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What Do You Know About The Clintons? (Part 1)


Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight
Published on Jan 29, 2016

Published on Dec 30, 2015

Megyn Kelly Exposes Huge Hillary Clinton Lie About Benghazi  

The Clintons and Their Dirty Secrets
Published on Oct 11, 2015
Bill Clinton’s Criminal Background
Most people think that the biggest felony made by Bill Clinton might be that he swore falsely under oath in the Lewinsky affair. But this is peanuts compared to the real crimes, yet undetected by most American people.
The Oxford Days
It was in Oxford as a student Clinton came to hear about the One World Government for the first time, and what was required to be a member of this New World Order. In an interview in 1994 Clinton said that he'd known about the "Shadow-government" already in his youth, and had been very enthusiastic to get an entrance into the "Inner Circle" and from there have the opportunity to participate in decisions regarding the future of the world.
He succeeded! The "President-maker" David Rockefeller met Clinton in the mid 80's in Arkansas to prepare him for what was to come. The State of Arkansas, by the way, is a major seat for the Brotherhood elite. The south branch of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry has its center here, and from this area Albert Pike(33 degree Freemason) created the Ku Klux Klan.
The Corrupted Governor of Arkansas
Clinton worked himself up rapidly and became a governor of Arkansas. As a governor Bill Clinton committed a series of high crimes, related to his Illuminati connection. He became the leader of a gigantic network which dealt with drug-smuggling, laundering of drug-money and corruption in general.
A good friend of Clinton from Arkansas, Larry Nichols, was interviewed in a film. Clinton thought that Nichols would keep his mouth shut, but he didn't. He was hired by Clinton and had found out that Clinton's firm, "Arkansas Development Finance Authority" (ADFA), laundered drug-money. Cocaine to a value of $10.000.000 (ten million dollars!) a week was flown in from Mena Airport in Arkansas. The money was laundered via ADFA to a bank in Florida, to a bank in Georgia, to Citycorp in New York, and from there it was transferred out of the country. All this regarding to Larry Nichols.
Clinton's best friend, Dan Lasater, led the operations. Lasater and Bill Clinton's brother, Roger Clinton, later spent time in jail due to drug related crimes.
The Chief of Police in Arkansas at that time, Doc Delaughter, said he had gathered information from many persons in Lasater's surroundings, how he smuggled drugs and abused young girls sexually. During those investigations Doc was harassed by persons from his own police department, paid by Clinton.
Bill Clinton created new laws that helped "Tyson Foods" to be the biggest company in Arkansas. The owner, Don Tyson, received a loan from the Clinton-owned ADFA, but never had to pay back. Doc says he has evidence enough against Tyson to start an investigation regarding illegal drug-trade. Nichols says in the film:
The first loan ADFA approved was to "Park-O-Meter" ... When I investigated the company, I found that the Directive Secretary and cashier was Webb Hubbell ... Guess who wrote the law proposition ... which made ADFA possible. Webb Hubbell. Guess who drove the law proposition which looked into- and admitted (Park-O-Meter's) request. "Rose Law Firm" (owned by Hillary Clinton). Who signed the admittance? Webb Hubbell and Hillary Clinton.
Nichols said that when journalists started investigating the loans to "Park-O-Meter", they discovered that the company did not make parking meters, but removable airplane nose-cones, delivered to the air-field in Mena. The equipment was used to smuggle narcotics into the country, and with this Clinton and his companions participated heavily to the pushing of street-drugs in the USA.
Nichols says further that Clinton most of the time was involved in drug trade and the people he surrounded himself with followed him all the way to the White House.
When Clinton became President he elected Webb Hubbell as the Minister of Justice(!). Hubbell had to go back to Arkansas, though, to plead guilty to having cheated customers of the "Rose Law Firm" on $500.000.
Maybe the largest drug smuggling event in the USA history started in 1982 on Mena Airport by Barry Seale, pilot for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA!!!). He had had problems with the authorities in Louisiana, so he moved his dirty business to Arkansas, where he could work un-disturbed. Seale said later in a police investigation that he had used nose-cones to smuggle drugs (Park-O-Meter).
Strange Deaths Connected To Clinton

So what did Bill Clinton do, when he came to power in the White House? Just like the drug trading president before him, Freemason-Brother George Bush, he started a war against drugs(!).
