really trying to use psychology to understand why hostile audiences do what they do, and to use this methodology to deconstruct that behavior and then use communication to try and change attitudes and ultimately behavior,” Nix says. “Persuading somebody to vote in a certain way,” he goes on, “is really very similar to persuading 14- to 25-year-old boys in Indonesia to not join Al Qaeda.” [Source]
Read that last sentence again. Just wondering by now if this makes you feel all warm and fuzzy….
To make matters worse, Mercer, the hedge fund magnate and owner of Cambridge Analytica, is also Cruz's main benefactor that bankrolled his Make The Promise I Super PAC. But there is a little quirk in that slippery slope. Last June, Keep the Promise I Super PAC (the same PAC bankrolled by Robert Mercer of Cambridge Analytica) gave Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina a half million bucks. So the big question here is why would Ted Cruz give an opponent running for the White House $500,000? [Source]
Yet another twist and turn in this data-mining story reveals that Carly knows how to crunch data, too. After 9/11, a report showed that Carly, as CEO of Hewlett-Packard, was hired by NSA Director Gen. Michael Hayden to set up surveillance apparatus on Americans. The result was the world's “most extensive” spy network, capable of intercepting every phone call, text message and email on each American. Hayden called Carly Fiorina and purchased spy equipment that would make the story of released security papers by Eric Snowden famous.
Carly worked with the CIA during the Bush administration, making recommendations for national security policy and developing a close working relationship with some of the most powerful officials in the administration. Hayden was named director of the Central Intelligence Agency by President Bush. He created an external advisory board, in which Fiorina was selected by Hayden to be chairman of the board. Carly knows how to crunch data. But did she share her secrets with Ted for a tip? We don't know, but a fishy $500,000 comes to mind. [Source]
When Edward Snowden released and exposed the world-wide NSA data snooping interceptions, world leaders were alarmed. Americans were alarmed. It was found that NSA had a backdoor access, not only through Verizon, but to Microsoft and its Skype division; Google and its YouTube division; Yahoo; Facebook, AOL, Apple and PalTalk - a lesser known chat service owned by AVM Software. Then NSA had eavesdropped on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's mobile phone, an act for which she demanded a full explanation. Germans are extremely nervous about past surveillance by secret police. Mrs. Merkel grew up in the former East Germany, where the Stasi spied on millions of citizens.
Americans have not yet faced the full adverse affects of their government spying on their every move, except for the unusual activity over Tea Party 501(c)(3) applications. But, has Ted Cruz changed all of this by taking the beginnings of NSA snoop files and adding to them his psychographic details on 220 million Americans, lined up in digitized files? If Ted would become President, he would surely have enough made-up personality files on Americans to do a much better snooping job than the Stasi. What should make you uneasy is that Ted is identifying all "neurotic" Christians and God fearing people, and placing them as a target in one big data pot. Think about it.
Americans are very passionate about their privacy. But now, behind your back psychographics?! I'm sure citizens will not like this new Ted Cruz “Minority Report” resembling the famous other Cruise movie about monitoring and predicting your future behavior.
Wouldn’t you like to see Ted's OCEAN profile? Is he comfortable with lying? Does he cling to his guns? Does he fear losing the White House? Let's ask the question, “Is Ted neurotic?”
Senator Ted Cruz, the flaming Christian politician, who doesn’t act like one, turns out to be just a politician with a bent toward unethical principles. Freud would be proud of him. So, what are you thinking?
How can anyone “Trust” Ted?!
© 2016 Anita Hoge - All Rights Reserved
Anita B. Hoge, lecturer, educational researcher, parent.
In 1990 a federal investigation was completed against the Pennsylvania Department of Education, after filing a federal complaint against the Educational Quality Assessment, EQA, & the US Department of Education's National Assessment of Educational Progress, NAEP, under the Protection of Pupils Rights Amendment. Forced the Pennsylvania EQA to be withdrawn. Forced the US Department of Education to do their job to investigate the psychological testing of children without informed written parental consent. NAEP was never investigated because the Department said I didn't have standing, although documents had proven that NAEP did experimental research & used different states to pilot their agenda by embedding their test questions into the Pennsylvania EQA as well as other state tests.
Subject & main researcher for the book, Educating for the New World Order. My story is told about an incredible journey into the devious & deceptive operations of our government to change the values, attitudes & beliefs of American children to accept a new world order. The first to document the expansive data collection operation of our government establishing micro-records on individual people in the United States. Experimentation, illegal testing, & data collection is exposed.
Lectured all over the Unites States in the 90's about illegal & controversial testing, curriculum, & collection of data by our government. Arranged & lectured town hall meetings all across the state of Pennsylvania to withdraw affective student learning outcomes to stop Outcome Based Education. In January of 1992, parents in Pennsylvania won the battle against OBE when the Independent Regulatory Review Board had requested that the State Board of Education remove all outcomes which dealt with attitudes, habits, traits, feelings, values, & opinions which are difficult & subjective to measure & that the remaining outcomes be defined & coordinated with academic requirements that can be measured. The battle continues.
Profiteers of Governing - And These Are The Ones Who Got Caught
By Bradlee Dean
January 20, 2016
“Few men have the virtue to withstand the highest bidder.” -George Washington
How is it that American politicians are garnering so much wealth? During the 113th congressional session, 268 of the 534 members were millionaires.
Here is a short list of some examples of the profiteers of the governing body:
• Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, also classmates with Bill and Hilary Clinton, is worth $52.93 million dollars.
• Scott Peters of California is worth $112.5 million.
• Governor Rick Scott of Texas has a net worth $147 million.
• Michael McCaul of Texas is worth 10th congressional district also the chair of the house on homeland security is worth over $300 million.
• John Delaney of Maryland has founded numerous companies that are now listed on the New York stock exchange, and he is the only CEO of a publicly traded company to serve in the 113th congress. His net worth is $232 million.
• Jared Polis of Colorado, who is the first, openly sodomite parent to serve in Congress, who has a net worth of $72.09 million.
• John Kerry, former US senator and current Secretary of State which was earned primarily throughout his quarter-century-long service, and through his wife, Theresa Heinz Kerry, heiress to the Heinz ketchup fortune and also a beneficiary to a number of trusts from the Forbes family fortune. Kerry is worth $198.65 million.
• Mark Warner of Virginia holds a very large amount of wealth, estimated at $85.81 million. Warner made a lot of money during the telecom boom of the 1980s.
• Darrell Issa of California is worth $140.55 million. Issa was the richest official in the U.S., but has been recently been dethroned by a southern Governor, Tennessee’s Bill Haslam, thanks to cheap gasoline. Bill’s net worth is $2 billion dollars.
Diane Feinstein, also from California, has a net worth $41.78 million.
Are not these the politicians who, in many cases, are guilty of attacking, perverting, distorting, and violating constitutional law in an attempt to set a new course for the American people (Proverbs 24:21)?
How it the president worth $7 Million dollars when his pay is $400,000 a year? He has only been in office for 7 years!
Majority/Minority leaders make an average of $194,400 year.
Not only was a ship owned by a member of Mitch McConnell’s family busted transporting cocaine, but McConnell was also accused by Alison Lundergan of quadrupling his “net worth” on the backs of Kentuckians that can’t afford it.
McConnell is the 10th richest senator, with a net worth of between $9.2 million and $36.5 million. How is that?
Harry Reid’s net worth is between $3 and $10 million. How is that? Nancy Pelosi’s net worth is $26.43 million. How is that?
How is it that in many cases they enter service with little to nothing and before you know it, they are self-made millionaires?


Is it inside trading? Selling out to special interest groups? Fraud? Embezzlement?

In 2010, more than 150 lawmakers reported earning more from outside investments than from congressional salary. It is my understanding that they have been entrusted by the people and for the people (Matthew 24:12).
It seems that many of these politicians fail to understand that government is not an auction as they sell their souls, the country along with the American people to the highest bidders (Mark 8:36).
Compare all of the above information to the average yearly salary of an American soldier, which is between $23,424-$88,924 per year, or to the average social security recipient $1,335 per month.
Yet, the American people have allowed these Judas’ to dictate that which is right and that which is wrong when it comes to legislation in contrast to what has been established through common law (Deuteronomy 16:19).
And what should be of interest to the American people is the course of our founding forefathers who mutually pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honors (John 15:13) in direct contrast to the modern politicians who pledges to take the lives and fortunes of others to their own everlasting shame and dishonor.
There are many cases where justice was not done concerning corrupt representatives. The list goes on from A to Z of those who were sent to serve the people, who were caught illegally serving themselves.

It is for the American people to “guard with jealous attention the public liberty” and to “suspect everyone who approaches that jewel.” -Patrick Henry
I am sorry to say that the American people have failed in the area of justice (Amos 5:7).
The lawless are winning only by default! Americans, for some reason or other, believe that ridiculing and mocking these criminals is enough. But the fact of the matter is that it is not!
“Nothing will preserve it (Liberty) but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.” –Patrick Henry
One of the most common questions that I been receiving from radio show listeners is, “How is it that Obama and the Clintons are still out there after being exposed for scandal after scandal?” (P.S. Bill and Hilary Clinton combined net worth is $125 million.)
I simply answer, “That these corrupt politicians represent America’s tolerance for criminals in their government. If it were not so, then why are they still there?
Listen to Bradlee Dean on The Sons of Liberty Radio Here
Who is Bradlee Dean?
© 2016 Bradlee Dean - All Rights Reserved
Bradlee Dean is an ordained Christian preacher, Radio show host for the #1 show on Genesis Communication Network from 2-3 p.m. central standard (The Sons of Liberty).
The drummer for #1 ranked band in the nation Junkyard Prophet, a national Tea Party favorite, as does he speak on High School and college campuses nation-wide. Bradlee is also an author, a husband to one, daddy to four boy’s.
You have probably seen Bradlee through such outlets as The New York Times, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, The Weekly Standard etc..
