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Why Have a Recount?


Jill Stein's Bogus Recount Effort Ends in Complete Failure as Green Party Withdraws From Pennsylvania
Published on Dec 4, 2016

WOW! Recount shows Trump wins by even more than the original count!
Published on Dec 3, 2016
Take out the illegal votes and the dead vote Trump even win by more then previously thought.
Judge Jeanine Pirro "There is going to be a combination of people for the different jobs... that's why President- elect, Donald Trump has had one of the biggest, or the biggest, historical, electoral landslides in a long time because he was able to bring all spectrum's of our party together, move them down the center of the interstate and make it happen!"
- Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus

Hillary Clinton joins campaign to recount votes
Published on Nov 27, 2016

RECOUNT BREAKING NEWS: Recount Not Possible In Pennsylvania. Hillary Can't Win with WI and MI
Published on Nov 27, 2016
My name is H. A. Goodman and I’m an author, columnist, and journalist

Yikes! Is THIS How Hillary Plans to Steal the Election?!?
Published on Nov 26, 2016
The criminal mind never sleeps. So we shouldn't expect the Clinton cartel to take this election loss lying down without making a last ditch effort to steal the presidential seat!

Recount 2016 Scam Exposed
Published on Nov 24, 2016
Jill Stein raised over $2.5 million dollars to launch a recount in three states, hoping to steal the election from Donald Trump and hand it to Hillary Clinton. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story. © 2016 by Mark Dice

Jill Stein Bribed By Clinton to Steal the Election
Published on Nov 24, 2016
Just in! Look what happened when Michigan did a recount...
Published on Nov 23, 2016
Could a recount overturn the election result?
Recounting votes is tedious, expensive—and cathartic
The Economist
Dec 3rd 2016 | CHICAGO
MOST voters yearn for closure after an unusually bitter election campaign, but three of the four candidates for the presidency now claim that the election may not have been free and fair. The loudest is Donald Trump. The president-elect frequently alleged that the election process was rigged and voter fraud common in the run-up to the election. On November 27th he tweeted that he had won the popular vote, “if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.” Jill Stein, the Green Party’s candidate, raised millions of dollars for a recount of votes in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, where Mr Trump’s margins of victory were thin. And after initial hesitations, Hillary Clinton’s campaign joined the drive for a recount in the three Midwestern states which, together, handed Mr Trump his victory.
Ms Stein denies that she is pushing for a recount to overturn the election result. She says she is spurred by worries about the “hackability” of voting systems in the wake of the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s network, voter-registration databases in Illinois and Arizona and the e-mail account of John Podesta, Mrs Clinton’s campaign manager. Some suspect that Ms Stein is partly driven by the publicity generated by her initiative and the inflow of funds (and donors’ contact details) to finance the recount. The initiative has given her more airtime than ever before and brought in about $7m, more than she received in the whole year for her presidential run.
Recounts are unlikely to overturn the result. The election was decided, in effect, by slightly more than 100,000 people in three Midwestern states. Mr Trump won Wisconsin with a margin of 0.8% (or 22,000 votes), Michigan with a margin of 0.2% (11,000 votes) and Pennsylvania with 71,000 votes, a margin of 1.2%. But these margins are bigger than any overturned before in a recount.
Merle King, of the Centre for Election Systems at Kennesaw State University, argues that the hacking incidents during the campaign do not mean that voting systems can easily be infiltrated. Voting technology differs between states and even county by county, with some counties using paper ballots, others paperless technology, making a large-scale hack very tricky. Around 75% of all votes are cast on paper, which is safer than those cast on electronic voting machines, some of which provide no paper trail as backup and can be hacked, as researchers have shown. Nearly all states use federally certified technologies, such as encrypting results several times before they are transmitted to a central repository.
Philip Stark, a statistician at the University of California, Berkeley argues that elections never work perfectly because of human error. Recounts usually produce a different result. Ballots can be torn when they are put through a scanner and a sensitive scanner can count a mark where a pencil just rested as a vote. The goal, says Mr King, is to get a reasonable approximation of the result.
The recounters are on a tight deadline: the electoral college must do its work by December 13th. However costly and tiresome, argue Mr Stark and Ronald Rivest of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, elections should be audited regularly, not only when margins are slim. If the results are confirmed, they will bolster voters’ belief in the system. If the process goes badly, as was the case with the chaotic recount in Florida after the presidential election in 2000, it will trigger reforms, such as the famous banishment of hanging chads (partly-punched paper cards). Either way, voters will be able to move on.