The interesting part is, though, that when different people have started talking about Clinton's affairs, they have suddenly and mysteriously died. One of them was Barry Seale, the drug smuggler. He was killed in February 1987.
By that time, several murders were committed in Arkansas.
•Two young boys were out walking late one night in the surroundings of Mena Airport. They were found dead on a railroad track. The examining doctor, sent by Clinton, said it was an accident. But their parents didn't agree. Later it was found that the boys had been stabbed and got their heads crushed.
•Six other persons, who had talked to the police regarding the murder of the boys, were killed themselves! Some of them had said to their families they had to leave town urgently, as they knew too much about the murders, but they were all traced and shot to death. All this happened while Clinton was the governor of Arkansas and used Mena Airport for drug smuggling.
To make research on, or accuse Clinton has too often showed to be a lethal business.
•Danny Casoloro, who investigated Clinton's involvement in stock frauds, was found dead in West Virginia.
•A lawyer from Washington, Paul Wilcher, who had made an appointment with Casoloro's former attorney, was found dead in his apartment.
•Prosecutor Charles Black wanted more money from governor Clinton to be able to continue the investigations regarding drug smuggling on Mena Airport. He got no money, but Black's mother was killed.
•The director for Clinton's Finance-campaign Committee, Ed Willke, was shot with a nail-gun.
•John Wilson, politician in Washington, threatened to reveal Clinton's dirty business. He was found swinging from a rope in 1993.
•Kathy Furguson, police in Arkansas and Clinton's bodyguard, said that Clinton was promiscuous. She was found dead with a gun in her hand. Her husband Danny denies all sex-scandals related to Clinton. He is still alive.
•Jon Parnel Walker, one of the investigators in the Whitewater affair, "fell" from a balcony in Virginia.
•C. Victor Raider II had an argument with Clinton. Raider and his son Montgomery died when their sport plane crashed.
•Mr. Friday, member of Raider's committee, and a known skilled pilot, died when his plane exploded.
•Dentist Ronald Rogers was about to meet a journalist and give information regarding Clinton when his plane crashed in clear weather.
•Luther Parks had gathered information regarding Clinton's sex habits. Clinton owed him $81.000 for security during his election campaign. He threatened Clinton to go public if he didn't get the money back. He was shot September 26th 1993.His son Gary said he had all the evidence at home and proof of Bill and Roger Clinton's drug abuse. The information was stolen shortly thereafter.
•Vincent Foster was a good friend of Clinton since childhood. His "suicide" occurred during the Whitewater investigation. The "suicide" couldn't have been such. He still had the gun in his hand when found, which is impossible after the reaction from the bullet. Also, he held the gun in his right hand, though he was left-handed! At the same time employees at "Rose Law Firm" started to destroy documents.
In Arkansas there is a law saying that autopsy is not necessary if the diseased through a court-order can be classified to have committed suicide. This law was written by Bill Clinton. Almost every death around his person has been classified as suicide.
The crimes just don't stop! During the Whitewater investigations Patsy Thomason, Clinton's companion, searched through Foster's office the same night Foster died(!). It was justified under the means of "national security". Patsy Thomason, by the way, is in the police reports for drug related crimes, and it was she who stopped the drug tests on employees in the White House.
Gary Johnson, a lawyer, wanted to reveal the money laundering and corruption in Clinton's business ADFA. Johnson was a neighbor of Gennifer Flowers, one of the ladies Clinton has denied having a sexual relationship with. Johnson had a camera outside his house, and it caught Clinton on his way into Flower's apartment. He had his own key. Johnson had it on film and could prove that Clinton lied. He was then attacked in his home and badly wounded. The intruders also stole the film.
But why hasn't Clinton been thoroughly investigated and put to trial when so many people knew about the crimes? Larry Nichols might have the answer:
Many people wonder how Bill Clinton could lead a whole state in the size of Arkansas with the ultimate power he expressed. It's not that hard. After 12 years, after having "made friends" with the rich, Clinton was in charge of the constitutional laws, the judges, the lawyers and the banks.
