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Ryan: ObamaCare Will Be Repealed!

Ryan: Never mind that whole giving up thing; we're still going to repeal ObamaCare
OK . . .
March 28, 2017
Maybe all the blowback to Friday’s surrender press conference caused him to rethink whether Republicans can really just “move on to the rest of their agenda” and leave ObamaCare in place. Or maybe the whole thing was a rope-a-dope to put pressure on the dopes who saved ObamaCare in the first place.
House Speaker Paul D. Ryan told Republican donors Monday that he intends to continue pushing for an overhaul of the nation’s health-care system by working “on two tracks” as he also pursues other elements of President Trump’s agenda.
“We are going to keep getting at this thing,” Ryan said three days after intraparty opposition forced him to pull the American Health Care Act after it became clear it did not have enough Republican votes to pass.
On an afternoon call with donors to his Team Ryan political organization, he continued: “We’re not going to just all of a sudden abandon health care and move on to the rest. We are going to move on with rest of our agenda, keep that on track, while we work the health-care problem. . . . It’s just that valuable, that important.”
Ryan (R-Wis.) did not disclose details of what the next iteration of health-care reform might look like, but he suggested that a plan was being developed in time to brief the donors at a retreat scheduled for Thursday and Friday in Florida. His remarks indicated that Republicans may be trying to regroup more quickly than Ryan had suggested they would on Friday, when he declared Obamacare “the law of the land” for the foreseeable future.
“When we’re in Florida, I will lay out the path forward on health care and all the rest of the agenda,” Ryan said in the call Monday, according to a recording obtained by The Washington Post. “I will explain how it all still works, and how we’re still moving forward on health care with other ideas and plans. So please make sure that if you can come, you come — it will be good to look at what can feasibly get done and where things currently stand. But know this: We are not giving up.”
There’s plenty of time to do this and get it right.
If Ryan is serious about this - and I have no reason to think he isn’t - then what happened last week will ultimately be little more than a historical blip. Getting ObamaCare repealed fast was never the imperative, despite the strange insistence by both Trump and Ryan to treat it like it was. The imperative is to get it repealed and replaced in the right way.
Maybe I should cut a quick check to the RNC so I can get in on the donor call and find out the details. But there’s really only one way this can happen, which is to get every faction of the GOP - both House and Senate - together and hammer out the elements of the replacement that everyone can agree on.
The problem, of course, will be the House Freedom Caucus, which doesn’t know how to take yes for an answer, even when offered a repeal of all ObamaCare taxes, a massive slowing of the nation’s spending trajectory and the conversion of Medicaid to a block grant program that conservatives have wanted for decades. All that was in the AHCA, and it still wasn’t good enough for them. So if all parties sit down to explore areas of consensus, can the HFC be trusted this time to keep its word? Or will the make demands, see the demands met, and then make new demands like they did the last time around?
Worth noting: It’s March 28. This session of Congress has been in place for 89 days, and the White House has been back in Republican hands for 69 of them. Democrats didn’t pass ObamaCare until they were already into the second year of their Obama-led supermajority, so anyone who thinks the opportunity to get this right has already come and gone needs to go back and read a little very recent history. There’s plenty of time to do this and get it right.
Biggest problem Ryan has to overcome is the complicated nature of Senate reconciliation rules
To my mind, the biggest problem Ryan has to overcome is the complicated nature of Senate reconciliation rules. ObamaCare was passed as a reconciliation bill, even though it took a major abuse of those rules by Harry Reid to make it happen. Nevertheless, because that’s how it went down, it can be repealed by reconciliation as well. But only some elements of the replacement can get passed by reconciliation, unless the Senate changes the filibuster rules, which Mitch McConnell is loathe to do.
The GOP has said from the start that it could cram some elements of the replacement into the repeal bill and pass it by reconciliation, but that other reforms would have to wait for a separate and much harder-to-pass bill. It was always going to go this way, and that was communicated clearly months ago. Yet a lot of people acted surprised when the whole thing was described as a three-phase process, and they insisted disingenuously on treating the Phase 1 bill as if it was the only part of the process that would ever happen.
The notion that Ryan and other “establishment Republicans” never really wanted to repeal ObamaCare is simply the work of cynical, paranoid minds. Of course they want to repeal it. But given the havoc it’s wreaked on insurance markets for the past four years, it’s not an easy fix to get rid of the law while also repairing the damage and holding as many people harmless as you can. That’s the part the “just repeal and don’t replace” people don’t understand, or don’t want to understand.
