Friday, January 06, 2017

Clinton Foundation, Hillary's Emails, Outrageous Lies and More!


Secret World of US Election Julian Assange talks to John Pilger FULL INTERVIEW 2
Published on Jan 6, 2017
Whistleblower Julian Assange has given one of his most incendiary interviews ever in a John Pilger Special, courtesy of Dartmouth Films, in which he summarizes what can be gleaned from the tens of thousands of Clinton emails released by WikiLeaks this year.
Don't believe Hillary Clinton is a liar? Let her tell you.
Published on Jan 2, 2017
Hillary Clinton say's it all. I don't need to say a word.

If Clinton supporters are confused why she lost, watch this.
Published on Jan 1, 2017
I believe that if the Clinton Foundation is broken wide open we will see enough evidence to destroy hundreds of careers in Washington.