When Clinton moved into the White House, he continued as before. He is just one more of the top controlled Presidents, whose purpose is to make way for the New World Order and the new slave community. When Richard Nixon resigned in the 70's the Brotherhood took over the USA with the help of Henry Kissinger and Nelson Rockefeller. Since then there haven't been any true democratic elections in the USA. The Presidents have all been selected carefully by the Illuminati, with David Rockefeller on top. The "free" elections are just something for to keep people busy and to make them think there is a choice. As a matter of fact, no candidate will make it to Presidency if he hasn't got the support from the Illuminati. Such candidates will be ridiculed, lied about or financially overthrown already early in the campaign.
Another peculiar thing about Clinton has to do with Hot Springs, Arkansas. Hot Springs is a city that has 47 thermal springs which has brought the jet set from all over the world. The mafia with their night clubs made the city a hot bed of vice, gambling and prostitution. During the 1920's the territory was so popular with organized crime, that the criminals considered the area to be "neutral ground" like they did Hollywood. In the early 60's Hot Springs had the largest illegal gambling operations in the entire USA. Clinton's uncle Roy was a politician in Arkansas's legislature connected to all the named mess. And Bill's uncle Raymond Clinton, who had a Buick dealership, was tied to all this corruption. Bill and his brother Roger's cocaine habits are well known by people who were connected with them, but how many knows about Bill's and Hillary's connection with the Illuminati? Hillary is sometimes called the "dragon lady" behind her back - for good reasons. Now it seems like the Illuminati is laying their cards on her to make a real politician out of her. She has been the "poor victim" for Bill's sexual behaviors and got the American people's sympathy and envy, as she seems to be a very strong and loyal woman. In fact she is as much involved as her husband and we can only hope she won't be the first female president of the United States. The only person to feel sympathy for in the Clinton family is their poor daughter, who has to live with this viciousness.
Also, Bill is closely connected with Charles "Chip" Whitmore, who is a Satanist and Programmer for the Illuminati and probably has MPD. Bill and Chip have often met on a weekly basis over the years. They still do; when Bill was in England Chip was there too, when Bill went to Florida so did Chip. Chip was also a drummer for Jerry Lee Lewis, who also is a Satanist and a programmer. He was also a friend of Jack Ruby. Chip had a programmed girl murder a man, and then the Illuminati Network got him off his murder charges. He has also been in charge of assassinations in his area, and controls the local law enforcement in Arkansas.
So it doesn't matter if Clinton resigns or not, as the next representative of the White House will be just another of the many Illuminati-created Presidents. In the background the current Vice President Al Gore is preparing himself to take over after Brother Bill - Gore being a 33:d degree Freemason of the Scottish Rite and with a doubtful background ...Or will we all be surprised by having Hillary Clinton as a candidate? Time will show ...
Icke, David: And the truth shall set you free (Gateway books)
Spotlight magazine: Various articles
Springmeier, Fritz: Be Wise As Serpents [App. 3: Clones]
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Bill & Hillary Clinton: A Life of Violating People
Posted by  Robert Morrow
Wednesday, February 1, 2012
Bill Clinton was a 1980's cokehead governor; brother Rogers says he "has nose like a vacuum cleaner" for coke
Roger Clinton, Bill’s brother who went to jail for dealing cocaine – was caught on a police videotape in April, 1984 – with undercover police detective Travis Bunn, saying he (Roger) needed to “get some [cocaine] for my brother [Bill]; He’s got a nose like a vacuum cleaner.” Dan Lasater, Bill’s very close friend and contributor was also a major drug dealer. Both Roger and Lasater went to jail on drug charges. Governor Bill corruptly gave Lasater a full and complete pardon in November, 1990. Lasater only served 6 months of a 30 month sentence.
Gennifer Flowers said Bill told her he was using so much cocaine that his head itched. Sally Perdue, another girlfriend, said “he had all of the [cocaine snorting] equipment laid out, like a real pro.”
Bill has very bad sinuses (a possible result of coke abuse), no doubt caused by his life as an out-of-control 1980’s cokehead. Sharlene Wilson said that she once saw Bill so high on cocaine that he fell against the wall and SLID INTO A GARBAGE CAN!
Sharlene says:
“I watched Bill Clinton lean up against a brick wall. He must have had an adenoid problem because he casually stuck my tooter up his nose … He was so messed up that night, he slid down the wall into a garbage can and just sat there like a complete idiot.”