Website: sonsoflibertyradio.com
Facebook: Sons of Liberty On Demand
Beware of Abu Chris Christie
By Kelleigh Nelson
January 7, 2016
For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds. II - Corinthians 11:13-15
Everyone has a right to be stupid. Politicians just abuse the privilege. - Anonymous
Christopher James "Chris" Christie (born September 6, 1962) is a member of the Republican Party who has served as the 55th Governor of New Jersey since January 2010. He is a moderate leftist Republican, not a Constitutional conservative. Christie earned a J.D. at Seton Hall University School of Law. He is married to Mary Pat Foster, who is currently a managing director at the Wall Street investment firm Angelo, Gordon & Co.
Governor Christie declared his candidacy for President in June of 2015. However, at this point his polls are not looking good.
So, let's take a look at the New Jersey governor's stance on issues. Is he really a conservative, or is he a closet democrat?
Fort Lee Lane Closure Scandal (Bridgegate)
The Fort Lee lane closure scandal is a U.S. political scandal in which a staff member and political appointees of Governor Christie collaborated to create traffic jams in Fort Lee, New Jersey by closing lanes at the toll plaza to the George Washington Bridge. Local officials, emergency services, and the public were not notified of the lane closures, which Fort Lee declared a threat to public safety. The resulting back-ups and gridlock on local streets only ended when the two lanes were reopened on Friday, September 13, 2013 by an order from Port Authority Executive Director, Patrick Foyer (D). He said that the "hasty and ill-informed decision" could have endangered lives and violated federal and state laws.
The incident was investigated from a few possible motives. The prevailing theory is that the lane closures were retribution against Fort Lee's Mayor Mark Sokolich (D) for not endorsing Christie in the 2013 gubernatorial election. [Link]
The former Port Authority official who personally oversaw the lane closings at the George Washington Bridge, central to the scandal which swirled around Governor Christie, said that “evidence exists” that the governor knew about the closings when they were happening.
A lawyer for the former official, David Wildstein, wrote a letter describing the move to shut the lanes as “the Christie administration’s order” and said “evidence exists as well tying Mr. Christie to having knowledge of the lane closures, during the period when the lanes were closed, contrary to what the governor stated publicly in a two-hour press conference" after the scandal broke. [Link]
Christie claimed he knew nothing about the lane closures, and didn't authorize them. He ordered an internal probe be conducted by law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher. The firm cleared Christie of wrongdoing in their report. The report was criticized for not being able to interview key participants and for reading like a legal brief for Christie's defense. Investigations of the affair by United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey and the New Jersey Legislature are ongoing.
Beware of Abu Christie
Christie's Bridgegate is nothing however, compared to his cultivation of relationships with Islamists who have connections to known terrorist groups. The governor has a problem, a very big problem, specifically an Islam problem, and it should well keep him from attaining any higher office. Why? Because he consistently sides with Islamist forces against those who worry about safeguarding American security and civilization. Let's take a look at those allegiances. New Jersey has the second largest Muslim population of any state, after Michigan, so is it any wonder Christie cultivates these friendships? [Link]
In 2008, when Christie was serving as US attorney for New Jersey, he embraced and kissed Mohammed Qatanani, imam of the Islamic Center of Passaic County (ICPC), and praised him as "a man of great goodwill." He did this after Qatanani had publicly ranted against Jews and in support of funding Hamas, a U.S. government–designated terror organization, and on the eve of his deportation hearing for not hiding an Israeli conviction for membership in Hamas. And, in a June 2007 sermon at the ICPC, Imam Qatanani condemned Christians to "eternal hellfire." He is an advocate of Islamic blasphemy laws that criminalize criticism of Islam. In addition, Christie designated a top aide, Assistant U.S. Attorney Charles McKenna, to testify as a character witness for Qatanani.
Investigative journalist, Daniel Greenfield, reports that, “despite the fact that Mohammed Qatanani was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that is behind both al-Qaeda and Hamas, despite his own guilty plea to being a member of Hamas, and despite the fact that even in the United States, he had defended a charity that provided funds to children of suicide bombers (this is done as an incentive to reassure terrorists that if they die their families will be taken care of), Qatanani was not deported.”
Imam Mohammed Qatanani greets his supporters outside the Peter Rodino Federal Office Building in Newark last June after testifying in his deportation trial. Photo by Walter Ruby
To top it off, Governor Christie has derided anyone who perceives shariah law as a threat in the U.S. despite the fact that 23 states have already used shariah as a factor in their deliberations. In 2009, a New Jersey judge referenced shariah when he refused a temporary restraining order for a divorced Muslim woman who had been raped and assaulted by her ex-husband, maintaining that Islamic doctrine requires wives to comply with all of their husband's sexual demands. Under current New Jersey law, non-consensual sex between married persons is considered rape. (Fortunately, the decision was overturned 13 months later).
In 2010, when New Jersey Transit employee, Derek Fenton, burned three pages of the Koran at a 9/11 ceremony, his employer got Christie's approval to fire him. Christie endorsed Fenton's termination saying, "That kind of intolerance is something I think is unacceptable. So I don't have any problem with him being fired." The American Civil Liberties Union successfully represented Fenton to get his job back.
In 2011, Christie appointed an Islamist, Sohail Mohammed, to the New Jersey state superior court. Mohammed has a very jaded record. He serves as general counsel to the American Muslim Union, (which has stated that a "Zionist Commando Orchestrated The 9-11 Terrorist Attacks"). He was defending Palestinian Islamic Jihad operative Sami Al-Arian (his indictment, Mohammed said, was "nothing but a witch-hunt"), and helping Qatanani's legal defense. Mohammed established himself not just as the Islamists' lawyer, but as one of them.
Chris Christie was New Jersey's Attorney General during the investigation of the murder (and "neck slashing") of the Armanious family, Coptic Christians massacred in Jersey City in 2005. A cover-up of the facts in this case is alleged.
That same year, Sohail Mohammed called for a "bias crime" investigation of the Coptic community for its anti-Muslim sentiment following the slaying of a Coptic family in Jersey City. As an American lawyer, no doubt familiar with the Constitution and the First Amendment, Mohammed doubtless knew that his request constituted a threat to the Coptic community's freedom of speech by attempting to muffle their vocal suspicions of Muslim involvement in the crime.
When members of New Jersey's Senate Judiciary Committee asked Mohammed appropriately tough questions about his enthusiasm for Islam's archaic law code, Shariah, Christie ridiculed the lawmakers, "Sharia law has nothing to do with this appointment of Mohammed at all. It's crazy. It's crazy. . . . So, this Sharia law business is crap. It's just crazy. And I'm tired of dealing with the crazies. I mean, you know, it's just unnecessary to be accusing this guy of things just because of his religious background." For this outburst, unsurprisingly, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) thanked and applauded Christie.
Governor Chris Christie attends the Swearing-In Ceremony for Sohail Mohammed as New Jersey Superior Court Judge at the Passaic County Courthouse in Paterson, N.J. on Tuesday, July 26, 2011.
CAIR excoriated many of its critics in its 2013 ‘Islamophobia” report, but the group also had a ‘Best List’ of Muslim-sympathizers which included New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Here is the full report. Other inductees on the “best list” are Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), Rais Bhulyan, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA), Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), Rep. Yvette Clark (D-NY), Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA), Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS), Rep. Laura Richardson (D-CA), Wired magazine’s Spencer Ackerman, and former Congressman Hansen Clarke (D-MI). Notice the rest are all Democrats.
In 2012, Governor Christie called for an investigation into the NYPD's counterterrorism procedures as he objected to their conducting surveillance of mosques and a Muslim student group known as a front for the Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim Student Association (MSA). In 2010, Christie publicly proclaimed support for the mosque at the graveyard of 9/11.
Senator Jeffrey Chiesa
Christie appointed Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa to the Senate following the 2013 death of Senator Frank Lautenberg. Chiesa, served until October 30, 2013, a successor having been chosen in a special election; not a candidate for election to the unexpired portion of the term, has led the Christie Administration’s outreach to Islamist radicals.
Clarion Project - In November, 2012, the Clarion Project broke the story that four Islamists belong to Attorney General Chiesa's Muslim Outreach Committee. One member, Imam Mohammad Qatanani, has a long and close relationship with New Jersey Governor Christie.
Imam Mohammad Qatanani, who deportation is sought by the DHS for not disclosing on his green card application that he was arrested and convicted by Israel in 1993, for his involvement with Hamas.
Ahmed Shedeed, a fervent supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and President of the Islamic Center of Jersey City, a mosque with a history of Islamist leadership. Its website (which was recently removed because of a 2014 fire in the mosque) contained disturbing statements about jihad, the West, wife beating and polygamy.
Mohammed Younes, the President of the American Muslim Union, a group with Islamist leadership and close ties to Qatanani's mosque, which was founded by a Hamas fundraiser.
Imam Abdul Basit of the New Brunswick Islamic Center, a mosque founded by a radical cleric. In July, it held a Brotherhood-linked seminar featuring multiple extremist speakers.
There is far more one could expose regarding Governor Christie, but suffice to say, his snuggling with all the Islamists is enough to eliminate him from the 2016 GOP presidential race.
© 2015 Kelleigh Nelson - All Rights Reserved
Kelleigh Nelson has been researching the Christian right and their connections to the left, the new age, and cults since 1975. Formerly an executive producer for three different national radio talk show hosts, she was adept at finding and scheduling a variety of wonderful guests for her radio hosts. She and her husband live in Knoxville, TN, and she has owned her own wholesale commercial bakery since 1990. Prior to moving to Tennessee, Kelleigh was marketing communications and advertising manager for a fortune 100 company in Ohio. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, she was a Goldwater girl with high school classmate, Hillary Rodham, in Park Ridge, Illinois. Kelleigh is well acquainted with Chicago politics and was working in downtown Chicago during the 1968 Democratic convention riots. Kelleigh is presently the secretary for Rocky Top Freedom Campaign, a strong freedom advocate group.
Ask King Richard III: A Political Advice Column
By Alex Siquig
December 15, 2015
Don’t let the fact that he’s been dead for five hundred and thirty years fool you—there isn’t a more astute political mind around today than that of Richard III, the last Plantagenet king of England. Recently, we invited some Presidential candidates to seek advice from Richard. Here’s what he had to say!
