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When the Absurd Becomes Reality! (Part 12)

He picked on the WRONG guy! Belgian Olympic judo champ gets a black eye in a late night brawl with a hotel receptionist (...who just happens to be a jujitsu expert)
Dirk Van Tichelt, 32, was arrested after forcing his way into a hotel in Rio
He claimed a woman who had stolen his mobile phone was hiding inside
Athlete accused a receptionist at Best Western Hotel of hiding woman
He got into a fight with her, the jujitsu expert and gave him a black eye
By Janet Tappin Coelho In Rio De Janeiro
11 August 2016
A Belgian Olympic judo star was arrested after breaking into a Rio hotel and fighting with a martial arts expert receptionist, according to eyewitness reports.
Dirk Van Tichelt got a black eye in the brawl with the jujitsu trained receptionist, who he accused of hiding a woman at the hotel who allegedly stole his phone.
The 32-year-old had been out celebrating winning his bronze medal in the 73kg judo category on Monday.
It is claimed the thief then grabbed a mobile phone from his training partner and ran into the hotel.
Incensed, Van Tichelt chased the woman - and claimed she was hiding inside the Best Western Hotel in Copacabana in the early hours of Tuesday morning. 
Dirk Van Tichelt, 32, appeared in front of media in Rio on Tuesday morning sporting a black eye after the hotel altercation
According to a Globo News report Van Tichelt said he and his friends had been drinking and partying to celebrate his bronze win
An unnamed member of hotel staff said: 'There were a group of people making a lot of noise down the road from the hotel. 
'Then all of a sudden one of them, who turned out to be the judo player, started running after a woman. He came belting down the road chasing after her.
'The woman tried to get into the hotel but the doors were locked. The athlete didn't catch the woman but wrongly thought that she had entered our hotel. 
'But our doors were already locked so she couldn't have come in. Even so, he broke the lock on the door and burst in making a lot of noise and making a lot of accusations.'
The hotel employee revealed that the receptionist tried to calm the situation down but the Belgian 'was very aggressive accusing the hotel of the woman.'
Police confirmed that Van Tichelt was arrested following a violent incident in Copacabana
A hotel employee revealed that the receptionist at the Best Western Plus hotel tried to calm the situation down
He said: 'He thought that the woman was staying in the hotel and demanded the receptionist should give him her room number so she could return the phone.
'This was all totally untrue. Unfortunately, the Belgian athlete smelled of alcohol and looked very drunk.
'My colleague tried to get the man out of the hotel and this turned into a fight. They exchanged quite a few punches. As it happens the receptionist also practises jiu-jitsu so they were equally matched.'
The fight ended up on the street outside the hotel.
Police arrived and Van Tichelt was arrested and taken a hospital for a check-up.
He had suffered injuries. Van Tichelt sported had a bruise on his left eye. The receptionist was also injured.
Belgium's Olympic communications director Luc Rampaer said: 'The mobile phone of Dirk's training partner had just been stolen and he ran to try to catch the thief and ended up being hit in the face by another person.' 
He added: 'The police were nearby so he made a formal complaint and then was seen by a doctor at the hospital as a precaution, although there was nothing serious.'
Police chief Deoclécio de Assis Filho confirmed the athlete had been arrested following a violent incident in Copacabana.
He said: 'The athlete attempted to throw a punch at the employee and the employee retaliated.'
The delegate said both men were arrested and have since been released. The incident had been registered as personal injury case and the crime depended on whether either party decide to press charges.
Filho added: 'The athlete has not expressed any interest in continuing with the procedure.'
However, he added that the case had been referred to the special criminal court and the matter was now with the judiciary.
The incident came to light on Tuesday when Van Tichelt appeared for press interviews with the bruise around his eye.
Earlier Van Tichelt had tried to claim the black eye was the result of his Olympic event but pictures of him standing on the podium during the awarding ceremony showed the bruise not present after his win.
Globo News said Van Tichelt acknowledged that he had been drinking and partying until dawn as he celebrated his bronze with friends.
'It was a really good party. First we met with my parents in Ipanema, then we went to Copacabana. There we had many caipirinhas. Then this problem happened,' Van Tichelt is alleged to have said.
Liberals just discovered something MORE absurd than “white privilege”
By Michael Cantrell 
August 8, 2016
Taxpayers in the uber liberal city of Seattle recently discovered the money being zapped from their paychecks each week is about to be flushed down the toilet in a whole new way as their local government has decided to host two workshops on “white fragility.”
The two events are part of a series on “racial equity” being put on by the Office of Arts and Culture in both August and September.