Sharlene says:
“I was, you know, the hostess with the mostess, the lady with the snow … I’d serve drinks and lines of cocaine on a glass mirror.” [p.262, The Secret Life]
Sharlene, who was once sexually intimate with drug dealers Roger Clinton and Dan Harmon, says she and her friends would go back to the Arkansas Governor’s mansion and party until the early morning hours. Sharlene says:
“I thought it was the coolest thing in the world THAT WE HAD A GOVERNOR WHO GOT HIGH.” [p.262, The Secret Life of Bill Clinton]
Jane Parks claims that in 1984, when she was the resident manager at the Vantage Point Apartments, she could hear parties in the unit next door where Bill, his brother Roger and druggie friend Dan Lasater held parties, did drugs and chased women, some as young as a 16 year old high school girl. Parks says she could hear all this through the walls. They were giving cocaine to high school girls! Witnesses report the ashtrays were filled with cocaine, supplied by Lasater. Patricia Anne Smith says “I was introduced to cocaine by Dan Lasater when I was 16 or 17 years old and a student at North Little Rock Old Main High School … I was a virgin until two months after I met Dan Lasater. Lasater plied me with cocaine and gifts for sexual favors.” [Insight on the News, 11-6-95]. Cokehead Gov. Bill was partying with other cokeheads and high school girls. Teenager Patty-Anne (back in the 80’s) says that on several occasions she saw Gov. Bill use cocaine and Bill sure wasn’t acting like a governor; she says “[Bill] was doing a line. It was just there on the table.” [p.290, Secret Life of Bill Clinton].
Bill, Hillary and Roger went with their party boy friend and contributor Dan Lasater (who got teenager Patricia on cocaine) on his private Lear jet to the 1983 Kentucky Derby. Biographer Roger Morris says “cocaine was available in ashtrays and literally every seat on the private jet – as well as in the box at Churchill Downs.” [Carl Limbacher, NewsMax, 6-17-01]
According to Sam Houston, a respected Little Rock doctor, in the early 1980’s Bill Clinton was admitted to the Univ. of Arkansas Medical Center for emergency treatment for cocaine abuse and overdose and had to be cared for at the hospital on one, possibly two occasions.
Christopher Ruddy says, “When Mrs. Clinton arrived, she told both of the resident physicians on duty that night that they would never again practice medicine in the United States if word leaked out about Clinton's drug problem. Reportedly, [Hillary] pinned one of the doctors up against the wall, both hands pressed against his shoulders, as she gave her dire warning.”
Larry Nichols says that Betsy Wright, Gov. Bill’s Chief of Staff, told Larry that Bill – totally a cokehead and just as addicted as Roger – had to enter drug treatment programs three times! As Governor! No wonder drug smuggling was running rampant in Arkansas in the 1980’s: Governor Bill was a cokehead. Witt Stevens, brother of Jack Stevens, told Bill he would give him $100,000 for his 1982 campaign if he would “get off the white stuff.” [Larry Nichols, very close aide to Bill, on the KIEV George Putnam radio show] Here is a good web link:
Sally Perdue, Bill’s lover from 1983, said Bill used cocaine in her presence and seemed very expert in its use, “He had all the equipment laid out, like a real pro.” L.D. Brown, Bill’s very close aide, suspected Bill of snorting in a bathroom stall while they were on vacation in Boca Raton. Bill was saying, “Yeah, yeah, L.D. these damn sinuses are killing me,” as he apparently was snorting cocaine.
Monica told Linda Tripp that Bill “sometimes seemed to ‘zone out’ on her.” When Linda asked why, Monica said, “I think he’s on drugs.” [NY Post, 10-3-98]
An editorial in the Investor’s Business Daily (“What did he Snort and when did he Snort it?”) on 10-30-96 gives a good summary of the proof of Bill’s cocaine use.
“I remember going into the governor’s conference room once and it reeked of marijuana,” said Democratic State Representative Jack McCoy, a Clinton supporter.” [Clinton Chronicles, p.170]. Gennifer also said that Bill smoked marijuana in her presence and Gennifer says, “By the way, he most certainly did inhale.
Bill even asked trooper Larry Patterson if he should make his very, very close friend drug dealer Dan Lasater as his chief of staff! [More Than Sex: the Secrets of Bill and Hillary Revealed, audiotapes, NewsMax 1999] Pathological liar Bill later says he hardly knew Dan Lasater, with whom he used to go to coke parties with high school girls.
