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Harper's Gone! Here's Justin! (Part 1)

Guess who’s coming to dinner as Obama’s latest anti-American?
Canada’s new prime minister does not belong to Canada, but in governing style and execution, belongs completely to the anti-American president next door
By  Judi McLeod -- Bio and Archives 
March 7, 2016
(Looks like Obama is leaning in for a kiss and Trudeau isn't moving away)
President Barack Obama spent more than the past seven years flagrantly dissing America.  Now that’s he’s passing his mantle on to Hillary Clinton, Obama is using willing surrogates and satellites from outside of America to do his dissing for him:
Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is coming to President Barack Obama’s State Dinner as an open and fully-fledged anti-American.
With only 39 percent of the popular vote when top members of Obama’s campaign team helped bring him into power on October 19, Trudeau now claims to speak for all Canadians when he says “Canadians would appreciate it if Americans paid more attention to what’s going on around the globe”.
This is what happens when Canadians are too busy trying to get by in an economy where the Canadian dollar (Worth .75 American) is the weakest it’s been for the past 13 years.
Trudeau, who has no need to go after main street Americans who have been no bother to him,  said in a ’60 Minutes’ interview to be aired tonight that “it might be nice if they paid a little more attention to the world” in a transcript released to the Associated Press on Thursday.
American citizens, who will be paying the freight for what has been described as a “glitzy”, “sparkly” State Dinner on March 10, can legitimately say that their most recent enemy is coming to dinner at the White House.
It seems that the Canadian lib-left have resented being ignored by America:
“Trudeau said Canadians must be aware of at least one other country, the United States, because of its importance. (CBC)
“I think we sometimes like to think that, you know, Americans will pay attention to us from time to time, too,” he said.
Some would dare to suggest that Trudeau is looking for “attention” in all the wrong places.
In Canada, Trudeau leads a Liberal Party, which just like the American Democrats,  see themselves as the Natural Governing Party but whose newest, would-be members were already well neutered even before election.  No pro-lifers were allowed to run for election and had their candidacies automatically and routinely dismissed.
“He also seemed to take a jab at an unnamed U.S. presidential candidate whose rise he attributed to Americans’ lack of knowledge of foreign affairs. (CBC)
“A spokeswoman for Trudeau said she didn’t immediately know what candidate Trudeau was referring to.”
That’s a bold-faced, Hillary Clinton-like lie when most know it was Republican front runner Donald Trump to whom Trudeau was referring.
Most also know that just as the Obama campaign team should have had no sway in October’s federal Canadian election, Trudeau should have no sway in the American one.
Any Canadians who were holding out hope that Trudeau would back off from his ambitious plans to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees into Canada will see on ’60 Minutes’, he is Obama-like only doubling down.:
Lara Logan, a co-host of the weekly newsmagazine, the most-watched news program in the United States, asked the prime minister whether he was concerned about the prospect of a terrorist attack initiated by a Syrian refugee. (CBC)
“Every time a tourist or an immigrant or refugee shows up in another country, there is a security risk,” Trudeau said in a preview posted online by 60 Minutes.
“I am more than comfortable that … accepting 25,000 Syrian refugees does right by both the safety of Canadians and by the values that define us as a nation.”
The prime minister contrasted his plan for Syrian refugees with that of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.
“Ultimately being open and respectful towards each other is a much more powerful way to diffuse hatred and anger than ... big walls and oppressive policies,” Trudeau said.
He also defended his move to pull back CF-18 jets fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria. 
“There’s a lot of countries that do very well dropping bombs. There are other things that Canada actually does better than most other countries. And one of them is training people on the ground,” Trudeau said, adding Canada will triple the number of military trainers working with the Kurdish Peshmerga.
Trudeau detractors, aware that as former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s scion, he lived his adult life to date as a Trust Fund baby,  are concerned about his lack of experience in the working world.
Saying that he won’t be defined by his critics, he asserted on ’60 Minutes’,  “I was a snowboard instructor, I was a bouncer in a nightclub, I was a whitewater river guide … I worked as a teacher, “adding he’s not ashamed of his work experience.
Aside from the $1-billion-a-year taxpayer supported Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s (CBC’s) gloating on election night, there’s been little media criticism about Trudeau’s glaring ties with the anti-America Obama regime.
“I was a snowboard instructor, I was a bouncer in a nightclub, I was a whitewater river guide … I worked as a teacher, adding he’s not ashamed of his work experience."
Only this publication and the Globe and Mail reported on Obama’s campaign team helping to run Trudeau’s 2015 election campaign. (Canada Free Press)
Since election, there have been no noticeable signs of organized taxpayer resistance to any of Trudeau’s policies.  Only silence followed his announcement that he was withdrawing Canadian fighter jets from their missing against ISIS, and only silence follows his endeavors to make Canada a country of late-term abortion and doctor-assisted suicide.
No Liberal MP has spoken out to date on Trudeau’s insults to American citizens.
The Liberal status quo speaks by its silence.
Canadians are convinced that Liberal eunuchs will never lead a palace revolt.