Hi, Richard, maybe you can help me out here. My enemies are trying to destroy my campaign by repeating the name of a Libyan city over and over and insinuating that I am happy when Americans die. Shouldn’t these people get real?
In It to Win It
Dear In It to Win It,
Here are some facts about me: I was King of England for two years. I am five feet eight. I love my mother. She was a great woman, strong and pious. But, to answer your question that you already know the answer to, those people should indeed “get real” and stop masquerading their half-baked revenge plots as a principled crusade against corruption. However, you should get real as well. If you expect your enemies to shape up of their own accord, then I have a drawbridge to sell you at Ludlow Castle. It is not a good drawbridge. It is a bad drawbridge. Do you want the drawbridge? I am selling it.
Why don’t people like me? People liked my brother, and I am objectively way smarter and also taller than him. I just don’t get it!
Dear Jeb!,
People do not like you because you are unlikeable. I am an English King who is best known for murdering my nephews, so I get it. Thank you for writing.
I betrayed my high-profile mentor (name rhymes with Beb Jush), and he is now floundering in the polls. Was I wrong to stab this man in the back? I think I was not wrong, but would love your take.
Marco Rubio
Hello. Your handwriting is very precise. As a man who has been betrayed by almost everyone he has ever put his faith in (Warwick the Kingmaker, Thomas Lord Stanley; Henry Percy, the Duke of Northumberland), I will say only this: I don’t care about you, and nor should anyone else. Even that hack Shakespeare would not be able to make you half as interesting as a small but easily contained brush fire.
I recently admitted on live television to killing a man in the heat of battle and then smiled a sort of weird grin. Any advice for a fellow man of war? Like you, I have killed a man, by the way.
Very Worried in Virginia, a State I Was Once Senator from
Dear Very Worried In Virginia, a State You Were Once Senator from,
I fought in a dozen battles, but Bosworth will always be the battle. It was the end of all—my hopes and dreams and legacy bludgeoned by capricious fate. But here is my advice: you are a little creepy and probably should not run for President. Watch “Braveheart” ten times instead.
I don’t need your advice, nor should you, an English monarch, feel it is your place to instruct us, the ninety-nine per cent. The rich have literally hijacked this country, and we’re done allowing our ersatz nobility to buy whatever the hell they want while the common man barely scrapes by. But, in all fairness, you should know—I believe you when you say that you didn’t kill your bratty nephews. Obviously the Duke of Buckingham was guilty of that. Bye.
Senator Sanders
Dear Senator Sanders,
Thank you for your kind words. My father, brother, uncle, and cousin all died on the same day. It was a horrible day—a “bummer,” as you yourself might say.
You are a man of God, as I am. I was wondering if you’d like to endorse me for President. I also play the bass guitar!
Mike Huckabee
You shall never have my endorsement. The bass guitar is a lowborn instrument, and largely pointless. The bass guitar is an instrument a serf would play. You are much like a serf.
You have no place in our political process.
Warm regards,
Ted Cruz
Dear Ted Cruz,
I had two illegitimate children, Katherine and Johnny. I loved them very much. Henry Tudor had Johnny’s head cut off. You remind me of Henry Tudor, though he was fairer to look upon. Please do not write again if you do not have a question.
I am a doctor, and second opinions are part of the job. I was wondering if I could get a second opinion on the following: (1) the Holocaust would never have happened if the Jews had guns; (2) the Egyptians used pyramids for storing grain; (3) homosexuality is a choice; (4) I definitely won ten dollars for being honest at Yale; (5) the Affordable Care Act is worse than slavery; (6) “True Lies” is my favorite movie.
 A Certain Sleepy Brain Surgeon
Dear Ben Carson,
Thank you for doing what I am told is good work as a healer—keeping the humors in balance and trepanning and ripping twins apart and so on and so forth. Anyway, “True Lies” is definitely your favorite movie. As to the rest, I was an anointed King of England, so I won’t dignify your demented attempts to troll me. Clearly you don’t actually believe any of that. You are an educated man! I was born in Fotheringhay Castle, in 1452. Back then, our teeth were not so nice. Food also tasted very bad. I have nothing more to say to you.
Have you ever seen someone dominate an election like this? I would have curb-stomped Reagan. I am more popular than Mussolini ever was. I am significantly taller than Jesus. I’ve made a huge amount of money, and I’m not going to apologize to anyone for that. China is scared of me. My question is: How are you?
Talking Loudly Inside Trump Towers
Dear Donald,
Thank you for writing. I am fine, though afflicted by a certain melancholy for, as I understand it, most of you think I am the ruthless caricature created by that cretinous ass William Shakespeare. Do you people really think I was in my mother’s womb for two years and born with fangs? That not only did I kill my own brother’s sweet sons but I also found time to kill Henry VI, his son Edward, and my own beloved brother George? That I murdered my wife so that I could marry my niece? Calumny. Oh, and Donald? You are like poison that screams its victim to death. You belong in a dungeon.
Dr. Ben Carson Won’t Get My Vote
By: Devvy Kidd
November 10, 2015
While Dr. Carson is greatly to be admired for his life of accomplishments, I do not believe he should be president of these united States of America.
Most certainly he's done an admirable job fending off slobbering fools in the media while trying to run a serious campaign. Many have remarked he's 'too gentle' to be president. Perhaps they might reconsider that aspect of his personality as he takes on useful fools in the media who are not only unprofessional, they're little better than hyenas circling any prey who doesn't represent their personal agenda.
There's much ado about candidates who continue to promise that which they have no constitutional authority to give while robbing the people's purse. Who can out do who in trying to please which ever special interest group hounding them or audience in front of where they appear.
The real consideration is this: What are the most important functions of a president?
1. War or peace?
Art. 2, Sec. 2, Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution: The President shall be commander in chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the militia of the several states, when called into the actual service of the United States;
"Carson offered a multilateral strategy that seeks to weaken both the Assad regime in Damascus and the Islamic State terror group. The strategy provided a means to defend America's national security interests, while extending protection for the United States’ regional allies, he maintained."
Bashar al-Assad is the president of Syria. In June 2014 Syria had elections and Assad was reelected. There were two other candidates on the ballot unlike other fake elections in the Middle East. Assad received 88.7% of the vote. Those blood thirsty rebels you and I are being raped to pay for their internal civil war over there didn't like the outcome of the election as I wrote in my last column, States Must Refuse To Take Any More Refugees.
How many more countries are we going to get bogged down in for 'national security interests' that are in reality internal squabbles and tribal disagreements? Look what's happened in Iraq and Libya. Tell me by what 'right" or moral imperative do we have to go meddling in other countries elections - even if it's a dictator?
How about Idi Amin? Don't remember him? A real gem. Besides being
'president' of Uganda by killing his way into office and with 43 children, that guy was a poster boy for human rights violations, extrajudicial killings, ethnic persecution and was rumored to be a cannibal. How come we didn't go in and take him out like the criminal in the White House and his joke of a Secretary of State, Hillary the Hun Clinton, took out Muammar Gaddafi? What? No oil?
2. Not doing harm to American workers and job creation in this country.
Art. 2, Sec. 2, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution: He shall have power, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur;
America has been destroyed by 'free' trade treaties signed by Bill Clinton, George Bush, Jr., and the fraud in the White House, Barack Obama. George Bush, Sr.,: "The Bush administration held extensive discussions with Canada and Mexico that resulted in the approval of a draft North American Free Trade Agreement in 1992." (On the Issues) Runs in the family.
Anyone who has been following the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership knows it is another job killer and carves out another chunk of OUR sovereignty. The TPP is, I believe, one of the last hurdles towards sucking America into global government. Yes, it will flood this country with more foreign workers and:
"The new Trans-Pacific Partnership trade-deal allows U.S. and foreign companies to hire foreign professionals and technicians to take skilled jobs in the United States, while still only paying them wages typical for their home countries, such as Vietnam and Malaysia, immigration expert Rosemary Jenks told Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily radio show.
“We have this massive [TPP] contract that we are apparently about to sign — if they have their way in Washington — that says we are going to open our entire service industry to companies and [their] employees from all of these partner countries,” said Jenks, the director of government relations at NumbersUSA."
"Like NAFTA and other trade agreements, the mammoth, convoluted TPP is loaded with Trojan Horse deceptions whose real dangers may become apparent only years after it is enacted. (See 10 Reasons Why You Should Oppose TPP and TTIP).
"Much of the opposition to the TPP has centered on justifiable fears that it would accelerate the off-shoring of America's remaining manufacturing jobs and industrial base. However, the intended “integration” of the economic, political, and legal systems of the TPP members is also a potent threat to our independence and sovereignty. As the EU experience daily demonstrates, a similarly "evolving" TPP would steadily dismantle what remains of our Constitution and its limitations on governmental powers.
"Unfortunately, President Obama has strong support for this agenda among Republican leaders in Congress. Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), the newly elected speaker of the House, is a vocal proponent of the TPP, as is Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas), the new chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee."
One can only pray a challenger whips Paul Ryan's traitorous backside in the April 5, 2016 primary next year. Any challenger, though, better be ready for vote fraud.
No one who cares about American workers and our sovereignty would ever support another tool of the global elites. The TPP is the latest and most deadly.
"Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said Friday that he supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement negotiated by the White House – aligning himself more with the GOP’s establishment wing than with the social conservatives who have powered his campaign.
"Mr. Carson's backing of the 12-nation Pacific trade deal places him at odds with Donald Trump, his chief rival for support among anti-establishment Republicans. Mr. Carson had expressed skepticism about the TPP, saying in a June interview with the Huffington Post that he would not give President Barack Obama “fast-track” authority to negotiate the deal.
"Now, a day after the White House posted the text of the TPP deal online, Mr. Carson's campaign said Friday that he supports the final product."
