Saturday, December 10, 2016

What We Know About President-Elect Trump! (Part 1)

Who Me?

Trump Bans Access To Big Media Outlet After Reporter's Disgusting Tweet   
Published on Dec 14, 2016

Farrakhan exposes Trumps Criminal Family and the Source of his Riches
Itsnotme itsyouhonest
Published on Dec 14, 2016
Is Trump mentally unstable?
Will Trump take America to the abyss ? Will Trump manifest his inner beast. Is Trump set tp be a real Thus in the Whitehouse,? Interesting expose by the H.M.L.F.
As of today, this is what I have found on Trump that was new to me and deserves mentioning. I believe Catherine Austin Fitts presented the insider's view of why Trump and not Hillary, is that the more rational faction of the New World Order preferred a different approach to war than the Neo-cons, aka the globalists, (Yes, Hillary is a Neo-con even though she is a Democrat. The US just went through the Bush/Clinton Dynasty that started back in the 1980s with Bush Sr. All of them, including Obama, had the same agenda.) and the people also responded at the polls.
While Clinton's faction wanted war with Russia immediately, after all war is profit, the Trump faction doesn't believe in starting a war that we are not certain of winning, but rather preferring to build up our military, not allowing America to be destroyed any further but rather to make America great again. After Trump's first term, they might be ready for war! Unless the unexpected happens, it's a relief to have four years at least before any fireworks.
Trump is Pro-Israel! Israel has a nose-ring through the nostrils of the US so I hope they don't lead them into war. No further comment is needed at this time. 
Coming Up Next:
Will Michael Moore along with the hired actors, goons, and duped, nonthinking imbeciles, manage to stop the inauguration of President-Elect Trump?
Chinese curse - May you live in interesting times. certainly is and I'm glad to be here. - Ralph

Donald Trump's Illuminati SHOCKING Truth Documentary 2016
Published on Nov 18, 2016
Who is behind Donald Trump? Watch Donald Trump's Illuminati SHOCKING Truth Documentary 2016
Watch DONALD TRUMP Conspiracy President 2017 Exposed Social Security, phone numbers

John Pilger talks on RT about Trump, Very Interesting Interview
Published on Nov 10, 2016

Donald Trump The Satanic Jew From Khazar
Published on Jun 24, 2016
A look into Donald Trumps Jewish upbringing. Here we will discover Donald Trumps Jewish connections inherently and through personal choice and how it will affect our lives if this candidate became president of USA. We will also take a further look into the views and practices of Donald Trumps religion. 
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