Either way, Ryan’s proclamation that this is not over is very good news. I’m sure your confidence in the GOP to do this right is a little less than it was a few weeks ago, and so is mine. But all that matters is what they come up with in the end.
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Congressman Ted Poe resigns from Freedom Caucus, which he helped create, over ObamaCare repeal fiasco
"They'd vote no against the Ten Commandments."
March 28, 2017
You can call me an unprincipled RINO if you want. Let’s see if you say the same thing about Republican Congressman Ted Poe of Texas. He’s one of the founding members of the House Freedom Caucus. He helped found it because he believed Republicans should push for conservative legislation wherever possible. I believe that too, for what it’s worth.
House conservatives wanted to be a voice in the process and wanted to have the opportunity to help shape legislation
But Ted Poe is no longer willing to be part of the HFC because it’s no longer what he envisioned when he helped start it. Originally, Poe explains, House conservatives wanted to be a voice in the process and wanted to have the opportunity to help shape legislation. The House Freedom Caucus would have you believe that President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan ignored their concerns and didn’t give them the opportunity to make the bill better.
But that’s Bolshevik. Here’s Poe himself explaining that the House Freedom Caucus got what it’s always demanding, and it didn’t know how to take yes for an answer: 
Former Freedom Caucus Member Ted Poe Explains Why He Left | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Published on Mar 27, 2017
Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, discusses why he resigned from the Freedom Caucus and the GOP fight to pass a health care bill.
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I was pretty rough on the HFC yesterday. Some of you didn’t like it. You said I should have blamed Ryan and the rest of the House leadership for pushing a bill that “didn’t really repeal ObamaCare” but instead merely set in stone the idea that health care is a function of big government. You can argue that if you want, but if you do, then you don’t really know what happened.
Poe explains it pretty clearly. The HFC was allowed to be central the process. Again and again, the White House and the leadership agreed to their demands, thinking that would seal the deal and get them on board. But again and again, the HFC only introduced new demands and refused to support the bill.
Soon it became clear that no matter what the HFC members were given, they would only come up with new demands and they would never be satisfied. They were simply determined to stop the bill, thus allowing ObamaCare to remain on the books . . . who knows, maybe forever?
Now, I do not believe the process should end with this. The right way to handle this is for the leadership to sit down with House and Senate moderates on the one hand, and House and Senate conservatives on the other hand, and see what they can get everyone to agree on - then pass a bill that at least achieves all those things and repeals ObamaCare.
But . . . how can you do that when you’ve got one group in the process that continually moves the goalposts? That’s what the House Freedom Caucus did throughout this entire process. They said what they wanted, they got it, and then they refused to get on board but instead made all kinds of new demands. You can’t make a deal with people like that because you can’t trust them to honor their own position.
Don’t want to take my word for it? Fine. Take the word of the guy who helped create the House Freedom Caucus, and today is disgusted with it because it saved ObamaCare. I suppose you could tar him as a squishy unprincipled RINO too. Then again, if you’re determined enough, you can say it about anyone. That might make you feel better, but it won’t change the fact that we’re still stuck with ObamaCare.
Dan Calabrese’s column is distributed by CainTV, which can be found at caintv.com
A new edition of Dan’s book “Powers and Principalities” is now available in hard copy and e-book editions. Follow all of Dan’s work, including his series of Christian spiritual warfare novels, by liking his page on Facebook.
Alabama congressman files two-page, one-sentence, ObamaCare repeal bill. Pass it, GOP cowards.
Repeal, then replace, and make the complicit insurance companies deal with the fallout
March 28, 2017
Sometimes, we wish you could see more of what goes on behind the scenes of Herman Cain HQ.  We have a lot of laughs, a lot of interesting discussions, and a fair amount of non-PC fun. You’d enjoy it. Then, there are other times when we’re glad you’re not around.  That’s usually when we’re bickering about legislation, and the concept of constitutionalism vs. “conservatism.”
Usually, the disagreement boils down to Dan and I yelling at each other.  He screams about Rand Paul, I carp about how Republicans had eight years to craft a viable ObamaCare replacement and, instead, came up with a garbage bill at the last second.
I’m “repeal, then replace.”  Dan’s more “take what you can get and fix it later.”
