Thursday, March 30, 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, As Standard Practice Goes, Terminated 46 Obama Attorneys!


BREAKING Sessions Just Fired 46 Obama Appointees At ONCE — Now Look What’s Happening!
Published on Mar 29, 2017
BREAKING Sessions Just Fired 46 Obama Appointees At ONCE — Now Look What’s Happening!

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President Trump’s administration just pulled the plug on 46 appointees under Barack Obama at once, draining the filthy cesspool of the political swamp in one fail swoop. In all of the campaign promises he’s kept yet, this one is the biggest to be made in a single move, and as expected, isn’t sitting well with the Trump-hating left.
The turnover of 93 U.S. attorneys routinely takes place at the beginning over every new presidential administration, which had already begun, but 46 still remained, all of whom were left over from Barack Obama’s administration. Trump didn’t want or need them around and his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, just made a formal demand today calling for their resignation — effective immediately.
“Sessions asked for the federal prosecutors to resign ‘in order to ensure a uniform transition’,” DOJ spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores said, according to The Hill.
“As was the case in prior transitions, many of the United States Attorneys nominated by the previous administration already have left the Department of Justice,” Flores added in her statement.
Showing that he’s serious about his call for their resignations, he has already made preparations for the interim to tie up their loose ends so they can’t use it stay around longer. The DOJ said Sessions’ career prosecutors are already in place to “continue investigations and prosecutions until the new U.S. attorneys are confirmed,” the report stated.
Trump’s administration is working diligently to eliminate anyone who will stand in the way of a conservative come back, by overturning everything that Obama did while he was president. This is what draining the swamp looks like and liberals are on the fringe of a total meltdown because of it.
BREAKING: Jeff Sessions Just Fired 46 Obama Appointees!
29 March 2017
JUST IN: Attorney General Sessions asks remaining 46 U.S. attorneys appointed by Obama to tender resignations – DOJ.
According to the Justice Department, those resignations will “ensure a uniform transition.”
Shortly after, the Justice Department released a statement:
“Until the new U.S. attorneys are confirmed, the dedicated career prosecutions in our U.S. Attorney’s Offices will continue the great work of the department in investigating, prosecuting, and deterring the most violent offenders,” said spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores in a statement Friday afternoon.
The move comes as President Trump works to fill out the Justice Department with his own appointees, a process that has been slow due to obstruction from Democrats.
Although the move is sure to bring more controversy from liberals, the shake up is necessary.
This is historic!