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The Media is Non-Biased, Right? (Part 3)

Google’s digital wall will make Hillary Clinton inevitable as next president
It's no lie that if Donald Trump wants to be elected, he must find a way to get past the Google wall
By Judi McLeod —— Bio and Archives
June 12, 2016
No matter how hard they try to force it into reality, Google will never make ‘Crooked Hillary’ straight.
As people who have tried to get items removed from the world’s largest search engine already know, high-handed Google “is forever”. Unfortunately so too are the lies that social media is helping Hillary Rodham Clinton cover.
Like the president who got there before it was “my turn”, there’s nothing real about Hillary Clinton, save for her ongoing outrageous lies. Just like Obama, Hillary Clinton is a completely re-laundered and re-cycled digitally social media-manufactured persona.
You’d think from the whining of the far left, the in-the-tank-with-the-Dems GOP and the embittered #Nevertrump that Election 2016 was in the bag for Donald J. Trump. But most tragically for America and the West that depends on a stable US, Google’s got it in the bag for Hillary Clinton.
“An explosive report released Thursday suggests that Google manipulated its search engine to boost Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton by burying unflattering stories about her.” (Washington Times, June 9, 2016)
“A video posted by SourceFed, a news and pop-culture website, accused Google of attempting to boost secretly Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy.
“Thanks to the help of our editor Spencer Reed, SourceFed has discovered that Google has been actively altering search recommendations in favor of Hillary Clinton’s campaign so quietly that we were unable to see it for what it was until today,” said SourceFed’s Matt Lieberman in the video.
“For example, when typing “Hillary Clinton cri,” Google’s auto-complete function brings up as its top choice “Hillary Clinton crime reform,” even though competing search engines Bing and Yahoo show the most popular search topics are “Hillary Clinton criminal charges” and “Hillary Clinton crime.”
“While that could reflect legitimate differences in the engines’ algorithms, Mr. Lieberman said that a search of “Hillary Clinton crime reform” on Google trends showed that “there weren’t even enough searches of term to build a graph on the site.”

Did Google Manipulate Search for Hillary?  
Published on Jun 9, 2016
How can it be that the Google-Hillary exposé only became known on Thursday when Clinton entered the presidential race 14 months ago on April 12, 2015, as what Canada Free Press called: ‘The Google President’.
The deal Google made with Clinton follows the previous deal she made with Obama to wait her turn for the 2016 election made way back in 2008.
Looks like Google was doing evil even as it was coming up with its hypocritical ‘Do No Evil’ motto.
(Google’s replacement motto as of Oct. 5, 2015 is ‘Do the Right Thing’).
One has only to see the response to Thursday’s ‘exposé’ to see how the world’s largest search engine can finesse ‘the truth’ and in so doing, mastermind the ultimate outcome of November’s presidential election.
Here is how Google’s algorithms lined up the responses to Thursday’s exposé.
Google the story yourself.
Where Google is leading America is particularly critical for the many today who are too young to know much about Clinton’s 40-year history in politics.
Many of the millennials Bernie Sanders will casually throw Clinton’s way at the DNC weren’t around when Clinton inserted herself as co-president during her husband’s tenure in the Oval Office.
Google has seen to it that anyone looking for the real Hillary Clinton has to go waaaay back for anyone seriously interested in searching her shady past.
Not many saw this coming, particularly the useless GOP and not even the campaign teams of all 17 contenders for Republican nomination.
The truth is that it wasn’t only last Thursday but when she signed her nomination papers on April 12, 2015 that Hillary Clinton stepped into the 2016 presidential race as the ‘Google President’.
“Get ready for a 2016 presidential campaign utterly controlled by a Google chokehold. (Canada Free Press, April 9, 2015)
“Long a public relations conspiracy in the making, the digital behemoth whose hypocritical motto is ‘Do No Evil’ seeks to keep the presidency an airtight Democrat one.”
“For the perpetually gullible ready to slap a smiley face on the 2016 presidential campaign:
“Google, to which a majority of the Internet surfing world is already addicted—40,000 search queries every second on average, 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide—has come out of the woodwork claiming the world’s only monopoly on the Truth.
“All news of whomever Republicans choose to oppose Clinton will be most effectively suppressed. Traffic to all websites is virtually controlled by Google and there seems to be no way around it. Traffic to conservative websites and blogs is already being suppressed by Google—which now lays claims to be the Grand Central of Truth.
“Overnight an unsuspecting net surfing society has become the David in a digital David and Goliath Battle taking it deeper into the dark.
