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Hillary vs. Trump (Part 1)


Fox News' Outnumbered on Lawsuit Targeting Hillary's Negligence Over Benghazi
Published on Aug 9, 2016
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Media don’t understand Trump and Hillary economic plans are apples and oranges
By Herman Cain —— Bio and Archives
August 16, 2016
As I watched reporters last week comparing the Trump economic plan to the Hillary economic plan, which were both offered last week from the same venue on different days, I realized the reporters had no clue they were comparing apples to oranges.
First, Trump’s proposals for tax changes were specific, whereas Hillary’s were a collection of liberal redistribution and class warfare narratives. Trump’s proposals to boost economic growth recognized dynamic analysis, whereas Hillary employed political establishment’s typical static analysis.
Simply put, a dynamic analysis makes assumptions about changes in business and consumer actions as a result of the stated proposals. Static analysis makes no assumptions about changes in people’s actions, which leads to misleading conclusions about outcomes as they shift people’s money from one person to somebody else’s. (We discussed the difference in more detail yesterday.)
For example, when business and personal tax rates are significantly lowered, businesses will invest in their businesses which creates more jobs, and consumers will have more money to spend. The result is an increase in GDP growth. You can quibble about how much growth, but the experiences of the 1960’s and 1980’s prove that the economic growth will be significant.
Democrats and socialists continue to ignore these facts in order to try to sell their redistribution of income, class warfare political agenda.
Second, Trump has declared a moratorium on new regulations, which stifle economic growth. Hillary has proposed ideas that would require new rules and regulations. Those rules and regulations are hidden behind the constant rhetoric of “fairer” and “making the rich pay more”.
Hillary’s rhetoric would produce no new private sector jobs, just more government jobs
By the way! Hillary and the Democrats never reveal their rules for “fairer”, or who the “rich” really are, because they want to write those rules just before they shove them down the people’s throats. Remember ObamaCare!
Third, Trump’s proposals represent bold changes to the political establishment’s bureaucracy, whereas Hillary’s suggestions are a continuation of the failed policies of the Obama Administration. The best example is that Trump wants to replace ObamaCare, whereas, Hillary wants to build on the failed ObamaCare system.
Once again, the Democrats ignore the fact that ObamaCare is a failure, so they can continue to promote their socialist political agenda.
A business associate said that he would probably increase his staff by 10 percent if the corporate tax rate is reduced from 35 percent to 15 percent as Trump is proposing. If we apply that assumption to the entire workforce, dynamically, that’s many millions more better paying jobs during just one term of a Trump presidency. Hillary’s rhetoric would produce no new private sector jobs, just more government jobs.
Economic prosperity versus economic stagnation
Trump versus Hillary. Dynamic versus static. Economic growth versus no economic growth. Fewer taxes versus more taxes. More jobs versus fewer jobs. Fewer regulations versus more regulations.
Economic prosperity versus economic stagnation.
Apples versus oranges!
It’s your choice on November 8.
2016: The Election Bigger Than Any Candidate
By J.B. Williams
August 2, 2016
In a nation intended to be self-governed by and for the people themselves under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the tradition of becoming campaign star struck by any person seeking an office of public service is strange in and of itself. It seems Americans have developed a self-destructive habit of treating wannabe politicians like movie stars and elected public servants like royalty. Then they sit and wonder why their “heroes” see the people as mere peasants…
Much of the time, an election seems no more important than which restaurant to pick on date night, as life seems to just keep rolling along no matter the outcome of an election. But once in a while, an election is so critical that it threatens the very life, liberty and happiness of every American. That election is bigger than any candidate.
Such is the case in 2016…
I was born one of six children and have two of my own now, one in college, the other soon to be. Their K-12 experience was quite different than my own, almost every child they met, from a broken home, a family in some form and level of crisis, and we live in one of the finest areas of the country.
Unlike when I was growing up, some of their schoolmates died of a drug overdose or committed suicide before they could graduate high school. A few were pregnant before they could even enter high school. Many were “confused” about their sexuality, were bullied into a deep depression, or destroyed by the social media rumor mill, as they watched others their own age gunned down by classmates in cities across the country.