Who Is Dan Lasater?
By Micah Morrison, a Wall Street Journal editorial page writer.
CHICAGO -- Last week, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. issued a report criticizing Little Rock's Rose Law Firm for conflicts of interest in representing the government. It was harsh on convicted felon Webster Hubbell in one case, and in another laid much responsibility on the late Vincent Foster. But it minimized the role of a third partner, Hillary Rodham Clinton, on questions about her relationship with drug convict Dan Lasater and Rose's role in suing him on behalf of the government and First American Savings & Loan of Oak Brook, a Chicago suburb.
The FDIC didn't exactly say Mrs. Clinton had no conflict of interest, but it did say that in the First American case she billed for only two hours, reviewing some work in the absence of Mr. Foster, the lead attorney. It said Mrs. Clinton met Mr. Lasater only twice, though he had contributed $16,000 to her husband's gubernatorial campaigns and had a close friendship with Virginia Kelley, Mr. Clinton's mother, and Roger Clinton, Mr. Clinton's half brother. It said that in the end Mr. Foster got a settlement of $200,000 from Mr. Lasater, against a loss to the thrift of $361,000 -- not at all bad by the standards of bankrupt thrifts. There seems little reason to doubt that these facts are accurate, as far as they go.
TD Yet some time probing the affairs of First American here in Chicago suggests that the FDIC's bland recitation conceals a much more interesting story. First American of Oak Brook -- not to be confused with the First American Bank in Washington illicitly owned by the Bank of Credit and Commerce International -- happened to be owned by former Illinois Gov. Dan Walker, like Mr. Lasater now an ex-con. The $361,000 figure was established in a lawsuit by Mr. Walker against Mr. Lasater for unauthorized trading of Treasury bonds. Mr. Lasater's defense was that the trades were authorized and there was no breach of fiduciary relationship. But in a broader sense, given Mr. Lasater's financial relations with First American and Gov. Walker, he may have had reason to believe he owned the bank. Court records relating to Mr. Lasater's curious trades with First American also suggest that he may have taken more than the disputed $361,000 out of the thrift. And, to connect the Illinois affair with the probe of Little Rock's Madison Guaranty, the savings and loan at the heart of the Whitewater scandal being aired in congressional hearings this week, there's reason to wonder whether Mr. Lasater was doing the same thing with Madison, where he also held a trading account.
In short, who is Dan Lasater?
The FDIC is quite correct that he was not Hillary's friend; he was Bill's friend, and according to many Little Rock sources, partying companion. The FDIC's $16,000 in campaign contributions does not appear to include donations Mr. Lasater encouraged from associates, nor such favors as the use of the Lasater plane for campaign-related events. The FDIC says that "a full report of the investigation" will be made available to the public, but so far it has not elaborated on Mr. Lasater's other favors for the Clinton family.
In a 1986 interview with the FBI, for example, Mr. Lasater said that he gave Roger Clinton a job as a stablehand at the governor's request; later, Roger Clinton approached Mr. Lasater for help in paying off a $20,000 cocaine debt. Mr. Lasater told the FBI that he arranged an $8,000 "loan" to help the governor's brother. Copies of FBI interviews with Mr. Lasater and his associates were obtained by the Wall Street Journal. Mr. Lasater did not responded to interview requests.
Roger Clinton went to jail for connections to the same cocaine ring that ultimately put Mr. Lasater himself behind bars. Mr. Lasater was convicted of social distribution of cocaine and served six months; Gov. Clinton later pardoned him -- effecting his "relief from civil liabilities," as Senate Banking Committee Chairman Alfonse D'Amato (R., N.Y.) so delicately put it in hearings last week.
Also, Mr. Lasater for almost 10 years employed Patsy Thomasson, now a top White House aide and one of the three people to visit Mr. Foster's office the night of his death. When Sen. Lauch Faircloth (R., N.C.) sought to question Ms. Thomasson about her relations with Mr. Lasater and Madison Guaranty during her Banking Committee appearance, Sens. Paul Sarbanes and Christopher Dodd objected it was beyond the "scope" of the hearings; after several exchanges, Chairman D'Amato ultimately ruled, "I'd ask the senator to withhold at this time."