Really, Dr. Carson? One day after the 5,000 pages are released you support such treachery? I read very fast, but it took me quite a while to read NAFTA which was about 2400 pages and I didn't read it all at once. One would think Dr. Carson has developed a little bit of knowledge regarding who has sold this country up the river - the liar in the White House. Why on earth would you support ANY treaty pushed by the criminal impostor at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave? Haven't you figured out yet how that person has worked the past seven years to destroy this republic?
As for other GOP candidates, constitutionally ineligible Sen. Ted Cruz backed 'fast track' legislation to push the TPP through, but later backed away. Why? Like other politicians likely he got an ear full from his supporters. The detestable Sen. Lindsay Graham said he opposes that damnable treaty unless it includes rules against currency regulation that can be enforced. Dream on. Constitutionally ineligible Sen. Marco Rubio, and the other walking dead, former Gov. Jeb! Bush, Governors John Kasich and Chris Christie all support that treaty and more destruction to our country and American workers.
The only GOP candidate who is and has been talking about the destruction to our most important job bases is Donald Trump. He spoke out about trade issues in 1988 during an appearance on Oprah Winfrey's show. The Donald also spoke about the dollar - something not a single other candidate in the GOP stable has even come close to hammering on what has killed the middle class in this country and hurt certain segments of our population job wise.
I don't know what Ben Carson knows about the 'Federal' Reserve, but I do know from listening to Trump and his world wide business experience, he knows about currency problems and he understands trade issues. Whether he would use the 'bully pulpit' should he get elected to take on the unconstitutional 'Fed' remains to be seen. But one thing I am absolutely certain of: Trump will fight like a tiger for American workers, our veterans and he understands business and the problem with world currency - especially ours.
Polls are a cash cow and endless talk show fodder during elections. I saw a poll recently that said Dr. Carson was popular; people like him. That's nice because he seems like a nice man, but this isn't a popularity contest. Who ever next sits in the White House is going to have a nightmare to deal with on so many levels.
Dr. Carson commented in a recent interview the stress level inside an operating room far surpasses the attacks he's getting from the puppet media. I have no doubt of that being his specialty was a neurosurgeon. But, Carson's support of another job and sovereignty killing treaty and his eagerness to butt our noses once again into removing a legitimately elected head of state tells me he's the wrong man for the job.
The same poll said they would prefer someone other than Trump to have his finger on the nuclear weapon button. I think a little common sense is called for here. First of all, there are checks and balances in place so you don't have some cowboy running over to a panel and hitting the button. I also don't believe Donald Trump for all his flair would like to go down in history as the person who pushed the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) button.
If Donald Trump were to win the GOP nomination and then the White House, do not put it past dogs like Rep. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to do what rotten Newt Gingrich did and get the TPP passed by a lame duck Congress. If Ryan were to be defeated or not in his primary he wouldn't care. McConnell isn't up for reelection in 2016 so doesn't care. That dirt bag has always served his global masters.
3. Art. 2, Sec. 2, Clause 2, U.S. Constitution: ...shall appoint ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, judges of the Supreme Court, and all other officers of the United States, whose appointments are not herein otherwise provided for,
As for nominating federal judges and Supreme Court Justices, I believe both of them would pretty much be on the same sheet of music, if you will. Very mportant as there could be as many as three who retire from the 'high' court.
The other important function of a U.S. president under the Constitution is either signing or rejecting a budget. I don't doubt Dr. Carson can learn as he goes, but we're in dire straits. Donald Trump is the quintessential example of success in the world of business. He's built massive hotels that have big budgets, not to mention world class golf courses and more. He knows how to hire top people in their fields to make sure those projects are completed within a budget. Certainly, a budget for the country is different, but I do believe it takes business savvy to tackle it head on; I don't think Dr. Carson has that type of experience.
You, of course, must decide on your own.
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[Just a short note about 9/11. The cost of America's undeclared "war" (invasion) in Afghanistan has now reached $1 trillion borrowed dollars - massive debt heaped on us all based on what happened on 9/11. Regular readers of my column know I continue to press for the truth about the events of 9/11. Military grade nanothermite is not a conspiracy theory. It was found and tested from the rubble at the twin towers. A new, powerful film has been released: The Anatomy of a Great Deception. For full disclosure I receive no compensation, but I want you to get a copy (or a few) and share it with others or give a copy as a present. I've purchased half a dozen copies and given them to individuals I believe seek the truth. It's very powerful simply because it's one 'ordinary' man's story who ask a simple question that led him to a not so simple journey. There is factual information in this film that many have never heard about but everyone should. Just a suggestion, order more than one and give one to a friend. Also, must see video on the dangers of Smart Meeters on your home, titled: Take Back Your Power.]
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How Sen. Bernie Sanders Burnie the Vets
By Cliff Kincaid
October 13, 2015
Will CNN use Tuesday’s Democratic Party presidential debate to challenge Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on his atrocious handling of the Veterans Affairs (VA) scandal?
Hillary Clinton has big problems that include blood on her hands over Benghazi, a Russia “reset” that has resulted in Russian aggression in Europe and the Middle East, and the mishandling of national security information through a private server.
By contrast, Sanders has been portrayed as a Washington outsider, even though his political career spans 25 years as a member of Congress, first as a U.S. representative and now as a senator. He is a socialist but a “democratic” socialist, whatever that may mean.
Sanders portrays himself as a friend of veterans who tends to their needs but opposes the wars that leave them needing medical help and treatment.
The problem for Sanders is that his pitiful performance as chairman of the Senate Veterans Committee has come under serious scrutiny by CNN and other media for defending the VA bureaucrats and putting their interests above the veterans they are supposed to serve.
An observer might conclude that Sanders’ preference for big government programs and government-run health care had blinded him to flaws in the VA system.
The Washington Free Beacon noted that his performance got so bizarre at one point that, as the scandals were coming to light, the socialist Sanders tried to divert attention away from the flaws in the bureaucratic system and proceeded to accuse the Koch brothers of launching “a concerted effort to undermine the VA” and discredit government programs.
Sanders said the Koch brothers were picking on these “large, governmental institutions” because they “want to radically change the nature of society, and either make major cuts in all of these institutions, or maybe do away with them entirely.”
John McClaughry of Vermont’s Ethan Allen Institute commented, “Bernie Sanders has become totally demented about the Satanic Koch brothers, to the point that he thinks they are responsible for anything that goes wrong anywhere. This man needs professional treatment.”
But Sanders has his supporters in the press. In the face of these crazy remarks, one of the senator’s most prominent media defenders wrote, “From the moment the long-gathering [VA] scandal broke into public view in April 2014, it took Congress less than four months to produce a new law—a split second by Capitol Hill standards.” Columnist Jill Lawrence noted that Sanders, who had become chairman of the Senate Veterans Committee in 2013, had worked with Republicans to craft a bill designed to fix the serious problems.
“It speaks volumes in particular about Sanders, who pushes for a single-payer government health system in every speech, that the law introduced a private-care option for veterans,” she wrote.
It actually speaks volumes about the failures of socialized medicine. At that point, after playing down the serious nature of the scandal, Sanders was forced to recognize that the government-run VA health care system could only be saved by giving patients a private health care option. He came to this “realization” because House Veterans’ Affairs Chairman Jeff Miller (R-FL) had pressed for letting veterans seek health care outside the VA system.
A poll from Concerned Veterans for America that was reported by Military Times showed that about 88 percent of respondents wanted to increase health care choices for VA patients, including access to private care physicians.
The Sanders campaign website ignores the senator’s failure in this important area, proclaiming, “As the former Chairman and a current member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, one of Sen. Sanders’ highest priorities in Congress has been ensuring that our veterans receive the care and benefits they have earned.” It goes on, “Amid reports of unacceptable wait times at many VA medical facilities last year, Sen. Sanders spearheaded a bipartisan effort to pass the most comprehensive veterans’ legislation in decades. The landmark Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act increases accountability within the VA and ensures that all veterans have access to timely health care.”
Notice the failure to mention that “timely health care” now includes access to private medical care. That was an initiative from Republicans.
Running for president as an avowed socialist, Sanders now promises “Medicare for All” rather than “VA Health Care for All” on a national basis. It’s a clever reformulation that ignores what Sanders did not do to get to the root of the VA health care scandal, and whether he has learned any lessons from those
As noted by Bruce Parker of the Vermont Watchdog, an independent journalist group associated with the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity, Sanders had made a “series of puzzling public statements” when the scandal broke that appeared to defend the government hospital bureaucracy. Sanders went on C-SPAN and CNN and urged the media “to remain neutral over claims that 40 U.S. veterans died at the Phoenix VA while waiting to receive care.” Sanders said, “The allegation is not that the delay in care caused that; only that that is what is now being investigated.”
As pressure grew on Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki to resign or be fired, Sanders defended him, saying, “The truth is that the V.A. is a huge institution. It does a whole lot of very important work. In many ways Shinseki has done a very good job.”
Sanders explained that Shinseki “has done a good job” but has been weak in terms of “communicating with the Congress or certainly with the American people and the media.”
Paul Rieckhoff, executive director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, was quoted as saying that Sanders had been “ineffective” as head of the Senate panel. He said, “It seems to have to do with his worldview. He seems to think that any kind of demand for accountability or criticism of the VA is an attack to dismantle the entire system. Nobody is saying that. We’re saying if you want VA to be supported, then make VA work.”
During an appearance on MSNBC in May of 2014, Rieckhoff said that Sanders had “basically been an apologist for the VA over the past few weeks.”
CNN Host Chris Cuomo interviewed Sanders, telling him “…you sound like a lawyer defending the hospital, as opposed to a senator trying to make sure the right thing is done.”
To its credit, CNN, which is sponsoring Tuesday night’s Democratic presidential debate, has done some excellent reporting on the scandal. The CNN Investigations unit reported on September 3 that a VA inspector general report found that 307,000 veterans may have died awaiting health care.
“Access to health care is a human right,” says Sanders. But his work as chairman of the Senate Veterans Committee doesn’t back up the campaign rhetoric
© 2015 Cliff Kincaid - All Rights Reserved
Cliff Kincaid, a veteran journalist and media critic, Cliff concentrated in journalism and communications at the University of Toledo, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.
