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Is Racism Increasing in the USA?

NPR Guest Says All Trump Voters Are Racist
By Rev. Austin Miles  
December 11, 2016

Attica Locke is another successful black woman who is an author-novelist and writer for the Fox drama Empire, who complains about the put-down of blacks by whites and stated on NPR that every Trump supporter is racist. That is a broad statement if there ever was one--double-entendre not intended. Meanwhile she lives in wealth with more privileges than most whites. Yep, she sure is mistreated.
This columnist takes her outrageous ramblings personally, and, according to, she suggested that it was the white people who put Trump over the top to barricade blacks from having any say in the election or their future.
When asked by NPR Morning Edition Anchor David Greene if African-Americans failed to turn out for Hillary Clinton, she snapped back: "God no! And I will daily stop that narrative! More white women showed for Donald Trump than showed up for Hillary. I wouldn't say that any way black folks under-performed. So I would say that white race races over-performed." How's that again?
And, of course, everyone who criticizes Obama in any way for his treasonous sell out of our country is racist and that is the reason we dislike him. Sure....but that one word gives an excuse for their failures.
However here is the latest woman to take up the torch of racism. And this woman is not a failure but very successful.
It appears that blacks can never be satisfied no matter how much success they attain and constantly seek a way to be 'offended.' Pity, considering the professional talent that so many of them possess. They do not need excuses.
Since I take this misguided woman's remarks personally, I will address the issue personally. I have been a friend of blacks all my life. In my younger years I worked with black children living in poverty in New York City to teach them performing arts skills and staged a public circus with them being performers. I worked in various settlement houses throughout the city.
For seven years I taught in the Warwick School for Boys upstate once a week, a reformatory, and had a hand in seeing lives totally turned around. Most of the inmates were black.
Have you seen the number of blacks in television commercials today? It is this columnist who made that happen.
Working as a writer in New York City for the weekly trade paper, Show Business, I took the editors' place while he was out of the office. A news release came in the mail which I opened. The letter was from the black actress Ernestine McClenden. She mentioned that no black actors or actresses could be seen in television commercials and went on to point out that black consumers were numerous and needed to be recognized.
It was good that I was at the editor's desk. That news released had been ignored by all trade publications. I did a compelling feature story on this issue, so compelling that things turned around immediately, first one or two blacks, then numerous black citizens were and are featured.
It is also to be noted that when I went to college in the early 2000's (yes, I started in later years) a question came up about the "race" box on applications, meaning, black, white, Hispanic or 'other.'
I suggested, just fill in the word, "human." Yes the only race is the human race. And that stuck and is recognized today.
I have been a constant friend of blacks and totally resent Ms. Locke's off-base assumptions. Indeed if she had any character at all, she would make a public apology and I mean it. Something else about me. I am colorblind...this means physically colorblind. So much so that I was rejected by the air force, and wound up in the army infantry instead. My wife pairs up my socks.
I only see shading. This morning I went to my new barber in the state where I now live. Following the cut, my wife asked what I thought about her orange hair. What? To me it looked simply bland. I could absolutely not see that her hair was orange.
So do not, ever lump all white people together as 'born' racists as blacks have viciously proclaimed. Yes, this made me mad.
Special message to Blacks: I see you all as beautiful talented people. There would be no race riots and division if we were left alone. We would all get along fine. But one man, George Soros, a billionaire communist who wants to cause division in this country by stirring up America, to weaken us, so we will not be able to fight with strength against the communist foes determined to knock us down and bring in Communist rule.
Soros has been irked that America is the ONLY country preventing a total One World Order under the red flag. And why is American the only country standing in its way? Because the majority of Americans are church going Christians and a Christian cannot be mentally enslaved.
Do not be 'useful idiots,' as Stalin described those who could be manipulated to do his dirty work. So even though you are being paid to to this, you will only be considered idiots by George Soros, a disciple of Stalin. You are not only losing respect by taking part in the riots with chaos, violence and looting. but also, you are causing your own stereotypes.
To see an in depth look at George Soros, see the story on my website. Here is the direct link to that informative story.
Please, whites and blacks, stop this madness. Let's meet each other on the streets and offer a handshake and greetings even if it is someone you do not know. Let this become a habit. I do this already. Will anyone fall in line behind me?
Let's close this up with something very funny regarding a re-written song, It's The Most Wonderful Time in the year. Don't be drinking coffee when you watch it. I did and wound up with coffee in my nose. Here is the YouTube link.
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Rev. Austin Miles has broken many major stories including the required study of Islam in the public schools, and reviews books, movies and concerts which brought him an award from University of California at Fullerton for Critical Review. He was a writer/researcher and technical consultant for the multi-award winning series "Ancient Secrets of The Bible," which debuted on CBS TV and has been in constant re-runs since.
Obama’s effort to heal racial divisions and uplift black America
Barack Obama's presidency signaled a "post-racial" America at first, but the racial conflict followed disproved that
By Peniel Joseph 
April 22, 2016
Barack Obama’s watershed 2008 election and the presidency that followed profoundly altered the aesthetics of American democracy, transforming the Founding Fathers’ narrow vision of politics and citizenship into something more expansive and more elegant. The American presidency suddenly looked very different, and for a moment America felt different, too.
The Obama victory helped fulfill one of the great ambitions of the civil rights struggle by showcasing the ability of extraordinarily talented black Americans to lead and excel in all facets of American life. First lady Michelle Obama, and daughters Sasha and Malia, extended this reimagining of black American life by providing a conspicuous vision of a healthy, loving and thriving African American family that defies still-prevalent racist stereotypes.
But some interpreted Obama’s triumph as much more.
Members of the crowd in Gary, Ind., seek to shake the candidate's hand or touch his head as he thanks them for their support in October 2008. (Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)
The victory was heralded as the arrival of a “post-racial” America, one in which the nation’s original sin of racial slavery and post-Reconstruction Jim Crow discrimination had finally been absolved by the election of a black man as commander in chief. For a while, the nation basked in a racially harmonious afterglow.
A black president would influence generations of young children to embrace a new vision of American citizenship. The “Obama Coalition” of African American, white, Latino, Asian American and Native American voters had helped usher in an era in which institutional racism and pervasive inequality would fade as Americans embraced the nation’s multicultural promise.
President Obama is feted in Chicago on Nov. 6, 2012, the night he is elected to his second term as commander in chief. (Nikki Kahn/The Washington Post)
Seven years later, such profound optimism seems misplaced. Almost immediately, the Obama presidency unleashed racial furies that have only multiplied over time. From the tea party’s racially tinged attacks on the president’s policy agenda to the “birther” movement’s more overtly racist fantasies asserting that Obama was not even an American citizen, the national racial climate grew more, and not less, fraught.
If racial conflict, in the form of birthers, tea partyers and gnawing resentments, implicitly shadowed Obama’s first term, it erupted into open warfare during much of his second. The Supreme Court’s 2013 decision in the Shelby v. Holder case gutted Voting Rights Act enforcement, throwing into question the signal achievement of the civil rights movement’s heroic period.
Beginning with the 2012 shooting death of black teenager Trayvon Martin in Florida, the nation reopened an intense debate on the continued horror of institutional racism evidenced by a string of high-profile deaths of black men, women, boys and girls at the hands of law enforcement.
The organized demonstrations, protests and outrage of a new generation of civil rights activists turned the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter into the clarion call for a new social justice movement. Black Lives Matter activists have forcefully argued that the U.S. criminal justice system represents a gateway to racial oppression, one marked by a drug war that disproportionately targets, punishes and warehouses young men and women of color. In her bestselling book “The New Jim Crow,” legal scholar Michelle Alexander argued that mass incarceration represents a racial caste system that echoes the pervasive, structural inequality of a system of racial apartheid that persists.
Obama’s first-term caution on race matters was punctured by his controversial remarks that police “acted stupidly” in the mistaken identity arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr., Harvard University’s prominent African American studies professor, in 2009. Four years later he entered the breach once more by proclaiming that if he had a son, “he’d look like Trayvon.”
In the aftermath of racial unrest in Ferguson, Mo., and Baltimore, and a racially motivated massacre in Charleston, S.C., Obama went further. In 2015, Obama found his voice in a series of stirring speeches in Selma, Ala., and Charleston, where he acknowledged America’s long and continuous history of racial injustice.
Policy-wise Obama has launched a private philanthropic effort, My Brother’s Keeper, designed to assist low-income black boys, and became the first president to visit a federal prison in a call for prison reform that foreshadowed the administration’s efforts to release federal inmates facing long sentences on relatively minor drug charges.
Despite these efforts, many of Obama’s African American supporters have expressed profound disappointment over the president’s refusal to forcefully pursue racial and economic justice policies for his most loyal political constituency.
From this perspective, the Obama presidency has played out as a cruel joke on members of the African American community who, despite providing indispensable votes, critical support and unstinting loyalty, find themselves largely shut out from the nation’s post-Great Recession economic recovery. Blacks have, critics suggested, traded away substantive policy demands for the largely symbolic psychological and emotional victory of having a black president and first family in the White House for eight years.
10 Charts Show How 'Racist' America Really Is
Kyle Becker
#1 - Americans' approval for interracial marriage over the decades

