Thursday, March 23, 2017

Where Is Trudeau When You Need Him?

Little Note To Justin:
Com' on Justin, Let's Re exam Your Dad's Multicultural Policy, You Know, That Huge Step To Follow Orders, Funny Thing, Same Group That Told You To Flood Canada With Refugees And Soon Sharia Law Will Take More Lives. I'm 73 Now, And I'm Watching The History Of Islamic Invasion Of Europe Happening Again and You Have To Realize That The Leaders Of Europe Are Behind It. 
Now It's Happening in North America. End Times Indeed. I Feel Like I Was Catapulted Into The Future. If Time Goes Much Faster, I'll Live To See Big Brother Take Over.  
Justin, You Won't Win The Next Election, That Is, If There Is One! 
Does The Word Traitor Mean Anything To You?

Canadian Imam calling for Sandra Solomon execution
Published on Feb 21, 2017

Islamic Rape School Is Now Open For Business In Canada!
Kevin J. Johnston
Published on Mar 6, 2017

Yes, this video is going to make you angry...and it should.
A Halifax Taxi Driver raped a drunk and pass-out woman in the back of his cab.
He was caught by police.
Her vaginal fluids were on his face in a DNA test
The judge let him walk because he is Muslim.
Now what Canada?
Kevin J. Johnston
Journalist & Social Commentator