Monday, April 17, 2017

Nibiru Heading For Earth! (Part 1)


Shocking news; NIBIRU destroys JUPITER and heads for earth, untold evidence!
Published on Mar 5, 2017

Nibiru is real - Want to see proof?
The Mysterydecoder
Published on Jan 23, 2017
Let me show you why Nibiru is more science than myth. Narrated by Ken Peters, Scripts by Sherry Wang

Latest Nibiru, Nemesis & Blue Kachina Images ,NASA insider, Its Close - Huge Anunnaki Ships via SOHO
Leak Project
Published on Oct 5, 2016

Bounty of images from around the world, taken over the past 2 months shared with the audience.
Connecting the dots with Prophecy, NASA insiders, User Images and various other sources. Bob says the Nemesis is approaching with Nibiru as well as several other Planets and a total of 13 satellites.
Best interview to date with Robert H. Evans Jr. from
Second half of the show gets even deeper with dozens of SOHO and other satellite images of what looks like Huge Space Ships that parallel Anunnaki and Summerian Symbols and Egyptian Petroglyphs.

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05 July 2016