According to The Daily Caller, The two “white fragility” workshops will take place on August 17 and September 7, running four hours each. The workshops will focus on “the specific way that racism manifests through White Fragility.” (The city website defines “white fragility” as “the inability for white people to tolerate racial stress.”) Each workshop also “provides the perspectives and skills needed for white people to have more constructive cross-racial interactions.”
Robin DiAngelo, a former associate professor at the University of Washington, will lead the “white fragility” workshops. DiAngelo was appointed to “co-design the City of Seattle’s Race & Social Justice Initiative,” according to a city spokesperson.
The city will also offer workshops focusing titled “Implicit Bias” and “Leading with Racial Equity for Structural Transformation.” The latter workshop will be lead by Scott Winn, co-founder of Seattle’s Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites, which is described as “a grassroots organization working to eliminate structural racism by educating and organizing white people to support people of color-led organizations working for social and economic change.”
“We are offering these workshops because our office in partnership with the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), is committed to addressing and increasing community-wide awareness about existing inequities so that we, along with our cultural and community partners, can most effectively work together toward a vision of racial equity,” said Erika Lindsay, communications manager for the city’s Office of Arts and Culture. Lindsay confirmed that the workshops are taxpayer-funded.
Caught on camera: Incredible moment surfers are hit by 50ft wave off Cornwall
By Beth Hale
15 January 2008
Beneath a towering wall of water two surfers lay waiting like tiny dots in the dark swell.
It's the kind of contest between man and the elements normally associated with the enormous waves of Hawaii or Australia.
But with the lights of shore just flickering through grey skies this is Penzance, in Cornwall, where stormy weather has created 50ft waves.
Heavy rain and gale force winds have taken a heavy toll on parts of Britain, but for surfers Lee William and Charlie Thompson, both 21, it was a perfect excuse to head for the sea.
Photography student Jacob Cockle, 22, was there to watch as his friends did battle with the waves.
"Penzance never gets waves like this," he said. "No-one here has ever seen anything like it.
"I was out there for ages watching the surfers. It is so unusual. Other parts of Cornwall are used to big waves - but nothing like this has ever been seen before.
"This is as much about extreme weather as extreme surfing."
As for his friends, a little battered after being wiped out by the might wall of water.
He said: "They loved it. They're crazy. They were really up for it - it was pure fun and games."
Elsewhere ferocious seas have had a more a serious impact.
A brave lifeboat crew in Devon battled five-metre swells to rescue a group of sailors from a stricken cargo ship that was listing perilously in wind-battered waters on Sunday night.
The 300-ft Greek-registered Ice Prince was carrying 5,258 tonnes of timber across the English Channel when it began to list in force eight gales.
Amid fears it would capsize, twelve crewmen were airlifted off the 6,395 tonne vessel by helicopter and the remaining eight was picked up by lifeboats from Torbay.
Coastguards said the rescue mission was their "most difficult rescue ever."
They faced the daunting task of pulling their 55ft vessel alongside the 300ft-long cargo ship as it was violently tossed around by the waves.
Coxswain Mark Criddle said: "The two coming together was a huge problem, we were only going to come off second best.
"Boats don't come with handbrakes and one minute we would be right alongside calling for the crew to jump, the next minute we are five metres below them.
"Some of them really didn't want to leave the mothership for this tiny lifeboat pitching and rolling in the sea."
The Ice Prince was heading for Alexandria in Egypt when it got into trouble on Sunday evening, just 35 miles from Branscombe Beach in Devon, where the MSC Napoli ran aground last January.
Yesterday experts were assessing whether they could tow the craft to safety. If it sinks, carrying oil, it could lead to an environmental disaster.
Unfortunately the battering from the elements is showing no sign of abating.
Parts of the country have already seen flooding. Worcester Cricket Club is awash, with only a sign reading 'keep off the grass' peeking above the water line.
Up to an inch-and-a-half of rain could fall in the worst hit parts of the western of the country today, where fears of a repeat of last summer's crisis are growing.
The Environment Agency has put flood warnings in place at the River Severn between Worcester and Tewkesbury and from Tewkesbury to upstream of Gloucester.
Meanwhile, emergency services and councils are on stand-by and getting prepared for the worst.
A Met Office spokesman said the wet weather was the result of bands of low pressure sweeping in from the Atlantic.
While the whole of the western side of the country will bear the brunt today, it is forecast to be wet everywhere with a string of severe weather warnings in force.
While the rainfall will not be at the highs of the summer, ground is already water-logged, increasing the flood risk.
Compounding the miserable day will be severe gale force winds of up to 60mph battering the east.
Strong winds are forecast overnight into Wednesday. Rain in the north and east should clear by the afternoon.
Thursday and Friday are forecast to bring further bands of rain. Perhaps the only bright spot is that temperatures are expected to remain a few degrees above the seasonal norm of around 6-7C (43-45f).
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