“Difficult as it already is, getting the truth to the masses will be all but impossible, thanks to Google algorithm tricks. Dependable sites like Breitbart, NewsMax, American Thinker, Gateway Pundit and the like will have to find new strategies in order to bypass Google and come up with a solution that maybe doesn’t exist.
“Unscathed by her email scandal, ‘Don’t-call-her-Hillary’ Rodham Clinton has hired herself a longtime Google executive to oversee her seemingly inevitable presidential campaign’s technology to build new ways for her to engage with voters, drawing on the tech giant that arrogantly claims to have a monopoly on Truth.”
The only change since last April is that Facebook has now joined Google in suppressing the news of Conservative websites.
Finding the escape hatch from Obama’s eight-year-long deliberate destruction of America is no longer an option.
This is one political tsunami from which there seems to be no recovery.
The situation is as dire for America now as it was when the Democrats brought an America-hating Barack Obama into power back in 2008.
Meanwhile, there’s a wall far more prohibitive than the temporary one suggested by Donald J. Trump to protect America’s southern border.  It’s the fail-proof wall that Google has thrown up to keep anyone other than Hillary Clinton from becoming America’s 45th.
It’s no lie that if Donald Trump wants to be elected, he must find a way to get past the Google wall.
Conservative news sites will overcome Facebook & Google suppression
God willing, Canada Free Press and other suppressed conservative sites will always be here, Marxist games of Facebook and Google notwithstanding
By  Judi McLeod -- Bio and Archives 
May 15, 2016
The truth isn’t trending on the Internet anymore but the trolls are still riding shotgun.
The ‘truth’ has become whatever Facebook and Google trend it to be. Pretending to ‘like’ and ‘Friend’ you (Facebook) and to ‘do no evil ‘ (Google), the deadly duo hijacked the Information Highway leaving all truth seekers stranded along the way.
How ironic that both would trap in their miasma of lies the same people who made their executives rich.
Hiding behind the 21st century ‘algorithm’ Facebook and Google want to leave Conservatives and Christians where their main mentor Barack Obama left the U.S. military—fighting for relevance and on the way out.
Conservatives and Christians espouse a message that neither Facebook nor Google are willing to hear.
Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt and Company are entitled to their opinions, but how dare they deny anyone in the masses from finding easy access to theirs?
Though they will continue to deny it, Facebook and Google suppress any ‘News’ that does not impart a clear left-wing message.
Facebook editors decide which stories will go viral leaving Conservative news sites off the list.  Google search engines keep traffic flowing to mostly left-leaning sites knowing more than anyone else that no traffic means no advertising revenue for sites reporting on Conservative news.
Here are two key examples of truth-telling Facebook and Google style.  Lois Lerner, who was head Pooh-bah at the IRS when the IRS was leaning on Tea Party Conservatives, didn’t trend on Facebook, but OWS (Occupy Wall Street) and Black Lives Matter did.
‘Google’ Hillary Clinton as you’re reading this and see how far back you have to go on Google’s front pages to find the Benghazi scandal. (For us—Top of Page 4)
Google will raise the argument that Benghazi is old news, but we should remember that it is Google who is digitally masterminding Clinton’s campaign for America’s ‘first female president’.
But the truth, which never changes, will always be there, no matter how far out of their way Facebook and Google go to suppress it.
It is the truth that ‘progressives’ and their vanguard millennials in countries like the USA, Britain, Canada, Germany among others work feverishly to take down the West.
It is the truth that the name for terrorism is “radical Islam” and that other names like JV will never change it.
It is the truth that legions of radical Islamists are being enabled by the far left to impose their caliphate world-wide.
It is the truth that Facebook and Google want Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office to complete Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America.
It is the truth that no rational president would ever set free felons, including rapists and murderers, unleashing them on the masses he was elected to serve.
It is the truth that God Almighty assigns gender to every baby born to the world.
It is the truth that no decent president would go into the bathrooms, showers and dressing rooms of every American public school in the name of civil rights for transgenders.
It is the truth that scripture is the only unchangeable truth while internet trends will continue to come and go.
It is the truth that Facebook and Google have had zero effect on the independent, fast-trending Drudge Report.
It is the truth that all conservative news sites will find the way to get to their readers, and true too that their readers can help them by going directly to their sites.
It is mostly thanks to those readers that Canada Free Press celebrates its 10th anniversary as an online daily today on Pentecost Sunday, and its 25th anniversary of the local investigative journal from which CFP originated.
God willing, Canada Free Press and other suppressed conservative sites will always be here, Marxist games of Facebook and Google notwithstanding.
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