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Refugee Appreciation Shown in Germany!

Refugees Burning the German Flag
Refugees Fighting Police
16 y/o German girl talks about muslim immigration, destruction of her own country 
(Engl. subs)
Published on Jan 21, 2016
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(name of 2nd account withheld for girl's safety)
Germany and Facebook censor users in order to suppress statements that oppose German mass immigration, islamisation, rape and murder of Germans, mostly by muslims. 
Censorship has been outsourced to the Bertelsmann company Arvato. Most German politicians, incl. socialist Heiko Maas (SPD) and chancellor Merkel are behind its introduction in early 2016.
Read more about German censorship and Facebook:

This video is mirrored from the original, now censored FB account.
Global Vortex is a run by a US user and the contents are protected by the 1st amendment. The German government can go f*** themselves.
Muslim Migrants Call Germans Disgusting
Published on Jan 13, 2016
Shock video highlights attitudes of migrants towards host population. http://www.infowars.com/integrated-mu...
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Muslim refugees set homeless man on fire in Germany on Christmas eve
Published on Dec 27, 2016
This time seven migrants set a homeless man on fire in Berlin, Germany on Christmas eve. Six of them were Syrian refugees and the other from Libya. They were between the ages of 16-21 and all had refugee status in Germany. There are endless attacks in Germany all thanks to Merkel and her open door policy without any security checks.
Refugees Sexually Molesting Children in Germany
Published on Jul 5, 2016
German authorities say migrants are responsible for a huge increase in sexual crimes against children at public swimming pools.
One America's Pearson Sharp takes a closer look at the wave of sexual violence spreading in Germany.
The German Village With More Refugees Than Residents
Published on Jun 7, 2016
The German village of Sumte has a population of 100. Currently, there are only 72 refugees living in the village. In 2015, there were as many as 750 refugees living in the village, according to the German NGO ASB.
Filmed June 6, 2016
Muslim Spitting on Woman
Migrants Angered by Poor Mobile Reception Trash Asylum Centre and Hospitalise Police Officer
by Jack Montgomery
07 Mar 2017
Migrants at an asylum centre in Rees-Haldern, Germany, trashed their accommodation with iron bars after becoming enraged by the poor mobile phone reception in the building’s lobby area.
The Daily Mail reports the eight men from Ghana and Togo, aged between 18 and 28, also tried to break into the secure room where guards had been forced to take shelter.
Two dozen armed police were required to quell the riot, one of whom was hospitalised suffered a “complicated break” in his foot.
The migrants will stand trial for actual bodily harm, serious breach of the peace, criminal damage, property damage, and resisting arrest.
Migrant riots have become a regular feature of life in Germany since Chancellor Angela Merkel declared that there was “no limit” on the number of people the country would take in September 2015.
Turks and Kurds fought running battles on the streets of Frankfurt later that month, bringing a long-running Anatolian conflict to the heart of Europe.
Mass brawls broke out between migrants at asylum centres in Spandau and Tempelhof in November 2015, resulting in buildings being evacuated “in fear and panic”.
Afghan migrants tried in March 2016 for attacking police officers en masse and wrecking their asylum centre in claimed they had been behaving according to Afghan custom and did not understand German law.
In October 2016, migrants rioted at a centre in Reinickendorf, north Berlin, destroying property and attacking, injuring, and robbing security staff.
Breitbart London reporting on mass disorder in Dortmund on New Year’s 2016 was officially denied by German authorities, but the substantive details involving illegal fireworks and a fire at one of the city’s oldest churches were largely corroborated.
Beyond these examples, German police confessed last year they have had to respond to hundreds of violent incidents at asylum centres, with the federal police admitting that a massive spike in crime has been driven by migration in a much-delayed November 2016 report.
The Berlin Senate has launched an official inquiry into the sheer scale of migrant crime in the German capital, while police in Munich report that almost half of suspects are now “non-German”. Police in the city of Ludwigsburg have even had to establish a specialist “migrant crime team”.