This article appeared in the United States section of the print edition under the headline Catharsis.
Why the Progressives Want a Recount They Know They Will Lose
If after all the devious machinations Trump still wins this will be used by the Sandernistas and the Clintonites to cry rigged system
By Dr. Robert R. Owens —— Bio and Archives
December 1, 2016
The recount in Wisconsin and the coming ones in Michigan and Pennsylvania will not change the outcomes in any of those states.  Even though the party of Mayor Daley, Boss Tweed, and their big city machines are famous for winning recounts by finding bags of votes in candy store basements no recount has ever changed thousands of votes let alone tens of thousands.  I do not believe changing the outcome is the purpose.  It is instead changing the perception of it.
I predict that they will demand the recounts are done by hand.  This would make them take so long these three pivotal States would not certify their results by the last day possible for directing their Electors how to vote.  If all three states miss the deadline, Trump is at 260, Hillary at 232.  No one hits 270.  
This is Hillary and the Progressives strategy to place the mantel of corrupt elite insiders on the Republicans
Then, according to the Constitution, the election would go to Congress.  The House votes with one vote per State.  The Republican House would then elect Donald Trump as the 45th president.  The Republican Senate would elect Pence Vice President.
This has happened before.  In 1824, though Andrew Jackson had more popular votes and more electoral votes John Quincy Adams won in the House.  President Adams made a deal with the Speaker of the House Henry Clay who Adams then named as his Secretary of State, which at the time was considered the stepping stone to the presidency.  This was immediately termed the Corrupt Bargain by supporters of Jackson.  The antagonistic presidential race of 1828 began practically before Adams took office.  To the Jacksonians the Adams-Clay alliance symbolized a corrupt system where elite insiders pursued their own interests without heeding the will of the people.
This is Hillary and the Progressives strategy to place the mantel of corrupt elite insiders on the Republicans now that they see the nation is incensed against the circle of Progressive power brokers who led us from the pinnacle of prosperity to the brink of bankruptcy.  This is akin to how the Democrats have successfully placed the mantel of racist on the party of Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation.  What a masterful stroke of political maneuvering that convinced the descendants of slaves that their natural allies are the descendants of Jim Crow.
If this goes to the US House and Senate, and the result is the same as the result from the Electoral College without the recounts, why do it?  The answer is to make Trump seem completely illegitimate. They and their obedient shills in the media will tell us every day and at every opportunity that Trump did not win the popular vote saying he lost by over 2.1 million ignoring the fact that millions of illegals voted.  He did not win the Electoral College since in this scenario he would not have attained 270.  They will say just as they did about Bush the Younger that he was not elected he was selected by members of his own party in Congress.
However, there is one wrinkle in this strategy.  If a state never gets to name electors, the number needed to win does not remain the 270 needed if every state names every elector.  In that case it would once again be a majority of those named.  Even with 260-232, Trump would still win.  Then again the thugs on the left are sending death threats to electors already named trying to frighten some of them into becoming faithless electors who do not vote as instructed by their States.  I don’t foresee this happening.  The number of faithless electors in American History doesn’t make a handful.
So if after all these devious machinations Trump still wins without the election being thrown into Congress this would only be used by the Sandernistas and the Clintonites to cry rigged system.  They would keep their bully boys from Black Lives Matter and Move On in the streets for years while they hope and pray that Trump’s policies don’t make America great again which could solidify his hold over the working men and women throughout the nation.
Energize their low information base for a restoration of corporate socialism in four more years
No matter how this evil strategy plays out, whether the election is thrown into Congress or if Trump wins with a majority of a short electoral count, we will have four years of the Democrats calling this another Corrupt Bargain.  They will try to disrupt the inauguration.  They will have protestors outside the White House from day one.  They will have demonstrations everywhere President Trump goes.  They may even try to incite mass marches and violence in the rotted hulks of our once magnificent cities they control like medieval fiefdoms.  Using their big megaphone in the media they will use print, broadcast, movies, and songs to agitate their followers for the 2020 rematch between the Donald and perhaps Senator Elizabeth Warren or whoever they can scrape up to be the new face for their shopworn collectivist movement.
In other words they know the recount won’t change anything but they hope it will be enough to energize their low information base for a restoration of corporate socialism in four more years.
Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @
© 2016 Robert R. Owens 
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