The problem, of course, is that I don’t believe they’ll “fix it later.” In fact, I believe the exact opposite. If history tells us anything, “they” will only make it worse. Whatever they pass now, if it makes government a major part of healthcare, will only metastasize, grow, and eventually kill the patient. That’s the ugly truth of government.  It seeks to expand at all costs.
I’ve been saying - for a long time - that there are a fair number of congressional Republicans who never had any real interest in getting rid of ObamaCare at all. Democrats have a legitimate point here. Republicans put on a good show when Obama was President. They knew he’d veto whatever they passed, so they didn’t have to worry about the consequences.  It was easy to pretend they held a constitutional stance and take pot-shots at the President.
Deep down, however, this cadre of GOP squishes never really believed in what they were doing. They like regulation, they like taxes, and (most importantly) they like it when issues go away so that they don’t have to deal with them anymore. They’re lazy, unprincipled, and would prefer to let the ACA stand rather that deal with the media fallout of its repeal.
To put it bluntly, they’re cowards.  An all-encompassing fear of being yelled at by Anderson Cooper takes precedence over whatever principles they claim to hold dear.
Of course, we know there are real, rock-solid, constitutionalists out there. They’ve been making it clear that the founding document gives the feds absolutely no power in the health care arena.  It simply has no business inserting itself into such a matter.  It’s illegal, period. That’s why Justice Kennedy was forced to jump through hoops and re-write the law to keep it in place.
That’s why a recent bit of legislation introduced my Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks is so refreshing.  It’s only two pages long, and repeals ObamaCare with one sentence.
It reads:
“Effective as of Dec. 31, 2017, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is repealed, and the provisions of law amended or repealed by such Act are restored or revived as if such Act had not been enacted.”
There are those who will say “you can’t do this.”  They’ll also tell you that people like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and the House Freedom Caucus are a bunch of spoiled brats who saved ObamaCare simply to make a point. They’ll argue that too much of the previous system was dismantled.  They claim you can’t go back to something that doesn’t exist.  They’re wrong.
Stop being cowards.  Pass it.
It’s true that the ACA took apart the previous, infinitely-better-though-also-broken, system.  ...And the insurance companies (along with the AMA) were just fine with that. Mostly, that was because they bought into a bogus promise of dollar signs.  Conservatives warned that they’d be decimated by ObamaCare, but most insurers fought for the law because they thought it would bring them more customers. More customers = more money. Back when they thought it would aid their bottom line, they were thrilled with Barack’s “signature law.”
Continued below...
News from idealmedia.com
Pass it, cowards, and force insurers to go back to the way things were
When they realized it would lead them to ruin, their enthusiasm faded and they began to dump the exchanges. ...So, pass this one sentence law, and let the companies repair the market they colluded to destroy. You reap what you sow, and at least the old system is a good starting point - one we all argued in favor of keeping. These are trillion-dollar mega corporations.  They’re not going to simply fold because things get a little difficult.
Pass it, cowards, and force insurers to go back to the way things were.  Will they scream that it’s “unfair?” Yes.  Will the media parrot Dem talking points like the teacup Chihuahua lapdogs they are?  Of course.
Do it anyway.
Then, quickly pass the “competition across state lines” law.
Then, quickly pass some sort of “existing conditions” law.
Get us back to the pre-Obama system and then, if they’re necessary, bicker about repairs.  The law that died last week didn’t do that. It kept us at an unacceptable position, and promised nebulous, probably-non-existent course corrections in the future.
It was just a year ago that congressional Republicans last voted to repeal ObamaCare.  They did so not once, but dozens of times. If they refuse to do so now, it’s ONLY because they either want to keep it, or they’re shaking in their media-approved boots.
Pass it, you cowards.
Here's the bill in question:
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Socialist Health Care Disguised as Tax
We can make suggestions until Doomsday, Obamascare is here to stay
March 27, 2017
It appears that Obamacare is here to stay. Those doctors who grew up with the conditioning notion of utopian “social justice” love it. Those doctors who hate the government intrusion and regulation into their medical practice hate it. The American public is split as well along those lines.
Nobody really believed that Obamacare, deplorably named the Affordable Care Act, would be amended to benefit the wishes of the American people, much less repeal it. Once a bureaucracy has been ensconced and billions and billions of dollars have been spent and trillions earmarked to be spent in the future, it cannot be walked back. The welfare dependency mentality of half of the country will prevent that.