Mr. Lasater also did favors for a number of other former governors, including Dan Walker. Mr. Walker was the Democratic governor of Illinois from 1972 to 1976 and had been planning a late entry into the 1976 presidential race when a gubernatorial primary loss brought his political career to an abrupt end. Following a string of failed business ventures, Mr. Walker bought First American in 1983. The same year, Mr. Lasater sold Mr. Walker a 48-foot yacht. Mr. Lasater's partner David Collins handled the $350,000 sale, "and money was lost in the deal," Mr. Lasater told the FBI. Mr. Lasater also told the FBI that he had loaned Mr. Walker $200,000 and received stock in First American as collateral. (In the same FBI interview, Mr. Lasater said he delivered a $300,000 cash loan to a former Kentucky governor in a paper bag, and through an intermediary offered a former New Mexico governor a consulting job. At the time, Mr. Lasater owned Angel Fire, a New Mexico resort and air strip.)
Initially, First American enjoyed spectacular growth, with assets zooming from $13 million in 1983 to more than $80 million by late 1985. News reports have attributed the growth mainly to an inflow of brokered jumbo certificates of deposit. But in 1985, Mr. Walker sued Mr. Lasater for unauthorized T-bond trading through First American. In 1986, Mr. Walker's thrift was declared insolvent and placed in conservatorship. A year later, Mr. Walker pleaded guilty to looting the thrift of nearly $1.4 million. A federal judge sentenced him to seven years in prison, castigating him for using the S&L as "a personal piggy bank."
Mr. Walker had accused Mr. Lasater of "front-running" trades -- essentially, trading Lasater accounts "in front of" First American accounts. According to an analysis prepared by commodity trading expert Leslie Jordan for First American when it was represented by Mr. Foster, trading tickets linked to Lasater & Co. likely were doctored; "someone stuck the loser in First American's account," Ms. Jordan said in a deposition related to the case. She added that there were other "questionable trades" not listed in the First American suit and that "there may have been illegal practices that just weren't caught at the time."
First American and another failed Illinois thrift, Home Federal Savings & Loan of Centralia, also appear to figure into the mysterious case of Dennis Patrick, a Kentucky resident who discovered millions of dollars worth of unauthorized trades being run through his Lasater & Co. account. In an interview with Mr. Patrick's lawyer, two former Lasater traders claimed that repurchase agreements related to the Patrick account had been dumped in First American and Home Federal. In 1988 the Centralia thrift also sued Lasater & Co. for unauthorized trades. Ms. Jordan, the commodity trading expert, analyzed some of the Lasater trades done for Home Federal, noting "a lot of suspect activity." In 1989, Vincent Foster advised Home Federal's management to accept a $250,000 out-of-court settlement with Mr. Lasater.
At both thrifts, the suspect trades occurred between March and May of 1985, intersecting the spectacular fall of Bevill, Bresler & Schulman Asset Management Corp. in April. The New Jersey firm went under with $200 million in losses in an uncollateralized repurchase-agreement scandal that sent shock waves through the securities industry. The fall of Bevill is also mentioned in the interview with Lasater traders. According to bankruptcy notices filed in Chicago, both First American and Home Federal were listed as creditors of a Chicago securities firm that went under with Bevill. Another firm that did not survive was Collins Inc. of Little Rock, run by Mr. Lasater's former partner David Collins, who sold Mr. Walker the Lasater yacht at a loss.
The biggest apparent loser in the Bevill collapse, though, was Little Rock's Worthen Bank, which held $52 million in repos with Bevill on which it had failed to secure the collateral. The Worthen repos actually represented Arkansas state funds. Little Rock's investment giant Stephens Inc. recapitalized Worthen to cover the loss, assuming a much larger stock interest and placing a Stephens executive as CEO. Initially, this positioned Stephens as a hero, but after the Clinton presidential election it became controversial in light of the law against mixing investment banking and commercial banking. After Stephens sold its interest in Worthen last March, the Federal Reserve dropped a two-year investigation, declaring the issue "moot."
As for Mr. Lasater's relations with Madison, the thrift opened a trading account with him in 1984, but it's not known whether it was extensively used. Before Sen. Faircloth's questioning was cut off, Ms. Thomasson said her employment by Lasater involved only a short time at the bond house, and she did not know about the trading account. She did confirm, however, that Mr. Lasater was involved in Emerald Isle Resort, a Madison-financed real estate deal.