How the Republicans Plan to Lose to Hillary
By Cliff Kincaid
July 17, 2015
A new survey from Univision, the pro-Mexico television network, demonstrates the utter folly of Republicans appealing to Hispanic voters. It finds that 68 percent have a favorable view of Hillary Clinton despite the scandals swirling around her. By contrast, only 36 percent have a favorable view of former Republican Governor Jeb Bush, who is married to a Mexican and speaks Spanish.
Bush “was the highest-rated of all the Republican candidates,” Univision reports, with Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), a one-time proponent of amnesty for illegals, coming in second with only a 35 percent approval rate.
What the poll demonstrates is that Hispanics are basically owned by the Democratic Party. The Democrats’ power grab for the Latino vote has been successful. However, ultimately the Democratic Party’s success in the presidential election depends on convincing Republicans to fruitlessly continue to appeal to Hispanics, while abandoning the GOP voter base of whites, conservatives and Christians.
Overall, in terms of political party affiliation, 57 percent of Hispanics identified themselves as Democrats and only 18 percent said they are Republicans. A total of 25 percent called themselves independent.
In another finding, 59 percent of Hispanic voters said they were satisfied with Barack Obama’s presidency after his six years in office. Clearly, most Hispanics have drunk the Kool-Aid. For them, it appears that federal benefits and legalization of border crossers are what matters. Most of them don’t bat an eye in regard to Obama’s lawless and traitorous conduct of domestic and foreign policy.
What the Republicans have left is to try to appeal to white, conservative and Christian voters. But that strategy, of course, runs the obvious risk of being depicted by the liberal media as racist. After all, whites are not supposed to have a “white identity,” as Jared Taylor’s book by that name describes.
Whites cannot have a racial identity, but Hispanics and blacks can. This is one aspect of political correctness. As communists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who are themselves white, put it in their book, it is a “race course against white supremacy.”
If Republicans pander to Hispanics, they will alienate their voter base, which has shown in their reaction to the Donald Trump candidacy that they want more—not less—action taken to control the border with Mexico. Republican Senator John McCain (AZ) calls the Trump supporters “crazies,” an indication that the GOP establishment would rather jettison these people than bring them into the Republican camp. Like McCain, former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has also attacked Trump, saying his remarks about criminal aliens are hurting the GOP. It’s amazing how a loser like Romney, who also threw in the towel on gay marriage when he was governor of Massachusetts, continues to generate press. What he is saying is what the liberal media want to hear.
Of course, the political correctness which dominates the national dialogue and debate also means that Republicans like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are likely to continue to demonize Trump, thereby alienating many whites. As a result, the Republicans will get less of the conservative and Christian vote, further diminishing their chances of winning the White House. It will be a replay of the losing campaigns of John McCain and Mitt Romney. Republicans have already alienated many Christian voters by giving up the fight for traditional marriage. They had planned to abandon border control as an issue until Trump and “El Chapo” got in the way.
Meanwhile, in another amazing turnaround, Republicans on Capitol Hill are backing Obama’s call for “sentencing reform,” a strategy that will empty the prisons and increase the crime rate, thereby alienating GOP voters in favor of law and order.
As this scenario plays out, Mrs. Clinton is coming across on the Democratic side looking like a moderate, by virtue of the fact that an open socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), is running “to her left” for the Democratic nomination.
The Clinton-Sanders show has all the earmarks of a carefully staged demonstration of the Marxist dialectic, an exercise designed to create the appearance of conflict in order to force even more radical change on the American people through Democratic Party rule.
Anybody who knows anything about Hillary, a student of Saul Alinsky, understands that her “moderation” is only a façade. Her thesis on Alinsky for Wellesley College was titled “There Is Only the Fight…” That is the Marxist strategy. It is the Alinsky version of the Marxist dialectic. It was also adopted by Obama, who was trained by Alinsky disciples working with the Catholic Church in Chicago.
In my column, “Study Marxism to Understand Hillary,” I noted that Barbara Olson had come to the conclusion while researching her book on Hillary that “she has a political ideology that has its roots in Marxism.” Olson noted, “In her formative years, Marxism was a very important part of her ideology…”
This means that Mrs. Clinton understands that the Sanders candidacy actually supports and does not undermine her own candidacy. It makes Hillary look like a moderate while she moves further to the left, a place she wants to be, in response to the left-wing Democratic base. Only the Marxist insiders seem to understand what is happening.
Some uninformed commentators refer to something called “Clintonism,” a supposed moderate brand of Democratic Party politics. If that ever existed, it applied to Bill Clinton and not Hillary.
The fact is that Sanders and Mrs. Clinton have associated with the same gang of communists and fellow travelers for many years. Sanders was an active collaborator with the Communist Party-sponsored U.S. Peace Council.
As for Hillary, Barbara Olson reported in her book Hell to Pay that Robert Borosage, who served as director of the Marxist Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), was “a colleague and close acquaintance” of Clinton. Olson wrote that Mrs. Clinton operated in the “reaches of the left including Robert Treuhaft and Jessica Mitford,” who had been “committed Communists” and “Stalinists.” Olson said that Hillary worked for Treuhaft and paved the way for Mitford to lobby then-Governor Bill Clinton on the death penalty issue.
Olson described Hillary as a “budding Leninist” who understood the Leninist concept of acquiring, accumulating and maintaining political power at any cost. She wrote that “Hillary has never repudiated her connection with the Communist movement in America or explained her relationship with two of its leading adherents. Of course, no one has pursued these questions with Hillary. She has shown that she will not answer hard questions about her past, and she has learned that she does not need to—remarkable in an age when political figures are allowed such little privacy.”
Researcher Carl Teichrib has provided me with a photo of a Hillary meeting with Cora Weiss from the May 2000 edition of “Peace Matters,” the newsletter of the Hague Appeal for Peace. Weiss, a major figure in the Institute for Policy Studies, gained notoriety for organizing anti-Vietnam War demonstrations and traveling to Hanoi to meet with communist leaders. In the photo, Hillary is shown fawning over a Hague Appeal for Peace gold logo pin that Weiss is wearing.
Teichrib, editor of Forcing Change, recalls being an observer at the 1999 World Federalist Association (WFA) conference, held in association with the Hague Appeal for Peace, during which everyone in attendance was given an honorary membership into the WFA. In addition to collaborating with the pro-Hanoi Hague Appeal for Peace, the WFA staged a “Mission to Moscow” and held several meetings with the Soviet Peace Committee for the purpose of “discussing the goal of general and complete disarmament” and “the strengthening of the United Nations.” Mrs. Clinton spoke to a WFA conference in a tribute to veteran newsman Walter Cronkite, a supporter of world government.
In the WFA booklet, “The Genius of Federation: Why World Federation is the Answer to Global Problems,” the group described how a “world federation,” a euphemism for world government, could be achieved by advancing “step by step toward global governance,” mostly by enhancing the power and authority of U.N. agencies.
Obama’s Iran deal continues this strategy by placing enormous power in the hands of the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency.
At this stage in the campaign, even before the first Republican presidential debate, we can already see how the race is playing out. Hillary is counting on the Republicans nominating another loser with a losing strategy while she moves to the left and looks like a moderate.
Alinsky would be proud.
© 2015 Cliff Kincaid - All Rights Reserved

Ted Cruz is No Larry McDonald
Part 1
By Kelleigh Nelson
February 1, 2014
"The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining super capitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control.... Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent." Congressman Larry P. McDonald, 1976, allegedly killed in the Korean Airlines 747 that was allegedly shot down by the Soviets.
"We have four boxes with which to defend our freedom: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box." -Representative Larry McDonald
"It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged." -G. K. Chesterton
Representative Larry McDonald was born April 1, 1935 in Atlanta, Georgia and supposedly died September 1, 1983 in the Sea of Japan. He was aboard Korean Airlines Flight 007. McDonald was invited to South Korea to attend a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the United States–South Korea Mutual Defense Treaty with fellow members of Congress, Senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina, Senator Steve Symms of Idaho, and Representative Carroll Hubbard of Kentucky. Because of delays, the other three did not take the same flight as McDonald. A Soviet MiG-23 Flogger and three Soviet Su-15 Flagon fighters intercepted and allegedly shot down the plane over Sakhalin Island in the Sea of Japan. There were 268 others allegedly lost at sea.
It is my belief, along with many others, that the plane was forced to land on Soviet soil, and those who survived, including, and especially, McDonald, became Soviet prisoners. [Link]
Larry was a US Representative from Georgia from 1975-1983. He was also the National Chairman of the John Birch Society. McDonald graduated from Emory Medical School in 1957, just prior to his 18th birthday. He was the second youngest physician in Georgia state history at the age of 22, but his father had topped him by a couple months, having been the youngest physician in the state's history. He then joined the US Navy and served four years as a physician and flight surgeon. While in Reykjavik as a Navy flight surgeon, he saw something that awakened his understanding about communism.
When he returned home, he began reading political history and books on foreign policy. He looked for others concerned about the communist threat he had seen, and was now aware of, but the only organization he found trying to warn the people was the John Birch Society. He joined them in 1963, and he became the Chairman in March, 1983, shortly before his death. He was well versed on America's founding fathers and the Constitution, and he also saw the rise of Bolshevism in Russia and the spread of international communism. He knew this was led in the US by the elitist globalist agenda of the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, and Rockefellers.
In 1972, Dr. McDonald ran for the House of Representatives as a Democrat. He lost, but still won 48% of the votes, proving his efforts to build an informed electorate in the 7th Congressional District of Georgia.
McDonald was known for his conservative views, even by Southern standards, and he was more conservative than the Republican Party. In fact, one scoring method published in the American Journal of Political Science named him the second most conservative member of either chamber of Congress between 1937 and 2002 (behind only Ron Paul). He also scored "perfect or near perfect ratings" on the congressional scorecards of the National Right to Life Committee, Gun Owners of America, and the American Security Council .