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Germany Reaps the Whirlwind: The Truth About the “Syrian Refugee Crisis”
By Bob Bennett
Posted On 29 Sep 2015
Germany has taken the lead in admitting refugees—if indeed they are refugees. In August alone, it received a record 104,460. Deutschland has inhaled 435,535 in the first eight months of 2015, and expects to receive a total of 800,000 by year’s end—according to data received from Cheri Nocita Berens, an American woman living in Cairo, Egypt. (Quotes herein are hers, unless indicated otherwise.)
Reuters reports that Germany is already “home to some 4 million Muslims, mostly with Turkish backgrounds,” out of a total of 80 million. This reporter had the good fortune to visit the country many times, some years back; it was a picture postcard come to life, with gingerbread houses and amiable people; girls in dirndl dresses, with the kind of innocence not seen in America since the 1950s. “Never was heard a discouraging word,” is a good way to sum it up. Oh, and it was immaculately safe.
The Germans’ experience with political correctness is an object lesson to Americans who yearn to feel the warm glow of having done a good deed, such as taking in 185,000 desperate refugee families, fleeing war­—as your president plans, over the next two years. But don’t expect the “diversity” to be good for America—especially if he ups the numbers, as he’s likely to do.
Behold, the fruit of the political correctness tree that Germany has eaten:
“At least 80% of the 413,535 refugees that arrived so far in the last eight months are Muslim (according to Central Council of Muslims in Germany). The refugees are mostly male. Of the refugees arriving in Germany in 2014, 71.5% were males between ages 16 and 19. Data for 2015 is not yet available—but so far, it appears to be predominantly Muslim males ages 16-25.” Here’s the kicker, good-deed doers:
“With this large influx of Muslim males came a very dramatic rise in rapes in Germany.”
This has been the experience in Sweden, as well, earning it the title, “The Rape Capital of the West.” But, fear not: your leaders will devise a plan for adjusting to these changes, even as they have in Germany:
The liberal German government officials are suggesting that German women dress modestly and that they, in a sense, “ask for it” if they don’t. Police in a Bavarian town, where a 16-year-old-girl was raped on September 11th, issued a warning to parents not to allow their girls to go outside un-chaperoned. This is similar to what they do in Muslim countries to prevent girls from being raped.
In Muslim countries, if a girl isn’t chaperoned—that girl is considered free game for rape. So basically, Germany is changing their free society, which was safe before Muslims arrived, and where girls could walk to and from school or work without fear of rape, and they did not need a chaperone to do so…
“After Muslim rapes occurred in the Bavarian town of Pocking, officials warned parents not to let their daughters wear revealing clothing so that they would avoid “misunderstandings” with the Muslim refugees housed near a school.”
In Muslim countries, Ms. Berens tells us, “by not covering up [girls] are considered to be making the statement: ‘I’m not covered up so this means you can rape me.’ All Muslim countries have this identical problem. Girls are to blame if they aren’t covered.”
One recalls that 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan was sexually assaulted in 2011, while reporting on Egyptians celebrating the overthrow of longtime dictator Hosni Mubarak. She later reported on her experience, in a 60 Minutes interview:
“There was no doubt in my mind that I was in the process of dying,” Logan told 60 Minutes’ Scott Pelley. “I thought not only am I going to die, but it’s going to be just a torturous death that’s going to go on forever.”
“Logan was separated forcefully from her producer and bodyguard on Feb. 11, 2011, in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, by what the New York Times described as a “group of men who tore at her clothes and groped and beat her body.’ ”—Breitbart
She’s been hospitalized four times since, for lingering effects of the attack.
CNN reported in 2013, during the protests that led to the removal of Egypt’s next president, Mohammad Morsi: “A 22-year-old Dutch journalist was gang-raped in Tahrir Square and had to undergo surgery for severe injuries. The assault reminds us yet again of an often overlooked aspect of the Egyptian revolution.”
