Thursday, February 09, 2017

Clintons Tied to Child Trafficking in Haiti!


🍕 #PIZZAGATE BOMBSHELL - Clinton Connection to Laura Silsby Child Trafficking in Haiti
Published on Feb 9, 2017
Hillary and Bill Clinton used their powers to help Laura Silsby, a convicted child trafficker, get a reduced sentence after being arrested for stealing dozens of children from Haiti. Silsby's attorney, Jorge Puello, was sentenced to years in prison for his role.
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EXPOSED: The Media's Silsby-Clinton Trafficking Cover-Up
Published on Feb 3, 2017
PleadingTheYiff. the man who combed through the Wikileaks Podesta emails to help uncover the Pizzagate scandal and break it wide open on 4chan and Reddit, joins me to discuss the mainstream media's cover-up of the Laura Silsby-Clinton child trafficking in Haiti and Pizzagate. PleadingTheYiff's real name is Willaim Craddick and we also delve into other areas including the use of paramilitary groups in the United States in acts of false flag terror events. Visit William's website for his original articles and breaking news.
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