Referred to by The New American magazine as "the leading anti-Communist in Congress," McDonald admired Senator Joseph McCarthy and was a member of the Joseph McCarthy Foundation. Unlike many national Democrats, McDonald held a consistently conservative line on issues such as foreign policy, defense spending, fiscal restraint, states' rights, gun rights, and pro-life. He called the welfare state a disaster and wished to turn over the "Great Society" of LBJ to the states.
In 1978, the Democratic party censured him for the despicable act of calling himself a Democrat, basically for two reasons. The first was his involvement with the anti-communist John Birch Society, and the second reason was his failure to support Jimmy Carter.
During his time in Congress, McDonald introduced over 150 bills, including legislation to:
• Repeal the Gun Control Act of 1968.
• Remove the limitation upon the amount of outside income which a Social Security recipient may earn.
• Award honorary U.S. Citizenship to Russian dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
• Prohibit Federal funds from being used to finance the purchase of American agricultural commodities by any Communist country.
• Impeach UN Ambassador Andrew Young.
• Limit eligibility for appointment and admission to any United States service academy to men.
• Direct the Comptroller General of the United States to audit the gold held by the United States annually.
• Increase the national speed limit to 65 miles per hour (105 km/h) from the then-prevailing national speed limit of 55 miles per hour (89 km/h).
• Abolish the Federal Election Commission.
• Get the U.S. out of the United Nations.
McDonald also introduced numerous bills to stop the making of loans and selling of arms to communist or communist friendly regimes.
He was adamant about the lack of education regarding the Federal Reserve and wrote a booklet, We Hold These Truths, published in 1976, explaining to the public the formation of the Constitution and the issues facing the country. Larry McDonald, Steve Symms of Idaho, and Ron Paul of Texas were considered the three most conservative men in Congress at that time. I wish we had hundreds of them today.
Now let's take a look at who we call one of the top conservatives today, namely:
Texas Senator, Ted Cruz
Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz was born December, 1970 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to an Irish-Italian mother who was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, and to Rafael Cruz, who was born in Matanzas, Cuba, in 1939. His father fled Cuba at the age of 18, and became a US Citizen in 2005. Accordingly, Cruz is ineligible for US president or vice president. See Publius Huldah's important article on this subject.
He holds dual citizenship with Canada and the United States. He was elected to the Senate in 2012, and is the junior Republican Senator from the state of Texas. He was Solicitor General of Texas from 2003 to May 2008 and was the first Hispanic Solicitor General in Texas, the youngest in the United States, and the longest tenure of a Solicitor General in Texas history. He is one of three Latinos in the Senate, along with Marco Rubio and Bob Menendez, all Cuban-Americans.
During high school, Cruz participated in a Houston-based group called the Free Market Education Foundation where Cruz learned about free-market economic philosophers such as Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek, Frédéric Bastiat, and Ludwig von Mises, all of whom were proponents of classical liberalism. Cruz graduated cum laude from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs in 1992. Cruz then attended Harvard Law school, graduating, magna cum laude in 1995 with a Juris Doctor. Professor Alan Dershowitz stated, "Cruz was a terrific student, he was always very active in class, presenting a libertarian point of view. He didn't strike me as a social conservative, more of a libertarian."
Cruz served as law clerk to Chief Justice of the United States, William Rehnquist. After his clerkships, he then took a position with the law firm of Cooper, Carvin & Rosenthal. In 1998, Cruz served as private counsel for Congressman John Boehner, during Boehner's lawsuit against Congressman Jim McDermott for releasing a tape recording of a Boehner telephone conversation. [Link]
After a couple of years at this D.C. law firm, Cruz became domestic policy adviser to the presidential campaign of then-Texas Governor George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Cruz brought to the table his own formidable, even astonishing, elite connections which, in 1999, helped enable candidate George W. Bush's lock on the 2000 election. In that same year, when Cruz was a George W. Bush campaign aide, he arranged a meeting between one of the key architects of the Christian right movement, Paul Weyrich, who played a pivotal role in drawing evangelicals into electoral politics, and one of Bush's campaign leaders, Timothy Goeglein. Goeglein went on to serve as Special Assistant to U.S. President George W. Bush and Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison from 2001 to 2008, and now works with Focus on The Family,(a UN-NGO). After President Bush took office, Cruz served as an associate deputy attorney general in the U.S. Justice Department and as the director of policy planning at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.
Cruz' ties to Paul Weyrich are nonetheless even more jaw-dropping considering who Weyrich was. How did Cruz earn the friendship of the man who helped create the Heritage Foundation, the Moral Majority, Free Congress Foundation, and the American Legislative Exchange Council, (ALEC)?
Cruz' tenure as legal aid to Justice Rehnquist gained him inside access to the new "Christian right" leaders. He had inherited ties as well, through his father, Rafael Cruz, businessman and pastor, who explained his role at a July, 2013 Iowa pastors conference sponsored by Council for National Policy members and Dominionists, Don and Tim Wildmon, of American Family Association,(a UN-NGO), in helping get Ronald Reagan elected. This Conference was also attended by his U.S. Senator son, Ted. It was through Rafael's involvement in one of the earliest incarnations of the politicized religious right,  Ed McAteer's Religious Roundtable, of which Paul Weyrich was a co-founder.
(In the massive book, Thy Will Be Done: The Conquest of the Amazon: Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil, authors Gerard Colby and Charlotte Dennett present the disturbing evidence of Rockefeller's use of American missionaries, and in particular, the Summer Institute of Linguistics, who cooperated in conducting surveys, transporting CIA agents, and indirectly assisting in the genocide of tribes in the Amazon basin. Colby and Dennett also describe the vital role of Wycliffe board member, Ed McAteer, in bringing together wealthy liberal and conservative patrons to fund and direct the Wycliffe organization which, in the name of Christ, was assisting Nelson Rockefeller in the conquest of Latin America. Wycliffe recently attempted to publish a Bible removing the words "Father" and "Son" in order to be more appealing to Muslims Arab translations. However, an outcry temporarily stopped this. [Link]
Part 2
By Kelleigh Nelson
February 16, 2014
"We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office." —Aesop
"The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite." —Thomas Jefferson
So, Just Who Was Paul Weyrich?
We need to take a look at the close friendship between the grand poobah of the secretive Council for National Policy, (CNP) Paul Weyrich, and Ted Cruz. (The CNP was founded in 1981, allegedly to counter the CFR, yet there were five CFR members on the board of the new CNP). Weyrich was the founding president of the Heritage Foundation from 1973 - 1974. He was also the founder of the American Legislative Exchange Council, (ALEC) in 1973, and director from 1975 to 1978. (ALEC's membership is 95% corporate, along with 2,500 of the 7,500 legislators from every state. This is where state legislation originates. ALEC has long pushed for a Constitutional Convention. The Church of Scientology is also an ALEC member). [Link]
Paul was also a member of The Interfaith Council for Environmental Stewardship (ICES), which amounts to a "green" Evangelicals and Catholics Together (ECT) document, with many involved already having signed the ECT or ECT II or other ecumenical ventures. ECT includes CFR member Dr. Richard Land. Their Cornwall Declaration on Environmental Stewardship, signed by Evangelicals, Catholics and Jews, is an environmental statement of faith uniting these same groups in yet another venue.
In 1971, Joe Coors, along with Jack Wilson and Paul Weyrich, founded Analysis and Research Inc., to establish a political research entity, that being Heritage Foundation. Fellow CNP member, Joe Coors, donated the first-year Heritage budget of $250,000 for 1973 from the coffers of the Coors Corporation and for the next two years gave $200,000. He then pledged $15,000 per month. Coors and Weyrich set up the Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress, which evolved into the Free Congress Foundation, to carry out political activities, and the Heritage Foundation as a tax exempt educational research entity. The Coors company provided Heritage Foundation with $20,000 per month during the foundation's first year. Weyrich was Heritage's president until February 28, 1974.
The Free Congress Foundation Board of Directors included Weyrich, who was an ardent supporter of the Society for the Protection of Tradition, Family and Property and Charles Moser, an editorial adviser to a publication that praises the Nazi Waffen SS. Weyrich, who for years represented the political interests of the Coors family in Washington, DC, sponsored the work of a convicted Nazi collaborator, Laszlo Pasztor, a Hungarian-American who was employed at Free Congress Foundation. The Heritage Foundation, funded by Richard Mellon Scaife and the Coors family, co-sponsored a 1989 forum with a pro-Nazi group, the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations. Jeff, Holly and Peter Coors were members of the secretive
Council for National Policy board of governors in 1988 -- along with a former Indiana Ku Klux Klan leader, supporters of the apartheid government of South Africa, and Christian Reconstructionists, who call for the execution of homosexuals, adulterers and blasphemers.
Laszlo Pasztor, a convicted Austrian Nazi collaborator whose Coalitions of the Americas was housed as a subsidiary in the Free Congress Foundation, (the political arm of Heritage.) Pasztor was Weyrich’s right hand man and a former leader of the pro-Nazi Arrow Cross organization in Hungary which had collaborated with Hitler’s Reich. He only spent two years in prison for his Arrow Cross activities before coming to the U.S. Pasztor was responsible for executing homosexuals and Jews during a German extermination effort.
In the 1970s, Weyrich and Coors made appointments and set up political contacts on Capitol Hill for one Franz Joseph Strauss, Bavarian head of state, who helped émigré Nazi collaborators. Another fascist, Roger Pearson, writer and organizer for the Nazi Northern League of Northern Europe, joined the editorial board of Policy Review (Heritage’s monthly publication) in 1977. Pearson’s racialist theories are still circulated worldwide by neo-Nazi and white supremacist organizations. Pearson was a recipient of white supremacist and pro-eugenics, Pioneer Fund grants to the tune of a million dollars. One of the funds founders was former Senator Jesse Helms, 33rd degree mason, and Council for National Policy charter member.
Richard Mellon Scaife, (Chase Mellon Bank) and heir of the Carnegie-Mellon fortune, has been on the board of trustees of Heritage since 1985, and the Sarah Scaife Foundation has donated more than $16 million to Heritage, and initially funded them with $900,000 to get Heritage up and running.