No, their America was not my America. We were experiencing two very different America’s.
In the America I grew up in, it took a good family to raise a decent human being. The America my kids were growing up in didn’t want good parents to raise children anymore… they wanted society at large, “the village” to raise the children and there was nothing decent about it. The commune was raising a generation of indecent young people and pitting them against their parents, their country and even themselves.
My kids called our home “Williams Island,” where things worked very differently from the rest of the world, according to my children, who were quite certain at the time that mom and I simply “did not understand how the real world works now.” Because the world was so different, my kids often thought of “Williams Island” as a maximum security prison. Much of what was acceptable in “the real world” was simply not acceptable on “Williams Island.”
My kids were right about one thing – the world is very different now. It’s not the America that I grew up in.
By 2016, a known card-carrying Marxist Bernie Sanders seemed the best hope for the future to the young voter. In their minds, having been raised by the commune and indoctrinated in K-12 and on the college campus to believe that freedom and liberty were evil imperialist ideas and the greater good of the commune was good, they gathered behind Sanders as if he was the pied piper of American Marxism.
In the end, they watched their hopes for a devoted Marxist go up in flames as Sanders sold them out by endorsing known criminal Marxist Hillary Clinton at the summer DNC Convention. Angered by the sell-out of their Marxist hero Bernie, they exited the convention in protest, leaving only a smattering of DNC delegates in the convention hall by the time Clinton took the stage for her “historic” speech as the “first female presidential nominee” in U.S. history.
History was being made alright enough… but the gender of the candidate had nothing to do with it. The open outright theft of a nomination was historical in nature and every Bernie Sanders supporter knew it. The young had just gotten their first taste of rotten DNC politics and they didn’t like it.
Meanwhile, over in the Republican Party, voters watched as a record seventeen GOP primary candidates were eliminated one-by-one, state-by-state until only one GOP candidate would remain standing, the dark horse outsider Donald Trump, who was drawing passionate reaction from both those who love him and those who hate him.
Throughout his private sector career as a builder of things, Trump was well-known as an unapologetic self-promoter – a loud and sometimes brash public figure who had seemed to master the art of free publicity by simply tossing verbal grenades into the news room and waiting for someone to react. Trump spent less money defeating sixteen GOP opponents than Clinton spent defeating Bernie Sanders, just because he knows how to play the media for free exposure.
But some of those antics frustrated some and confounded his opponents, while it mesmerized others. Many who had spoken out against political correctness in the past, were now calling for Trump to “tone it down” and become more “politically correct” (aka presidential) in his messaging. They wanted Trump to stop ruffling the feathers of DC insiders and their minions in the press.
Now that we have covered the “candidate” part of the 2016 election, let me get to the real issue of the 2016 election… an issue bigger than any candidate.
It does not matter if you love Trump or hate Trump. What matters is whether or not you love America… not the America my kids had to grow up in after decades of leftist influence in America, but the America that I grew up in, before leftists destroyed my country.
In the America that I grew up in, not only did we all own guns at a young age, many of us carried them with us to school because we were going hunting either before or after school. No one ever brandished a weapon at a schoolmate or shot anyone.
There was no social media, where kids could “cyber-bully” each other until someone shot their bullies or themselves. The victim didn’t receive the same punishment as the bully in a world where “equality” meant that both attacker and victim were guilty of the crime.
Authority figures had authority because they lived by and enforced the rule of law, not because they were above the law. The laws pertained to and were equally applied to everyone, regardless of race, creed or color. The pledge of allegiance and morning prayer was not only welcome in every classroom, but encouraged in every facet of American life.
Politicians weren’t movie stars or royalty, they were public servants, elected by the people to represent the will of the majority without any right to trample on any minority through political process. Lying and cheating was an unacceptable behavior, as opposed to today, when even tyranny, treachery and treason appear to be totally acceptable behaviors, seldom even reported by the press or held to account by the voters.
2016 must be a turning point election, or it will be the point of no return election.
The 2016 election is not an election about Hillary Clinton, the first criminal Marxist female candidate, or Donald Trump, the bombastic business mogul outsider. It is an election about much more than any candidate, party or partisan interest item.