Congress does not represent the middle class that pays taxes for Obamacare; it represents the interests of the major corporatist donors. Half of the country wanted and cheered when the Democrat Obamacare was passed in the dead of night, Christmas 2010, without any input from Republicans.
But Republicans are now in control of Congress and the White House and they are still doing the bidding of the Democrats and of their anti-America constituents – they want that shiny piece of plastic that says they have “free” insurance, it is demanded by their “social justice” platform. Never mind that this piece of plastic is worthless when it comes to providing them with world class healthcare or any healthcare at all once rationing of care commences.
Look at Venezuela’s healthcare if you can stomach the malpractice, filth, blood, decay, bugs, rats, neglect, abuse, and rust in their free clinics. Castro and Chavez never sought medical care for themselves in their own free medical care system, they came to see the best and the brightest doctors in the U.S. or had them flown in.
One of my uncles, from Romania, died recently of untreated pernicious anemia. The socialized medicine doctors told him to go home because he was too old and resources had to be used to treat younger people, he’s had his run in life. Never mind that, even on a bad day, he could still run circles around these young socialists, planting, tending to, and harvesting a huge garden every year to feed his family.  Had he had the money to give bribes to the government socialized care doctors to convince them to treat him, he would still be alive today.
Obamacare was never “free” health insurance or health insurance at all, it was a tax. At least that’s what Justice Roberts told us. It should have been called the Democrats’ Obama Tax. In the last seven years, it became obvious that people could not keep their doctors, their premiums skyrocketed, the deductibles went through the roof, they spied on your mental health, your gun ownership, and you paid for illegal aliens’ free medical care.
The same people who complained a few months ago that their insurance premiums kept going up and they had such high deductibles that they would never reach their impossible deductibles in any given year in order to use their insurance, now are happy that they are keeping Obamacare.  It’s easy to see how the one-carrier states might cease to cover them by 2018.
Does a government monopoly market and intrusion on every aspect of your life and death work well? Why is a 15-member non-medical panel the ultimate arbiter and decider of your medical care that may save your life but is expensive? Why should they decide your fate? How many cancer patients will be cleared for chemo, for example, when a treatment can cost upwards of $7,500?
Mandatory coverage should take into account the fact that some people deliberately lead a dangerous life that puts them at higher risk of disease. Like any other dangerous activity that is insured, such higher risk patients/customers should be placed in special insurance pools with higher premiums. It is simple economics. People who are healthy and lead a clean life should be rewarded with lower premiums.
Insurance should have never been offered as a condition of one’s employment. This keeps many people in terrible job conditions simply because they don’t want to lose their insurance. Make insurance portable and sell across state lines. The Cobra insurance when employment ceased was expensive and short-lived.
Few talk about reforming the legal system that allows frivolous lawsuits against doctors, making their malpractice insurance very expensive. Nobody talks about all the regulatory compliance with Obamacare that forces doctors to spend an inordinate amount of time on paperwork instead of seeing patients, and hiring extra staff just to keep up with the regulatory paperwork and computer electronic updates.
Dr. Lee Hieb suggested that patients with uninsurable illnesses should be kept on the Medicare system until their death but then the program should be phased out. The free market system used to price insurance tailored to the people’s needs and resources. Many Americans had no insurance but paid reasonable cash fees for care. When catastrophic illness hit, unless they had such insurance, they had to raise funds to pay for procedures.
Dr. Hieb also suggested the replacement of Medicaid with “personal health responsibility,” by establishing a health savings account for people who cannot afford insurance and a separate account for catastrophic health insurance coverage. The money could come from the health exchange subsidies and from other government sources.
According to Dr. Hieb “the federal government has no enumerated power to involve itself in health care at all, Medicare, Obamacare, and Medicaid are all equally unconstitutional.” Few examples exist where a bureaucracy has been repealed unless there was total social and political collapse.
To sum it up, when it comes to Obamacare, nothing is happening really fast in Congress, it is the same corporation, different divisions. As a famously quoted phrase said, “In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a congress.
We can make suggestions until Doomsday, Obamascare is here to stay.
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Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, Romanian Conservative is a freelance writer, author, radio commentator, and speaker. Her books, “Echoes of Communism”, “Liberty on Life Support” and “U.N. Agenda 21: Environmental Piracy,” “Communism 2.0: 25 Years Later” are available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle

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