CNN went on to discuss the Lara Logan attack, two years before, which they called “one of the first celebratory acts in Tahrir Square.” So it emerges that the practice is not an anomaly, but part of the Muslim culture:
CNN: “One of the hallmarks of revolutionary victory in Tahrir Square has always been rape and sexual harassment. Mobs of men routinely set upon women, isolating, stripping and groping. No one is ever arrested or held accountable, and elected officials shrug their shoulders and blame the victims.”
CNN said it’s a message to women: “Stay home, your input in government and politics is not wanted.”
It’s worth noting then, that the obligatory commentators’ phrase in America: “Of course, most Muslims are not violent,” which must precede reports of terrorism, is little more than a useless exhalation of breath: sexual violence is part of their culture, and must be expected if we import them into our midst, in any numbers. We simply have to adjust to it, for the sake of diversity.
That’s easy: just cover up, and you’ll be OK, right? Wrong, says Cheri Nocita Berens:
Statistics from Muslim countries prove that [if] more women become veiled, there is a rise in rapes. Studies also show … the younger that girls are forced to wear headscarves or veils, [the] higher the number of rapes committed on these same young girls.” She explains, “Covering” young girls means that they are covering something ‘sexual.’ This idea of having their sexuality covered up appears to make young males even more tempted to rape…
“A local politician quoted by Die Welt newspaper said: ‘When Muslim teenage boys go to open air swimming pools, they are overwhelmed when they see girls in bikinis. These boys, who come from a culture where, for women it is frowned upon to show naked skin, will follow girls and bother them without their realizing it.’ ”
“Following is a short list of rapes on German women by Muslim refugees in 2015. Note that the refugees who committed these rapes were not Syrian. They were: Iraqi, Tunisian, Somali, Moroccan, Senegalese, Afghan, Eritreans, Turkish, and also from other Muslim countries. It is my opinion that there is more going on than a ‘Syrian’ refugee problem. Most Syrian refugees are women, children and the elderly. Young Syrian males join the army… The Syrian Army defends these villages. Young males of the villages join the army—they don’t leave.
“I believe these young, male Muslim ‘refugees’ from various Muslim countries have been sent on a more devious mission. Just as ISIS and various Rebel groups are able to recruit endless members from various countries to fight in Syria against the Syrian people, they are also recruiting these young Muslims for missions inside Europe. Meanwhile, while these young men rally and prepare, they have no desire to assimilate or follow western laws.”
Incidentally, the huddled masses reaching Germany may yearn to breathe free, but they deny that freedom to the luckless Christians thrown into their midst—drowning some, on the way over and persecuting the survivors, who must live with them, in emergency housing.
Beware: this is what our president, and Democrats calling for intake of greater numbers of refugees, have planned for America:
September 11, a 16-year-old girl was raped by a refugee in the Bavarian town of Mering. The attack occurred while the girl was walking home from the train station.
August 13, police arrested two Iraqi asylum seekers, aged 23 and 19, for raping an 18-year-old German woman behind a schoolyard in Hamm.
July 26, a 14-year-old boy was sexually assaulted inside the bathroom of a train station in Heilbronn. Police are looking for a “dark skinned” man of “Arab appearance.”
July 26, a 21-year-old Tunisian asylum seeker raped a 20-year-old woman in the Dornwaldsiedlung district. Police kept the crime secret until August 14, when a local paper went public with the story (German police are being told not to promote a bad image of Muslim refugees).
Bob Bennett is a New York-based writer who has written op-eds for the Wall Street Journal and the NY Post, and has appeared on Fox and Friends and America’s Newsroom. He has traveled widely and written travel pieces for the NY Post, a cover article for the Jewish Press, and an op-ed for the medical journal Cancer Biotherapy & Radioimmunotherapy. Bob was also award-winning producer of a travel radio show heard on New York stations: WMCA, WNWK and 50,000 watt WOR and the national Sky Angel Network. He now blogs on Tea Party Nation, Tea Party Community and Red State Diaries.
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