2016 is the final tipping point for America.
The point at which America votes itself off the cliff, into a Marxist global abyss run by criminals and tyrants, or votes to inch its way back from the cliff, buying itself a little time, not for Trump to “Make America Great Again,” a worthy cause which no one person is capable of achieving alone, but for Americans to make America great again.
It really has very little if anything to do with Donald Trump. Love him, hate him, it makes no difference.
Trump is a human being… He is one man. He is less than perfect, just like every other human being. He may fully intend to “Make America Great Again,” and I hope he is sincere in that endeavor. He is a very capable human being, as proven by his personal track record of achievements. But he is still just one imperfect man, alone, incapable of the lofty goal he has set as the foundation of his campaign.
Only Americans can Make America Great Again
More than at any time in my life, the 2016 election is a make-or-break election. It’s not about Trump or Clinton. It’s about what kind of America we want as American citizens – The kind I grew up in, or the kind my kids were forced to grow up in, where “Williams Island” was the only safe and secure refuge from the so-called “real world” we all find ourselves forced to tolerate these days.
Do we want a decent America, or the indecent America that the global political left has forced upon us all for decades now? Do we want a free, sovereign and secure America, or do we want to be part of a borderless global Marxist commune where everyone is equally destitute?
The 2016 election is just that simple, and just that important.
This column is why Timothy Harrington and I decided to write and release our first book, TRUMPED: The New American Revolution… not a book about mere politics, or a cheerleading book for any political candidate.
The American people simply must know the whole truth about who and what we are fighting in this country today, or they are certain to lose the 2016 election and their country forever. Like the election, the book TRUMPED has nothing to do with any candidate. It is about a movement spreading across America in a last ditch effort to walk America back from the brink of extinction.
I don’t believe that American voters can or will make the right choices in November without knowing what that choice is really all about. If voters allow themselves to be hoodwinked again by their press and the party machinery, they will get this election wrong, just as they did in 2008 and 2012.
This time, they will lose their country for good. If the price of TRUMPED is too high for the future of this election, then we have already lost this election. Lose this election and you lost your country.
When America is no longer sovereign, free and secure, no place on earth will be…
Here’s a comment about TRUMPED that just arrived this morning from an accomplished literary expert who simply signed, Char!
Dear JB,
TRUMPED is just splendid. It's written with such dynamic momentum with no wandering around into side issues that many wannabe political writers use to expand less than solid presentations. Every paragraph is so well-crafted, and the facts supporting your reasoning are unassailable. Millions upon millions of American voters - ON BOTH SIDES! - should have this excellent political handbook - and ELECTION GUIDE! No one could vote for the deeply and irrevocably corrupt status quo after reading this valuable treatise.
Every chapter is a gem of analytical persuasion, but the section that focuses on the deadly harm that has been done over the past 15 years by unfettered immigration - both from over the southern border but from Islamic populations - is tremendous.
I sincerely hope that you, your colleague and close political allies have already targeted powerful groups who are working with you to get this book wide distribution. If enough Americans read it, it could be a game changer.
Be well. Have faith and trust in our Creator. I feel that there will be Divine Intervention in this season of poisonous snakes that - so far- has strangled our blessed America.
Sincerely............and a big BRAVO to you!
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JB Williams is a writer on matters of history and American politics with more than 3000 pieces published over a twenty-year span. He is co-author of the just released book –  TRUMPED – The New American Revolution– with co-author Timothy Harrington, published by He has a decidedly conservative reverence for the Charters of Freedom, the men and women who have paid the price of freedom and liberty for all, and action oriented real-time solutions for modern challenges. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, a researcher, author and writer as well as a small business owner. He is co-founder of action organizations The United States Patriots Union, a civilian parent organization for The Veteran Defenders of America. He is also co-founder of The North American Law Center, a citizen run investigative legal research and activism organization focused upon constitutionally protected Natural Rights under Natural Law. Williams also co-hosts TNALC Radio every Sunday evening at 5:00 PM ET with TNALC Lead Counsel Stephen Pidgeon and he receives mail at:
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