There were other financiers of Heritage, Amoco, General Motors, Chase Manhattan Bank (through David Rockefeller) and Olin and Bradley, a right-wing foundation. Edwin Feulner was recruited in 1977 by Richard Mellon Scaife to become Heritage president. One must remember that Scaife funds both sides of the aisle and is a strong pro-abort and proponent of taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. [Link]
Heritage's Richard Allen (Council for National Policy and Council on Foreign Relations member) first proposed the idea of creating a North American free trade zone from the Yukon to the Yucatan. In Charlotte Iserbyt's recent article on Heritage Foundation, she states,
"What we are looking at now in education is a result of NAFTA which got the ball rolling in the development of work force skills standards by the National Skills Standards Board, endorsed by the U.S. Labor Department Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) This study originated under Labor Secretary Elizabeth Dole in 1990 and eventually led to the School-to-Work Opportunities Act and the dumbing down of American education curriculum for workforce training."
And from education researcher, Chey Simonton's article on the Rockefeller/Heritage Connection, she states,
"The top men of the Heritage Foundation, first Weyrich, then Ed Feulner, and now Jim DeMint, with the trust and cooperation of masses of sincerely committed conservatives have been in a position to further elitist Rockefeller goals. Along with radical World Government advocate, Walter Hoffman of the World Federalist Association, they participated on the 16 member U.S. Commission on Improving the Effectiveness of the United Nations. Working with the US Information Agency, Feulner also participated in facilitating the infamous 1985 US-Soviet Education Technology and Cultural Exchange Agreement. Soviet pedagogy, based on behavioral conditioning for a compliant collective labor force, is a dream come true for the dozens of multinational corporations funding all the think tanks promoting American education reform. The humanist Carnegie Foundation, a century-long collaborator with Rockefeller philanthropy, facilitated the Soviet side of this Exchange Agreement."
Heritage's communist connections, were established rapidly after the historic meeting between Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev at the 1985 Geneva Summit. Feulner was appointed by Reagan as chairman of the U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy. The Commission was responsible for expediting a signed Soviet/US Education Agreement. The Soviet polytech work force training system has been implemented in American government schools with students being tracked into specific training at an early age to suit the needs of the corporate fascist global economy.
At the same time, note that Heritage founder, Paul Weyrich, once served as advisor to former Russian President Boris Yeltsin.
Both Feulner and Weyrich were also involved with other powerful players and shadowy figures, some from the right and some from the left. They have been included in groups formed to reinvent the UN, supposedly to face the 21st century. It is becoming more and more evident that Weyrich and Feulner were in fact organizing a tight group that represented the merger of right and left, which we have seen over the past 65 years. Ted Cruz was a very close friend of Paul Weyrich, and in March of 2013, Cruz was the guest speaker at Coalitions for America’s Weyrich Awards Dinner, named for the late conservative icon, Paul Weyrich.
CNP member Ed Feulner took over Heritage Foundation leadership with a nomination from Richard Mellon Scaife who is still a Heritage board member. When Fuelner recently retired, former neo-conservative Senator, Jim DeMint, replaced him as president. DeMint continues the Heritage agenda.
In March of 1987, Paul Weyrich wrote an article entitled, A Conservative's Lament, which appeared in the Washington Post. He stated in that article, "We need some type of shadow government, in which leaders and top advisors can be identified and developed, and through which our politics can be better focused on policy choices. The world is a professional league, and we cannot win fielding amateur teams." Obviously, we have this "shadow government" in the Council on Foreign Relations. One wonders who is grooming Ted Cruz.
When we look at Ted Cruz, we must look at not only who supports him, but who his friends are, both past and present. Of course there is guilt by association that cannot be dismissed because Cruz is a politician. My momma always told me, "You are known by the company you keep," or "If you lay down with dogs, you'll get up with fleas." So, let's look at all of Cruz's associations, both past and present, including his marriage.
The Money and Groups Behind Cruz
Here are the top 20 contributors to the Leadership PAC for Senator Cruz. [Link] And here are the top 20 contributors to his Campaign Committee (note Goldman Sachs). [Link] Here is a short list of those who endorsed Ted Cruz for Senate. [Link]
• Club for Growth (CFG) was founded by Steve Moore, who is on the editorial board of the WSJ, owned by CFR member, Rupert Murdoch. He has been paid to promote policies for the Koch funded Americans for Prosperity. David Koch is a member of the globalist Aspen Institute, whose former director was none other than Maurice Strong, of UN Agenda 21 fame. Moore is also an American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) "scholar" as of 2011. On August 4th, 2011, he spoke at a Shell Oil-sponsored plenary session of the 38th Annual ALEC Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, along with fellow ALEC "scholar" Arthur B. Laffer. ALEC is a corporate bill mill. It is not just a lobby or a front group; it is much more powerful than that. Through ALEC, corporations hand state legislators their wish lists to benefit their bottom line. Corporations fund almost all of ALEC's operations. ALEC has lobbied for a Constitutional Convention for decades. Club for Growth's leadership council reads like a who's who of the neo-con right. Moore has also served at the Heritage Foundation and as committee staff to pro-amnesty former Rep. Dick Armey, original founder and co-chair of FreedomWorks. In December of 2004, then CFG President, Steve Moore, left his position after accusations that he, and/or members of his new organization, the Free Enterprise Fund, had taken CFG's donor and mailing lists. Though there were threats of legal action, nothing came of the accusations.
• FreedomWorks super Pac - In 2003, former Congressman Dick Armey, charter member of the secretive Council for National Policy, became co-chairman of Citizens for a Sound Economy, who, in 2004, merged with Empower America to become FreedomWorks. In 2004, Citizens for a Sound Economy split into two new organizations, with Citizens for a Sound Economy being renamed as FreedomWorks, and Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation becoming Koch's Americans for Prosperity. After Dick Armey (co-author of the Contract for America in 1994) left FreedomWorks in the fall of 2012, Matt Kibbe became president and CEO of FreedomWorks, Inc. Kibbe is a tea party architect, former chief economist for the Republican National Committee and policy analyst for Citizens for a Sound Economy. [Link]
Empower America was founded in 1993 by high stakes gambler and former Drug Czar William Bennett, who was Education Secretary under Reagan when the 1985 and 1988 US-Soviet education exchanges and treaties were signed, as well as implementing the Soviet quota system; former Secretary of HUD Jack Kemp (charter CNP member); former UN Ambassador Jeanne J. Kirkpatrick (CFR, TC); and former Representative Vin Weber, CNP/CFR member and co-director of the globalist Aspen Institute's Domestic Strategy Group. [Link] Charlotte Iserbyt exposed Bill Bennett for his purposeful destruction of education as she worked under T. H. Bell in Reagan's education department. Bennett continued all of Bell's socialist/communist policies, especially OBE and the Pavlov/Skinner training method. Regarding Bennett's role in U.S./Soviet education agreements, he wasn't overtly involved, but he, when asked by Malcolm Lawrence about the agreements, responded "I'm not in that loop." [Link]
Empower America was largely filled with Council for National Policy members, CFR members, Trilateralist members, as well as Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church members such as Josette Shiner Sheeran, now Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme.
• Mark Levine (who is now actively promoting a Constitutional Convention, see Mark Levin Refuted by Publius Huldah) [Link]
• Edwin Meese, former Attorney General, and Chief of Staff for Reagan-Bush, Heritage Foundation staff member, (see Chey Simonton's Rockefeller/Heritage Connection).
• Tom Coburn - close friend of Obama, and supporter of neo-con, Alan Keyes. Coburn is affiliated with a religious organization called The Family. He previously lived in one of The Family's Washington, D.C. dormitories with then-Senator John Ensign, another Family member and longtime resident of the C Street Center who admitted he had an extramarital affair with a staffer in 2009. The announcement by Ensign of his infidelity brought public scrutiny of The Family and its connection to other high-ranking politicians, including Coburn. Hillary Clinton is also a member. [Link], [Link]
• Former Senator Jim DeMint, now President of neo-conservative, Heritage Foundation [Link] DeMint is also a member of Doug Coe's secretive, "The Family."
• Senator Mike Lee, pro Constitutional Convention via the dangerous Balanced Budget Amendment. [Link], [Link]
• Representative Pat Toomey, newly pro-gun control with heavier background checks. Senator Pat Toomey attempted to amend the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) to strengthen religious protections, but when his amendment was shot down 55-43, he actually voted for ENDA anyway.
• Rick Santorum (check out this neo-con, moderate's liberal voting record in my three-part article on Santorum).
• Sarah Palin, McCain supporter, former Palin aide was on Soros payroll. Her staff all came recommended from John McCain. Palin believes in and signed bills promoting "climate change" legislation while governor of Alaska. [Link] Alaska is also a total sanctuary state for illegal aliens, including while Palin was Governor.
Part 3
By Kelleigh Nelson
March 1, 2014
"We, like those in all emergent totalitarian states, have been mentally damaged by a carefully orchestrated historical amnesia, a state-induced stupidity. We increasingly do not remember what it means to be free. And because we do not remember, we do not react with appropriate ferocity when it is revealed that our freedom has been taken from us. The structures of the corporate state must be torn down. Its security apparatus must be destroyed. And those who defend corporate totalitarianism, including the leaders of the two major political parties, fatuous academics, pundits and a bankrupt press, must be driven from the temples of power. Mass street protests and prolonged civil disobedience are our only hope. A failure to rise up—which is what the corporate state is counting upon—will see us enslaved."....Chris Hedges
Cruz and the Phony Religious Right
The September 8, 2013 Politico story from Stephanie Simon documented U.S. Senator Ted Cruz' ties to pseudo-historian David Barton (one of the more influential national middle-aged leaders on the Christian right). Let's take a quick look at David Barton. He is an informal advisor to neo-cons, Mike Huckabee who has endorsed fellow neo-con, Lamar Alexander for his third term in the Senate, Huckabee also believes Americans should be forced at gunpoint to listen to David Barton (video link), and fellow pro-Dominionist (via her close affiliations, with Francis Schaeffer and John Eidsmoe [Link]) Michele Bachmann, as well as Third Waver, and Alvin and Heidi Toffler supporter, Newt Gingrich. Barton's endorsement of Cruz was widely seen as a big boost for his upstart campaign to represent Texas in the U.S. Senate. Barton also campaigned for Florida Senator Marco Rubio in 2010 and has long backed Texas Governor Rick Perry. Perry's ties to the Dominionist New Apostolic Reform were evident at his August, 2011 prayer fest prior to his announcement as a presidential candidate. [Link]
Mr. Barton, whose academic degree is in Christian Education from Oral Roberts University, has been labeled a biased amateur who cherry-picks quotes from history and the Bible. Both secular critics and Christian scholars have denounced Barton as a fraud who manipulates and misrepresents history to serve his political goals. In his book, The Jefferson Lies, he portrayed Jefferson as an orthodox Christian. [Link]
From Thomas Kidd at World News Service:
Jay W. Richards, senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, and author with James Robison of Indivisible: Restoring Faith, Family, and Freedom Before It's Too Late, says in recent months he has grown increasingly troubled about Barton's writings, so he asked 10 conservative Christian professors to assess Barton's work. Their response was negative. Some examples: Glenn Moots of Northwood University wrote that Barton in The Jefferson Lies is so eager to portray Jefferson as sympathetic to Christianity that he misses or omits obvious signs that Jefferson stood outside "orthodox, creedal, confessional Christianity."