Southerners, lower educated, self-identified conservatives, and/or Republicans have around a 10%-15% higher statistical chance out of 100% of disapproving of interracial marriage. Every demographic has around 4/5 people agreeing with it in principle - or more.

#3 The actual practice of interracial marriage is also going up.

While the last stubborn vestiges of racism are yet to be wiped out from America completely (and it's safe to say it will never be completely vanquished), America has made a lot of progress in terms of race relations.

#4 Slightly dated stats show how likely someone is to move if someone of a different race moved in nearby.

The trend line is pretty much down to low single-digits of this kind of staunch racial prejudice.

#5 What this looks like in a worldwide perspective

America is very tolerant in a global perspective.

#6 Blacks are more likely to think there is racial discrimination than whites, and both are split on how much.

The majority of blacks and whites believe there is some form of racial discrimination in America.

#7 Unemployment rates by race tend to fluctuate in parallel.

What is interesting is that around 2004, Asians became less likely to be unemployed than whites. Another thing is that the rate maintains the same distance or even widens, despite public attitudes and racially significant behavior - suggesting exogenous variable(s) and not public attitudes is playing a role.

#8 Income and poverty rates by race tend to follow a similar trend.

A question that should be asked: Are the statistically better economic outcomes for whites and Asians due to them exploiting or discriminating against blacks (who have a relatively higher unemployment rate)? In other words, is the problem in poorer black communities free market “capitalism” or the need for more of it?

#9 Percentage of Americans willing to vote for a black president

#10 Blacks are more “racist” than whites

Really? No, not really. But those are the “hidden” findings of a sensationalistic AP-survey that tried to make it appear like Obama could lose the 2012 election because of overwhelming “implicit” racism. As you can see, 43% of blacks are supposedly “anti-black.”

So, is the goal of America to be color-blind, so that people are judged according to the “content of their character” or is it for the government to tilt the playing field for black Americans?

Because the argument by “progressives” is that government wealth redistribution is the necessary solution for “social justice.”

Yet, isn't it the case that people of all races can create their own wealth, thereby “redistributing” it to themselves? If not, what's really holding people back?

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