While no evidence has emerged linking drug money to Mr. Lasater's bond business, his cocaine conviction and links to troubled thrifts have raised questions about possible money laundering activities. Last month, Greg Hitt of Dow Jones News Service reported that Resolution Trust Corp. investigators had passed documents concerning Mr. Lasater and Madison Guaranty to then-Special Counsel Robert Fiske. Mr. Hitt quoted minutes from a high-level RTC meeting in June 1994: "Dan Lasater may have been establishing depository accounts at Madison and other financial institutions and laundering drug money through them via brokered deposits and bond issues."
Also last month, the American Spectator magazine reported the claim of an Arkansas state trooper, L.D. Brown, that when he told Gov. Clinton he'd seen drugs on flights from remote Mena airfield in western Arkansas, the governor replied, "that's Lasater's deal." While there is no way to substantiate Mr. Brown's account of the conversation, the time frame, at least, seems to fit. Barry Seal, the admitted drug smuggler with whom Mr. Brown said he flew, was active in the early to mid-1980s, and Mr. Lasater admittedly was involved with cocaine during the same time. So was Roger Clinton. In 1985, Roger Clinton was offered a deal at the end of a long drug probe centering around Mr. Lasater and his associates, including former partners George Locke, a former state senator, and David Collins. Roger Clinton pleaded guilty to reduced charges, testified against the Lasater circle -- most of whom were indicted -- and went to jail for 15 months.
The man who cut the deal was George Proctor, a former state legislator who had been named U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas by President Jimmy Carter in 1979. Shortly after Roger Clinton's testimony, Mr. Lasater pleaded guilty to the minor social distribution charge and went briefly to prison. Mr. Proctor now heads the Justice Department's Office of International Affairs, which deals with, among other things, aspects of the BCCI case. Oddly enough, BCCI first attempted to enter the U.S. through Arkansas in the late 1970s, in a deal initially handled by Stephens Inc., which says it has had no contact with BCCI investors since 1978.
Early 1986 must have been a tough time for Bill Clinton. His brother was in jail. Mr. Lasater was on his way to jail. Federal regulators had removed James McDougal from the board of Madison Guaranty. Mr. Clinton was planning his fifth run for governor and thinking about a bid for the presidency. His GOP rival Frank White was making his association with Mr. Lasater an issue. Into this atmosphere drifted the threat of the Walker lawsuit, which had been taken over by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corp.
FSLIC handed the Lasater suit to Hopkins & Sutter, a Chicago firm where former Gov. Walker had worked for 13 years prior to his political career. Hopkins & Sutter dismissed the previous Little Rock counsel, Hardin & Grace, and hired the Rose Law Firm; Vincent Foster took the case. Mr. Lasater hired Wright, Lindsey & Jennings -- Gov. Clinton's old firm. In less than a year, the case was settled under a seal of confidentiality, vanishing from public view. Even the fact that a settlement had been reached was put under seal, until revealed in a Chicago Tribune story last year. While the FDIC took a different view, the Tribune suggested Mrs. Clinton's participation in the suit may have constituted a "glaring conflict of interest."
Mr. Lasater, it seems, was of great interest to the overlapping circles of law enforcement, finance and legal representation in Little Rock and beyond. If who Dan Lasater is and what he was up to remain beyond the "scope" of Congressional hearings, the hearings probably won't reveal very much.
 The Clintons' War On Women
By Roger Stone and Robert Morrow
Published 2015
This is a "must-read" book
Ten Questions Plus 4 for Hillary Clinton
Posted by  Robert Morrow
Tuesday, November 3, 2015
Here are 10 questions that we respectfully ask the Media to ask Hillary Clinton about her “War on Women.”
QUESTION 1: Recently you said that you thought that victims of sexual assault have the “right to be believed.” Do you believe that Juanita Broaddrick, Liz Ward Gracen, Eileen Wellstone, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Becky Brown, Helen Dowdy, Kathy Fergusen, Connie Hamzy, Sandra Allen James, Sally Perdue, Dolly Kyle Browning, Christie Zercher, Gennifer Flowers and other women who had have unpleasant experiences, both sexual and otherwise, with your “husband” Bill Clinton have the right to believed?