A second professor, Glenn Sunshine of Central Connecticut State University, said that Barton's characterization of Jefferson's religious views is "unsupportable." A third, Gregg Frazer of The Master's College, evaluated Barton's video America's Godly Heritage and found many of its factual claims dubious, such as a statement that "52 of the 55 delegates at the Constitutional Convention were 'orthodox, evangelical Christians.'" Richards emphasizes that he and the scholars he consulted about Barton are politically conservative evangelicals or Catholics. They largely agree with Barton's belief that Christian principles played a major role in America's founding, but Richards argues that Barton's books and videos are full of "embarrassing factual errors, suspiciously selective quotes, and highly misleading claims."
A full-scale, newly published critique of Barton is coming from Professors Warren Throckmorton and Michael Coulter of Grove City College, a largely conservative Christian school in Pennsylvania. Their book Getting Jefferson Right: Fact Checking Claims about Our Third President (Salem Grove Press), argues that Barton "is guilty of taking statements and actions out of context and simplifying historical circumstances."
Because Barton's research has often been shown to be in error, he has become a favorite target of skeptics who point to his errors and use it as ammunition in attacking believers. In short, carelessness or lack of integrity is counterproductive to the cause we would advance.
As well, in a shocking interview with Jon Stewart, in May of 2011, Barton is totally comfortable with Shariah law and claims it is compatible with our Constitution. [Link]
Last November, 2013, David Barton sat in for Glenn Beck on his program. He spent the entire hour on the Constitution, and on an Article V call for a convention. Like many of the phony right, as well as the George Soros' leftists, Barton is pushing a con-con. [Link]
It is not surprising that David Barton is a Cruz supporter, as he and Ted Cruz's father, Rafael Cruz, are dominionists who believe in the Seven Mountains mandate. This fits well with both Barton's and Cruz's belief systems wherein a Christian theocracy should rule. Here and here are definitions of Dominionism/Reconstructionism.
Reverend Rafael Cruz
Rafael Cruz is a pastor based in North Texas serving as the Director of Purifying Fire Ministries, ministering in the U.S., Mexico and Central America. Purifying Fire Ministries was founded by Suzanne Hinn, ex-wife and then wife again of Benny Hinn. The Hinns are preaching heretical doctrines, dealing in faux emotions and invented manifestations of the Holy Spirit at the most convenient and opportune fundraising moments. They also know where the money is today, and have hitched their wagons to the New Apostolic Reform, or Dominionism.
The Bible does not promise a miracle-working revival at the end of the church age before the return of Christ. It promises, rather, great deception (Matthew 24:24; 2 Thessalonians 2:7-10; Revelation 13:13,14). Many gullible people are deceived by miracles, but the Bible warns that miracles can be counterfeited. As we see in the above cited verses, every time the New Testament mentions miracles at the end of this age, it refers to them as deceptions. Miracles do not impart faith. Most of the people who witnessed Christ's miracles did not believe. Faith comes only by hearing the Word of God, the Bible -- "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God" (Romans 10:17). Hebrews chapter 11 also tells us that faith comes through God's Word. It is the miracles that are recorded in Scripture that give faith (John 20:30,31).
I could find nothing that indicated Rafael Cruz has a divinity degree, and Purifying Fire Ministries apparently has no church buildings. Rafael is also allegedly a professor of Bible and Theology, and the president of Kingdom Translation Services. Again, I could find no documented evidence of where he is a professor and where he went to school/seminary.
Senator Cruz has kept his 74 year old pastor father involved with his political shop, using him not merely as a confidant and stand-in, but as a special envoy. He is Cruz’s preferred introductory speaker, his best messenger with evangelicals, and his favorite on-air sidekick. Ted Cruz says his firebrand father doesn't speak for him, but the senator's aide is booking Rafael Cruz's speaking gigs. [Link]
In an August 2012 sermon at an Irving, Texas, mega church that helped elect Ted Cruz to the United States Senate, Rafael Cruz, indicated that his son was among the evangelical Christians who are anointed as "kings" to take control of all sectors of society. This is an agenda commonly referred to as the "Seven Mountains" mandate, and "bring the spoils of war to the priests," thus helping to bring about a prophesied "great transfer of wealth," from the "wicked" to righteous gentile believers. That would be particularly nice...especially to have Soros/Gates and other wealthy elitists' monies transferred to Christians.
The Seven Mountains mandate refers to Christians being instructed to conquer the seven “mountains of culture” that have seldom been in Christian control since the Reformation. These seven mountains are business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, the family, and religion. All this started back in the 70s with two charter members of the Council for National Policy, Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ, and Loren Cunningham of Youth With a Mission (YWAM). As the story goes, Cunningham and Bright each had a spiritual experience in which the vision was imparted to them by God of “seven chief categories of society” where the church needed to “concentrate” to “turn the nations back to God.” [Link]
Here is a video of Rafael Cruz describing the "great transfer of wealth" and the role of anointed "kings" in various sectors of society, including government, who are to "bring the spoils of war to the priests."
Jesus never emphasized the need for money in preaching the gospel, in sending His own out, or even in their day to day affairs.
Ted Cruz was subsequently blessed and anointed by prominent dominionist pastors, in effect as a "king" in the political/governmental sphere, at a special blessing ceremony at the Marriott Hotel in Des Moines, Iowa, at a July 19th-20th, 2013 rally designed to draw pastors into politics.
Sleeping With the Enemy
Ted Cruz met his wife, Heidi, while working on the George W. Bush presidential campaign of 2000. Cruz's wife is currently head of the Southwest Region in the Investment Management Division of Goldman, Sachs & Co. [Link] Check out Matt Taibbi's article in Rolling Stone magazine, "The People vs. Goldman Sachs." Ms. Cruz began her career as an investment banker with JP Morgan in New York, focusing on international structured finance and subsequently on Latin America mergers and acquisitions. Heidi also worked in the White House for CFR member, Condoleezza Rice. She has a Harvard MBA, was raised a Seventh Day Adventist, and is a vegetarian. Ted is on Heidi's Goldman Sachs' health care plan.
Heidi is also on the Council on Foreign Relations' infamous "North American Union" task force and is co-author of same. [Link] Heidi Cruz is a Term Member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).
I would love to write an article about true old-right conservatives who are staunch Constitutionalists and are fighting to restore the Republic. Sadly, this is not the case. Anyone who still believes we are safe with men or women who have an "R" behind their names has not been paying attention to the presidents and Congress criminals who have given us the unconstitutional and draconian laws in the last 100 or more years.
Just look back a few decades. Do you remember Bob Dole's failure to repeal the Assault Weapons Ban? [Link] How about George H.W. Bush's famous lie, "Read my lips, no new taxes."? [Link] We are now stuck with W's Patriot Act signed in 2001. [Link] Just think about George W. Bush's bailout packages which cost American taxpayers thousands of dollars per citizen....[Link] The RNC runs presidential candidates like John McCain, and Willard Romney, neither of whom have ever felt it necessary to follow the Constitution. There are no jobs in America today, the manufacturing industry is gone...why? Because Republican President George H.W. Bush formalized NAFTA in 1986. In 1994, Bill Clinton was President when it went into effect.
Those mentioned, along with the majority of Republican congressmen and women have not had the interests of the American people in their hearts or minds. I keep hearing them referred to as RINO's, but they are in fact, neo-conservative Trotskyites.
Forty or fifty years ago or more, those who have become leaders in today's Republican party drifted away from Trotskyism and began to identify themselves as democratic socialists. Still later, under the guise of neo-cons Irving Kristol and William F. Buckley, who emasculated true old right conservatism, they slithered into the Republican party as "moderates." They stole the name of "conservative" and seized intellectual control of the true conservatives, as well as the entire Republican party.
Leon Trotsky must not be ignored. Trotsky, unlike Stalin and Lenin, favored the slow and patient imposition of Marxist socialism without murders and gulags. Trotsky wished for the people to "choose" Marxism, rather than having it forced upon them. Irving Kristol, father of Bill Kristol, stated, "I regard myself as lucky to have been a young Trotskyite and I have not a single bitter memory."
The current followers of Trotskyite socialism and internationalism are the neo-conservatives. Most have no objection to steering America away from personal freedom and national independence and literally undermining and eroding the people's freedom. There are several books which expose the reality of the Republican neo-con Trotskyites. Undeniably the best, is John McManus's brilliant book, "William F. Buckley, Pied Piper for the Establishment." This book is so well documented, you will want to keep it in your library for reference.
As for Ted Cruz, his list of supporters and affiliations should give any true old-right conservative Constitutionalist pause. Unfortunately, without money and connections, honest men and women will find it very difficult to attain any political office. Nevertheless, when one sells one's soul to attain the political office or power, they are then owned by those who put them there. Ted Cruz is no different.
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