Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Nuclear War Threatened Between Super Powers!


WARNING! Vladimir Putin Warns USA of NUCLEAR WAR WW3  
Published on Oct 12, 2016
RUSSIA has built massive nuclear bunkers capable of providing shelter to Moscow's 12 million people as Vladimir Putin gears up for a devastating nuclear war with the West.
The giant bunkers, which were revealed by Russian officials on Friday, are a response to mounting tensions between the Kremlin and Washington over Russia's intervention in Syria's civil war.
The US has accused the former Soviets of launching airstrikes on the Syrian city of Aleppo to prop up President Bashar al-Assad, which have led to the death of thousands of civilians and reduced the city to rubble.
Ruthless Putin has refused to accept responsibility for the airstrikes, which the US has condemned as a violation of international law.
Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that a US intervention against the Syrian army "will lead to terrible, tectonic consequences not only on the territory of this country but also in the region on the whole”.
Tensions are now at an all-time high as Moscow attracted international condemnation after bombing in eastern Aleppo wiped out one of the city's largest hospitals in what doctors describe as "deliberate and targeted attacks".