QUESTION 2: One of Bill Clinton’s good friends in his post presidency was Jeffrey Epstein who was later convicted of child molesting and who has settled 33 lawsuits with the families of underage girls who he sexually molested. Do you think Jeffrey Epstein was providing Bill Clinton with girls, underage or otherwise, to have sex with?
QUESTION 3: House investigator T. March Bell and Sen. Arlen Specter both concluded that you were the one who ordered the final tragic assault at Waco in April of 1993 that resulted in the deaths of 76 people, including 55 women and children and of those 18 children under the tender age of 8. Do you think “It takes a Clinton to Murder a Village?”
QUESTION 4: Marinka Peschman, the author of Following Orders: The Death of Vince Foster, Clinton White House Lawyer, has concluded that Vince Foster likely committed suicide in his White House Counsel’s office on July 20, 1993. Based on the fact that Foster’s body later appeared in Fort Marcy Park, were you the one that ordered that Vince Foster’s body be dumped off White House premises so that his office would not become the “crime scene” you spoke about in your memoirs?
QUESTION 5: Your husband Bill has issued government proclamations about the need of fathers to take care of their children. Did you demand that deadbeat dad Bill Clinton abandon his only son Danney Williams, born in 1985 to street hooker Bobbie Ann Williams, and someone Bill Clinton has never loved, hugged, nurtured or provided financial support for?
QUESTION 6: There have been rumors over the years that you are a lesbian and have had sex with women, mainly because your husband Bill Clinton told both Larry Nichols (often) and Gennifer Flowers (her memoir, Passion and Betrayal, p. 42) that you, Hillary, have had sex with more women than he has. Do you agree with Bill Clinton who says that you have had sex with more women than he has?
QUESTION 7: You recently proclaimed to sexual assault survivors, “Don’t let anyone silence your voice, you have the right to be heard, the right to be believed…” Did you hire Jack Palladino, or any other goons, to run a terror campaign using criminal intimidation tactics including murdering a pet cat, death threats to children, and defacing a car to intimidate Kathleen Willey into not telling about Bill Clinton’s 1993 sexual assault on her in the Oval Office before she was to be deposed in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case in January of 1998?
QUESTION 8: Your husband’s lawyer said that Bill Clinton had never even met Paula Jones who accused Gov. Clinton of dropping his pants and asking her to “kiss” his penis, which Paula described as “crooked, hard and gross.” So why did Bill Clinton pay Paula Jones $850,000 ultimately in 1999 when in her original legal negotiations all she asked for was an apology?
QUESTION 9: Bill Clinton has said that he would not recognize cocaine if you showed it to him, while Roger Clinton was caught saying on a police videotape in the 1980’s that Bill Clinton had a “nose like a vacuum cleaner” when it came to cocaine. Was Bill Clinton in fact addicted to cocaine while he was the governor of Arkansas and did he ever seek treatment for his cocaine addiction?
QUESTION 10: Recently you released a plan for gun control that would widen the definition of domestic violence as a way of taking guns out of the hands of violent, unstable people. Based on your history of beating and slapping Bill, scratching him on his neck until he bleeds and throwing hard objects at Bill, do you think you should be disqualified from owning a gun?
BONUS QUESTION 1: Former FBI agent Gary Aldrich, in his book Unlimited Access, says that on Inauguration Day 1993 you were following President Bill Clinton around while you were yelling and screaming profanities as you demanded that Bill to give you the White House office that would traditionally go to Vice President Al Gore. Did this happen?
BONUS QUESTION 2: On Inauguration Day 1993 pro-life activist Lurleen Stackhouse says that she quietly whispered to you in AME Church that “It is against God’s law to kill babies” and that you immediately replied “It is God’s law to kill babies.” Do you often talk about killing babies while you are in church and is that a part of your Methodist upbringing?
BONUS QUESTION 3: Bill Clinton once gave a racy book of romantic poety Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman to Monica Lewinsky when he was having an affair with her. Did Bill Clinton give you Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman when you first started dating him at Yale in the early 1970’s?
BONUS QUESTION 4: Do you think that Vince Foster’s deteriorating relationship with you and your nastiness towards him played a big role in his 1993 suicide, as opposed to his reaction to a WSJ editorial about him?
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