In a tumultuous western world of few certainties, it is now certain that Canada’s new prime minister does not belong to Canada, but in governing style and execution, belongs completely to the anti-American president next door.
Odd Man Out: The Singular Political Stylings Of Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau: a man of the people— as long they are globalist billionaires, non-western diplomats, foreign politicians. For Canadian citizens—we are once again second-class citizens
By  Brad Salzberg -- Bio and Archives
February 24, 2016
Justin Trudeau is a man of the people. This in itself, cannot be questioned. What can be questioned, however, is whether or not our current Prime Minister is a man of the Canadian people.
Barely four months into a four-year term, Justin Trudeau has quickly established himself as the most atypical prime minister in Canadian history. Only Justin’s father, former Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, comes close— although Trudeau Sr. was subtle enough to hide his lack of respect for general public opinion.
Justin Trudeau, however, has all the subtlety of a sand blaster. Oblivious to the desires of the general public—at least the ones born and raised upon Canadian soil— Trudeau the younger is brazen in his quest to redefine our society based upon little more than subjective feelings and personal moral standards.
Whether playing global ambassador to U.N. leader Ban-Ki Moon, international playboy to Melinda Gates, or speaker du-jour at Revival Of The Islamic Spirit conferences, Justin Trudeau is all about the other. Unfortunately for 35 million Canadians, they are not part of the “other”— they are part of Canada—the entity our pin-up Prime Minister appeared to care about previous to winning the last federal election.
Since that time, Justin and his Liberals have broken just about every major campaign promise made while running for office. Deficit projections, marijuana legislation, refugee quotas— you name it and the Liberals have broken it.
It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what is on Justin’s mind at any given time. In fact, the only thing we can be sure of is what is not on his mind—namely, millions of “generational” Canadian-born citizens, who just happen to comprise the largest demographic segment within our nation. Even more curious is his complete disregard for our English and French Canadian heritage Thus far, Justin has yet to publicly reference or acknowledge the two founding peoples of our country. Perhaps he believes that if he ignores them long enough, they will go away.
Canadian citizens—we are once again second-class citizens to a first-class political opportunist by the name of Trudeau
This politically unprecedented dynamic is worth exploring. After all, who ever heard of a leader of a country who does not, at least from time to time, make positive reference to the history and heritage of his nation?
Not our Justin. He has no time for such trivialities. Indeed, Justin Trudeau is all about the global— and he has the spending habits prove it. An analysis of his first 100 days in office reveal that within this time period the Liberal government handed out $527 million dollars to Canadian interests, and a whopping $4.8 billion to foreign interests.
Who exactly is Justin Trudeau working for?
This brings forth several key questions— who exactly is Justin Trudeau working for?  Why is he giving away billions of our tax dollars to foreign nations, particularly of the non-democratic variety? Without doubt, most Canadians would agree that spending even a portion of these billions on domestic issues such as homelessness and child poverty is preferable to handing the money to foreign governments.
Has Justin heard of a recent report stating that 2250 homeless military veterans are currently walking our cold Canadian streets? Perhaps this tidbit was overlooked at the last Liberal Caucus meeting— the agenda being full up with top priority items such as free food, shelter, education and medical care to non-Canadian victims of the Syrian refugee crisis.
Considered from an historical perspective, one wonders what our political leaders of the past might have had to say about Justin’s unique style of decision-making. What, for example, would former Liberal prime minister and occultist MacKenzie King think about Trudeau’s international indulgences? In keeping with King’s interest in the world beyond, perhaps Canadians should pull out their collective ouija boards and try to find out. How about salt-of-the-earth Presbyterian PM John Diefenbaker?  Granted, we live in very different times, however does this validate Justin’s fervent dedication to all-things-global and a corresponding antipathy toward all that is traditionally Canadian? How about that grand old man of medicare,  former Saskatchewan Premier Tommy Douglas? Yes, he may have founded universal medicare, but would he be on board with young Trudeau’s agenda to universalize our entire nation?
It is doubtful that any mature statesman, past or present, would admire the singular political stylings of Justin Trudeau. His political world is an anomaly- unique in all of Canadian history, and he has only been doing the job for four months.
On the day of October 19th, 2015, 6.9 million Canadians voted for the Liberal party, while 5.6 million voted for the Conservatives.  Yet, considering the brand of leadership thus far employed, it is easy to conclude that neither block of voters matter one iota to Justin Trudeau.
Within any western country other than one saturated with political correctness, this simply would not stand. In a healthy democratic nation, Justin Trudeau’s foreign lottery give-away program would be considered a colossal misappropriation of tax-payer funds. Yet, due to a comprehensive, decades-long program of enforced diversity, Canadians have developed an inability to see the national forest through the multicultural trees.
Yes, Justin Trudeau is a man of the people— as long as the people are globalist billionaires, non-western diplomats and foreign politicians. For the rest of us, however— namely, 35 million Canadian citizens—we are once again second-class citizens to a first-class political opportunist by the name of Trudeau.
Brad Salzberg is the founder of the Cultural Action Party of Canada.

EXCLUSIVE: Liberals to build refugee camps on Canadian military bases  
Published on Feb 8, 2016
Ezra Levant reports this Rebel EXCLUSIVE: The Canadian military has been ordered by Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to draft plans to house more than 6,000 Muslim migrants on a long-term basis at military bases, according to documents obtained exclusively by The Rebel. MORE: http://www.therebel.media/breaking_li...
Trudeau’s Liberals MUST halt plans to bring in thousands of Syrian refugees
until they can guarantee the safety of the Canadian people.
SIGN THE PETITION at RefugeePause.ca

POLL: Most Canadians agree, 25000 refugees is too many!  
Published on Nov 25, 2015
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Ottawa won't say how many privately-sponsored Syrian refugees Canada will take
Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press
Published Thursday, January 28, 2016
OTTAWA -- Through pub nights, crowd funding websites, church suppers and craft bazaars, thousands of Canadians are currently trying to raise money to sponsor a Syrian refugee.
But it remains an open question just how many privately sponsored Syrian refugees Canada will end up accepting.
The ongoing Liberal refugee resettlement program aims to bring 25,000 Syrians to Canada by the end of next month, with original plans for about 10,000 of them to be privately sponsored.
But newly released government information shows that by the middle of last December, the government didn't even have that many private applications in hand.
Data tabled in the House of Commons in response to a question from the NDP shows that between January 1, 2015, and Dec. 15, 2015, applications were submitted to sponsor 8,214 people.
There was a spike of 551 applications last October -- one month after a photograph of a dead Syrian child shone a spotlight on the plight of the 4.6 million people seeking refugee from the violence in Syria.
The ensuing national debate on whether Canada was doing enough shone drew many Canadians to the government's private sponsorship program, among them Devon Klaas of Toronto.
Through Facebook, Klaas found seven others willing to band together to sponsor a refugee. They've raised the money and now they're working to find a family to support.
"It could be months from now, but it could also be next week," she said.
According to the data, processing times for privately sponsored applications averaged about 10 months last year.
While the Liberals say they remain committed to bringing in 25,000 government assisted refugees by the end of this year, they've not actually set a firm number for how many privately sponsored ones they will accept.
"The final number of privately sponsored Syrian refugees that will be resettled to Canada will depend in part on the number of private sponsors that express an interest in sponsoring, and on the 2016 Immigration Levels Plan that is expected to be tabled in the coming weeks," the Citizenship and Immigration department said.
NDP immigration critic Jenny Kwan, who asked the government for the data released this week, said part of the issue is how the privately sponsored program is structured.
Rather than relying on UN lists or cases identified by private groups, the government should reach out to the Syrians already here, Kwan said.
"If the families could make applications here and say, 'This is the family, this is where they are,' and for that to be a match, that would assist the government to reach their numbers."
The Liberals did unveil a similar program this week that seeks to pair Syrians in Canada with sponsorship groups seeking people to help.
For groups like the one organized by Klaas, the waiting game is hard.
"It has been discouraging for us because we've been ready to go for a few months. We want to help," she said. "But we still meet, we're still constantly talking to each other."
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne suggested this week that private sponsors could take in government-assisted refugees already in Canada, but still waiting for permanent housing, leaving them stuck in hotels.
As of Jan. 26, 14,003 Syrians have arrived in Canada since Nov. 4. Of that, 8,004 government assisted, 5,112 privately sponsored and 887 as part of a program that blends the two. A further 5,886 Syrians have been approved to come to Canada, but have not yet arrived.

Rex Murphy: The "Unbearable" Lightness of Justin Trudeau
Published on Nov 15, 2013
Rex ponders why Liberal leader Justin Trudeau earns so much attention. Is it because he radiates inspired mature leadership, or because he is one of those "famous-for-being-famous" types?

Levant: Speech Proves Justin Trudeau is Unqualifed to be PM
Published on Mar 10, 2015
Ezra Levant weighs in on Justin Trudeau's controversial March 9, 2015 speech:
First, Trudeau falsely conflates a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf in a Quebec courtroom, to the Harper government's ban on wearing full face coverings during citizenship swearing in ceremonies.
Even worse, Trudeau then compared the experiences of present-day Muslim immigrants to the shameful chapter in Canadian history, when Jewish refugees were turned away circa World War II.
(That was done by a Liberal Prime Minister, incidentally.)
In actuality, since 9/11, the Canadian Muslim population has doubled, and -- concerningly -- the number of Saudi student visas issued has gone up dramatically.
(PS: The Globe & Mail covered Trudeau's speech last night -- but they quickly changed their original headline...)
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Justin Trudeau confused about ISIS, Syrian refugees
Published on Mar 31, 2015
Ezra Levant reports for TheRebel.media:
Canada just voted to extend and expand the war against the Islamic State to include parts of Syria.
Thirty-three MPs were absent for the vote, a number that Levant calls "appalling" and "unacceptable."
He singles out "moral coward" Irwin Cotler for abstaining. "Just retire already, Irwin."
There are legitimate reasons to oppose the war. The problem is, Levant says, that Justin Trudeau's "root causes" reasons are foolish. He also thinks Canada should accept 25,000 Syrian refugees. OK: Which side of that civil war would he choose them from?
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